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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 27, 2013 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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yourupport it has been a fun two weeks a lot of people call and he mailed♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. america creating new enemies in the middle east. key congressional committees have green light of the obama administration's efforts to arm syrian rebs fighting the regime. the obama administratio has been widely criticized for its lead from behind policies in libya, egypt, afghanistan. now providing small arms and ammunition to some of the 1200 different rebel groups that have been identified in syria. we don't know which groups the united states will arm, t we do know -- excuse me, we do know
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groups andlements of the opposition who don't receive our military aid was likely be our allies. but does the white house mean it when ty say that syrian presidents days are numbered? have been saying that for two yearnow. here is white house press secretary trying to of lure -- lower expectations. >> i mean, you will never control assyria again, will never rules syria again. it is our firm position that the syrian people will not allow when we will not abide the leader of syria into the future. if you are asking me, do we believe that he will prevail, the answer is enough -- is no, he will not. not because we say so because the syrian people will not stand for it. >> if you think that is wavering , it is now what might bealled fool's errand. president obama has said use of
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chemiial weapons is a red line. the united states government has said that they have used chemical weapons. the president has not acted, but he has also warned tt it is very easy t slow slide into deeper involvement. the nation's highest-ranking general, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey also explaining in a letter to congrs by intervening in syria would be a terrible idea. he rode, should their regime's institutions collapse and the absee of ofiable opposition, we could inadvertently empower extremis or unleash the very couple weapons we seek to control. joining me now to talk about what we can expect from the president of syrian policy, fox news national security analyst. she will also be giving user vi on the story that the administration would probably like us to ignore. a group in iraq is now planng
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responsibilityor freeing some 500 suspected terrorists from of the grape. and an unown number of other prisoners from another prison near baghdad. and also tonight, the latest on the internal revenue service scandal. tonight we talk with the man he ys he and his wife were personally targeted by t irs after they started this southwest cincinnati to party. we begin tonight in syria. presidency from -- the member of congress to play any role in syria, likely influenced by polls that show upwards of 60 percent of all americans from both parti want little or nothing to do with the 2-year-old civil war. fox news chief washington correspondent james rose and h the report. >> amateur video purported to show serious troubles enjoying
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their firstaste of victory in weeks as they seized villages in the strategic northern pvince. after the freeze syrian army was able to enter the town some groups work to insure that a large number of soldiers in the russian army would affect. the obama administration remains vague in its bushes to ramp up direct military aid to the rebels who in recent weeks have been badly have done by the dictatorial regime and is chief suppliers of foreign fighters. >> part of that is expanding scope and scale of eight on the ground, and promise you, i wish that i could speak more to that, but thattjust cannot detail let. we are a slice of the pie, the entire pie. we are focused on stability, but we are working with o regional counterparts to connue to coordinate and increase aid. >> us intelligence committee chairman mike rogers, the michigan republican said the panel harbor's very strong concerns about the strength of the administration's plans.
