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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thank you for joining us. don't forget to dvr our show. if you can't just like him have a great night. we will see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. the s&p 500, up 11 points, an all-time record high of 1593.61. the dow jones a late rally to another triple digit gain. the dow advancing 106 points, closing at 14818.75.
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the dow jones finishing higher for six of the pst seven sessions, up 13%. the nasdaq up 28, setting a 52 week high. the nasdaq is up 9.5% of the year. the 5000 at 125 billion. and a gain of $2.1 billion. back on arch 9, 2009, our guest tonight is talking about what appears to be the administration's losing war on fossil fuel and tracking. and the epa in their effort to crush keystone pipeline. standard & poor's strategist alan young joins us on the record-setting performance on wall street. kt mcfarland and john bolton on
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what appears to be a break the administration stonewalled on benghazi. congressman dave camp once the hypocrisy in washington to stop at least on one issue, that is of course obamacare. the chairman of the house ways and means committee, introducing a bill that would prevent federal officials and congress from exempting themselves from provisions in obamacare. a spokesman said the obamacare exchanges are good enough for the hard-working americans and small business, then they should be good enough for the president and vice president in congress and federal employees. this comes in response to what legislatolegislato rs are seeking for special exemptions to the health care exchange requiremerequireme nt for the environmental protection agency today opening the door to another potential keystone xl pipeline delay. picking a fight with the state department over itstal statement
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found the pipeline would have no significant impact on climate change. the epa coffeehouse is insufficient despite the advanced project in american history. joining us is a member of the house committee on energy and commerce and it is good to have you with us. >> your reaction to the epa. this is a fight within the administration. >> you're absolutely right, they want to study this thing to death. at the big thing is that we have already seen this. minimal impact here.
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so we are talking about 800 30,000 barrels between the united states and canada, and another hundred thousand. lou: this president and senate are going to drive this policy with the epa stepping in. it had been the state department ability to move on. people forget that the epa administration, this is the president speaking, this is not the epa. >> was supposed to happen the state department say, this is in the national interest of the united stas at this pipeline and we want to get this thing moving. we have heard it over and over from folks. we want to make sure again this
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is our best trading partners, the canadians, many going to the west coast and canada. gerri: there all sorts of strategic issues, job issues, economic issues here, there is also just good judgment and an architecture of values that will set the stage for the countries destiny for at least a century. we are the world's richest nation in terms of energy reserves. for this kind of a decision to be taken by the administration, this will be a pivotal issue in the 2014 election. don't you think? >> you have the senate races out there to be hotly contested, they will be asking the membe would've a stand on this
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pipeline. this is a private line. it will create those jobs in this country, and that will be a big issue. lou: turning to a very important thing today, ruling that there is no evidence whatsoever to connect natural gas drilling with high levels of methane found in private water supplies in the town of franklin, pennsylvania. clears the way for tracking in pennsylvania. >> i think it's important the regulations and laws on the books of things that they have to do. the epa saying that you will have a one-size-fits-all.
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we are doing this in ohio and north dakota and south dakota. it is completely different. answer to the constituencies. lou: speaking frankly, this a war between the obama administrations protection agency and industry, particularly the proleum industry, the chemical industry across this country. who is going to win it? >> the release of the american people when it. i think the american people, that jobs, over 3 million jobs, most likely, an oil and natural-gas production in this country. and when you're talking about these kind of 25-30 years ago people saying this country has energy, supplies, sitting on this vast amount of natural gas. 60,000 manufacturing jobs in my district. all these comppnies out there
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saying, you know what all who would love to have our trucks are not natural gas, so let's give it to them. lou: congressman, we thank you for being here. but for talking with you sir. we turn now to the investigation into the boston bombing terrorist attack. what was once said to be the active to disaffected jetstream brothers has now become an international search for accomplices had those who supported terrorism. today the fbi turned is focused on the widow and mother of t dead suspect. fox news chief intelligent correspondent has our report. >> rorter: as the fbi searched the fbi home where tsarnaev was staying fbi focused on the family and the mothers possible role in the zero sons radicalization. a stark contrast between the mother who has defended her sons and his family photos taken
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before. the mother wears western clothing. and intelligence sources confirm the evidence in 2011 against the mother and elder son included phone recordings by the russian. one call is between the mother and a suspected extremists. thisevel of detail was about to the u.s. government with the initial inquiries are made to the cia and fbi. as if she is -- the spokesman offere generality. >> cooperation like this is important, and it is the kind of cooperation that we have with the governments around the world , allies and partners around the world because the terrorism threat is global, not a national problem. >> reporter: when the russians, that the fbi and cia two years ago the intelligence sources said the yacht and agency were told
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lou: pending home sales rising for the a triple digit gain for the dow as well. and a new record for the s&p 500, the fifth of the year, the strongest sector added 28-point gain, the nasdaq rose to its best level since november 7, 2000. 2.8 billion shares. and this gunmaker posing first-quarter revenue, the dollar 20 up for stock not bad
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da for gunmakers. raying into the stock which is slightly lower. gold is up, rising, big oil prices up. oil sitting at about $94 per barrel, and my next guest says we are seeing a goldilocks situion when it comes to the economy. maintaining stimulus strong enough for companies to report growth, and he says this includes stocks. joining us now is a global equity strategist. it is good to have your. >> it's great to be here. lou: congratulations. this market. they are pushing hard and what is going on?
