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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 27, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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good evening everybody. thank you for being with us. president obama today talked about job creation and the economy for the 12th time since he took office back in 2009. leaving many to ask the question, why now? the president himself answered the question in a candid and frank manner in a speech designed to change the conversation. president obama took a clear shot at republicans who continue to pursue the truth regarding the numerous scandals currently engulfing his administration. >> but with this endless pprade of distractions anddpolitical posturing and phony scandals,
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washington has taken its eye off the ball. and i'm here to say, this needs to stop. this moment does not require short term thinking. it does not require having the same old stale debates. >> the president talking about the scandals as phony? should president obama ask the families of the four americans killed in the benghazi terrorist attacks that their pursuit of the truth regarding how the government did or did not go to the aid of their loved ones, could that be phony? how about fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen and those at the associated press who had their phone records and e-mails breeched by the obama justice department. i'm guessing they don't consider their anger over the government's violation of their first amendment rights to be in any way phony. please don't forget, slain border patrol agent brian terry just because the obama administration has. is there anything phony about
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the terry family's pursuit of the truth seeking those who are responsible for the death of their son? could you imagine what would happen if the president told conservative groups, tea party activists and others targeted or audited by the internal revenue service that simply because of their political views, that their concerns are phony? and how did treasury secretary jack blue come to an absurd conclusion regarding the investigation into the irs scandal which is nowhere near completion after he has been at his post for all of 4 1/2 months? he told cbs news "with all of the investigations that have gone on, there's been no evidence of any political decision-making in the irs." whatever that means. the statement, of course, is a contradiction to testimony offered by irs attorney carter hull, who implicated the irs chief counsel's office in the
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tea party and conservative group targeting scandal. the office headed by an obama administration political appointee. today's attempt at a pivot by the president indeed a transparent effort to divert public attention from a scandal-plagued white house. president obama said it himself. and because such clarity from this president is so rare, it is worth hearing him say it one more time. >> but with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, washington has taken its eye off the ball. i'm here to say this needs to stop. this moment does not require short-term thinking. it does not require having the same old stale debates. >> the president also today said he has a plan to grow our middle class. but he laid out barely a hint of new policy plans to achieve growth, all while blaming
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congress and his republican opponents for gridlock and obstructionism that's kept him from achieving his agenda. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has more on the resident's speech from galesburg, illinois. >> clocking in at 1:04, this speech was three minutes longer than president obama's state of the union. at the start of his second term. >> if we just stand by and do nothing in the face of immense change, understand that the part of our character will be lost. >> a speech so familiar that he could have delivered it eight years ago and in fact, he pretty much did at the same i will i location as a young senator in 2005. >> this is not us the option that i just mentioned, doing nothing. >> white house aides say the return visit to knox college shows rebuilding the middle class has always been his central focus. though today's speech also sounded like a familiar laundry list of promises that could have been delivered on the 2012
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campaign stump. >> good job. good education for your kids, home of your own, secure retirement. i'm going to keep focusing on health care. >> republicans said this was more about a lame duck president trying to stay relevant and the only new part of the speech was the president revealing he'll give more speeches. >> americans aren't asking the question, where are the speeches, they're asking where are the jobs? >> in the latest fox news poll, the president hit a new lomong independents, just 25% of independents approve of the job he's doing, down from 31% last month. plus, over half of the public says they do not see signs the economy has returned the corner. the job level remains below 50 perz. 46% approve, 47% disapprove. the president is eager to try and turn the page on his summer stall over the irs and over over
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controversies, which he dismissed today. >> over the distractions of scandals, washington has taken its eye off the ball. i'm here to say, this needs to stop. >> at one point the president said he was ready to work with ninl. at others he slammed republicans for blocking the agenda and vowed to go around them when he deemed fit. >> i will not allow gridlock or inaction or willful indifference to get in our way. >> in what aides build as a major economic address, he repeated a familiar refrain. >> we're not there yet. we've got more work to do. >> drawing scorn from his rivals. >> if a hollow shell is an easter egg with no candy in it. >> the president also boasted that he had saved the american auto industry and those car companies are having pretty strong sales right now. but he did not mention that in the last week, detroit filed for bankruptcy anyway. >> lou? >> ed, thank you very much. ed henry, fox news chief white house correspondent. in the wake of ooama's
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latest pivot on the economy and by the way, it is his 12th such pivot since he became president, and now the looming budget battle ahead, our first guest tonight supports calls for blocking the continuing resolution that would fund the government beyond september 30th if it includes funding of obama care. joining us now is congressman steve stockman, a member of the house committee on foreign affairs. congressman, good to have you with us. let me first get your reaction to the president's speech which had been styled as an important speech, a major speech by the white house. >> well, this is the second time, lou, that the president tried to change topics. the first time, remember, he went to africa and as the white house press corps was when he isssed a retraction of his health care. he gave a break to big business and what we want to do in the house is give a break to really the average folks. so he keeps changing the topic
