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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ neil: smiled. you are on every camera. welcome. i am neil cavuto. you want all these cameras and website send e-mail snoopers to slow down and put looking down? suck it up because they are just ramping up. new york police commissioner says he wants lots more cameras and fancier cameras at that, cameras that can catch more, reveal more, and tell more. presumably focused on stopping bad guys more, but throughout they're also looking at us guys more. what is weird is, the other night the prince of privacy advocacy seemed okay with that. >> we should not be willy-nilly looking into everyone's back
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tournament they're doing, but if their is a killer on the loose and a never read, i am not against drugs being used to search them out, he's seeking devices being used. all for law enforcement. neil: even his dad, ron paul, had an issue with that. >> technology is fine, but it has to be guarded. and if their is a question, you guard liberty before you second welcome a if we catch a baghdad that's good. you don't give up liberty for nine people because you might find one. neil: ever since he has been trying to dial the drubbing back. ho spile mile of the owner. i am not saying that the government is culpable but that they are very capable of doing
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the same. it has a lot of stuff at its disposal to do just that the men now it wants even more stuff to double down on. now, tea partier says using this to justify or research. no one is advocating privacy anymore. so scared. but what you think of that? >> i am so puzzled, neil, that rand paul made these comments. and i am even more puzzled that when given a chance to clarify thaa he really did not mean what he said, especially the part about the liquor store being robbed for $50 that the drug might be appropriate use there. i am just very surprised he did not say come make my speak for a living. you speak for a living. i made a mistake. that is not really mean that. i am dumbfounded by this. neil: i gave it a chance and respecting wrigley, don't get me
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wrong, to clarify that position and are less a, there are situations in which you would approve of that technology. kind of double down to say, well, in instances such as these, referring to boston, yes, but the $50 liquor store robbery you alluded to, that as well, to very obviously different events of difference severity, but he did not distinguish, which coming back to wondering whether this whole drone filibustering thing was just out of place. >> you wonder if what he was trying to do was send some sort of message to the establishment gop, we are talking about terrorism i am willing to be more open to these things, still, that gas station part was really confusing. he used to work on going imminent threat, but the scary part when he was making his clarification. for those of us in the tea party believe we might be on some of those terrorists lists, as you call them, this whole scenario could get very infringing on our
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constitutional liberties. neil: what worries me, and maybe i worry because i tend to focus on things that no one else does because land is crazy, but i remember when it provided that he imagery where you get by on someone behind walls or in this case the canvas over a boat. i was thinking, wow. move a few feet and you could do the same with the folks in the house to on the boat. i guess we can and i guess we do. i know it revealed just have a beard and stupid i am, but it did make me think, what if they turn in on the wrong persoo? with a turn it on us and don't like what is being said cub so they spied on. >> with that is exactly right. but if they say we have to register all of our firearmssand then they say, oh, well we were hunting for a criminal with an ongoing immense threat, we just happened to notice, you have an unregistered firearm in your house. they're coming for you. and it does not matter whether that criminal that was supposedly outside your home was live juggernaut.
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neil: it is weird. be eating seven states and a single sitting. i am worried about that becoming public. thank you very much. now to steve on why markets might actually like more oversight to match these this kind, and at least in the sanitary environment. the better i get to keep them safe and simply making no. ♪ >> welcome what you have been talking about here is really this eternal struggle that has gone on america's sense our founding about, you know, the battle between security and liberty. and, you know -- neil: but you know, they did not have drones. >> that is exactly right. you are exactly right. neil: and i agree with you. there is that line is very protecting as an going overboard . and we can kind of willy-nilly across it to our own discretion. >> says. you're exactly right. what is so different now versus 5100 years ago was the fact that we obviously have new technologiee that the government
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can release by you in everything that you do, even in the privacy of your own home. now, i do believe that one of the objectives of terrorism is ted disrupts the american economic system, and i do believe the more steps that we can take -- and you know me. i am a civil libertarian, concerned about celebrities -- civil liberties, but i believe it is difficult to run a prosperous economy if we have people trying to blow up buildings and schools and shopping centers and so on. so i see -- in fact, an opinion has moved a little bit still left on this as i see what has happened in boston. of course september 11th and other attacks. that is where i am. bottom line, the more secure we are, you know, the better it is for our economy to continue to flourish. neil: it is that push and shove, and then stand what you're saying. i am sympathetic to both sides, as i was to rand paul squander right now. he is in the middle of all of this.
