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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:55pm EDT

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grassley has been denying that he knew anything about thishis. your quick comments. >> sure. i do believe that he did not know anything about this. a former aide of his to became a lobbyist, spun through the revolving door. very seriously championed this political intelligence disclosure requirement. i am expecting this to really motivate crassly into pushing even harder to try to make this law. you know, i really want to add, the repeal that congress just did of the disclosure includes all congressional staff. and those are the key sources of the political industry -- the political intelligence industry. gerri: here's the thing. they think you're not looking, so they're going to do whatever they can to make themselves look better. it is astonishing to me how these people in congress, and the president to sign the thing they can get away with this
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stuff. amelie global. you did a great job debating this. thank you for coming on. good job. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: well, here is another story that has me take off today. listen to this. homeowners who allegedly or wrongly foreclosed upon during the financial crisis were recently awarded nearly nine and a half billion dollars in settlement by banking regulators. this was last at yuri. here is the reality of what happened. those homeowners received pennies on the dollar for their losses, while consultants who were brought in by the feds to assist made out like bandits. joining me now, byrd, editor-in-chief of american banker. you have been reporting extensively on this. the details, for every dollar buildup to homeowners, consultants made for bucks. this is taxpayer money. this is outrageous. >> worse than that because this is the money it was supposed to go to homeowners. they never got to that point. in december of last year the
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regulators, the office of the comptroller, the currency is overseeing this throughout their hands and said we want to do over. the whole thing was such an utter mess and there were getting bad publicity. gerri: here is what i don't understand. essentially these consultants were asked to unravel the foreclose a disaster, decide which of these homeowners were actually wrongfully foreclosed on, but they threw up their hands. they could not figure out. >> it's complicated. but the office of the comptroller, the currency did not give them a lot of direction you ended up with all the consultants during different things and trying to comply. gerri: come on. poor babies. they made billions of dollars. >> of course. they were judging by the hour. this was manna from heaven to be there were also trying to comply. all thing was so badly conceived from the beginning that the sec finally said we give up. we abandoned. we admit defeat. gerri: we will pay everybody. this is government logic. we cannot figure out what to do, so we will allow taxpayer money
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to everybody. >> this will be bank money, but we will pay everybody peanuts. we will -- you lost your house and more than half of the people going to get $300. gerri: i think this is corporate cronyism, and i will tell you why. this is the sec, big regulator in washington. who gets a job with a major one of these firms it was trying to do this business? why it's mary shapiro, former head of the securities and exchange commission. how convenient that it all worked out the weight. >> obviously there is a lot of back-and-forth. the revolving door goes around and around. maybe the reason it it does not pay as much. we did a big profile of the company that is at the center of this, and there has been a lot of people from regulators going. and they do good work, but it is very close with the government. you refer to them as michele regulators. when you have this sort of
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relationship with the big accounting firms, of course, price waterhouse coopers and also doing this work, there are only so many. there are very close to the regulators that they are supposed to be -- gerri: our viewers are looking at a full screen right here of that, what victims are going to get. >> not much. gerri: 60% as you said would be $300. now, 22 percent would get thousand. the fries my shorts. the center of this is some company consultants to the e cannot separate them from government. they're so close that they are government. they are feeding on the backs of taxpayers and the system. >> well, now government and the way the government usually wants to, now wants to regulate the consultants, i honestly think this is a little bit of a side issue. to your point, the real question in the tragedy is that people who lost their homes are not
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going to get compensated for this. that is very sad. the fact that they are not getting compensated raises row questions about how this whole thing has come along and who is. presumably it is ultimately the banks that were involved in the robosigning, involved in abusing people in the foreclosure process in some cases, we're never going to know. gerri: i disagree with you a little bit here. i really believe that people who got into mortgages that they should not have been into, you should know if you are signing up for a mortgage you can handle. so i had problems with that. but here is, yet again, another case where we see companies, consultants, groups of people who set themselves up to just suck money out of the system doing very little. could not even get the job done that the government wanted them to the end up getting paid billions. that is what is so upsetting. you guys have done great work on the story. lots and lots of scoops to be thank you for coming in telling us about it.
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♪ gerri: welcome i don't know if you have noticed, but television and phone calls are going through the roof with many customers not bargaining to get a lower price. how'd you do that? let's ask john and mark. welcome back to the show. always good to see you. so why did these prices only go up? >> well, some sticky pricing, prices go up really fast and then never come down. but the problem as -- i used to complain back in the day when i paid $30 for a landline phone.
