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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> no tricks. based on lock. gerri: shuffle the deck. a shuffle check. shephard check. with the cards going to be. she gives me the update. a yellow card. more than the deck. that's perfect. gerri: all right. >> and then i put it back here. said the game. if you want to see the card will show you. gerri: holy moly. >> you have a ten. gerri: what should i do? >> usually take a hit because if i have 20 you're going to lose. you he to take a hit. gerri: what do i do? >> of the table. you have 20. >> oh, boy. gerri: a nice break. you're our winner. gerri: look at this. let's do it again. >> now you have 18.
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gerri: what do i do? >> in a shelling. that means that you're likely. you want to stay. you give me an signal. you want to stay. with your hand. all right. this, you did. gerri: can we keep going? gerri: i like this game. can i put it all in? >> yes. stack it all up. >> this is very exciting. >> i think willtay. >> okay. >> nineteen. you're a winner. gerri: wow. am i get this i might just lucky? >> you are a winner. gerri: all right. had i been using money instead of just chips i would have made a thousand dollars. thousand dollars my first time ever the blackjack table. pretty good. that's it for tonight on "the willis report." live from atlantic city.
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thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you back here next week. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. the dow jones industrials three consecutive record closes in did today at eighth straight record highs. the news from wall street is nonetheless still good for investors. very good. also tonight on north korea fired missiles into the sea of japan today as the bellicose rhetoric of threats from the dprk government intensified. the defense secretaryrdered missile defense on the west coast to be reinforced. fourteen additional icbm@ interceptors readied for use if needed. at the state department is finally revealing the number of
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americans who were in a line of re during the benghazi terrorist attack. and the extent of those injured. six months after the september 11th attack. the latest for you. tonight we begin with the end of the wall street winning streak. the dow jones industrials finishg in the red today after posting a string of eight consecutive record high closes. ten consecutive winning sessions for the dow. the dow dropping 25 points today. the s&p lost two and a half. the nasdaq fell nine points. but for the week, all three indexes posted gains. the dow jones industrial of 117 points since the opening bell monday. the s&p picking up nine and a half, the nasdaq up five. the wilshire 5,000 measuring the paper gains for the entire market for the week at $1,205,000,000,000. and the total market capitalization for the year to date has grown by just under
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$2 trillion. dating back to the lows of march of 2009, the stock market capitalization has risen more than a 11th and a half trillion dollars. meanwhile, more than six months after the deadly terrorist attacks in benghazi, the obama administration today finally in acknowledging that additional americans were injured in the attack. in addition to the four men killed. the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, and three others were murdered in a september 11th attack. now congressional investigators are pressing the obama administration to make the four wounded survivors available for interviews. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris with the report. ♪ >> for the first time since terrorist attack the diplomatic mission and the cia outpost none as the amex and benghazi, libya, the state department publicly confirmed how many of its employees were hurt and the nature of their injuries. >> one was smoke inhalation at
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the temporary mission facility. one at the amex, seriously injured, one -- another at the amex was less serioly injured. we also have a contractor. >> a diplomatic security source told fox is the state department agency was in the most serious condition suffered a severe head injury during the second wave of the attack when the index came under our pg and mortar fire. in a recent interview secretary of state confirmed one state department aides it was being treated at walter reed is latest january. >> i can tell you that i he visited with one of the survivors at bethesda hospital who is remarkably courageous and is doing very, very well. i have called his wife and tal to hurt. >> six months after ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed leading republicans in the house plan the administration is stonewalling their request to me was survivors. congressman jason chavis spoke to fox business from c pack. >> the state department has not given us the names of those
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people that were attacked that were there that have firsthand knowledge of this information. >> reporter: the state department has not responded to this march 1st letter from republican congressman frank wolf who supports a select committee investigation. >> i think we have an obligation taught these people. >> reporter: this week anoer republican threatened to subpoena the survivors of the state departmentoes not volunteered to congresonal investigators. >> the u.s. congress has every right to understand the details of what caused this assassination to be successful. >> reporter: fox news raise the access issue with the white house press secretary. >> is this white house preventing those survivors from speaking publicly or asking them not to? >> first of all, i have no knowledge of this story. secondly, i am sure that the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. >> reporter: asked why the affirmation was only surfacing now, the state department spokeswoman seemed to set down the question. >> we have been very clear about this from the beginning.
