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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2023 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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a but how they can also go terribly with what you know on youtube. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a surprise victory at the burly and international film festival. a french documentary about a care center for people with mental disorders wins. the barely knowledge coveted golden band will go live to our reporter on the red carpet. for more of the coming up vote. counting begins in nigeria presidential election as the country grappled
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with security issues. that the sluggish economy, the polling africa's largest democracy, is heed by delights and olaf schoultz makes his 1st visit to india. has german chancellor meeting prime minister in arrange ramadi. schoultz wants to strengthen ties and draw india away from dependence on russia. ah, i'm jared read. welcome to the program, the top prize that is boldly and international film festival has gone to a french documentary. and honored and overwhelmed to present this year's golden bear to see i dunno, and all of the producers directed nicholas. he then looked at surprised as everyone else by the unusual choice in his acceptance speech. he said he'd sought to reverse the image, people have mental illness. in another unusual choice,
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the silver bare for best leading performance went to the youngest performer ever to win that category. to feel terrible who was honored for her role in 20000 species of b. and to tell us all about this is the w, her leader, a borrow his on the red carpet at the berlin i la forest, a leader hired. tell us more about the winner of the golden b. yes, this is our documentary. see only documentary out of all the found in the competition. and it's about a very unusual clinic on a boat, on the river, sane in paris. her is a day clinic and this film is like, gives you lots of port trays of the patients who go to this clinic on a daily basis. and they participate in various art therapy activities. they tell us about their lives, the problems that they've gone through. we don't really see anything from the doctors or the therapists and the director said that actually was deliberate. he spent many months actually on this boat to getting to know the people and interviewing them. and he said he wanted to de humanize psychiatry. and it's, it's,
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it wasn't really a favorite to win. it was a big surprise actually with that's the best thing about the berlin. are you just never know what the jury is going to go for, and that makes this festival so exciting. so, so not a expected choice, but definitely a worthy one. her leader. what about the prices for the best performances? right, well, this year for the 2nd year, it's a gender neutral price or there's no best actress. best actor is best leading performance. and that went, as you said to sophia or taro. now that makes her that she's the youngest person ever to receive this prize and she's done an absolutely fabulous job in this film. $20000.00 species of be. she plays an 8 year old girl who questions her gender identity and starts transitioning during a summer holiday. this causes some conflicts in her family. she wants to be called by different name, or she does a stunning newest performance, and the director actually told us that the way she got this, these natural performances from her young act was that before they started shooting
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the switch, they did a lot of improvisation. they shot a lot of the themes and did not end up in the film. and just so that they could feel like a family and bonded together. and then there's the best supporting her performer that went to tier era. now she is in the german film by krista hawk or is let till the end of the night. and she plays a trans woman who comes out of prison. she gets early release in order to go undercover and couldn't participate in a sting. in a drugs drug dealing organisation and christians do it actually said that the performance had blown off the hair of the jury? that's really what she said. the little great winners there. her leader, one of the german films in contention, also one biggest, well tell us, tell us about that. that's right. that is actually my top film in this competition. i loved it. is called a fire. it's by a germ director christian pets, old. and it's about this grumpy i kind of arrogant writer who goes to
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a holiday home with his best friend to try and concentrate on finishing his 2nd novel. and while there, he is just annoyed by all the other characters. and this takes place against the backdrop of forest fires in germany. so very topical, you know, you remember the forest fires of last summer. now the director christian pat salt. he did tell us that this character was based on himself as a young, young and based on his younger self, and that he was once a little bit arrogant as a writer, a little bit full of himself. i didn't say that he said that himself and or a worthy or choice for the grand jury prize. 8 absolutely loved it was really, really funny and great performance is lots of worthy winners at the berlin early this year. that's our d. w reporter and leader barrow. hello to thank you very much. we'll move on now and vote counting in nigeria as presidential election has begun. nathan, doyle, thousands have faced delays to cast their ballots. now 3 front runners are aiming to take over from the outgoing liter, muhammad bihari,
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the rice to lead africa's largest economy is the most open. since nigeria became a democracy in 1999, the next president will have to deal with a troubled economy and security threats more than 19000000 people were eligible to vote today. and i've been also electing state governors and members of the national assembly. in early i spoke with d, w legos, bureau chief flourish, chuck were i and asked her to tell us more about the issues that have been driving nigerians to the polling stations. i definitely if you talk to my insurance today, no by one on the lease would be the economy. now it's very difficult to prioritize or re l rates. nigeria, problems based on the level of urgency because it just seems like there's a myriad of problems and everything seems interconnected from the economy to security, to unemployment. you know, so niger and i really need desperate situation. and this is why we have seen this huge turnout. of course this is just walk pauline units. we have to wait on the
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data that comes out to actually tell us the level out with that. so not, but there has been a lot of galvanized me lot of you know what we think will involvement leading up to the elections and yet we hope to see that reflect somehow in the balance. okay. flourish. mohammed baris, on the way out, who are the main contingency buying to replace him? well, the 3 major contained and so we have 3 parties, 3 main parts is actually the 17 parties on the by laws. we have 3 main parts, is the apc, the ruling. apc which is bryson carries foxy on behalf of be well on. maxine oguio, we have pdp me the largest office shown poxy on the ceiling. attic walker, who was a former vice president and has run for office up to 5 times, but as lost those fright times. and we have a the, the 3rd mid candidates,
