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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> i have to agree with john. lou: stephen hayes get last word. >> i think it is possible we don't but i suspect we'll have some last minute, slap dash, terrible washington style deal that won't do anything. this fiscal cliff doesn't solve our long-term debt propses. lou: breaking with the practice and policies of washington over the course of the past 50 years. stephen hayes, thank you very much. judith miller, thank you very much. john fund, thank you. time for a few quick comments. ken wrote us to say, correct me if i'm wrong, wasn't it the obama administration that released thousands of guns into the hands of criminals? now they want to talk gun control for law-abiding citizens? that was just "fast and furious." mike tweeted us about benghazi and the report, always blame the dead guys. they did. thanks for being with us. merry christmas. good night from new york. neil: so the world did not end so far. but is that any excuse for unions to make it more difficult that we're alive?
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well come everybody, i'm neil cavuto. maybe the mayans should have joined a union. not only would they have survived but their fear-mongering agenda would have as well. mayans are gone and unions, though weakened very much alive and well. latest from threatening strikes as more than a dozen up shipping ports. big deal you say? very big deal and here's why. a lot of stuff in the ships that frequent ports, everything from electronic items you found a hard time getting your hands on this holiday season to basic consumer staples like fruits and vegetables you might not find anywhere. unions navigating uncharted waters and going at our wallets because any delay getting stuff off the ships i tell you is going to be big, ship. and i'm not, shipping you. i practiced that repeatedly. in fact, after you hear what we're about to tell you will almost wish the mayans were
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right. now the cost of living has just gone way, way up. to melissa francis, who says we don't need any of this. caroline heldman who said unions are actually entitled to do this. caroline, oh mayan, you have some explaining to do. what do you think? >> well, neil, i think that wages hhve been stagnant since the early '80s because of decline in unions. that unions make wages 28% higher. neil: artificially higher. artificially higher. >> wages have not kept up with inflation nor have they kept up with, in terms of education and amount of --. neil: maybe they haven't kept up with reality and those jobs going overseas? >> no, corporations turned to the service sector and cut wages and cut benefits. we've seen stagnant wages. unions are the last defense against corporate republic has incredible political power and economic power more than it should have. we don't have good representation in government. neil: professor, you teach this in your classes.
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if i were in your class you would fail me. >> absolutely not. students look at data they reach their own conclusions and often look at union data and reach the conclusion that it is a backstop between american workers being paid a living wage and not being paid a living wage. >> you know it is interesting that you would bring that up because, that is probably how this particular argument got started the problem was that is got started in 1960 when ports were becoming more automated. the crux of this particular fight is about a royalty that was going to unions to compensate them for the fact that ports were becoming more automated and less union workers were needed of the so they paid them this royalty to help ease them into the transition, that you just needed fewer workers because that is how society works. things get more automated. we're more productive. it is good. our economy gets bigger. here we are 40, 50 years, later this royalty started out has ballooned to a big payout for these unions. and they have made no progress in the sense that,
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you know this is all put in place to address the fact that machines were there and we don't need the workers. neil: then the issue ppls, professor, right, that for the want of helping these unions you don't mind sticking it to consumers and the rest of the country who will end up having to pay more for goods that they're entitled to find and get at stores. that they now they won't be able to find and get at stores? >> let's free name a little bit. the port is being intransigent not giving them a living decent wage. so and in terms of this cutback, it actually affects their health care. we're talking about an industry where the workers can only work for a couple of decades because of the amount of damage that it does to their bodies. we're talking about one of the most dangerous occupations in the united states. 17 deaths per 100,000 workers. more than police or firefighters. so it's important that they have, health care benefits that they deserve. neil: so they should be get
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a premium, than police and fireman and those who work in risky professions simply because their risk is greater, so exponentially their pay should be greater? >> absolutely. i think any job is riskier where you're risking your life should be paid more. in addition --. neil: what about a brain surgeon? he is not risking his life? he is saving it. >> you're compensated for other things like education and skillsets. i don't think we should discount the blue-collar. neil: no one is discounting blue-collar worker i find it odd in right to work states, melissa, expand on this, they have been experiencing a job boom for the most part. they had seen job growth. and those that do not exercise the same powers to be apart from unions are not. >> they're also making the argument for being more automated. she is saying it is dangerous and wages aren't high enough. that seems like a reason to put more machines to work because put the machines in danger. if wages are low we have fewer workers the wages would rise.