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>> reporter: we get a search of the transcripts to facts check. our surge produced less than ten minutes. none of them provided the same level of detail that we got today. and aside from the state department employees, the cia had two dozen personnel on the ground. wetill don't know how many of them were injured in the attack. now told that there will be congressional pressure for the agency to me its survivors available to investigators as well. lou: thank you very much. as always. national rifle association ceo slamming the obama administration is gun-control efforts and took on vice-president biden far biden's recent comments that a shotgun is better than as semiautomatic rifle for self-defense. >> for four decades you have enjoyed the armedrotection of capitol police and secret service officers, all while trying to destroy the second amendment rights for the restf
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us. so when it comes to that right, sir, you keep your advice. we will keep our guns. [applause] lou: is it -- it is important enough to this day he and the nra are the only ones to have proposed an effective means by which to include -- improve safety in our schools and protect our children. the comments come one day after an assault weapons ban cleared the senate judiciary committee on a party-line vote, what does the future hold? we will find out. joining me now, co-host of the five. fox news political analyst and columnist for the help. thank you both for being here. i think it is fascinating to at the head of the nra, remember how people scoffed. now -- and the president's golfing away. now he is the only one who has put forward a proposal that actually makes sense and that
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would be effective. >> it's true, and wn you look at the public opinion polling, over 63 percent of americans think that armed guards and schools are good idea. in fact, sandy hook made that same decision to do just that. i think schools should be able to decide whatever they want, whenever is best for their school. that is the best way to do it. the senate hearing between feinstein and crews, that back-and-forth was just, i thought shameful. when she said, isn't that enough? don't you have enough guns to make a tough, isn't that their argument for everything? isn't enough money? isn't it enough health care? don't you have enough already? can you let us control you even more? and that is what they're trying to do. lou: is that what you think they're trying to do? >> not at all. i mean, i guess, you know, what they said basically was everybody should have a gun everywhere, including a round are most vulnerable citizens to our children. i just think not only do i think that is silly but it is not effective.
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you look back at places like columbine. there was an armed guard, and he was shot and killed. you know what, it is not a guarantee of any security, added security for our children are safety. yestery i had exactly the opposite reaction. you know, i thought he was condescending and reared. you think about what dianne feinstein went through as mayor of san francisco where she saw people slaughtered in her own office. i mean, it. >> how is it condescending and root? piaster a very simple question about the application of the second amendment to the first amendment. he did it in a very respectful tone, and i will tell you this, as a woman i would have not been offended command a definitely would have not played the victim card and said i tell patronize the way that she did. she should have answered the question, not let the other boys on the senate committee, a third offense. she could not answer the question because she was trapped in hypocrisy on the constitution . liberals hate being asked about the constitution. they jump around.
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>> i don't think she was trapped at all. impact might think she responded quite directly in saying that the idea of we, the people, you know, being covered by gs and then also as it applies to the fourth amendment, there was a difference. there were exemptions, and these tensions he spoke of was no one is trying to take away these guns. all we're saying here is that whent comes to these automatic weapons which are better fit for the battlefield, why -- lou: semiautomatic. semiautomatics. >> semiautomatic, automatic. these are warfare weapons. why is that necessary for the average american -- >> you tell me something. is it better to blow a giant 12 insult through somebody's head with a shotgun or is 15 shots better? which one? really. this is what we're getting into. it's silly. lou: it's a war weapon. lou: let me interject. the most recent shooting in new york. four people killed by shotguns.
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are shotguns toe the next weapon? are we going to at some point he the democrats will start talking about mental health, dealing with those issues because whether it is columbine, whether it is or, tucson, sandy hook, the constant issue and most important issue is the mental health of theeperson, the deranged person who is firing the gun. why is that not the emphasis and the premise of all legislative action in washington d.c. rather than guns? rifles killed fewer pple to as you know, then hammers and clubs in this country. >> said that you are going to say handguns' command you would have been exactly right in that case as well as. lou: i am exactly right in the butt of serious. i would like to know what you say to that. >> well, you know, the fact is that when you look at the weapons that are being used, you want to say, look, here is something we can do that is effective because when you speak specifically of mental health
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there is no way we're going to provide mental health services to everyone who is arranged. what we want to do is to try to limit access to these extreme weapons that allow them then to go int a movie theater or schoolhouse and commit this massacre. >> but the largest terrorist attack on the soil home was committed with fertilizer. and the largest killer of children is swimming pools. i know you say assault weapons or weapons. every weapon could be considered a weapon of warar at some pointn history. at the new makes a great point about mental health and the breakdown of the family. this is something you always talk about. president obama would be the perfect person. >> time wting something like that right now as an op-ed pce because i think the family breakdown is critical, but don't belittle the argument. we he had a rash of massacres in this country. the american people see it. that is why we have finally said, was slick is something
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reasonable, background checks, closing the gun show loophole. why are we as an american people throwing up our arms. >> we have used up a great deal of time on this and will have to move on. lou: i have to say, no one is dismissing this issue. it i really important that we not be exploited by those who findt politically advantageous to try to strip us of our weapons, and our -- >> i agree with you. lou: if i may. if i may. if i may. the fact of the matter is that this is an issue that requires absolutely careful thought and study. there are people who would reflexively try to deny americans their second amendment rights. to me it is repugnant, and we have to pause and ask why are these people and these groups and, in fact, most of the -- most of the gun control groups are funded by one guy.
