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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the rnc and 72 days until election day. the nominee has moved to the attack. clearly invigorated and focused. economic and energy policy and on the pages of "the wall street journal", writing an op-ed that reveals more of the economy. in that article, governor romney and his experience with bain capital. the subject of countless attacks. it is in fact an immense
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advantage for anyone who is sitting in the oval office. they also helped me as governor of massachusetts. during the budget deficit into a surplus in reducing unemployment at 4.7%. the lessons from that time would help fix our economy, create jobs and get things done. governor romney not only doing so, but cheerfully claiming it's superior to obamacare. the republican nominee telling local press that my health care plan that i put in place in my state, it has everyone insured. but we didn't go out and raise taxes on people. we did not have an elected board to tell people what kind of health care they can have.
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president obama throwing this jab. >> i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised. both of us were born. i was born in henry ford hospital in she was one harper hospital. no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place. gerri: avalanches himself to the american people and on the offensive. obviously enjoying it all. enjoying it all. the romney online ticket taking the lead within the margin of president now tied with himself on approval and disapproval in the head-to-head polling. we take all of that up pigeonite what about the threat of year and automatic tax hike -- tax hikes.
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the new report forecasts a return to recession if the nation is allowed to go over the so-called fiscal cliff. former cbo director joins us with his assessment that this formula to avoid cataclysm. energy policy, the presidents of the above policy has failed to curtail soaring gasoline prices. counter, a romney contents to make american energy independent. and what does our government do? our deportations of upper down. is the president enforcing immigration laws of? immigration agents are now suing their boss. on that security secretary jack napolitano and her attorney joins us here tonight. our lead story is about those who would remove the current of our government and there preparations forheir national convention in tampa. the republicans convene monday,
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but they're is a lot of work and more than a few worries still ahead for the gop. here is channing green in tampa with our report. >> reporter: putting together an event the size of the republican national convention is a massive undertaking. in 2012, there is one uninvited guest organizers and attendees are hoping will decide not to show up, a tropical storm isaac, which could develop into a hurricane and come crashing into tampa bay just as the convention is set to start. >> tampa is really excited about hosting the rnc. we don't have any plans to cancel. >> reporter: that decision will be left party leaders, but state leaders are not dealing with the unforeseen impact the might have on the security operations. some 37 this it and local law-enforcement officers are of state a schedule to be here to cover the convention but may not be able to leave their posts and tom. >> on guard for any contingency.
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so if that happens the logical backup will be the national guard. we already had those conversations. >> reporter: in the wake of the bulletin from the fbi and the department of homeland security raising concerns about protesters aiming to reach havoc authorities said it will be prepared, and so the demonstrators. >> no doubt there are a small percentage that will come here bent on destruction. >> reporter: meanwhile on the convention floor organizers are moving ahead with a set up this it will be unlike any other. high-resolution elie de screens would give them the ability to tailor this setting to each individual speaker. >> we can use the screens to turn the podium in to a midwest farm. we can punctuate them with social media during the so. >> reporter: party leader spent the we keep working and the official platform. we got an exclusive look earlier this week at the language involving abortion. the formal full platform is scheduled to be rolled out and voted on by the delegates on
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monday. lou: thank you. this just in, and romney's speech to the result is scheduled for monday evening will not take place on tuesday our next guests had is disappointed that president obama has not focused on what lies ahead for the economy of the so-called fiscal cliff is not avoided. the republican platform decision is a tribute to discontent. joining us now, former congressional budget office director douglas holds a gun, the president of the american action form. good to have you with the spirit we appreciate it. the cbo ship -- cbo studies showing enormous repercussions that will occur if the fiscal cliff is not afforded by this of ministration. he has not said a word about it. why would he not? >> i'm not surprised. i am very disappointed.
