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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 23, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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dave: new at 10:00 welcome to america. plenty of federal money available and you qualify just by coming here. the federal government making it as easy as possible to get supplemental security income and other government entitlements. we are talking about that in a
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minute. also we are following protesters as they head to walmart locations in the chicago area trying to make a mess of the black friday shopping experience. check the big board. we have a little bit of a rally going non. you never know what will happen the day after thanksgiving. usually light volume so traders can move the market. that is happening today. we started in the green and continuing to go in a very green direction. here is the company. liz macdonald and gerri willis are here. robert gray on the floor of the new york stock exchange. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and new at 10:00, and i nomination, government handout to read your aunt than ever to get. the web site welcome to the u.s. advertises benefit programs to new immigrants. medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers and the best of all, mad money, $1,000 a month check
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for a couple called supplemental security income. so is this the best way to say hello to immigrants? gerri: not great for us because it is our taxpayer money. you wonder why there are more people on food stamps than ever before, this is the reason why. when the government get behind a program like this they sat down with the mexican government to figure out how to do it better. it is astonishing to me this is acceptable. stuart: dave: it used the opportunity, not handouts people came here for. housing vouchers, food stamps and this $1,000 a month mad money. what more do you need? liz: all three of us say immigrants want to come here to work. they have built america. people from all parts of this hemisphere and around the world but missing in the media really dealing with and giving out money and welfare programs, 1
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fell in dollars of 83 overlapping programs. i don't think we need to be advertising and telling people with bureaucratic government's grip on how people can get a sense of pride -- dave: i have immigrants in my family. i know how hard these immigrants worked but you look at europe where it they have these welfare programs for immigrants similar to what we have begun to institute here and what it led to was not hard-working immigrants the immigrants who wanted the hand out and came specifically for the hand out. that is the wrong kind of people. liz: other countries give incentives to people who want to start business or have cash to put to work. that is not what we are doing. we can make a choice here that would be better for this country. i'm not against immigrants, not by a long shot but we have to do this the right way. we're doing now -- dave: marco rubio can make it very clearly. i am in immigrant. if we came here to work, not to
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play -- dave: we have a stated policy liz: the u.s. provides welfare for immigrants, illegal immigrants from mexico. dave: speaker of the house john boehner saying obamacare needs to be on the table in the fiscal cliff talks because, quote, we can't afford it. joining the company from washington is tea party founder justin phillips. come on. house republicans are over a barrel. they lost. what leverage do they have in these negotiations? >> you don't have much leverage when your full scrimmage john boehner's freshly laundered white flag of surrender. john boehner has ceded the field to the democrats. he is not even discussing the issue of spending. it is will lead the issue of revenue. there is going to be more new taxes, absolutely right because when we go to the negotiations, john boehner as usual is starting from a position of weakness. if you're going to start from a position of weakness where you have already given up on the
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spending side of the equation there's only one alternative, taxes get raised. dave: you mentioned spending. i remember 2009 was the stimulus, $800 billion, you can argue forever about whether it worked out all or not but it wasn't a 1-shot deal. we went up $800 billion and then it stayed. it didn't go away. it was supposed to be a 1-shot deal. that is where the deficit is. it is in at $800 billion stimulus. you are looking for where the deficit comes from some saves medicare and social security. it is that need hundred billion dollars that became permanent. >> absolutely. it did. here is the shocking thing about washington. every year the politicians try out these things like tom coburn trots out his waist book every year. hundreds of billions of dollars in identified waste, waste, fraud, duplicated services and every year they get on the
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camera and say this is terrible and horrible we need to do some good about it and they never do anything about it and folks like john boehner who doesn't even talk about eliminating fraud and waste and duplicated services. dave: the onus is on you and the other tea party years all over the country. where is that 2,010 tea party coalition? how can it be reenergize? how can it be put into effect again? >> you will see it in 2013. what is going to happen the republicans in the house of representatives are going to cave on taxes and spending and when that happens you will see that anger for lack of a better term you saw in 2009 is going to happen again. we will come back to the streets some, but as we did in 2010-2012, tea party folks have political campaigns and that is where you make real change.
