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tv   Syria - Putins Testing Ground  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2023 5:15am-6:01am CET

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has been expected to retire, but he says he wants to weigh argentina as blue and white jersey just a little bit longer as well. champion up next ease al documentary series doc field based more on d, w dot com and on social media to where i'll handle is that it'll be news. i'm gyrating violin. thank you so much for your company. have greg with imagine how many portions of lunch i'll throw it out in the world. climate change, very half the story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much we can really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all with
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what 5th ah, ah, walter wolves, eyes are on ukraine. russia continues to quietly engage in another war. civilians in syria being bombed in a so called war on terror. more crimes remain unpunished. ah, with as it was in july when 7 people including 4 children, were killed by russian aircraft in the italy bridge, in newton's air force has been operating in syria since 2015.
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ah, to let him get put in this elsie vladimir putin that wants to push back the influence of the west as far as possible. i suppose, in my opinion, the usa should have recognized this earlier to ah, we could absolutely compare ukraine in syria. the similarity, of course, is western failure to teach russia seriously enough and doing enough to deter russia and couldn't take advantage of western weak. mm. that can sort of happen. what you read off by on a lucy, when russian plain started bombing the area and carrying out their roofless scorched earth policy, he has had lot, a lot of people reacted to this crime in a way that the free syrian army could never have imagined daniel, its army could be if you leave fox, the whole wash have i been? dish
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syria was russia of it's intervention in ah, why did vladimir putin get involved in this syrian war? and to what extent has this will changed the course of history ah one muscle back many years to understand russia's current intervention in syria. a friendly, historic born links, the 2 countries, ah, peak of machining of insidious times. relations between moscow and damascus were at their peak, but they were disagreement casala, for example,
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over the problems in palestine and relations with israel figures. and of course the syrians will always eager to get weapons from the soviet union his go. so these will also supplied under fraternal aid. i'm sorry i therefore accumulated launch dead fall, no dog wolf. when hafez assad became president in the wake of acute a. tar, in 1970, the ussr became an important ally. the current headed states father needed support to consolidate his power. come even needing it. you know, he saw these all socio least. he came from a type of socialist ideology. perhaps he was influenced by the soviets of those the stems of unique men, even though he had put all the actual syrian communists in prison, sitting out on prison. but that didn't alter alliances with the soviet union. all
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that was anchor louis also he could deliver. oh, the 2 countries weren't that far apart, politically, all geographically. moscow is much closer to damascus into russia far east. the 2 countries pulled out all the stops when they celebrated their friendship. ah, moscow got involved in all aspects of life in syria. it even played a role in the major construction projects that changed the face of syria. yeah, increase owns and you said the sequence of these old connections, there is a military presence, especially on the syrian coast and towards with the cycle influence. many therion of studied and graduated in moscow. there are also many theory in russian marriage,
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and this has also had a significant impact on the theory in society is another sign of the closeness between the 2 countries to be who yet, with the collapse of the usaa fall, the lines began to crumble. she had other priorities but he us, which is in your full name which it but he did, you know that i figured out who was what i what you saw board in july. yep. got you got us denina. ah the reality that followed was nothing like the oath eaten quickly consolidation power and destroys gross me. the capitals the autonomy republic of chechnya, ah,
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the death of half is all aside in 2000 lead to a change of leadership in syria as wo. his son bichon the london trained eye doctor became his successor. he promised reforms to syria. ah look, dish no gather cordova, but shut us up in the 2 thousands. when basha as that came to power relations between moscow and damascus were very strain moleskin, lulu, which transforming their relationship was strengthened again. oddly enough, against the backdrop of the arab spring. when many arab regimes fell in 2011 rode with the shed in some goddess borderless. bashar al assad recognised that relying on the west was very, very dangerous. born else though, a deal at stuff guinasso. so he feverish and began to look for new partners and found one in iran, but nora on la natural look, he also found his way back to russia. it will also go for
