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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  January 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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but that is going to cost them as well. the telecom while not doing well. hearing at&t is doing so well. ashley: from the telecom to fast foods. yum brands drop in today. not exactly impressed with the guidance, what were they saying? nicole: you're talking about kfc, taco bell. this a story over in china with poultry over there. and that talks with 50 boards in china really hurt the sales for yum brands. that is a big revenue generator. lowering their outlook and yum brands stock jumping up. sandra: we are looking, 13,325 off of the lows of the session, down 58-point.
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we can see the ringing bells on wall street, the dow down 56 points, four tenths of 1%, s&p down 5%, the nasdaq down seven. the best performer out of those. ashley: economic growth israel seems to be slowing down, so it is being done to turn it around especially with the election on the way and turmoil in the region? coming up, israel's minister of finance. he just had a meeting with treasury secretary tim geithner. it'll be interesting to see what he had to say. sandra: and liz claman live in las vegas getting us a glimpse of tomorrow's tech today. liz: how many of you all out there watching watch youtube
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videos and say i have to show that to someone? i want to show it on my television right now. panasonic with a new feature that they absolutely believe you will dump your current tv for and by panasonic. youtube to your tv. he will show it to us and it is something he absolutely feels can change behavior for television owners. we will show it to you coming up. over at panasonic. back to you. sandra: we look forward to that. shibani joshi is also at the big show in vegas and she will join us in about 15 minutes with the ceo of qualcomm, find out where he sees mobile technology heading and should know his products are in the most coveted devices out there. ashley: stocks extending into the second session with all three major indices closing in
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the red. eight of 10 s&p sectors ended lower. telecom, industrials the worst performing sectors while health care and materials boosted games. the big winner in the precious metal, platinum jumped 1.7% settling above $1580 per ounce, gold also rising and in the green up 1% to snap a three session losing streak. u.s. small business owner confidence increasing just slightly almost flat for december but remaining after record low levels. the national federation reporting the index rose a half a point, the survey planning uncertainty surrounding the fiscal cliff negotiations as a drag on sentiment last month. sandra: chief investment officer, we are waiting on earnings from the aluminum maker alcoa, the unofficial kickoff of the fourth quarter earnings
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season. the average estimate right now heading into that is $0.06 per share in revenue. larry, looking at these markets today, and other down day, what is this telling us? the selloff this week, are we facing the reality that is the debt crisis in this country? what are you focused on? >> i'm focused on congestion and consolidation. this really isn't a selloff at all, more of consolidating and digesting, people are desperate looking for the next catalyst it seems nobody is talking about europe or china and even the fiscal cliff has been in the rearview mirror. earnings coming in tonight, that to be the next catalyst driving the market. sandra: we are hearing we will be getting alcoa's numbers.
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they're starting to hit the wire. i am seeing sales of 5.9 billion, so revenues appear to be beating the street estimate. the revenue number looking pretty good, is this something you were looking for? >> i was wrong. revenue is a lot more important than earnings per share. ashley: adam shapiro has all of the revenue numbers, what do you have? adam: it is a hit and they beat on the numbers coming in $0.06 earnings on revenue. coming in at $5.9 billion they do acknowledge the low aluminum prices but they're talking about being in a strong cash position. delivering overhead improvement, kind of crowing right now of havinhavingthe cash on hand.
