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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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suspect. you will be taking that up, of course, here tomorrow. we hope you'll join us. among our guests, members of the house judiciary committee. again, thank you for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ neil: thank you. live with you. this was a time i was to approach to an fbi press conference that was planned for this second, this minute, this hour, one that was on and off throughout the day, reports earlier today botched more by the media. the arrest of a suspect in the boston marathon attacks earlier in the week. they kept pushing back to a conference that was never to be. it is still not to be. the conference is off tonight. what to make of the delay that rudy guiliani was telling me earlier on could into, federal authorities getting close to the
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guy behind all this. on top of all of this in boston. what's going on? >> it's very possible that the fbi and other agencies are getting close to the possible suspects in this bombing, but they are not telling us that tonight. as you mentioned, the call of a briefing that was scheduled for 8:00 p.m. the briefing became a statement and the statement became nothing part of the reason for that might be that there was widespread reporting on local and national media earlier today that an arrested been made. because of that the fbi released a statement saying that there had been an arrest made in connection with the boston marathon attack. and also calling out inaccurate reports from earlier in the past couple of days. the fbi clearly upset about some inaccurate information that has been spread in the media and that may be one reason why they're not willing to come out tonight, although they are not confirming that either.
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what we can tell you is that we know that the fbi and other federal agencies are circulating photographs of to parses of interest, two men who authorities are looking for a connection with those bombings. we have seen the photographs, but we cannot share them because we don't want to jeopardize the investigation. there are clear. they showed two men, one of them has a backpack that matches the description of the backpack that authorities are telling us was used in the bombing. the other man has another back. these are men that are being sought. the men who the fbi and other agencies are looking for. we don't know if they have identified them. we don't know if they have determined where these men are, but we do know that the fbi is not talking about today. neil: i don't want to put you on the spot. whether they are american or whether there are foreign born, any hint of that?
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>> because of the sensitive nature of these photographs on not willing or able to discuss the description of these two men. i don't think it's fair. we don't know that these guys have anything to do with the bonds. they very well might, but we can't say for sure. weekend our local fox affiliatex will -- as video just walking through the crowd near the finish line before the end of the race, before the bombing took place. it is that kind of video where you can see faces in the crowd. these guys could have been captured by that video and there are reports earlier that they were captured and surveillance footage taken from a store at that scene. authorities may be matching of the footage from surveillance cameras and local media and peoples of iphones command center the show these men and perhaps show then depositing the banks.
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the fbi is not commenting. we may or may not hear from them in the next 24 hours. neil: all right. thank you. forensic video analysts, processing images. walking through the portland, maine airport read before the 9/11 attacks. what is amazing about this is how sometimes looking at some of the obvious things that you and i might examine and say big deal, he can see things that everyone else will mess. as a result he can get to the bottom of a lot of disasters. it's good to have. much has been made of this picture prior to the explosion of what looks like a bag along the marathon route, near the end of the marathon. what do you look for in that image that is now becoming
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almost iconic? >> well, you're right. it is iconic, but does it mean anything? everybody looks at this package, this bag, this object because it is sitting beside this mailbox. a suspicious. and it is also directly in the location where one of the bonds was ignited. if we look at this image, an image that we can get from the media or from the public, the quality is very poor. this is the imagery can see before the explosion. if you look at the image after the explosion is a big hole in the area. you can see there to the left of the no box. it's all blurry. blurred because there's a bit of smoke or as somebody process that image so that we can see it clearly enough. if you look closely because the elements of the same bag, it's
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just blurred. the problem law enforcement is going to have is that when they're asking the public use their images, they're not telling them how. there having to decide what is relevant, decide how to process the images. and what you will end up with is something that should have been quite clear is now blurry. the problem is, we magnify the image and if we blow it up to 500% to see what that packages, we cannot see anything because it is what we call pixilated. it is just not clear. and so the original image might have created or given us so much more detail. we could have more definitively seen what it is. might not have been anything and it might be explosive. we can't tell. neil: in these types of post disaster sleuthing to my house images that others might just passed over, guys like you are
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really good at this and go back and say, wait a minute. you were the first to seize on what has now become an infamous shot that everyone else overlooked. that was on it on top making his way to logan airport. most would have missed and not even seen the connection that he was going to make a connection in boston to lead what would be the attacks that day on 9/11. what to you look for in these images to back to you look for what they are carrying, how they're being treated, what? >> well, keep in mind, this was portland, maine. you know, these were gentleman from saudi arabia. and so that is not a very difficult connection to make given that they know what flight there on, how they get from maine to portland, from
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portland, pardon me, to logan airport. by the way, logan had no video surveillance in 2001 at the airport. now you can step anywhere within an inch of the airport without being captured through a dozen cameras. neil: are you looking at whether they're carrying something? we know they brought box cutters on board. i don't know if all of them did. they had a knapsack for bagger something like that. do you look for a bag? the you look for someone who is going without a bag? what are you trying to glean beside the fact that, okay, here is the image. what is it that you are trying to piece together? >> well, and that particular case you're just trying to find out who their associated to. the individual that you see in the image walked together throughout the airport. another teeseven number of images where we have multiple cameras.