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it does carry a risk for him. he has made the centerpiece of his reelection energizing his base by promising to tax rich people among other things. that's not going to avoid the fiscal cliff. that will drive us over. senator pat murray said we should go over the fiscal cliff. the trouble with that, it's irresponsible economic management. the fiscal clef is 4 percent of gdp. the study is generous in its implications. it could be even worse. as i think the risk is, it's starting to affect the economy now. it will affect the economy more as we approach it, and for a president who needs better economic conditions to get reelected, that's a dangerous move. lou: certainly these markets is going to be responsive. they're going to be, it seems to me, and i want to get your thinking on it. it seems to me it will be making judgments in the weeks ahead but well before the election as to who will be president, and it
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will be making judgments about the policy on those push tax cuts, whether there will continue permanently on the automatic budget cuts as a result of sequestration. this is not something that can wait until the election or a lame-duck session, is it? >> it is better not to. i mean, the house republicans have actually already taken care of these problems. they have extended the current tax rate for one-year and passed along with that fast-track legislation for tax reform in 2013. there have replaced the sequester, the across-the-board cuts with targeted cuts that take place over longer terms and hit parts of the budget that need more attention. so there is one group that has done it. there's nothing going on in the senate. the president is silent, and the implication is that somehow you can just pick this up after the election. but i don't think so. if you were an equity investor and even think it's possible
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that your dividend tax rates would go from 15, you're going to rest of moving a portfolio of around. is the only common sense. i worry about the implications. going way to slow the already. lou: the republicans advancing the gold standard at the convention. he would have thought. and many are delighted as a result. your thoughts? >> as you know, there is a history. jack kemp, jen, and others, having argue for the gold standard. more recently ron pollack talked about it. it's a virtue, of course, is that it puts a commodity behind the dollar and guarantees its value. that is really just a way to express concern over the very large quantitative easing the fed has undertaken, the fear that this will lead to inflation down the road if not immediately , and i think that is really what we're looking at, just some discontent about the quality of monetary policy in recent years.
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lou: the quality, the architecture of the federal reserve and its role in all of this, it is about time for that discussion. certainly more broadly even than the convention, is it not? >> i think it is a fair point for discussion. the parts i don't like is when the motives, for example, of chairman bernanke r. m. kent. and don't think it is fair to question his motives. it is fair to question the policy. the effectiveness of the particularly qe2, operation twist, that is a fair discussion and one that everyone ought to have because we are in very bad economic times. lou: his motives, which i have never questioned, as a matter of fact, a lot of people who criticize and are often thankful for qe1 and two and would be thrilled at three. but the fact is that governor romney says he will be looking beyond ben bernanke as the person, for the person to fill the chair at the federal reserve.
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your thoughts? >> well, there are certainly other high-quality candidates out there. one thing they might want to ask ourselves, does he really want to stay on after what he has been through? an enormous amount of service, but when opportunities arise with replacing the chairman, the next chairman has to go in front of a confirmation committee and then get bipartisan buy in from the fed mission. the next fed chairman has a chance to say, we are not here to rescue the american economy any more. you guys need to do your job, so there are some virtues to making a changed man there are good people out there. lou: hopefully it will not be necessary to focus on rest your that point. we appreciated. thank you very much. america's energy future. can we really be energy independence by the end of this decade? >> if i am the president of the united states i will set a national of america and north america energy independence by 2020. it is achievable. this is not some pie in the sky
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kind of thing. lou: let the fracking in drilling began. energy experts said rockwell. suspect numbers. is the obama administration keeping phony records on the number of illegal immigrants it claims to the. >> reporter: why is setting a deportation record suddenly so important to the sip ministration? we go behind the numbers in tonigh the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male annncer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus,
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♪ lou: and you just heard governor romney promising voters that america will be energy independence by the end of this decade if he is elected president. we'll be talking about that with been brought well, energy experts, here in just moments. first, we're going to turn to wall street with stocks rebounding after yesterday's sharp losses. the dow jones industrial up 101 points, s&p nine, nasdaq gained 16 points. and the dow is down nearly 1%, the nasdaq 1/4%, the s&p, up about, well, 50 -- let's try just a half a percent. ben bernanke giving markets a boost today in a newly released letter to congressman. suggesting the central bank has further means. global goods orders climbed over 4 percent in july. transportation demand including aircraft and other transportation goods. apple shares moving higher in
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after-hours trading after a judge ruled samsung did infringe on a number of apple's patents. the jury awarded apple $1 billion in damages. to put that in perspective, if i may, if you look at the numbers about the bid, very impressive, but there is one problem. $1 billion will raise apples cash position from 76 to $77 billion. not too impressive if you happen to be an apple. offshore oil producers bracing for a tropical storm isaac. bp announced plans to shut down production in the gulf of mexico. the target of tropical storm isaac, by the way, the largest in the world. gas prices already on the rising $3.73 a gallon and more than 7 percent the last month. joining us now to discuss the impact, the governor's plan to make american energy independence by the end of this
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decade. been brought well, director of data for pricing in and permission services. >> it's good to be back. nice to see you. lou: let's start with the idea of energy independence. by the end of this decade. i can tell you how many experts have said, no one should never talk in terms of energy independence. >> in this country we have been talking about energy independence for 140 years. every presidential administration has set goals, but it is good news, it is absolutely possible. is 2020 the target date? his in line. i think more 20, 25 survived a decade of the twenties. a lot of important changes going on. governor romney has certainly put some good policies forward. a lot is going to depend upon the next administration and their approach to policy making. but absolutely, energy independence, this country is on target to get, to become energy independent with the right policies and the right approach. lou: governor romney, to his
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credit, i was impressed that he said north america which immediately collapse the and and mexico which is already a substantial part of our distant -- substantial source of crude gile. >> the next three years, if you combine with u.s. crude production, it will be over 14 million barrels a day of crude. that is a lot, and it's going to be well on the way to achieving energy independence to reduce the import from the middle east which would be a good thing. >> a very good thing and, indeed. it would be supplanting and organization of petroleum exporting countries, supplanting them with another american producing country, which is a pretty strong treaty, maybe not a cartel, but pretty powerful in canada, mexico, and the united states.