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his name is, you know, michael bloomberg. let's be straight forward and honest and careful. us think about the agendas that are being pursued here. we have to do the right thing for the country. of course for our young people. i know that you both agree with me on that. alwys good to talk. >> thanks. >> thank y. lou: this just in,reaking news the colorado legislature has approved legislation that requires universal background checks on gun buyer. that bill now heads to democrat governor john hick and. he is expected to sign it into law. earlier this week colorado lawmakers approved a measure limiting magazines to no more than 15 rounds. color of becomes a first date ouide the east coast to restrict gun rightsn the wake of newtown and/or shootings if, indeed, governor hickel lipper doesn't. the state is likely to suffer finaially as wel we should point out, gun parts company back paul has threatened to leave the state of colorado
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over the passage of these bills. if they become law. republican congressman of indiana wrote a letter today. in that letter encouraging them to move to his home state. again, this breaking news. the colorado state legislature has passed another gun-control bill requiring universal background checks on all gun buyers and the governor, as i said, expected to sign it into law. alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, no doubt that sex and san still sell big into next we take a look at the numbers. president obama wants big oil to fund its own demise. we will have the latest on the president's $2 billn bright president's $2 billn bright idea in green energy [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
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♪ lou: president obama making a left turn on energy, playing back to his environmental base of delaying decisions on the keystone xl pipeline. the american petroleum institute joins us with industry reaction in just a moment. consumer confidence slipping unexpectedly in march. the dow record-setting run in the at eight sessions. the market putting to rest a tense session when streak as well today. the dow down a modest 25 points, as an pylos two and a half, still within five points of its all-time high. there is always next week. the nasdaq down ten points. 5 billion shares traded on the big board the heaviest trading day of the year so far for the week. the major market indexes are all higher. the dow leading the way. in the bond market, rates slipping. the ten year treasury enng the week up to eve gold and crude finishing the we got hired.
10:21 pm
crude oil up to 77 of the past two weeks, now 9345 per barrel. in the former j.p. morgan chase executives in charge of the unit responsible for the london will operation and $6 llion in losses refuses to take responsibility for all of that. blaming her subordinates as being responsible for failing to inform her of the value of positions taken by that london will trader. regulators testifying at the hearing that she should take responsibility for failing to spot the losses. head of j.p. morgan did not appear before the committee. he was not asked to testify. you testified twice on the issue last year. stock today down modestly. president obama calling for a $2 billion greennergy fund that would use government royalties from offshore oil and gas leases to fund research on the electric car batteries and biofuels. my next guest says the real issue is keeping a large
10:22 pm
percentage of federal lands off-limits to oil and gas development. we will find out why this administration would like to do that. director for upstream and industry operations at t american petroleum institute. good to have you with us. this president is taking credit with his all of the above the energy policy. the best production that we have seen in a very long time in this country. exporting petroleum products. then we find out that he has been just basicallyefusing to exploit federal lands and offshore drilling. >> tha you for having me. and we hear a lot about and all of the above energy policy. the oil and gas industry firmly supports that. the problem is with the policy decions we see we're seeing a lot of another blow policy but we have tremendous opportunities in this country when it comes to this golden opportunity that we have with oil and gas development in the united states. we should be investing in
10:23 pm
america. we hear about the $2 billion. if we allow additional access to u.s. resources around the country and not stick with the status quo it could be $127 billion every ten years. this is a bit of a small potato when in reality if we had the opportunity to continue to invest in america and drive economic growth will have more jobs and revenues. lou: it is interesting that this president is, if you will, going small on the issue of energy. he's talking about $2 billion in royalties. of course it would come from leases. there would then go to up green energy. we have seen his department of energy just throw weight billions and billions of dollars in taxpayer money on precisely the same kind of projects. there should be, i would think, absolutely zero confidence that the energy department has what it is doing, trying to pick winners and losers and advanced
10:24 pm
alternative fuel technologies. >> what is interesting is we have a win-win-win. create tremendous amounts of jobs. we will leave it would be a million jobs and close to ten years. like as said, $127 billion in revenue for the government, and energy security, an additional 10 million barrels of oil per y rather than having that money being spent around the world we could do it right here and try that economic growth and improve our energy in national security staff byaking control of our economic problems. and this is -- we are seeing the beginning of an energy renaissance. manufacturing. the makers in minnesota who cannot kp up with orders. it is a great story, but it is happening a private andtate lands. the congressional research service care what the report that says when it comes to federal decisions they're all the energy industry back. it is all happening on private lands. think about the potential we would have real data not federal as well as private. we would have more job growth and we're seeing today.
