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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  July 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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meeting. investors will be picking through every single word looking for any more clues on when the fed will be thinking about winding down its huge bond buying program so that they can focus again next week. cheryl: well, melissa frances next. dennis: i'm dennis kneale in for melissa francis. here is what is "money" tonight. does it really counts? of billion dollar u.s. aid package, soaring oil prices, and the threat of contagion. we have new details on how the dominoes may fall. plus, you probably heard about the june jobs report, but they're is a piece of it-and stop everyone cold. we will tell you what it is. he may "money" today? electrifying demand and one of the world's hottest markets. stay tuned to find that today's speed read even when they say nay, it's always about "money." ♪
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our top story tonight, a day of violence and rage and egypt as supporters of ousted president morsi take to the streets in protest demanding that morsi be reinstated as president. fox news is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: day. has been a day and an evening of deadly clashes here in cairo and across to. dennis: across egypt, wrapping up this evening, but the gunshots and other activity has been pretty much nonstop from our position. we watched as pro and anti morsi activists did battle on a bridge not far from our position. molotov cocktails and rocks were hurled. after a few hours the military finally cleared this from the bridge, but it was touch and go for several hours this evening.
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all told, 17 people according to authorities were killed today, over 250 people injured. oneents that we track here in cairo, making a run for the republican guard headquarters. that is where they believe that their former president now, morsi, is being held by authorities. soldiers shot into the crowd, three people were killed. at one rally a leader for the muslim brotherhood, the party backing the past year or so called on their following to lay their lives down for their fallen leader. and in the square just behind us right now, the numbers are a bit lower. this was the scene of the anti morsi crowd, basically the people who won the release of the military backing basically what was a coup, certainly.
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at disillusionment of the whole government. these folks in the square have been backed up by apache helicopters, fighter jet planes, armored personnel carriers moving around the city. an interesting amalgam of the military and sometimes secular activists force the change in the government here, the change in this revolution that we have been tracking for the past couple of years. back to you. dennis: thank you very much. stacy. here is the billion dollar question. was the ousting a coup? egypt is the second-largest recipient of u.s. aid after israel and is a key ally in the war and terror. according to u.s. law we cannot supply a country with financial aid if it is elected government is deposed by military coup. so will the military ousting forced the u.s. to cut off the aid spigot? here with more, the mideast expert. thank you for being with us. first of all, i read in a notes
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-- and you believe that you can argue that this was not a kook. please explain that. >> of course that is when the military against the will of the nation go by military means to remove a government and install a military regime. that was not the case. in this case the actual reality was a revolution that we all saw, 22 million egyptians from all sorts of backgrounds, including middle-class, labor, women, minorities marched and called on the military to change because although he was elected democratically, he did not rule and govern in a democratic way of changing the constitution, creating a militia. so all of that tells us that this was a revolution that the army assisted in making successful to avoid what could have been as of monday a full-fledged civil war. dennis: but those 22 million protesters you speak of, didn't they kind of have the chance that the election? coming, this gentleman was elected by a popular vote.
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i cannot imagine the u.s. military helping usher president obama out of offices because of a few million protista showing a on the capitol lawn. >> well, it did happen in europe, as a matter of fact, when the national socialists were victorious. the 30's. so did the fascist of mussolini. became a democratic way and then install the police, then a militia. they started to assassinate their opponents. at that time is not anymore the democratically elected process but the democratic the nine governments of the regime that count. of course, it has also participation. many people in the west have partnered with the muslim brotherhood. it is not about the principle but who was your partner before it was changed. dennis: apparently president obama has the authority to decide on his own weather this counts as a military coup or not . in the obama administration just cozy right up to the muslim brotherhood and say, these guys are more moderate. they're going to be good guys.
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isn't it clear that he will say this is not a military coup and i can continue to give egypt a billion and a half dollars a year? >> secant. unfortunately he has been very badly advised, specifically on what happened. we will make the case wide. in january of 2011 there was a surge of civil society. it was not the muslim brotherhood. after that the muslim brotherhood came in and seized power. unfortunately, washington did not speak for those who three years later became the 22 million frustrated people. now we are caught in a situation where the u.s. has been partner with the brotherhood. the majority in civil society rose against an. we need to open bridges. i firmly advise the government and administration to pressure the military. go for election, but at the same time, open up and start talking
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withhcivil society. dennis: dame if we do, damned if we don't? you would think since we supported the muslim brotherhood in the election of that party that they did toss out of office. we are saying almost nothing in all. democratically elected president. what should we do? >> first of all, we should tell everybody in egypt that we will need with the democratic government. that is fair, and the administration -- at the same time, we need to have an equal distance between the muslim brotherhood of the one hand in society. those in the majority in egypt are civil society. the entire, 6 million people, 20 to 22 million people marched against them. we need to do something else, invite to the united states the leaders that we don't know here, the leaders of the 20 million people, most of whom are under the age of 20. we need to do a new bridge to egypt. dennis: a new bridge. how would you, if you are advising the obama administration right now, go about finding the key leaders?