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>> absolutely. it would be a great american cartel and the powerful combination. there is no question about that. lou: as we like and what is happening, and trout, we have refineries that have slowed down in the midwest. gas prices rising. a lot of people a starting to get very nervous. all this plucking, international energy organizations about tapping into reserves overseas. this administration apparently considering it. is that wise or folly? >> well, i think that is a short-term solution. i think that in the next month passes this -- month-6 weeks we will see lower gasoline prices. not by the end of the year, but we get rid of that summer-grade gasoline which is a more complex molecule into is to be expensive. if you get for market prices that summer grade blend stock at cent ethanol.
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a more extensive kind of gasoline. that goes away as of september 15th, so we should see a price drop to be because of that. lou: just in time for election day. isn't that fascinating? >> i think some of the higher prices, lou, though, are in the swing states, so that will be an interesting, interesting phenomenon. we look at the math. we see ohio and pennsylvania and some of the swing states with a gasoline prices have gone up the most. lou: energy independence is going to sound good, whether or not they can achieve that in time for the election. all right. we appreciate it very much. up next, president obama, is he trying to fool voters into thinking he is enforcing immigration laws? we will take a look at the administration's so-called record deportations in tonight's "chalk talk." and ice agents suing their boss, secretary napolitano of common security. the obama administration, these agents claim the president's new deportation deferment fiat is against the law.
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the secretary of state of kansas is there, and he joins us next.
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>> and fewer illegal crossings that any time the last four years. we focus in these discussions about? -- want to prosecute, focusing on criminals to endanger our communities rather than students who are earning their education. and today did partition of criminals is up 80%. lou: that is president obama. back in june bragging about his administration's record number of deportations. in the same news conference, by
8:25 pm
the way, the president also announcing he is adding an estimated 1.8 million illegal immigrants to the workforce at a time of record unemployment. 23 million unemployed, underemployed, given up being employed. he is allowing and through fiat that those who come here as children, they can apply for work permits and this is an incumbent president, it seems, i'm just saying it seems like seeking a second term, wanted to have it both ways. do you get a sense of that? just as the department of common security, and they will tell you that since 2009, since 2009 the average number of deportation each year has approached 400,000. 400,000. that's very impressive.
