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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 22, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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can't catch usive, have a terrific night. lou: good evening thank you for being with us, the beginning of a new week for the obama white house last week president launched a campaign of racial divion in response to george jim hilzimmerman acquittal, a fs campaigned on divertingublic's atntion from numerous scandals that embroil the white house. the new week with a new diversion. from race baiting to the economy and jobs, and president spokes important all but admitted that a differen different -- 2k-69 m
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scandals is who the obama administration see. >> address the issues that concern mt americans,here is no question that here and washington a least if not out in the country, there have been a great many distractions from the central preoccupations of the american people. lou: if this pivot sounds familiar, today's pivot back to jobs and the economy, marks the 12th such pivot by the white house, since the president took office. and mr. obama's track record of job creation with each pivot, is checkered. the unemployment rate at 7.6% a far cry from .6% that president obama product ited in 2009 if congress would onlyass his stimulus bill. 23 millionmericans remain eithermployed, under
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employed or marginally attached to the workforce with labor force participation rate hovering 63.5% for more than a year. not seen since heyday of jimmy carter in 1979. there is nothing new this presidential pivot, that would suggestion it will be any mor prproductive or efor effective n previous pivots, that, that has always been the soft under belly of mr. obama's previous pivots, producing little in the way of results, and white house scandal remain, irs testimony ties targets of conservatives by agency to irs chief councils' office, and an office headed by a political appointee of president, and former head of u.s. forces on africa general carter hammings over the --
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carteramm confirming over the week he was in the roomhen benghazi attack ensued saying quote it became apparent to all of u quickly ts was not a demonstration. th was a violent attack. and president today looks no better than 10 months ago for all of the attempted distractions and presidential pivots. the president's pivot to jobs and the economy remarkably timely given dee detroit bankruy last week. a situation that administration will be sure to exploit in coming months, fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: as white house aides reveal president obama's economic address on wednesday will be first of a slew of speeches tt may continue for next 12 weeks they struggle to explain what will be new. >> you will hear president
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aconfidenceiate -- provide a vision of where we have been, where we are and where we nee to go. >> reporter: such remarks have been delivered before. >> keeping the economy going, making sure jobs are available is the first thing that i think about when i wake up inhe morning and the last thing i think about before i go toed each side. >> they argue that speeches have little impact. >> president's policies are getting in the way of the economy growing whether it is obama care or the needless regulation that are coming out of the government. >> reporter: today wall street reaches new record high as 39% of the economists surveyed by national assoccation of business economic said there firms will huber more in next 6 months near a two-year high, and white house said that the speeches give the president' chance to help fra the bruising budget details.
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>> if they refuse to vote for any resolution with fther funding we can stop it. >> reporter: across the nation there are budget crises, looming on the local level, starting with detroit, which field for bankrupty last week. >> no federal bailout? >> not yet. you know, i know that president has a lot on his place. >> reporter: others on the brink, over 100 major urban cities with big debt problems including chicago, its credit rating was down rated thanks to massive unfunded pension liabilitiy, aides to president who promised to not let detroit go bankruptre notsing the word bailout but leaves the door open to word assistance. >> we will of cours as we do with every city find ways to assist them as detroit tries to get back on its feet. the issue o insolvency is
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something that detroit and its creddorcreditors need to resolv. >> reporter: those details have to wait, tonight he is out campaigning, meeting on organizing for action that grassroots group that is an off chute of his presidential campai, lou. lou: thank you ed henry, fox news chief white hou correspondent. before today's latest pivot obama administration was laser focused on the results of the whgeorge zimmerman murder trial, and implication of race, and gun control, they were not alo alone. originally saying that trial cast doubt on whether the -- provides equal protectio of law, asking justice department to investigate the shooting as a hate cme and prosecute, the
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aclu believes that double dep gee clause of the constitution protects someone from being osecuted in another court for charges ariding from the same transaction. a jury found zimmerman not guilty that shod be the end of that criminal case, end quote. i will point out that is precisely what i said, at the time. joining with us former advisor to hillary clinton, fox new correspondent or gnd. and juan williams, thank you. jameu start with the aclupivot are you surprised ? >> no they went through the same situation years ago with rodney king trial, their pivot was on doub jeopardy part, not on calls on federal government to look at racial and ethnic disparities in our criminal
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justice system, i think that is something to be committed to. lou: to be clear. i said that pivot of on issue of double jeopardy and decent to make reference to the constitution of the united states, which one would have thought they referenced in the outset. >> i think they got cut up in the path of it all. lou: they do not get bade t pait caught up the in action, i find it ex practic extra extraordinaa administration, and aclu to use this a rare, -- been aircraft implied by his attorney general would not likely be occurring either.