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liz: you are close watcher of what goes on in washington d.c.. how successful will john boehner be in getting obamacare into the fiscal cliff talks? the cbo saying it will cost $2.6 trillion over the decade after it is enacted. how successful do you think he will be? >> the won't be because i don't think he is going to try. john boehner has not fought on any issue. look over his two term as speaker. show me one issue where he has fought on anything other than consolidating his power. he didn't fight on the debt ceiling or the budget last year. he has fought on nothing. the first year of his speakership spending went up 3% over what it did in the last year nancy pelosi's speakership. we put them into cuts spending and he did get the message and i still don't think he gets the message. dave: time for new speaker. good to see you again. thank you very much. back to the markets. robert gray. what are they doing? robert: we are seeing gains
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across the board. widespread gains with lots of green on the screen, three major stock averages and if you look within that, the dow, 29 of 30 dow members moving higher, alcoa was unchanged so pre much a wash. looking within that, we are seeing the tech stocks with in the dow leading the way. you have hewlett-packard bouncing back from the autonomy if you want to call it a scandal, the big write-down they took from buying autonomy without doing what appears to be the proper due diligence, intel moving higher, microsoft, cisco and ibm up as well, more than the broader averages the technology stocks getting a big boost as we look at cybermonday. dave: the dow is edging into double-digit up 78 points. protests in wal-mart parking lots making it difficult for shoppers to get in and buy
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things. these are mostly union workers, not necessarily wal-mart workers. jeff flock is with those protests in chicago. what effect that they having on the buyers were shoppers? jeff: they did stay outside. largely they stay on the sidewalk and they are gone as of now. they march on to the walmart grounds for a short time but they did keep the lines into the store opens so people were coming and going as they were chanting and the police that you have got to get off and they did get out. as you report most of the folks here were not wal-mart employees. that was widely advertised, teachers' unions said they would support them. the s c i you said they would support them and they did. the thing that strikes me as we all made this a big deal like this is a protest to protest against having black friday encroach on thanksgiving which a lot of people say that is not a bad idea. i wish we could keep
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thanksgiving in violent but that is not what the protest was about. it was about working conditions and pay at walmart. there was little talk of not having folks come out and work on thanksgiving day because actually a lot of shoppers said they would have rather shopped on thanksgiving night when it was a normal hour like a:00 when walmart opened rather than the middle of the night. of lot of people like it. they finish their thanksgiving dinner and said let's go shopping. dave: i will send you an e-mail with my american express card number so you can go into that wal-mart and bias garth. you are right there. jeff: i was not prepared for this. yesterday it was 61 in chicago. today it is 31. dave: good to see you. detroit is running out of money. detroit mayor dave bing putting many city workers on unpaid
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leave starting january 1st to prevent a major cash crisis. what do you think of this? >> the thing with talking about the troy, the state has taken it over, very rare move throughout the country. and they are delaying that by hiring law firms and consulting firms, talking about how to spend their money on analysis of the problem when we clearly know what is a problem with the troy, the lack of competitive work and jobs and good companies in that area. connell: we dave: we have had experiments all over the country. we saw chicago raise taxes and got further in debt and wisconsin doing the opposite, lower taxes having a little bit of a boom. don't these experiments show us what the right course of action is? >> there's legacy-they are not going to get rid of. they need a local economy expanding and growing and you
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can go to grand rapids, have you been to grand rapids? the economy is booming. they are encouraging it to do so. they have got the recipe for growth that detroit lost her long ago. [talking over each other] >> they have held back the growth of the city -- dave: there are some cities i could point to where the mayors are not on the up and up but -- a city that had a lot of corruption, why can't he get the message? liz: they only hold back thirty million to hang over the head. we are going to hold back $30 million, i don't think that is enough of a push to get going. dave: if you think black friday is the best day to get deals think again. if you want to save money you should wait it out. find out why after the break. it is your money.
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dave: stocks are higher. the dow jones industrials are up about 88 points. it is a shortened trading session. market's close at 1:00. an informal session. traders are bringing their kids to the floor and volume is expected to be light but there are stocks making big moves. will get research in motion. they make a blackberry. high hopes for the new blackberry 10.
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we are playing catch up. rim is a canadian company. it jump on the toronto exchange and the u.s. markets are getting in on it and nokia a similar story, company has a new phone, early sales have been very strong. millions of people hitting stores today on black friday hoping for bargains. in 90 seconds we talked to someone who says those items will be cheaper next month so maybe you want to hold on to your cash and wait until then. more on that coming up after a short break. [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it mes to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer lease a 2013 glk350 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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dave: is black friday. people lined up at the crack of dawn all over the country trying to get the best deals of the year but are those black friday deals actually worth it? let's ask tom, chief retail strategist at booze and company. artie's real deals? some people say you could get better deals at other times of the year. >> happy black friday. i had a chance to visit a bunch of spores, talk to a bunch of people. there are some great deals on electronics, some great deals on cool is, great deals on video games etc.. however, black friday had one day and a litany of holiday shopping experiences. cybermonday expect great deal also and by the way for the rest of the holiday season a lot of great deals. dave: here is what makes people skeptical.