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a she ah, after 2 news year, egypt in libya, the winds of change began to breathe life into revolt in syria. the population demonstrated opening several cities. protesters were demanding the bashar assad resign oh, themes were getting publicity tints in moscow. 2 suspected fraud in december 2011 parliamentary elections drove tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets that there was a lot of that as any of grimley is privately we're schools protested under the kremlin worth. and they concluded correctly, was that what they did in the middle east? who's going to guarantee to us that the same won't happen in syria. and then russia, which was due at dorsey, i'm was glad at the war. and in my opinion,
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this was one of the main reasons why actually all russian leaders followed those close to the kremlin, were very negative about the events off the arabs. brown, which negates even of st. jalissa, which are our upscale recently. ah, ah, with to use president and his plan would interested him freedom. there was to be no syrian spring. what of commas will yet on the 3rd either and he had a lot on what mine is to claudia, he assured on wood. and how little tennessee he had the, along the peaceful demonstrations were rapidly suppressed. ah, the international community condemned this. but moscow used its veto power to protect its ally. ah, since the fall of regimes in a rock and libya,
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the kremlin has pushed back against any interference from the west. going coffee when the war started, dmitri madman, jeff was president. he was this, did becoming an ally of i sat and called for reform. i fall we should them store, but his dad does doesn't bid it you at slog d o. e l a. please, misty democratic liberals. i when you're so used to run your decision, advise you, sir, or our walser is mrs. garrett music another list. we're new. scott, my c live hood, you was still blenny, up as you'd say. i must have met them jago. but his indian pluses of quantitative will not go. when vladimir putin was re elected, he increased military and financial support for syria dicker. priscilla i was, i found out, as soon as putin was back in office, he signed it with the regime by sending military advisors. putin represents the
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following idea of control. emily, the state, it's nita for all what the regime ones are. what counts are we are just not matter how dysfunctional or murderous this date is, and there was nothing ah them. so it didn't matter what bashar assad used to control his people either. ah, early in the morning when everyone was still asleep, bombs containing the chemical weapons saran would dropped on an opposition, controlled neighborhood due to ne, damascus. ah, no, not really motivated. they pop up. i thought i would really them out. my becomes in john's one of the how to florida florida loads are gone. i thought i all the good to attack to terrible toe. more than 1400 people were killed. nearly $500.00 of them children thousands more wounded.
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ah. then you as president barack obama, saw the use of chemical weapons as a red line. yesterday, the united states presented a powerful case that the syrian government was responsible for this attack on its own people. now, after careful deliberation, i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. france wanted to fulfill its you. she is a permanent member of the un security council. then french president francois longed, supported barack obama, and prepared his military units to attack damascus. but a phone called changed everything. mm. i just wish it was a debacle by mouth when i received arc obama's call on saturday with the even
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though the offensive was supposed to start the next day. or the day after i was battle, said to demona, don't put you on this request for a conversation. it is it was that supposed to me in cuba, buncombe guar your way or sent me the launch. i had heard that the white house was debating and hesitated trio or when it's your dinner. when you get, during my call with barack obama, i was already prepared for what he didn't say are security that the decision? yes, it would be postponed. a book to let this you america up to instead to leave dealing with the chemical weapons to russia. that we are committed to try to work together. beginning with this initiative on the chemical weapons in hopes that those efforts could pay off and bring peace and stability to a war torn part of the world. when you get which to complete good is it as you got him?
