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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  July 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: and leased it is something if the irs will not c any one then let's cut the fund of the targeted budget. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. how is this? republans looking to cut 3 million from the budget more than what the white house once it is a penalty for the agency that will not reprimanded cells because two months after thewhite house promised it would get to the bottom of thi not a single group has been questioned or have initial findings reported. maybe the irs is getting the budget cut is just a deserved if they hit t
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group's for reason and then hit the budget. now to the congressman leading the charge with me now republican brady from texas. doesn't have that popular support? >> i seeing it doess you don't see that around washington much which is accountability. this says clean attract, follow the recommendations of the inspector general stop the conferences and bonuses and stop covering up the patterns of abuse and open up the irs so we can get t -he trut and that is fair. neil: i imagine it would have a fight in the senate proposal you are sending a warning that you expect accountability in reaction on tse abuses and that has
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been shortcomings? has not been happening at all. @%e new irs is trying to manage the problem rather th to get to the truce but -- the truth but these dollars are withheld because thspecific action. if they llowed the recommendaons to clean up they're act and change their behavior than the finding follows but in tel been there behavior or lack of reform has consequences. neil: does this have the application down the road with it will pice the nancial part of health care? there are different areas they will see whe it comes to fruition. you want to stop as well because the budget will go up exponentially.
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>> at this point i think the irs has lost any credibility to enfor the affordable care act they're using there dollars with enforcement to pursue political agendas, political belief belief, we don't think they have the credibility to enforce the 23 taxes and the mandates within obamacare either. nor is there confidence they will protect taxpayer information when give it to them so right now they're the least credible organization in the federal government. they have changing to do. neil: we will wch closely on what could be a way to get the irs going. but now the two prty says cut to the court and cut it out of existence. with me now is a tea party activists.
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you are to wallop them? >> music to my years for t irs is a weapon of mass destruction against the taxpayers. is so corrupt, unconstituonal and was voted that once upon a time. there are so many problems with this and there are much more efficient ways we can tax the people that are much more fair. it is definitely time make these reforms. neil: be careful what you ask for. you may get itto abolish the irs to say that is impractical you need a organizaon is that polices if you p the taxes people tried to pull fast ones a new agency to monitor th. >> but it doesn't need to be the largest off federal
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bureaucracy there is. were one that has targeted minotyroups would that bos and self negative cab bonuses. this was a private business we both know we would be long gone because government would have regulated it out of business it is corrupt and unconstitutionalnd needs to go way. of the progressive say they love the word fair. so do something fair. this tax every betty across the board like the consumption tax cannot be afforded by the black market neil: you don't need a big agency to police that. but to those progressiv groups do you know, anybody that wascontacted by this group that supposedly is vestigating what happened at the behest of the president?
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>> i know so many different people that have been attacked by the irs. neil: we are arguing ned of these groups have been contacted by the white house investigator looking into what happened. >> i still hear news stories of abu so nothing is being done. this organization needs to go way. is is tantamount to driving a covered wagon to a hospital we need to come up to this century to get it done in a much more efficient, andis parents and technological way. get them gone. neil: but they will play a central role in health care in a less something changes that begins next year. >> i am always looking for
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politicians to be heroes. two-thds of americans are demanding that the ira's goal way is a chance for politicians to ingratiate themselves to the american population they are to serve to say we will do what makes sense is of continuing because this is the way they have always been done. the american people have spoken it is time to make chans. neil: thank you very much. >> always good to be with you. neil: only not cutting cash for the irs but he will never guess where they want never guess where they want to start. i want to make things more secure.
