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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  July 25, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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[ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplemenplan to go the distance with you. go long. charles: tonight fox business special, every day people think about low they can improve their lives, build for a better future, a better retirement. most of them will never open a restaurant or become engineers overnight, even as we daydream of schemes to make it rich, too many people that the stock market is the wrong place to achieve such dreams, if you are one of the millions of americans who do not think it is in the stock market, you must watch this special. if you are one of those who were told is is complicated you must watch this special, if you are
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ready to take control your economy future, you must watch this special, this hour, we're going to show you how to make this market, your market, and how to make your mark on this market, starting now. charles: welcome i am charles payne, a lot of people, young people, are real nervous to take the first step into the stock market. big problem is they think about these headlines and they think about the meltdown, and not about how they can actually build themselves up, i'm going to do my best to disavow you the idea that you should be asquared of the stock market. first, look at why, why do so many people focus on the bad times, bad news and headlines, and how that is making them miss out on the good times, business psychologist dr. jim taylor is
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joining us from san francisco, why do we focus so much on the negative headlines? we don't see good things around us in particular stock market going up and housing market going to up. >> 3 forces that i see at work, to explain why people are terrified to get in market, our instinct is survival. for as long as we've been around we run away, we're more than likely to survive. but times have changed. we rarely come across sabre tooth tigers. so what at one point ensured our physical survival can threat threaten 4 our finish survival. and we base our -- with information we have.
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people bombarded by bad news about the economy, in the stock market in particular. it is only natural without a counter balance of good things. and it is natural then if a hear bad news you will say i'm not going near it finally, classic economics, human beings are rational actors, we do things to maximize benefit and reduce cost. but we're actually nonrational actors. we have a tendance to process and interpret information and make decisions in illogical ways, there is one called loss inversion, we're more concerned with avoiding loss, than getting gains. this prevents us from taking reasonable risks, reality is stock market has demonstrated itself to be a very reasonable
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risk. charles: more than a reason. risk, to your point, they call me of time market down 300-pounds, but when is up, no one is calling, also the point you made about information out there. this is the information age. it is amazing amount of information out there for people watching, that can't be an excuse. thank you so much we appreciate youric te expire tease. >> i have two people who are not in market, i will show them they are missing out big time, miss new york usa, and a actor andty of personality, you guys look like the "dating game," i don't know if you are single or not but you make a good couple. you are both successful but not in the stark it, wh stock markeu
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afraid. >> i just want to make ends meet, when i have insurance of money i'm just trying to work on an emergency fund or pay my rent, and money that i have i invest in myself. charles: do you think about how old school act others kept up? they reach a peak in earnings power, typically a certain age, 40 or 50. how do they continue to maintain their life style do you think when their paycheckssabout from $20 million a movie to $500 towz. >> $500,000. >> i am going to guess they invest their money,. >> you win! look at you, you are a buff guy, good looking, when you come to the stock market you are nervous. >> any money i made i just wanted to hold on to. i'm not educated enough on it to make the right investment.
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charles: you brought up a good thing. you are not alone. own whelming majority of people older than you, who actually probably make less money than you, but doing well, are not prepared for retirement. if you live to 65, you have a 90% chance of living to 85, we're unprepared. people come to me all of the time, charlie, i love you on tv, i'm not in the market. what do they have on? unarunderunarm or hat, and a maf nikes, you are in the market. do you think about this? imagine you buy something, you tell 5 friends or family members you love it, you became the unpaid spokesperson, but you shouldn't own that company? let's talk about your outfit. >> all right. should i show is off?