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you push unrecognizable to the u. s. was in the process of withdrawing from world affairs and the barack obama. i decided to do just that i've a fish was to do. obama had also made a commitment to us citizens that donald trump continued until the and to some extent you bite. it has, as well, especially with their withdrawal from afghanistan. monica, what kind of can you still, even if the strategy being shaken by the war ukraine lose its body? so not only did the, the russian government fail to completely disarm aside and prevent him from carrying out chemical weapons attacks. it was a green of failure to enforce a red line was a green light for our adversaries to do you who would see that the united states would not act in the future. and this was probably a green light. one of the 1st green lights were put in himself as he contemplated potential military action. ah,
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that decision suited bashar assad very well. as vladimir putin was still presenting himself as a man of peace, he discreetly had hundreds of mercenaries brought into syria or they belonged to the wagner group, whose leader maintains close ties to the kremlin. ah, a former paratrooper morocco b joulene is the 1st member of this murky army, prepared to speak openly in front of a camera. in our lives in france likes to appear in the media to present his viewpoint and promote his autobiography, monarchical removal, which he knew what i see local mom, if you like them. the attitude in russia was the bashar al assad is a good guy. he's fighting against western imperialism on which, on the lid a little or the he and his brave army need help to defeat the perfidious enemy.
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little that western intelligence services and capitalists of star dog. and he was up on me at the police to the oh, mental though we went to syria with this mindset, they're ready to fight for the syrian people serious. can look. that was how we perceive the situation at the time i will out. ah, no, the problem that we had no reliable information about exactly which groups we were fighting pharmacy, whether it was against the free syrian army group or islamist militias, in milan, while you're in a way, register, whatever the name of the opponent, the mercenaries, actual target was different i have to live, it was the same with the oil fields at a roku or popular contract. now the same entity was it was commissioned contractually to retake those feel to protect them ago about also ordered wagner to prepare units and send them into battle. ordinarily, i'd rather get older,
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they would recapture them. and then car 30 got lawyers was left off ronald magic well. wagner group negotiated well. every time mercenaries recaptured an oil field. the russian group was entitled to 25 percent of its profits. the chaos sincerely had benefited a new he formed terrorist group known as the islamic state. i s what i ash ah, it conquered frontier regions between iraq and syria and imposed its laws with us lead international coalition against tara was formed to oppose the new threat. ah, despite the alliances as strikes, i as expanded its territory into easton, syria,
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or in the west and north. however, opposition forces pushed back as, as army to cherry tree controls by damascus continued to shrink. the rebels conquered the city. it lived in the west of the country and removed all traces of assets, dictatorship impute and violence. it was a situation that required official intervention. russia thought the time was right to demonstrate its strength school level, studied didn't meadow and option of them. is that interesting? but i live in a tv, but what's that i'm getting usually. so we would even be in need. you should be
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left. his mom will let you know just yet give me a 1000000 dream. family cry way, better way. wait and see what you know. she said she didn't want to scare me and the push did so. but you know, in the america, believe it if you, when you're not dining, what's the what you will believe that issue or not but i she is up on the give list. if you're not sure what was on the road so that they would be the person that even a national grass was not a big surprise. we had seen them sending more material and preparations during the summer of 2015. i was a little surprised that the russians would intervene so directly,
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but he told me 2 things. number one, it said that the russians had given up any hope of a negotiated settlement, where aside would make compromises. and number 2 had told me that aside, the military situation itself was really bad and that he needed the russians in order to maintain his hold on power. moscow was putting a completely different spin on the situation. russia was presenting itself as the new world police fighting an enemy on its own. the powers that be in russia, legitimize their intervention, saying was a fight against kara, so that i give it to somebody at the gyla. i got that man. i am a good question. it is idle to speculate on high circle scenarios, but i can see one of the rushes intervention she islamic state would have taken
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immense advantage tuition and we, we will probably now dealing with i, it was more and iraq and the future to 30 years with the both of us, he said for the russian operation began. no one was really fighting just for the bottle even though the u. s. ultimately launched its military operation against the islamists, the day before russia when mac i'm, when you talk you leslie weiss compensated for issues with hash having i'm waiting 9 months for taking action against the jihadists occupying mirror rush and helicopters unable to rainy and malicious. and wagner mercenaries to retake the ancient waste the city one little bone old via us only from 2 into the to renew way,
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a little sticker or as groom. the wagner group was responsible for 2 things above all her crew, the military success. but the victory of ins and the cover up of the true casualty figures. that was the real price of this fight going to my it was led by mercenaries and in reality, given a lot of russian blood was spilled oh flu. ah, officially, only one russian soldier fell in this battle for the kremlin, the whole operation was about something else. the victory of the jihadists was celebrated with all the frills, the st. petersburg symphony orchestra was brought to this legendary site for a concert. the images was shown around the world. ah,