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i have not seen any of identifiable key leaders. >> we're not doing our job because the embassy in cairo, the u.s. embassy has been dining -- danielle with the brotherhood and elevating them to a level of visibility in washington d.c. we actually need to invite leaders of the union, the students. they need to be invited to congress so that our people, we spend for the next year. has been spent. we need to know who are the leaders. in eastern europe you remember, in the czech republic we know who was the leader. why don't we have the same? dennis: thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you for coming on. oil prices spiking past $100 per barrel as egypt raises. never mind that egypt produces less than 2 percent of the world's oil. u.s. oil production is thriving. we want to know why our energy
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♪ dennis: the ks in egypt is causing turmoil for oil prices, surging to the highest levels in
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more than a year and some analysts predicted even bigger spite of the violence intensifies. wasn't the u.s. opposed to stop this from happening and prevent panic? joining me now, energy analyst stephen short. welcome back to the show. we appreciate you being here, especially the day after july july 4th. this bike -- this spike is all there. >> well, the concern is, of course, the flow of barrels. we're talking about a potential civil war in the country that sits atop the suez canal which is responsible for transit and six -- 60% of the world's transport and oil on tankers. the fear is some sort of disruption to the flow. i have to add that you have to wonder why given the amount of oil sitting here in north america, why we are dragging our feet on keystone because as you referenced we are sitting on a surplus of oil. the problem is we have the oil
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but we need to get to where it needs to be, the refineries. this is the fear that we are pressing in right now. now, this price has been building up for the past two weeks because what we have seen now with wall street, investors coming into the market, there are now starting to exit their large positions in natural-gas and are moving into oil. now you take a tremendous amount of investment flow of money coming into the market. throw a big geopolitical headline like potentially disrupting the flow of a significant amount of oil and you have a template for a significant rise in price. where we have been the last couple of years. dennis: this is all just traders. 95 percent of the trades they make are these pieces of paper for oil prices and never even get turned into an actual barrels of oil. isn't there a chance to -- 60% of all of the oil trade on tankers goes through the suez canal, what percentage is tanker while of all oil?
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>> i don't have that number of hand, but it is a significant amount. as we referenced, the united states, five years ago the united states was importing 12 million barrels per day. today we only import 7 million. that's still a significant amount. we have limited our exposure. dennis: it seems to me that the suez canal, is something did go wrong, a bunch of oil leading countries as ships and military guys and say, we are keeping we will let this goes down. >> well, we do have a history to fall back on. two years ago we had the civil war in libya. right around this time of the year, a little earlier, the market lost over a million barrels a day, is significant amount of very high quality oil. and then that we saw oil prices rise for about $90 per barrel to
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115, $115 per barrel. if you do have a civil war regardless of what the military can do, you will see a disruption, and this is what the market is. it is important to keep in mind what markets are, driven by fear and greed. right now you take the greed, the wall street money piling add to that the fear, the destruction of a significant amount of oil. and now you have the tables set for the rise in price. it has been significant. if we see a quick resolution to the situation in egypt and tempers flared down you will see oil prices fall a lot faster and a lot steeper than we arrived. so right now we are 102, 103, if we don't get some resolution coming out of this holiday weekend, it is not inconceivable that we can go up to 115, where we were a year ago or two years ago. dennis: i don't want to see
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that. it all now hinges -- dennis: that would be bad for the u.s. economy. keep our fingers crossed. but if there is a cut off, how fast can the u.s. actually lift production to offset some of the impact? would take months? >> no. what we're talking about, the u.s. cannot respond to the situation. the only swing producer out there would be saudi arabia. of course, there would be quick to respond to this spirit i am sure they're taking measures. again, keep in mind, that oil has to go through. you're only other option is detected around the horn of africa which will add weeks and tremendous cost to transiting the oil. of course, that cost has to be translated and represented in the price which is why a lot of this is already getting priced into the market. again, if we all see the destruction, it's you know, we are sitting on a surplus of oil.