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seems like the market could take care of this particular problem at the ports if we would let it work rather than having a union in the middle artificially gumming up the works. neil: we can go back and forth on the need for this but i guess i'm talking about here post the election, you can't argue, melissa, you feel unions did carry the president over the finish line. >> of course. neil: they got out of the vote. whatever people saying they are losing their influence they didn't lose their influence to get people going to the polls. they have a president indebted to them. democratic majority in the senate hasn't forgotten them. they have sympathizers, powerful ones. >> i don't know about that. all of that relied upon money. they needed money to donate to the campaigns as they stay in charre. if you see more states dues are not all click -- automatically deducted from the paychecks and people have the choice to join the union. i don't know houfl influence they maintain over time as we see more states become right to work. neil: professor, do you
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wonder the pr nature? some of the people see violence heated up in michigan. more the exception than the norm. now threatening these ports and screwing things up for a lot of people who want get basic staples they're not really helping their image much. >> i think that is good point, neil, but my friends down at the dock tell me they're stockpiling. so i don't know how much of an interruption we will see. i guess depends how long it goes on. in response to melissa's comment about automation, that is exactly why this is coming up now because technology has advanced us forward. so the ports actually have more leverage in bargaining which is why --. neil: what is wrong with that? what is wrong with that? >> i'm not saying anything wrong with that the end goal, find to have more leverage. if your end goal is to cut benefits you've been offering many decades. this union is striking first time since 1977. >> the angle is to provide cheap goods to everyone in the country. that helps people including those at the port. >> doesn't help if we don't have a living wage in the
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united states. neil: we used to have defined pensions for folks that work and switched to 401(k). i would live for a day everyone could comfortably retire at age 60, 65. those days are gone. reality it is not same world. shouldn't unions get with it, see reality and see global environment. >> should unions get with it the fact we don't have living wages in the united states and corporations have so much power they're overriding --. neil: what about nonunion counterparts who go through the same stuff every day. >> they do and a shame they're not unionized because union wages are 28% higher. everyone should be in a union. the fact we lost sight of that. neil: why don't you think they are? maybe because they can't be a of forded? >> i think corporations have run a campaign for the last 40 years that have demonized unions and when you talk about unions we're talking about average workers. we'rr talking about your neighbors. we're talking about, you know, maybe people who are watching this. we're not talking about some
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amorphous group of thugs as they have often been characterized. neil: i don't think we have to talk about amorphous group of thugs. we have to talk about money in, money out. a lot of companies can't afford them. they look always for the place where capital will be least risked. >> i think that companies try to make goods in the most productive way possible at the lowest cost possible so they can sell it at cheapest way possible and get their goods to the most people. i mean that is the free market. in the end we all benefit because goods are cheaper and more plentiful and our gdp is bigger and we can support a larger population. that is the way the market works. neil: professor, final word. business model if you can't provide living wage for employees. neil: then machines will be reading the news. wait a minute. coming up a leader who says the mayans are right. dooms day is likely and it is coming. he is reporting live from his bunker to tell us. and only us.
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why i had a big beef with the big guy, santa. that's right, santa. now i know why this one is stressing me red.