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the fight against terror quickly faded into the background. a few months later, i is launched in new offensive right under rushes. most syrian soldiers needed until march 2017 to get tell me or under their control. looks like there is an x like a 30 this with was like a thursday with 5. like with i would i would recall that for we all is will saying that we are going to fight i seal and other there is groups on your kind comments. you, he, earlier so far, imagine russia has shaped a clear image of the enemy and ukraine on syria. be they nazi's on for terrorist. in the case of syria, it has adopted the government discourse, that there is no opposition in the country, only terrorists or traitors to the nation. there's
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a short approval at the international level. since the fight against tara enjoy is general approval, but that's a parallel here. each time there's an absolute foe, who is dehumanizing man. this has an effect on the discourse. it justifies the destruction of these enemies and the most brutal policies as well. dick early printed you. ah! so russia was able to wage its wall quite openly. it controlled the s face of damascus, his approval, all the latest generation, crawford into the country and more than 98 percent of russian pilots received their training in the skies over syria on real targets. helicopters and planes was sent out day and night on missions to bomb rebels and civilians. aleppo became
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1st target at the scorched earth policy a g as your new loanable by the one that if i was in geneva during the bombing of electric there, i met a russian official who was closely involved with the serious situation. easily pussy like is your, could you put so much more, papa? i asked him quite diplomatically. all these hostile limits had been set on the russian intervention with every other stuff. and i remember his answer very well. god, he looked at me with sad eyes, the dead on you, though. i am very sorry for you, my friend. i'm sorry, my friend, even though i wasn't his friend, the gross nab lucian has been planned for a little grows ne solution. why lips of high less would he shone rosen
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a let me let it either. can a flood of oakland. then he turned away with the familiar coldness of russian. diplomat, rusty, i stood there for minutes. could see no gun. you a very was his candor was commendable. because he was rank, is off a, russia didn't know what it didn't gross me off and was later in mario and also intended to do and other ukrainian when you discriminate destroying city and wiping places off the between a decide like, oh yeah, i ah, again, the international community, she was outraged, as again it didn't react. yeah. ah me
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let me kind of him and i mean, i mean, and how can i have a lot of having a lot about what i mean how how will you know what i can be getting out of food now? what do they have? but even then, i would love the fact that he didn't rush his tactics through stop contract 1st a lip. i was leveled. then there was a thief. fine with the rebel. and all can the thought about harley didn't. will father, how all the demands were too high a woman, we were supposed to surrender and give up on weapons and make peace with the regime . how many were to be arrested? we negotiated most of the civilians, women, children, the elderly women, and those wounded in the russian bombing was, could be evacuated, hobb digital w. you'll see what would happen to us fighters within the scene. wilkin told everyone would stay and diamond of that be another solution to lay out that i will
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lock it audio. but i'll never forget one statement, jani melbury that every one gets out only or every one will die, or we could have led by russia, damascus, agree to cease fire with the rebels after retaking leper. the terrorized population was evacuated, that the piece was short lived, or russian bomber struck a convoy of refuge cheese as they left the city. with what you saw, sad in russians doing, is using these cease fires as tactical pauses to help us out forces regroup, art, reassess and look for ways to attack again in a more efficient way, but also simply terrorized the civilian population into submission through indiscriminate bombings ah, serious rumor had every reason to rejoice with the help of russian air power. he
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regained the upper hand because i thought it was the 1st 3 love. also what i did with the regular love, i remember chicky was the and what the very i kind of the how little hucks on the you're heard with after aleppo holmes is recaptured by russian and government forces then duties. and finally, dora with the revolt had started 7 years earlier. the russian army had turned syria into a giant military training. son. a, a, a, a,
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a in the pony show is just you know, we would issue a said jim, i was, you were a dutch. those were sir la christabel bridget june. ah, and those who escape the bombing ran the risk of falling into the hands of the wagner group. their fate would be, as shown in this video that made its way across the internet in which is, syrian rebel was brutally tortured. mm hm. mm. russia was able to violate international war conventions with impunity, white phosphorus, munitions, and cluster bumps, terrible weapons banned by international treaties. were used on civilian
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oh no, as we think about norms of war. oh, humanitarian law. ah russia, the russian military supplies a different interpretation of what is allowed of what is what is not allowed. the russian military destroyed its own people, its own citizens. chechens were technically russian citizens. and so if the russian military was able, was willing to do that to its own people. ah, they certainly had no qualms doing it. 2229 russian citizens a home with there were no qualms about attacking hospitals.