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the committee haseservations. other lawmakers drafted amendments to a pending defense authorization bill aimed at forcing the administration to set here to the war powers act and not deploy u.s. troops absent congressional authorization. minority whip of maryland told fox news that that would not cause great problems for the white house, but other democrats demanded more and put. >> give us a vote. that estimate. let as meet our responsibility. there will be men and women that will go into harm's way, stumble ahead because we did not stand up and take responsibility. >> the house top republican offered only ter support for the administration's anti program. >> i tnk their effort to help the right set of rebels is in our nation's best interest. >> beyond fears of the u.s. waiting into another mideast war lawmakers expressed concern that
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weapons could fall into the hand of syrian rebels. still others on the right voiced fears that the administration is doing too little too late to make a difference. lou: also on capitol hill lawmakers ramping up pressure on house leaders to allow a vote on legislation that would create a special committee to investigate last year's terrorist attack in benghazi. republican congressmanteve stockman is circulating a discharge petition that wld force a vote of 218 members of the house sign-on. to promote that effort he held an even where he rolled out a 60-foot long scroll signed by 1,000 special operations veterans who support the establishment of that select committee. joining us now to assess the impact on harming the syrian rebels among other national security issues facing the nation, a former pentagon official, fox news nationaa
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security analyst. good to see you. first, this green lighting and an administration proposal to provide at least initially small arms to rebel groups that are as of now unidentified. >> a senior milary officer in the united states has just come before congress and said it is a mistake. this is not going to go well. i do not foresee any circumstances word is robbia success. he looked at five options and various levels of military involvement, and in each one of em he has major caution on what should happen. if that is not a red flag, and now what is. lou: what is the interest of the republican party,articularly in specifically senator john mccain in driving this agenda to interve in, talking about no-fly zones, intervening as if he is the world's leading authority on u.s. interest in the middle east. >> i have a lot of respect for senator mccain, but in this is
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absolutely wrong. the military said this is not going to work out well. you he seen the example in libya where we did our rebels or we get into a war for the rebels. the same time you saw what happened. they turned around. they're is a cardinal rule in washington. number one, if you have two enemies fighting each other, do not step in the middle of china stoppage. you have the syrian government which is murderous and chemical weapons using and the rebels. now, the predominance strongest group of rels, they be headed up priest. there are other groups that are well meaning and secular and a good dice. but they are going to win, and that is, in fact, the ultimate problem. we may like all rebels, but they won't be predominant. lou: one thing to have failed and wailing efforts at foreign-policy. it is quite another to accumulate the number of
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outright reversals and failures that this administration has now managed to put forward. why is there any view that this is administration that would be rice -- wise and effective in syria? particularly after two years of your bombasts about removing. >> maybe it was an auction two years ago of bombing the good rebels. that option is long since gone. if you look at the vious issues that this administration estimate would be in more. a year ago we wer told. it's on the west. it is now in syria. lou: and have just spine -- s
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wrong from present an estimated 500 terrorists. in another prin that we don't know the number of terrorists. this is becoming a very -- i cannot even tell you to think that we are so stupid as to permit this to happen. and this administration is not beg held accountable. in fact, john mccain steps up. it is a clean slate for him. and the republican party is acting as if john mccain is a rational actor in this plight. >> readjust been ten years, over a trillion dollars. we have lost countless american lives and countless americans will cry their war was for the rest of their days. we have not had a success in afghanistan. we have nohad a success in iraq. and why anybody thinks they're going to go into the middle of the syrian war which even the
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chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says well not be a success. i would think of doing that i don't understand. lou: in fairness to what happened in 2003 and the united states carrying out a successful invasion and did so with fewer troops than anyone ever imagined, i think we say secretary rumsfeld had that one right. obviously for years, the first -- the invasion. >> that number, it was phenomenal. but then what comes back. that is again what he warned. if you have a collapse of the syrian government you don't know what comes next. lou: we do know this administration as a lousy track record in effecting policy in the middle east. thank you very much. appreciated. america's crude oil production at record levels.