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>> i think what you get is a situation where administration wanted to focus all of the energy, all of the upset over the verdict, away from the possibility of a second prosecution, i don't think -- just talking with people who work for justice, department here in dc, they don't see that there is a strong case to be made. they have hot lines inviting anybody with any evince of racial intent or behavior, by mr. zimmerman to tone it in, they don't have it i think you see, they are trying to move away from a possibility of a hate crime, prosecution, to a federal level. and move onomething that would say the "stand your ground" law, and concealed weapon are focus of the energies and protests in the country. u: you know, juan, asry trry wey to understand what this administration, reverendal
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sharpston, and reverend jesse jackn were doing, i find it difficult to understand how they set out on this course, it is embarrassing for national leadership ofny kind, reversal necessary because of t they took, the passions of the ment, but, jesse jackson ferring to florida a a apartheid state. what in the world could he have beenhiin what is your thi your thinking? >> tre is a difference between passion we have seen from reverend jackson and sharpton, and president obama would say i think that president obama has come late to this issue, fact he is coming to the issue when the country is so divided over a criminal case? makes it all the more controversial. and ot effective if he had -- he tried to have a national conversation about race away from the case, awa from you
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know division tt we're seeing, i think it would have been a more productive conversation, now reverend sharpton, and jackson, we know they will go to extremes when it comes to language they use around this t they are also, missing the boat when it comes tohether the biggest issues they should be focus on, you have national attention if we get everything we want in florida, if is is as he said an apartheid state which is ridiculous, there would be a plethora of issues facing the african-american community wre not seein leadership from these two gentlemen in particular. lou: juan? >> let me say,ou know amen there are so bane big issues you don't see,ou know these two, but ineneral, civil rights leadership in my mind, standing up to. i would begin with thing like family break down, and talk about drugs, i would talk about that whole thug life, gangster
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that is encouraged, education, gosh, education just, you know, need for better schools, just seems is so primary, but you don't see it, i giver with jamu.k. about ther withjjamu, ae came out earl earlier and said anything it would have added to upset, after friday he found that hispanic mia that he did interviews done ask him about it he spoke in a way that was wise, he acknowledge look atoung black men a hher rate of involvement with violent crime, he understands why people might be but he said we have to va soul searching. >> thought h words were wise, i didn't want him to come out around the case, but in
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his first administration, when he was th first elected, the problems that is where it again. so devicive, not productive. when you look at american bar association and recommendation they made in 2004 for rare, the and ethnic disparity, this administration and states have noticked on that? >> at some point the leaders of the black community in this county have got to assume an initiative that goes beyond victimhood, beyond racial discrimination, it is -- i it is not nonexcess ti tent but it has ebbed to a point juan williams just arctic lated whether it is education, we have jesse jackson calling for a boycott of the state that is one of the most
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ethnically and diverse states of the country this is some of the most righteous now it is ignorance posing as righteous ness we need to change the character about conservation abt race, people are getting carried away, meanwhile we have 40%nemployment a 23 million people under remembered. but the fact of matter is, we have specific issues withoung blacks in this nation, that have to be addressed and understood. as you said, create an nation apnationalconversation. >> to my mind, a lot of what you seerom jackson and sharpton is about two guys i think are still caught up in a mold that goes back to 50s and 60s i think
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they made it into their business that my uncharitable description on other side of that fence know there are a lot of poor black people, of any col who feel they never good heard from when a sharptonr jackson shows up at least the media shows up. but it is bad leadership when you don't say to people, here is what you can do to help yourself, and here is what we can codo to help you in terms of employment to take the steps to get up that ladder, and benefit all of america. lou: talk about whether the president, i could not agree more by the way, juan. but talk about whether or not the president could have weighed in earlier or not in the trial, i believe thattit was appropriate for him to weigh in as soon as that verdict was delivered knowing that passions some same r were raging it would
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have been a time for him to be a president of all people, saying this is a judicial system that is the tourn doin foundation ofn of laws the jury has spoken, we accept that verdict and prove on, that is what i wanted to hear fromhe president, say not tell mo mer me or anyone else, . thank you very much we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> much more on president shifting messaging we take it up with the a-team president obama and secretary of state kerry pushing peace process forward, fox news middle east and terrorism expertd waleed fowalidphares on whethere
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lou: the white hou is cautiously optimistic over possibility of an agreement between the israelis and palestinians over peace talks that could come next week, joining me now is fox news middle east a terrorism analyst dr. waly willy will lead farris, your -- doctor walid farris, it appears they a interested in talk, the palestinian authority though not mas, and israeli government, but issue is how fr will u.s.
