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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2023 4:00am-4:31am EET

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[000:00:00;00] first of all, they hit civilians , then they cover them, as was the case today with businesses that provide services in the city. the city used to have guns, well, our armed forces or tanks, there are no military personnel here, and despite the fact that they tell on their propaganda channels that they are fighting with our army , they are fighting, first of all, with the kherson people, with the civilian people who live here, and this once again
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proves that they continue to take revenge on the people of ukraine and the people of kherson for what they do not want, or in the unclean here, well, the hall is subject to the greatest shelling, and do the local residents need to temporarily leave for other safer areas, of course, we offer every day through various channels to leave, this is free evacuation and free accommodation in different regions of ukraine where there are cities and heat and people can receive and pay this hera boarding houses and just boarding houses, sanatoriums in different regions, this is kirovohrad, chernivtsi, chernihiv the region provided by cities where people can live as long as necessary, and we offer and call on people to leave at least for this, well, for this period, until our armed forces push this filth at least 40 km away, so that
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it does not reach these populated areas which settlements are these as always this is a settlement located along the river and to which their sv artillery can reach boryslav and all the settlements along the river there is a golden beam of kachkarivka constantly under fire and the reeds and kherson are almost all under fire they cover it with shelling. thank you, mr. oleksandr. i just want to wish the people of kherson to hold on, because we believe that our fortune-tellers will die in the end. this was the spokesman of the kherson regional military administration , oleksandr daleknikov. they talked about the current situation in kherson and the kherson region . condolences to the relatives of those killed in kherson were expressed by president volodymyr zelensky also addressed the residents of other cities and villages that regularly fire at russian troops only
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in kharkov. in two months, the enemy fired more than 40 rockets our kherson region and kherson to which the occupier is taking revenge for its loss our zaporozhye our cities of donetsk region and luhansk region which russia wants to simply burn down our kharkiv region and kharkiv and only on kharkiv and only since the beginning of this year in less than 2.5 months the enemy has already struck more than 40 missiles nikopol manganets our dnipropetrovsk region our sumyshchyna our chernihiv region missiles and artillery drones mortars the evil state uses various weapons five times since the beginning of the day the russians shelled kostiantynivka in donetsk region one person died at least three were wounded - the head of the regional administration, pavlo kyrilenko, said in the telethon, according to him, the shelling is chaotic, it is impossible to understand
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exactly where the enemy wants to target the situation in donetsk region. ways of approaching bakhmut, i will say that the situation is operative, it remains under control despite the fact that the enemy is trying to escalate the situation is clearly controlled by the ukrainian armed forces, this is the main thing that needs to be known and actually for the general situation , but of course it is completely in solidarity and with my colleague we heard its inclusion from kherson oblast. here in donetsk oblast there are also completely chaotic shellings taking place from the russian occupation forces and actually they burn everything in their path today, you are absolutely correct in stating that they inflicted
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only during this day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. five serious strikes on kostyantynivka, and they used jet system, jet systems of salvo fire, hurricanes with cluster munitions were used. and you know, in kostyantynivka for a long time we considered it to be a relatively calm city. but we understand that we do not have absolutely safe places in donetsk region. we see steadily unfortunately, the wounded and dead in kostyantynivka, of course, we understand that the situation will worsen, so once again we appeal to people to leave , including from this city.