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why are gasoline prices surging? american petroleum instituteo of
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one. ♪ lou: we are going to talk about that. it continues to grow the western states, a dramatic increase in production. since 2010 oil production has increased 64 percent in colorado. 51 percent in t oklahoma. 46 percent ii new mexico, 45 percent in utah, 23 percent in wyoming. combined to wire we talking about the states? those stas and their production rival that of the balkan field in north dakota. despite the increase in the production of gas prices, rising
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you probably already know that. the national average is now $3.67, up $0.20 higher tn one year ago. joining me now, president and ceo of the american petroleum institute. great to have you with us. >>s good to be on again. lou: let's start with an incredible oil production. we are -- it is pretty clear based upon wt is happening with all the new discoveries, oil, gas, cheryl, this is a true renaissance in energy for the united states. >> it really is. it is actually quite remarkable. five or six years ago no one would have really predicted this. now today because of our modern techniques, the vast resources that we fod here in the united states, we are now the world's number one natural gas producer. the international energy agency predicted a few months ago that if we keep this up, if we keep thr growth abreaction up we can become the world's number one oil producer in seven short
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years. so if it is a renaissance, it is a big deal. we're putting people to work. we are generating revenue, state, federal government. perhaps equally important, we are becoming more energy secure as a nation. we rely today on only 40% of import whereas just two years ago that was about 60%. so we're going in the right direction. we just have to keep going and make sure the policies are right to last -- allow us to produce ouown energy. lou: i'm like everyone watching and listeni, cheering you want produce, produce, produce. but i am also saying why and the world and my pain these research in gasoline price i mean, we are doing all this and what is the dea i want to bre. >> we could not agree more. let me tell you a couple of reasons. the cost of gasoline is determined primarily by two key
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factors. the first is the cost of crude oil. as youust entioned earlier, the prices been going up. it is trading on a global market , and the unrest, particularly in the middle east, you get 4 million barrels per day coming through the suez canal. so people are concerned and gettg hesitant about what happens if that gets cut off. e other piece that we should look at our gas taxes. a lot of people don't reaze in some states in the u.s. to date gallon. tax isver $0.60 per there has been a number of states that have increased the gas tax very recently. lou: fair enough. and we are using a lot of time year, but why in the world if we are increasing production and that oil going to our refiners, coming out of, as you just pointed out, 20 percent more coming from domestic production than certainly had two years ago we are looking at prices,
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they're going to have to give us a break here. i don't want to get charged for brant when i'm using west texas. >> i understand. again, we need to go back to that global factor where the price is determined to. lou: you're talking sense. you're talking thanks. nine and a consumer. i want to break, particularly when it is our oil being pulled out and produced and refined into gasoline. i want to ask you quickly. we are in trouble on time. just change the subject. you testified at the house energy and commerce subcommittee . on their -- on their renewal fuel standards, why is coness trying to drive this fall right now? >> well, this is another factor that some believe has contributed to the increase in gas prices. what has happened, in 2007 congress said we had to blend ethanol and all of the gasoline
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we produced. well, now the volumes to require this year will excd 10%. our cars and pickup trurucks are only qualified and allowed to use up to 10%. so auto producers have said that they will not warranty their cars if wese over 10 percent. yet the congress is going t make as planned more than that. some believe that is what is pushing up the price or helping bolster the price. lou: surely the republican party will not go along with that kind of ignorance. -p>> well, we certainly hope so. today i was surprised because even some of the republicans are saying, well, we just have to find a middle ground. we need to keep pushing this corn based ethanol. on the manufacturers say, we will warranty those cars. we are in a position to have to decide if we're going to produce fuel are not, particularly fuel that will not be used in autos
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because it will void the warranty is. we are in our real quandary. lou: always good to tal with you. >> good to visit with you. thank you. lou: up next, a glaring lack of leaders leading detroit into the biggest municipal defaults as the depression. in the "chalk talk" we show you who might be next. ♪
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♪ lou: the federal judge overseeing detroit's bankruptcy will hold the first hearng on the case this when stake. by then they will have been almost a week long carrousel of blame and excuses about why one of this country's greatities went bust. some detroit politicians and one judge in particular are now looking to president obama to save them. last friday michigan cnty circuit judge rose marie greuel of the bankruptcy filing had to be withdrawn because she claimed it violatethe state constitution. failed to honor president obama who bailed out detroit's carmakers to the tune of $80 billion. you heard me right. a county judge blamed the
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federal bankruptcy violated michigan the state's constitution. talk about upside-down. the judge apparently subscribes to a cult of personality is also apparently unaware that she is the to honor the law, not the state constitution over the federal government, nor president obama. by t way, we scoured michigan's constitution and could not find -- the judge may be surprised to learn, a singl reference to president obama anywhere in there. it is pretty clear that the leaders of the chart are other jokes and travties serving the interest of unions and other special-interest. it is no surprise that this is where detroit now stands. let's take a quick look at this. this is mind boggling. detroit unemployment is 16, more than doubled the amount double the national average. detroit's population has fallen from the peak 19 fifties to
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around 700,000, an estimate. the church is a ghost town, and you can almost popate the city of dallas with those 1 million people who left detroit. detroit has a very strict gun control law, but its citizens need guns desperately because the average wait time for our response to a police call in the city of detroit is now almost an hour. fifty-eight minutes comparedo the national average of 11 minutes, and as you would suspect, given those response times violent crime and the tour is out of control. more than five times the national average. the murder rate is 11 times higher than new york city. imagine that. financially a little problem. about 10,000 active workers for the city of detroit. about 10,000.