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nearly 1 in 200 americans suffer with the debilitating pain and constant disruption of inflammatory bowel disease. the toll is both physical and emotional. chances are you know someone with ibd. someone like me. i'amy brenneman and i pport the crohn's & colitis foundation of america. ccfa was created to help those with ibd cope and to find a cure. people with ibd can't wait. won't you help someone you know? neil: a government toppled work to which we have already given billions get worse. but guess where they are targeting their spending? not egypt but syria. all the money we are forking over to the rebels they worry it is going to the wrong ones. ii because many are linked
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to al qaeda could trigger mandates and kill us. joe lieberman says they're jumping to conclusions in it is god to patio. >> great to be back. neil: it seemed like it was out of the blue but the syrians that was odd? >> i agree. this has been going on for more than two years. more than 100,000 people have died. it is a humanitarian disast and freedom is on the wind. mean that the opposition to be the anti-american dictator. neil: that some of these groups that have formed? >> we have waited too long. if our intelligence is not
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good enoug, i am sure it is to know who the good guys are we have a problem. neil: but you did know who they were but now we are not so sure and to we want to make that same mistake in egt? >> we have to take a risk the reason is not onlyto try to stop the humanitarian disaster but what is happening in syria is a proxy war between iran and russia and our ales in the arab world and us on the other side but we're not on the field. we finally have begun to get some assistance to the opposition. if it goes down it is the biggest defeat for iran, is patron in th middle east, in a long time and will put pressure on them
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that i think is the biggest thre today. neil: is senator ron paul was year and of course, his point of view it is not worth it in one country after another rehab or record too that with the ong people then they bite us. even with u.s. flag burnings ? >> a lot of places around the world over the last 25 for 30 years has been and advance of democracy and freedom and that is certainly true in the eastern and central europe with the former soviet union and also asia. il: i dunno eddie gentlemen way to put it. maybe they are just nuts? they all seem crazy.
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>> but they are not. but what happened in tunisia and egypt there was an uprising would i would call moderate modernizing you abs who were sick and tired of the dictators. neil: they turn on the very government they put in power? >> because they concluded and i agree, an election is only one element to hava demoacy is freedom and human rights. neil: maybe for valid reasons it doesn't look good is the most unusual circumstance but you have to
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be practical so morsi was becoming a dictator. the people had no alternative. usually the military basically got him out of power and now they give us the revolution the second chance to work but they have to work with each other in th is a real challenge. neil: this will sound racist but isn't it by design that the muslim-led government by design will live reconcile with the secular interest of its people? is that what happened in this case? and that is irreconcilable. >> in this government's case with morsi in the muslim brotherhood, they won the election. not by a lot but then he began to close off the
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oppositionn the people's freedoms. neil: that wasn't in his dna to be democratically elected >> it depends on the muslim leader. in to be sure we have an encouraging situatio with an islamist party got more votes in any other parties but it needed to form a coalition to have the majority to govern and it made the coalition with secular muslim arab parties and they pretty much held together. is tough. but it is hard to go from where they have gone to have central dictatorship controlling freedoms but taking over the country. people were fed up most people want a better life and did not to be governed
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by extremist whether secular or islami extremist. neil: with health care many argue it is falling apart. losing a key source of funding is imploding? >> i don't think it is imploding. i think this step back on the funding requirement was probably smart to do to show some flexibility but they haveot said they will real it. is coming in one year when peop are better able. i think it will be there. i will never forget when president clinton came in to talk to us senators when we were considering ad he said kidded as good as achaean then adopted bause trust we will come back 25 years to fix it because you cannot get it right the first time.
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that is e question. it remains unpopular i'm afraid the administration has not done as good of a job as it could have to convince the people. neil: day think they knew the problems are there but did not say? >> i don't know. neil: i think they did. [laughte joe lieberman it is a pleasure. what about google hinting overstuff? ♪
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neil: one gov might snoop but as a lot of people helping them now with gh-tech companies do not
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only go over the affirmation that also to keep the back door open if they want to come back and get more. to the search engi and says uncle sam cancer john to promise no one will track them. the engine is called duck duck go. gabriel, how do u stk to that? >> when you search anything and the internet you are automatically sending the information to the data that we talk about. we throw that information away so we keep it anonymous searches if someone comeso us to handover data on you we literally cannot do it because we don't have it. neil: i do not believe you. just because it is so brilliant. >> that is the duty you literally throw i away and
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you never store it. even if someone hacked into your system. neil: heidi make many? to make that is the duty it is the myth they need to track you to make money we make money the same way which is based on the keyword so if you type in the word carr you will get the car ad. neil: du type been a number of times i type in the word carr? just one time? >> exactly. ne: it has to be the first time. >> it is all in realtime. the next day you type of mortgage. is though not the big servers the size of rhode island? >> not a sir in utah. neil: what if the government says we need to collect all
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of your records. what you say? >> we say our law is structured you cannot force a company to change its business practices. >> is under a judge's orders >> all orders about turning ov existing business records or preservation orders the you have to keep them maybe instead of 24 hours started two wes ago there is nothing to turn over. neil: what is to stop the end is safe to say he is too clever. i will take over and i will prove he does have? >> if he stayed with a court order we would be compelled to turn over the data and that is why they don't store anything. neil: defined google's and apple has your information for national security reasons they do so easily?