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left and how many now? well, approximately yes, people remain in bakhmut and, in general, in the front-line areas, i would say that in general , the whole of donetska well, it is considered not just a front-line zone, but a zone of active hostilities, since we understand that the enemy will continue to aggravate the situation because he does not leave his attempts to enter the administrative borders of our region, and if we talk about donetsk region in general, now we are recording approximately 520,000 people, and this is an absolute minority of the number that was in within the borders of our region on the territory of the region before a large-scale invasion. however, we understand that every life is important and of course we are trying to evacuate people especially from extremely hot spots. if we are talking specifically, you asked about bakhmut, there are approximately 3,500 people in bakhmut now and again this is a constant work persuasion with them, this message is already in writing, because bahmu is exactly
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the settlement that is subject to the effect of the new resolution, let's say, but i want you to understand even within the framework of the compulsory mandatory evacuation does not mean that people's hands are broken there, or they are forcibly put in an armored car or somewhere else, people are first of all talked to, persuaded to leave, unfortunately, not everyone listens, but first, for example, first of all, i will remind you of the ongoing mandatory evacuation since august. yes, we have recorded more than 9,000 official written refusals from people to evacuate, but about 50,000 messages were given. that is, you can roughly see for yourself. please tell me briefly what about children we know that there is a government decree on the forced removal of children from the war zone, or is this
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forced evacuation of the donetsk region actually envisaged ? in any case, you understand the children as forced if forced evacuation, when they break their hands and forcefully transport them somewhere, this cannot be a priori, but instead, additional reinforcement measures. let's put it this way, the work is usually carried out, and now i heard you. thank you for the information. i spoke with tetyana hnatchenko , spokeswoman of the donetsk regional military administration, about the situation in donetsk region, and in particular in kostyantynivka and bakhmut. thank you once again, and these are the satellite images of bakhmut that the maksar-technology company took on monday. damaged bridges , roads and buildings in the city can be seen before the full-scale invasion. more than 70 thousand people lived there . according to british intelligence, the front line now passes through the center of the bakhmut along
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the bakhmutka river, in the last four days , the wagnerites took control of most of the eastern part of the city, the armed forces of ukraine destroyed the key bridges across the bakhmutka and are taking the western part of the bakhmutka flows from north to south between built-up areas through a strip of open terrain 200 to 800 m wide, since ukrainian units can fire from fortified buildings in the west, this area has turned into a death zone, which will likely make it very difficult for wagner's forces, who will try to continue their frontal offensive to the west ukrainian forces and their supply lines west of bakhmut remain vulnerable to constant attempts by russian forces to bypass them from the north and south. it is important for the armed forces to hold the city in order to have
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it's time to accumulate a reserve and start a spring counteroffensive, says the commander of the eastern group of troops, alexander the syrian, bakhmut is tactically important and for the enemy to capture it, russian forces are acting with usual methods despite the losses, says the syrians. on independence day, the russians stand several kilometers from bakhmut, their goal is to surround the city and take control of the road to kramatorsk and slavyansk in january, the russian army enters soledar, a town nearby bakhmuta well, this is how the map looks as of today, not only the infantry, but also the fighters of the air forces of the armed forces of ukraine, in particular, on mi-8 helicopters, how they destroy the enemy from the air and where they perform tasks, artem zyabkin will tell you in the video the work of the crew of the ukrainian mi-8 white bakhmuta, when the target falls into
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the affected zone, a volley is fired and at 6200 the maneuver is performed , the helicopter increases in pitch up to 20°. i.e. the maximum range as the maximum co-engagement for porshleksion helicopter with my more than 20 cannot be launched today we fired 15 rockets from each block, that is, we fired 30 rockets as usual. petro explains that if it was not possible to hit the target on the first attempt , the following crews complete the work thanks to the fact that we completed the first flight. m that is, according to our calculations, we can make corrections and the next flight there in an hour will fulfill exactly its main task of such and exsanguinating the enemy . 23-year-old petro controls one of these mi-8s on the eastern front, he says that he has several per day