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nowadays the debate to the $300 per month for triple play. so you're dealing with bigger bucks, but when the biggest with the people can save money, and most of them don't comment negotiate. "consumer reports" this study. only one in three people actually tried. gerri: tv, internet, and phone is triple play. of course, the easiest thing to do is to call up your provider and say, i don't like what i'm paying. and seeing better offers in the media. what can you do for me. that is the simple thing. i have done that. >> again, nearly half of the people we surveyed save $50 per month by just trying it. really, you have to plead your case. your bill is too high. asked about new or upcoming promotions. what is the best promotional offer to new customers? use these tools as leverage. it gives you wiggle room. there are competing factions. you have one cable provider, but you may also have direct tv.
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so you can play these guys off one another. show your loyalty. i always say, see a been a loyal customer for x number of years. never missed a payment. they cannot listen, you're breaking the bank here. play them off against each other. ask them for something in return for your loyalty. maybe no dvr fees for a year, more channels for the same price. free hbo for six months. gerri: like your creativity. come to it with an agenda, lots of options. they say no to the first thing, you have other things to ask for. you survey folks about what services they like. tell us which of the boundless that will elect there. >> well, the best companies for bundling turn out to be verizon, finance, and while. if they are available in your markets to more we recommend you go with either of these. these companies earned superior
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scores. rated higher than most major cable companies for a tv picture and sound quality, selection, reliability. that was great. unfortunately, verizon is not perfect. more users and more complaints about their bills for the triple play and other carriers. gerri: iphone only, a company i had never heard of. >> yes. it's a great service. they have done a lot of advertising. on edge as another one for telephone service. they scored highly with our readers. you know, those were standouts. they are called voice -- void services and are among the most satisfying overall, better rated for value. if you want to save money, what is more important? gerri: tv only, what did your readers like? >> well, for tv only direct tv was a standout with the highest marks for channel selection of all or providers, and the picture rating was something only verizon files to match.
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that is a one of there. gerri: just one and word of advice here provoke suit are considering changing or trying to reduce the monthly cost. would you say? >> i would say never take no for an answer. again, you always have choices when it comes to cable. you can consider buying less. maybe you're paying for a set top box for dvr the you don't use or a tv rarely used. maybe you can get by with an over the air antenna for a veteran tv that is used for the local news at night or watching a talk show. maybe you don't need 100 espn channels. there are ways to cut your bills . don't be afraid. if you give one of those deals from a competing company, you can save 50%. that is like getting in free for your. gerri: i love that. thank you for your help. >> my pleasure. gerri: great job as always. well, time for the top trending stories online right now. the intensity of cyber attacks is climbing, up nearly 700% so
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far this year. china, of course, the biggest culprit. disappointing earnings sent the market tumbling. apple even dipped below $400 per share. amazing. new warning to but a shortage of doctors in the age of obamacare. 30 million new patients and not enough primary-care physicians. we have been covering that story. more details today. cities with the worst health care coverage. topping that list, mcallen taxes . you can always check it out. see what is trending. well, later in the show, small-business is spending a lot of time and resources and social media. is there investment paying off? unions going through labor pains getting desperate for more numbers. and so you here where they're looking now. ♪ my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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gerri: our nation's charter schools are under threat. unions tried to organize church school teachers to boost and dos. details in 60 seconds.
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♪ >> from the fox business studios in new york city, it's "the willis report" with gerri willis. ♪ gerri: well, unions trying to infiltrate charter schools across the country in order to fuel their coffers. joining me now with the threat unions pose to our nation's charter schools, ceo of the illinois policy institute. welcome back to the show. you know, i find this interesting because charter schools typically have not been a place that unions have been very successful at. only 12 percent of charter schools are unionized.