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effort go in terms of putting pressure on regional player, what has stop the peace process for winning for last 6 years of fact that iran through hamas, through hezbollah and other parties would do you know necessary things to stop the process, now there is an opening that is a civil war in syria, assad is busy with his opposition, hezboah isery busy in syria. and egypt is in middle of political chaos, so now is ideal moment for administration to come and strong, perspective, to put israeli and palestinians together, will they do it? that i don't know. lou: netanyahu, seems to be, anticipateshatncludes some possibility of success saying he's a public referendum before signing a peace deal, and said
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in motion what is required to create the structure of that public river ren bum i referend. >> i think this would be a good move it would tell world, and arab palestinians that mr. netanyahu and his government are serious. on other hand real challenge is not in israel, israel has already parliament has aiken knesset has democratic institution main lear mr. abbas will have to make a quick decision, sharp decision, he may do it but we don't know yet to strike that deal with iaelis and the americans with support of arab moderate and make sure hamas is isolated from the process. lou: dr. walid phares ank you. >> thank you. >> on wall street stocks finishes flat after mixed earnings report weaker than
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expected. dow gaining 2 points, s&p 3, nazdaq up 13, crude oil dropping, but near $100 $107. >> for first time in more than a month, animated movie did not take the top spot,he conjuring brought in first pla. despicable me 2, fell to second place with 25 million. turbo came in third. my wife and i, watched red 2, it is a hoot, up next, a glaring lack of leadership leading detroit to biggest municipal default since the depression, in the chalk talk we show you, who
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lou: in the federal judge oversees detroit bankruptcy
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will have the first hearing on the case this wednesday by then it will be almost one week-long carousel of playboy and excuses why this great city went bust. some district politicians and one judge in parttcular are looking to presint obama to save them. the circuit judgeuled the bankruptcy filing had to be withdrawn because she claimed violated the state constitution and it failed to honor president obama and who bailed out the c makers to the tune of $80 billion. you heard me right a county judge claimed a federal bankruptcy violated michigan's and constitution talk about upside-down the judge who barely subscribes to a cult personality is not aware she is there to honor the law n the state
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constitutional the federal gornment nor president obama. by the way we scoured the constitution of the discipline negative michigan also we cannot find a single reference to a job anywhere in there it is clear detroit's leaders are a joke and a travesty to serve the interest of the union and other special interests so it is no surprise this is where detroit stands. this is mind boggling thee3 unemployment rate is 16.3% more than double the national average perpetrates population has fall from a peak of 1.8 million people from 700,000 detroit is a ghost town you the most populate this city of dallas won the 1.1 million ople
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who left. they have a very strict gun control law but this is is is steve gunn is desperately because the average wait time is almost one hour-long 58 minutes compared to the national average of 11 and it's a given those response times you can't imagine the vvolent crime is out of control, more than five timeshe national average. the murder rate is 11 times higher than new york city. imagine that. financially, about 10,000 active workers in the city of detroit. that is half of the 80,000 that are now real'' -- retired and receiving a pension that brings us to the heart of the problem unfunded liabilities are estimated to be 3.$5 billion but don't just hold your
10:30 pm
nose. according to reseah study released earlier this year public pension plans across the couny are underfunded a underfunded by 1. $4 trillion. why is to try not likely to bailed out? because once that starts, there will be the unendi line of mars with there hands out. chicagos credit rating was downgraded because it has $90 billion of unfunded pension liabilities of its own and they ae in desperate trouble. los angeles faces $30 billion of liabilities in california is a big state and some municipalities have already gone bkrupt and so it goes. all over the country liabilities, the deficits, falling population , and a disaster
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born out of politicians you just wanted to get reelecd and they agreed to the union terms on just about everything for that support. but that deal is so over. >> detroit goes belly up a and the shrinking population and the awful leadership leaving retirees and creditors and nervous. former congress mancuso niche taste those challenges when he was mayor of cleveland. how it can fight its way aw this is tragic ma investors just le you could lose tens of thounds of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hiddenees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪ ♪