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of combat missions, this time its crew hit the enemy in the area of ​​occupied severodonetsk for a couple of minutes. we returned from a combat mission , flew to the eastern borders of our country, carried out an air strike near the settlement of severodonetsk, we are building an enemy stronghold, these are russians. in the trenches with military equipment and a warehouse of mi8 petra ammunition soviet 10-year-old ukrainian pilots are making the most of what soviet equipment is capable of , the serviceman assures that he himself dreams of switching to an american blackhawk or apache. more powerful and will be able to effectively hit not only infantry behind warehouses, but also tanks artem zyabkin social news the enemy struck zaporizhzhia twice with s-300 missiles, they hit the premises of one of the industrial facilities , the gas pipeline was damaged , the prosecutor general's office reports more than a million people
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protested in france all due to the pension reform approved by the senate, which raises the retirement age from 62 to 64 years , 700,000 people took part in protests in paris , the ministry of the interior of france informs today's demonstrations how according to reuters, the coalition of french trade unions demands that the government cancel the reform due to the rallies, there were disruptions in the work of the railway and the metro, the protests were accompanied by clashes with the police, law enforcement officers used tear gas, detained 43 protesters, 54 years to retire for everyone, it is not fair, we are not all equal because it concerns the work we do for 64 years, being a worker or a manager is not the same thing in china, a new head of government was elected
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, he became a long-time friend of the country's leader lian xi jinping himself headed the prc for the third time in a row the day before, this is happening for the first time in the country's history. when taking the oath, the secretary general promised to build a successful, strong, democratic and modern socialist country, and this against the background of deteriorating relations with the west, in particular due to the war in ukraine, as cnn journalists found out . last year, china bypassed of sanctions sent russia parts for their helicopters, western intelligence is also concerned that peki can incredibly start supplying weapons to the russian army, should we expect this? and can it be assumed that china and russia are strengthening ties against the background of the war against ukraine. olena kurenkova will tell about the first full-scale invasion of russia. ukraine expected china's position on the war. to ukraine, this is a typical way for the european and american media to ask questions using the word invasion based on
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prejudices, they talked about the intervention of the united states to incite a war, the international community worried about the us biological laboratories in ukraine and called for peace, china's support and efforts are aimed at a peaceful solution to the ukrainian crisis, the rapprochement between beijing and moscow occurred in 2014, when russia annexed crimea and found itself in a certain international isolation, according to andrews smol, a senior researcher at the research center of the german marshall fund according to him, although china did not approve of the illegal annexation of crimea, their economic cooperation was strengthened by all tsinkina on the agenda at that time was the deepening of relations with russia could be observed from the point of view of the amount of investments made by china from the number of meetings with the russian leadership that took place and the level of warmth and mutual respect that grew, but all this would have been much more difficult to achieve without the annexation of crimea, which significantly changed the situation on the russian side, the consequences of the annexation
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affected to the fact that russia agreed to cooperate with china in several important aspects, they were ready to promote energy agreements that they did not want before they were ready to sell weapons and what not did before and they were ready to allow chinese investments , which also did not happen before less than a month before the full-scale invasion of ukraine, russia signed a borderless partnership with china , which cemented further cooperation between the two countries, their bilateral economic relations increased last year during the first year of the war in ukraine, bilateral trade increased by 29% in 2022 and chinese imports from russia increased by more than 40% last year. and this is mostly due to energy resources kinson says that this is almost the only criticism of russia's actions from the side
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china during the year of the war was concerned with its threats to use nuclear weapons, you send people from the chinese side to say oh , we don't like what we see, we are a little worried. we don't quite share putin's views on such things, and then everyone says that china is distancing itself, although in bilateral relations it is not there were no changes on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of russia , china released its peace plan for ukraine in 12 points of the document, the people's republic of china calls for respect for the sovereignty of all countries to abandon the cold war mentality, i.e. expansion of military blocs opposes unilateral sanctions and advises the parties to sit down at the negotiating table . this proposal regarding ukraine is intertwined with its main points of the chinese vision. because the world is different - this is the first, the second, china is also not