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>> it is unclear from ofthe statements but what is clear is the presumption for big te companies to store as much data as possible to help they could use a leader for something useful. neil: google's says they keep it to target the ad. >> i think most of it is not used but the reality is if there is a valid id court order whenever we decide decide, they still have to turn over the data in because it exi they will have to. neil: what about edward snowden interview in europe that they keep the back door open that they think it allows the government to come back in? >> there is a story today that companies have been charging the government for the wiretapping and access. what that says to me is
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there are systems in place to deal with this request and the volume. neil: i will take it doesn't. >> me be the thousands of request, you have to do something. that that is too easy. neil: has your business grown? >> yes. people don't want tobe tracked b they don't know what to do but now there are private alternatives. we have seen the users spreading to friends and family i use a search engine that gets great results and does not track you. we are up 90%. neil: teeeight think edward snowden s a hero? >> it is too early to tell. to be a whistleblower in
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this mner. neil: the fact he did not stay in the united states takes away the free speech he wrote? >> there was an editorial the other day in the post. it was pretty compelling you would have to leave the country. i don't know what to make of that but i llke there is an open discussion of the constitutional liness the need to be public, not private satellite get to be secret. neil: thank you very much. du duck go on fire rig now. remember when immigration reform was a slim down? reform was a slim down? w there is a pursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a better opportuty for your business, a better legacy leave the world. we have always believed in this pursuit,
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striving to bring insight to every investment, and integrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're ready to work for you.
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neil: the president may tout the ecomic benefits but immigration reform is looking like the health care law only it is the law and immigration reform is a long way from becoming law because the republicans of the house think natalie doesn't make money, but the congressman joins the on the phone you are still opposed to this? >> i came from an extended conference and out of well
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over 210 members settled thk there was one single person in the room that wouldote for this amnesty bill. neil:. >> there is a broad consensus we see it has broken that it all begins with border security and the senate bill is anything but but senator rubio says that has been addressed that the proviso was in their to say under threat of military action.
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>> fir of all, there is no end point, no certification process. with the homand security bill passing of a committee of the rises a bunch of resources but the president can be direct those and does not appropriate those. neil: you think it is like ronald reagan to grant amnesty but without getting the promised reinforced border? >> i think it doubles down in and takes the problem from bad to worse. neil thank you. how d are things getting for the speaker? harry reid is feeling sorry for him and republicans are keeping him from doing what is right and so he expects no reform from now.
11:32 pm
does he have a point? >> i do think that the3 speaker is in a tough spot. the issue does not get better by not addressing it. you have to convince folks that there is a way. so there should be something of the house so to say we need more border security if we need to have a naturalization process that automatically happens with automatic citizenship at least there has to a path. let them get the citizenship like everybody else. apply and wait and goes to the process. neil: my conservative
11:33 pm
members say don't bend to sell john baker if you even blink your toast? >> the leaders are leading the party but there has to be a happy medium. we'd need toet reform done but weidn't get it done and immigration either but i know the pitfalls but there has to be a team approach to come together to bring the ideatogether. >> but i wonder if behind thecenes if cooler heads try to prevail if this goes down, a politically to be concerned outpoured the we did you see those conversations are going on?