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like here in cafe novel douglas, my la melissa mother, wasn't that good? hello. so i my son got him from medical research. my joy, the 2nd bomb was dropped. the strategy is the devil strike was to get the rescue within after the 1st attack in order to kill the 2nd. i mean, when the warn ukraine began, rescue workers noted that russia was repeating these military strategies from serial on these crimes had been extensively documented into an expert report, but most of your needs are just mcgloid and cookie,
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frankly. versus i haven't seen clear evidence of crimes committed by russia or syria. you'll have to still had friends with discussions with united nations and our colleagues from the west asking for fact that there was the money mom put us in real fact statements from the white thomas. we are dubious eye witnesses. we did about alleged a massive human rights violation of those involving our soldiers. were soldiers from the syrian army flags, which as jim national, sold out the new sold up city school army. they just had these video reports mashini sources, and i've seen him cookie. the among them were many accusations related to the alleged destruction of schools, hospitals, and other civilian facilities. while you, for example, in italy, you have yoga, forgot, ask me, i will leave you. ah, the russian onslaught push the steering rebels further and further back on this day
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there were dug in it live. the area was regularly bombed and resembled a debris field. me with i am boxed in between russian and syrian troops in the south and the turkish army in the north. aladdin a you've been, his men have tried to regain territory in vain. i'm a paw. i thought i had been cooked to help the driver would had him all this fighting here now in town, referred to the russians managed to break through. we've had to retreat because of their air force because otherwise, well, they would have shown residential areas and refugee camp aguilar to another. anybody who or lacking
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a hat on to be honest. and we syrians consider the international organizations the security council home at the united nations, the international court of justice couldn't, and the united nations human rights council to be puppets seen. and they can't do anything. he unirr yan, you conciliate. we'll i, with neither the security council nor the united nations itself. a capable of guaranteeing security, or protecting the lives of innocent people on what day the cartoon are less ugly. i with them. oh, the syrians feel abandoned all the more so because the security council meetings continue to fail to deliver firm decisions. the plenty of it or is that the 1st ration vito came in october 2011 by july 2020 russia cost 16. retail is locked more sometimes together with china on various su, said these were resolutions condemning government repression or drafts,
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calling for the investigation of crimes against civilians, especially via the use of chemical weapons, but also humanitarian resolutions demo. calling for the opening of a border crossing, or new humanitarian operation will vary more than mckinney's vivita. but how can one condemn russia, a member of the security council, and which is fate's irony would have it as a say in syria, was in this interest. so the, what that does is it okay, so it would be the person cbs up good with what it meant by with the military, then it was you baloney. leveling, wilson, once again we heard from a try about the dire situation in northwestern, syria. and the fragility of the unilateral cease fire, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance are staggering. they are almost 3000000 people in it lip. the vast majority of them are women and children,
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hospitals, schools, and id p locations, have been targeted and destroyed by bombardments. if this situation does not move the council to take action, what will that is, why today we will be voting on a draft resolution proposed by the syrian humanitarian cope and holders who wait, belgium and germany. the aim of the text is purely human. terry and it intends to protect the civilian population of it. thank you very much. was the problem. the german ambassador's appeal was in vain. mm. most hands go up. but once again, russia veto de resolution and in this region is so bad. is it a prisoner by the united nations has been paralyzed for years by the vetoes of russia, china,
