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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  March 10, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and baeria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> stocks ready to keep thriving. gary k? >> home depot, accelerating their earnings and sales. and a huge buy back. stock acting great here. i think it's going higher in the next through months? >> adam it. >> really good company. had a terrific run.
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my big concern would be it's not cheap for a mega cap company. >> all right. adam, what do you like? >> yahoo. i know this is a controversial pick. it's kind of an also ran. but it's extremely inexpensive. the stock is up because of some asset sales. there's a real chance marissa mayer could turn this company around still. >> any ceo that tells people to get off the computers and come to work, i love her. ben? >> i used to work for yahoo and they're a very much fun to work for and with. i think it's a very fine company, but again, as i always say to adam, i'm not sure what he knows that the market doesn't already know. >> what should people be looking at, ben? >> buy the indexes, stay with the indexes and you'll get to be rich. >> all right. that's hard to argue with as well. gary k, you picked stocks, but if someone was iffy about getting into the market, what do you say? >> i probably put it less now than a few weeks ago. but let me just say this, if it's ben bernanke will print $3 billion a day, market has
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probably got more room to the upside. >> fantastic. thank you for joining us. everyone, have a great weekend. the same week the white house is handing out pink slips because much budget slips, it's handing out another $250 million in aid to the muslim brotherhood government in egypt. this is a move that has senator marco rube for for one enraged, saying, quote, we don't provide foreign assistance solely out of the goodness of our heart. we do so because it furthers our national interest. now, is senator rubio right? how can we be spending more money on egypt at a time like this? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes, rick uger and our other guests. steve, does this make any sense? >> no, it doesn't. it's a complete waste of money. but this may be a plot to undermine the muslim brotherhood
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because it carries -- in return, we want you to cut a deal with the i fm. we know the international monetary fund w its high tax, getting rid of subsidies when the economy is in a free fall and devaluating the economy, a huge wave of making the government totally unpopular. otherwise it's a huge waste of money. we shouldn't do it. >> rick, on the face of it, at a time when the white house is complaining that it has to give out furloughs and cut white house tours, spending $250 million on a government that's run by the muslim brotherhood, does that make sense? >> actually, i love steve theories. i have to rethink everything i'm going to say now. you have to be careful now. for starters, keep in mind that the condoleddated foreign aid act puts strings on this money. we can't give money to egypt unless they agree to continue their peace treaty with israel. in a sense, there is some good news in the fact we are giving the money, there must be some assurances. other things that are really importantful we give special
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access to the suez canal, important. we have to be careful, we get flyover rights. there is more than meets the eye. >> priorities, again, if we're furloughing american workers at the same time that we're giving money to a government that claims that they hate us, that doesn't make sense to me. >> it doesn't make sense to me either. it's nearly $72 billion since 1948. what do we got for it? we have a government run over by jihaddists. we have basically they're rolling out the red carpet for iran. i say cut the military aid. they've got a lot of ballistic missiles and chemical weapons and they have basically an army twice -- the military twice the size of israel. i don't like that. i'm worried about that. i say keep the economic development aid and cut back the military aid. i want to see more democratic reforms in egypt. >> john, are you for this or against it? >> i'm against it, but let's not give it back to federal workers here. let's cut federal spending in
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the u.s. and also cut out egypt. the founding fathers were very clear that we maintain friendly relations with all nations, but allied by none. it's hard to conceive how it enhances our national security thousands of miles away. >> bill, some people call these things bribes. some of these foreign aid programs. doesn't it amount to that? >> i'm in favor of bribes. i think liz is too much of a softy. i'd cut up all the aid. this is what we've done over the past half century, given billions of dollars, almost a trillion dollars cumulatively to nations that are run by corrupt, violent regimes and -- >> you say that's a good thing? >> no, what i'm sayings that we've been giving away this money thinking that the money would wash away the violence and the corruption and it does not wash it away. it irrigates it. i would cut off. >> sabrina, a plague on all your houses, bill would cut it all.
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>> i know. i don't think we need to do that. but i think the $250 million we have to realize is simply symbolic. it's to show we're behind the morsi government because it was democratically elected. but the real problem is that $250 million isn't going to do anything to sort of set the egypt ship right. so i think if we really want to get behind egypt and we want to work with the imf and the world bank and that's one thing. but i think we have to acknowledge that what they really need is close to $5 billion. that's what financial analysts have suggested. i think this $250 million might as well just be returned to the u.s. people. >> you imagine what they do with the $5 billion. again, you get to priorities, not only in foreign policies. but i know you got people that suffered in the sandy hurricane. they're going to be cutting that by 2 1/2 billion dollars, according to some democratic senators now, while we're giving more money -- priorities seem all screwed up. >> it runs counter to the crazy theories in the government that we opinion money to make money. no, we're spending money to lose
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money with what we're doing to egypt. speaking to their theories, bring it back to the u.s. i'm waiting to hear from unger. >> i let you do it. nobody else. >> sabrina, go ahead. >> i just think this administration seems to have sort of a lack of strategy when it comes to foreign policy, which appears to be a theme here of the week. lack of strategy at home, how we're doing cuts, lack of strategy abroad. i think we have interest with egypt in the middle east in terms of women's rights and minority rights and israel. i think there is a reason to have this relationship. but i don't think this $250 million is going to do squat. >> i do think there is a strategy here, that is spending more money fixes things, no matter whether it does or not, steve. that's the thinking. i mean, the wind mills aren't giving you the power, spend more money, another $12 million. egypt is not behaving, give them more money, maybe they will.
