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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> appret. lou: thank you for being with us tonight. liz: the jobs market no party, and obama administration says, that is because college kids are partying? welcome, i am liz mcdonald in for neil cavuto, labor didn't plays jobs blame game saying that spring break and easter -- get this -- they issue to blame for a lackluster jobless claim. i am thinking, what is next? what are you blames next, dearth vader, he is here. but first, two business titans on the administration -- we have cato ceo, former bbnt ceo john
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ellison, and former office depot ceo steve. what is going on with that spring break is hanging unthe market. >> i could that the job report of the disappointing and disappointing in light of where we should be, they keep coming up with reasons that don't make a lot of sense, the good news is we're creating jobs, but we have millions less jobs than we had when the recession started, which is mostly caused by government policy in my view, the regulatory attac on business has not abated. liz: steve, you know, it is the republican stalling the president agenda. the republicans filibter. but what do you make of this, now obama administration's agenda seems stalled because of
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its own clumsiness, and as own wrong footedness, is that what has been going on? >> you know, look there has not been a jobs recovery, we're adding a little bit of jobs, sometimes it goes up a little. or down a li little. to get to get to this level we have to add this level of jobs for next 14 years, the issue is businesses are not creating jobs, they don't have confidence in tax policy, regulatory policy or entitlement policy to step out and create the jobs, and bet that the costs will be there so we can afford it. liz: john, we've been saying that last 4 years what steve just said, you hear from obama administration, you hear false
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food, you hear misstatements, we have a list of white house whoppers, saying that sequestration cuts are going to hurt the u.s. economy. blame the gop. a former colleg clinton adminisn official said, don't do that, this is going to backfire on you. have they backfired on the white house? >> i think so, what is obvious there is lack of leadership. you know, the president's responsibility to provide leadership, what every business person knows is we have very significant long-term financial problem in the u.s., we have not dealt with entitlement. we have a expense ever expensivy structure. and people are not going to create jobs in that environment it is a sad thing because, with
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government -- if government would just get out of the way, the natural free market would cause a lot of job creations in the u.s. liz: i want to get back to white house whoppers. we know that president and white house have been saying they are teachers now are getting pink slips, that did not happen. another falsehood, that federal prosecutors have to let criminals go across the board. that is here falsehood, and meals on wheels would serve 400 million less meals to seniors, that did not happen. and does the white house have a credibility issue right now? >> i think when people are trying to explain the month-to-month variations, you come up with tiny e explaining s we have to stand back from little ones and look at big
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picture, as john said, we're not recovering. and we're not recovering because there is basic -- liz: hang on, the white house falsehood about the sequestration cuts. i hear what you are saying. but i'm talking about white house credibility. why that obama administration agenda stalled? is it because of the credibility issues? >> you know it is frustrating. you know businesses are not confident that what is coming out of washington -- all of the policymakers, white house and congress -- is something they did count on. this is the problem, they don't have confidence to invest back in their. and to know what their costs will be. you know businesses fundamentally take a multiyear time horizon in their planning, they don't know from -- when they don't know, as they don't know now what their costs will be because of government
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regulation, and taxiningation, y cannot plan, they cannot afford the risk of adding the jobs. liz: steve makes a great point, really, the white house saying spring break will slow job creation, come on, seriously? that is what they are saying is to blame? are you serious? come on. the medical device tax is going nowhere. there is little money now for infrastructure, $21 million verse what the president originally wanted. i think that obama administration, not just stalled but have under cut their credibility with the blame game, go ahead. >> i was going to say, it also is a terrible leadership, when they mention the serious things to be cut. you have to be an idiot not to know you can cut billions of dollars out of government expenditures without getting rid of essential services, you can
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just walk through department of agriculture, that layoff a bunch of people that nobody would miss, like the local county commissioner threaning to close the fire department instead of dealing with the real opportunities for cost control. liz: you have been terrific, it has been a pleasure. join us next time. we appreciate your time here. >> thank you, liz. liz: next up even a cartoon monkey knows that united states has a spending problem, yes curious george is now curious about how to save money. you know things are bad when george is better with his money than uncle sam. and darth vader is with us here for the entire hour. you should stay with us. you should stay with us. he has company as wel this is $100,000.
