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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 22, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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"the willis report" is nuts. sandra: tonight, america's decade of. gerri: a look at what the future may hold. a big victory for obama. welcome to "the willis report." gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis.
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another town stuck with the bill thanks to an obama event. the democratic national committee is refusing to pay 14,000-dollar tab westport, connecticut, racked up when they provided security for the president. it was for a fundraiser hosted by harry weinstein. the chairman of the connecticut republican party, welcome to the show, jerry. what do you say to this? the campaign will pay the bill. what is your
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>> some $38,000, i believe, come on. as you know, what were the poor people doing. the ones picking up the tab for this? >> well, to add insult to injury, one of our state parks state parks had to be closed for the president's helicopter to land that day and was probably one of the hottest days of the summer.
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the president comes out to connecticut to hang out with movie stars and millionaires. at the same time, he paints our party is a party the party of the rich. it is unfortunate. westport has been stuck with this bill. team obama should make good on that. gerri: there is newport beach and springfield and boston, there is the south burlington, vermont. the list goes on and on, a lot of people are going to say, hey, you guys are bunch of republicans and you are campaigning against the president for not picking up the tab. is this all politics or are we there with your complaints? >> well, during the eight years of president bush's tenure, i wasn't the state party leader, but i wasn't officer in the party. he visited the state often and i can think of no instance where one of our towns was just of extra security costs in the
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bill. this is something that i think they should basically directed by very quickly. $15,000 come it's a no-brainer. gerri: he raised $2 billion on a trip. again, we are not the party of the rich. we are the party he wants to create an environment for the economy to grow and for people to hopefully someday become rich. president obama likes to actually hang out with the rich. gerri: and he did it, that's for sure. jerry, thank you for coming in tonight. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> thank you, gerri. gerri: now we want to know what you think rape should the obama campaign pay its own way? logons and vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results of the end of the show. while obama doesn't want to spend his money, one report today says almost half a million
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dollars of stimulus went to tv commercials touting the white house's green jobs training program. the lucky viewers were watching msnbc. with more on this, ed rollins. what is your reaction this? >> the entire stimulus bill was not properly use, and it is spending nearly a trillion dollars. it should've been in the infrastructure, job creation, you know, this is just a perfect example. they have what they believed was excess dollars, they had done whatever they so chose to and that was a total misuse of taxpayer money. >> people who look at these spots say that they see more campaign ads and as they are are sort of lifting the general public knowledge as to what the stimulus dollars were doing. >> this campaign, which moves to chicago -- they treat washington like the 51st ward of chicago.
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anything goes. and i think to a certain extent, you know, the president of the united states had to be held to a higher standard, and i think they are willing and going to do anything to take advantage of a situation. gerri: you know, i just find it amazing that the stimulus bill really reviews in this kind of way. it will this story get any currency or will there be an investigation? >> unfortunately, i think people have become numb to it. this is a lotta -- you know, he wasn't going to have any lobbying in this administration and he made an exception to lobbyist. this is a president who has done over 150 fundraisers. campaigning for rahm emanuel. he basically thought his job was being president. we campaign for a period of time. this president has been nonstop campaigning for the last 10
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months. gerri: he has been picking up the tab for security and improving roads where he goes -- it makes me angry because he hangs out with all of these really wealthy people, raising money. and the people who are paying those events argue any and every joe blow out there. the people who really can't afford it right now. this economy is not going great guns. >> there is no plan to make it better. it is just sort of the blame game. everything that goes wrong is the republicans fault and everything that benefits anybody -- they get credit for. there are two very different points of view that mitt romney has. that is what our discussion is about. there needs to be a higher plane field and somebody saying what is the second term agenda if he gets reelected? what is the romney agenda if he gets elected? that oddity that discussion. gerri: it is not right now. news stories popping up about