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>> one thing that is unique is people with no yields in the money markets, looking at equities, and an alternative to bonds, we are seeing some of the best performing coming from this and on days when those are working, there is a rotation gog on under the surface. and there lots of new highs on a pretty regular basis. >> i'm getting a feeling that they should send a thank you note. it seems the harder and the stronger equities debt. the better it gets. i mean, this is actually a perfect world. low interest rates, $85 billion
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a month. >> what is interesting isthe traditional ways of gauging the health ofthe market. making it very tempting for those that want to go against the market. economic situations, it's not horrible are great, but what they are missing is the unprecedented role. obviously, the japanese and that is really the biggest driver. >> they are not ready to do that yet. but at this point, they can do some outright transactions with a vengeance. they can get folks excited, maybe not. let's look at something that is in thearket. that is revenue on the s&p 500, we're looking at companies that
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have been reporting this. just about 38% and carefully managed targets. looking at revenue they are, up 1.5% less, lower revenue than the previously. >> yes, that has been trending down, about 1.4 now. earnings on the other hand are beating that and managing the expectations and they are running a little under 4%. earnings have been revenue and they have been a little bit disappointing, people are rightly expecting the economy and earnings to accelerate a little bit in the second half into next year. lou: very quickly, what should and investor do here? >> as tough as it is to buy stocks at all-time highs, buying treasuries at all times would be
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an even worse choice. lou: investors at all times usually choke when thinking about painful price. it will be interesting. lou: alec young, s&p 500. thank you. grabbing the tp spot with a rather slow weekend, $20 million, dropping to second place as would be expected. 17.4 million, warner bros., jackie robinson, 42 came in third, 10.7 million. up next, we go to the chalkboard to find out why in the world is enough to have a lot of slick guys do it advertising? guys do it advertising? we will take that u the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams have taken a beating lately.
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>> it is amazing to think how much our country has changed in 18 years. in 1995 committee would've told me that in 2013, we would have an african-american president, with the middle name hussein, who was just reelected to a second term, i would've said, oh, he must have run against tt romney. lou: conan o'brien at the white house correspondents association dinner. that is the dinner that tom brokaw hates, but and had reruns of thing, so we like it. we like a lot. there is some truth in every joke. he put out his analysis and his findings confirm just that. mitt romney could not turn out republicans. last year, overall voter turnout
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was 50%. 50%. that is a litle rough. down from 62%. excellent enthusiasm and back in 2004, there was a lot of enthusiasm about anything. that is a disaster, just as govern romney. president obama will muster lemaster with a historically low percentage of white voters. only 39%. 39%, the president had a little extra support in other places. 71% o the hispanic vote. %. 73% voted for president obama.
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but the black vote was spectacular. he got 93% of the black vote. talk about a consensus, that is a consensus. the key was the black voter turnout. making just about 12% of the eligible voters in the country. they turned up 13% of the total votes from last year. for the fst time ever, voters turn out at a higher rate than white voters overall last year. in fact, if they turned out at the same rate as they did back in 2004, governor romney would have actually won the election. is not clear that the democratic party can repeat last year's performance.
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but one thing is clear. everything the republican party did was inadequate. they certainly demonstratedhat the republican party has a lot of thinking to do. they better find some better thinkers if they are going to be competitive in the next. the president and his transportation secretary. apparent not a requisite for the job. the dramatic new report from the epa signals a dramatic shift in the debate of refracting. john roberts with a live report. erratic foreign policy, k.t. erratic foreign policy, k.t. mcfarland and ambassador john
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lou: breaking news tonight. you allegations that the obama administration is trying to intimidate potential whistleblowers on the makati attack. republican counsel to the senate intelligence committee who is now representing a state department employee tells fox news that her client and others have also retained. the attorney is not naming her client that says that they do have sensitive information relevant to the benghazi attack during september 11 of 11th of last year. the eight hour time frame of which the attacks took place. in the eight day timeframe that followed. joining me now is fox news national security analyst k.t.