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charles: of course. i was getting ready for miss usa, i got this dress from club monaco, i love the style. i got them from dsw, great sales, because i don't have a ton of money, i am looking to save a buck here and there. charles: and what else? one more thing on? estee lauder. >> yeah, i have some make-up on. charles: i thought that was all natural. >> just a little bit. make up, i'm on the stage, making appearances as miss new york. charles: i want to talk to you about this three companies, you like them, you shop there, you give them your hard earned
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money. do you think you could be part owner of these companies? i will show you what the stocks have done. >> i like the judged of that. charles: the stocks have done, i guarantee, this is where they are now, where they clos closed. recalralph lauren born in the b. estee lauder, born in queens, these are 10 year charts. dswork up 1 87% in last 10 years, how many people watching show have gone there week after week or once a twice a month, never once considered owning the stock. your turn? >> right. well, all right. we have here is nike sneakers. charles: got to have theic. nike sneakers. >> you have to, everyone where i
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am from, staten island. you know and pants from express, which i like. charles: right. >> the belt from express as well, shirt is from guess. and i think i'm styling, charles. charles: you are. she condition keep her eyes off of you. >> what? charles: look at stocks, look at where they closed today. a lot of people look at the price, the price of the stock has nothing to do with whether it is expensive, it is the value, i would rather buy a $100 stock than a $1, express has been public for a very short period of time, if you bought in july 2012 you would be up 40%, nike. you know nike has been a juggernaut, up 307% in last 10 years, if you buy a couple mayor of nikes -- a couple pair of nikes buy a share in the stock.
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guess is up 7 25%. and you can imagine that 10 years ago you could have bought stock at $3 now it $33. my whole mission is to get people to stop cowering and being afraid and stop worrying, you are young. i have to be frank with you, most people are not well informed about the market. but remember one thing everyone is in the stark it, they are watching the show they are? the stock market. hang out for this hour. we'll go to the show, in as we do the show, i want to show everyone that the market is not a scary place. we'll check back with them later, to see how they are making out, when their first date is. all this and more coming up on makes your market. >> investing in your retirement is not a suggestion, it is say necessity, when there is no help from washington you need look
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out for yourself. we'll see you how. -- we'll show you how, we'll tell but the best investment nobody is taking advantage of. find out what it is, and why everyone is avoiding it and why they are so wrong. but first, why you shouldn't fear a vel sell-off you should look forward to making money off one, when stocks meltdown, it is time to buy up, making your market, continues, next. r childg we all share. but who can help prepare them for the opportunies ahead? who can show them how to build on your success, but not rely on it. who can focus on making your legacy last that someone is a morgan stanley financial advisor. come? and we're ready to work for you.
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charles: when things go south, people go crazy, look at octtber 19, 1987, the stock market crashed and neil cavuto was there to went the panic. >> a freefall, better than 22% pummel in the dow, neve nervous traders were look everything on their shoulder. >> what if a big selling identify like that is not time to panic, what if that the time to jump in, not long afternoon
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1987 crash, stocks did turn, and right when many thought stocks could not go lower they got better. 5 years later stocks at investor highs, people are kicking themselves for not snatching disney at $15 a share, which is over $60 today. so when you see a s it your market, and see it as an opportunity. charles: at one points dow was at 100, today it is close to 16,000. market legend teddy wise burg said, if coul it could go higheu are perfect guest for this. have you been around, you have seen it all, i remember last time market was going through trouble, you talked to me about that. in this lead market went lower, you talked and you were not
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afraid. now, you say some of this comes with being seasoned a little bit. but fact of the matt ser that market has gone down, and always come back. >> i think if you look at chart of the dow jones average or s&p going back to 1900. the direction has been up, now there have been pauses on the way, and we had the crash of 87, the problem in early 70s, and 2008. but in hindsight, it is benefit of 20/20 hindsight they have been nothing but spectacular buying opportunities, not selling opportunities. charles: i became a broker i think in 85, '87 crash caught me flat fatted, i left -- flat footed, i lift the offic lift le the close, i went to the bar,
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had a few drinks and went back, i was unprepared, i learned over the years that to your point it does rebound but still have this tendency to bailout as it goes lower. >> the problem circumstance it is fear and greed. when freegrease turns to -- whed turns to fear it is worse feeling in the world, you can feel it in the pit of your stom could, you keep the cheese let me out of the trap, but you feel that pain that is the time not to be selling. charles: we have a minute, you told me a story about some guys who started with you investment club, years ago. can you retell it? >> 1962. it was investment club. called old colony investment club, they are still inic
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isetan. existence. i was an adviser then, i will still one, we started with 19, there are three, they put in 5 and 10 bucks a piece, they have not added money in last 20 years, they have taken money out that club is worth $600,000. charles: 5 o 5 or 10 bucks at a time, amazing lesson, teddy, appreciate it. it. >> thank you. chaales: when everyone says sell, sell, my next guest said time to buy, gary b smith, said. it is the time. >> it goes back to what your first guest said about the mind set and mentality, your guest in previous segment was a nike wearer, i bet he would jump at the chance if nike was on sale