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valerie jarrett who is obama's closest aide. very important in the white house. criticism of her tonight saying that she is a sweetheart deal on taxes on investment properties she owns in the chicago area. is this an issue that will blow up, and is it hypocritical in the white house to have officials with this kind ofbacks and no exposure? nobody is paying a bit of attention? >> unfortunately, it is not. it will be a one-day story. we will cover it up, you know, basically it takes an enormous see, people that are doing business with the enemy is, valerie got all kinds of sweetheart deals before she went into the white house. if you wanted to get government job from you want to be exposed to the power and the resource that you have. you have to give that approach. gerri: the republican national convention coming up. all eyes on that. i can't wait for chris christie
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speech. what should we be watching for? were you watching for? >> what i watch is the mitt romney show. they are going to set out to make the mitt romney show. you will learn more about him and his economic plan and what have you. this is the day and time in which he basically has three or four days in which you get to tell your story, pretty much unencumbered. i know that joe biden is going down to florida and this never happened before -- i don't think that's going to offset anything. it is really his opportunity to say this is the kind of campaign that i want to run. i look forward to more meat on the bones. i think that people like chris christie and marco rubio -- they will tell a good story as to why people should vote for the republicans. gerri: a lot of focus on the visuals and the stage, how it is all dark wood paneling is supposed to be warm and inviting. does that kind of thing make a difference? >> you know, i don't know. at the end of the day, it used to be a good old set. you get up there and you render
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a performance and they try to make a tv show, they try to dress people up in a way that gives people a warm and fuzzy feelings. at the end of the day, the american viewer can make a judgment. when they hear matt romney speak, they will know what kind of man he is. when they hear the others talking about his strengths, obviously, that is all the statement needed. it is geared for about an hour every night. fox will cover it, from gavel to gavel, i am sure. gerri: you said something interesting to me in the green room. 15,000 reporters looking for a story? >> sure, and there's no story. you have to be careful about prices. gerri: ed rollins from thank you for coming on. we appreciate your time. coming up, new study claims american doctors are burning out at a frightening rate. what happens when health care laws -- obamacare, goes into effect. doctor marc siegel weighs in ahead. and the cbo says congress needs to get off its keister or else
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dire warnings and hard truths about the economy. that is coming up next.
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gerri: we have a warning tonight from the congressional budget office to congress. the cbo says unless lawmakers get their act together and rewrite the tax laws by the end of the year, we are headed straight off the fiscal cliff we keep talking about and straight back into recession. peter barnes joins us from dc with the details. i guess they are not pulling any punches at the cbo, are they? >> no, they are not, gerri. the deficit falling to $640 billion for more than a trillion dollars this year. that is mainly because the fiscal cliff will kick in. all the bush tax cuts will expire for everybody. on schedule at the end of the year.
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the top spending cuts from the debt ceiling last year will kick in at the same time. that will cut the deficit by about $500 billion for the year. but the cbo says it will cause a significant recession and asked her what the economy contracting by about a half percentage point. sending unemployment back to 9% and costing 2 million jobs. >> with this very sharp fiscal policy, we are looking to start at a production in gdp -- at an annual rate of about 3% in the first half of next year. that would represent a significant recession. >> of the $500 billion in deficit reduction, about 80% would come from higher tax revenues. about 20% from spending cuts. gerri: moving on to another story that i was curious about, the federal reserve and the
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committee this afternoon. what did you pull out of a? >> oh, boy, the last meeting, july 31, august 1, they talked a lot about additional monetary easing. additional stimulus for the economy, gerri. qe-3 or potentially signaling that they will kick in short-term interest rates lower for longer. right now they are at the 2014, they will go to 2015 or 2016, one economist woman tonight. they look like they are getting ready to pull the trigger on additional stimulus. assuming that we don't get some stronger economic numbers. they will get another jobs report for the next meeting on september 12. gerri: that is interesting. the unholy alliance between wall street and washington. they can work some wicked ways when they are on the same page. peter barnes, thank you for coming on tonight it is great to see you. >> thank you, gerri. gerri: if you are fired up, drop me an e-mail at
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>> coming up on "the willis report", you heard this time and time again. >> we have to fully restore the middle class in america. >> but are they being squeezed out? gerri finds out why this group is getting smaller. and the u.s. court rejects the obama administration rule for coal-fired power plants. what is next after the victory? we will tell you the latest. also, the day for employees to select their health care plans is almost here. do you know what benefits are best for you? best for you? our expert has open en you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work.