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what worries me is that we as a country, to keep ourselves safe, will justify almost any actions on the part of the government to make sure that we are. in the government can use as an excuse to snoop on my e-mails, snoop in my house, a step in my public websites. and that is going to get dangerous because they can always turn the camera on the wrong guy. >> well, that is exactly right. and not just cameras. you know, those passes when you go on the roads are not to use the tolls. great technology. but it means that the government knows where you are. literally tracking where you are neil: the mail you a speeding ticket if you got from one soul to the next a little too quickly. you get a speeding ticket in the mail i've heard. >> tell me about it. i've gotten them, so i can confirm that story. look. i do think that we really have to be very careful about how we make this balance between security and safety and our civil liberties, but i also believe we are living in a new
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age of terrorism. i am petrified that we are going to see more kinds of attacks like we saw in boston, and i think that that could do serious harm, not just our freedoms and, but to our prosperity in this country. neil: always it seeing you. thank you. one of the best writers and thinkers i know in the business. by the way, you think that the cameras are overkill. you know things are bad. bob says we should start screening moslem students in this country because we don't they will kill. he was serious. so is retired colonel who says the problem is not the terrorists against me again. the problem is that terrorists might already be here. ♪ at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
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neil: look up. i think pigs are flying. as say that in jest, but is this a case that he's seeing things right. getting a lot of heat, saying that the boston bombing is a big game changer to author of the soon to be best seller, sued in bookstores everywhere, i might point out, you say we should be looking more and who is already here. >> two is already here and do is coming. i have -- on the whole the students that it's in our universities take that useful skill and largely are pro-american or at least neutral use on their own countries. the number that a radicalized are real, but it is relatively small, so i think it's a good thing. but, we must do much better job of scrutinizing stevens after they are here. universities have responsibilities. they're own governmmnts have to do a better job of screening
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and. far more than students, i am appalled and worried about a policy allowing radical extremists into this country as long as they crouched for. and that is a problem. it is not ultimately about the impressionable kids. it is about the ringleaders to convert them and we don't know how these radical muslims that come into this country preaching violence and hate and anti-semitism. they are the core of the problem. students who are young and impressionable, when you have a saudi train radical fanatical mollah telling his parishioners not to integrate into american society, that to become coffers, then we have a real problem. i want to be much more selective about who we let and. especially, you know, i don't want to draw near, but i will tell you, saudi arabia would not
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allow a single chapel or synagogue on and the arabian peninsula. yet we allow them to come here and literally terrorized american muslim communities. we should have a lot that no country such as saudi arabia that practices intolerance can fund or sponsor religious institutions and our own country neil: i concur with you. i don't share bob's you which is sort offstopping all muslim students who are here. i tend to worry, the folks doing the teaching the kids presumably during the learning, but having said that, they have done studies. you're more upon this, i'm sure, than i am. a lot of these college educated kids are not americanized. in fact come quite the opposite. not all of them, it's your point, but enough that it does raise concerns. why that happens, why they
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become less inclined to like america and more inclined, many of them, to inflect harm upon america. there are huge distinction is to migrate you, but it is something that has been picked up in the press and even acknowledged by those who don't support extreme views like kicking all the muslims out of here. they say it is a phenomenon that is unique to our college campuses. why is that? >> well, two factors in play here. one political correctness make history everybody as though they are all law-abiding episcopalians only believe much of anything. whereas, the problem, one thing he understands now more less, is that, yes, the problem is middle eastern muslims. specify middle east and muslims. north africa through pakistan. indonesian moslems are not a problem. they have not been a problem. but the middle east, they generate more of these religions and also generate a lot of
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hatred. and i think we need to do a better job of not barring, but as greeting students from places such as saudi arabia, except. part of the problem is, the company's nutritional call traditional societies and simply cannot cope with american freedoms. does he take the saudis, big deal, lots of money in the family. hear your just another joke around the block and you have to study. they're not used to that at all. neil: a good point. when. >> the radical prime minister of greece was a berkeley college professor and turned against us. neil: and grad school, i was a say in ambassador's son. biggest as on thet. that is also a say. just arrogant, condescending. he did not do any genuine harm, but to be around him for me was psychologically harmful because i am serious such a jerk. my experience was not good.