11:34 pm
day think everything hinges on this? but they have to be convinced and it is a common-sense approach. if they're let the hard feelings out i hope we get it down. neil: good to see you again. meanwhile a federal judge ruining your party?
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neil: apple not so happy birthday and not a crystal clear forecast time to start getting this straight. here come the jared jared, apple, who could blame the executives? because on the five-year anniversary a federal judge
11:37 pm
crashes the party that apple colluded wth five publishers to artificially drive up the e book price is set out of control? >> it is funny i was so free excited -- so some of my 53 applications if you look at the stock it did not move much the market has spoken. this happened last year the european commission ruled on the antitrust and apple settled without admitting wrongdoing. i think we need to look is what is the next big thing? will the space phone aze us? if not the stocks moved lower but right now it will press aside to look to the future of apple but i am not sure about. neil: and maybe that's i is not punishment he enough
11:38 pm
what do you think about that? >> the stock is already down big time from its high of over $7. -- 700. going forward when the government is finished they don't do that well. at&t in the '70s and microsoft this is a worry it will take the focus away from apple of what they do best coming it with great products so going forward a would be worried about apple they lost steve jobs now the antitrust hope the phone is od. neil: and i hope my memory is better. todd, apologize. but navy for compiling business riews to offer a
11:39 pm
food delivery service so i think that means you can review a company onle weld reviewing of mind to get food poisoning you can click an appointment with your doctor. >> audible the social media companies i think this has the most promise but remember yelp is stil losing money it will take a lot of mechanics per rigged up with different companies i think yelp has some legwork it is a smart idea the late the resvations it is easy for them to complain about but it is good for the company and it may com back in the stock in the near te.
11:40 pm
>> what do you make of that? >> we need his number. [lauter] but he hits it right on the deal what is great about lp the internet is the great destructor people can critique because they love to point out where they are feeling and itonetizes the eyeball if it is successful the not wi be perfect for yelp. neil: al ben bernanke may not pull the plug on stimulus and will pull back so if the tapering is still on? any clues? >> thminutes showed up half of the members were on board to bring the tapering back in the market's move to
11:41 pm
lowerpoke to cambridge it is probably better for heim begin to put you to sleep. neil:. [lauter] >> what he portrayed the fed will not tighten has aggressively. for no this trajectory means -- remains the same looking positively toward and i think bernanke lds us to lieve we can be positive but for right n we drink too late in the market will move higher until the next piece of ns comes out. neil: until theyctually do start and throwing cash at the market's, it will not be a big deal ahead of the fact? >> i agree.
11:42 pm
it is the news not the rumor when it comes out it would not be that big of a deal but everything going to my mind iricky ricardo yelling at lucy. lucy. [laughter] yelp can you very much. in the meaime one who knocks us off the list. fat chance you get a right.
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neil: here is the good news. we're not the fastest country. mexico went ahead of us. enchilas are fatting? i a digress. may be the food police will move south. i have indigene lloy webber >> obesity. it is wi short end the life expectancy it's a public health concern. with $87 billion. >> i think the government should stop telling people what they can and cannot eat.
11:47 pm
it is a working. if they want to do anything stop the subsies that makes junk food cheaper. is not a collectiv problem is a individu problem what happens to personal responsibility? really look at it collectively becausee have big government in health care so if you have high cholesterol or blood pressure that is everyone's business becau we have to pay for your medical bills. at the end of the day government shoulnot be in health care but we should mind their own business. neil: we have a good chips to drop at number three. >> a the brits are at number seven. >> there is a link between poverty but people are
11:48 pm
malnourished. so it has comprehensive health but to educate in all of this civic they publish menus wi the calorie count you don't know the double whopper has a lot of calories? >> it is about accessible a and affordable food. a hint there is a polite. there is a point. we need a public way to tackle i. is an obesity catastrophe. neil: we have to get dragged ourselves away from matt?