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cutback. we have mr. storm trooper from star wars, and more for you, the monkeys going on in -- you know what is getting so bad even curious george is concerned. george is learning about fiscal responsibility to teach kids how important it is, this is a lesson that washington still has not learned. this is driving curious -- bananas. lindsay what do you make of this? >> this is great, they are targeting the younger generation, it may be too late for older generations, this is type of lesson, would like to see many adults, especially those in washington embrace, the idea of saving your pennies, and once you accumulate that wealth, then you reap the reward. not before. this highlights the idea we need to foster a new environment of
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self-reliance and saving. maybe it's too late for older but teach the lessons to the kids. liz: mark, should we be spending money on curious george books for washington d.c. and congress. >> why not? we could learn from george is. george always told the truth. we can believe george, and we ant always believe the numbers that are either side of the aisle . so, we don't know what to believe in terms of spending out there. but i know that spending we cut over 2 trillion in spending, republicans don't give the white house any credit. liz: we cut two trillion out of growth, we added equivalent of germany and south korea to the debt. >> it depends on what numbers you are using. liz: hang on, no,o! those are
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the facts. from cbo, and omb, time again we hear that argument. the facts are 5 trillion, added to deficit since psident took ofce, and. mark, what do you make of curious george, these -- zain i'm sorry. what do you make? >> i don't want to be mark by the way. i would disagree that too late. i think time, that our congress and in particular our president maybe played this game, never too late to learn, especially when it comes to telling the truth. liz: lindsay -- i didn't mean to get upset with you mark, but come on. the data has been there. and lindsay, you saw the white house, the last couple of years putting forward a fictional julia character, and julia lives, she starts on life on head start, gets tuition
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credits, and ends up in a community garden, what do you make of this? >> this is the problem. that fundamental juxtaposition of deals, we're trying to teach our kids to save, and be self reliant, and then the government is pushing these ideas of government reliance. this is the fundamental argument we continue to have. we could shovel this -- solve this with one question, what if we were all julia? that is what it comes down to, who pays for this program if we are all relying on the system. liz: mark? >> this teaches we have a benevolent government. liz: zain should we spend money -- >> i would beg to giver with mark. because that model is out there we see greece, and all of western europe.
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so that mod sell there. does it work as long-term play? no, it does not, it sounds good, it is nice to be be benevolent t does it work? liz: mark? >> we're far away from greece, and finland in terms of our model. liz: wait, finland? you mean iceland. finland is doing okay. >> they were far away too about 5 years ago but you get there. >> we got there for a lot of reasons, one is a lot of things we sold them in terms of debt instruments that is another story though. liz: are you saying that u.s. is to blame for getting greece in trouble? >> i think that u.s. -- yes, the u.s. is to blame. liz: how. >> some of europe, because whatever we sold them. liz: wat did the u.s. sell greece? >> derivatives. liz: talking 10 billion-dollars,
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and greece voluntary lien terred into it -- voluntarily entired into it. >> it has been written many times. liz: you don't agree. >> and i'm saying we're doing the same thing right now, you say it is say long way until we get there, if we to know this road, the -- if we continue down this road, it is coming. >> this is a slippery slope as we model where we're going after these countries that are clearly on a path to destruction. we could be the next greece. liz: mark, we have -- i'm sorry not much more time, the final word. >> i think we should spend more money on entlements. liz: okay. there you go. [ laughter ] that that is great, terrific. next up, north korea nut, he is acting nuttier, and more like dr. evil with every hour.
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luckily, do you know who we have to combat him? darth vader. i'm kidding. >> we have hank greenberg on why kim jong-un is worrying business titans like han
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liz: this is serious situation, north korea is still threatening, it has moved a long range missile to the coast. now, american businesses are worrying, general motors ceo danikaerer -- acres said nuclear tensions are mounting. but we have former aig ceo hank greenberg, he is one of the few western businessmen to have set
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foot on north korean soil. this is in. could you never heard before. and he is here exclusively to talk about tensions in north korea. what do you make with what is going on in north korea. >> it is obviously disturbing everyone. it is irresponsible. and one of the dangers when you have someone as irresponsible, he can follow-up and do anger responsible act. but, i think it is up likely. i think unlikely. liz: why? >> what does he gain? he is trying to gain our attention. every time he has done that before we responded. liz: let me ask you this question. it seems that the drums are beating louder but longer. your point is well taken. the more this happens, the more as a up the tempo, a dangerous
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miscalculation could occur. you set foot there in north korea, you also fought in vietnam war, i hope we can put the photo up, because you were quite the looker. is kim jong-un irrational, is he seeing soldiers deget t defect , and is he facing famine and they need food? >> a little bit of everything that you said. i think he is trying to prove himself as a strong leader, so he get the report of military. he will have a hard time, i think in that. i think that every time they beat their drums, as you put it we responded. and i tnk -- i'm glad we showed a strength of force by sending over the bha b-2,.