10:32 pm
mcfarland specifically as we understand it, we are positioned by the administration that there was no option available to bring military force to bear your thoughts. >> is there blood on some of the fans? that to me is blood on their hands. >> well, she has made a small specialty out of the
10:33 pm
intelligence community and the foreign affairs community. if she says these people are being threatened, i take her at her word. so i think that this is a real signal. it is too long since we have had real answers and the fact that these survivors is inexcusable. it's time to open the thing up and find out what really happened. >> congress has done its best. they are simply impotent in this executive power here. >> honestly, they should. they left secretary of state clinton off the hook. this requires this in advance. it is the work behind the camera that they should be a valid.
10:34 pm
lou: without witnesses or certain knowledge here, we just watched darrell issa and the oversight committee and this administration's chief law-enforcement officer. eric holder in contempt of congress, it hasn't receded. it is lying there ancillary bound. >> it is time for a select committee to investigate in this >> if this had been nixon or reagan -- that is what congress has to have a special select committee to investigate this. there have been people that are told if you come forward, your career is over. if you become a whistleblower
10:35 pm
this will be left exactly where it stands tonight. wouldn't you agree? >> i agreexactly. that's why subpoenas are important. they have no choice, they have to go forward, it is protection for them against the threats that others have been talking about. >> whave the gop calling for action, that a red line has been crossed. i have to say that it's worth hearing john mccain, lindsey graham, all of them talking
10:36 pm
about what has to be done is if they are running the state department. this is a departure and demeanor for the opposition on a foreign policy issue, don't you think, ambassador? >> the fact is that thobama administration redlining was a bad idea. it is a worse idea, it is a credibility to the government itself. but it doesn't mean you have to carry on into another foolish thing. we have had oer 70,000 people murdered in the country of mexico. and there hasn't been a peep from the administration about the violence that has raged through mexico.
10:37 pm
we suddenly have a council of foreign relations drers who were talking about going to war in syria. can somebody swear that up? >> it is time to take a deep breath and say how do we achieve this. we are not sure what to do with their chemical weapons, we do not belong in the middle of another civil war. you know, do not send in the marines. lou: john bolton, k.t. mcfarland, thank you for being here. go to and get the links for facebook page and e-mail me at but next, a dramatic new report from the epa, turning refracting debate around. a live report from john roberts on this important ruling in
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lou: the debate over hydraulic fracturing refracting was a major shift today after the environmental protection agency released a new report showing a dramatic report of just how much methane gas is used. environmental activists are not amused. how important is this report for the drafting of a? >> it will be very important. one of the biggest arguments. the process of tracking puts
10:42 pm
more methane in the air. one of the most powerful greenhouse gases of humankind. this punch is a big hole in that argument that the environmental grps are m tre was actually less methane ga production is going up as much as it has, as you said, more than 40%. that is an indication that the industry is getting a better handle on how to contain methane during the billing drilling process. about $3.5 for a thousand cubic feet it is money going up into the air. they also want to be good corporate citizens fthe rest of their ability. they don't want to be seen as polluting the environment because they want to be able to continue this practice. this revolution has the potential to turn around manufacturg in this country. they can fuel economic growth in this nation and they want to make sure they do it the best way they can. lou: you visited a couple in
10:43 pm
pennsylvania who had polluted well water. the state said that no, it's not true. isulat came today?mportants >> this is the other side of the coin an argument. it potentially contaminate and has contaminated well water. it is just northwest of scranton, pennsylvania. wps was drilling wells around this property. high levels of methane. they claimed it was from the well. sixteen months to complete, the department of environmental protection said the methane that is in the well did not come from the wps deep well and more to the point it came from the same methane sources as contaminated salt springs state park about a mile away. what is known as a biogenic methane in that area and the
10:44 pm
pennsylvania dep said that is what is contaminating it, not the deep wells thawere drilled by wps. this was another hole in the environment and that is that methane migration from these gas wells contaminated groundwater in going into people's drinking laws. there have been a couple of cases where that was the fact because of faulty well casing design. there has never been a proven process that fracturing, extremely high pressures, releasing the methane, there's no proof that it has contaminated groundwater. lou: a big deal, two important developments and i'm sure that the epa is not happy with either development today. very quickly, is it your sense that there were some politic stone pipene decisions by the epa trying to block these repor in the national media?