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lou: the wait is over a new royal memb dutchess of cambridge gave birth to a baby boy weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces for 24:00 p.m. london time prince william was esident
10:35 pm
of course, and the palace says the mother and baby are doing fine and the baby's name is still a secret but we do know he will be a big boon to the british and american economies ying it could boost retail sales by more than $370illion american magazines will bring in more than 30 million because of the of royal baby covers. imagine that. and also a television broadcast like is mentioning and more with the municipal bankrupt in this country we will talk to former congressman dead disk usage, a democrat, fox news contributor with a unique perspective when cleveland defaulted on the short-term loans in the cave the first city since the great depression to default great
10:36 pm
to see you and your reaction that nearly everyone expected vagrancy for a city that has been so horribly mismanaged with the economic foes. >> remember that cleveland's default was political of banks try to force me to sell thh electric system and put the city into default but with each right you of a number of national economic trends. trade policy devastated detroit we should talk about nafta the sub prime miltown hit two straight harder than any other area and they were exploited and the fact is the unemployed rate clearly speaks to the fact we have accepted unfortunately a permanent lovell of unemployment with 10 million at unemployment and another
10:37 pm
10 billion at part-time so we have a country that has no pro giving $100 billion to afghanistan no problem to bill l. wall street and banks with the trillions of dollars in eating money out of dumping butter but america we tell them you are on a drone. i don't buy it and i object to what is happening. lou: the federal reserve right now is more than otherwise because of the fiscal policy in this country and whether a detroit or the broad economy refused to lead and the president has accepted 23 million people unemployed as theew normal i don't think that includes you or me oi would say most of the folks in this country.
10:38 pm
>> i seldom take issue with you but the fed exist to help the big debate don't exist to help anybody but we need a full employment economy weeeded new daschle infrastructure program that means we need a new monetary policy instead of the fed creating money out of nothing to give it to the bank we would create the money we let our own country go well we go all over the world looking for dragons to ay. lou: your former colleague on capitol hill are so interested in pork their special interest othe nonsense that has the drafting of anything on infrastructure you cannot create an honest bill. most americans want to invest in this country's future. this president doesn't make
10:39 pm
his vion clear of the future it is one of stimulus packages and it has not been one of vision but one that has created even greater dependency and detroit is a perfect example. >> the carr company has the money. lou: you can do better than that. also 57 percent of chrysler. who got the many? of the union. we ought to have a national manufacturing policy and it is vital. lou: when i wrote a book we don't talk abou what corporate america is doing to outsourcing jobs where was obama or the democratic party? >> our democratic leaders
10:40 pm
have been wrong on trading and you were right to progressive we should cancel naphtha have to get out to focus on things here in america and consuming them. 50 percent of all cars and light trucks de will be sold in america next year are will be made in mexico. we're not focusing on our country. we needed new national economic prorogram and a new revenue-sharing program. lou: those are all possibilities that could be persuasive to here is the reality aresident right now presiding over a greater expanding dependency that is expanding without investing in the country future and over all the world making no sense an economic policy either international or domestic and we have to change first that
10:41 pm
apprehension on the part of the president. is is a free enterprise economy. nobody has said we wealth ... and it make it a central command or state. >> the free enterprise economies as a certain amount of unenecessary for thath and functioning so that leaves 10 million out of work. u: excuse me. >> the private sector is subsidized tibet --. lou: ust me partner i am not pleased with the feder reserve or the sufficient monetary policy but the money is stimulating this
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economy. >> it underlies everything. it is a lot of our problems. lou: i've read love to talk to you about fed policy let's not for everybody to death and exhaust ourselves. come ck soon maybe we would take up the fed policy. thank you. a factor to keep being the dow ft? dow ft? next. ththe pursuit of a better tomorrow is somhing we all share. but who can help you find yr own path? who can build you a plan, not just a pie chart? who can help keep your investments on course, whatever lies ahead? that someone is a morgan stanley financial advisor. and we're ready to work r you.
