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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tomorrow for her take. thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president obama ordering heightened security for u.s. interests and personal overseas. following the murder of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya and what appears to be a coordinated contemporaneous attack on the american embassy in cairo. president obama tonight embroiled in controversy as his administration is forced to rationalize to state department apologies to radical islamists run into conflict with the
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anti-mohammed movie. we bring you the latest developments tonight. and an analysis by ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. and doctor walid phares. former pentagon official kt mcfarland. bringing you up-to-date on what is happening in washington and the middle east. two of our outpost attacked on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 11 years ago. in egypt, the american embassy staff were assessing reports of a possible demonstration outside the embassy in cairo. the embassy sent out a message, that was sympathetic to muslims, upset by the movie, tweeting that we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. just before 5:00 p.m. eastern, they rioted, breaching walls and tearing down an american flag
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and replacing it with a black flag that is in favor of radicals in the region. including elements of al qaeda. the embassy again tweeted, this morning's condemnation, issued before this began, still stands, as does our combination of the unjustified breach of the embassy. a little over an hour later, reports began to surface that the u.s. consulate in benghazi was in flames after being stormed by armed gunmen. moments later, a libyan official said that an employee had been killed and another wounded. as we reported to you here you last night. on last night's broadcast, democrats and republicans alike condemned the obama administration apology to those who were attacking our embassy and consulate, who we then knew had killed at least one american. at 10:00 p.m. eastern, more than five hours and the incidence of egypt and nearly three hours after the attacks in benghazi,
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the obama administration broke it violence. an administration official telling political statement by embassy cairo was not cleared by washington. it does not reflect the views of the united states government. the romney campaign quickly accused the obama administration of sympathizing to those who have attacked american interests and americans, calling the messages from the administration a quote disgrace. fifteen minutes later, secretary of state clinton issued a statement condemning the attacks in benghazi, but making no mention of the attack in egypt. at midnight eastern, the cairo embassy statements are removed from the official website. in the obama administration reacted to the reports of dead americans in libya. but not without replying to governor romney's criticism of the president as well. the statement said we are shocked that at a time when the united states of america is
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confronting the tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in libya, governor romney would choose to launch a political attack. at 5:00 a.m. eastern this morning, reuters informed that the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stephens and three other americans have been killed in benghazi. six hours later from the president condemned those attacks but made no mention of egypt. he refused to take questions from the press. the events of september 11, our diplomats and the state department were caught deeply offguard. this morning they try to form a response for egypt and the middle eastern capitals. at the same time, reacting to governor romney's criticism of the president's demands and what he termed policy failure. fox news correspondent ed henry with our report. reporter: in cold blood, four americans murdered by a mob in
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benghazi. in a battle that lasted for hours on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the first american ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. raising alarm bells about american outpost all around the globe. >> i have also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world. make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. reporter: fox news has learned that top officials believed there were early signs the attack was planned. and the protest outside the consulate in libya related to an anti-muslim movie may have been a diversion. it stressed early in the investigation the u.s. was probing all leads, including be attack was tied to the 9/11 anniversary. >> it would take coordinated, military style raids that had
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direct fire and indirect fire, military movements involved. this was a well-planned, well targeted events. >> the president did not take questions and he was not pressed on whether security was tight enough on the anniversary or how he specifically went to meet justice. his remark made no mention of the separate attack on the u.s. embassy on cairo. as republicans try to lay blame right at the doorstep of the oval office. >> it is about to explode. the american disengagement, lack of leadership, leaving from behind, leading to uncertainty and doubt on all fronts. >> in the rose garden, the president tried to stay above the fray, ignoring the attacks from mitt romney and other republicans. >> security personnel fought back the attackers alongside americans. they help some of our diplomats find safety and they carried
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christopher stevens's body to the hospital where he tragically had died. reporter: that power could be undermined by the fact that there are reports that after ambassador christopher stevens was moved to a second building considered more safe, libyan security forces allegedly tipped protesters off to his whereabouts, leading to the murder. the ambassador thought he may have been dragged into the street. the u.s. officials are investigating whether a pro-al qaeda do, al qaeda group -- where al-zawahiri insides another intriguing twist is that al-zawahiri's brother was seen in cairo. reporter: tonight the president
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is blasting mitt romney for his initial response. the president just called some of the families of the victims involved in this awful tragedy, he called them aboard air force one on his way to las vegas for previously scheduled campaign event. he decided to go forward with it. lou: thank you very much. ed henry reported from the white house. joining us now is doctor walid phares. middle eastern affairs analyst. and security analyst, kt mcfarland. under presidents nixon, ford, and reagan. also, ambassador john bolton. let's first go to what appears to be a complete intelligence failure. these actions could have been carried out by radical islamists without the knowledge of the
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u.s. >> the question as to the countries know -- did the leaders of libya now, and if they did, why didn't he stop them? this is a situation where within hours of each other, there were two coordinated attacks. that is an act of war. that is an act of war because the u.s. embassies overseas -- it's like attacking the united states. once 11 years ago and once yesterday. lou: in libya there is a perversion that u.s. forces fired on libya long before they killed our ambassadors and three other americans and injured others and stormed our embassy. it is a peculiar perversion of history. if you will, the expectation that this would be an act of war, many libyans would say that they had been at war with the united states two this is the problem. when the united states gets in the middle of someone else's civil war, then we own it. we are not in the syrian war.