10:25 pm
lou: also another part of the story, not enough discussion is the current. that is, this administration is actually buying a plant rather than moving wind out for exploitation and exploration and production. that is a big story that the general media is not even reporting. and the fact is that our energy independence could be assured by 2030, but it is going to take a far stronger, more positive group of leaders. so we think you for being here. come back soon. >> thank you. thank you for having me. lou: up next, bizarre interrogation room video that may or may not provi some insight into the mind of murder defendant. the dobbs talking tonight. some people call them since. the government treats them like a cash register. the business of vice. ♪ today is gonna be an important day for us.
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♪ lou: all day long here on fox business we have been looking at the business of vice throughout the day. the fox business network has taken a look at everything from alcohol and tobacco to pornography to gambling. business is booming inhis country for vice, sen. the pornography industry, for example estimated to be at $13 billion industry. $13 billion. ofourse, when business profits of as the government. today we would like to show you just -- valleys that is what they tell us is going on. it would like to show you at just how dependent but the federal and state governments have become on so-called vice taxes. you have probably heard the sequester cuts go after about $44 billion in this fiscal year. let me give you a sense of this. taxes on tobacco and alcohol and gaming, gambling, lotteries, generated together $75 billion
10:30 pm
compared tough sequester, that taxes are doing a very powerful job. that is, federal, state and and local revenue. two states, two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. they are colorado and washington . colorado collect more than $5 million in sales, $5 million in sales from dispensaries, pot dispensaries, marijuana. washington is reptedly collecting some $750,000 in taxes, although they have been having trouble getting dispsaries registered with the state. it is affecting their revenue. pot smokers procrastinating. hard to imagine. well, regarding that $13 billion pornography industry, 13 billion. california is earning about
10:31 pm
$36 million per year just in revenue from the porn industry. it's worth about a billion dollars overall to the economy, just in southern california. well we are on the subject of sex in addition to the so-called vice taxes, some states are actually putting -- imposing taxes. in illinois requiring the strip club operators to impose a $3 charge for their customers. the tax is expected to raise a million dollars annually. texas has also got eight vice tax. it is a little different. a little bigger deal in texas. $5. they are getting just about ten times as much revenue as a state of illinois. nevada, the only state in the country to allow any form of prostitution to illegally.
10:32 pm
it does not collect the tax. but if it did it will reportedly earn nearly $150 million for the state in nevada. regardless of whether not you think the taxes are good or bad public policy, the is no denying that device is generating an enormous amount of what gernment see to like most, revenue. the nra proposal to keep our kids safe in school is still the best solution. the "a-team" on where are the other leaders. the billionaire mayor wants to ban guns. styrofoam cups, smoking. but he won't ban pot holes and poverty. y not? damaging testimony today in the case of two ohio high-school football players charged with rape. that story and more in the dobbs that story and more in the dobbs dockets [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo.
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♪ lou: newly obtained video shows ariza murder suspect and defendants engaging in some bizarre behavior just minutes before she was charged with the brutal murder of her boyfriend. a june 2008 video taking 50 minutes after she had solved through for our police interrogation. once the prosecutor leaves the room she sings, alas, plays with a garbage can and even does, as you see there, headstand. she was also, askinabout her make up. >> a really trivial question is going to reveal how shall i am. but can i clean myself up a little bit. >> to be taken from where you are. lou: her trial resumes monday.