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ashley: there we have it, matching estimates of $0.06, but beating the revenue $5.9 billion obviously have to dig into this more and more the guidance seems to be happy with having a lot of cash on hand, what is your thought? >> the market is wrong, including me. 65% of the business downstream depends on engineered product, etc., etc. saying this would not be good for alcoa. options markets with a 40-cent move, don't know what the stock is doing but it seems i am wrong and the market is wrong, it must be higher. sandra: global aluminum demand forecasting it to be up 7%, larry, in 2013. that is a big turnaround from the demand we have seen. it is a really good indication
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to the economy pointing to an improvement in the economy. >> they are implying 6% to 7% demand growth. what is more important is supplies are even higher and beyond that it is really strong. aluminum still not trading. we will still see the utmost production of aluminum creating a bigger supply, longer and longer to see stocks. ashley: after hours up about $0.16 on the bid. do you see a lot of movement to the upside when it opens tomorrow? >> probably so. given the options market implied $0.40 move it seems a little bit more upside. i would still be a seller right now, a little rich given the price of aluminum will stay low. a little more upward momentum is
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in order for tomorrow morning. sandra: we will get to you when the s&p futures close. maybe could set a positive tone for the earnings right now. ashley: is it a bellwether situation? but mostly positive for aluminum, so interesting stuff. let's change gears a little bit, israeli finance minister meeting with u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner pressing on iran and discuss the economic relationship and we are very lucky. israel's minister of finance joining us now. thank you so much for being here. we wanted to get into the economy but first wanted to ask you about meeting with secretary tim geithner, how does that go and what was the key issue discussed? >> it was excellent for his
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corporation merely on two issues. secondly very important the treasury in the sanctions from iran, those sanctions are 50/50, maybe they are not sufficient alone but finally very, very effective. ashley: are you concerned the president's nomination of chuck hagel for defense secretary he has spoken out against allegations of iran and israel in previous speeches, are you concerned about that if he makes it through the nomination process? >> this is an easy question. feeling the united states,
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respecting any decision by the president and congress. we expect our friends out of the israeli position. ashley: can we bring in liz claman? in las vegas at the consumer electronic show. take it away. liz: thank you for joining us. a lot of israeli companies, israel is a very fertile area for the entrepreneur. that is why companies like yahoo and intel and microsoft advanced micro devices go in and set up shop because israel is an opportunity. but he has spoken about how inflation is so unbelievably high, the taxes are very high. what are you going to do as finance minister to really make it a better and more conducive atmosphere for the entrepreneur
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in israel? >> 1.4%, this was the index. as mentioned before, the economy is still growing and relatively good speed, it was mainly, mainly due to increasing investments in the economy in israel since the beginning of 2010 investment was close to 24%. helping us create many, many new jobs and to overcome the global crisis relatively in good shape. still we will have to make some budget cuts, which will be tough. but i would emphasize to make it
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more and more attractive for the investments. we strengthen israel's image as a global center for technology innovation for development and more and more companies from the united states, intel and many others invested in israel. in the last two years many, many new investments by companies that also opens r&d facilities. liz: that is hugely crucial. how much is that helping your economy? par the attraction from a lot of u.s. ceos and why they go to israel is a very motivated workforce.
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is that at the forefront of what the chinese are thinking as well? speak out to other things we have very good as you mentioned. scientist engineers. we work with many incentives, we came up just two years ago to promote the future developments of the industry's for the next 20 years and i went to china and met with the chinese finance minister and prime minister and i convinced them to give a very clear green light from a very clear announcement in these companies to consider allowing them to consider investments in israel. several significant chinese investments in israel in the last two years or in china, here
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we had some competition because the export is going down a little bit because of the european crisis. stuart israel managed to skirt the crisis from 2009 to 2012 when the overall economy came in 14.7%, which is very impressive but showing signs of slowing down. what are you doing to try and counteract that? >> we were slowing down in 2012. still the fastest in the western world. two major reasons. the crisis in europe and exports going to europe, so slowing down in the exports, and secondly in 2012 the pipeline was once and
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again, there was no cheap gas. it will reach only then. one year without that it is very expensive. added value went down a little bit also from egypt. in a few months time we'll have the israeli discussions. >> thank you for being here, we really appreciate it. >> pleasure to be here. >> next charlie gasparino has more news on herbal life. have you seen the moves the stock has been making? 16% over the past five trading sessions. keep it right here on fox business for that.