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because the topics that the american people are interested in, jobs and what happened to our four slain members of government in benghazi, he didn't want to talk about that. he wanted to talk about blaming republicans and pretend he doesn't live in the white house. >> you have petitiooed successfully over a thousand veterans of special operations to look for, to establish a select committee to investigate benghazi. where does that stand? when will there be movement in the house to call for exactly that, that is a select committee to investigate? >> lou, we have introduced or going to introduce a discharge petition to allow frank wolf's bill for independent investigation long overdue. we're coming up on the one-year anniversary. we need some answers. we can't say what hillary said which it doesn't really matter. it does matter. if we don't want to repeat these
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mistakes in which our folks were murdered and killed, we need to get to the bottom of this scandal and, apparently, i believe there's so much smoke, there must be fire. because the administration sure is doing a lot to block. twice our hearings were canceled. from what i heard, it was witness intimidation telling them not to go testify. ts a real concern to me that there's a lot more there that needs to be answered. >> and we have just received word that the which you co-sponsored and supported has just been voted down byythe house by a margin of 217-205. that happening within the last minute. this bill was one that would affect tifl roll back the effectiveness of the national security agency and opposed by the leadership of the republican party. why did you choose to support
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it? >> i just came back from that vote. here's one of the things we had. we have a young man already being prosecuted, was in the army, stealing data. we have another one that's fleeing to russia that stole data. and my concern is not just with this collection of data. but who can access it. what's disappointing is the nsa never looked at the other case and said hey, we need to change our policy. what happened to the military could happen to us. they didn't change any policies. i pointed this out. this data, while you may want to safeguard it, easily a third world or some other country can access it and it would be left to really our administration to protect our data. i don't think we should be collecting it because other people may have easy access to it. it's already been demonstrated twice within the last year. >> the idea that you would not pant nsa to collect intelligence, data, information to protect its -- the security of data that's not collected
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seems to me to be a bit of a stretch if i may say, congressman. this would impair one of the most important intelligence agencies in the country from doing its job and by the way, the congress of the united states, the senate of the united states has checked off on each one of these programs that's been at issue because of the snowden leaks, our congress has been given an opportunity to raise objection and to approve each of those programs. >> you're right. that's what we're doing again. we're looking at the program. i have a difference of opinion, so do some of the authors, even the man who helped write the bill said it's gone too far. the post articulated correctly, this is a violation of 4th amendment. it's searching for records and things that haven't really been processed under due process. the amendment simply stated that it should be targeting those
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which they're investigating, which they could do easily. >> congressman, it's always good po talk with you. we appreciate it very much. congressman steve stock man. thank you sir. >> thank you. president obama and secretary of state keery the peace process forward. fox news middle east and terrorism expert, dr. wa lien fair is on whether peace between the palestinians and israelis is actually possible. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get f the test track. get the mercedes-bz you've been burning for
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the white house is cautiously optimistic over the possibilities of an agreement between the israelis and pal stainians to resume peace talks that could come next week. joining me now to discuss the region, the obama for en policy
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and likelihood of success, analyst dr. walid phares. it's good to have you with us. your thoughts, it appears that the israelis and the palestinians are genuinely interested in talks. >> they may be. both of them. but it's the authority, not hamas, the government. the issue is how far will the u.s. efforts go in terms of putting pressure on the regional players. lou, what stopped this peace process from winning in the last four, five, six years is the fact that iran through hamas, hezbollah, through syria would do the necessary things to stop the process. now there is an opening. that opening is as follows. there's a civil war in syria. hezbollah is very busy in syria and with the european decision to consider them as a terrorist and egypt is in the middle of political chaos. now the ideal moment for the
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administration to really comee and strong perspective to put them together. whether they do that, i don't know. >> netanyahu already, it seems to me, an anticipatory move, that includes some possibility of success. netanyahu saying he wants a public referendum before signing any peace deal and has already set in motion what is required to create the structure of that public referendum in israel. your thoughts? >> well, i think this would be a good move because it will tell the world and tell the arabs and the palestinians that netanyahu, his government, his country are serious about the matter. they're going to have the referendum. it's not just the majority. on the other hand, the real challenge is not going to be israel. israel has already, parliament has democratic institutions. it's going to be on the palestinian side. namely, mr. abbas, mahmoud
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abbas. he will have to make a quick and sharp decision. he may do it. but we don't know yet. to strike that deal with israelis and americans and make sure that hamas is from the process. dr. walid phares, we thank you for being with us, as always. up next, we'll go to the chalkboard to show you whether or not president obama is still relevant or is he already a lame duck? that's next. stay with us. the boys used double miles from their capital o venture cd to fly home for theig family reunion. you musbe garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because yu can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you c actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win!