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liz: you don't think it ratcheted tensions? >> we have to do, that you can't hide. liz: if this goes awry, som somt is a likely scenario, if there is a miscalculation? >> the question is, is that miscalculation going to be an atomic weapon? and he is not going to hit the united states put that out ofior mind. can he hit guam. does we have capability to put a nuke top of a missile? i don't know he can. he can invade south korea. south koreans will make a good fight. but, you know that is -- that is anger responsible -- i doing think that will happen. i don't think that is happening. liz: we want boots on ground information. what are other ceos saying
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besides and you gm's ceo, saying gm may pull -- scale back their south korea operations near the border. what do you hear from other ceos >> i'm not hearing much about them changing their business plans. i'm not hearing were. liz: what are you hearing? >> same thing we're talking about. he is irresponsible. is he trying to get attention. liz: does -- does he' u.s. to start talking about doing something for him again, the people in north korea are starving. i was there three years ago, with a small group, of business executives, the place is you know, like no place you have seen. like stepping back in time. liz: what struck you? >> the emptiness. just plain emptiness.
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every place you went, you do not see many people, we visited a number of factories, and met with a number of leading bureaucrats. the plan was we go over and talk with them to see if they would give up their nuke program. they would get foreign investments. we did not make headway. liz: so, do you think that ceos are more worried that there is -- that a sense in this business about north korea now? >> i don't think, i wouldot use the word worry in a sense this is a an inevitable issue. issue. i think he is pounding on the drums. to get attention. you have to hope he does not get so far into it, he can't back out. liz: are ceos concerned about that? >> there are some with operations in korea, and china
11:25 pm
has been silent. it is not in china a interest to see him start a war. what do they gain out of it? liz: china is saying sanctions but they have not followed through on sanctions. what do you make of that? >> well, i don't think they want to punish them to the point where it is a problem. but if this -- >> are you saying that north korea is china's problem, klein does not want north korea's problem. >> of course, why would china want to take up that issue? does not make sense. you have a new leadership in china, they have enough things to deal with why would they want to have a problem this north korea is starting. liz: it has been a pleasure being with you, we're out of time, where do you see this ending up. >> i think, it will die down. i think, he will not -- he won't acknowledge. you know i'm backing down, it will just die awayism live the
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liz: live the headlines okay. hank greenberg thank you. korean war vet. >> and next up from star wars to border wars in u.s. i.c.e. officers ganging up on the gang of 8 in washington, d.c. and this immigration plan is not hammered out soon, there might with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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liz: welcome back. u.s. border agencies sayg washington d.c. immigration plans are putting dangers on the border much international franchise association ceo steve calendar is one of them, and tamar jacoby has been involved in the washington moring a, you have been close to the press in tc . >> the most important part of comprehensive immigration reform, most people think about legalizing the people that are here, the most important part is fixing the system for the future, and democrats and republicans, and, and labor, i mean, are we going to let in immigrants in the future legally. and democrats and republicans and business and labor have been at odds about this, they have gotten to a deal, it is too
11:30 pm
small. liz: steve, i heard about this story, that really opened my eyes about what is going on in the fight. so revealing. the labor unions, want to cap the number of less skilled workers coming into the u.s. labor unions. that is a switch. but construction workers are saying we want them coming in to help us out in the housing industry. what do you make of that switch. >> well, thanks for having me on. i would like to express my appreciation to the "gang of 8" bipartisan group of senors, we believe this the basic principles but we believe it does not go far enough as it relates to guest worker program component. the caps that you just mentioned on the program account for not even 1/10 of the workers we'll need in franchise industry as well as construction industry you mentioned. in our industry we added 150,000