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ashley: alcoa reporting corporate earnings earlier this hour. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: first we're going to show you where alcoa clothes on the floor of the new york stock exchange. now coming out with earnings per share right in line and revenue that beat the street, $0.06 matching analyst estimate also revenue came at $5.9 billion exceeding the analyst estimate of $5.6 billion. they cut costs, got reduction
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fourth-quarter profits and gave projections about aerospace global growth, how about automotive looking good, seeing growth of one to 4% and global growth overall for demand understand that will grow as well about 7% in 2013. with these positive comments seeing alcoa popping in the after hours. ashley: appreciated. sandra: herbalife fighting back against the company running "pyramid scheme." getting a pop on news they coud hire famed attorney to consider legal action. ashley: exquisite detail, senior correspondent charlie gasparino. charlie: they have hired, they may file legal charges against him for what they believe is
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liable. i don't know if it is a pyramid scheme, but he is a very successful short sailor. he makes money when stocks go down. he has been successful. he was right directionally, thank you was wrong about the notion he thought it was a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme. they were a firm, but they insured bad debt. that is a problem with some of the stuff he says but a lot of these do that. here's what we have been talking about today. the stock on a big bump on report we did from another investor, very critical long investor very critical.
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basically thinks he is way off on this. he thinks there will be big ne news, he told us, involving the stock in the next 24-48 hours very soon. on that report only. we went on air with it. the stock up more than 6% and has come down off of their highs. it is a pretty interesting day. the famed attorney will be at the meeting on thursday. i believe it is in the morning after four seasons hotel, it'll be a mob scene although what we have heard is it will only hold 120 people, both 120 people outside, reporters, i believe, turning into the same on wall street. sandra: you will have it for us, i am sure. thank you very much.
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if you have a smart phone, many people do, there's a good chance there is a qualcomm product inside. talking to paul jacobs of what is next in the world of mobile technologies. stay tuned. there are patients who will question,
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sandra: ashley, listen up. according to new estimates, this year 1 billion new smart phones will be shipped worldwide taking the total up to 2 billion. ashley: their products are sold in a wide range of phones from the samsung galaxy to the iphone. shibani joshi joins us now.
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shibani: qualcomm is the number one supplier of wireless chips and we're pleased to be joined by the ceo of qualcomm, thank you for coming on. thank you for being with us today on a very busy, busy day. a very busy week certainly for you. >> thank you for having me with you. shibani: yesterday you gave the keynote at replacing steve ballmer and bill gates. a mobile company is a keynote at a consumer technology show. what does that symbolize in terms of the direction the consumer technology? >> everybody knows a smart phones have become so popular. mobile computing, computing is going mobile so microsoft built the new windows on top of our chips for example, so it is just now we will see it enabling technology. in particular consumer
4:28 pm
electronics. tvs, game consoles, all those things we traditionally think in consumer electronics. shibani: you are sort of the brains behind that technology. it is sort of the meaning that the horsepower, the engine is the driver for things rather than the device. what do you think of that? speak we can go to the store and i device but we want them to get a little bit more about -- ashley: we go to the tech conference in las vegas and guess what happens. sandra: giving us the best. ashley: will be going back to ces in las vegas. liz claman will be talking with panasonic on what they have on tap to attract consumers.
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planning official says china plans to more than double solar capacity this year and to 10 gigawatts solar power capacity. amazon is planning to open a one million square foot fulfillment center in new jersey. the new facility expected to open early next year and it will create hundreds of jobs. we need them. target is pledging to match prices of select online rivals, sorry around the nation's second largest discounter, will match deals customers find on identical products all the time. i think that was year-round. ashley: it was year-round. sandra: gotcha. samsung expects record high fourth quarter profits. the company sate operating profit would be $8. billion and beating estimates up 89% from a year earlier. anheuser-busch is promoting a new buyer at super bowl for the second year in a row. the beer giant pushing budweiser black crown plan. expected to be on sale nationwide january 21st [buzzer]
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ashley: you made it. sandra: ashley will try it out. i don't know. ashley: i'm trying it out in 10 minutes. sandra: year-end. ashley: not rear end. it was year-end. but it was written rear end. we they where your head is at. let's get to the market panel. john manley, wells fargo equity fund strategist and john freeze, street one president. scott, let me begin with you. from what i can tell you're cautiously optimistic. i should say cautiously pessimistic when i get into your notes. when i we kick off the fourth quarter earnings, scott, what are you looking for? we heard from alcoa, not bad but what do you think the season brings? >> i think a lot like what we saw with alcoa. you will have some companies meeting estimates or a little bit of beats like last quarter, beating the numbers but missing on revenue. revenue is the big driver for us. we don't think the fourth quarter is great. we're looking diminished numbers companies need to beat.