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neil: that did not draw anyone's curiosity your questioning. there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. >> you know, our world has changed since 9/11. nobody looks twice have people going through an airport with bags. that's just what they did. no one check their luggage. if they had it with a found box cutters. you could not get through airport today with box cutters. neil: granted. the banks themselves go through? instead to take it off. >> they went through. neil: there were looking for that sort of stuff. >> no. you could take a box cutter on an airplane back and. neil: one other quick note. the pictures that rick leventhal -- rick leventhal said they're going through, do you think -- is a your hunch that in the various video images of crowns early on that the culprit or culprits
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will be seen? that they will be a much the crowds? >> there is no doubt. if you looked at how many people were out there collecting evidence for the police, everybody with the cellphone, everyone who took a picture, there were collecting evidence. all of it is available to police . i can guarantee you that those individuals will have been captured through hundreds of still images and thousands of video images. so we will have more video on these criminals than probably any other criminals in a major criminal event like this. probably the most recorded crime in american history. neil: we shall see. thank you very, very much. of course you probably heard a good deal about the type of weapons used in the attacks in boston, will work, you know, essentially pressure cookers. only in these pressure cookers, not food, ball bearings, razor blades, you name it.
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once they exploded they did a lot of damage. those were really a essentially improvised explosive devices, i edie's, very familiar in places like afghanistan, london, madrid. what if i told you, get ready for them to become commonplace? ♪ [ male announcer ] in your lifetime, you will lose 3 sets of ys 4 cell phones 7 socks an6 weeks of sleep but one thing you don't want to lose is any more teeth. if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth. new poligrip and polident for partials 'seal and protect' helps minimize stress, which may damage supporting teeth, by stabilizing your partial. and 'clean and protect' kills odor-causing bacteria. care for your partial. help protect your natural tee.
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♪ neil: all right. we're just getting word that those letters laced with poison sent to president obama and senator roger wicker was indeed ricin. authorities are now saying it was a low grade, not necessarily but denies. in other words, it would not be fatal. it doesn't mean that it is any less dangerous. is potentially for those who come into direct contact with the. but the authorities are now
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saying it was a low great variety, still a threat. it would get the latest from peter barnes on that in just a second. in the meantime, this weapon in boston, as you know, they're looking at two potential suspects. but what is not suspect right now is the type of weapon used. crude but effective. one, the former marine lieutenant colonel says it could become the weapon of choice for terrorists in this country, whether they are terrorists from this country are not. explain what you mean by that and whether they have, in fact, come to our sure. >> well, the term ieds is relatively new, but the whole concept of what -- we use the term booby trap, really the same thing we have with ieds. certainly timothy mcveigh, the
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unabomber, those are names that come to mind right away. what they were using were what would be today turned 88. the difference is that these days you or i or anybody in the studios are your studios in new york. in the course of just a few hours, you can get on the web, find the information that we would want to be able to build our own ied in our house, and our basement, in our garage, find a way to put a dent -- detonating mechanism to get a command we could be at using it within just a matter of days. my concern is the availability means that a lot of people who have bad ideas, bad thoughts, want to do bad things may end the shift from simply using guns to trying to use ieds such as the case in boston. neil: and certainly in oklahoma city, that was a big ied. the case in boston, what appear to be much smaller, but very deadly obviously. so if you are looking at the method of attack, that is one
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that is readily accessible. if you are right about finding the details how to build one on the internet, readily buildable. how do we guard against that? because by that stands it is a surprise to me that we have not seen attacks like this more frequently if at all sense 9/11. >> well, one reminder is of the last 12 years law enforcement has done an incredible job. been so many temps of bombings that have been stopped. we could go down a long list. law enforcement has prevailed. in almost every one of those. some kind of idea of putting together a ied and using it. as we look at the boston case, they talk about the pressure cooker. i am sure there working diligently to try to find out what kind of explosive was in it . gunpowder, which anyone could get, some mixture of fertilizer and diesel fuel, probably not.