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>> it's 250 million or 5 billion, it's an absolute waste of money unless they restructure that economy. giving the $250 million, they brought like art laugh, who cut their tax cut, left the economy -- let the economy grow. free the entrepreneurs in egypt. how about that? >> i want to qualify my remark about liking bribes. sounds corrupt. yes, i think we should bribe nations to be democratic, to give citizens rights to make sure that women have rights, and tell them if you don't play ball, you don't get the money. >> john, rarely i have problems with steve forbes and what he has to say. but in this case he's saying if you spend it on the right thing. they're never going to spend it on right things, are they? >> they're never going to spend it on the right things. let's remember the founders were skeptical of unrestrained democracy as they were of monarchy. the idea we should be paying them off because they elected people who actually dislike us. i don't see what we're getting from this. the only good foreign policy program that's ever existed is
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free trade. let's open our markets to them and then walk away. >> rick, go ahead. >> i love what john had to say about the founding fathers. john, will you acknowledge the ship has sailed on that? we had these little things called world war one, world war ii. do you really want to live in a world without foreign alliances? >> yes, i do, precisely because of some of our involvement in these wars. >> sabrina? >> i do think we have to be careful not to lump all the islamist states together. the muslim brotherhood is bad, but those waiting in the wings would be worse. so i think that there are purposes for us siding with some of these groups. >> it may be a good point, but steve, do we really want to get in the middle of that crazy system they have over there? >> no, david. that's why we got to get the imf out of this. once you have an economy that grows again, you develop middle class that will have zero tolerance for that extremism. >> the last word. coming up next, did you know that you are paying for more
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than 50 federal job training programs? now there is a new republican plan to bring that number down and they say it will actually help the job market. so why are some of the ford's crew against it? >> they cut the job. i got the job! only in america could i get a only in america could i get a jobbbbbb this is $100,000. only in america could i get a jobbbbbb we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much.
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job numbers are improving, but now gop leaders say they have the solution to get them
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going even faster. it would take the 50 different federal job training programs draining taxpayer wallets right now and meld them into just a few. but by you say we should scrap all government job training and leave it to the private sector. why? >> absolutely. this is all just a bunch of nonsense what the gop is trying. the government doesn't know how to train people. all they have to do is look at their own data which is from 2006 to 2009, people trained by the government made less money when they came out than they did in their previous job before they were trained by the government. comparing those that were trained by the government to those that were not, in the first six months they were trained in the sim jobs, only earned on average $600 more. but the cost was $4,000. so this whole thing needs to be scrapped tronto. >> morgan, let's stop doing things we know from experience don't help. >> okay. so yes. we have way too many job training programs, and yes they should be streamlined.
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that doesn't mean we should be getting rid of government money for job training. we have 12 million americans unemployed, about 40% of those are long-term unemployed. if the private sector and we have structural unemployment in the sense that we have shortages, labor shortages in tech, in construction, in health care. so there is obviously an issue here. the private sector is not going out and doing that training. even though we have about $300 billion from publicly traded companies looking to pay out in dividends, we're not seeing that money going to job training. >> john, do these programs work or not? if they do, maybe we should spend some money there. if we don't, we shouldn't? >> let's think about this. the very federal government that gave us the tsa, u.s. customs and the post office wants to train the next generation of american workers. [ laughter ] >> you put it very well. i must say, john. >> if the federal government, if people in the federal government knew how to train this next generation of workers, they'd be make billions in the private sector. instead, they work for entities that act like the post office,
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scrap every cent of this program. >> rick, john has a very good point. look at the track record of things like the post office. do we really want those guys training folks for the private sector? >> it's also the same government that trained our astronauts, our military. come on, man. i can point to as many incredible people that have been trained by government programs as the things that john is pointing out. it's a mcgun. it doesn't tell us anything. look, here is the problem, we all agree this thing should be streamlined. morgan has it exactly right. the problem is, this bill keeps getting introduced year after year after year. it keeps going nowhere for a very simple reason. the republicans keep politicizing it. they want to turn it into block grants, which might even be okay. but they set up these local boards, not a terrible idea, but then they rig it so that you don't find any union participation on the local boards, anybody who might side on the democratic side. so what is a good idea is being trashed by silly ideology politics. >> e mac, as the father of a
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marines i love the military, burr the word snafu comes from the military. so not all -- even the military doesn't work so well in the job training. what do you think? >> i agree. i got a lot of people in the military, too. the thing is, the best on the job training is a job. and so the problem is, we do have $16 trillion deficit. if what rick is saying works, we wouldn't have that testify sit. it's -- deficit. it's expensive to do the job training programs. the problem is, there are a lot of people to choose from. there is still about 14 million unemployed and underemployed. so if go through job training, you are going to be up against all those people of the the thing is, what i want the government to train me on, if you're having the government training on everything, -- i wat to be trained to get to lavish conferences, the junkets they go onor how to double dip filing for disability right before i retire. >> or how about the vacation schedule of the president? that would be nice.