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sears is advertising a new mixture they had for $319, special holiday sale, turns out back in march it is 319. that is a special deal. in march you could get it for 296, about $20 cheaper. same thing with home depot. a g e dishwasher, a special deal, nothing ever like it. was 538 back in october. >> without question yoo are seeing if you offer it at the right price they will come. what is interesting is in fact a lot of products were cheaper earlier in the year and there are a series of product being brought to market now which things like large screen tvs for $349 in which i watch people yesterday stand in line for seven hours to pick up a 50 inch screen tv but do recognize there's a lot of hype this year about great deals. some of them are not as great as you would like. dave: how do folks out there tell the difference?
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>> i brought with me this morning three inches of ads from wednesday night. people have become very smart. last night i saw women with ipads essentially seeing where the greatest deal was. what we are seeing is the generation of the new phenomenon of shopping. i may stand in line but i am looking for great deals across a whole range of internet sites. dave: it hasn't changed the way people advertise deals. i was watching that pathetic jets/patriots game last night which was comical to tell you the truth and it hurts me because i'm a jets fan but wal-mart in the first hour starting at 8:30 p.m. the first hour of the show when they were advertising like crazy special deals they had between 10:00 and 11:00 they were expecting people and frankly enough jets fans got disgusted so they went out to shop at walmart but they were expecting people to get up from the game and go to wal-mart and shoppers special deals. using those ads were effective? >> i was in stores last night. i was at the wal-mart store, i
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saw people lining up for the $399 ipads. i saw folks lining up for the $179 essentials pcs. one thing that happened this year which is pretty spectacular is the time based promotion. i believe they're working well and are great deals but you can expect great deals for the rest of the season. dave: a new rasmussen poll shows only 15% of shoppers are out on this black friday. is that under what is normal or about the same? >> about 1 hundred 1 million households in america are value seeking. 61% of america are survivalists. they may not be out in force this year. people who are out in force are spending a little bit more. my guess is we will see a mix this black friday driven by a whole series of emotional >>s. 50% below, spending in the 350
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to $400 range. average shopper up from last year. we will see if we make $50 billion for this on christmas weekend. dave: retail specialist at. and company, thanks very much. at the holidays. >> have a great day. at the holidays. dave: there may be a so-called cease-fire between israel and palestinians but that does not mean the violence has ended and now the latest power grab by egypt's president has thousands of people protesting in the streets of cairo. latest on what is happening in egypt after the break.
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>> it is easy to be a liberal when you have a million dollars in the bank. he doesn't need a union for rich people. if he feels that way and warren buffett and these guys feel that way get your checkbook and show us what occurs. stuart: to fire about patriotic millionaires, a lot of people fired about the facebook page. we told you we were going into triple digits. the dow is up 100 points and there is light volume today.
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big money people can move the market and apparently, let's go to robert gray. robert: the tech outpacing the broader market. tech stocks in the s&p down leading the charge and it is down below $9 with a disappointing earnings just a week ago and certainly ramping into the black holiday and shopping for electronic gadgets. michael dell said the windows 8 launch last month, giving consumers a real reason to upgrade in several years. the touch screen technology, convertible and hybrid, basically tablets', laptops at the same time to have a built in keyboard, this new technology is a new wow factor for the holidays. stock we should remind you down 35% year to date but it is up 7%
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this week alone. dave: back to neutral. thank you very much. there is still a cease-fire in gaza right now but in name only. there are reports of rocket fire from israel to gaza and the least one person was shot and killed by israeli troops. it is said he was a writer trying to breach the fence. palestinian saying as a farmer trying to get to his land. jeff is a republican strategist. is the cease-fire holding or not? jeff: the cease-fire is holding as well as anything is holding in that region. is on the edge. rockets have come over from gaza. it never stops. rockets were coming over as it is announced hours after it took place and there was this morning still not clear what happened but the details are the israeli military is investigating. the cease-fire will hold as long as it is politically good. dave: in gaza and the hamas supporters are celebrating saying we won this thing. what is up with that.