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>> leaders need a tax cut, middle tax cut. senate have anything against it they should pay fair share of taxes. neil: you're not santa. you're not, because i know santa. santa is a friend of mine and my santa wouldn't use his position to sell a cheap political point but that's just what this crackpot cringe gel was doing in washington today. targeting republicans for blocking needed spending and i guess, just being cold, heartless souls. leaving aside reality where the real santa's paying for all the gifts that congress doles out. must we use an icon to plug these morons? by the way, first time this guy was on capitol hill he
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was reading off a prompter. what idiot reads off a prompter? scroll up a little bit, please. anyway, anyway, it is a biz blitz segment. we have banking big wicking -- bigwig, john allison. i couldn't believe this, john, using santa to sell your cheap thought. your thoughts? >> it is interesting, neil, santa is a very just person. he requires children not to be naughty. he requires implication, he said that children should get what they deserve. and so i think it is ironic that he would be using santa about taking money from people that are producing it and basically giving it to people that haven't earned it. neil: you have to wonder. he wear as red suit and does throw out stuff for free but i digress. i was thinking, you have to be really desperate when you start using santa to make your point.
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if still in arrears in the spring on things, we would traipse out the easter bun if i -- bunny to say we're wrong. it takes away from the seeious point you guys aren't getting the job done. >> that is absolutely true. kind of scary that so many of our important decisions are made for emotional reasons or people use gimmicks when we're facing really fundamental problems. it diverts the attention from the fundamental issues. and, it is kind of discouraging to me that, even people that i think maybe understand the issues, don't present them in a persuasive fashion. neil: you're right about that, john. they don't even present them correctly. >> right. neil: when i talk cuts, for example, you and i gotten a million times, this santa, phony, despicable, evil, good for nothing boss you -- postulating santa, cuts and all that, you would assume republicans are feeding granny alpo. in reality they're talking about scaling growth in some of the programs growing out
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of control. we can't even have a fair debate on the subject, anytime you want to even do, that you're tearing a program apart. >> no question about it. it is interesting that, we can't talk about the long-term consequences of this stuff. it is well, fiscal cliff and we're worried about what happens in 30-days. wow, what a plan, for a huge country such as the united states. and i'm discouraged republicans have not really focused on the long-term economic issue that government spending destroys wealth and well-being. the cases made and the united states government spending has been rising as percentage of gross national product radically over last 12 to 15 years. we're closing in on europe with blinding speed. and consequences are reduced growth and reduced well-being. that is what the conversation ought to be about. neil: to that santa analogy, one thing very clear to me, we live in a society where entitlements are just expected, the gifts are just expected, the free bys are
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just expected. web sites logged on to see how many benefits you're eligible for, that are expected. i'm not saying there are not genuinely needy deserving folks in this country. we're more about what we get than what we can control. you know?t control. >> you know, neil, the other thing is, that the santa implication is that congress is just doling this stuff out. ie, nobody has to produce it. neil: that's right. >> nobody has to pay any taxes. it all comes from somebody and they don't really want to face that issue. neil: no, they don't. it is about personal responsibility at the end of the day, that is really what the fight is about. are people responsible for their oww lives or are we entitled to what somebody else produces? that is the issue. neil: want to stick a pole, north pole up that santa. anyway. thank you, john. have a merry christmas. happy holiday. >> you too, neil. take care. neil: all right. meantime the world may survive. this guy still not taking any chances. he is staying in his
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doomsday bunker just in case the world ends. you know this day isn't over. we're live with him in that bunker next. this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double mis you can actual use... sadly, their bther's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! at's double miles u can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am on the naughty list again? ho ho ho!
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>> december 22nd, 2012. if you're watching this video it means one thing. the world didn't end yesterday. according to media reports of an ancient mayan prophecy the world was supposed to be destroyed december 21st, 2012. look around you. the whole thing was a misconception from the very beginning. neil: by the way, i guess nasa is still doing stuff. so if they're right, and this little documentary bit, and the mayans were wrong, the world is safe, for now.