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was it a sophisticated explosive that somebody could have gotten, dynamite? so many different ways. nothing has been set yet. they talked about the pressure cooker. they have not talked about finding any kind of specific device, like a cell phone that would have been used to activate as a detonator. they found mechanical pieces, but no way to get an rf signal to it. neil: to you think that it would have been a lot more severe had this thing -- if that was the case, something more than just ball bearings are for that matter razor blades or whenever. if it had explosives inside, obviously a very different result. >> much different. looking at the size of those pressure cookers, if that were one-fourth of it see for or p t in or syntax or some other explosive, the explosion itself would have been devastating. there would have been tens if not hundreds of people killed.
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so this is a relatively low great explosion. certainly enough to kill and do damage. neil: really quickly, are you surprised even though authorities have done a very good job of stopping follow-up attacks in malls, train stations and the like, maybe your luck is run out and maybe terrorists have found, let's cool it on the airplanes. we can do a lot of damage or certainly scare a lot of americans keeping in a little more simple and doing stuff like this. >> people will continue to try to do these things. everyone in the intelligence and law enforcement community will tell you, it's only a matter of time until something like this happens. we will certainly see other things like this happen in the future. neil: thank you very much. again, to update you folks a home, these ricin letters, the poisonous substance that in
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heavy enough doses can do damage and kill you instantly was found to be of low grade quality and, indeed, not even weapon nuys. i don't know how you weapon is ricin. i guess if you up its quality. it did not kill that senator, and it did not kill the president, but it did scare a nation. we are on that after this. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the pital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase...
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♪ neil: when it ricin it pours. talk of a third letter, a third letter beyond one to a senator and the president. peter barnes of the white house with a latest on that. >> reporter: that's right. and an arrest in that case. let me read you this statement from the fbi today.
8:23 pm
approximately 5:00 p.m. central time fbi special agents arrested paul kagan curtis, the individual believed to be responsive to the responsible for the mailings of the three letters sent to the u.s. postal inspection service which contain a granular substance that preliminary it -- preliminarily tested positive for ricin. the letters were addressed to a u.s. senator, roger wicker, the white house, the president's, and the mississippi justice official. this is new. we did not know about this letter. the fbi goes on to say the individual was arrested at his residence following an investigation. neil: thank you very much. we have a republican congressman who chairs the homeland security committee and the cyber security subcommittee. what are we to make of all of this? what does it mean if you will excuse my ignorance, at least in the two letters we have known about to the senator and the
8:24 pm
president's that they had low-grade ricin and that it had not been weapon nice to. it was still dangerous but not as dangerous. >> i think it means that the system worked, which was that that which was put in place to identify materials before they get delivered to the president or to members of congress, this, of course, in the aftermath of the anthrax issue we have some time before. it's probably somebody -- and he has now been identified and arrested. in a, an angry constituent and acting out, acting out in a criminal way, but also in the case to some extent that he is not particularly competent one. neil: i here, congressman, that senators letters are screened but not representatives letters. is that true? >> well, you know, that wouldn't surprise me the way things are in washington. neil: great affront to that.
8:25 pm
screen the different facilities. >> the house does their own in the senate does it in a different facility. neil: the timing of this. it does give a lot of folks the heebie-jeebies. the same sort of pattern that we saw after the 9/11 attacks, surely there after. what do you make of this? >> well, let me say that i don't think there is a connection. i was the united states attorney in philadelphia. only six days after september 11th, and it was a new jersey post office, fbi, the first the responded. and that recollection we had was a real fear of what we were seeing, a second wave of
8:26 pm
activity on the part of terrorists. in this circumstance it is remarkably less in terms of that which has been sent with identifying who was -- the alleged person and fall with it. it probably just -- somebody acting out in anger. i also understand that this is -- if it's a person who has a history, expressing his concerns. neil: all right. thank you very, very much. appreciated. >> great to be with you. neil: you heard no, pressure cookers were likely used in the attacks in boston. it does make you wonder whether in youth by a pressure cooker you have to be tracked disliked by gun. is that so far flung?