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10% off or 20% off, when you see a stock 10% or 20% down if you will, teddy hit the nail on the head, people panic, i look to buy then, then sell on the inevitable bounce. charles: keith, how about this idea? before you start, and using nike again. if you go to nike, spend $150, three times a year, it always boggling my mind when team worry about the stock, you are buying a product that will be obsolete in a year? >> i am also a marathoner, and running in nike products you get 250-miles out of them, you have to buy more shoes. looking back over history of dow, up 122,000% since 1900. the people have to put money somewhere. the key then if you know it taking advantage of the dips,
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there is a rebound as money looks for a new home. charles: keying, how do we do -- keith, how do we do that? if they buy stocks or buying when they want to sell is that the key? >> well sure, you pick companies that have brands you wear, you usu know. companies that pay you dividends with global sales. the things you see of day, they have experience management. diversified sales, you can use things like dollar cost averages or drip programs, your guests earlier can buy one or 2 shares at a time without a lot of money, you are picking up pieces of market, advantage is when it is on sale. charles: gary, for me. i think sometime media plays a role, guys come on tv they are worried about 20% creation, you know -- correction, the next 10% pullback.
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the bigger question is where is next 100% move going to be, 200% move? that to me is what is most important thing about the market. >> you are right. and the fact is we don't know it. so that is getting to kind of keith's point, you have to be visited. but i think -- the average person can time it let's use nike for example. a stock that i like, i use nike, i would set aside a certain amount of money to wait to buy nike. i like to buy when the stock is 10% off recent high. if it goes down more, i buy more. i buy at next junket 20%, then goes up, you averaged in, 10% from that ow point, i sell it and move to next stock, it might be nicor estee lauder or guess or ralph lauren, i look at my favorite stocks i use every day, netflix, and safeways i buy.
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charles: i asked for you, because you don't just talk the talk you walk the walk, thank you, you are helpful, appreciate it. it. >> people are always asking me to all the time, how do i spot potential up and coming companies. >> i love chipotle. >> everyone loves chip on thely, i am sure they are making so much money. >> everyone loves chipotle. >> it reminds me of home. charles: put your money where your mouth is literally, next. f. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, d ask if your het is healthy enough for sexual activity.
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charles: your friends mike and joanne are still listening in, we went to ou local chipotle to
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talk to customers about whether they ever thought about investing inb their brute burrito. >> once a week, twice a week. >> every day. >> 9 bucks each time. >> 13 bucks this time. >> dollars 9. >> i want t i am not a stock pe. >> i never invested in stock, i'm 19, i don't know how to invest in stock. >> i am just a student. >> i have not thought about that. >> i'm a kid, i don't need to do that. >> if that kid bought 100 shares of ship on thely when it debuted it woulds worth over $40,000 today.
8:26 pm
michael, you watch this. it is common, this is common, you watch people spend their money all of time at the places but they don't connection the dots they should own the companies. >> i think a lot is a blind set. -- mind set, shows like this give people an opportunity to think about connecting the dots. dots. >> what was your epiphany? >> i grow up in a household that was very commercial, talked business a lot at the dinner table. i was in business school, i was always in mind set of how i could profit off of things i saw, referring to in this case, timberland shoes, down and out brand, that suburban kids liked and the kids in the city started to pick it up, i thought the
8:27 pm
suburban kids can bring it back, it worked. charles: that strategy works all of the time, you did it picked up $1.8 billion, did you use your own personal success as sort of track record. >> i have a good fortune of getting a great mentors, there is a saying that a midg midge at that sits on the shoulders of a giant can see more than the giant itself. charles: you am braced the why the that you should be a owner of great company or owners of companies that were turning a corner, you saw that okay, a timberland can go down and come up. this happens all of the time in
8:28 pm
america, you could be there for a company that was hot, and now it is not but new management is turning it, this plays a role. >> i think there is a tendency for people to be trend followers it is natural to justify what you are seeing and assume it will continue, the a bum to be -- ability to be contrarian is new intuitive. charles: i heard ladies talk about the gap, i said, do either one of you own the stock, they both said the gap is back, in either did and neither considered it. >> my advice is, not just a question of whether you like the brand, but a question of when you look at the brand, is there something that others have not seen yet. in the case of chi chip on the , it is -- chipotle, i it is alrey
8:29 pm
known as a great brand. >> a real famous hedge fund manager said shi ship on thely - ship olypeople, know more than y think they knew, they don't act on it you acted on it now you are successful. >> i got my first job, by being able to tell the timberland story, i think that people underestimate their intuition. a lot of people times, people who do not do this professionally is better. charles: thank you, very inspirational. thank you so much. >> thank you. charles: america makes and the
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charles: you know yesterday i had the opportunity to visit an organization called world of money, dedicated to teaching
8:33 pm
young kids about money, most are from the inner-city. i was moved how bright and optimistic they were about america, i am exhausted about all pismism about this grace country, i want to highlight, companies with great success stories. you know. this is earnings season are for audience out there, every 3 months companies give a respect card, well is one trend that sticks out, amazing this is trend of foreign people buying american products. they love our products. we're down in the companies -- dumps, these are earnings this is how much growth these companies experienced this week in north america and asia, 92.