10:37 pm
the eyewitnesses today testifying in the rape trial certainly delivering some blockbuster headlines. to high school football player stand accused of raping an intoxicated 16 year-old girl. on the stand, one male classmate testified about recording the alleged sexual assault on his phone while they were inside a car, climbing the victim seemed strike was not really responding . prosecutors granted that witness immunity for his testimony. joining us now to us served through much of this and more, attorney former criminal prosecutor. good to have you with us. crimal defense attorney rebecca rose. thank you for being with us. let's start with this tape. there seems o be some dispute about whether or not it is admissible and to what degree it would be and what it would receive -- support. >> this trial has gone on and it gets crazier and crazier by the
10:38 pm
minute. we have had 18 ds of testimony -rom a girl who cannot remember anything. now we see her in the interrogation room breaking down and crying that the police officer leaves the room she is joking around with herself. something does not seem right here. now, the defense is not going to want that tape put into evidence. of course not. the prosecution will argue that it does touch the exact point of what the defense is climbing. the defense is claiming she has posttraumatic stress disorder. as russia can remember a thing. but the prosecution is now to say, really? lets look at the video tape. they're going to see that it seems like she's acting. it seems that we. >> the video tape comes in because she has made all of these prior inconsistent statements. remember when schieffer started talking the police about what happened. she outright lied a number of times. and so that portion, defense is going to try to cut this portion of the videotape.
10:39 pm
one of let it all in? shows to she is, how she is acting, response. this is a person who is denying any involvement in this crime whatsoever. her behavior not only what she is saying, but her behavior is impoant as well. lou: and the trial resumes on monday. and when things it could not get much more bizarre. we will wait until monday to find out. of want to turn quickly to the rape trial of the 60 year-old girl and ohio. two football players charged with her assault. would the system of video. where is this trial is? i mean, it is extraordinary. people were taking pictures rather than interceding at protecting this general. >> shocking. terrible. >> we arlooking at these ballplayers going to jail until they're 21. that is what they're facing for what seems to be outrageous behavior. another outrageous behavior. the girl was not responding. we have a witness now who as you
10:40 pm
said earlier, he now has protection so he can go in and give his testimony and not worry about being prosecuted. he is saying, we all saw that this car was responding. those two football players knew she was not. >> you have to be consenting. >> normally -- and this is what is so hard. it is so incredibly difficult to get a conviction when you have a victim who is intoxicated cause they can't take the stand and testify about what happened. normally you don't have eyewitnesses. this is a case where you have 60 kids at a party who see this young woman intoxicated. they see all sorts of things going on with her throughout the night with these two defendants. and then this is the day and age that we live in now. technology, veos, cell phones. the text messages the day after. think about this. when you are testing you're not thinking of what your child will come up. you don't know that you will be arrested.
10:41 pm
you don't know this may be evidence in the case. it has some kind of credibility to it. she is asking, which, what happened. someone took my clothes off. what's going on. >> why did you let people do this? lou: any legal responsibility here? mean, it is repugnant ethically and morally that all of these -- apparently all of them teenagers did nothing to help this young woman. >> their circumstances where it for example as a former prosecutor, a person who works for the government, a schoolteacher, you are legally obligated to report incidents of child abuse or something of this nature, but these kids, they are not legally obligated to say, hey, wait a minute. someone is being heard here. i need to call the police. >> they should have. lou:thically. >> not responsive. she probably just take a couple of drinks. she was a yououng girl.
10:42 pm
that should not happen. lou: allegations that she drank as much as -- >> from the export friend who saw her lying on the ground rtially ccothed and said i'm sorry, there was nothing i could do. i felt really bad for you. in zurich. lou: another element of this that is disgusting. this is 2013. the justices to have just testified on capitol hill about their budgets being cut, the supreme court justices, worrying about federal courts losing more money, 5% rollback because of the sequestered. five years to get this trial. from talking about this trial. i mean, the idea. this is -- this is nuts. in this country where you're supposed to have a right to a speedy trial. >> we are so backed up in the core system. i can tell you. amen the courthouse every day.