10:45 pm
>> i can tell you that proponents of this believe this is all about politics. look at what is going on in new york state. plenty of evidence that the economic benefits, a vastly outweigh any environmental concerns come at the same time, governor cuomo has sat on the idea of tracking in new york state. for what rean, people don't know. they do not want to upset the environmental group were turned against them and not supporting his bid for presidency in 2016. >> complicated. you can get a discount to driving. right thing. john roberts, we thank you so much. senior correspondent, a bad day for the epa, a good day someone say not only for the petroleum
10:46 pm
industry but for america. and do you remember the lovefest of chris christie from last year? you are not a real republican if you don't. it's not over. the republican governor of new jersey today weighing in on the president's handling of superstorm sandy six months after the deadly storm hits. saying that the president has kept every promise that he has made and i think he has done a good job. he kept his word. up next, the "a-team." we will take up these ideas and the reasoning. they join us next. they join us next. stay with you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service
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lou: virginia governor bob mcdonald lower the gas tax for every one that imposes the 64-dollar per year fee on electric car owners it is a financial thing to do is create another tax, right? arizona and texas have question marks. we don't have the other things to work work out. joining us now is monica -rowley. and michael goodwin and also jedeah bila, all three fox news contributors. it is so great to have you with us. let's start with our terrific
10:51 pm
guests. >> it's amazing to me think you are doing a good thing by getting a hybrid car, doing something good for the environment, and then you are penalized. you always find a way to penalize you in some way. no easy way out. >> this is why government is such a cluster. on one hand, many cases, they give you a tax credit were some incentive to go down that road and you think, okay, basically they are taxing the matter what you do. many of it goes to t cost of labor. especially driving up the cost of government, it is about excessive labor costs to build
10:52 pm
the road. lou: this is a republican governor at work. these policies, i mean, it is crazy as far as i'm concerned. you can try to rationalize it, the governor can try to rationalize it, it is beyond sense. chris christie and obama speaking of favorite governors. what is the sudden embrace and what is the deal here? >> well, i think when he did this six months ago, it returns the motivation. one was to spend as much money as the federal government, and the other was to scare off cory booker. cory being a young charismatic mayor of new york, it worked. lou: this is reaching absurd proportions. chris christie has had more to
10:53 pm
throw an entry como. >> i agree with you early on that was the explanation. chris christie is up for reelection in nvember. the republican running in a blue state. he wants to win by a landslide so that if he chooses to run in 2016, he can say i am a republican with the democratic party in new jersey, this gives me the ability to go by and talk about their candidate for president. lou: in newjersey, as the vernor, we consider ourselves very important.
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lou: we are back with the "a-team." monica, let's start with syria the idea that these things have been expressed john mccain and %-presidentsed the geniuses, the expression breadline this is reaching absurd proportions. >> and destructive levels as well when you have this kind of insight between the presidt and top members of congress. the president breadline looks
10:58 pm
more like a pink line. >> why in the world would we be engaged? >> i'm right tre with you. proponents on the other side leaving this revolt are an eclectic group of very dangerous implements things. if united states was to intervene, we could've ended up with a regime that w far worse than the assad regime. >> the last two years, there were no good options. which was to do nothing all that time. now, there was some obstruction because the administration did not use the term terrorism. and it impedes a certain amount of policymaking.
10:59 pm
thing that he made a mistake, i just can't magine. don't you think it would be worth a dollar to own and? >> it would be worth a dollar to me because i am a creative person. it wouldn't be afraid to think outside the box. >> he paid a dollar and probably lost a hundred million dollars more. >> after that the money really started. lou: it is amazing. people make many mistakes. it's good to hear them say no matter what the price tag, i made a mistake thank you very much, we appreciate it.
11:00 pm
that is it for us tonight, thank you for being with us. we'll be talking economics with art laffer. thanks for being with will see . good night from new ork. >> this guy drew the line in the sand. you've heard a lot about consequences. tonight we are going to talk about behind those consequences and the cash that lives there. welcome, i am neil cavuto. the president is in a very tough place right now, he has already warned syria that if he ever got proof he used chemical weapons on the people, there would be heck to pay. even if we can pay can't pay for that. for ron paul who says consequences even if we did have


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