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but ron hubbard is not taking any chances because, first of all the day is not officially over and he doesn't want you to be either. he is hunkering down in his doomsday shelter for a few more days just in case, because the mayans could have got a bit off by a couple days, you never know. he is reporting alive from his bunker right now. joins us on the phone. ron, how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. how are you? neil: i'm very good, sir. now, i understand, i guess we're going to show images of this bunker, it is all decked out. you're not lacking for wont of comfort. it looks very nice. >> no, i'm actually, sitting back in the leather couch with my feet propped up. i got johnny depp movie on the big-screen tv and watching a movie, drinking a beer right now. neil: really? you're drinking a beer as you're talking to me? >> well, is that legal? neil: no. actually for a lot of guests i had a congresswoman on that might have been advisable but i digress.
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ron, do you, are you serious about this? do you really worry? i always think if the mayan thing were to come to pass and meteors hitting earth or what would have transposed or earth blew up, would your bunker done you any good? >> well, i kill ad few hogs out of it, if that is been good. i'm not worried about the mayan calendar one little bit. i'm out here using my bunker for hog hunting this weekend. you know what? i'm, how often do you get to spend doomsday in your bunker? i got it. i will celebrate it like, it was a holiday, so i timed it to just be here for this day and, i was going to be here this weekend anyway. so i just came in early. neil: very smart marketing. is yours above or underground? >> no, i'm 20 feet underground right now. neil: okay. if we don't have the mayan thing, if it doesn't happen at all, and you can go back to hunting and all you could remarket this to, if you want to get away from
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in-laws, if you have another place you want to go, you and missus had a fight. there are other ways you could parlay this into something, right? >> know what? i never marketed it as doomsday bunker for the mayan calendar. the people buying shelters from me as long-term investments for protection of any kind of disaster, whether be manmade or, act of god. people, these are long-term insurance policies that just happen to be underground but what i've done, i have taken a bomb shelter and i turned it into the underground cabin or the ultimate man cave. neil: that part really intrigues me. i could see it for tornados an hurricanes that far underground you will be pretty safe. so i imagine you would find a many eager customers. i'm curious. a decked out bunker like the one you're in, how much would that set me back? >> well, normally they cost about a million to $2
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million but i'm building them here for 75 to $80,000. neil: say that again. you were going out. building them for what? >> 75 to $80,000 what i'm building them for, shipping install lace. they typically run $100,000 installed. neil: man, oh, man. people who pie them from you are interested. they're not crazy. they're just looking for safety in case of a storm or something else, not just a mayan thing? >> well, you know what? when i started off making these things year-and-a-half i was selling one a month. some people thought about this mayan thing. but for the most part what sparked the increase in shelter sales was the presidential election. i need to send a obama a commission check because he has been the best salesman for me. [laughter] once he got elected people said, well, we're thrown in the towel. that's it. the country will slide down here. we're going to go broke and, you know, all bets are off.
8:26 pm
so he has been, i mean that was literally, i'm dead serious, that was the catalyst made my sales go one a month to one a week, seems like one a day for about two weeks. but typically i do about a shelter a week. neil: you're onto something. they look very cool. they look, very, very cool. >> my website, atlas survival shelters, and they're, i have 14 models, ranging anywhere from 35,000 up to 85,000. to me they're just like a backyard bunker. the listen, if nothing else, put the mother-in-law in the shelter. let her live there. neil: very cooo. we wish you well. let's get through these next few hours. meantime, thank you very, very mmch. >> appreciate being on your show. thank you. neil: back to your movie and your beer. maybe, maybe the mayans were right. they just got it wrong? it wasn't the world that was ending. it was just this guy
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♪ >> mary christmas, everyone. thank you. neil: short and sweet, but maybe not. using this guy. what if i told you the speaker has some company. , this guy, the president. here's why. confirming just how tough it's going to be for the president to get a hike through on 400,000. i bet you after all the high-fighting they started thinking and got pretty worried. they now know that many of those republicans who bolted ould not have done so if they were getting something in return for that tax hikes that did not want . they were not. no quid for any ."