6:19 pm
do they see -- did they see this as the great next step? >> it has more to do with protection. they are worried about accountability. what charters are doing is creating measures of accountability. unions cannot have that. you compare chicago. we did a project comparing open enrollment high-school act scores. nine of the top ten were charter schools. this is the kind of thing that unions cannot have. they want monopoly control. gerri: well, let's dig down into that. a full screen showing the stores. the act average scores, you compare that top-10 charters, the top-10 traditional schools. let me tell you, they beat them every time. is this typical? >> this is very typical, and the most important thing that happens, when some don't perform well they either get improved or shutdown because charter schools are held accountable. the problem we have with public schools and particularly in urban areas like chicago, the
6:20 pm
chicago public school system is not held accountable. what they do is take the same kids open enrollment. we have the teachers' union. they demonstrate by that graphic you are showing that it can happen. this is competition. your segment earlier on triple play in cable and internet and telephone services is a great example of what happens when you get competition. consumers get more and better choices for less cost. gerri: let's dig down into that. you talk about accountability in competition. what are the ways that, as you say communions bring down public education? >> well, very rigid work rules. the entire collective bargaining agreement is governed around the idea of definable based system of educating children. they treat all classrooms and children the same. of teachers the same. what happens in charter schools, as the chief education officer from chicago police schools once said to me on a radio show, the great reason why charters a doing so well is then operate under the collective bargaining
6:21 pm
agreement, so they can adapt, they can be flexible and treat each classroom and teacher and child as an individual. as a result of that they get better performance and constantly adapting. unfortunately that better performance scares the heck of the teachers' union which is what they want to stop it. gerri: should be about teaching, not trying to live up to some kind of arcane rule. there is also the pay advantage, and i want to talk about this. union workers' average weekly pay $943. non-union 740 from a taxpayer pointed you the fear factor is that these charter schools will organize and we will be paying even more. like, at the end of the day people are opting for charter and opting to put down their own money. sometimes there are tax benefits, sometimes there aren't now that would increase their cost. the end how insulting is that? >> it is really insulting. especially in charter schools some of the teachers make less money. some of the best teachers from
6:22 pm
the public school who opted out of higher pay to come teach in the charter schools where they could have a creative flexibility to change children's lives for the better. if you unionize the workforce in the way they're talking about him you will take resources out of the classroom and actually impact results negatively for these children. it should be about the children. iraq the it is a cliche. gerri: a big reaction from our viewers on the story. i think it is because they're looking for results. we want to see results. kids in this country did not score well on these tests. act and others. we need them to score better. had we get that done? does not seem like anything we did to the public-school system makes a huge improvement? is the charter school the way to get a better education? >> it certainly is, and especially in places like chicago. with chicago's charter schools would operate within the public school system, they prove that
6:23 pm
chicago kids and kids' from tough neighborhoods can compete if given a chance with flexible educational approaches like what happened in charter schools. these families are struggling to try to find a way make a living, find jobs and a tough environment. they cannot afford to move out to the suburbs or go to a private school. a lifeline. what they want to do is cut off the lifeline and cast these dra. very unfair, and people should be outraged. gerri: to follow-up on your idea, there was a big teachers' strike not too long ago. guess which ticket -- teachers showed up to work? the people at the charter schools. thank you for coming on. great topic. great information. appreciate your time. of course, we always want to know what you think. here is our question. should you miss the end of our education system? log on to but on the right hand side of the screen now will share the results. coming up, two new editions.
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social media can boost the bottom line. new survey sow's that may not be the case. our panel weighs in next. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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gerri: yes, the boston bombings. the latest of what we know about that despite earlier reports, there is no suspect in custody yet. throughout the day sources were getting conflicting information, but the fbi has disputed those reports, they say they have an image of a potential suspect, but not his name.
6:28 pm
as investigators try to find a coward or cowards responsible for this evil, the people of boston are proving there is more good in that city than bad. some of those heroes deserve a spot on our wall of fame. boston marathon, the last pride. the 5000 or so who did not complete the marathon on monday, a walk from d.c. campus to downtown boston, already 17,000 have signed up for friday's walk. one of those who didn't finish was laura wellington. she was just a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs exploded and unable to reach her family waiting for her, she sat on the street crying until a couple approached her and comforted her. when the man found out laura having finished the race, he gave her his medal and said you are a finisher in my eyes. laura's story is all over facebook as she looks for couples to help cope with the tragedy.
6:29 pm
100,000 people have shared her story. amazing, right? so she has been dubbed the hail mary of social media. but owners are not getting the bang for their social media buck. these 1% say they are not seeing any return on their investments despite spending increased amount of time and money on the web. joining me now, the tech editor. and ceo of "it's your business" named one of the top influencers of you are the perfect guest for this. what is going on here? be small-business owners have it wrong? >> actually, this is just one survey. so if they do business owners responding to the survey don't get social media. in fact, in the survey showed they were using social media to acquire new customers and to get leads.