11:31 pm
jobs last year, we forecast 162,000 jobs this year, but we can't find the worker to meet the forecast of demand moving forward. liz: let me understand this, when when we talk about cap, capping the number of less-killeskilled workers. >> 20,000. liz: from mexico? >> from all over they come from. liz: just 20,000. i want to be clear, just 20,000 from anywhere in the world. >> a less-skilled worker visa program, by 2020 we'll be up to 75,000. but stive is right, the "gang of 8" have done a good job in crafting a program, we don't have a program now for less-skilled workers, we have programs for phds and farmworkers but not hotels and
11:32 pm
construction. it is important we have the democrats and republicans agreeing, we need a program, a good program but too small. >> final word, amnesty? >> we need to do something about 11 million people. liz: for it? >> i am. >> are you for it? >> we have 11 million people here illegally, 7 million in workforce, deportation is not reasonable. we have to figure out a way to legalize. probably a pathway to citizenship. we have to deal with it. liz: americans just want migrants to come here, legally, it not a lot to ask, we want a solid safety border, that is what we're talking about. what is you know you smart people are here to talk about it you have been terrific. >> next up, i bet have you been wondering why darth vader is hanging out with us in the studio? he is pumped up. he is pumped up about our new
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thick grass& and tough terrain& without losing traction or power the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. challenge the impossible. find the all- wheel-drive mower exclusively available at lowe's and independent dealers nationwide. liz: our new segment, on biz blitz, darth vader and the storm trooper here with a big announcement. you will not want to miss. but first, more bad news for carnival cruise lines, remember that infamous carnival triumph strip. that stranded passengers in gulf of mexico, it is stranded again, it got away from a dock where it was being repaired. a worker went overboard, and is
11:36 pm
still missing. can a company like carnival ever bounce back? jonus, what do you think? >> i would say carnival is about one or two more accidents away before seriously having to change their brand. when you are a lower cost provider, you have a lot more leeway in their brand being damaged. like jetblue, they have stranded people at airport, but at the end of the day people my the cheapest way to go. however, a airline called valujet, called airtran now, they had a horrible crash and had to rebrand. liz: you say change the name? is this enough to fix it. >> years ago, i am going back to tylenol. if world of social media. joan susjonus is right, you cant
11:37 pm
past it tylenol, you had to hire pr, you only had three media outlets to talk to. now you have social media out the wazoo. so, you know, first off they need about 6 months of nothing to get out of this. liz: i want to show the viewer the mishaps. going back to 1998 with carnival cruises. i mean, tylenol. this is not like a polaroid or a borders are circuit city, these are people, feeling like oh, my god we'll be stranded at sea. >> they were! liz: kost costa concordia. >> it was not tylenol's fault, they were sabotaged. nobody sabotaged carnival, they did it to themselves.
11:38 pm
people had a good brand recognition after that. the media backed them. that is not the case here, media is slamming carnival they should be. liz: i had to go on a cruise for work. true story, on one cruise, a guy got drunk, went into the captain's booth, and said, abandon ship,'s 3:30 in the morning. >> shea should have shot that guy -- put a bullet in his head. >> bullet in his head? they never caught him. >> you may be just gave someone an idea. liz: i'm sorry, don't take up that idea. we have a great next segment. r2-d2, star wars is still relevant, they are keeping it fresh with ideas like angry birds: star wars. star wars. legos and now bringing the force to march madness, look at these
11:39 pm
brackets, the fans can -- >> beware of the force. liz: go to star to vote, final results on espn, this monday. and other brands can take a cue from star wars. >> look. i am sold, i remember what first watching that movie, having letters go over your head, and you wondered, star wars is about wonder. with disney coming in buying them for $4 billion, people say is that a good decision, oh, my gosh! disney thei will extract 4 billion out of theme in the next year, you can take old school stuff and package it. the riding the be awesome. liz: and seinfeld is worth 3 billion, star wars, what do you make of this franchise? >> they have done a miraculous job of keeping it profitable.