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we turn the other way. when they ran into egypt, it went on the dictator. lou: what are your thoughts, doctor walid phares, as what the u.s. response should be? >> my concern is about the current response by the administration. specifically of america. we heard of other officials talking about notions of it is surprising and shocking and we did not expect it to happen. that means that the strategic analysis of the administration does not center the threat to be in egypt and libya. therefore when this is going to happen, we need to have an analysis. lou: what we are looking at is the live picture outside the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt.
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john bolton, this is an administration that chose to ignore what had happened in egypt, perhaps understandably in the minds of some, while addressing the murder of our ambassador. on two occasions, the administration put forward an official statement. they ignored what had occurred in egypt. what is the reason for their? >> there isn't any reason. this is a complete breakdown of american policy. the embassy apparently not cleared by washington and not very much distinguishable from statements made in washington today. apologizing for this. nobody has seen this film that we are all talking about. lou: i've seen about 10 minutes of it. >> it was a pretext at best. it didn't happen on september 11 by coincidence. let's get to the real issue here. the government of egypt could've
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stopped those people from penetrating the embassy if they have had security guards and military around the fermenter. we knew enough this demonstration was coming in the government of egypt must have known that they let it happen. the government of egypt, and i think the government of libya were complicit in these incidents. lou: these charges of complicity, knowledge of plans that obviously resulted in the events of september 11 in cairo. the united states, as the world's only superpower, to be less dependent upon her the good wishes of the muslim brotherhood, which now owns the government of egypt and the chaotic and still, the disorganized so-called government of libya. it seems to me, at least, madness on the part of the u.s. government. don't we have a higher responsibility to our interest
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and personnel, serving in the state department? >> absolutely. this is president obama. president carter helped in 1978 and 1979. and then he apologized and tried to negotiate. that is not how you deal with it. you ask firmly and you don't apologize and you demand an explanation. the president did not do any of that. what does that mean will happen next? will see more americans attacked. you will see more demonstrations that are somebody else's fault, but in fact are not. lou: these are two language newspapers. reporting on the events and, again, referring to the movie, this mohammed movie. we will take that up with our distinguished panel.
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kt mcfarland will be joining us later in the broadcast to go in depth on issues that are now confronting the united states. joining us here later, stay with us, we are coming right back >> it is the documentary that the white house doesn't want you to see and they are doing everything they can to discredit 2016. "2016: obama's america." dinesh d'souza reacts to the obama smear campaign. president obama leading from behind in the libyan revolt. qaddafi is dead. but so is our ambassador and three other americans. one senator leading from the front with a call for
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lou: our next guest is the first legislator to demand all foreign aid to be cut off until libya turns turned over suspects in the murder of ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans. joining us now is senator rand paul. senator, great to have you with us. you believe that all foreign aid should be cut off right now to libya and perhaps egypt as well? >> we have an amendment that will do just that. there is a bill pending on the floor and i plan on introducing
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this amendment. i think it is unconscionable that our ambassador would be assassinated without protection from those countries. we would never allow something like that to happen in our country. in egypt there have been reports that they wonder embassy that the mob was coming, but they didn't send any troops to protect our embassy. i think that is inexcusable. >> is inexcusable in her judgment of the united states, the world's only superpower, what have to depend upon the host country for the security of our ambassadors in a consulate staffs in our embassy staffs? >> well, we kind of do, so i'm not sure that i fault that. we have a limited amount of marines that are stationed in our embassies, but we don't plant an army in every country around our embassy. in iraq we have because there is a war zone. there still is a small army associated with the embassy.