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the president today trying his very best to take some of his old economic ideas and repackage them and deliver them to the american people in a shiny new package. well, what effect will it all have? certainly, speeches won't help the 22 million americans who are unemployed, underemployed or who have giien up looking for work. it won't help them find a job. that's what really counts. speeches certainly won't get legislation through congress. some critics say the campaign style tour of the midwest with
10:22 am
his battered agenda in tow is a sure sign that he is in fact a lame duck. so we thought we'd take a look at that question and assess it. is president obama relevant or is he a lame duck? first, let's take a look at the president's foreign policy. there's a glimmer of hope that secretaryyof state john kerry will be able to restart middle east peace talks. a real possibility. but that's not a probability. there's still no date for talks. the odds of success are long, to say the least. but we will say the administration is still relevant here. so let's take -- let's move this to the side of relevant. certainly relevant. on the other hand, the administration has managed to add to the chaos in libya, in egypt, syria and we've got to put even within the prospects of the middle east, this process, we've got to put libya here. i think an indication he's a
10:23 am
lame duck. egypt as well. syria. this isn't going too well and the fact of the matter is that isn't helping them as we speak tonight. congress and the white house needs to raise the nation's borrowing limit over the next six months to avoid a default and downgrade. the president is already making noises he needs to make a deal with republicans so is he still relevant when it comes to the debt ceiling? well, it's an interesting question. because the debt ceiling issue is a little ambiguous. talk of the president's lame duck status ramped up in april, when it's bush for gun control and it failed. so the debt ceiling, we'll put this over here. i think it still makes him relevant. the push for gun control failed, so gun control, this isn't
10:24 am
helping the president in his persistence isn't helping him. gun control is definitely a lame duck. immigration reform, the legislation is still alive but not in the form he envisioned. the llgislation is dead on arrival at the house. i think an intelligent approach to immigration reform, they're doing it incrementally, focusing on security and making certain that there is a path to legalization. it is one that puts those illegal immigrants behind those who have followed the lawful process and does not create some sort of expedited path to citizenship. most political analysts say the reason it's still kicking is because the president chosen not to meddle in the process. immigration, without a question, he's a lame duck. next up, the sequester. the sequester that he continues
10:25 am
to complain about, agaii, today he criticized sequester, calling it a meat cleaver that's cost jobs and harmed growth. now, here's a problem. it was his administration's idea, it was his white house's idea. and he hasn't engaged house republicans on the issue, nor has he persuaded anyone. he's also, by the way, the president who signed it into effect. on the issue of sequester, he's behaving exactly like a lame duck. finally, there is, of course, the big issue. obama care. a new fox news poll out today shows 53% want this law repealed. but the white house says all obama care needs is a good public relations blitz by the president. until they stop thinking like that and start thinking about how to fix it and to implement it intelligently, effectively, if it could be, obama care will
10:26 am
only serve to make the president a lame duck. the final count, two issues. two issues for the president is relevant. seven where he is for that question a lame duck. i'd say this president is in trouble. what do you think? president obama injecting his personal views squarely into the trayvon martin/george zimmerman debate. not all democrats are too happy about it. juan williams, jay mu green offer their unique perspective next. can be tough.