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. ♪ ♪ neil: all right. for the man at the center of so many crises and back at the center of this one, just of the administrator. the fund for boston victims. he, of course, was the guy in
8:30 pm
charge of the 9/11 compensation fund, the bp still fund, now being tapped for the moneys that will no doubt be coming in for the boston marathon victim's. he will be joining me, by the way, tomorrow night. he is the go to guy, widely respected in both republican and democratic circles for is a scrupulous fairness and decency with stealing and crises. of course, the first to say, really can divide them evenly. in the controversy after 9/11, you cannot treat the victims and the family members of the kill firefighters, someone who was the top executives over an edgy, for example. the aig executive with much greater money earning potential than did the firemen. he was not trying to a b -- it was the procedure and a methodical approach. he will be with me tomorrow.
8:31 pm
meanwhile, will they ban pressure cookers next? you have to wonder. or read about that. because, i can already see it. no one says such a thing, but you know that is where they're going to go because they're going to say, well, these are dangerous instruments. you know, ball bearings and razor blades and what else. they are weapons. >> in the wake of any tragedies you will have those people who are going to engage in this hyperbolic rhetoric and try to come up with a very simple solutions to what are really extremely complex issues. mass murder, mass violence in this country. it's a very complex issue. i think the common sense matters, we all know that banning males, banning pressure cookers is not the solution to the epidemic of mass violence. neil: make it more difficult to purchase. yet to register. >> to by nails? neil: not males. which is say a pressure cooker.
8:32 pm
that is a dangerous thing. i do remember our was telling my staff, i could not have been more than seven or eight. i think we are still forced to eat. my point was then that i guess these things could be dangerous if you're not doing it right. i'm not for registering. but someone will look at this and say, we never knew the danger that was in front of us all the time. >> it's a very simplistic approach. it is not a correct approach under these circumstances. we have to look -- neil: is suddenly getting the ideas. >> we have to have common sense government regulation. one piece of the solution, but it's not the entire solution. it will solve these problems. when the delicate why we have these high rates of mass violence. use technology in law enforcement. neil: if you're a bad guy
8:33 pm
looking at the cost, we are going through pressure cookers, 70 bucks. the kitchen timer. you could have all the ingredients to do a lot of damage for a little more than a c-note. >> and you have the internet. you don't have to -- neil: a lot of do-gooder's are going to say we have to get this stuff. that should not be easy to get. all the other ingredients there are just fair game. >> that's going down a very slippery path that will necessarily infringe on our constitutional rights which is not the path we need to be going down. we need to be using common sense approaches to government regulation on inherently dangerous items. you know, no one would say that we should not regulate certain things. you cannot drive your car at a million miles-per-hour under any circumstances in the rain and say that on your rights.
8:34 pm
they're okay with certain type of infringements. no one says we should be able to get on an airplane with a knife. neil: it did not raise eyebrows and. >> that's right. now we expect certain types of regulations. neil: it did not realize, his knife was there for everyone to see. >> that's right. and now we know, it seems almost insane test to get on a plane with anything that even resembles. >> everyone looks at the latest weapon. >> while, 3 ounces of liquid. we can't get on planes without -- neil: you're right. >> it's a very reactionary response. some of us feel like it's silly. this is really stop someone who has that criminal intent? i believe there is a balance we have to reach, but i think we have to look at other means of addressing these issues, not
8:35 pm
just continually infringing on people's rights in this country. that is to education, policy, looking at the reasons behind this as well as technology that law enforcement and how law enforcement uses technology in this country. neil: well put. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you. it's always a balance. when something like this happens. individual rights versus trying to keep individuals live. the attorney general, more than any attorney-general in our history had to balance that type this year and only here. next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. st seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. isonnecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
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♪ neil: all right. we are told that what was going to be an fbi press conference about a half an hour ago was put off. the same press conference that was scheduled on and off again a variety of times today. i don't know what that means. maybe john ashcroft does conform
8:38 pm
-- former attorney general of the united states. thank you for joining us. it to you have any insight as to why and what you think it might mean when the fbi keeps putting off a press conference? >> well, i hope it means that the fbi has decided it is in the interest of public safety not to say or try to say things if they don't have appropriate things to say. at the public safety needs to be the primary concern that we have it may well be that too much information could increase the risk of follow-on attacks or mimic attacks or other things that would impair the right of people to live freely without injury. so i hope that the transcendent concern is the concern a public safety. i was pretty distressed by what
8:39 pm
happened in the so-called leaks today, the forces. maybe if we required reporters to say instead of according to a credible source, they would have to say. first of all, we don't force them, but if they were identified that i have an hon. leader who is so interested in carrying my favorite video soul treat him better in some future time. neil: that is to be another. generally that is a sign they're close to something. means they might be closer to identifying the perpetrators, nailing it down. you certainly don't want to get ahead of yourself.