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everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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gerri: we talk a lot on the show about the lost decade for the american economy. you have heard me talk about it. similar to japan's lost decade in the 1990s. but we don't hear about is how america's lost decade is impacting the middle class. a new report just out from the pew research center puts it into pretty stark perspective. for the middle income americans, the american lost decade of the 2000's has been worse for wealth lost in income loss. what you mean by that is the median income did fall, but it was essentially unchanged over the decade. median wealth, that his assets minus that, you can thank the housing market -- declined by a greater margin of 28%. as fall off right here. taking a look at the actual numbers come at the beginning of the decade, wealth grew from 129,000 to nearly 153,000 by
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mid-decade. it fell to just over 93,000 and 2010. during this time, income rose 1% to $575,000 and 2010. the median wealth for the lower income group suffered the most. it plunged by a 5% during the decade from over $18,000 in 2001 to about 10,000 and 2010. 45%. also, this is the first time in generations, the mean family income declined for all americans. all income categories, that is according to the study. 85% of middle-class americans, that it's just about everybody, say that it is more difficult now than a decade ago to maintain the standard of living. these grim statistics are hurting the american spirit. only 43% of middle-class americans, according to the survey, said that things will get better. that was when we were in the debt of the great recession.
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more than two thirds of americans are hopeful about the fiscal future. who's to blame for all this? according to the pew research center, everybody share some of the blame. 62% say this congress as fall. 54% say it is wall street. large companies are at 47%. bush demonstration 44%, and the obama administration as well. with the romney and obama campaigns aggressively trying to win the middle-class vote, they should focus policies that grow well, create jobs, and live the hopes of everybody in this country. america needs to be the land of opportunity. when we come back, a judge taking on the administration's war saying the epa has gone too far, find out why coming up next and what it means for you and your money abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need.
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gerri: a fox business alert for you now. more trouble for the battery car business so heavily subsidized
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by the obama white house. a one systems which makes batteries for gm was warns that its stock would be delisted if the price does not go back up. now, it hit a new lifetime low of $0.35 per share today. they have six months to get back above $1. the company gets $250 million grant from the obama administration and the market cap is now just 64 million. the more energy news. meanwhile, a massive rebuke for the obama administration is more on coal. issued a strong rebuke to the epa. the court said it overstepped authority by going around congress and trying to impose its own rules. i asked evans tracy hal a big victory, what a big victory this is for the coal industry. >> well, yes, it is a victory, however, a small victory when
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you look at the total body of work that the epa has undertaken in current and future regulations that are really making it very hard for gold to be used as a fuel to generate electricity in this country. certainly this was a positive, but there are still more rules. gerri: you and i have discussed on this show scores of coal-fired power plants are scheduled to close because of epa rules. is this really going to give those power plants in the kind of extra life? >> it may help a few, but the reality is that you are looking at almost at least 10 percent of the generating capacity for electricity in this country coming off line in the near term because of the epa regulations. i don't know about your household, but in my household where using more electricity and not less. this is a big hit to both consumers will pay for electricity and the reliability of electricity. gerri: grab begin of me
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understand this, because it talks about regulations that require states to be responsible for the quality of error that is not even from their state and actually comes down wind. how does that work? >> right. what happened is the epa decided to do the assignment that they wanted to do as opposed to the summer there were supposed to do. what the court has said is that they overstepped boundaries. this regulation was not at all of there were asked to do under the clean air act and basically said, go back to the drawing board. this is a pretty serious ruling for the course to give a federal agency, and this is not the first one that they have ruled on. gerri: here is what they had to say, the court of appeals. the epa has used the good neighbor provision to impose massive emissions reduction requirements on states without regard to the limits imposed by the clean air act. how do you interpret that? >> again, what the courts went
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up there and said is pure and simple for your viewers, they overstepped boundaries. they took -- you know, they took a certain path on this regulation that was not at all the intention. obviously it varies state-by-state. this is a state issue, and this is where the epa as released overstepped their charter. gerri: study you read this? the epa operates at the behest of the president as part of the administration. the president has made clear his distaste for the coal industry. howdy you read -- is this a turnaround on obama himself? will the coal industry survive? >> well, coal is the most dominant fuel for electricity generation now and will be in the future. with this demonstration has done, 2008 candidate obama really tried to be the king cole candidate. little did we know what he was trying to do was white cold generation of existence. but the fact of the matter is, the world economy is moving