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i think there are 17,000 people there in the green zone in iraq. i think that in a war zone, it's a little bit different. i don't want to second-guess the protection, but i do want to second-guess that our response should be very clear to libya and very clear to egypt that if we're going to have an embassy in the country, we need to be saved, and if we're going to spend money, we need to protect our embassy. lou: you believe that governor romney was too quick and too severe in his criticism of the obama administration as he turned a critical eye to the way in which the state department was apologizing to radical islam is at the very moment that they had stormed our embassy in cairo and were within very short order to be killing four americans, including the ambassador of libya? >> my response was very similar to governor romney's.
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that was to feel like it's not appropriate when the ambassador has been assassinated and your embassy is under siege to sort of say that oh, we understand that you are angry. i'm not sure what they're angry about. a lot of them are angry, and what is most important as protecting our personnel and our embassy and not really apologizing. there are complicated reasons for things that happen in the world. lou: do you expect that governor romney will follow the course that you are recommending in particularly egypt and libya until we determine who is responsible? >> i wish he would. this is a bigger issue out there. american public in general is unhappy about foreign aid being sent to countries that don't like us and disrespect us. the other country out there
10:21 pm
right now that i began this about two months ago was pakistan port imprisoning. he recently had an interview with your network about pakistani security agencies. yes, i am forcing an issue and then it the process of filibustering legislation until i get a vote on ending pakistani egg and i would hope governor romney would chime in on us. the american people are sick and tired of their money going to these countries. the countries that persecute americans and people who like america. lou: senator rand paul, thank you so much for being with us. he is author of the brand-new book entitled government bullies, however the americans are being harassed, abused, by the feds. let me guarantee you, there is no congressman or senator working harder or more effectively than senator rand paul to deal with precisely the
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issues that are being raised by an overwhelming amount of government in our lives. up next, the american dream, out of reach for millions. a shocking new report that shows how hard it is to make it in america. income falling. poverty rising. we take a look in tonight's "chalk talk." president clinton is on the campaign trail. but he just played the mormon card, and he played it like a fool. we will take a look. and we have a blockbuster show planned for tomorrow. join us as mark zuckerman joins us. former obama economic adviser austan goolsbee and peter fisher. all to give us their perspective and outlook on our markets and this economy. coming up next
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>> to be a choice between different paths for america. the choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future. ours is a fight to restore the values that built the largest middle class and strongest economy in world has ever known. lou: president obama at the convention last week. something of a late discovery this nation is founded on our middle class. he spends a lot of time talking about minority interest, but there is little on the working men and women of our middle class. 95% of all americans consider themselves in the middle class. according to the census bureau, median household income fell
10:27 pm
1.5% to just over $50,000. 1.5% in one year. but that isn't all. the second straight decline in a row, at 15% as of last year. from the census bureau. it is a very high number for a superpower, don't you think? that is statistically unchanged as well from the previous year. talking roughly 46 million people, 46 million americans. in poverty. i don't know about you, but i have a heckuva time trying to square that up with the idea of
10:28 pm
being a superpower. this is the highest level in more than a half a century for a family of four annual income $23,000. it is not getting any better for millions of our cit civilians. said we would be much worse off it wasn't for the extended unemployment benefits. if you think unemployment benefits out of the calculations, another 60 million people more would be in poverty. if you took away the social security benefits, that is disabilities, not social security, another 14.5 million people would have fallen below the poverty line. we are talking 76 million. we remind you a record
10:29 pm
5.4 million people signed up for federal disability since the president took office in january 2009. so what did the administration do? walling illegal immigrants to enter the workforce. illegal immigrants. estimated 8 million immigrants, consider these to be rather conservative numbers enter the workforce. research indicates they already make up 5% of the total workforce, but the white house says that number should be higher. given the policies they are pursuing, and the president really wants us to believe he is working for the middle class. it is clear this president is
10:30 pm
working, for it seems at times, everyone thought. 2016, obama's america a box office hit in the white house has taken notice and targeted the documentary prohibits own clai claiming thee is full of lies and misinformation. we'll be talking with the man behind the film and in front of the camera. to pump prices in your neighborhood look like this? that is right, your eyes are not betraying you. $8.99 per gallon. we will tell you why gas prices got that high. a libyan ambassador and three other americans murdered, why is the u.s. government's first response to apologize to radical islamists? form policy analyst next. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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lou: the obama campaign lashing out at our next guest movie claiming it falsely smears the president as having a hidden agenda bent on realizing anticolonial ambitions. joining us now, executive producer, writer, director of the movie "2016: obama's america." a new book as well, we would not want to leave out the book. number one on "the new york times" bestseller list for nonfiction. great to have you with us, congratulations on the book, congratulations on the movie, congratulations on attracting the attention and constructive forces of the obama administration. trying to help you. >> i am an immigrant, but told
10:35 pm
my mom though the attack by the president of united states, should be a little incredulous. lou: it is quite a remarkable story. that you are in the center of in which you were the first talk about obama's rage and his anticolonialism, and i took a lot of heat for that as well, but turning to this new movie garnering even more attention broadly. >> absolutely, the film is now in 2000 theaters and part of what is making everybody find it so eye-opening is you begin to think if this really true? obama comes on and getting from his mouth. finally the white house, the obama campaign realizing we cannot let this go, we have got to attack.
