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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2023 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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was sad, i've always wanted to see a distant starts more changed on d w. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a tight election in nigeria. as it grapples the problem, social security, the economy and poverty, africa's largest democracy is choosing a new president today by the election has been hit by delays and technical problem to find out more in just a moment. also coming up all left sholtes makes his 1st visit to india as german
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chancellor meeting prime minister. the ranger modi sholtes wants to strict and ties and draw in d away from dependence on russia. and the burly and international film festival prepares to awarded top prize in the coveted golden and silver is our report, or she is heard peak for best fil. ah, i'm shower drain. welcome to the program. voting in nigeria presidential election to die has been marked by difficulties. thousands remain in line polling stations waiting to cast their ballots. 3 front run as the aiming to take over from the outgoing leda. mohammed dubois hurry. now the race to lead africa's largest economy is the most open since nigeria became a democracy back in 1999. the next president will have to deal with the toppled
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economy and security threats. while the 90000000 people were eligible to vote today . and they've been acting state governments and members of the national assembly as well. earlier i spoke with t w's lycos bureau chief flourish chuck laura, and asked her to tell us more about these delays that were keeping some nigerians from voting. right. so i'm currently in an umbrella state, napoleon units, and as you can see behind me, some people are still voting. actually be out about 3 pauline units here. one is done. the other one, the other 2 pauline units, people i still team and that clearly pays the picture of what's going on around nigeria. some people are still bored seen somewhere. those are finished to 14. wow . some haven't been able to afford that all for one reason or the or that. now all of this boils down to technical reasoning is likely network not working. you know, because of the technology that has been used to like logistic logistics problem.
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and also some places have reported violent attacks on to those places. 14 cannot hold that all the coefficients. electra body is actually monitoring what is going on. are cross manger air, okay. flurry. so if we look more broadly about the most pressing issues that have driven people to the ballot box today, what are some of these issues? i definitely if you talk to my insurance today, no by one on the list would be the economy. now it's very difficult to prioritize or re error rates, nigeria, problems based on the level of urgency because it just seems like there's a myriad of problems and everything seems interconnected from the economy to security, to unemployment. you know, so nigerians are really in a desperate situation, and this is why we have seen this huge turn out of crisis is just one point in units. we have to wait on the data that comes out to actually tell us the level of
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outdoor knowledge. but there has been a lot of galvanized me a lot of you know, political involvement and leading up to the elections. and yeah, we hope to see that reflect somehow in the balance. okay. flourish. mohammed bar is on the way out to the main contingency buying to replace him i. well, the asked me, major contained and so we have 3 parties, 3 main parts is actually the, i is 17 parties on the by laws. we have 3 main parts. is the apc, the ruling, apc which is the president harvest foxy on behalf of be well, i'm a senior blue. we have a p d p b, the largest up position poxy on fielding, attic walker, who was a former vice president and has run for office up to 5 times what i lost those bright times. and we have the, the 3rd mid candidates. peter will be from the labor party. now what's interesting
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about this election is that we've never actually had a 3rd 4th, you know, galvanized so much support from people. it's typically a 2 man race, but this time around we have seen a change. and these thought was people will be top mean being asked this them on making a statement in the major asked what it will i ran out that was flowers took laura in the number in nigeria. they're reporting on these key election happening today. flourish. thank you. so much or german chancellor will have sold, says he wants to deepen economic and political ties with india. he made the remarks the press conference with prime minister in a renter. marty and deli sholtes is trip to india, highlights a growing if it by western powers, to isolate russia for its invasion of ukraine. following his meeting with the indian prime minister, all aft, schultz told reporters,
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the war in ukraine is hurting developing countries, including through global food and fuel shortages of justice. other glosser covers for it is a big catastrophe. above all, it is a big catastrophe because we know that this war breaks with the principle that we all have agreed on and been following for so long. does that bought us cannot be changed and, and moved by foresight. and that the rule of law regulates international relations and that revisionism is not allowed to be the basis of international trade target. there's hundreds from stop and off. right. mister schultz went on to reiterate his commitment to sealing a free trade deal between india and the european union. for the e u, the agreement would strengthen it. strategic partnership with the endo pacific region. it could also serve the tactical goal of further isolating moscow over its invasion of ukraine by weaning india away from its dependence on russian arms and energy sources. the 2 leaders are meeting one day after the 1st anniversary of
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russia's invasion of ukraine, while the prime minister agreed on the need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict he did not deviate from his country's approach of avoiding any overt criticism of russia. he bought a dialogue letter from the time developments in ukraine started. india has emphasized the dispute should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. yoga don been italy that india is ready to contribute in any piece process right. during the official visit sholtes his 1st since taking office in 2021, members of a high level delegation accompanying the chancellor, find wind, solar energy, and green hydrogen sector agreements. germany is also reportedly pursuing a deal to build summaries with india. well hush pond is a professor of international relations in daily ilia. i ask him for his take on