11:40 pm
is sort of still and nerdy at this point. >> that is you this is relevant. >> you have disney in charge. one too many rides and it stops being cool. other than jarr-jarr binges and that christmas special in 80s, they have not had any disasters. liz: wait, why would an amusement park ride lower the cool factor? >> if you do too much, and it too kiddie -- >> not true, look at disney, you know, some of their california dreaming was a thing not working as disneyland, not disney world. they redid is made it cool. they have cars, you know animation guys, that brand are not going okay. are you know disney, has a machine on this, and trust me when i tell y you this they will be some cool stuff could maybe not as nerdy as you know. liz: what is california dreaming thing? >> a ride they have at
11:41 pm
disneyland, it was going n now nowhere. i want to talk star wars. >> i want to be clear. >> they have a video game division, but i think they -- too little video games, too many rides. liz: jonus, you sit right there we're spending the darth vader up to you and the storm trooper, sit tight, jonus, okay. >> how you feeling now, big boy. liz: thank you. the guy with the hoodie, mark zuckerberg, a new facebook product today, is it a pne? it is an app? or a big disb
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liz: kid bolleionaire mark zucker entering. trying to rock the house with a big announcement. then a new product called facebook home, a new phone, or is it a new app or a new something? maybe comedian steven crowder can make sense of it, what did you make of the facebook home payment. >> we went from people tking about star wars, and now to facebook, i feel like a nerd at comic-con discussing why batman with take spiderman in a fight. liz: hang on. who is your favorite character, stay princess leah she is with us tonight. >>i have to tell you, stars on a jumbo lawn on my backyard, i
11:46 pm
would not lift the shade, sorry princess leia i have a wife. >> she is here right now. as far as facebook. i don't know about you, your guess is as good as mine, it drives point home, you can be a billionaire. in modern times and still be incapable of forming and ar it take lating a -- articulating a thought. i read everything that mark zuckerberg has put out, and i still don't know what it is. i think, do you mean facebook search? is that it? liz: i don't think even facebook search is on the phone app. that is what is so weird about it we were showing that princeis
11:47 pm
leah it of my face with the hair. i -- we'll show it again i is so attractive. here is the thing with the facebook announcement. there was a lot of hype, do you think there was too much hype, then a big let down? >> regardless of hype, it is a let down, if there were no hype it would be a let down. you expect to it b it -- that it happening with facebook, there is nothing to talk about. the phone isn't a phone, it is a glorified app that ties into your home screen. if that i want to come out and make an announcement, they could have said in one phrase, facebook -- yesterday's myspace. liz: you may get morehead up than you are. over this next issue that we're going to discuss. your reaction to this, flyers beware, your tiny bathroom on the airplane is about to be down
11:48 pm
sized. after nickel and timin diming y, they are making restrooms smaller to cram in more seats, the average coach bathroom right now is 3 feet by 3 feet. >> i don't know how you fit yourself in. there is a lesson to be learned. profit margins with airlines are thin, people don't know that, it is incredibly regulated stray, and also a industry that has been on receiving end of a lot of taxpayer bailouts, when americans see airlines and how much they hate them, take a mental note, which places do you hate dealing with most. the dmv, health insurance or banks now airlines, they are reflheavily regulated, that cres a industry with a lack of
11:49 pm
competition, samoa airline are going to start charging people by weight, that was going to be samoa airlines. if we're denying the samoans are a sturdy breed we're being dishonest. if you are someone who is smaller and thinner it makes sense. liz: back to the bathroom issue, this statistic freaked me out, one bathroom for every 50 passengers on some planes, just one for every 75. i mean, when you think it, you is a holy cow, why would i fly? >> just giving me anxiety sitting here thinking about it. i think it is important for people to know, why do you have to improve your be business model. of course, we know that dmv does not have to aim prove its business ho model.
11:50 pm
when people want to point the finger at president of the industry or pilot or st. you should point the finger at taxpayer dollars. >> you know, i hav to mention this, in the bathrooms we know there is a lot of bacteria and all that, just making them smaller, whole thing just creeps me out. i feel like i have to wear a michelin man suit next time. >> you have to put on a haz-mat suit, you know thing is we talk a looa lot now, with the probio, there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, in a plane bathroom it is all bad bacteria. liz: we'll leave it there, such a choice topic to think about before we go to bed. you have been terrific, steven thank you. you are a pleasure to deal with, you are so smart thank you.
11:51 pm
liz: next up, fast foo food workers protesting all over new %-push that could push food pris up and make fast-food service up and make fast-food service slower than it is shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network. record video. connect more. so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access.