10:36 pm
lou: claims president obama doesn't believe in american secular. >> you believe in american exceptionalism? he replies i believe in american exceptionalism just as the others, clear meaning of that is everybody thinks they are exceptional, nobody really is. lou: they claim obama falsely invested in it while ruling out oil exploration for america. >> he related the keystone pipeline and regulations, it is beyond a doubt the export-import gave the money. he went to brazil and said we have been helping you trail and refine oil, when you get it ready, we want to be your best customer. lou: the conflict in the
10:37 pm
statement being the biggest customer while refusing to lift a moratorium. number of fact checkers and reporters say obama had nothing to do with the loan, one of the most preposterous cases, the fact checkers have entered an alternate reality of their own. >> you have these agencies of the government doing things, the policies by the white house and yet the white house is trying to claim responsibility. lou: one more. clinton president obama passed the bank bailout clearly shows president bush signed the tarp. >> part of what they do is attack claims in my book. on the bank bailout to did not say obama signed into law, i just say he supported them. even as candidate obama, he was
10:38 pm
consulted on them. lou: i can remember them in the white house with president bush, both looking like strong candidate for president. as they signed off what was to be. speak of the film is full of this information. the founding fathers, the shady characters he is associated with so they cannot ask for any of that, they are wrong on this. lou: the title of your commentary that is running entitled why did obama used the n-word to describe his grandfather? don't want to go into too much, but it is remarkable. the conflicts refuse.
10:39 pm
>> imagine if mitt romney had a half-brother or if he let the n-word slip even by accident, this would be a massive uproar, but with obama ignored, covered up, pretend it doesn't exist. only focusing on the policies but i'm trying to be upfront to say we don't know obama, the man. lou: a u.s are you a subversive republican? >> sometimes i wish i were. lou: check it out, you will enjoy the read. good to see you. come back soon so we can talk about everything also occurring in this great land of ours and around the world. >> would love to. lou: up next, an outbreak as the west nile virus continues to spread across the lower 48 states. the internal revenue service, you may have difficulty if you
10:40 pm
will reconcile in some of the observations and the obamacare individual mandate. the first time that law has been in controversy, but we will reveal more. peter fisher among our guests. we're coming right back. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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lou: on wall street stocks moving higher ahead of the federal reserve decision with another round of possibly monetary stimulus. the dow and nasdaq both up. investors relieved by a court ruling clearing the way for the countries contributes $640 billion bailout. in corporate news apple
10:44 pm
unveiling their new iphone today, iphone 5. more powerful chip and guess what, prices start at $199. thank you very much. systems announcing talks about combining the merger resulted in the world's largest aerospace company increased competition for boeing and to a degree they stop going with military spending. that would be a government owned company if they do it. day three of the teachers strike in chicago, some not calling it a strike, calling it an attempted holdup. they appear to be far apart on the issue of who should grade teachers, what do they do for a living, that is right, they grade.