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when's the fairy princess coming? any minute now. yay! announcer: but it's always worth it. agnes: i know t's really you, gru. i'm just pretending for the other kids. announc: take time to be a dad today. call 8-4-dad-411 or visit
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before today's latest pivot, the obama administration was laser focused on the results of the george zimmerman murder trial and the implicationn of race, justice, gun control. they weren't alone. but today the american civil liberties union made a stunning
10:30 am
pivot of its own originally saying the trial cast doubt on whether the legal system truly provides equal protection of the laws to everyone regardless of race. also asking the justice department to investigate the shooting as a hate crime and prosecute. they've since issued this statement. "the aclu believes the double jeopardy clause of the constitution protects someone from being prosecuted in another co arising from the same transaction. the jury found zimmerman not guilty and that should be the end of the criminal case." i will point out that that is precisely what i said at the time. joining us is former adviser to hillary clinton, fox news contributor, jehmu greene. and analyst, juan williams. thanks both for being here. jehmu, let's start with the aclu pivot. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. we've actually see them go through the same situation years
10:31 am
ago with the rodney king trial. but i think just to be clear, their pivot was on the double jeopardy part of their original statement and not from calling on the federal government to really look at racial and ethnic disparities in our criminal justice system. i think that is something that they're still -- >> to be clear, what i said was that the pivot was on the issue of double jeopaady and it was awful decent of the aclu to make reference to the constitution of the united states, which one would have thought they would have referenced at the outset. >> i think they got caught up in the passion of it all. >> they're not paid to get caught up in passion and neither are others who assume the mantle of national leadership. i mean, i find it extraordinary that we're watching an administration, the aclu and others who decided to race bait and use racial division to distract the country, in my judgment, from the issues at
10:32 am
hand. juan williams, the president himself pivoted, making note that the prosecution had basically been assured, certainly implied by his attorney general, would not likely be occurring either. >> right. well, i think what you get here is a situation where the administration wanted to focus all of the energies, all of the upset over the verdict away from the possibility of a second prosecution. because i don't think -- i mean, just talking to people who work for justice, people who still work for the justice department here in d.c., they don't see that there's a strong case to be made. they've got hot lines inviting anybody with any evidence of racial intent or racial behavior by mr. zimmerman to phone it in. right now, they don't have it. so i think that what you're seeing is they're trying to move away from the possibility of any hate crime possibility -- would
10:33 am
move something towards the stand-your-ground law and concealed weapons are really the focus of the energies and the protests around the country. >> you know juan, as we try to understand what this administration, reverend al sharpton, reverend jesse jackson and others were doing, the attorney general of the united states, i find it difficult to understand how they could have set out on this course, which is embarrassing for national leadership of any kind. secondly, the reversals which are necessary because of the tone ttat they took, the passions of the moment as you referred to it, jehmu. but jesse jackson referring to florida as an apartheid state, what in the world could e have been thinking? what is your thinking? >> well, i think there's a difference between the passion weave seen from reverend jackson and sharpton and from president obama. i would actually say that i
10:34 am
think president obama has come very late to this issue and the fact that he's coming to this issue when the country is so divided over a criminal case makes it all the more controversial and not effective. if he ad -- he's tried to have a national conversation about race away from a case, away from the division that we're seeing. i think it would have been a much more productive conversation. now, reverend sharpton, reverend jackson, i think we know that they will go to extremes when it comes to the language they use around this. but they're also missing the boat when it comes to what is the biggest issues they should be focusing on. when you have national attention like this, if we get everything we want in florida and if it is, as he says, an apartheid state, which is a bit ridiculous, if he got everything he wanted, there would be a plethora of issues facing the african-american community that we're not seeing leadership from these two gentlemen in particular.