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♪ neil: well, under water, and even with all of this government help, still swamped, struggling homeowners to get help are still trapped. a special report from the special inspector general for the trouble less a relief program said an effort to modify and sharply reduce mortgages for more than $312 no one is apparently did not help much. those those modified in late 2009 are not defaulting at a rate up to 46%. close to half of all mortgages.
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the cost of the fix, 75 billion. >> absolutely disaster. why is the government in the real-estate business? i don't think they should have anything to do with it and certainly not $75 billion. where is that money? are they holding onto it? of its spending in other things? it just does not make business sense. suppose to be millions. neil: the argument for, and that try to do better. i thought, well, it avoided those sums quickly coming on the market and crowding the market with more supply and pushing this into further devaluation. it might have had merit, but in the and that is so we could be looking at. >> is the greatest thing.
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the argument for it, that is, there are many. the problem is the execution seems to have gone seriously wrong. depending upon the u.s., its u.s. the mortgage folks it's all the government's fault. yes the treasury people it's those terrible mortgage servicers, did not hire enough people to push it through. you ended up with only a couple hundred thousand people getting it. she get the facts right. >> thank you. neil: a fox business alert. >> it was supposed to be 4 million people. and is not getting there. neil: on this issue. game over. exactly. study, thh argument for doing this is always a good one. i know people want to help people, and that is the very nature of where we were in the middle of the housing of down. we did not want to see millions of american homeowners on the
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street, but we just sort of staved off the inevitable in the end, didn't we? >> that is exactly right. the trick of the situation is these people, even if you took their interest-rate 5 percent down to 0%, they will still not be able to pay. and all that obama -- neil: i don't know. >> they don't have jobs and can't pay anything. >> these people -- some people said the carpetbaggers' of the bankers. the administration sat there and put pressure on the banks. the loans that knew there were going to be defaulted on the first place it. neil: if you don't have a job you can't pay your mortgage even if it is 0%. in the end, the focus is backwards. >> what did you say? can we say that of cable television? >> i thought that if you provided jobs you would not have to create this health care monster that you did.
8:23 pm
for. >> the unemployment. neil: you focus on jobs. then you keep those people in their homes in the focus on jobs and presumably you keep them in good health care policy, but we just did everything backwards. >> we should be focused on the economy and jobs and of the bail laws that don't work. why is the government picking the winners and losers in the private-sector. >> here's the thing. this is aloof and fair. neil: going back. there we go. an agreement periods lahood. >> this was a time when we have to go back a few years. so to studies point to --, the
8:24 pm
banks were the ones responsible. so if it is true and may be right that there were not properly qualified. that is not the administration. neil: not here to blame anyone. i remember. i am saying that i remember distinctly when the friends who were interested in telling the according to this one program, and a standby miss six payments i am eligible. the remember saying to my forget which one it was. that's right. you miss six payments. i'm going to miss six payments. and i'm not saying everyone did that, but it was built in the equation for abuse. >> people realize that they could miss experiments and still be eligible for this. it may be -- can now make six payments before they authorize the loan.