10:45 pm
he also is not good for a quick resolution. >> they understand what our positions are, but made no movement as result we use this as we have used every part and a since november of 2011. we are going to get work done. lou: the work to be teaching students some 400,000 of which are now out of school. the proposed teachers evaluations could result in the firing of 28 students teachers, something that would be a very low rate of firing based on performance. our next story, but federal officials report the number of west nile virus cases jump by nearly a third just the past week. more than 2600 cases of mosquito borne diase. 118 people have died after contracting the virus.
10:46 pm
in 48 of the continental united states. still far short of the worst season in 2003 with nearly 10,000 reported. obamacare and 16,000 irs agent to help enforce the individual mandate. during a congressional hearing this week, the service messed things up for the obama administration and perhaps congress saying the irs is not performing under obamacare with refunds of those who owed him money. former irs commissioner criticized more likely paying a fee than by insurance. >> you can pay $3000 to the exchange, you can save $2600 per year to get sick, that is going to happen for sure.
10:47 pm
you see nothing but human nature from the irs. lou: finding more and more about what is in obamacare. hitting the campaign trail in florida working for president obama playing the mormon card last week, one of the few times i've ever noticed very smart man, bill clinton flunked a class. he could not resist, said he was not cut out for the mormon religion after recruiting as a child. said i did not want to leave all these other people behind. implying only mormons go to heaven. however it assures everyone goes to heaven on different levels but all go to heaven.
10:48 pm
astonishing. he revealed president obama and his convention speech, i am shocked, what happened to bill clinton? he lets president obama edits his speech. talk about sticker shock, 50 gasoline stations in new jersey, pennsylvania hiking their prices, can you see that? $8.99, to protest what they say are unfair pricing practices for north america. charging them more than the retail market making them uncompetitive in a tightly competitive market. said that they are not available for comment, thank you very much. up next, the "a-team" is available for comments and they will. egypt, libya, obama administration, criticism from governor romney.
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lou: back now with our panel of foreign-policy experts. let me turn to you, what are the prospects now for u.s. interest in policy in the middle east given what has happened now to our ambassador to the embassy and libya and egypt. >> what has happened now over the past 24 hours is the result of our policy, the administration's policy going back specifically since the beginning. we discussed this together the
10:53 pm
arab spring i spring in egypt aa began with women, minorities, but the administration chose instead of working with them from foreign aid, the white house, they chose with more rebels. muslim brotherhood has allies, those who organized it. lou: is the brotherhood involved at various levels i than what we have seen take place, looking at the streets, live pictures of the u.s. embassy in cairo with more people on the streets. what do you think? >> the first question to be debated today is precisely this. our partners, the government of egypt controlled by the muslim
10:54 pm
brotherhood are part of it. do you think it's possible the muslim motherhood would not know they will be organizing these? lou: i'll ask the director to take control of the live screen, continuing demonstrations that have just come about. it looks as though the military and police are trying to establish a boundary at least for whatever is transpiring, your thoughts? >> the first responsibility of the obama administration not to be to safeguard americans official and otherwise as a region. while they have taken some steps, the situation continues. think we are risking another hostage situation.
10:55 pm
to have the president leave town to go to a campaign event speaks the seriousness here. when people look at the past 18 months and see the weakness the administration has displayed, it is an incentive for exactly what we are seeing now, increases in the administration. >> at this point the president has to come out and say we will not put up with this. or you will see more and more and more of this. lou: was romney too quick and too harsh on his response? >> he did what the president should have done. the statements i should've heard from the president with regards responsibility. somebody is responsible. the two governments we have set our air force and nato to.
10:56 pm
they are responsible for our security. >> he is talked about libya and the reason is he is afraid his narrative of the arab spring and the mother muscle will be undercut. similarly in libya his afraid to acknowledge the government, security forces may have been complicit under the success there. lou: those responsible for what occurred in the attacks and the embassy in cairo and the attacks and the murder of four americans including our ambassador. >> add pakistan to that list. speak out make it clear to the government's that benefits could be cut off. >> i had a little foothold, to start getting money from what we said to the government, the lets them balance each other.
10:57 pm
>> i want to leave with one more impression. leaving to go to a campaign event sporting the request for a meeting, the reaction? >> is th does the same thing, ws and inattentive the administration sending the wrong signal everywhere in the region. >> he ought to ask jimmy carter and that's how it worked out. lou: thank you very much. that is it for us tonight, we will see you here tomorrow evening, good night from new york. multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount.
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