11:49 pm
maybe we should give birth wouldn't it be great if that little tight grew up to be a fat so? >> have you seen how inny she is? >> not hendry womack eight. not yet. neil: bu we look at this parents are police the right tweet eat the wrong stuff we have to do something because it is out of control? >> if the gas to do with the economy. it is cheaper to go to mcdonald's than tobuy fruits and vegetables. to improve the economy people can afford to buy good food. neil: thats good a and bad the economy is a like.
11:50 pm
>> certainly is education but i don't think having these programs to limit the amount of calories with school lunch is not appropriate. neil: did you hear the hool system forcing of rubella? >> that was a brett who did that. the wa joe says obesity is a bigger problem than starvation. neil: you don't take solace for mexico? >> no. neil: duly noted. good luck, the baby hope it is not fact. [laughte say it one more time. >> obesity. neil: count me confused because now republicans want
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to defeat the individual to defeat the individual mandate. i want to make things more secure. whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male annocer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, s business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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neil: wh you do for my boss youetter do for me. that is what the administration says letting employers providingealth the same delay.ntitled to now to gretchen. what is at stake? >> individuals having to have a big burden of obamacare be resting on them. business is delayed with the employer mandate but they still have to sign up. this hinges to pay more in premiums to fund obamacare in the fure.
11:54 pm
neil: inconsistency among republicans but yesterday they id you cannot change that but today they say if you do for the boss you have to do it for dominion. all in or all-out. >> this is the republicans tried 38 times to repeal. it is just another attempt. everyone knows the individual mandate is a key to make this workk. neil: then why doesn't the white house pushing back for everybody? >> i will freely give it they have p&o that poorly. but the individual mandate has been in play over five years and pron to reduce cost of the individual insuuance market to make it work.
11:55 pm
if you delay that particular piece than the whole scene is delayed. neil: right now and looks to fall apart for the ways that it makes money. even the uninsured to be interested tsign up in now to be delayed, and now they're running and other@ financing options? >> also shong there is no respect for the rule of la now planning to take 15 percent of the economy with four ars' notice they cannot get it together. now they say congress will pass a series of laws, just with the administration wanted but now chivvying
11:56 pm
treasury discretion? where does that a? when your? by year's? en does congress ever pass anything to give them discretion to implement. >> medicare is a good example in terms of little things but be that as it may with jfk coming up with initiatives, many returns and w is this diffent? >> isn't. you could make the argument that the knicks have not been fixed with medicare. look at the irs to receive bonuses, to look across the governmengovernmen t and
11:57 pm
what it has ecuted now we deal with health care. our plans are changing. of course, there are bumps along the way, it does not show no matter how much glitz or glamour it will cover up that will have flawed execution in. neil: but it is unpopular right now and americans like it. >> they may live up to those expectations but it is a tougsell because doctors don't like it, a specialist don't like it. i am wondering if the and see policy did read it to?
11:58 pm
>> w have to stop attending the affordable care act has a novel construct. >> wait a minute. >> how this will work nationally has been in place for over five years we know how itill work if anybody cares to actually read the bill and study what has happened. we have to stop etending. neil: this is not happening. something went wrong. state they had a full frontal assault. that is what we can agree on >> doctors see costs go up as a result in premiums go up because of it that is the reonsibility? that is the reality. >> that is not an excuse.
11:59 pm
>> are you telling me with health care premiums? >> i have no idea. that was not supposed to happen but it is happening. >> but to promise at premiums to will go up and we have seen all three. those promises were made and they have been broken. >> it cannot be saved for college did was increase the demand for medical services while at the same time suppressing the supply because it is not in their best interests. to make it more difficult to apply medical services while increasing demanding at the same time. it teaches price will go up. neil: we will give it time
12:00 am
is a bumpy road. good to have you. we will follow this id changes they are proposing to pay at a possible. >> absolutely fantastic. we will see you again. >> are you ready colonel? >> does america still have a true grit? space some why is taking a riskbecoming illegal? and the that upsets t cowboy libertarian the idea you will retaliate can ban something is crazy. >> should this behavior be banned? it is time to toughen up this is it. >> these perdu engineers offended people because they are allwhite. is that offensive? at least some americans still have


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