10:43 pm
we are so backed up in the court system because of all the cuts. there are so many criminals. lou: because of the cuts? we are spending a fortune. >> you have no idea. the budget cuts, the state budget cuts. the state budget cuts have affected the courthouse so drastically that the court houses are so backed out that what is going to happen? you know, justice kennedy, the supreme court justice is concerned. i see white. you start cutting finances. everything breaks down. then you have. lou: isn't it already broken? >> obviously it is broken. lou: you get the last word. >> the concern is having the money to supervise all of the federal offenders who are not incarcerated are out amongst the public. they need to be able to be properly supervised. that is a serious concern. you're putting people at risk if you cannot supervise as individuals. lou: thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: join the conversation.
10:44 pm
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♪ lou: breaking news. this just in. to affiliate's a billionaire stephen cohen's sac pfizer's tonight have agreed to pay more than $614 million to settle insider-trading allegations. reporting this is the largest insider-trading settlement with the securities. the justice apartment in the fbi still investigating trading of other stocks.
10:48 pm
one of the world's most successful hedge fund managers generating an average annual return of 25 percent over the past two decades. a federal court delivering another blow to obamacare ruling that the founder of domino's pizza does not have to offer contraception coverage to his employees as mandated by obamacare. the founder, roman catholic disagrees with contraception on religious grounds and has sold the company several years ago, this rulg granting him a preliminary injunction affecting -- injunction affecting his current business. the issue is expected to end up before the supreme court, as you might expect. it is a good week for jesus. a new pope and now this. the latest nielsen ratings showed that the tv miniseries the bible is a huge hit. sunday night's telecast on the history channel through almost 11 million viewers, more than anything broadcast on nbc for the entire week.
10:49 pm
13 million viewers also tune in to see the bible in its inaugural. cables largest audience of the year. and to give you a sense of just how big that is, the bible is rivaling episodes of fox's american idol. the fourth most watched show of the night. up next, president obama looking to dump billions more of your tax dollars into great energy. he is pretty good at it. after even as series of those highly publicized failures and other embarrassments. the "a-team" takes that out. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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lou: joining me now, the "a-team," opinion page editor. radio talk-show host, and radio talk-show host. good to haveou all here. let's start with, well, first, see pac saying, you know, mr. vice president, keep your advice and we will keep our guns. the battle is on. the judiciary has move the legislation out to ban assault weaaons. how is this going to wrap up? >> i don't think anything is going to move forward. i heard you earlier in the program talking about some colorado legislature passing a -- i guess they want to register guns. tried that here in florida. that is not going to fly. and as for shot guns being fired into the sky, he is right. the vice president continues to say stupid things about guns, and that is just better for us. lou: well, if we could slow down
10:54 pm
the stupidity the originating with politicians it would be quite a different world. one of those politicians would be michael bloomberg who has gone after just about everything in this city but pot holes and poverty. under his terms of foo stamps have doubled. hair you shocked? >> no because first of, the mayor of my cit is going to have to pry that to leader bob of coca-cola out of my cold, dead hands. more important things to deal with. you said it. the lunar landscape. the pothole that swallows up your car and forces you to have to take a reverse mortgage but pay to fix it. meantime, not even a bump in the bike path and there is no bicyclist using it. you scratch your head and wonder where the priorities are. lo where are the priorities? >> the food stamp thing you cannot entirely blame on @%oomberg. this is a problem with the when the program is structured.
10:55 pm
a federal government pays the entire cost of food stamp benefits. if you are a mayor or governor isn the interest of your state and city just in terms of the flow of money that as many people sign up for footsteps possible. maybe not in the interest of the city's culture dappled and another government. lou: i was trying is somewhat different conclusion, thinking that irrespective of who ps for it that you have a number of people who would be in need of it doubled during your administration. not a happy reflection on the state of the economy, nor their governance of is fair city. we will be back withhat and a great deal more and will find out why the pentagon has added 14 icbm this to the interceptor ra on the west coast of the united states. we take that up the "a-team"
10:56 pm
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♪ lou: we are back with the "a-team" on the west coast. icbm is being moved into readiness in silos in alaska,
10:59 pm
california, courtesy of reaction to the threat. >> what a piece of work. you really set it off. i mean here it is. the evil seat behind the curtain in north korea. not only did he say help soak peas. we amy our nuclear arsenal at you and all the sudden we recognize what this is. shakedown. but better to be safe than sorry because this maniac, this loony tune who has testified no, you may actually set off. lou: trust? >> well, also we heard today, the president said one year away from having a nuclear capability. so we better start preparing for what could be attacked. what is even more bizarre is, you know, we could have had all this in motion. now we have to start a project that we stopped in 2009? is going to cost a lot of money to restart this. i


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