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but you look at wall street. they now on in the paper market were sent not trying to take delivery, but if you take all the oil sitting in the central united states where the contract is traded, wall street could drain the 50 million barrels sitting there right now and replace that oil four or five times over. this is how much they're sitting on. it literally is a potential situation where the tail is wagging the dog. the dog is being driven. you're fearful about dysfunction. dennis: we have to run. %-all of those traders are a buh of fraidy-cat some panic mugger is worrying about everything. and not afraid. don't be afraid. thank you for being with us. >> i'll try not to be. dennis: sure you know that june jobs report topped expectations, but there is one thing buried inside that should give everyone reason to worry. the details next three plus, despite all of the gods, the u.s. dollar may be the world's most bulletproof investment.
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can you ever have to much "money"? ♪
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♪ dennis: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is to make -- today. anyone who owns tesla. reportedly storing hundreds of three orders in hong kong before the car officially hits the streets. the news sent stock climbing, closing just below its record high. shares up 250% this year. meanwhile, losing money today, anyone who owns homebuilder stocks. interest rates jumped in the wake of the june job report with decreasing concern about demand for home. homebuilder stocks got hammered with everyone getting hit. and not making nearly ana enough
5:24 pm
money. the lone ranger, a box office train wreck pulling in $19 million in its first two days of release. the four day july 4th holiday weekend expected to raise 45 million. reportedly costing upwards of a quarter of a billion dollars to make. disney may have to take a nine figure law some of them. can that june jobs report to my praise. digging beneath the headline numbers, an alarming fact, the number of americans working part-time jobs surging to a record high. meanwhile, the number of full-time jobs plunged. how can we build the recovery on tepid numbers? let's break it down with the president of american wealth management. nice to have you with the spirit let's start with you. give us your take on the numbers . >> you know, i think it is a big disappointment. what is concerning to me is a president really isn't turning out to be the guy that is delivering on the industrial that he campaigned on. or is amanda save the car
5:25 pm
industry? as we leave into our earnings season, so many companies hiring temporary or part-time employees , what are they going to say? i feel good about the future some hiring a much a part timers. it's a concern. dennis: what do you think? >> the obamacare coming home to roost. can postpone the employer mandate a year, but they know they will face it. full-time now knowing that in 18 months you will have health care issues. what employers are learning to do, and think about where the growth has been, hospitality, retailing, you can easily get along. the folks that have to do that end up working two days a week. and three days a week. you know, busing tables at night at a restaurant. they pieced together a life. terrible thing, the president of the united states is doing to the american worker by failing to show proper lead on trade and energy and by regulating businesses. he is treating businesses like
5:26 pm
they are ex-convict. dennis: the criminalization of wealth creation continues. the of -- the entire obama administration. what do you figure the unemployment rate, seven and a half%, but this underemployment rate rose from 138% to 143%. is this because i errors just on see demand or because they see obamacare, and there are free to hire? >> i think it is the primary. it is a really our economy is still struggling. it is not so much what employers don't want to pay for, employee benefits, they just don't have the financing and not willing to go on, lam to provide those benefits. again, one not hire somebody temporarily because economically i don't think i will keep them around for the next 12 months. dennis: what do you think the numbers will mean in terms of the fed and its desire to taper and cut back on bond purchases the keep interest rates low?
5:27 pm
will they be able to do with numbers like these? >> i don't believe so. this 195,000 is a false number for the reason you describe. the economy is not creating jobs and so it is not a healthy jobs market. many young people now cannot find a way gallegus started in life. a very based in london are working a starbucks. so i don't think they're going to taper on the basis of these numbers. what i see is the bigger number that no one is talking about. this quantitative easing is creating a lot of distortion in capital markets. at think he would prefer to get out before he leaves. the question is whether he gets a chance. dennis: to you think with these numbers that the fed can afford to start tapering? what bothered me as i thought that if the fed does taper back it means the economy's getting better. you say that's not what it means that has to do with leading. >> absolutely. i think exactly that.
5:28 pm
the fed is having to wean us off of this money. it is sad because they seem to be doing all the work. we get a very little done by our elected officials, the president in the congress are not picking up the slack. he knows he cannot keep this going on forever. so he just has to begin winning a some point in doing it gradually. dennis: we had a guest on the show today who argues that over the next two years you will see -verage growth of 200,000 or better. what do you say to that? >> i would like to see what that looks like. perfectly possible to do we have more months like this. business is basically take to jobs and turn them into three. they take to guys working 40 to 50 hours a week and turn them into three that are working 29. and what kind of jobs are we getting? the world's biggest caribbean island. the big growth is in stuff like bartenders and waiters. we are not creating real jobs. the president is touring africa.