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jeff: everyone feels they can have a little victory. the israelis had unbelievable intelligence not just knowing where the bad guys are or how to target them and avoid civilians, unbelievable and demonstrated that. hamas were not find completely. there was no ground war. israelis are frustrated and wanted to go and do more damage. dave: do you think the israeli population wanted an invasion? they called up 75,000 troops did they want to see these really troops in gaza? >> they never want to see that. he never really articulated the prime minister netanyahu never articulated up front what the mission is or what the goals would be. as a result of the israelis know with thousands of rockets coming into civilian areas for years and they want it stopped. dave: a lot of people want to take hamas off of the state department terrorist list
10:29 am
included organizations like care which is into the white house before. after this incident that won't happen anytime soon. let's move over to egypt. we see muhamed morsi, head of the government denouncing the judiciary no longer exists. novelty is he taking power for his government betty essentially taking power from any independent judiciary used to have. it wasn't too long ago in the arabs spring a year-and-a-half ago when some were saying the muslim brotherhood didn't want power at all. let's play a clip of somebody who said that from nbc. >> the muslim brotherhood doesn't really want to take over. you would never see -- i can't imagine you would ever see muslim brotherhood president of egypt. they like to rule from the back. they like to control the student unions, the people who clean the streets, the teachers, the lawyers union. dave: they are not interested in
10:30 am
power. a little editorializing by me in february and february of 2011. richard angle is presented by nbc as the man who knows what is going on behind the scenes in the middle east. for him to say back then that the muslim brotherhood would not take over when they have done what they did today which is not only take over the government but the judiciary, what does that say about our expert analysis? >> it is astonishing ignorance. it is not just our expert analysts on tv but the state department and decisions that are being made are made in ignorance about what is going on in the middle east and where the power lies and what they want. i don't hire if they call him the president or prince or king or colonel, he is a dictator. dave: it wasn't just nbc saying that. everybody was saying that. liz: we heard it from npr and pbs and the washington post. the issue is they gave an uncritical look at tyrannical movement within the muslim brotherhood. remember in the beginning this was a social network revolution
10:31 am
and that was what grab headlines. instead the muslim brotherhood played it to the best they could, they sat on their back heels and said we won't grab the attention and don't want the headlines because then you can figure out who we really are? dave: are we ever going to get it right? gerri: i would be shocked iffwe did and now we have is an intended role with the reelection of the president has been soft on these people. they are emboldened to do what they want to do. how do you view this? jeff: the entire structure is wrong. as long as israel and west maintain they have to create a palestinian state is diverting attention from the reality. the truth is egypt and jordan need to be brought to bear and united states can do it. pressure them to take control of the situation with the palestinians. the israeli and are not want to control the. we don't understand their motives. they want to destroy israel. they don't want to live with israel. egypt and jordan, we can bring them to the table and force them to come to a solution with the palestinians, not israel.
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dave: are you glad the muslim brotherhood doesn't really want our? thank you very much. the sec says it is the largest insider-trading case in history but what exactly is insider trading? should it even be illegal? we will talk to a former investment banker about that after a short break. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea.
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david: might be the biggest trading case of all time as steve cohen is investigated in connection with a $2.76 billion trading scheme. joining us is a former investment banker, carroll ross. talk about insider trading in general. people wonder, depends on the prosecutor, what inside trading is. do you know, can you define clearly for me who insider trading is? >> sure, dave, i'll go ahead. it's anything where there is a trade on material non-public information so information that the general public wouldn't have access to. david: let me stop you right there then. if that's so, what about a warren buffet say? %-money for the economy, but ges a private meeting with tim geithner in the height of the financial crisis and tim tells
10:37 am
him stuff about goldman sachs. he makes a $2 billion profit. could that not be considered, from your definition, to be insider trading? >> i think that's the crux of the issue. it's very difficult to decide what's proprietary research and non-public information. i'm not sure that insider trading and having the information is a bad thing. if you think about the crux of the market, what is it that makes a market efficient? it's getting information into the market as quickly as possible. if the goal for all the players involved is to have as much information in the market to be able to trade on, then having incentives to get insider information to do that would expedite that. gerri: carroll, carroll, it's gerri. >> i know, i recognize the
10:38 am
voice. gerri: you take away semblance of an even playing field, review the facts of the particular case in the cross hairs right now. what essentially happened is that a drug coming to market to cure alzheimer's, there was information whether it was doing well, whether it was effective, and that information was leaked to one of the nation's biggest trading entities. >> hedge funds, right, right. gerri: this was a cheat. there's no question whether it's an efficient market. are you kidding me? no one had information to that. it's proprietary. individual investors are getting hurt. they don't believe in the market. david: carroll, go ahead. >> that's the question. is the other side really hurt by not having the information? aren't they better by getting the information quickly? can you -- gerri: he made $200 million --
10:39 am
david: the fact he made a lot of money doesn't mean other people didn't hurt? gerri: i couldn't make it because i didn't have access to the information. it was used wrongly. it was not his information to use. he did not own that information. >> i guess the question, gerri -- david: go ahead, carroll. >> here's the thing. the market, there's always somebody who will have an advantage in the market. somebody's going to have a faster computer. somebody's going to have a better algorithm, somebody will always have something better than somebody else. that's how the world works. getting the information quickly, the other investors benefit. by this guy making money, the others didn't lose out. if you didn't want to buy the stock, you're not buying it more. david: what she's saying is there is something unfair about@ the speed of trade that the normal retailer trader cannot ever match and the information.