8:31 pm
and these were the guys who were willing to take the chump and hike only if the other side offered even a museum out of anything to cat. the other side they said did not. they talked a good deal about serving up warmed up leftover cuts from deals months ago, but sensible accounting is a crime in corporate america many republicans found it morally offensive in washington. let me be clear, the failure could be both parties. it makes the cliff more likely and that the recession, if this does not get worked up to all but inevitable. no one wins on that count, especially the president when an all-time falls under his watch. this is not sorting out too well for anyone. >> no. and what people forget in politics is that this is not a zero sum game. it is possible for everyone to lose. that not only includes the taxpayers of america, participants in the economy, but
8:32 pm
both the president and that the speaker boehner are finding themselves in an unhappy circumstance because of all this brinksmanship and as the realization dawns in washington as it on yesterday and insight into the course of today, this thing really could happen. neil: when we were covering this live and they shelled the vote in the immediate reaction was, boehner is in trouble, i did think of as i said at the outset, that if you're at the white house and the democrats, looking at the difficulty they had passing a tax that would be limited to just millionaires and how the heck are you going to sell them on aatax that will be at $400,000? >> what democrats are telling themselves that they're happy going over the cliff. this is great. everybody's taxes go up and we will negotiate, started the negotiations about reducing taxes for many baseline is much higher. so the president knows, and his team knows, a terrible way to be
8:33 pm
in a second term is in recession, especially when you began your first german recession and it is, in fact, the anxiety surrounding this and the failure surrounding this driving people out of the world at spending money and buying things and building stuff and hiring people, if this anxiety persists and you do get a recessionary trend the president knows the rest of his agenda is gone. maybe he is in a better negotiating position with republicans on the other side of the cliff that he is now, but he is not necessarily with the american people who are growing increasingly frustrated and are growing increasingly disparate about the inability of washington and the age of obama to do stuff. neil: to say nothing about the poison the well with republicans in the meantime. but i know everyone talks these doomsday cult figures and aids and everything else. are you hearing of a backup plan to the treasury secretary can do something on tax tables, the lay , maybe stolid.
8:34 pm
>> the treasury secretary has said some things and hinted that others about what could be done to hold this in abeyance for a little while so that the full brunt is not come down. if you have a total failure, absolute failure in the alternative minimum tax, the apparel tax holiday command the reversion to the clinton era tax rates to match those of going to affect you're looking at people's paychecks being dramatically smaller, take-home pay going down by a huge chunk which would be very painful. the treasury has things they can do all the back. the other thing is, of course -- and that is just on withholding, they can stop withholding which is what they have hinted that they can do. people don't see there paychecks emulate. vacancy, we are going to now withhold because the taxes are not due until 2014. neil: you know, i like that. i don't want to see the taxes in the late. this is what makes you a genius. thank you.
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♪ neil: all right. well, take it from this italian-american, nothing says love like processed meat and cheese. don't the folks at hickory farms know it. that is what they do, but that is not all they do. if you have not seen there catalog or gone in their store, you simply have not lived. if you have not tasted their stuff and you simply have not experienced of delicious the holidays can be how is that for sucking up? full disclosure. this is a hickory farms. for folks like me who tried, it is a mecca for overwhelm shoppers everywhere.
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after all, you cannot eat at coach purse, can you? you really cannot share maserati at only seats two, can you? you can shout down at cheddar yule log and still have plenty left over for the whole family and will your added, the whole neighborhood. >> great being here with you. i feel like and sharing the stage for the rock star. thank you for having me here today. neil: i feel the same way. i'm looking at the same rock star. you know what is interesting, the christmas season is here, your huge -- huge season. >> we are brand that has a tremendous history in our country, in part of millions of family celebrations, mr. ozzie and authenticity. so we are really at that moment, the holiday moment when families are gathered, enjoying not only great tasting food, but thinking about times that are very special in their lives. neil: explain the breakdown of your buyers.