5:29 pm
frankly precipitating a coup in egypt. calling it something else. dennis: we will wrap it right there. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> take care. dennis: okay. amid wild volatility in the markets, the u.s. dollar somehow has been defying financial gravity. as the meltdown the fed has tripled the size of its balance sheet, in essence, a tripling the number of dollars in existence which should have devastated the value of the dollar. many experts argue instead the greenback is king of the hill and up almost 20 percent in value against other currencies. how is it so on breakable? capital markets specialist and the law street journal join me now. a big currency guy. you have got underestimate the amount which a bank, u.s. trust. please explain to us how the dollar could be so strong when there are so many more dollars flooding the market than there were. >> so, it is all about relative expectation against another
5:30 pm
economy. that is basically the way the dollar larks. at this point the expectation is of the dollar interest rates will go higher, the qe calendars coming to an end in the u.s. as well as growth is looking better here than any other part of the world. relative to europe, the swiss, japan, that is why the dollar is catching the bid. this is the reason that the dollar will continue to be strong, those expectations will get mad or other countries, but the better plan. dennis: so the u.s. dollar, as strong as it is, even stronger to the rest of this year. what do you guys at the "wall street journal" think? >> i guess i would largely agreed. this is kind of a continuation of the story of the last few years. the u.s. economy is the best house in a bad neighborhood among developed countries. you know, looking at the said now saying it will stop the money printing frenzy while the bank of japan and the european central banks seem poised to
5:31 pm
keep going for some indefinite time frame, it does make sense to begin now, washington has made seven mistakes of last year's. we are fortunate that the dollar is still the world's reserve currency and american business in a tough environment have managed to perform okay. think this are seeing this. >> the dollar bill, and away a currency, it's like a share of stock in the country's reputation our country's strength. and it turns out that the only reason our share of stock is looking so much better is because everyone else is looking so bad. >> that is out currency markets to. compare one against the other. dennis: you have this thing where you said sometimes in a panicky flight into the dollar. you said that is not what is happening now. this is showing that the stock price is going up. >> let's look at this. when they're is a crisis in the world people flow into dollars, buy u.s. treasurys. this time it is not. is different. the dollars are coming back to the u.s., not flowing into treasuries, flowing into other
5:32 pm
investment. it's a slow growth. not very happy with the weight of the markets. the growth was jobs. but it is a lot better than before and a lot better than any other country. he. dennis: it seems to me i am wondering where we will go. i am wondering exactly -- can a stay strong? we have not had velocity. it is not move data into the economy. is triple supply of dollars moving into the economy, then we have a big inflation problem? >> that is a huge question, whether bernanke can kind of land this quadruple high dive and manage to take liquidity, managed to wrap up these programs at the exact moment before inflation surges. this is an unprecedented experiment we are running. i would not personally say that i have confidence in government officials to execute perfectly.
5:33 pm
that is what we will find out. dennis: thank you for being with us. appreciate you coming in. and if there is one company that had a shot at taking down apple it was samsung. suddenly samsung is showing some of the same as its ailing rival. it will look at why next. plus, about to score the best album debut dolled -- debut album in his career the unprecedented rollout to be the new blueprint for the industry. we will explain why. piles of money. coming up. ♪
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>> sending -- stunning does tech world with the second quarter earnings raising fears the ears of the galaxies were brodeur led weaker than expected. are they doom to to follow apple and the same fate? right now we have ever guessed. welccme back to the show..3 here is a bothers me. earnings go up 49% face a second quarter they will get 50 percent and the stock sells off because the traders are not pleased.
5:38 pm
aren't they ingrates? >> is a eight-point to billion dollars in the last quarter that is a phenomenal amount of money but i think they were sure did have a billion dollars for a bright think the investors are on to something. when you look at short-term vs. long-term. short-term looks great but one tom -- wander around -- and opportunities it is coming in to the full maturation looking at eastern europe and eastern asian countries as almost winterset market saturation. you will not have much gr when you look at future potential as an investor you think we are looking at apple all over again. >> is and samsung situated much better which should be cheaper smart phones with a cheaper price in the developing world? aren't they better off with that? >> definitely.