10:40 am
gerri: yeah, sure, great points here. carroll, this is about a victimless crime. remember the insider saying i don't -- there's no victims here really. the impact of what i did dispated through the markets so i deserve a lighter sentence. don't you argue that the market is the victim here? s integrity of the market. this is not a victimless crime. david: go ahead, carol. >> i would say it's -- the markets are a victim because it is currently against the law, but if you opened it up and allowed people to do this, information gets into the market more quickly, and then the market is able to sin these information and make it more efficient. over time, i'm saying it absolutely, the markets are not a victim to this. david: gerri shaking her head. we could continue the debate. i would love to. >> i'm sure you will eventually. david: great to see you.
10:41 am
appreciate it. >> you too. david: ugly, embarrassing, horrendous, a couple words describing the new york city jets' performance last night. hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. when will the jets owner make a change? , we'll have ideas and share them for you next.
10:42 am
david: believe it or not, results are in. so far, it's been a great black
10:43 am
friday for wal-mart. it's calling today its most successful black friday ever. wal-mart says it's already sold more than $1.3 million televisions. remember, wal-mart stores opened at 8 p.m. last night. protests have not interferedded. there were supposed to be protests, but few participated. mostly member of unions like the teachers union or uaw. now to cairo, egypt. the scene in tahrir square, angry about the power grab taking control of the judiciary hard to have a free society that way. something that nearly ruined my thanksgiving, the jets, and now they are the butt of jokes for new yorkers. get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country,
10:44 am
and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like eacother, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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david: millions of people watched football yesterday, many not regular football fans. what those people saw, among other things, was an awful performance by the jets. a quarterback running into his teammate's butt and fumbling. three touchdowns allowed in 52 seconds, and a furious rex ryan on the sidelines. he's the coach, just shouting like crazy. the jets poured a lot of money into this team, and right now, it's a disaster, and is it time to start over again? president of the gold diva and a jets season ticketholder.
10:46 am
who was at the game last night? did you feel you got ripped off last night? >> i'm paying $275 for a club level ticket. i feel i'm ripped off every week regardless if they win or lose. david: there was a time when the jets made it to the playoffs two years if i'm not mistaken. what happened? >> this is what happened. mike tannebaum traded a lot of draft picks, some good ones. he's the general manager of the new york jets, but the problem is jets don't have depth or talent. they brought in a coach from miami. miami of of all places, to run a wildcat program with tim tebow. it didn't work in miami, why run it in new york? the jets have a lot of problems now, and the problem is they want to play on thanksgiving like we see. they want to be america's team, and they are turning into a joke. david: like any company, what
10:47 am
they need is a good manager, a manager who gets various pieces because every company has pieces that need somehow to find a way to come together. why can't rex ryan, the coach of the jets do that? >> great point. what i think it is is rex ryan is an incredible defensive coordinator. the guy is top of the field in terms of being a coordinator. what he's not been able to do, he changed the attitude of the team. you know, they are relevant, but in any case, he's not been able to surround himself with good talent on the coaching level. there's matt, the quarterback coach, and these guys are not producing. rex might not have the pulse of the team in terms of anything else other than the defensive side of the ball. he really needs to become this leader to become the ceo. he can't be a defensive guy. david: when a quarterback is running into the rear end of one of his own guys and drops the ball and the other team brings
10:48 am
it in for a touchdown, that shows lack of management. >> that's right. that shows lack of execution going to coaching and mental lapses. you can't have that if you're the jets, if you're rex ryan. you have to have guys ready to playing and they have not been. it's an utter embarrassment. david: another sport mixed in there, baseball, george steinbrenner never would have put up with a coach with a lack of discipline or unable to put the team together. billy martin, for example, fired him several times. why doesn't woody johnson read him the right acted and fire him? >> i think woody johnson, he's new to the sport. david: woody johnson's the owner. go ahead. >> you know, remember, johnson was very involved in the presidential campaign, said so prior to leading up to this. i think now he's got to get involved. he's got to look at this scene say is rex ryan the right guy to be the leader of the team?