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>> we are a brand that satisfies all americans, but the primary buyer would be a woman. buying for men primarily. but that is the same as with most brands. she is the gatekeeper of the household in most regards or in most of my brand experience command that would prove to be so. neil: does it work in reverse? >> absolutely. neil: you don't hear as much of that. some who would say, if you were to give them a box they would say that wasn't what i was planning. >> truly enjoys the product and especially with the work we have done over the last few years to improve the quality. we invested a lot to make sure and experience i talked about is really linked to total action. neil: i think any woman who would not like thii is -- >> its gold medal.
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neil: the blue box. >> american masters taste awarded as a gold medal for our source sauces, for being the best in class. neil: that is our would sell it. you know, they just won a gold medal. obviously impeccable. as a guy, you can't lose because even if the woman does highlight it, you keep it. but what are some of your biggest sellers? >> this box that i have here today in front of me is really one of our very best sellers. it is called our party planner. comprised of all the best things we offer. turkey summer sauces, beef summer sausage, best cheeses. it is really so that you can share it with your family which gives -- which would sell for about $45, of which five is then donated to support the no kid hungry program which is a program designed to end child the hundred america. fortunately for us with the support of our consumers we have been able to donate over
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$2 million of last few years. neil: good for you. i was sorry for your future, not yours personally, they came out and they wanted, everything is going to be. and they might look twice at what you're offering. how can you tell them, this is good stuff. >> to parts of the food industry that are growing, there is the health and wellness aspect of it. there is also the indulgent and. we are brand that is consumed during the holidays when people allow themselves some indulgence . that would be one thing. the second pieces, as we reformulate to improve products we have also reduced sodium as an example but 25 percent. >> one of our fastest-growing products.
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neil: the food police. >> no, i didn't. >> we list are consumers. neil: they give this to there has been there smith endeavor. processed cheese. >> when you look at what has been added to muscle of the mixes, that is really at the recommendation of women who are buying gifts for the families. we also have new gifts that we have launched into line this year that have very limited amounts of proteins are beef and cheese proteins. as a she said she wanted. neil: you can get a mixture of everything. you can't eat that cutpurse. i don't know how many times i have to stress this. thank you. >> merry christmas. before i leave i want to say a couple more things.
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♪ neil: well, nothing like a blizzard, a winter shopping season that has frozen out retailers. folks are still dealing with another big storm, sandy, and even more folks are looking at what is happening in washington and thinking they might get screwed. for many, not a lot to be cheerful about. what is a retail ceo to do? we thought we would ask one of the best. what do you do? what do you see now? >> we see a lot of sales for the consumer. all are january markdowns today to are really two days ago. when business is soft i have tons of spring apparel sitting at the port ready to come and a half to clear up the winter goods.
8:49 pm
neil: you are big in the winter area, so all of your paraphernalia is going for a song. >> the sweatshirt, t-shirt and jersey is a collective. first time ever. the merchandise. neil: consumers, you could be finding some good buys. >> absolutely. >> we felt the impact of sandy in their working through the issues of the storm coming across the country, but thankfully has been a solid holiday commend this is a big weekend for us to finish, so expecting a strong finish. it feels good, but it is not over. if we did not have sandy would be even better. neil: who are most of your customers at this late stage? >> because we have a flower and gift shops, flower business picks in this past week, but before that a lot of gift food businesses. chocolates, cookies, gift baskets. those are the businesses.
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really doing well. the right price point. you can eat the gift, cheryl will, enjoyable. so the strongest right up until this week. you can still order. but now the flower business has picked in this week. neil: the smartest thing you i've always heard, you can never go wrong with food. >> and we stole that thick to victory farm stuff. neil: the class stuff in washington. it can be an impulse purchase. i can just add, the uncertainty. >> about the uncertainty, jobs. the more negative news, the democrats are republicans, it's just not good for business of the consumer psyche.