8:26 pm
mr. obama claims that is double the annual average during president bush's first term and 30% higher than the average when he left office. the house judiciary committee says, wait a minute. they say the obama administration has had numbers been added from what is called the alien transfer exit program. you can make this stuff about. the alien exit transfer. let me do it this way. we will do it the right way. the alien transfer exit -- you know, one of these days i'm going to actually use the eraser that i am provided here rather than my hand. this is cleverly called the a
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capital program. you're going to love this. the alien transfer exit program. they're counting those folks in with the deportation. that makes sense because what is it? a program that relocates illegal immigrants who cross the border illegally to another location, but within the united states and with of repercussion, the process, with a consequence. in other words, then move them from state taxes to arizona to new mexico to california or points intrastate, if you will. they are free to re-enter if, indeed. this is -- we can't make this stuff up. just me. now, according to house judiciary committee chairman lamar smith, if you track deportations alone, the obama administration has supported
8:28 pm
just about, not 400,000, 2,603,000 this year. that makes a big difference. by the way, 14 percent below the number back in 2008, 19 percent below that deportations at 2009. nineteen percentage less. is that a record? less. and projections for the number reported by the end of the year dropped to 315,000 from 400,000, so we don't know who he is trying to impress a kid. last year the administration really only deported about 360,000 illegal immigrants. compare that to the fact that an estimated half-million into the country legally each year, and you see the problem that exists. there are an estimated 12- 20000000, 12-20000000 illegal immigrants in the country. it is not like the united states
8:29 pm
is not a welcoming country. we have granted legal permanent residents and an average of more than a million people each and every year. we have naturalized more immigrants, more than half a million of you, approaching a million the year over the course of the san 20 your time frame. meanwhile, the border patrol has a workforce of just over 21,000 agents, 21,000 agents. pretty impressive. that's about double, by the way, then during the bush years, to patrol the 6,000 miles a borders that is, as i said, the will the member from the bush administration years, but has apostle of the amount of illegal drugs flowing into this country. drug seizures were up 20% during the last fiscal year. 5 million pounds of pork products. so why do washington politicians keep trying to gain in numbers imply the system? in no, it has been my experience that when people try to double
8:30 pm
count numbers and try to fudge the numbers, when it tried to gain the system there are politics foot. why does agents have to resort to suing the obama administration in order to do their sworn duty, their jobs. there are always more questions than answers and politics. agents suing their boss. homeland security secretary janet napolitano. her boss the partition deferment fiat keeps those agents from enforcing the law. so says the agency attorney, chris kovach. and the edgy start, president obama once praised a bright future of the now nonexistent solyndra. >> we have to go back to innovation. and we recognize that there was only so much government could do. the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like solyndra. mali's be america's business. lou: solyndra is abandoned building now of art and real
8:31 pm
estate at taxpayer expense, of course. first it was tropical storm isaac, and then vice-president biden heading to tampa. now the republican national convention has more unwelcome visitors. it turns out tampa's mayor is a fan of the occupy protesters. he is cute, too.
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♪ lou: our next guest is the lead attorney in a federal lawsuit against a man security secretary janet the public on out and immigration and customs enforcement director john warden, representing ten agents. a lawsuit maintaining the obama administration is forcing its agents to break the law. joining us now, chris kovach, also the kansas secretary of state, co-author of numerous into illegal immigration state laws. good to have you with us. this is remarkable that agents have to sue the secretary of the apartment in which they work so
8:35 pm
that they can enforce the law. >> yes. it is amazing. she has put these ages between a rock and hard place. basically, there is a federal statute that says illegal aliens under these circumstances must be deported, not maybe deported, but must be put in removal proceedings. and the directive from june tells them, no, you're supposed to let them go. and so if they follow the orders they're breaking federal law. if they go ahead and follow the law then they could be suspended or punished for disobeying a superior, so they ultimately have no choice but to sue and say we swore an oath to uphold the law. that is where this case is going. the northern district of texas. lou: how soon do you expect the judgment in that decision? >> it really depends on how quickly the judge will schedule this. arubia asking for a preliminary injunction. i would hope that within a couple of months we did have an
8:36 pm
injection. maybe senate. all depends on the judge, and we have not had a chance to have a scheduling constant with this judge. >> coming out to slam your lawsuit. he says, these agents, talk about your clients to are working with some of the most anti-immigrant forces in the country, forces that have long so division and destruction. that is an interesting position for one of the country's labor leaders to take. >> yes. did you notice he didn't have anything substantive to say? all he said was, these brave agents are associating with apparently people like me who think we should enforce our laws which i guess means selling division. he could have said, well, here are some arguments, reasons why the agents should not bring this. of course he didn't. he just tries to slander and go into an ad hominem kind of mud. yeah, the other thing it is interesting. look, these agents are trying to enforce our laws. than non enforcement of immigration laws has hurt the american worker in amazing amounts of money in lost wages.