10:49 am
yes, he's the right guy for defense. is he the leader? will he bring in the right guys? it starts with woody johnson at the top. david: i have to confess. i know woody johnson. i'm a fan of him. he's a wonderful person. he's not a micromanager. he, and it has served him well in several years in the past. he doesn't like to interfere. hire people and let them go, but has it come to that point where he has to become a micromanager? >> yes. woody johnson did a great job with the franchise, moving them to a great practice facility in new jersey, the stadium is done, a lot of time and energy in this, but it's to the point where you have to question did he pick the right guy in rex ryan? he did the first couple years because that changed the aspect of the team. >> you need a leader in the quarterback position. i feel badly for sanchez being in the blooper reels all week, but do we have a leader in the quarterback position? >> great point. mark sanchez regressed.
10:50 am
he took the team to the afc championship game first two years, a rookie, played well when the games got bigger. david: why has he regressed? >> first off, he's got cotton in between his ears, and second -- david: oh, oh! >> you're not so smart, is that what you're saying? >> yes, for those at home who department get that, yes, cotton between the ears, and his quarterback coach does an awful job in preparing him. he's gotten worse every year making the same mistakes you don't make as a veteran. david: good to see you again. >> thanks for having me. david: another reason we put research in motion on death watch. up next, the federal government, of all people, saying the black blackberry doesn't work well enough. a genuine pot and kettle story up next. you don't want to miss it. ♪
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david: the u.s. government's affair with the blackberry could be over. the national transportation and safety board, the latest agency to dump the blackberry in favor of the iphone. the customs department and the penalty gone, and the ntsb didn't mings words saying blackberries have, quote, "been
10:55 am
failing at inopportune times and at at unacceptable rate." the kettle calling the pot black here? >> by the way, at&t doesn't drop calls at inopportune times? sometimes you feel you're on the planet, pluto, which doesn't exist anymore, but the thing is the tption security administration, you know, immigration is now using iphones, and the blackberry is known for its security. you can't break into it. for parts of homeland security to move to iphones, i have to say, wait a second. it's a sweet iphone, that's nice. i like the blackberries. david: government calling a private company inefficient has to be a first. thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but one professor says thanksgiving should be a day of atonement, and gerri willis is rile up about this. how so? >> this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.
10:56 am
you know, you think of thanksgiving, a day of peace, a day of giving thanks for everything you have. these people thatment us to make -- that want us to make atonement, i guess, i read the story, the way we treated the indians. it's the most self-defeating point of view. it's on george sorros website. people want us to be apologists. it's not a forward moving idea. they want to revel in what happened in the past. it's a waste of time. david: i agree. more to be thankful for than atone more. the highlight reel is next. we have some goodies.
10:57 am
10:58 am
david: here it is. the highlight ream. roll it. welcome to america. love it or hate it, today is black friday. >> 1 # 1,000 people lined up outside the store at midnight. >> black friday is one day in a litany of holiday shopping
10:59 am
experiences. david: following the crowd of protesters heading to wal-mart locations in the chicago area trying to make a mess of the black friday shopping experience. >> what strikes me is we made it a big deal, like, oh, it's a protest to protest against having black friday encroach on thanksgiving. david: this is capitalism at its best or some say at its worst. all right. what we wanted to focus on is patriotic millionaire stuff; right? >> easy to inherit your wealth and become a liberal. they forget a word in tax me, tax just me. if you want to be taxed because you're a millionaire, leave everybody else alone. >> are happy to take your money. you don't have to pass a law. do it now. david: if you're upset about this, cut a check to the government. they never do. not even the billionaires. you don't at all. of course,


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