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if you're 50 or over call now to request your free quote. m gonna call. i'm calling. i'm calling. i'm calling. call today and make the switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. why wait? lou: joining me a global market strategist common not much of a performance today but monday's have been tough. >> i think of market setting
10:46 pm
itself up the june data for housing permits it was a weak report and a weak month for housing it was elevated as a result of the talk that >> and bernanke per. >> i so sick of that he said ready said he means what he said the people are around the edges of the market including esther george post recently. is crazy talk. >> be careful what you ask for. [laughter] he is a person who likes to have consensus. lou: bute lets them talkk
10:47 pm
but communication is another thing. [laughter] >> there areuge legacy issues. there is several months before he steps down into period ion't think he will pull through. lou: you are right to. rnings season is upon us. we are watching disappointments today how we wi this earnings season be? >> approximately 70 percent of the s&p 500 h speech expectations and at the margin it is betterhan expected
10:48 pm
for. i think those that disappointed recently. lou: what is your expectations i expect seven thyear 75% i concede to a 3%. lou: we will take at. the president looks to change the subject again but the scandals, the whit house scandals make that tough tactics. we take that up with the "a we take that up with the "a team" next. any last requests mr. baldwin?
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in ere is the president looking live at obama what could pass for his private army organizing for action group the action summit as they call it at the nation's capital the president encouraging the private political army to mobilize against any opposition to his agenda. he had we have made progress he says. joining us now tonine moca crowley, and democratic strategist hague hague, a good to see both. the "a team". there is the president pivoting on jobs they and the economy. 124 crying out loud. >> pages it whenever he
10:53 pm
want people are not stupid but doing the best he can. to stick with them. lou: i read about this organization -- organization for action know president has ever done anything like this even though tre is very little attention to it -- attention in the national media. how concerned that anybody shouldave people were having 1 million people working full time on the campaign? >> it is unprecedented with american presidents but then we'd never elected a community organizer when you elect one as president this is when you get at the national level. everybody that has been done has been totally political. everything has been politicizedith people he has is scraped together over
10:54 pm
the years from campaigning to governing to push his agenda whether socialized medicine and/or the immigration bill, and now he will pitch again so whatever is in front of him he mobilizes the political unit that never left the white house and was a very fluid interaction between the campaign team in the political team that is supposed to be illegal in this country. >>" end quote. you are right to. of clear-cutting those parties to make it worth less if you're a republican president would you need the c for? you can do yourself to create your own money and ise it legal or not you can do whatever you want. lou: this judge initiated -- in michigan counties saying it is illegal because it violates the state constitution and she said to
10:55 pm
copy of her order to the president because she thouggt this dishonored the president and this is the cult of personality. >> ths what obama has man on from the beginning of a cult personality this ministration has been shredded in the president is not held accountable but. lou: he was reelected. >> certainly. >> in his defense the biggest vote-getter in history. is this good for political parties or democracy? it is not provide is a different issue. lou: i was worried aout political parties are right now i am worried about the country because this president i was talking with someone today that he is achieving what he once they
10:56 pm
call him incompetent to it is a man and creating a greater dependen that this once revered independence and self-reliance and free enterprise and individual liberty now coalescing around dependency. i wrote a book on this when obama misspoken 2008 about the fundamental trsformation about remaking america we now have five years of evidence of what he meant period he meant movi america away fund economic freedom to of government dependency and welfare state. that is why he is not a freak out over 10 percent unemployme he needs the pele to be dependent. >> it makes it more important to appear that he is achieving his agendaon behalf of those he believes he is hoping that they
10:57 pm
really need the economy that works. lou: his leadership failure is the large measure and is the large measure and then they find a the is man is about to be the millionth customer. is the large measure and then they find a the would you nd if i go ahead of you? instead we had someo go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn'ink you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. >> scandals make the president run toward it. welcome back i am charles payne inor neil cavuto, president's approval rating falling for a secondtraight quarter. mcposting disappoting profit today, former mcdonald's usa ceo said there is a lot to worry about. you see a correlation with disappointing mcdonald's numbers and the preside


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