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such a power that only exclusively on this path that it offers to the world, according to the derspiegel publication, russia is negotiating with china on the supply of the russian army of kamikaze drones and even the transfer of technologies to russia for independent production this is also confirmed by the head of the us cia , william burns, the chinese leadership is considering the possibility of russia providing lethal weapons, at the same time we do not see that the final decision has already been made and we do not see evidence of actual deliveries of lethal equipment. if this happens in the white house has already announced sanctions against china, calm accusations were rejected, the newly elected head of the chinese foreign ministry xingang called on washington not to interfere in the issue of taiwan me personally it would be very hard to believe that china will provide weapons to russia in the near future because the chinese must clearly understand then their relations with europe will be totally destroyed if they really take moscow's position in this war and so far china has maintained its so-called
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neutrality and has done it quite well but for for the chinese, war is something separate from their relations with russia, so the chinese stand their ground. we have a partnership with russia, which we will continue to support, but this is not china's war, according to yunson, russia will not put pressure on china in terms of supplies and weapons because it is in a weaker position and in any case china's interests are of primary importance for itself olena kurenkova public news up to 13 years behind bars the occupation authorities in luhansk condemned the ukrainian human rights defender maksym butkevych after the invasion he joined the 210th special battalion of the armed forces of berlin during the fighting was captured by the enemy, also 18.5 years and 8.5 years in the occupied part of donetsk region were received by the military of the azov regiment vladyslav shelta viktor pohozei the ministry of foreign affairs of ukraine called
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immediately release the military and, in general, all illegally convicted ukrainian prisoners who are being held in the temporarily occupied territories of ukraine and in russia. territories and in russia , as well as take effective measures to counter russia's aggression against ukraine maksym butkevich , ukrainian journalist and human rights defender the co-founder of the human rights center zamena and public radio was the coordinator of the project without borders aimed at helping asylum seekers and ukrainian immigrants . on february 24, he joined the ranks of the armed forces of ukraine. he participated in battles in the kyiv region, after which he went to the east. in june, he lost contact with budkevych, and later with a video of maxim's interrogation was released by the russians, according to tetyana pecho pechonchyk , the head of the human rights center. changing the decision
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of the so-called court can help free maxim , that they are on the lists for the exchange of some of his comrades from the berlingo battalion have already been released. however, not maksym. we hope that after this so-called fake verdict, which has grown up, the so-called supreme court in the so-called dpr will also help and catalyze the exchange processes. and that maksym butkevich will be released in exactly nine years five years ago, the then verkhovna rada of the autonomous republic of crimea and the sevastopol city council adopted an illegal declaration of crimean independence ; later, as a result of a pseudo-referendum , the peninsula became part of russia immediately the aggressor country began to persecute the local population, now russia receives 180 political prisoners, 116 of them crimean tatars
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, how russia occupied the peninsula and what it turned into in 9 years nikita skoblikov will tell this footage from february 26, 2014, a rally near the parliament in crimea was the beginning of the crimean resistance to the russian occupation from 5 to 10,000 participants says the head of the mejlis of the crimean tatar people refat chubarov tried to prevent the deputies of the crimean parliament from allowing moscow to interfere in the affairs of the peninsula of ukrainian patriots who gathered at the call of the mejlis of the crimean people. they fulfilled their duty in the morning of february 27. the houses of the parliament and the crimean government are occupied by russian servicemen without identification marks. the council adopts an illegal declaration of independence and in 5
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days there is a referendum, which is also illegal after the annexation from 2014 to 2022 from the peninsula about 200,000 people left, these figures were announced by the permanent representative of the president of ukraine in the autonomous republic of crimea and mylotasheva, they fled, in particular, from repressions by the occupying authorities, without explaining their rights , bringing their witnesses with them, at the same time, not finding weapons, ammunition, plans to seize power, men are being arrested now, according to information the verkhovna rada commissioner for human rights, dmytro lubinets, russia illegally continues to hold 180 political prisoners , the majority of whom are crimean tatars, according to the analyst of the public organization krymsos yevheniya yaroshenko, prisoners can be thousands of kilometers from their homes, which makes communication with lawyers difficult, even if a person committed