8:25 pm
you had people like barney frank putting pressure on these people he was putting pressure on the banks to loan iris loans out to a variety of low-income families because maybe they had a disco ball or a magic a ball of they can foretell that people will be able to stimulus and bail them out. exactly. but now we're sitting here. i would love to see one person who has created a job by the obama administration that is also getting a mortgage paid off. at that point you know someone who is really intelligent. neil: 20 minutes. you know, we have something called the brain run year. research. and i thought -- heavy pressure on the people in there because they work in there. >> and $75 billion. >> they're on it. we are right. promise you, we will solve it. i beg you to stop. and we come back, young and restless, but when it comes to investing acting old. when kids aren't kidding and
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♪ neil: the error in that perfect aids, sweet spot, but they're thinking like they are on prune juice from sun sweet. when it comes to stocks, more
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like a stodgy. mullen neal's one no part of stocks. since many young people only view of the market has been to the prism of their young lives who can blame them. trying to change them. it is a tough sell, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. young people have already made a huge investments in their future , and that was through college. so there are graduating with an average student loan debt of $30,000 or above. our only chance of getting a job after college. six in telling americans only have jobs nowadays, and half of which have full-time jobs. so the money that we are scraping by to get by with, we are using the trepang of our college debt, paying rent, paying for food. neil: and a stand that, but you only have money left over there not inclined to like stocks. they find it is a great game or
8:30 pm
that these multi year averages, most of the brainy as i talked to said that the trend favors and investors of the stick with it over time. they're not convinced endo 110. how you get the men are should you get the man? >> i don't even know we should because right now we are still seeing the federal reserve holding interest rates extremely low, which is what caused the financial meltdown in the first place which my generation lived through. neil: so you are suspicious of everybody. i mean commanders stand. but you don't -- you don't have great trust and the government or these large entities espousing, you know, help. >> absolutely not. like a said, the stock market is doing right now, but the federal reserve is still keeping interest rates low, which obviously causes the financed amount down in the first place. the financial meltdown in 2008 directly affect its of our families were directly affected us in the first place indirectly affected me in the firrt place because my college savings
8:31 pm
account was severely affected by that. neil: let me tell you. you're young enough to be my daughter calls to take offense. descending a would tell my own daughter, one of the generations of the market, because you're so young, over the course of time between reinvesting dividends and interest, even in a flat market, you're going to come out ahead. time is your friend. and after many years -- neil: said of that is true. >> here me out. a little money goes a long way compounded over many years. you're telling your generation simply does not believe it and does not want in on that and just a buying it, right? >> if we look to our future and the debt that the federal government is leaving us, our generation knows that we will be working well into our later years. neil: what you going to do? >> i am personally scraping to get by myself. right now i am saving stealthily by house and the future.
8:32 pm
neil: of the saving in? >> i am sitting in my savings account, check me got right now. eros gripping to get by, and we don't have a lot of money to invest right now. and that is just the reality that all of their people facing. neil: participate in a retirement plan or anything like that? >> if you're lucky enough to find a full-time job, lot of your players provide that for you, but a lot of young people don't have the lecture right now . we are also having to save for the future health care program that is about to be implemented in the future that we are right to take a huge hit with as well. neil: to you watch fox business? seriously. very good having you. >> thank you. thank you for having me. neil: it is a challenge in this society, wedding or folks like sicilian, young people in general. so unless you roll them you are never even. twitter is all that after creating all this.
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superman in walmart. a big blitz leaping into action next. ♪ ♪
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try align. it's t number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. neil: the deal too big, i'd die too big, and the super here too cheap. let's give blitz. it is time for our nightly blitz with sandra smith then charles payne. i don't think literally blitzed. the supplement. the first issue is twitter. it is scoring very big deals will also scaring a lot of folks in the process. a report yesterday of a terrorist attack on the white house asset stocks into a momentary tailspin. just the latest. another said that in the press is good press, but i cannot imagine this can the press would be good. >> twitter is really in a huge position of power by.
8:36 pm
they're also losing credibility because right now traders on the floor did immediately react to the ap feed that popped up on that twitter account. and now turning into a situation where traders, before they act and alive to go unverifiable nation that they see pop up. so while there -- neil: this to do that anyway. that suggests the common-sense. >> here's the irony. they're probably verified on twitter. there learning how monetize all this stuff. billing in this sort of thing. it actually triggers an algorithm. probably not the right phrase, that gets you what ensues.