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that i just about half of the 18,000 workers are now retired after receiving a pension which brings us to the heart of detroit's problem. unfunded pension liabilities in detroit are estimated to be three and a half billion dollars. don't just hold your nose over detroit's mess. according to up new research study released earlier this year , public pension plans across the country are underfunded by zero whopping one a half trillion dollars. and why isetroit not likely to be bailed out? because once that is staing there will be an almost unending line of mares with their hands out looking f a federal bailout. chicago saw its credit rating downgraded because it has at least $19 billion in unfunded pension liabilities of its own. they are in desperate trouble. los angeles faces more than $30 billion in liability.
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california is a big stage, and some of its municipalities have already gone bankrupt. and so it goes. all around the country liabilities,eficits, deb rising taxes, falling population , and an immense disaster born of a politicians who just wanted to get reelected , and they agreed to union terms and just about everything for that support. but that deal is so over. detroit goes belly up. motown's shrinking populion and awful leaving retirees and creditors nervous. former congressman dennis kucinich faces similar challenges when he was mayor of cleveland. he i our guest next on how detroit can fight its way out. ♪
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lou: for more on the legal fight concerning the largest municipal bankruptcy in this country, we turn now to former congressman dennis kucinich, democrat, fox is contributor, he has a unique respective, the mayor of cleveland in 1978 when cleveland defaulted on other short-term set of loans from local banks. became the first city says the great depression to default on financial obligations. first of all, great to see you. your reaction to what i think nearly everyone expected, that is bankruptcy for a city that has been so horribly mismanaged in the face of horrific economic forces. >> well, first of all, you have to remember that the cleveland the fall was political. the bank tried to force. they put the city into default. in the case of detroit you have a number of national economic trends. our trade policies have devastated detroit.
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we should be canceling naf and set of talking about extending our imports. the sub prime downtown, it had to try harder than any other area and people we exploited. the fact of the matter is denim plummer it thathey have really speaks to the fact that we have x -- excepted a permanent level of unemployment that will do and 10 million americans unemployment and another million to working part-time. we have is aountry with no problem getting a hundred billion to afghanistan, no problem spending trillions some wars, bailingut wall stree and banks to the tune of trillions of dollars, creatin money and of nothing, but urban america, you're running around. i know by it and i object to what is happening lou: less talk about that. first, the federal reserve right now is stilating an economy that would be more than otherwise.
4:34 am
detroit, the broader economy, when we talk about high unemployment, it is this president who has refused to lead on the issue. this is a president who has accept 23 million people unemployed as the new normal. you say we, i don't think that includes you, me, or i would hazard to say most of the folks in this country. >> well, you know, i take issue with you, but the fed party must a exists to help the banks and based on existing up anybody but the banks. we need a full employmen economy. we would note places like detroit. we need a new national infrastructure rebuilding program which means we need a new role.
4:35 am
darnell around the world looking for dragons to slay. lou: another stir well. your former colleagues on capitol hill are so interested in port. they're specialnterests and all of the deal logical nonsense , attends the drafting of anything on infrastructure that you cannot create an on spill. most americans want to invest in this country's future. this is a president is now make it clear what his vision is of this country's future. it has been one of dependency, one of stimulusackages, it has not been one of vision. it has been one that has created even greater dependency. detroit is a perfect example. despite and $80 billion car company. >> you know what, the car company has the money. lou: you know better than that. they still own 55 percent of chrysler. i mean, who got the money?
4:36 am
my goodness, the unions it. lou: we ought to have -- we ought to have a national manufacturing policy which says it's vit. lou: i wrote a book called to does america talking about what corporate america is doing with outsourcing of job. where was president obama and the democratic party? i mean, look, the democratic -- of our democratic, you have been right. was the one he said we should cancel nafta and get o of the wto would go back to focusing on making things here in america and in cement. 50 percent of all the cars and light trucks it will be made a going to be sold in america. we are not focusing on our country. that is my point. we need new national ecomic program.