6:30 pm
that is counter to what social media is all about. it is about building relationships. they found the top reason small businesses are using social media is to build visibility and connect and engage to their customers. i have to say it is the same, it is just on the internet. gerri: that you disagree with the small business owners because you have made a heck of a deal through social media, tell us about that. >> i have, six years ago my small-business actually owned a small piece of business. now remember, twitter and social media are not the magic wand, it is a cool and it takes proper usage and it is not an average of her efforts, but the single that turns into a big piece of business. gerri: what are the
6:31 pm
small-business operators doing wrong? >> they're doing three main things wrong. they're speaking to people in ways business folks speak to people, not in the ways you have conversations. when businesses use twitter, facebook, any of the social media platforms you have to start thinking of it like a cartecocktail dinner conversati. it is about conversation, it is not about the hard sell. it is not about doing traditional marketing initiative, and hoping people will buy things. instead of making them come and like you on facebook, why don't you go and like them? go to the customers and like them, engage with them, get to know what they like. >> you have to actively participate in social media. you don't just put stuff out there and hope they come. it is a part of your marketing arsenal. it is about building credibility and trust.
6:32 pm
people do business with people they know and trust, they get to know you on social media. gerri: i think at least in my business people respond to people who are people in social media. people who have dogs and houses and growing gardens, so do you have to show more than just your business face? >> you do. you have to be relevant to your community and you have to have a community. a lot of people to social media and have 10 followers and wonder why it's not working. i recommend people take one channel, and do it well. twitter, facebook, linked in. don't let the guilt monster mess up a good day because it will do that. gerri: what is best? facebook, twitter, one of them has to be better than the others. >> it depends on who you are and what your actual needs are. you can actually plan and
6:33 pm
cooodinate all of your social media at one time. you can send it out on a wednesday. across link in, twitter, youtube. you have to speak the language, you have to say you know what is cool, give an inspirational quote. you have to know how this conversation is going. >> let me add, think it is interesting the constant contact survey did a survey and found 82%, 86% respectively prefer facebook where is the mantra survey said they did not like facebook. there is something huge with the survey. >> what do you think it is best? facebook, twitter? >> it depends on your industry and what you're trying to accomplish. it is not one-size-fits-all. your point about being a human, being authentic. i started out in television, one of the things by news director said, 80% about the story, 20%
6:34 pm
about who you are. i have thousands of my best friends on facebook, so it always have a sense of who i am, talk about my dog and my family. mostly about business. and about getting first. i tried to give my followers information that will be really helpful to them and their businesses, and then it comes back to me many times over. >> and let them talk about their dog. their experience. >> some of the greatest feedback is when i put a picture of my dog out there. i put there out with my dog and a tennis ball in his mouth. they loved it. gerri: thank you very much. very interesting, i think that is useful for people out there in small businesses. thank you very much. when we come back we will talk about fitness dance. you may not even know what they are, but we will show you. and it is like obamacare over again. the middle of the night getting hart'harsh reaction.
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lou dobbs and his reaction next. a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thinghat hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how d you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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gerri: the gang of eight senators formally introducing the immigration bill today already the lines are drawn before they probably even read the 844 page legislation. for his take, let's go to lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight." >> it is a shorter, as big as the bill is, they are shorter than we were led to expect by some 600 pages. but for example tonight we're going to be talking with senator jeff flake. when the architects of this legislation. the truth is right now no one has a real sense of where this thing is headed. because it is already being charged with being too much pitiful amount to over $2 trillion, rising to perhaps
6:39 pm
four and have trillion would include unfunded liabilities. a disastrous process we are embarking upon. the senate judiciary committee says he only wants to have one hearing with the bombings in boston have been delayed, one hearing for the american people to learn to understand and to comment on legislation that will significantly affect our society, our lives, our country. gerri: didn't they post this thing behind closed doors to begin with? speak of the democratic impulse plans out not to be so democratic, right? the republicans have an opportunity to stand up and say we're going to be open, we're going to be transparent as the president has said he would be. he promised it. republicans have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the democrats and to be
6:40 pm
respective of what they ultimately decide they're going to have amnesty, they're going to have a program, is base patho citizenship over 13 years as this plan recommends or some other duration. all of this has to be done in the interest of the american people and the national interest. this is an opportunity for republicans among my guests tonight to talk about the real issue that matters here, and not gain the american people. john mccain and ted kennedy, god rest his soul, all they had to do was be honest, straightforward with the american people. the talk honestly. gerri: is a big challenge to people elected to public office. have a great show, it starts in only minutes.