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toward coal, economies like germany and china are using more. the united states, more cool than any other country in the world. gerri: rihanna this idea ribby of colt. >> we are, and this administration continues to put forth policies that make it harder and harder to use our own resources. this is a resource. gerri: people are pushing back against this. the court's decision significantly imperils long overdue clean-air safeguards for millions of americans. they calculate that many americans, over time, will become less healthy, maybe lose their lives because of these kinds of changes in the rules which -- what is your response? >> what is missed in all of this is that the air continues to get cleaner. the emissions reductions are down nearly 90%. $100 billion has been spent on clean coal technology. another hundred billion by 2015, and we have to have a rational and reasonable conversation in this country about how we
9:32 pm
maintain a balance between low-cost electricity, which is extremely important to the success of this country, and an increasingly improving environment. we can do that with clean coal technology, but if this administration continues down this path is going to make it harder and harder for coal to have a legitimate long-term teacher in this country where we continue to keep a part of our next. gerri: they will appeal that decision. what do you plan to do? >> well, look, this is the state that brought this decision. i hope that the epa will sort of sit back and look at this and come with a balanced approach to the table, but ultimately this is coming down to what people want and decide in november as far as the path that they want to go. we hope that both president obama and candid romney will take a good, hard look at how we keep : the mix in this country for years and years to come. gerri: they have very, very different views, that is for sure. thank you for helping us out. a pleasure to see you.
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>> tree to be with you. gerri: all right. time for tomorrow's news tonight. be sure to watch shares of hewlett-packard after report glops of nearly 9 billion after the bell, the biggest technology by cells. a massive charge related to write-down of one of its services businesses. as a result, down nearly 5 percent in after-hours trading off. the department of transportation says it plans to complete its auto efficiency rules sent. the rules would require auto companies to reach an average fuel efficiency of 54 and a half miles per gallon by 2025. also tomorrow, a slew of economic reports out before -- including the lettuce look at the economic situation. expected to be in line with last week's numbers, plus knew home sales numbers will be out and many are predicting good news. we can keep our fingers crossed. a new report shows just how damaging obamacare will be to our nation's doctors. with open enrollment season about to begin, do you know what you are paying for?
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is the right plan the when you are choosing? we are "covering your assets" next. bought ve lately.
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gerri: internet tech connect, is now in the hands of the jury. the epic 3-week patent battle between apple and samsung is nearing a conclusion. that residents began deliberating the multibillion-dollar case today. apple is demanding that samsung pay a two and a half billion dollars for allegedly stealing the design technology of the ipad and iphone. samsung's says apple stole its technology and is demanding nearly $400 million. if apple is this case and gets what it is asking for in damages it would be the largest patent verdict in u.s. history. very big deal, and steak. well, let's turn out to doctors. code bleu, facing an alarming shortage of primary-care physicians and since it usually takes ten years, what will happen when obamacare at
9:39 pm
14 million people to the system in less than two years? let's ask the fox news medical 18. good to have you here. why is there a shortage? >> starting in 1998 our government predicted there would be a surplus and said, let's cut medicare funding bill to training programs throughout the early part of the century. then they came along and obamacare was written and nobody said, we were wrong about that, there is a shortage. the two together is a collision. gerri: what is it about obamacare that is going to make this shortage worse. >> adding more people without adding more doctors. adding 30 million more insured people over the next decade. gerri: the number, slick at the number. provisions to increase the number of doctors by 3,000, but they're is a 45,000 doctor shortage. how can this be. don't doctors get paid well? don't people aspire to be medical physicians? >> by the way, 40,000
9:40 pm
primary-care doctors and 160,000 doctors short. now, in answer to your question, i want to make sure to stay at -- say on this program that people should become doctors because they love taking care of patients, care about people, love the technology, and love doing something that matters, but we cannot rely on that. the government cannot rely on that. burnout occurs because doctors get tired of working too many hours, seeing too many patients, getting paid too little, and the worst part is having too much red tape. you cannot even feel the satisfaction of helping someone because you still have to file that form, make that phone call. gerri: here is my lori, that i am going to in the future see a nurse practitioners, maybe a physician assistant instead of a doctor because you cannot make a living by putting your shingle out and saying, dr. willis. it does not work in more, and i think that is really sad. it gets worse.