5:39 pm
plus it runs the component industry with the smart phones and tablets. they are well off situated to go forward. the likelihood you will have to go through samsung. apple does not have that benefit. but apple benefit is by tunes and the store but samsung does not have the robust system so they are in a bit of a situation. dennis: so they buy parts of after the vendors and put them together but samsung can find its own parts. remember f. "forbes" years ago they said nokia is smart they had it when people were buying and then it dropped. >> yes they are continuing the downward trend. have not seen the uptick that they thought they would.
5:40 pm
so to try different platforms another operating system. but not to put all their eggs in one basket that may have occurred will look at all that they have but samsung still has a strong component market and for someone else to come in to the component industry is nearly impossible because the cost is so substantial. samsung has a good foothold. dennis: it could go either way and what about the cool factor? that samsung is far more innovative than apple. does is still have that plan? >> i think they do. they have a lot of features and gimmicks and great marketing and we will talk
5:41 pm
about that next. they're doing a lot and the marketing is phenomenal. there other manufacturers out there but they cannot get that momentum. dennis: you would not believe the difference in spending with apple vs samsung spending close at $4 billion per year on advertising which is a phenomenal number was just one product market but is there a ponzi scheme element that runs out? [laughter] and then it doesn't work? >> a thing part of his issues there and they play catch-up and there is money that goes into advertising but i see we were going in there is a potential that's you may fall apart. we will see you this weekend
5:42 pm
one of the most unusual album rollouts of all time with the launch of the jay-z magnet carter will blow up in the face and we will explain why next. even on a holiday weekend is all about money. just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another ason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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♪ dennis: he has problems but selling albums is not one of them. he has done what was once unthinkable leaked out copies of his own album early to being up with samsung in a deal that earned him $5 billion in guaranteed the album sells more than the first four combined. is itta short time gimmick or a game changer for the music industry? let's ask the executive creative director who joins me now. bruce, do you like this or is it is no love desperation
5:47 pm
? >> it is smart marketing but you have to change in nomenclature. if you leak something early on purpose it is not a leak. bradley manning, and read snowden. this was planned. dennis: a controlled leakage is age-old with politics and marketing. i was surprised to see the recording industry association of america would say that does not count as 5 billion sales idiolect somebody give away but instead they have decided it does count. what do you think about that? >> they have lost 50% of revenue over 50 years and i think they will lead to anything happen if they can think of how to move money for the pockets of consumers or corporate sponsors. at one of it is legitimate but he got $5 million and he is done.
5:48 pm
doesn't matter if another person buys his music. but the music company, they have desperation and will look anywhere they can to generate revenue. dennis: it feels that many marketers are becoming music companies. starbucks puts out its own exclusive labels may be wal-mart. almost as if it is becoming a marketing tool. what you think? >> it is ironic that less and less the to make a killing be youucannot make a living soul take greater pieces to give it to a smaller percentage. we have 99% and 1% all over. >> with that ty if samsung puts jay-z in a tv commercial to endorse the samsung product? >> seems we now can call him
5:49 pm
up tea -- pay-z. we used to call it a sellout he says i about a businessman i in the business, man. dennis: i remember a story in "the wall street journal" on the card receipt of canada dry they were willing to pose for a poster but they cannot drink it instead spraying and all over the place overall we had gene simmons of last week and he said it is the music business. it is a business and sometimes musician -- musicians forget that. >> all glamour business is a business. it is not the art museum is the music business and he has figured out ways to make that business work for him. dennis: will his desk so
5:50 pm
well or will people shun it because it was the free give away? >> something else, people don't buy what you do but who you more. recorded earlier it is a real slow the first four because the first four people didn't know who he was. he was building a following the interestingly he made this money before anybody heard the song so it could still rest of the world's on the news ticker not but because it has his name on it and the samsung sugar daddy to pay him a front so what happens now is almost irrelevant. dennis: but this album that samsung paid him $5 billion. thinks a lot. have a good day. a barely enough to brief oxygen at the summit of mount interest that one of the most unforgiving spots
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is to have better sailors service than midtown manhattan. spare changes next. you can never have too much money. ♪
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with our "name your price" tool, people pica price and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gasp, chuckle ] ohhh! ohhh! one day the world... no, the universe will have the pricing power they deserve. mouhahaha! mouhahaha! mouhahaha! ooh-hee-hee-hee! blaaaah! we'll work on it. wah-hah-hah! stopping at nothing to help you save. ♪ dennis: time for a low fun with "spare change." today we are joined by ramie spencer and jerry guy randolph. thank you for being with us. first up, finally breaking with her longtime agent after controversial private comment that blew up into a media
5:55 pm
firestorm. reportedly said in a strategic agenda for she and her company and also had a huge role in the daily operation. will this do anything to save her crumbling empire? ticket. >> i think empire is crumbling and she needs to make big, bold decisions like this. i think this may, in fact the man had a hand in making it worse instead of better faugh. dennis: how so? >> if this isn't as is possible for the statements that she made or the tunnel she took on the today show or in any of the other apology statements i think it was time for the agent to go, but i think she will come back. that public wants to see her come back and she does have a groundswell of support for what she does. >> america is very forgiving. she needs to make things up. talking about hiring a p.r. agent that michael vick used who helped him revamp his career. dennis: and he was a dog killer. >> was a dog killer. so she will come back and be just fine. if tiger woods, michael vick, i think paula will be fine.