8:40 pm
years later under your stewardship by might point out before they finally found an apprehended the right guy i can understand that, but do you think that is what is in place? in. >> as far as we know, it may be that they feel like if they identified someone that they have of a strong focus on or even that they're talking to it would tip off people who are related to him or are involved with him in some way. i assume this is a man, but that is probably inappropriate. there is a real danger in making assumptions because assumptions always provide the potential of you excluding other possibilities as long as you are chasing the assumption. what law enforcement officials, they're doing a great job. especially the people with their feet on the street your coming the area and piece by piece to putting the evidence together. there are times when it is best
8:41 pm
and in the best interest of public safety not to make disclosures. i would commend the fbi. if it does not have a good public interest, public safety interest in making disclosures not to make additional disclosures. at some point it might be appropriate for them. and at some of those conferences simply to say, we don't have anything to report. neil: what happens again after a calamity of this sort, certainly nothing of the magnitude, thank god, of 9/11, but scary. this is the first successful attack on our soil since 9/11. so now there's talk in washington. we have to beef up the way we monitor or go after chatter. americans themselves, for their own good.
8:42 pm
>> there will be a continuing debate about what the right level of surveillance, obviously we may think differently than we said before, but let me just say, at this point in this particular instance it is far too early to try and draw conclusions. there were outcries for more cameras that started immediately after this event, but there are still sifting through, i believe, the evidence that is contained on a variety of cameras in. neil: they still have a lot of stuff to go through, but it would it make any difference to you if the perpetrator or perpetrators are from this country or not from this country? >> i don't think that geography is as important as their association. if a person is late, for instance, and clearly a part of
8:43 pm
the international terrorist war on the united states, that makes a difference in how you treat them. very frankly, if a person is conspiracy, you may want to interrogate him in ways that could yield a harvest of information that could assist in saving american lives. neil: what if it is a lone wolf oor lone wolves. >> this person is committing a serious crime, and if it is a serious crime of murder, that is a part of a terrorist plot, happened by a single -- hatched by a single individual, you deal with that this is a different situation from 9/11, where people who perpetrated it
8:44 pm
extinguished themselves in the crime. as a result we have an opportunity to follow the person and if we can harvest information that is, we related to some kind of conspire as that's is fine, it may not be that situation. but that is a door we should not shut. we should follow evidence. responsibly, i think our public safety officials are doing that. when they don't have something to say, i don't mind them not saying it, the fabrication of things, i don't know what happened in debacle that was reported today it sounded like a news auction, one person said -- >> i think you are right. that is what it was. we'll know details, but. people got ahead of themselves, not the first time it has happened, probably not the last.
8:45 pm
john. >> i am sure it won't, listen our news operation in this country can make mistakes, but we need it. we need public participation, in apprehension and prevention. we don't need for the public to distrust what is going to based on erroneous information there is a high responsibility for us to get it right to sustain the public trust which is necessary for our safety and liberty. neil: john ashcroft thank you. >> my pleasure, i am sorry about the occasion. neil: very good having you just the same. former attorney general of u.s., this bag looked suspicious, but what about the guy? or all of these guys? authorities warn, if you see something, say something.
8:46 pm
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>> you see something suspicious, can you be sure? if you see something, say something to local authorities. neil: you heard it a million times. look at all this video. right? we saw a lot. everyone in boston saw a lot. any of it, any of it, even a little slice of it could be important, how do you really know what you are supposed to be looking for or looking out for? to former fbi bin laden unit leader jack what do you go for.