9:41 pm
>> i like nurse practitioners, but they have different training and are more geared toward diet. some would say more toward prevention, but th don't have the same training in terms of technology, what i do on a daily basis. you cannot plug got a doctor and plug in and as practitioner. that will not solve the problem. gerri: a long way to go. thank you for coming on. >> we want people to love to do it. gerri: there are a lot of people who do. all right. always good to see you. well, on the same topic, open enrollment this year, but do you know the ins and outs of your benefits? what you don't know may cost you. the majority of americans with the $750 a year on mistakes that could easily avoid if the money that could pay for a month of grocery and electric bills, 200 gallons of gas. joining me now with tips for the enrollment season, a consumer health insurance expert for e health insurance. welcome to the show. good to have you here. i know a lot of americans out there probably not prepared for
9:42 pm
this year's open enrollment, and that is going to be a lot more complicated. how serious is this problem of people not knowing the difference between this year and last? >> it happens every year, and we are showing it gets worse here as the years go on. people just are confused about health insurance. when they get their open enrollment package they just don't know how to compare the different options that their employer gives them, so they just go and blindly and keep the same plan that they have year-over-year. gerri: guilty as charged. i have done that myself. you know why, because it is not easy to compare. it is really confusing. a lot of material. all written in gobbledygook. what is the best solution? >> release sitting down and taking the time to review that information and see if your department has options are meeting so you can attend to educate yourself. changing on september 23rd,
9:43 pm
the health insurance companies are going to be required to give you a summary of benefit, and that document is going to be standardized and -- -- standardized, and it was up you compare the different benefit options that may be available to you. gerri: that's great. i'm glad to hear that. what will be different because of obamacare? anything? >> the one thing i just mentioned about the summary of benefits was an affordable care act that will be enabled on the 23rd of september. other than that, there is not all lot changing this year on the group's side. the flexible spending account is going from 5,000 to 2500, so if you are used to us signing up for that flexible spending account, make sure you realize that is changing. looking at what you did spend because a lot of people picked the wrong amount. once that money is gone at the end of the year it just does not
9:44 pm
roll over. thirty-six you lose that money. it is frightening. you have some tips. pay attention to payments. what do you mean? >> well, recent surveys we have done, we have found that half of people don't even know how much is killing of a paycheck. so it is important to realize and see how much you're paying for your health care costs as well as what your employer is paying because really, you couldn't get a sense of what is the total cost of your health care coverage. gerri: review all your options, know everything that is on the table, and it may be easier. shops smarter out? >> make sure you're choosing a plan that makes sense for you and your families. maybe a new health condition has come up or there might be changes in coverage where the network that you use data available is no longer available . pay attention to that because if you really enjoy your specific doctor and there are no longer in your network.
9:45 pm
you're going to want to realize that. you only have this one time the year to make that change. so you don't have time to find out. gerri: locked in unless you have some kind of special circumstance. ups is for adult children, obviously, one of the impact of obamacare, keep adults children on your plan for longer. let's talk about that. >> you definitely want to take a look at that because if your employer is changing the amount that they're trying to contribute for your adult children, because it is required that they allow them to stay on there, it is not required that they pay for those or contribute toward those benefits. so you may be paying a lot more to keep your child on that plan, and your adult child may not even live in the same state as you. gerri: how much more money you pay? >> you might end up paying the whole premium. so it could be 100, $200 more to have your child on your plan.