5:56 pm
dennis: do you think that anyone who uses the n-word does not deserve any kind of forgiveness? >> black, white, orange, purple, it does not matter who you are what your racist. this is completely inappropriate however, it is something that i do think she could move past. dennis: when this happens in this comes out, a lot of people feel really good about taking the high road. let's destroyer business empire. it is not like it helps like unemployment, it does not reduce blacks living in poverty and yet we get the feeling like we have struck a blow for equality. >> she is the host of a cooking show, not a politician, not a teacher, and she did something that she regrets and is apologizing for. dagen i think that beating a boehner or taking the moral high informative for judgmental will anyone. the point is, people should know better. they should be respectful. i think that this scandal, if
5:57 pm
you will, as certainly taught her and, perhaps, those close to hurt, the value of being open-minded and not judgmental or faults others. dennis: you guys -- your take on it is the she wrote about the manager. i thought he quit her. so she took the action. maybe it is a first step toward rebuilding the empire. let's move to the second. you think you're tough. workers in san francisco bay area have been putting up with a commuter rail strike all week. trains running again this afternoon. union workers just agreed to temporarily extend their labor contract for one more month. both sides still far away from any long-term deal. will the strike come back? >> this sounds like they are saying they're very far apart, but his son's life financially they're getting close to making a decision because they one of the next three years of 5% increase on their income annually. they will -- their working to give them an 8 percent increase over the next four years and reduce some of the contribution.
5:58 pm
it sounds like the numbers for us starting to work for them. dennis: all these union negotiations with government workers and transit workers, one big problem is pension costs are crossing the local government. dennis: yes. >> and that is the true. we need to find a way to get these people back to work, get them fair pay, get them a reasonable pension so that these commuters staggered back and forth to work. we need to see some sort of compromise. they're needs to be a little bit of a sacrifice on both sides in order for everyone to when. dennis: i love this one. reaching new heights. the lack of force he sells service is a thing that stops you from climbing mount everest. those days are over. entrap the climbers can live stream their view from the world's tallest peak. isn't there something wrong with this? >> i'm not going to the top anytime soon. i want my cellphone to work. not on top of the world. you know, good luckkto him. dennis: he needs to make a call? >> wo things.
5:59 pm
now that i can get self-service -- of course, this is the reason why haven't climbed mount everest. if i actually -- is not true. if i ever climbed mount everest i would dearly wanted, mom and dad and said, like allegis did. dennis: sir edmund hillary family will file some complaint saying you cannot put a sell to our up on mount everest. check out this story, one of three replicas used in various dealers day off. this baby is said its auction. experts say could bring a 100 grand. will you bad? >> i have the money and love the car. the movie is a staple. i grew up with it. a beautiful looking car. and sure their is a lovely person out there that will pay a fortune. >> movie memorabilia has been -oing for averages numbers. a model of the starship enterprise sold for half a million dollars. why not? if you love the movie go for it. i would go for john lennon's ferrari. dennis: dealer.
6:00 pm
we should wrap this. i think we well. thank you for being with us. that is all we have today. melissa returns on monday. i had a good time. "the willis report" is next. wonderful weekend, guys. ♪ >> hi, everyone. tonight on "the willis report" the sudden l.a. with obamacare. how much trouble is this law in? the woman who had her newborn baby taken away from our periodic she failed a drug test after she ate at poppy seed bagel. we will buy into that cake. have you heard? made in the u.s. a is making a comeback. one business to find out they're making it big by making it here. ♪ tracy: these stories are coming up, but we begin with the big jobs report and what it means for all of us. the economy added 195,000 jobs in june, 30,000 more than expected. did


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