4:34 pm
some of the companies may end upbeating their earnings but we think all in all it will be a slow lead down the next couple months and we expect more downside than upside. sandra: let's bring you in here, don. you're obviously more bullish than scott. scott says cautiously pessimistic tone, a lot of hedge fund and money managers took that approach in 2012 and didn't work out for them because they miss the rally. john, do you think this is a time to jump into the market? >> don't fight the fed. the federal reserve decided they want asset prices to be stable. they're providing liquidity to the system and pushing the market down a lot when the fed is trying to be accomodative like pushing a beach ball under water. it is hard to keep down. ashley: that's a good point. scott, let me ask you. you don't go for individual stocks. you still like the etfs. why and what etfs do you particularly like? >> it is a play next three months into late spring. we think it will be still be a tough time for the market. we're expecting the market to role over another, 5, 6%
4:35 pm
from here. a slow bleed but not megaevent in the news cycle brings it down before it runs up the rest of the year. instead of picking one stock that will outperform we like the etfs. biotech -- sector. old school technology and financials we still like. and, you know, your cash aspects since you can't just go into money markets. high dividends, blue chip stocks, high yield, etfs like hyld. sandra: we have a great contrast of opinions between the two. scott, you're saying buy financials in 2013, john you're bullish on the broader market. you say avoid financials that performed so well last year. >> i would say underweight them. when the fed is being accommodative it helps financials more than anyone else. i'm more concerned about regulatory risk. maybe legislative gridlock in washington. there won't be regulatory gridlock. think that will make tougher for financials.
4:36 pm
i'm not negative. i like other things more. ashley: talking which then, john, what do you like more? >> i think health care is a very good story. it is not as cheap as it used to be but health care as a percent of the gd pill will start to accelerate. i also like big technology. i think technology companies selling to other companies will do very, very well over the next two owe three years. if europe is near its nadir as i think it might be i think that can be a plus. finally too soon to buy commodities but i start to nibble on energy stocks. big oil will do well. there is great play building on natural gas the next few years. sandra: scott, i have to pick on you a little bit here. you're saying have 25% of the your portfolio in cash, at least to start the year. again, a lot of folks did that last year, got caught and missed the rally. is that a good idea? >> like saying in 1990 people did this trying to correlate it to today. last year is last year. this year is this year. we have completely different legislative and economic cycle going on.
4:37 pm
25% cash is the next three or four months. i think this will be the tough time until we get past the debt ceiling and all earnings reports coming out in the fourth quarter. that's where we're cautiously pest mick tick and people should be a little more conservative but we expect to see a big rally coming in for the rest of the year say june through december, may through december we think the market is going straight up. sandra: give us an estimate, dow, s&p, what do you watch? >> s&p we could see it going down to 1326 from here before closing the year around 1530. ashley: wow! that is big. john, let me ask you, we've seen so much money flow out of the mutual fun into bond or just out of equities. what do you see reverse in that trend? you're a little more bullish. when do you think we'll see that pivot point when we start seeing money flow back the other way? >> money is going in there the stock market has been going up. i don't think it is measure everything boeing into the stock market. mutual fund numbers can be somewhat deceptive sometimes. i think the market needs to
4:38 pm
show positive performance before the fun numbers start to look better but i don't think it necessarily needs it. certainly didn't in 2012. sandra: john, i want to ask you about the commodities you just mentioned. looking at gold prices. we've seen some interesting movement there. they have been underperforming stocks to start off the year. i spoke to george girl row the over at rbc today. he says he believes we'll turn back to the basics. the commodity market will focus on the weak dollar which tends to boost commodities. it will focus on the low interest rate environment and we'll see a pop in these commodities again. is that your play? >> gold is special. i think, don't think of gold as a commodity. think of it as a currency. i think that is what the world's fourth or fifth currency, it will gain more popularity. everyone wants to deflate their currency. other commodities we need a stronger economy. could be second half play. could be somewhere out next year. i'm, i'm the equity strategist. i don't claim to be an expert on this. there is value there.