9:46 pm
typically young adults are young and healthy and can find an affordable plan on an individual market. that may make more sense if they don't even live in your area and cannot use the doctors and hospitals on your plan. gerri: thank you for coming on tonight. great stuff. appreciate your help. >> inky for having me. gerri: still to come, my "2 cents more," and coming up in just a few minutes with the dow passing 13,000, of that, engineering estimate in the market keeps going up? find out how you should be playing the market and the stocks to buy coming up next. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow,
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preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios gerri: with the dow above 13,000, how high will let go and will investors
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gerri: breaking news that will impact the victims of bernie madoff ponzi scheme. a judge giving approval for the madoff firm trusty to award a second payment to the former clients. the payment would hit two and a half billion dollars. the former clients have already received just over a billion from the trustee. estimated the victim's lost about $20 billion from the scheme. good news for them tonight. love to hear that. well, and focus tonight, the market is on the move, even closing down slightly, the dow comfortably sitting at 13,000 for the past two weeks. how high can it go? money news, altman of report. some people i talked about dow's 17,000. people are getting a little nutty. what do you think is realistic? >> a little overly optimistic. i am really -- optimistic. at the 14,000 is attainable,
9:51 pm
15,000 is a stretch, 17,000 probably won't happen for many years to come here. gerri: the timeframe on 13 and 14. >> we are in the low 30's now. at a great lender to fourteens possibly in the next year, 15, probably quite a bit longer than that. gerri: a little more skeptical. what do we need to make that happen? ben bernanke, the federal reserve, it sounds like they are heading toward more stimulus. another qb. >> we need some policy that is basically transparent for corporate america. if we know the rules of the game, who's going to be in office in november, a lot of this will help a lot. corporate america will be a lot better under romney-ryan in my
9:52 pm
opinion. >> than under a second term? >> yes, if. gerri: what would make this go away and send this back into a bear market. more trouble from europe? what do you see other problems with plows? >> mainly fiscal. we have not had a budget in four years. we can't seem to get a lot of agreement the chin publicans and democrats. obama insisted the plot. we have to get our fiscal act together quite a bit more in the rural become more clear and markets in and high after that. gerri: of want to talk to you about individual investors and their habits. they obviously have been running away from stocks. when you look at what happened to mutual funds if, people have been pulling their money out of funds that invested in stocks and putting it elsewhere in bonds. what will it take to get the individual investor back in this market? if we have gone up, up, up. >> the investor possibly might come back once they have seen at long sustained up move. usually it will come and way too
9:53 pm
late in the game, later than it probably should. you know, we were buying a lot of stocks months ago and really a lot lower than what the major averages are right now, so we bought italy, for instance, at a p/e of eight and s&p is at 16, is a really half of what it's at right now. gerri: a pleasure to talk to you today. enjoy it. >> thank you. gerri: yet another epic fail by the u.s. postal service. this time involving the homer sent to of homer simpson commemorative stamps. selling just a fraction of the 1 billion printed, wasting more than a million dollars. luckily the postal service has had better luck in the past. tonight's top five most popular current -- commemorative stamps. dc comics 72 million sold depicting portraits of famous super heroes. number four, 1993 series
9:54 pm
honoring the legends of rock-and-roll. we are talking elvis. rhythm-and-blues, nearly 76 million. number three, 1992 wildflower stamps. 76 billion collected. the wonders of america, that is pretty cool. i like that. american superlatives ranging from the tallest, longest, even when deists. americans love these, holding out to over 87 million. tonight number one most popular stamp, of course, elvis. americans still love the king of rock-and-roll, more than 124 million. wow. that's pretty cool. blue suede shoes, baby. we will be right back with my "2 cents more" on waste, fraud, and abuse if in the answer to our question of the day off. said the obama campaign pay its own weight? ♪ [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online,
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gerri: once again, the obama campaign making its way through small-town usa leaving huge unpaid bills in its wake. the latest refusing to pay westport, connecticut, $15,000 for an event. should the obama campaign paid someway? >> here is what some of you posted posted on my facebook page. laura says that both campaigns should pay their own way. absolutely, the campaigning on the backs of businesses and schools is not i. 1% say no. not i. here are e-mails we got from you. many are calling the least productive congress ever. using number of laws passed is a terrible metric. we don't need more laws. we need appropriate laws. i don't think they have been nonproductive enough.
9:59 pm
personally, i don't think they have been nonproductive enough. jim says raising the corporate tax to the same of raising the cost of flour to the baker. ultimately, the consumer pays the increase. citizens usable income goes down. debt over its ahead they have a fwa raj say. apply the money and pay off the national debt. i wonder what they could get for their stuff. sweet redemption. umpire who's blown call cost a major league pitcher immortality can hold his head high. that bad called the cost armondo not anymore.led the cost armondo the 24 year veteran used cpr this weekend to save the long time of a arizona diamond back employee. diamondback employee. it happened on monday when jim joyce arrived 90 minutes early


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