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ERIC ED099077: Alternative Teaching Methods in Teaching Introduction to Judaism. The aim of introductory classes in Jewish Studies should be a systematic study of the Jewish people and their traditions as important elements in world culture. The introductory student of Jewish Studies should be exposed to an appreciation of the history, culture, and traditions of the Jews as an influential force in the history of man, and to the dynamics of Judaism as an ethnic and universal religion. This paper provides direction for standards and methodology in an introductory class on Judaism/Judaica. The paper discusses: (1) general objectives in a regular course offering in the Jewish religious heritage; (2) lectures, assignments, a 133 item bibliography on American Jewry, and possible outside reading for a thematic class entitled The Jew in America; (3) possible written assignments which might include a book or article review, a personal journal, or "synthesizing project"; (4) examples of role-playing, problem-solving, and games; (5) uses of multimedia resources; and (6) instructional uses of the photographic essay. The appendix is a listing of the producers and distributors of Jewish audiovisual material. (Author/MJK)

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