4:39 pm
we'll start with oil. i think gold is different. other commodities will come along later on. ashley: scott is the race to debase across the world really and it has been going on for some time. gold has not really responded in the rate you think it would. what do you, what is your thought on gold and where it goes from here? >> we're in really not that interested in gold right now. ashley: no? >> i think it's going to pretty much flat line from here and it's just something that moves in the rest of the year along with any political moves. same way we're cautiously pest mick tick on the market in general -- pessimistic. we see gold flat-lining. some will buy it on news events or expectations of inflation. i really think the gold play is over. i'm not looking for a huge selloff but i think it will be more of a flat line in the one to 2% rage from here. sandra: john manley, scott freeze, thank you. good debate there. i think at the end of the day is sound somewhat bullish from these two guys. ashley: cautiously optimistic. cautiously pessimistic. sandra: there you go.
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up next we take you into the future. liz claman is back at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. she's joining the ceo of panasonic north america. with a way to control what you watch on the tv screen. ♪ .
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>> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. interior secretary ken salazar is launch aing review of royal dutch/shell's 2012 arctic drilling program. salazar says the 60-day review will focus on problems experienced by the oil giant with its drilling vessels and spill containment vessel. the irs will start accepting 2012 tax returns on january 30th. that is eight days later than it planned.
4:43 pm
the agency blames the delay on the last minute tax law changes made in the fiscal cliff deal. superstorm sandy will likely cost the insurance industry at least $20 billion according to a new report from fitch ratings. fitch says the complexity assessing insurance losses from such a large and intense storm over a widespread region created uncertainty in estimating ultimate insured losses from superstorm sandy. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper
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liz: welcome back, everybody, live in las vegas on the floor of the consumer electronics show. we moved to a panel here. good friend of this broadcast is rob enderle. they're talking about evolution whether the pc survives. yes, according to rob. what about panasonic, everybody is talking about rumors that they would be getting out of the television business. get it straight from the horse's mouth. joe taylor is the head of
4:45 pm
panasonic america, north america. great to see you thank you. >> happy new year. liz: you guys getting out of the television business? >> i heard that 20 times in the last couple of months. i think it was mark train. the rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated. would a company getting out tv business introduce the world's largest 4-k oled display? i don't think so. liz: you are fully committed? >> we're in the tv business and we have no intention of getting out. liz: you're also in a lot of other businesses. let me say when i walked up he said there are a lot of other things we can talk about here, namely avionics. that is not something you show at the consumer electronics show but how big of a business is that for you? >> because we're 100 years old and people are asking these questions, shame on us for not kind of pounding our chest. avionics is -- [inaudible] other side there, some of her displays with we're doing. we've gone from a simple display to entire in flight
4:46 pm
entertainment system allow you to use voice and data in the airplane over the ocean. you can watch tv, live tv. fox over the ocean. knows people don't know we provide that. we have major market share in avionics in-flight entertainment. >> private jets, mostly. >> no, no. united is our largest customer in the world. we're in the process of doing 300 of their long flight, long haul aircraft including the 787 dreamliner. new zealand, wonderful air customer. emirates, wonderful customer. if you want to fly internationally and want to be in the game you use panasonic. liz: boeing had a fuel leak in one of the newer planes. this is a becoming a problem. you as technology company how many times do you miss he have you hit and how committed does the company have to be to really getting it right? >> you asked a great question. [inaudible] but it's, it's a big
4:47 pm
investment. this whole r&d process it is a massive investment when you're talking about new technologies and finding new ways to connect people. liz: right here here is one of the tvs. we can take a quick look. 4-k oled, or nan gik. these are wave of the future. these are expensive. we came from samsung. lg. these are not cheap. when do you get to the critical mass where you sell to a lot of people and say, all right you can afford this? >> you know we had the same question every time we introduce a new technology, especially in the electronics. you have to reach a critical mass. my guess is, that business applications b2b will drive these technologies to the point where the volumes are high enough, and cost is low enough they are viable consumer products. liz: certainly from the tax clarity issue does that make your job easier how much you spend and how many people you hire?