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a criminal offense in the occupied territory, then he should be detained and tried in the occupied territory, and that is where he should serve his sentence, and not in the territory of the russian federation, among those who was affected by the russian repressions, a crimean tatar woman, mumines aliyeva, a mother of four children , she is raising them by herself , her husband was imprisoned by the russian authorities six years ago, my husband and i were arrested on october 11, 2017, and it has been 5.5 years the organization or participation in the activity of a terrorist organization is held in the places of deprivation of liberty formally by article 205.5 of the criminal code of the russian federation, but the true reason is activism
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, civil journalism, this position . peninsula of crimea and before the start of the full-scale invasion of ukraine, according to the information of the deputy minister of defense of ukraine anna malyar, there were 32,000 in crimea of the russian military, according to chubarov, moscow created a military fortress by building a transport infrastructure that was tied to military needs, russia also brought in hundreds of thousands of people, primarily representatives of the security forces, hundreds of military bases , objects in the form of, say, missile and anti-aircraft complexes, they are scattered all over rome , especially in its western part, these objects must be connected with each other by infrastructure, roads, power grids, and
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everything else. roads, this is in order for this military component of the crimean peninsula to function as clearly as possible, according to the information provided by the website of the crimean platform, before the full-scale invasion on the ground, russia concentrated about 900 armored vehicles and about 300 artillery systems and volley fire systems, and there were 50 helicopters and 100 airplanes in the air of different types on february 24, russian troops entered the kherson region through the kalanchak and chongar checkpoints from the territory of the annexed crimea. russia strikes peaceful ukrainian towns and villages nikita in public news complained about the shelling by the russians agreed on the supply of aircraft engines to russia , journalists of the radio svoboda scheme program made public the recordings on which the president of the ukrainian motorsich company vyacheslav boguslaev, after the start
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of the full-scale war, is negotiating with representatives of the russian defense concert, a voice similar to boguslaev's voice appears on the tapes shelling of the motorsich plant asks to influence the russian military leadership and conducts business negotiations because fragments of conversations with leonov's russian passport, everyone motor sich understood, что же позвоны ему хорошо motor sich, despite the export ban, continued to supply parts for engines for the military equipment of the russian army through another country, bosnia and herzegovina, countries that mean there russia search in october last year, sbu officers detained the head of
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motorsich vyacheslav boguslav on suspicion of treason, in particular, they accuse him of supplying aircraft engines to a third country, which in turn, she resold them to russia. bohuslav does not admit his guilt, and we continue to speak with the author of this investigation, journalist kirill ovsyany, he is on the direct line with us . i congratulate you. good evening, kirill, can you hear me, yes, i can hear you, and immediately the question about these films is under under whose voice is bohuslav on the recordings? well, we turned to the national center for media expertise of the educational and scientific center of the university of colorado in denver , which we had previously turned to during
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investigations related to the tapes. interceptions and so on, they compared boguslaev's recordings with his public statements and confirmed that it was the same person and the recordings. as far as we know , law enforcement agencies also checked and conducted an examination. that is , we have no doubts that this is what boguslaev says. well, obviously, he is the only one. i wouldn't be able to turn the tool, but he is a suspect . that is to say, we can't say that there were obviously other people who helped supply these engines. the first question is who are these people and are there any suspects among them? well, actually, is there any information how many of these engines, what engines did they deliver to ukraine during the full-scale invasion
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, is there such information, but unfortunately , we do not have the facts about how many engines were delivered during the full-scale invasion of russia into ukraine, but the facts of these deliveries or intentions to deliver such engines we already have, and regarding those people who helped, so far only one has been charged with suspicion, kiss dzyuba , who was also, well, working on the motorsich together with boguslav, we are on one of the recordings. there is even a conversation where they discuss the delivery process engines that can be used on military helicopters of the russian air force through china, we found out that through china it could be the chachnologies company through which they could still, in principle, supply


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