8:37 pm
still, is scary. >> those algorithms are not only tied to words but numbers. cause 145. sell-off in the dow. even if your guy who wanted to take the twitter feed endo unverified, you could not because your trades are already tied to this massive sell-off that the dow was experiencing at that time. so what is going to happen? is the sec going to step in and do something? that is questionable considering the sec just made it okay for companies to release their earnings on twitter. so they have already tried to jump ahead. neil: i did not know that. the sec says is looking into this, you're right. it did announce that you could treat them. how many characters? >> 144. neil: that's right. the whole quarter and that number. issue number two. walmart, hooking up with a man of steel. the exclusive place to go if you want your earliest about superman movie tickets this summer. at think this is stupid. i do not think it is any real alleged. >> it has been an edge for
8:38 pm
people in the music industry. what we thought were is done, starting to revive themselves. neil: walmart first. >> absolutely. i did not cut to last superman. a better shot of me bumping into that the walmart counted and actually going to the movie theater. neil: what do you make of this? i know what time warner or warner brothers to get out of this, but i'm not quite sure what wall markets out of it. >> well, they get out of the fact that people are going to want to go get those early tickets and get to see the preview, and while they're at walmart buying those tickets that would do more shopping. neil: and know when a big movie is about to come out, iron man 78 this to me out, i understand that everyone wants to see the movie, but it will be around. so was the rise? maybe we are way over -- >> but look what happens. people stand in lines around corners car run multiple blocks. in new york city to see movies
8:39 pm
and they opened. people want to be first. and if walmart and help their customer be first, it is a win for everybody. neil: i know what is like when this show comes out and there are people standing outside. >> i hope they don't confuse the neil cavuto superman teeseven all right. finally, issue number three. i will sit this one out. a man from southwest airlines has claimed that the carrier gave an evil from the plane saying he was simply too fat to fight. he eventually got on the flight, but he was embarrassed. what do you think? >> it does legalese lied because their customer size policy as of last airlines. i talked about before. finally brought myself to read it today in preparation the talks you about this. guess what, they have a blanket policy. you believe you're going to exceed the 17 in see that is provided on the plane and possibly interfere with the comfort of the passengers next
8:40 pm
you where the safety of that passenger, but another seat. this was an oversold flights and this guy is 340 pounds. i will say, i do feel bad for these people. in this case is 34 years old. it's a tough thing, but southwest had a rule in place. neill what you think? >> i am one the alfresco away from being this guy. i feel sorry for him. but, you know, listen, it is a tough call. the fact of the matter is i'm sure he must have gone long before and did not get a chance to read the fine print lysander did. it is an embarrassing situation. more front about this kind of stuff. neil: by the lake and the southwest, they did give us a statement. we have personally called mr. harper, important to clarify that he did travel as scheduled and we did not deny import bank. i guess too little too late. >> yes, i mean, a little too little too late. he knows the rule is in place
8:41 pm
now. guess what? of these airlines are going to start doing this, put a scale at the check-in and let people know a pound is that they have to recede in order to buy another seabee is otherwise i think it is too subjective. >> he is not even fat. he is just big boned. neil: by the way, if it's 100 centimeters on not quantify you. you need to make it. all right. well, the top of the business world. complaining. they're actually burning -- hurting their business. star jones is here to give them the business. she is next. ♪ the boys used dble miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna pladodge rock?
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neil: facebook is expanding and yahoo profits are soaring. both have companies with women
8:45 pm
leading. this eo and of receiving big time things use raking in nearly $3 million in the past six months. $600,000. she has a billion dollars in facebook stock. star jones represents a retreat under thoussnd women are trying to get where those ladies are. easier said than done. the spokesperson for the national association of professional women. a lot of you remember. for all women. >> as i think about the we run the gamut. we have women who run corporations all the way to
8:46 pm
women are starting new businesses out of their arms. everything in between. the doctors, lawyers, insurance salesman. people who are -- neil: what is the cost? >> the fact we are professional women who are looking for the opportunity to a network's with each other. one of those -- neil: encouraging marching -- >> absolutely encouraging. having had the opportunity to talk about the then. their experiences never once experience. was the theme of all concept of living. neil: what does that mean? >> as a minority professional woman i feel like i have gleaned from 18 years old to the board i am almost ben dover.