8:34 pm
uskin. in a love harleys in argentina. and brazil. >> in asia a, nuskin just signea contract expansion in china, they have the facial products that are a antiaging, never cout out american innovation, we're create you ocreative and though. it is brilliant. charles: sometimes the small companies become the big innovators. here is the thing. i am so frustrated everyone that comes out, said market is up because federal reserve is printing money, that is hog wash, no one went to chipotle because of ben bernanke, no one went to trip advisor to get a review because of ben bernanke, we need to realize we're great. >> there are thing to add, maybe a little bit in the weeds but
8:35 pm
the dollar remained steady, but historically it is under valued. the companies the multinational companies that are earning u.s. dollars but still, that exchange, benefits american companies, if you are an investor, you can take advantage of that. charles: and speaking of a great american investor we had some companies that you like a lot. >> no, we talk about these every day. charles: we talk about them, and saks, tiffanies, disney, people go to these, and look at. >> let's talk about saks you were skeptical this week, your advice, what do you see when you walk into a brick and more mortr pop up on-line store, i like saks layout and the app, it is luxury high-end, but you still get quality goods, one stop shopping for my kids or family, i have an easy time.
8:36 pm
charles: all stocks that you like have done well since market melted down, people should have been buying the great american companies. >> disney, thank you royal baby george, the disney princesses are going to flowerrish. charles: you know what is going to help disney, the rich brazilian and the rich chinese. some people are scared of stocks, i tell people why you should not be, think about all of the cash you can make by getting into the market now.
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charles: our young friends are still watching, hopefully learning. talking about you. because, focus are scared to put money into market. not just the stock market. buying a home used to be the american dream, a lot people think it is a american nightmare, after the bubble popped, market crashed, prices plummeted, people underwater on their mortgages, and millions more thinking there is no safe place to put their cash. that was then. this now, now prices are lower. now mortgage rates are low, but they are both rising that is why right now we have two experts who say there is no better time to buy than now. now to greg and tanya on owning a home, still the american dream, greg, right now is a good
8:40 pm
time. with so many things going your way. but the notion of homeownership seems to have faded what happened ? >> you can't blame people for having a loss of faith over the last 5 years, given what has gone on. but we want to do is think about bigger picture. we've been talking about buying companies that you wear on your feet or you have lung lunch at,t you about town that you live? single family home is the most direct investment in u.s., it is tied to population growth, you like nike, how about houston? you like estee lauder, how about orlando, you like disney how about orlando, people have lost faith, if you stan back and look at pen year performance of real estate housing in america it is way up, over 200 year track record of year-over-year every decade appreciating and people have to get their faith back. charles: tanya you are seeing
8:41 pm
that maybe this is changing. from what i read it is cheaper to own a home than ren in top 100 -- rent in top 100 mateo poll tin areas in the country but it not connections. >> yes it is less expensive and more cost effect testify buy a home than to rent. i think that people got so burn. you have to realize, people are coming out of that position, where they had to short sell their home, we're seeing those buyers come back into the market. it is the american dream, looking at real estate is on only asset class you can go in and leverage, you can walk into a bank, they are willing to lend you money to buy a home, try that with a stock, bond or mutual fund. charles: only investment you can live in. had it had a bad 5 year period.