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lou: it might be persuasive, here's theeality. a greater expanding dendency, a government that is expanding without investing. a president to for all the world is making absolutely no sense on economic policy, either international or domestic. we have to change first that misapprehension on the part of the president. this is a free enterprise campus economy. we have got a private sector. nobody has said we're going to foot this thing and make it a central command econo or state . >> as you describe it, a certain amount of unemployment is necessary for the proper function of the economy. at least 10 million out of work in another 10 million -- lou: exce me.
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how did the -- >> the private sector is subsidized. the private sector you take the fed subsidizing banks. listen. lou: hit into the federal reserve, just me. i am not pleased with what passes for a sufficient monetary policy. ungraceful. let's not for everybody to death. come back soon. remain even take up fed policy. the obama white house, thehi attorney general fanning the flames of division. te noted psychotherapist answering the question why is thehe administration playing the raced card next. ext.
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♪ lou: the george zimmerman trialg raising questions about whetherr there is such a thing as opposed racial america.erica it's certainly did not beginid with the election of this president, did it? our next guest says absolutelyou there is no such thing. here to analyze racism, what does a ministration is doing. i guess - my guess is one of the leading psychotherapists and the country. i am so frustrated watching the semesters to be eighth horribly. they are - as if they want to insight the bck community in this country in particular. and in doing so before the naacp lou: i have to say, i was reallt impressed with the parents of trade on martin who went on television and said they did not
4:43 am
want to incite anything otherine than peace. and there would like to use a situation that happened to their son to raise awareness. and i think that would be tt correct approach. is there racism? ablutely.ut t >> what does have a question to me. you know, racism exists. exist white racism, black rism, as back racism. r get or it.r it. we are watching is seems to me and administration tried toin insight racism rather than try o to lead in tech guide and, you know, is president talked truck teachable ments. tch he says if he has learned i nothg. >> you know, i guess part o him feels like he needs to ali himself with the black community in some ways oklahoma, a very wide world. perhaps every now and again he feels really people w know him feel bad to.
4:44 am
lou: but what drives a man woe is president of the united states, he is not the man who lacks intelligence in any way i understand the traditions of n the country, the responsibilities of the office. who just got out of ofommunityg a class. >> i am never one for inciting and richard. f they're is a place for anger.ase they're is a place for protesting. but what you really want to do is start a conversation. really, for example, should we enjoy some of these issues thatt have,? there is racial profiling.e is there is stereotyping tha goes on. o i'm not saying that the results of the trial were incorct.. lou: the what you are talking about his racial profiling.t h in point of fact, the only people guilty of raciallty profiling was in d.c. when theyd added that tape and tried tod tt
4:45 am
oject george zimmermano as a racist, defining his race with d the dispatcher when in fact ithe turns out in d.c. is the one who edited that. t it is -- this is what thes much country is much bigger, muc better a human beings than this administration is acting. >> there is a psychology. lou: worthy of us. he should be leading s. >> when you have to be able to lead. an so the people chose obama. he is leading the way he leads. now, uni -- lou: w have to accept that at th without comment? lo that i'm going to comment. e it think everybody watching psie should say dear mr. president, you are behaving bly. you have a higher responsibility. the people who think it's greatg let them send in flowers. i don't >> the way i would like to see it handled, let's acknowledge that there is a psychology tohe'
4:46 am
stereotyping in a way that canyg really help us handle these issues in a much more pragmat, realistic way. and i'm not even just addressing the george zimmerman trial. in general. lou: what i think is interestins despite everything, that jerry,x six people, it should have bn 12.e the second part of it is, they should not have been conveneden because authorities have made decisions. they're scared to death of political -- the politic repercussions if they do their jobs honestly and forthrightly.. cism one year.. the mob one year. lou: the president of the unitec states may quite a difference.ln
4:47 am
talking about a trial that is this emotionally, incendiaryer potentiay, weather is going toco breakfast. what in the world to hisis civilizes have to do with this? is a menace to start. >> in the nural instinct is to say let's let it control. i that was tteatural instinct.d after the fact, hey, listen, the grouping where you're going to have people not liking it. that is when he stepped in and and a different conversation.hoi
4:48 am
lou: those are set dots. it's really are. thank yovery much. >> thank you. lou: you will have you >> next time i will make everybody happy. lou: the obama way. thank you. up nt, new york city mayoral candidate caught with his hands on his twitt county again. that "a-team" reacts to the latest sexting scandal and, yes, @%e latest n
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♪ lou: joining us tonight, the "a-team."