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peter will be from the labor party. now what's interesting about the selection is that we've never actually had a 3rd 4th, you know, galvanized so much support from people. it's typically a 2 man race, but this time around we have seen a change. and these thought was people will be top mean being asked this them on making a statement in the major asked will it will i ran out that was flowers took laura in the nombre in nigeria, they're reporting on these key election happening to day flourish. thank you. so much or german chancellor, olaf shalt says he wants to deepen economic and political ties with india. now he made these remarks of the press conference with the indian prime minister, the ranger lordy seltz's 2 day trip to the country highlights the growling. if it by western powers to isolate russia for its invasion of the crime. however, marty, stick to his cautious approach and said india once the conflict to end through
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dialogue and diplomacy, he out of me dialogue are different from the time developments in ukraine started. india has emphasized the dispute should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy . your with on been italy about. india is ready to contribute in any piece processes, right? you raise rig was the galvan method, but we also reiterated our agreement. that reforms are essential in multilateral institutions. so that they better reflect global realities. so messed with armando, believe their renter motor well hoss punt is a professor of international relations in daily. earlier i asked him to explain the line that india's trading between its ties to the west and its military and oil dependence on russia. i think india's historically dependence on russia for defense is quite extraordinary. that because during the cold water,
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the west was not willing to supply india with critical defense technologies. and so india reliance and then soviet union increased. and as a result of which even today, india finds almost 55 percent of its defense supplies coming from russia. so with that kind of independence at the time that engage facility light border with china is a major predicament for indian policy makers. and therefore they are very reluctant to publicly condemned russia. but indian prime minister has last year publicly said to lady middleton and that, you know, this is not the time for war. and the statement has been reflected in various countries in various ways. and in some ways, india is trying to distance itself from the larger digression that russia has leaked on your brain. but it is a very, very difficult act to follow on oil and gas. it has been a different a relationship because energy dies have really bonded the last one year when india, indian political economy has demanded, given the discounts that russia has been offering to india. india found it very
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lucrative, and therefore india has gone ahead and bought some oil from russia, but it's largely the dependencies more related to defense. i want to speak to a bit more about china and india's reluctance to distance itself from russia. i'm just wondering if this could become a problem in the long run. if say a weekend, russia is driven closer towards china, which is of course, a big competitor to india. absolutely, i think this is one of the biggest challenges that many indian policymakers are very much aware of because a week and russia will be a satellite country to china and china, russia axis in recent years has become stronger in particular, the vistas isolated russia opposed to ukraine crisis, we have seen china and russia coming together substantively and that means for india which, which faces china as the most important to strategic challenge going forward. and
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this relationship becomes a very, very difficult not not to track. and therefore, india is trying to maintain some channels of communication with russia. it is trying to keep those channels open because it would not want russia and china to. busy less together, which becomes of a formidable, a challenge for india going forward, given the defends dependence on russia. and given the strategic challenge that india faces from china. and that was hush pan to professor of international relations in delhi. speaking to me a little bit earlier. let's get a round up now of some of the other stories making headlines today. protest is in berlin. have urged the german government to push the peace talks between russia and ukraine. the rally was organized by the controversial movement rebellion piece led by left wing politician of august and rights activists and the structure. they want germany to stop supplying weapons to you. credit and protest is in the philippines have been marking the anniversary of the 986 people power uprising that after
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president ferdinand marcus, he imposed martial law imprisoning and torturing thousands of his opponents. it's the 1st commemoration of the uprising since his son, ferdinand macos junior, became president. the new leader has called for reconciliation and unity to california now which is in the grips of an unusual winter storm with areas around most angeles seeing snow for the 1st time. in 3 decades, the blizzard swept in from the north of the state, causing hazardous conditions on the roads, but joyous moments in the snow. in some parts of the world, this would be considered a normal day in february, but not so much in southern california. the entire state has been hit by a surprise. winter storm at will i live where there's like no snow ever. like the we snow i've got was hail and like 1st grade. and it's pretty exciting. we've been
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building so hands and then breaking them. california's famous on the sand and surfing half for the time being made way for powder skiing and icicles. bare trees are all frosty, either snow on the ground or snow coming down from the sky. i saw somebody jump out of their gar, they're like jumping up and down and cheering for snow. it's beautiful. i hear. though most people are enjoying the weather. the down poor has its flip side to california, has experienced an unusually of rainy, chilly winter rivers like this one and los angeles have been swelling from the rain and snow fall forecast is warned, that life threatening flash flooding could hit the region over the weekend. the snow to could post problems when we talk about snowfall rates of maybe $23.00 or 4 inches per hour, up in the mountains. that causes damage this, the power of heavy snow waiting the on structures or power lines trees. that's the
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problem with the intensity of precipitation. local weather services expect heavy rain to inundate. many parts of california motor is tough. been warned about slippery roads. us over night, temperatures could dropped below freezing. you're up to date coming up next in dw, and d, w as weld stories with a report on how micro chips can help track, keep track of free roving cows in coats. good. that go away. ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every week.


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