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>> oh, watch it. >> steve, you have a specific plan. we're all talking pie in the sky stuff. tell us about your plan because i understand it involves a voucher system. >> sure. why not give the unemployed that money, 18 billion plus, some other money and have them go out and spend it at a community college and get real training? our local community college goes through employers that have job shortages. they specifically train the students there. the students will have the skills, they go back and make sure they have the skills. give it to the people who need it and they'll make sure they get a real job training. >> rick, could you live with that? >> actually i think steve is on to something. you know who else came up with an idea not completely dissimilar? his name is president barak obama, also came up with a training program at community colleges and do you know what happened to tha the gop in the house blew it away. >> morgan, the point is -- >> what about job retraining fort president? >> oh! all right. that's a whole nother segment that we'll deal with perhaps next week. morgan, the fact is, don't we
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need to consolidate that? even the president, by the way, says it's a confusing maze of training programs. >> i give that a resounding yes. we need to recon solid eight that. that doesn't mean we should scrap the money. the federal government is already putting money into community colleges for some of the training programs. in places like georgia, do you have private sector companies that are coming in and being part of this jobs training as well. we need more of that. >> that's the thing, though. grant it to those who know how to do the job instead of having the government do it itself. >> steve forbes with a plan that even rick agreed with. so maybe we're on to something here. pay 50 grand and illegals can move to the front of the line. this is a new plan to sell the rights to u.s. citizenship and it is fueling a heated debate. our "cashin' in" crew is on it. but first, right here, if you want to light up, you better pony up. a growing number of companies are making smokers pay more for health care premiums.
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you puff, you pay. a growing number of companies hitting workers who smoke with hefty fees on their health insurance plans. supporters say this will cover additional expenses smoking may
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cause. perhaps even encourage some smokers to quit. but on the flip side, steve says it's a terrible idea. why, steve? >> it's a terrible idea because it's a trojan horse for the government coming in and doing the same thing, saying they're paying for you, so you have to wear a patch, you have to go through different tests. they'll have us go on diets for not being able to drink sew at that and stuff like that. employers have enough to do to create a vibrant company. sad of our personal lives. >> e mac, is this a good idea? >> it is. and it's a private company that's doing it. i hear what steve is saying about the government. but this is a private company issue that could choose to do this. what we're talking about is socializing the losses from really bad behavior, from social activities. so not just smoking. i would say drinking, too. if you don't like it, if you work for that company, work elsewhere or don't smoke or drink. >> rick, i was surprised to hear you were against this because isn't this the same rationale that obamacare uses for the insurance mandate? if you cause the general public more money, you should pay a premium for it? >> you'll be less surprised when i tell you why. by the way, steve and i must
9:25 am
have gone to counseling this week. we keep agreeing. [ laughter ] very disturbing. i am against it, but here is why. there is actually some research out on this. here is what we're finding. if you go at it a different way, if you give dcounts for attending wellness programs, we're seeing benefits. but if you penalize because you smoke, it's not only stopping anybody from smoking, it's not bringing down costs. >> so mike, rick's point is focus on the care and not the stick. >> who is they? again, is this the government? my -- >> it's not government. >> my problem is if you want to charge people more for smoking, that's fine of the but it's foolish to think that this is somehow going to lower insurance costs. the reason why insurance costs for health care are high is because too much regulation and a lack of competition. if you're looking that things that are competition, such has lasik surgery, those cost plummeted. >> should individual workers be forced to pay a premium for things that might be bad for their health?
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>> i think we should stop demonizing tobacco and sending smokers out on the sidewalk and no, they shouldn't be paying a surcharge. they should get a break. you know why? they do a rest of us a favor by dying young, so they don't get my pension! there is studies. >> wow. >> we should penalize people who have high blood pressure, people who have high blood sugar. those things cause problems. >> we're just talking about smoke. listen, if they're going to be -- i think they should pay extra for insurance, i'm sorry. why should i pay for their bad habits? that's a problem. >> let me put it to you this way, if you begin with one thing, then couldn't you be penalized for eating an extra doughnut or eating too much butter, whatever? >> the one is on the slippery slope is on mayor bloomberg, thank god so far. but i hear what you're saying. i don't like ving to take -- i hear what mike is saying, too. but listen, they can work elsewhere. it's a private company choice to do it. leave it to the private company. >> high blood pressure, high
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sugar are often genetic. you can't penalize people for their genetics. >> last word from rick. coming up, a new number. home values are back on the rise. informers have the stocks set to go through the roof. you want to hear this, coming up next with my friends, we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles
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