8:37 pm
you look at every single industry were illegal immigration is present, wages have gone down. they haven't even remain stable. they have gone down over the past two decades, and so here is this guy, he is apparently not worried that american blue-collar workers are losing their earnings. instead, he is worried about counseling to obama, and because obama does not want to enforce our laws, he doesn't want to enforce our laws. it is shameful. i don't know why the union said leaders like this when they're not looking after the interest of workers. lou: upset with the obama administration and is withholding his complete embrace of the campaign for reelection. at the same time, we are, of course, reporting here on a desperate labor shortage, particularly in the produce fields of california, the southwest. at the same time they're confronted with the ravages of
8:38 pm
doubt to the drought. we have an extraordinary intersection of various forces at work here. illegal immigration. most of those workers are illegal. and at the same time, the president bragged about not departing. simultaneously about deporting. i mean, it is really, again, imperative, we are watching the system, the numbers, and reality >> well, and the other thing is that the rule of law has become fatally undermined. the entire illegal alien community knows that this president is not enforcing the law, and it has done so bad. the ice ages to have brought this suit, i talked with christopher crane, the lead plaintiff here. you know, in my wildest nightmares i never imagined it could get this back of a literally they're being told, illegal alien as to tell you he is under the age of 31 and that he came to his plan the united states and you can't ask the
8:39 pm
illegal alien to prove it. you have to accept his word and let him go, release him as long as he says those magic words. they're releasing people who have been arrested for crimes from felonies. under this obama directive, under the secretaries directive they have to let them go. it is complete lawlessness, and that, in turn, creates other problems because there is no credible enforcement at the federal level. lou: is this going to be discussed? is this going to be discussed by the campaigns? part of a presidential election is to create a national consensus. is this going to be an issue of discussion? >> you know, i honestly don't know what is going to be an issue. what issues the romney campaign will make its rent-a-center issues. i hope that it is, and i hope it is an honest discussion. we have d.h. as cooking the numbers. you mentioned actually now we know that there has been an 19%
8:40 pm
decrease. there is another element, another 40,000 so-called deportations that are unaccounted for. it could be even lower than that lou: thank you for being here. appreciated. >> always a pleasure. lou: up next, chicago rapidly becoming the murder capital of the country. you'll be shocked to find out where the city's residents overwhelmingly place the blame. tampa mayor, a democrat, obama van. welcoming the republican national convention with open arms. but he has some other guests, and those guess are conservatives and local citizens upset. livid. livid. ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please... please and thank you. pass it on. lou: federal agencies are warning that anti and government analysts groups will try the use of violence disrupt the republican convention and may even try to block travel on key bridges into the area. reporting protesters are getting
8:44 pm
help from the city's democratic mayor, mayor bob but corn, using nearly $60,000 in taxpayer money to rent an empty lot for occupy demonstrators. chicago reeling for more violence. nineteen people were shot and wounded in eight separate incidents over nine. thirteen of the victims shot in the span of just half an hour. chicago has seen the murder rate in this city spike almost 30% this year. 320 people killed as of last sunday. according to a new survey by pollster michael mckeon, no chicago residents are not blaming gun laws. they blame games, they blame a lack of parental guidance. they blame a lack of economic, and they blamed the need for more cops. 7 percent blamed the lack of something to do. 6% to blame excess. california hard drive maker seagate technology reaching its
8:45 pm
ads a deal to buy the manufacturing plan former headquarters of solyndra paying $90 million for the building. the bankruptcy look company built the $300 million fremont facility in 2010 with $520 million of federal stimulus slums. if that sale is approved it is unclear how much my returns to the government. perhaps the taxpayer. no. prior restructuring deal allows private investors to be repaid before taxpayers. firstly michele obama credits her husband's policies for the climb in the number of unemployed veterans. she has left at a couple of key facts. this is the first lady at me port naval station in florida earlier this week. >> so far this year the number of unemployed veterans is nearly 20% lower than it was a year ago so we are moving in the right direction, but let's be very clear, we are nowhere near where we need to be. no where near.
8:46 pm
lou: diversity is absolutely correct, we are nowhere near where we ought to be. according to the bureau of labor statistics that show number of unemployed veterans is down 233,000 from last year. however, the number of employed veterans is down even more, down 230,000, 239,000 of the same time. and it is not much to brag about even to say we need to do a lot more. up next, governor romney celebrating his days at bain capital instead of running from criticism. this is a confidence strategy. is it warranted? we will see. ♪ the "a-team" coming up with the answers. moments away. as they, how would you say? a stroll toward the studio. ll at all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions.