8:42 pm
long-term track record, speaks for itself. what do you think it will take for average person to change their mind? does it have nothing to do with housing market, maybe other sources of confidence? >> unfortunately we're hurt animals. when market of the down, and smart buyers bought it. there were a lot of people that were not willing to put their toes in, now that people are coming back, they see hedge funds buy, a lot of investment. it is a roof over you're head -- your head, and lending is loose knowing up, that was a big hurdle you could not get a loan, you had to be next to perfect, whereas before all you had on have of a pulse, we're balancing it out. charles: from all signs in washington dodd-frank might get
8:43 pm
a little bit easier, it may be easier for banks to offer loans, we have you on a lot you are two best we know with real estate stuff, have you been spot on. thank you. >> thank you, charles. >> thank you. charles: your retirement is in big trouble. people are tapped out, social security is maxing out but we have a way for you to save up and live large in your golden years. my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can rtore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children shod avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children
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charles: people are living longer, but their money is running out faster, companies are cutting back on retirement benefits, you would be nuts to
8:47 pm
depend only on social security. what do you do? invest in a 401(k). kimberly, help audience out, a lot of people feel they have been doing that and hey have got ep nowhere -- they have gotten nowhere. >> the first dollar you save today is worth more than the last. you may have a lull in the market. that is just a short-term. don't look at the short-term speculation, look at long-term appreciation in there, social security is not going to be, i'm telling you. charles: news flash. all right, no one is argue with you. dominico, the headlines read, rich get richer, only rich are making money, then people get upset, why are you mad at someone -- when the blue print is right there, i look at
8:48 pm
"forbes" 400 list, i see why they are rich they own stocks. >> we have to stop thinking in terms of a stock, start thinking in terps of a business, in market goes down or up, it does not matter could you are drinking coca cold argue cold a. -- coca-cola. you want to be an owner of that business. >> what do you see. with respect to people now, you know someone mentioned in a show herd mentality, we do have a herd mentality, people chase. you know stock are hot we chase them, housing market hot we chase it baseball card hot we chase it. do you see as the market rises people are now coming to you say, i'm ready. >you are buying
8:49 pm
last year's winner. >> look forward. having said that average overtime, you put money away, month, week eyou will take the highs and low, and average them out. dollar cost averages, you won't get at top or bottom, 30 years later, you wake up with a million dollars in your 401(k). charles: if you live to be 65, there is a huge chance you will live to be 85. i think that is how people have to think about this i talk about market all of the time on the business channel, there are people send me e-mail, this and i'm getting crushed. of course, it goes up a never hear. the short-term mentality how do we get americans to forget about that understand and in long run that is never failed ? >> well, reality, ask the person, do you think you will be here 10 or 30 years?
8:50 pm
they g well, yeah, i hope so, so, then this money is here for your life. this is not a short-term speculation, this is a long-term appreciation. and it is a journey of a lifetime. take my 8-year-old son has a roth ira. he put money in. it is worth $3,000 $33,000, whes 65 it will be a million bucks, if he doesn't put another dime into it. forget the investment pornography if you will, and confreight on your goal long-term -- concentrate on goal long-term. charles: in addition to kimberly being a greats mother of the year. >> she hit nail on head, i called my client to wish her a
8:51 pm
happy 9 91 birthday. they walk in they are 65, oh, i have to have a conservative portfolio. i'm 65. like 65, you got 30-years of planning in front of you, not 30 minutes. so let's build your portfolio, that can keep up with inflation, it is not be as aggressive as when you were 19 but create a planned perspective, a long-term growth. charles: i am glad you said, that everyone watching know, put money under your pillow, and inflation will eat it up, longer it stays under that pillow it is worth less, and less and less. you are fantastic. i will see if kimberly will adopt me, we appreciate it. >> you watch, you learn, you in? we're not done, i have one more lesson for you, mike and joanne, there they go, you cannot miss this one. i want to make things more secure.