4:48 pm
>> no. we try not to base our long-term investment decisions on short-term policy problems. at least i hope it is a short-term policy problem. it will not make any difference whatsoever. but what will make a difference, we can talk about politics is r&d tax credits. we have to stop doing that year by year. that does have an impact. liz: joe taylor. panasonic. >> liz, great to see you. liz: first on fox business. thank you so much. good luck. all right, tomorrow another huge day. live from las vegas. 3:00 p.m. eastern, the ceo of intel speaking with fox business exclusively. paul otellini joining us. he announced at the end of the year he was retiring. what is the plan with the succession for this gigantic dow component, the world's largest chip maker? we'll ask paul otellini. it will be the first comments he made to any network since he announced he was retiring in may. we'll find the status of new ceo. what intel has to do to get up to speed in the mobile world. also, tim tebow coming to the floor and speaking
4:49 pm
with fox business first. the quarterback of, well he was with the jets. we'll ask him where he is going next. the quarterback of the jets. endorses tivo. the ceo of tivo of tom rogers, why did he pick tebow with the obvious points of name similarity? what was the relationship done for the company, mass media company. jim steiner, annual gorilla glass testing process. you remember every year, 4:00 p.m. eastern. i will jump on the stuff. come out with gorilla glass 3. steiner and corning when they drop your phone, because you know you do, it does not shatter. we'll do a whole bunch of tests. i will kick it with my shoes, jump all over this thing. stay tuned, gorilla glass test in the 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. a great lineup. shibani joshi is with me. she has a ton of guests tomorrow as well. stay tuned. you don't get the story any better than here on fox business. ashley, back to you. ashley: thank you so much, liz. in six-inmuch stilettos
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symptoming on phones tomorrow. tune in if not dvr. sandra: who is tebow dating? isn't that a big question where he is going. ashley: probably only question now. sandra: i'm you kidding. aig borrowed your tax dollars to stay alive. it may sue its rescuer. yes, liz macdonald has the details on that story next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts...
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sandra: well after rescuing them from collapse with a $182 billion bailout aig is now considering joining a lawsuit against the government. that's right. they want to sue the very taxpayers that saved them. ashley: yeah. but there is some interesting, you have to read the details on this. liz macdonald joins us with a story that continues to seem to get bigger and a lot of contention on both sides. >> that's right. what is going on the former chief of aig, hank greenberg is pressuring aig, sisen you
4:55 pm
should join the lawsuit me and my company star entering national filed against the government. he says aig was essentially destroyed by government overseesers run amok. they had to sell $66 billion some of very valuable assets to repay the government bailout. that they were overcharged, aig was overcharged by the government punitive interest rates. we basically got right now a big d.c. backlash against any consideration by the aig board to considered joining the lawsuit filed by hank greenberg. aig is confirming telling fox business, yes we're meeting tomorrow. yes, star international will make a presentation, 45 minutes. we may decide by the end. month to join the lawsuit. we have to do your due diligence on part of shareholders if we didn't take this into consideration, we could face more shar holder lawsuits if we didn't hear out the about the lawsuit. congress is pressuring the aig. we've got essentially a
4:56 pm
representative, peter welch sending a letter to aig saying listen, your company was supposed to, company for wall street greed. now you're poster company for chutzpah. we have elijah cummings a democrat in congress saying this is look suing the paramedic who gave you cpr for not providing awe pill loy. what is interesting, the former aig chief hank greenberg said, wait a second. we have fifth amendment rights. starr international is a investor in aig. he says they took private property for public use. this became a back door bailout for goldman sachs. ashley: that's right. >> and for deutsche bank and societe generale. ashley: the interest rate for aig a lot higher than -- >> new york fed by the way saying there is no merit to the allegations. aig had alternative choice, bankruptcy. big fight going on. sandra: it continues. liz macdonald we'll continue to follow that story. ashley: thank you, emac.
4:57 pm
mcdonald's getting a name change. sandra: huh? ashley: we'll tell you where. in a minute, bruce. good day. ♪ .
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