8:51 pm
>> a ways on the consumer sentiment. you don't need it. you saw last month for the first time consumer sentiment which have been building since the spring took a backward step by five points. that affects their psyche and attitude. the good news for us is we're in a good price point, not the high-end luxury item. we have a lot of accessible price points, so we are not as effective as a luxury rrtailer might be. neil: you guys find it odd that a lot of people are, i don't know how the numbers will bear this season, but they are not into it. we could look at the shooting last week, look at sandy one month ago, but there is something about this season where it is not connecting. >> first of all, we are today's further away than we were last year. last year we were to this for christmas, now four. in the consumer-2 have next week to shop. you will see a lot of volume over the next three days. people will be coming out and pouring out. >> and for us, that's a good thing.
8:52 pm
as you noticed, traffic was lighter. people offer earlier today. customers feel like they have a three or four day shopping when the left, so i think we will have an awfully strong weekend. neil: rich and rewarded for it waiting. >> only at mattel's. >> i'm getting calls from every ceo. how is business. so it is out there. neil: you could be affected by this possible port strike because a lot of the stuff that comes in. >> yes. we have been monitoring very carefully. we had to ship a lot of goods to the west coast thinking there was an east coast strike. the west coast had a strike. as might d.c. vice-president in a tizzy. neil: i would bet. >> you would thiik he would have a different airline. neil: to you felt sorry about next year and talk about the recession, whether or not we settle this cliff think? i hear more reviews, things will get antsy. >> from our standpoint, you know, we are a value equation. when we cater to the customer,
8:53 pm
you give value. people will be trading down to us knowing that every dollar is so critically important to them. >> i think we see that there is a plan in the midst that will be done here. it is just a question of what political place to the press will extract. pretty optimistic. the economy is slowly recovering a tax burden is not too crazy. we are supposed to end since behavior's, not this incentivize them and these. despite the that the trend line looks soberly positive. neil: thank you very much. i want to help you out here with some christmas shopping tips. not too late. holiday fun for all of you. how you do it point by point.
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♪ neil: finally, why should only fox news viewers have all the fun? talking about christmas shopping tips, annual staple andda much
8:57 pm
appreciated public-service everywhere, but fox business friends are even more demanding. you don't want ideas, suggestions. you need a hit, numbers. safe and reliable, improving markers. here for you, mike finnicky financial friends to my your own business shopping tips for everyone. all you have to remember, you have to remember are these five numbers, three, one, zero, two, seven. again, three, one, two, zero, two, seven. listen closely and allow me to explain. the number of shopping days you have until christmas. so get out there and shot. number one, that is the number of times you go through the mall parking lot desperately trying to find a parking spot. just once. if you did not find the first time, do you really think you're going to find it a second of a third or fourth? stop. you look stupid.
8:58 pm
leave your car at home and walk to the mall. it's simple, and in the end i guarantee you faster. zero, this refers to how often you go into stores having sales. you don't. you don't go the stores having sales. what are you, moron? everyone is that stores having sales, and most of them know what they're doing. you do not. you don't have time. seek out stores not having sales. no one is there because they after all, are paying full price. you're in this predicament and late, so pay a pet get out. you look down, but at least you will be done. number two, this is crucial. every gift you buy must be at least to win one. perfume. for some unknown reason, when you buy a bottle of perfume, you usually get stuck with it, not just one item. it could be several. potter, purse, stars, make even a small bottle of the same
8:59 pm
perfume you just got. it is weird. one of the mysteries of life, but it is like buying multiple guess when you are actively purchasing one gift. in this example and mention, you're getting for ancillary freebies for that single purchase, but the ratio must always be a minimum of two to one. you can do better, but it has to be to one. in this example, each added item is a lesser gift within a gift. give accordingly. wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, neighbors daughter-in-law, neighbors female adoption, and mother-in-law in that order. finally, the number seven, this is the most crucial number of all. do not forget it, the ratio actually. seven refers to the number of food gives to non-food gifts you by. it must be a ratio to seven. seven edible guess for every one that is not. for example, seven processed meats for every bottle of perfume.


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