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7 liz: fast-food joints in new york city getting jolted. lindsay says if they unionize, get ready to pay big bucks for your big mac. >> it is basic economics, businesses are forced to pay higher wages for workers, they will be forced to layoff workers, and people will lose their jobs, which means that the service will slowdown.
11:54 pm
and we'll pay more for the hamburger. it is likely this translates into fewer families eating out. so, unionization uhigher wages, and higher costs is bad for industry and the consumer. liz: mark, a lot of workers live below the poverty line. >> you know you are talking about paying them 8 or 9 bucks an hour, they can't live on that wage. it does raise the price of a hamburger, i would pay another 50-cents or a dollar more if we could pay people a living wage. but the problem circumstance if you don't pay -- is, if you don't pay people anything they don't spend money. liz: hang on. i hear -- >> we want to pay everyone nothing. liz: i hear it. mark, i get it but, they could lose their jobs not have any money to spend. >> i don't think they will lose their job, look you know we treat a lot of workers in service industry like dirt. we don't pay them anything. we don't give them benefits, we
11:55 pm
expect them to give us good service. you get what you pay for, why not raise the people up. bring them up, so they have a i did an wage, they can spend money in the economy we wld all benefit. liz: zain. >> they want to raise it to $15, why not to 25 or 30. ere does it stop. >> why not 12. liz: jane. liz: zain. paying 25-dollars, an hour, then we'll just get more money in to the system. -- that thing. >> well if you want t to be ridiculous. liz: hang on mark, let zain talk. >> i am all for helping people, i want to clarify that ihink my people would tell you that. but i'm living the real world. i am not sitting on a tv. liz: you republica run apple pe. >> i have 4,000 employee we pay none of them minimum wage, but
11:56 pm
idea of paying moment pee people more money, puts more money in the system, we should go to $100 an hour, i can tell you in myspace. in the industry called not fast-food, quick service. and by definition, it is quick service. if you slowdown this service, it is not i don't know what it will be called. but i can tell you there are many, many marginal companies in our business that squeak by, and guys like you say, i'm sure you can, i can tell you first hand, i struggled for a long time, in my business, not only was marginal some months looking, some mans -- some months lose, some months gain. if this happened in my business, i would not to be tv. liz: they unionize, and you are forced to raise their pay.
11:57 pm
will you raise them more or fire them. >> neither one, the pay is not issue. liz: what would you do. >>o unioning a is all about work rules, and models are out there, new york city there was a outfit carled charlie -- >> i want a quick answer, are you hiring less workers. >> stay the same, and we'll move forward. liz: are you hiring more or hire less or fire them or pay them more. >> we respond to the needs of the marketplace. and odds are we will hire less because the needs will not be there. liz: mark. >> i s you know businesses can get more efficient if they need to cut trim workforce they can trim workforce, but we need to pay people a decent wage. why are we companying o dumpingr worker. they get less pay and sti perform the same aim o amount ok
11:58 pm
at same level of service. >> why are we letting government regulate? >> this is the union, a law, people are allowed to unionize under federal law. liz: mark, hang on, to unionize you have to get government to agree to let them. lindsay. >> that is the point, we're getting government involved, letting them set the wage, the market should besetting market clearing wage. that is where we are -- >> you are missing two things. >> to continue to see bes grow. >> we're mixing two things here. >> we see, you know we're not, the problem is. >> yes, we are. we're mixing right to unionize versus mi minimum wage. >> they have the right to unionize. but i will tell you, not as an idea log, not someone reading a book, it will put people out of work, it would guarantee to put people out of work. >> i agree. i understand.
11:59 pm
>> i don't think you understand. >> it would be better to have people making better wage and fewer of them then all down at a low wage. >> you tell that to the guy without the job. you tell that guy that you think the guys working is better than he staying unemployed. >> look you know that is why we have unemployment insurance. >> oh, okay we should pay that bill in unemployment insurance instead of the worker, that is the problem, there are too many incentives not to work. >> if people stop eating at your restaurant. they can't afford to eat at applebees liz: does not we're talking about. as now we're talking about. >> people cannot afford to spend money. liz: we have to leave it there. that was a good debate. very impassioned. thank you for being with us. tomorrow, ready for russell mania, but he


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