8:47 pm
neil: do you think that the days of women have such a goal -- tough go of it to say nothing of minorities got to say nothing of minority women, those is behind us. a lot easier. >> this is another behind us. i think the more opportunity is there. and the window of opportunity is open, there are more women standing aside in it ready to look, but the door of opportunity is not always open, and that is one of the things that i am doing to my giving resources and tools so that women can get the necessary sort of foundation under them to go into the workforce. neil: have quotas. >> in terms of numbers, specific numbers. neil: x number of women to member of african-american. you know of getting at. >> adelle like the whole concept of a number is i think it is limiting. when i would like to do is force ppople to consider. the biggest issue in diversity and in employment with gender, race, religion, anything, who is
8:48 pm
at the table making the decisions. so if you don't have diversity at the table, they're not going to bring in the binders of women that would give you the opportunity to discover something you might not have. neil: mitt romney, a lot of fell for that. >> yes, because mitt romney thinks of it that way. i should say thought of it that way. i guarantee you cicada lot of valley does not think of it that way anymore. neil: what do you think the president is doing about trying to have a balanced manner reflective of some of the things that you say? >> csn he because of the top level cabinet members. and it was a disappointed when, of course, secretary clinton was no wonder there and secretary rice -- excuse me, ambassador arrested not get that job, yes, i was disappointed from lomas perspective, for an african-american woman to perspective and from a professional thinking laws rejected. thus she was a great candid. however, i looked at what the
8:49 pm
president has done for working women. i know we bring this up a lot, but the fact that the first bill he ever signed was the lee ledbetter fair pay act says to , this is to this man is. he has -- neil: in office. but despite these packages, there is still a gap there. cards i have been reading about that. neil: should the government to stay out of it? the government cannot force this issue. the free market will decide this. >> the free market has to be post a little bit. this is your area of expertise. when business meets law. neil: you make a lot of money. >> when business needs law and businesses are not doing what they need to, then the law sometimes has to poke it a bit. neil: fair enough. connive here a little bit, when you look at the television landscape today, but just the personalities to dominate, is very opinionated today, extreme
8:50 pm
left and extreme right to make your face, is arguing, screaming, which are not to do so here, but you know what i'm saying. had you feel about that. >> is not really my, tea. television that is more sensational and less informative might be entertaining to some people, but i don't think it elevate the level of the discussion. i would much prefer to be in a situation where we can disagree without being disagreeable, and that is not what we do on television. it is extremely tough. all reality boom has come in a lot of ways, made women really look bad. african-american women, latino women, young women, older women, white women, just women in general. and what happens is it shows sort of that worst opinion of what a woman does when she is put into a group. she will be in a cat fight, use foul language can act
8:51 pm
appropriately. it has always been my experience neil: inappropriate. >> but in a professional work environment, you're never permitted to act that way. i cannot say to you that one member of my organization could go to work and being that way. not one member. there's only one job that allows you to act like an idiot. it's called reality television. [laughter] >> you cannot act like an idiot at ups. if you go to ups and challenger cali in job across the counter and hit them, guess what, you would be fired. neil: we have not had any one year. >> that is my whole point. neil: jerry is seeing you. star jones, national association of professional women, looking out for them. it's a nice thing to be making your goal. you know, she is modest about this, shoeprints money. apparently more than nine out of ten and must not. for its recovery. what happens to us? ♪ at tyco integrated security, we consider oursels business optimizers.
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♪ neil: well, this justin, 93 percent of us are losing out. that is how many households network declined between 2009 and 2011. i am told you could have been worse if we did not get the recovery we did which reallyy3 makes me worry. that is the best argument that we can make. >> i am stuck on recovery. to better recovery? like to have their names and numbers. they must be someone connected to washington because that is the only city in the country that is really not feeling unsure crunch, like everyone else. neil: they just responded that they would like your number. what do you make of that? much of this has been to improve the wealth gap. it looks like it is all the more. >> of course it is a middle-class that is suffering year. and -- neil: they seem to suffer under democratic and republican administrations alike.