10:35 am
>> juan, your thoughts? >> first, let me say, amen. there's so mmny big issues out there that you just don't see. these two especially. but in general, the civil rights leadership in my mind, standing up to. i would begin with things like family breakdown, lou. i would talk about drugs, i would talk about that whole thug life. gangster culture that was being encouraged. again, education, gosh, education, the need for better schools, it just seems to me is so primary. but you don't see it. i differ with jehmu about the president. i think the president had come out earlier and said anything, it would have added to the kind of upset around the country. i think whhe when he spoke on friday, it was after he found the hispanic media that he had done interviews with last week didn't ask him about it. he came out friday and i thought he spoke in a way that was wise. he acknowledged, look, if you look at young black men, a higher rate of involvement with
10:36 am
violent crime, he understands why people might be. but he says we have to have soul searching and i just thought -- i thought he struck the right -- >> i thought his words -- i'm talking about in his first administration, when he was first elected. these problems, if we only addressed them when there's a criminal case, that's where it becomes, again, so not productive. when you look at the american bar association and the recommendations that they made in 2004 for racial and ethnic disparities in our criminal justice system and this administration and the states haven't picked up on any of that -- >> at some point, the leaders of the black community in this country have got to assume an initiative that goes beyond victimhood, that goes beyond racial discrimination, because it has -- it ii not nonexistent,
10:37 am
but it has ebbed to a point that it's not the principle factor like juan williams said, whether it be education. we have jesse jackson calling for a boycott of a state that is one of the most ethnically and racially diverse states in this country. this is the kind of righteousness that we've got to inspect a little. because it turns out, it's ignorance posing as righteousness. we need to change just as you said at the outset, the character of the conversation about race. i think we've got do it soon. because some people are getting carried away. meanwhile, we have 40% unemployment among black in this country. 23 million people unemployed or underemployed. the fact of the matter is, we have specific issues with young blacks in this country that have to be addressed and understood. and as you said, create a
10:38 am
national conversation. juan, i'm going to give you the last word here. >> you know, i mean, to my mind, a lot of what you see from jackson and sharpton is about two guys who i think are still caught up in a mold that goes back to the '50s and '60s and they've made it into your business, lou. that's my uncharitable description of those two. on other side of that fence, i understand there are lots of poor black people, poor people of any color in this counnry who feel they never get heard from. when sharpton or jackson, at least the media shows up. i think it's bad leadership when you don't say to people here's what you can do to help yourself. here's why we can help you in terms of education, in terms of employment, in terms of family, in terms of faith to take the steps you need to get up that ladder, upward mobility and enjoy america. you know, benefit from all that america has to offer. >> you know, talk about whether the president -- i couldn't agree more, by the way, juan.
10:39 am
but talking about whether or not the president could have weighed in earlier or not at the george zimmerman trial, i honestly believe that it was appropriate for him to weigh in as soon as that verdict was delivered, knowing the passions that some had said were raging in parts of the country. it would have been a time for him to be the president of all the people and say that this is a judicial system, while imperfect, is the foundation of our nation of laws. that a jury has spoken. and that we accept that verdict. and we move on. that was what i wanted to hear the president of all the people say, not tell me or anyone else that -- what smiley called weak as kool-aid a statement on race that frankly, was neither eloquent nor particularly moving. thank you very much jehmu greene, we appreciate it. juan williams, thank you. his handle is carlos danger.
10:40 am
anthony weiner and his twitter handle. making him the laughing stock of national politics. but the joke is on the voters of new york. political analyst rand blake man and angela mcglou wan on the big apple's far sickle mayoral race. >> did we mention eliot spitzer? >> we're coming right back.