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♪ charles: all right. mike and john are back with us. what do you think about the market now? >> i've learned a lot. i actually am going to let us some startup companies and look at investing to be honest with you. seeing what nike was of the beginning in now what is now. it's a mad. charles: sometimes you see people say, own the original air jordans, worth x amount of money deductive go through all that. make sure they don't get wet. have a good time. >> i learned that i have been training my whole life to invest in the stock market. i have been. i go shopping and look for a
8:55 pm
sell. and then i buy when something is cheap. then i spend all this time investing in this company into my family and friends about it. i'm using it to my advantage. my career and my everyday life. charles: you just don't own it. you did everything right, but you it on something that's important. the stock market is only part of our lives when it goes down and we have for the hills. if there is us whether the window and a cost $200, if you walk by every day you really don't have the money and want to spend it, is is 100, you're in there, for and over the money. when the market goes down, it's gone out of business. you guys will not believe how many grain stocks people sold during the crash. it's really heartbreaking. 2008-9 lead in fact, january, march, february of $200,975,000,000,000 worth of stock was sold. since then the market is up almost 100 percent.
8:56 pm
imagine if we had bought 75 billion with the stock, how the weather changed the lives of so many people. so some of the other was a once talk about. we have some great guests. the idea is you want to make this a hit-and-run. one of the big problems is for people were actually in the market, but 40 percent of just one stock. when you talk about the stock market being a casino, you buy one stockinette will be a casino. if you watch every ticket. every goes down and do selig at a loss. it's about sticking in staying the course. that was the one lesson. stay the course. by when it goes down because if you like it's a good company is not collected data business. those are some of the things that i heard that they should resonate with everyone. >> yeah. i don't like casinos. they take my money. and definitely not a gambler and i do see how if you do stick with it because there is that at been slow. charles: and there are certain
8:57 pm
things we know instinctively. i think people should be doing a little bit of homework. you don't have to be unnecessarily and a computer servicing the might, but the great thing about the market is not only does a democratize the ability to become wealthy or least improve your life, but because of the information age everything is out there. i mean everything is out there. you want to know what ibm is up to pagoda the website and in presentations, earnings reports to be you can get a feel of how business is doing. i no you're always lifting weights and all that stuff, but you could take a few minutes of your day. >> and that's where it is. there will be highs and lows. don't pull out when it goes down a little bit. charles: right now lot of people are bracing for the crash. people tell me, i missed the move, some waiting for the crash. what moves are you talking about you missed 9,000 points in he desert because as a thing called pride in the hill and it of --
8:58 pm
hans gasol to recreate the kind -- it's probably the worst enemy of anybody's thinking about the market. a lot of people feel like the message that stupid, but i'm going to wait for the pullback and prove them all wrong. first of all, you're not. secondly, forget about all the stuff. what i want this to keep all that. want to say it -- first of all, see you on tv all the time. the better remember me. you better remember me. you really like something hot. for last three years, all the women, the watch. that's fantastic, where did you get it from. some bought themselves, some data for graduation present. the stock is absolutely through the roof. i want you guys to think about this. actually want you to become investors, but i want you to share with me. anything starting to come out the congressional about?
8:59 pm
>> now i just want gives. [laughter] charles: that's a hold of a story. that would be great. charles: no, ma'am. >> as far as stocks go, i just know every time i buy some clothing and just anything out there, everything right to purchase, look at it. charles: this is a g-shock. this christmas to all the boys from 13 to 301 the g shock watch other publicly traded? this is what i want you guys to do. connect the dots. everyone no 11. you have one. takes about 30 seconds. is this publicly traded. these are your marching orders. act upon big gap. when you get those gifts, be pretty happy with it, but keep doing what you're doing it. i'm going to follow-up.
9:00 pm
>> thank you. thank you for your time. charles: i appreciate you. this is something i wanted to do for a long time because of frustrated. you guys should be doing so much better. it's right there. you can grab it. thank you for watching. appreciated. >> detroit is now the largest u.s. city to file for bankruptcy it cannot match it -- manages self. >> were at the end of the road. we can borrow any more money. john: detroit was -- now in such a wreck. >> for $1,500 you could buy this house. john: for years politicians promised that they would fix detroit. >> detroit show again become the great city that is its destiny. john: instead. >> they turned city hall into a den of bribes and kickbacks making themselves rich. john: is there hope for places like detroit? >> it will turn around the city of detroit. >>he


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