8:55 pm
>> more so under the obama administration. neil: the only line that i draw, it is still widening through both. >> let the chips fall where they may, but i don't think -- >> i disagree. >> the rich should not be penalized because they worked hard, and if, and make more money because they make smart investments. >> this should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. and by the way to mike and tell you. neil: you are doing a segment on it. >> enjoy the recovery, responding. the corporations who hhve seen record profits every quarter for the past two years. we also see is that none of that money is making it into the pockets of middle and lower class is. neil: why don't you think those guys will be friends?
8:56 pm
back into expanding. maybe they're nervous. >> the word free market has become code for greed. neil: come on. neil: if you have -- if you're printing money, why aren't they expanding? why -- the companies. in this environment you would think there would be the kind of thing. >> in to where the profits are coming from. as our friend will tell you. neil: cuts. >> cuts the first, and charles will back me up. no more. notice coming from overseas sales, of the places we always look like europe. for it europe. neil: yum they did pay any part. >> making a lot of money overseas. neil: all the rich guy's fault. >> at least they're not blaming bush. wait a minute. he is a rich guy, too. it's funny you mention printing money because you have bernanke with the xerox machine literally
8:57 pm
printing dollars in his office. as false as this wonderful economy at the obama administration cells is whether they need to sell us a new economic plan. neil: what do you make of this point that if it is so bad, the wall street guys are having a nice ride. >> the that is the case. the only people they're having a nice ride of those in the government. we are seeing the emergence of two different glasses. we are seeing knows that our political and those that are not. neil: this chasm, whenever you want to college, it's not going to improve anytime soon. >> and not calling to disagree that once again deasy is corrupt, dysfunctional, terrible. but going back to what rick said, which i think is blasphemy, you cannot say the -- i mean, you are like -- neil: 30 minutes ago i brokered a piece a grand. >> done. neil: the middle east all over again. >> pro-business, free-market,
8:58 pm
jobs. we don't have enough jobs in the economy. neil: idea correct that? the argument is the administration has been making it. you take more tax money and of their rig steven the pine. >> look at these numbers. >> taking tax money from everyone. that's the problem. neil: you think it is not the way to do it. >> at think they just had a new poll that 8 percent of americans believe in order to approve -- improve the economy, it's not raising taxes. cut taxes will resign january when the tax expired and get the additional payroll taxes. no wonder household incomes are going down. no we're not counting. neil: what do you make about that? >> you know what, when he the payroll tax increase taking? and nothing that is a big part of the statistics. i'm not saying -- >> taxes went up. i pay a lot more this year. >> and the sale of the payroll tax. neil: it will continue. >> study after study. listen. i wish it were true.
8:59 pm
i know why people think we don't want this. i wish you could lower taxes and get a better economy. wouldn't that be awesome. neil: it has happened. it happened under ronald reagan. >> no, it didn't. neil: you argue that tax cuts that george bush brought, that mitigated -- no, wait a minute. an implosion. leaving that aside, will you argue that giving people more of their money helps improve money overall? >> i wish it did. honestly. >> it does. it does. >> let me finish the point. i'm not arguing that raising taxes and person economy. the silencing. am simply saying -- neil: it doesn't help. >> it does not seem to have an impact. neil: your lawyer. >> so he likes to argue. >> word is that money go? >> they don't spend it. >> cut spending.
9:00 pm
neil: the bottom line is, guys, the chasm continues. republican presidents, democratic presidents, the gate point fingers, but the bottom line is, the rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorere we're not solving anything. tomorrow we will do all over again. lis d the willis report next. gerri: i am gerri willis. tonight on the willis report -- consumer alert. what can make you sick. banks refusinto repossessed houses in foclosure. what that is doing to your home's value and we will tell you how much it pays to compin. we are on the case on the willis report. r top story, what is in your refrigerator? is it king y sick? a new study examines 12 years of


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