8:50 pm
>> almost anything at this point. because in early stages of this investigation, the crime scree , is critical, they are looking for you know that snippet from a camera, whether cctv, something somebody held that will help them narrow the investigation down, on one hand we saw often times, see something, say something, as an investigator you have to be careful sometimes what you ask for. because up undoubtedly they are getting overwhelmed with well meaning people, talking about issues, giving them samples of what they had in their phone. a lot of things. a lot of the leads that are coming in now, i heard as many as 2000, perhaps 4,000, are great majority of those are going to be fruit less, at this point you cannot afford to say
8:51 pm
no to evidence, you have already asked public, fbi has always taken position, that the public has to be invested in a case %-neil: you got tons of information your way, you were shrewd and asstut computer -- ae enough to know. >> you have to be a subject matter expert, at some point, management went the fbi those people are responsible for the investigation they will interject qually control. because, have you limited resources. there is a search amount of pressure that fbi surrounded, the sac in oston in charge made a statement, he will go to ends of the earth to bring this person or people to justice. the president hazar has echoed e same thing.
8:52 pm
neil: did you file you were under a -- feel you were under the time gun? >> you feel, you look at that face of 8-year-old, and 29-year-old restaurant manager, and gran graduate student, you t need any more moatz vague, the motivation, this person was not trying to make a statement in a sense symbolically. it went there to kill people. they assembled a crude device what have you, for one reason to kill people and sever arms. we need to let the fbi, law enforcement and intelligence community do their job. the media plays a person role in this, i don't want to minimize that, because it may be two days from now, neil, we may be going to media and asking for help.
8:53 pm
and media always has been good about this, we should let professional do their wore, we havwork,we have a obligation. it will happen but it may not happen right away, let's put this into contact, be good citizens, there is no more solemn obligation as an fbi agent than to protect the public. neil: jack, to my sim simplistic question, you piece together this stuff, some people say that same bag are not there 10 minutes earlier, or someone looks odd the way they are dressed and warm weather over bundled. whatever. how important is that? >> some is. you are not in the right place
8:54 pm
at the right time, some is. but i don't think we should get too wrapped up with it we're losing what we're looking for. we are under the opinion that technology is going to solve all our issues, people are out there going through thousands of videotapes, it takes months, so let's not think that technology is going to solve all our problems it is not. neil: there is a reason why you are good at what you do, you make good sense, you would never make it in media jack. >> i would not. neil: we're too shallow for you. jack thank you. all right, markets, kind of nonplus. by everything in the post trading environment. but the markets responded to every tick that looked positive, and every tick that lacked negative -- that looked negative, if you don't think there is a connection between the money guys and the rest of us guys, i got news for all of
8:55 pm
you guys, after this. my mantra?
8:56 pm
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axiron. neil: investors reacting to every development in this case. we could see. that every time it looked like we were close to getting someone or naming a possible culprit, market moved up, on news yesterday with a letter market moves down. closure or possible solving good for stocks? this thing out of control bad for stocks? not across the board, what do you make of this? >> people don't like uncertainty. investors do not like it moreathon most more than most, this creates a feeling of uncertainty that reinforces everything anything on in our economy world with a continuous flow of weird
8:58 pm
unconnected news, there is no normal to return to, we're looking for, please tell us it safe. and unfortunately it is not proving to be safe. neil: what if it is al qaeda? if the fear that we had kept al qaeda at bay is not the case? then it changes a lot of folks' sense of security. >> there is no question, that woulding very negative for the market. we experienced a bombs in one of our great cities like boston following a huge porting event on patriots day. >> are you surprised -- so to, that and we're looking at market react, but tepidly slow, i would have expected even more, that maybe not you, what do you think? >> i think i wwuld have too.
8:59 pm
if for past 12 years or 11 and a half since 9/11 i had a sense, that there is probably not going to be a lot more of those big ones because we got moved to action but this idea of soft target, of you know, can i explode a device in a shopping mall or amusement park or a church, that idea has haunted my, i am amazed that more has mottnot happened, i hava agree m surprised it has not hi more at fiber of investors. >> so far not a panic but, one could happen? >> well, our markets have enjoyed printing of money, and a too big to fail mentality, we look better than europe although we look bad. we need a new mor


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