4:52 am
thank you for being here. let me start with, if i may, that anthony wiener press conference today. if not everybody in the world is falling it. it is truly a strange moment where he could be mayor of new york after residing in disgrace a short while ago, it tracks what the train wreck. he was so upset when he first got caught up in it a couple of years ago. he left in disgrace. i will do best a to make amends of my wife and my family. it will never happen again, but here we go. it happened again. by the way, it happened after he made those promises to his wife and the public to read now, of course, we have is other lady he says, by the way, he said these pictures. lou: is this simply becoming the
4:53 am
rigor in american politics, agonizing, just horrible embarrassment on the part of the electorate that was some of our elected officials do? they are shipped out of office a number of back to more rehabilitated. isn't this aafarce? >> if this is becoming director of american politics on one out. i don't want toven have to cover this stuff anymore. it was nseating to watch anthony wiener for the reasons suggested. remember, this is someone who lostis job in congress as a result of what he did, almost lost his marriage as a result of what he did, caused untold public humiliation to himself, to his wife, certainly to his young child at some point you will read about these things and then did not stop and kept doing it. i find that absolutely extraordinary. the case said that would make, new yorkers to mayor may not have any problem with this in terms of morality, i certainly
4:54 am
do, but others might not. certainly they have to be asking questions about his judgment. what kind of a perso does this after having been through what he was going through? >> and how trustworthy is he? that will be a big issue for a t of voters. this is a tough town to manage, and here is someone that lac judgment and on top of that amount trustworthy is seeking backing makes promises and breaks them. lou: talking about wanting out. this i becoming terrier in american politics. it certainly is a new york city. if you want a sample of the atmosphere because you have eliot spitzer running for comptroller, speaking of trust. i am not sure it is becoming a factor in pollinin new york which has as 7-1 advantage for democratic candidates to my either -- well, sully our not.
4:55 am
>> he will be overseen, the financial well-being. that is something tha voters should think about. someone that did what he did. now he is going to be managing the finance. something to be considered. lou: let's turn to, if we may, what is going on with senator john mccain. it looks to me like he is trying to lead the republican pay into the abyss. pushing for just immigration reform on any terms when they have achieved it, the seizure of the mantle of on immigration reform with their incremental approach. he should be complemented and followed by the senate. instead senator mccain is pushing the gang of aid approach which is, as the republicans of the house to make clear, not happening. secondly, he was to intervene in syria.
4:56 am
what is going on in the publican party? >> it is interesting. i don't think senator mccain is likely t be much of an influence, at least in a positive way that he might imagine. house republicansf anything will be more skeptical of t senate, the gang of eight immigration reform if senator mccain continues to push and push for the house to do something. i think the prospects of that happening are very slim. the house is already decided that it will be taking an incremental approach, and i think that there is very little likelihood that we are going to see the kind of comprehensive immigration reform that washington has spent so many months talking about. i now think we will see it in the next couple of yrs. lou: i hope you are wrong. we have about 25econds. rescuing a family.
4:57 am
he sees this as the happening. obviously there were the ones. parents and two children.
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the willis report is next. >> could evening. i am rory rothman. tonight what was the big lesson investors learned after the fed took down its steve cohen oneeof the biggest man on wall street? the only way to make money in the market is tucci? also billions of doolars disappearing every year and nely all of us are snagged with the unnecessary charges how do you deal wth embarrassing many questions with close family members? we have some answers and more coming up to knight of "the willis report."


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