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india staying neutral in russia's war, while at the same time, germany tries to woo india as an ally against moscow. well, you know, india has been historically a video, close partner of russia, and since the ukraine crisis, india has tried to maintain its relationship with russia even as india's ties with the best 7 clean substantially in the last few decades. so i think that balancing act is what we are witnessing from india site, but clearly for india, i did the, the consequences of the ukraine war, everybody valuable. and india is concerned about the economic dissertation that is coming as a result of this conflict. so i think from both sides, from germany, the attempt is to india at the time of republic contestation and india being very pre on that p. m, in dynamics lover from india site it's, it's an attempt to balance it stays rush into this. i want to speak to bit more about this balancing act. as you say, india's position on ukraine has been
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a disappointment to western construct countries, but india is quite dependent on russia for things like oil and military supplies. help us understand a bit more the line that that india is trading here. i think india's historically dependence on russia for defense is quite extraordinary. and because during the cold war, the west was not willing to supply india with critical defense technologies. and so india's reliance and then soviet union increased and as a result of which even today, india finds almost 55 percent of its defense supplies coming from russia. so with that kind of independence at the time that engage facing of the light border with china is a major predicament for indian policy makers. and therefore they are very reluctant to publicly condemned russia. but indian prime minister has last year, publicly said to lady middleton. i that you know, this is not the time for war and the statement has been reflected in various countries in various ways. and in some ways, in yes,
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trying to distance itself from the larger digression that russia has leaked on your brain. but it is a very, very difficult act to follow on oil and gas. it has been a different day. no. our relationship because energy dies have really bonded the last one year. when india, indian political economy has demanded that, given the discounts that russia has been offering to india, india found it very lucrative. and therefore india has gone head and bought some oil from russia. but it's largely the dependencies more related to a defense. i want to speak to a bit more about china, and india is reluctance to distance itself from russia. i'm just wondering if this could become a problem in the long run. if say, a weakened to russia is driven closer towards china, which is of course, a big competitor to india. absolutely, i think this is one of the biggest challenges that many indian policymakers are very much aware of because a week and russia will be
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a satellite country to china. and china and russia axis in recent years has become stronger in particular, the vistas isolated russia, host ukraine crisis. we have seen china and russia coming to get as substantively and that means for india which, which faces china as the most important strategic challenge going forward. this relationship becomes very, very difficult, not, not to track. and therefore, india is trying to maintain some channels of communication with russia. it is trying to keep those channels open because it would not want russia and china 2 or less together, which becomes of a formidable, a challenge for india going forward, given the defense dependence on russia. and given the strategic challenge that india faces from china, that was professor harsh the punch in delhi professor. thank you so much today for your time and your insights. appreciated well, it's the big night. finally, at the burly knowledge, the award ceremony for the 73rd berlin international film festival has kicked off
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their recipients at the top. prices are set to be announcing, including the golden bay for best picture. now the festival has had a strong focus on ukranian cinema. this year, but has also highlighted highlighted freedom struggles in iran, and it's not been lacking in star power either 19 films from around the world have been vying or the coveted. so our stars from politics are reported. alida barrow has made her own predictions. he is her round up as a word in korean law in yun. it means providence or faith. this year's competition, films put young people center stage. many of the strongest contenders are coming of age tales, past lives, celine songs, touching 1st feature is set over 24 years old. it was inspired by her own immigrant
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experience as a korean canadian. it was a big hit at the sundance festival. but will the bird in allah jury be similarly impressed? why thought? a fire from germany's tristan pets old aims to make audience's laugh and cringe and it largely delivered in the psychological tragic comedy. all young people on the sea side brake tried to reign in their emotions while forest fires rage around them. oh, acts as you may from mcintosh in chi features stunning visuals, perfectly executed. the japanese animator has spared no expense in his sy fi fantasy blockbuster about to her ruin school girl who faces up to natural and personal disasters in the acting category. now gender neutral,
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and called best leading performance. there are several stand out germany, melina bureau for her mature portrayal of a teenager in last in sunday will telling her that every thing the film could also bag emily ar, test the best director gong austria's turn asked schubert as uptight writer lay on who finds fault with everything in case general had sold a fire, the phil might also win the screenplay award in but the biggest surprise is our 2 child actors, one of whom could become the youngest performer ever to win in the category. sophia or taro, subtle embodiment of an 8 year old undergoing a gender identity crisis in spanish entry $20000.00 species of bees. and night ye may send ts at the little go in tatum, from mexico's leader abbey less. whose only wishes will her,
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terminally ill far that not to die, but other than her lover's prosper. you're up to date here on d. w coming next to this week's reports are look, cited. berlin us is struggle with gender identity. that's after a short break. if you want more news, we've got you covered on d, w dot com, of course on so it dw social media channels to the handle. you need there is w, i'm jared, read in bell in. thank you for watching. ah hey, nice, it's evelyn sharma. welcome to my podcast, love the matter that i and by the leverage she's influences and experts to talk about all playing loud effect from day to day. nothing less of all these things and more. and then you'll see.


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