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>> i love being home in this place where and then i were raised a more about the laws were board. henry ford hospital, harper hospital. no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place to we were born and raised. [laughter] lou: that was pretty serious stuff, the governor joking, having a pretty good time at the president's expense. some in the mainstream media are charging governor romney with reigniting the birder issue with those remarks. nbc news writes, romney's remark about his birth certificate brings back controversy. cnn accusation. romney stirs bertha controversy. new york times on page, i don't know what has happened.
8:51 pm
the times is found a sense of perspective and reality and has a sense of humor. birth certificate step by romney creates a stir. they had to get the start. but at least a knowledge it is a joke. though "washington post" headline, you will be proud. they say, romney's joke, romney's birth certificate joke stirs controversy. it is a joke. many in that lane stream and -- lame stream of mainstream media don't have the sense of humor. it appears that some do. that, i don't know, that brings about a sense of hope. we are halfway there. that is just a matter of change. joining me now, the "a-team." [laughter] good to have you with this. let's start with romney on the campaign trail tachyon energy, the economy, he is even having a
8:52 pm
little fun. what is going on? >> the liberal mainstream media would rather talk about anything except for obama's failed policies. romney is talking about the issues, and that is with the american people want to year, but they would rather talk about partial birth, abortion, or even the broader issue to taken out of obama's failed policy. lou: what about the congressman out in missouri. we have not had a headline on him in a while. >> is down 12 points. the republicans. lou: how does he hold that martian would be the question. >> i think he will keep sinking. i think you're right. he is the democrats -- i would not say last best hope, but he is pretty darn -- lou: sees that even on the list of their best hopes. >> well, he is. bottom line, it is a senate seat that right now was lost and is going back to the democrats. lou: it would have given us the majority. you're saying that jim miller syndrome just as apply here? what do you think? >> i think this is the democrats
8:53 pm
dream to have this guy stay in the race. it is an extraordinary sight to see every major republican in the country tell this guy to step down. he loses all this money in state sen. the tears of himself, not of the party. >> that is true. self preservation is first law of nature. he says something like that? you know, legitimate. he does that. >> those two words in the same sentence. >> president obama off to camp david. the campaign needs to be fought. what's going on? >> he's got bill clinton working for him on tv now. lou: and, you know, i took this up in the "chalk talk" the other night. the idea that jay carney would turn to a television camera and with a straight face say that they want to raise taxes and have worked so well for the clinton administration and the situation is the same. can you -- how can bill clinton, given everything else in his life, he is possessed of intellectual integrity.
8:54 pm
how could he do that commercial? >> a does not of a clinton signs 70 percent of the contract with america and he worked with -- >> i was one of those that told them to sign it. president, we have a balanced buys a deal that i can run but talking to you about in the mid-90s. i was very pleased we did. it was a different approach, but secretary clinton is in the administration. bill clinton does not like trickle-down economics, and he is pro barack obama. lou: well done. may i say, well done. well done. [laughter] >> but this is a challenge for mitt romney because romney has to get beyond his business biography. he has to go back and explain what is happening to the country between the clinton era, what happened with the bush a administration. i don't think he has. lou: it is something very important today and the editorial pages of the "wall street journal." he put himself in charge of his experience, and that experience
8:55 pm
became a positive. by the way, by the way, by the way, he used a word that i glory in and left to hear coming back into, particularly from a candidate for the presidency, he talked about the empowerment of workers and employees, and we have not heard that and probably 15-20 years. you know, good for the governor. >> it is a start so that people can relate. look. still, it is a start. lou: true, but like i say, he has filled in a vacuum that has been there for 15 years. >> us just say, we misjudged him profoundly. and if you were talking he would be a lot better off than he was today. >> for obama to give bill clinton tell amanda had been planted, obama and clinton, i think that republicans, it is theirs to lose
8:56 pm
>> csn address the issues. for. >> a good job running on the platform of your editorial page. >> thank you very much. >> paul ryan has done a very good job and starting that conversation. >> that is exactly right. a much stronger ticket with right next to him. lou: thank you very much. appreciated. have a great weekend. up next, one viewer puts the voter i.d. debate in realistic terms. we will have the m box here next. up next, talking with rnc chairman as the republican convention kicks up in tampa. former bush adviser karl rove, of the terms filmmaker, blockbuster movie, blockbuster books. we will be right back. ♪ this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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lou: jeff says, lou, i couldn't manage my sprinting the without two forms of id, but the democrats let my vote on good looks. you are the master of the chalk board. the stats about labor unions and billions of dollars


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