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and to some extent the united states does yield the locker. that's dawson, how can one call on the united nations to act? when this body will push the sides and interventions or sanctions is powerless, is did. social? here are presenting this powerlessness allowed vladimir putin to advance into new regions moving at the destroyer or provide unit speed sally regularly, a difference. but when you put those, that when you said that my can, william says that the rules with that on a demo full in that order, those newsmen still yet to receive wood nearly made it bigger to us. but jim costliest scuttled me. we've so usefully is shenika. yes. ah,
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don't even go to like amazon, your chat when the bombing began in ukraine. the parallel was apparent to any one concerned with or affected by the syrian crisis. thank you so close on a bus, mary. you paul was like a leper though jerry said defended behind it. but you also saw immediately that there were major differences lever cubic. our main difference was how it was handled measure. ukraine was a crisis that affected your it. european crisis in kiss just from the very beginning, the reaction was very different, so you don't, you're going to show them was unequivocal and unlimited. solidarity with the ukrainian people. ha, a victim of jackson, you fancy, dan cleared and o'con the ukrainians, receiving a lot of support in the fight against russia just however, if we as the free sirian army had received only a quarter of thank and the situation would be much different to day on a gun owners of anna laughlin mazin who, of course, will be better equipped to stop pu tim 14 and had
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a lease they could have supplied us with weapons to defend against this daily genocidal whole russia's army has taken advantage of the west's inaction and establish strategic bases in nato's backyard. ah, russia. early teens, its military position in syria in type, primarily introduced. and may mean it is a permanent military position for at least the next 49 years with the possibility of a 25 year renewal. this is very long term. this is a even russians ours who sought a military position on the eastern mediterranean, were never able to establish it for that long period of time. western forces closely monitor the russian bases. the french navy has a permanent presence of the coast,
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a serial. mm. and a 4 letter key dot loose. so leave dupe one hoof. let's hack year and tortuous are important pieces. russia, the world yoyo back to the doctors. the fact that it can operate and touches to day provides the import an opportunity for me to maintain a permanent presence in the mediterranean produce to keep them in a closet. will diff, romando thought? so it's also logistically important because it allows for the transit or redeployment of russian forces to the indian ocean pacific. last gets to the poor. and it's an important piece for the russian pacific islanders whose when it moves the atlantic, when our mediterranean swell, either to be beast there, or to make a stop over garcia before proceeding to gibraltar. and ah, the western presence does this stop russia from flexing its muscles at its simian bases. like what happened 9 days before the invasion of ukraine.
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the buzz also, we saw the syrian basses are purely offensive and served to test the balance. lou, when all new licking rush has been doing that, just as it has in the past exam from moscow's point of view, the cold war with the weather is by no means all righty. i li, god doodle. she don't. mm. a cold war in a new iraq, russia thought it could safely expanded sphere of influence. the united states have been more forceful in syria. it would have caused putin to think more than twice about intervening in ukraine. it would have shown that the united states was willing to use all the tools to exact price from russian in syria ah, emboldened by successes in syria. the russian president underestimated the international reaction to his invasion of you crime and over estimated the strength
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if his army. mm. mm hm. ah mm. ah, or i need to run by 2045. to me. public transport system is going green. is it good bye to the old bus, sweet? no. they're converting to electric energy which presents a technical challenge. is it worth it for the climate?
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