6:41 pm
>> i can't wait. gerri: thank you. all right, we're switching up gears big time. we all scream for a frozen dessert? apparently what was once all-natural ice cream is being forced to change its packaging. the claim by breyers is apparently stretching the truth a bit. they are no longer all-natural, rather quality and in some cases can't even claim to call the product ice cream. it is a frozen dairy dessert. here is a difference, ice cream requires specific levels of milk fat content, total solids in each gallon of ice cream while frozen dairy products you don't have to do that. though some flavors of breyer's ice cream, frozen dairy dessert, uses more corn syrup than allowed. but if you're a fan of plain vanilla, you're in luck, that is still ice cream. the most popular ice cream flavors. number five, neapolitan.
6:42 pm
the indecisive ice cream lover would take that. number four, butter pecan. number three, strawberry. number two, chocolate. the number one flavor is vanilla. by a huge margin. nearly a third of ice cream eaters say the flavor is the best, and "the willis report" staff favorite is rocky road, which i'm having a little bit of right now. still to come, m my two cents me on ridiculous cost-cutting proposal for democratic congresswoman. and i'll pour the rage for the quantified self. all coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
gerri: up next are going to check out the top selling high-tech fitness gadgets, which are the best out there. stick around.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
gerri: all right, if you are a fitness nut in no activity tracking bands are the latest craze. you wear them on your wrist monitor how active you are or are not throughout the day to stay fit and eat healthy. but do they really work? joining me is a reporter for all things digital. thank you for helping us out. these are really interesting products because if you are an
6:47 pm
exercise not it helps you figure out if you are exercising more or less were really doing good things for your body. you are wearing the original, tell us about that. >> i am wearing the fit bit, one of the newer ones you can get from fit bit, they have been around for a few years now. this cost $100. you click onto your clothing, you walk around throughout the day go for a run, maybe you don't, at the end of the day you can sync it to your laptop. gerri: what does it tell you? >> how many steps you've taken and how active you have been. you can wear it at night and it will tell you about the quality of your sleep. if you're tossing and turning, that is not a good sign. gerri: i am wearing jawbone up. this is the one i have thought about getting. lightweight, easy-to-use and monitors everything from what to eat to your exercise, to your sleep. the question is who i have time
6:48 pm
for this little baby because you have been put so much stuff. right? >> you do, you do. you take the end of it off, which is kind of cool, stick it into the bottom of your iphone or android, it stinks all of the data for you. there is some manual inputting going on. if you want to track your food come you have to do that yourself. if it says too much red wine, you know you have a problem there. gerri: the nike fuel band got a lot of attention. but there are critics, do you like that product? >> the nike fuel band was not my favorite because it used this currency called fuel. you get points. you say i want to get 5000 fuel points, you will be really active, and you try to reach that goal, i personally wanted
6:49 pm
more of a specific period i ran x. number of miles or i took x. number of things. it all depends on what you're into. gerri: it flashes come if you reach your goal, it is kind of cool. there are limits to this from what i have read. tell me what you found because you have really tried these out and test driven them. do they really tell you that much? at the end of the day, you know how far you ran and some of the activities you do, they don't really monitor. they are best at monitoring this. >> that is not necessarily true. i can wear this on my shoulder, has an accelerometer still tracking the movement throughout the day. not necessarily for the hard-core athlete, for somebody who is somebody whose navy secretary throughout the day, sitting at the desk and you just need something to tell you you
6:50 pm
need to get up and moving. so maybe they are somewhat limited, the average consumer is to get moving a little bit more. gerri: these are just fancy pedometers at the end of the day, but they can help you get off the couch and get moving. really a pleasure to have you. >> i am sure we will see more of them. gerri: we will be right back.
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including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as $15 at there's a land of restful sleep, we can help you go there, on the wings of lunesta. gerri: let's start that all over again. finally a cost cutting measure be proposed by democrats. here's what jackie speier of california is conspiring. pass to national parks for seniors. right now those 62 and older get these passes for ten bucks. the congresswoman must change
6:54 pm
all that. even if that happened, it is not going to fill the $1,503,000,000 budget gap facing the national parks. according to some reports, doubling the past would only generate $10 million. apparently that is what counts. but the savings in democratic circles. that is my "2 cents more." a great night. it was the record tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening and thank you for being with us. i'm lou dobbs. investigators in the boston marathon bombing terrorist attack now say they have identified a suspect, although no arrests have been made at this hour. we do not have the description of that suspect. this after a day of back-and-forth reporting on whether or not someone had, indeed, already been identified as a suspect and had come in some cases, been arrested. those questions loom large through the date. at the end of the day they brought no answers.
6:55 pm
law enforcement officials with ties to the investigation reportedly confirming to the associated press earlier


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