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joining us now brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. fox news contributor, angela mcglowan. great to have you here. >> thank you. i want to start with brad, if i may, with this pivot. how bad an idea is it from the president's political standpoint? >> well, i think the pivot that he made today announcing this huge speech in the economy that was absolutely devoid of any
10:44 am
ideas or principles or policies that the president wants to advance this fall. all it was, was a speech in illinois before an adoring crowd of people who he supported and who will support him no matter what. the american people aren't buying it. your fox news poll reflects that. he's lost independence completely. he's lost not only any middle of the road people, if you can call them that. but he's also lost a good percentage of his base because lou, the people who supported this president the most, any inner cities are hurting the most. the president's blame game is alive and well and it will not play well in 2013 and '14. angela, are you surprised the president chose to do this? i mean, it looks to me somewhat peculiar to see a president at the beginning of his second term acting like he's on the campaign trail and talking exactly that way. >> no, i'm not surprised. lou. the country elected a grassroots
10:45 am
organizer, a great or tore. that's about all the president can do is give a really good speech. and brad, you're right, from the standpoint that he's losing some of his base. when you have cornell west and tavis smiley saying that al sharpton is on the obama plantation, that's a problem. >> and as we look at what's happening in the republican party, brad, justin -- congressman justin a mash, his legislation voted down by a narrow margin. he's one of the youngest, may be the youngest congressman republican and the white house says what he was doing was destructive of the nsa interests. republicans, obviously, deciding at least most of them that it was not in the national interest. what is the deal with the republican party has a fellow
10:46 am
like this man running around with this kind of nonsense. >> the republican party is in the majority in the house. yet, you'd never know it sometimes. bills come to the floor and have to be pulled because the whip's vote count wasn't correct. they didn't have the support they needed. remember, we had the hastert rule unless you had a majority of the majority. they couldn't even real important pieces of legislation pass the hastert test. when we have a clear and comfortable majority. look, it's a tail wagging the dog sometimes in the house. the senate has their own challenges. we've got to get our own house in order. as you pointed out on your board, lou, we have plenty of fodder and ammunition to tell the american people why the current leadership stinks. let's get our act together. >> i don't even want to use the word fodder with you republicans because you have lots of fodder last year and completely blew it. >> you're watching the president right now, angela, with the organization for action, he said he needs a little -- i love the modesty of this man. president obama telling folks
10:47 am
that he just needs -- he's going to give a very good speech but he's given lots of good speeches. he said he'll need the help of his private political army. i mean, this is serious stuff and the republicans have nothing, nothing that is commensurate to osa. >> you have boehner on the house floor saying that the president's speech was like an easter egg, no candy, very hollow. listen, we need leadership on both sides, lou. because the bottom line is this. tte american people are suffering here. to get back to the nsa and the amendment voted down, are we throwing away the fourth amendment by giving the nsa so much control over personal information? i think that some republicans are brave enough, brad, to go against the establishment and standing for our rights. >> what are you talking about? angela, the establishment is google. it's microsoft. it's facebook. they're gathering more information, personal
10:48 am
information, private as are the health care companies. my lord, nsa is trying to keep up with these slick son of a guns. >> what we need to do is revisit all privacy laws, lou. they should not have access to our information. i'm for protecting our homeland by any means necessary. but we're innocent people and they're getting our information. >> you're sounding like you weren't including brad and me in that innocent people. angela, thanks for being with us, brad blakeman, thank you. we take a look at how a piece of work written almost two decades ago accurately predicted what is today's society. the award winning novelist of voltaires bass tards, john ralston saul. he's a heck of a prognosticator, too. next. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what?
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my next guest says that reason is at the root of our problems today. joining me now award winning novelist, the president of pen international john ralston saul. author intellectual. author of the reissued novel, "voltaires bastards." we recommend it highly. it's a brilliant work and it's great to see you. >> the idea of bringing this book out and reissuing it today, i think it's a superb idea. what made you do it? >> well, it felt, 20 years, it's still in print all over the world in all these languages. i thought, let's put a forward on it, sort of i told you so, if you'll forgive me for putting it that way. but i thought just it's interesting, for example, there's a chapter in there on death and money.
10:53 am
i thought, i'll have to rewrite this. it's about how the west made a mess of africa in the '90s by following certain moral issues of death. i didn't change a word. it's exactly what the same people, i mean two generations on are doing to ourselves with death. >> there are people watching and listening to us right now, is john ralston saul crazy? this is reason in washington, d.c. these people are being reasonable? >> they don't go together, right? i mean, this idea of rationality, which what it did is it separated one human quality, being rational, from ethics, common sense, intuition, imagination. think about capitalism or a good government. a lot of it is about imagination, business not rational. ethics isn't rational. >> we've got schools filled with brilliant economists using the
10:54 am
most advanced arithmetic to come up with an idea of what an economy is going to do, yet, at the same time every time there's a lull in that economy, there's any kind of dee tracks, they talk about animal spirits, we've got to get them back. it is throughout our society. an issue, as you correctly point out, what do we do about it all? >> i think we have to break away from, fir of all, frankly, the business schools and the government schools. because that's creating this sort of managerial atmosphere. you replace leadership with managing things. managing things, most of our businesses are run by managers. they're not capitalists. most of our government is run by managers. they're not democrats. it's not to do with right wing, left wing. it's not -- frankly, they're both guilty of this. they don't get the idea that business is about risk and creaaivity and imagination. it's not about buying companies that already exist and in getting them in order to get them. and government isn't -- you have
10:55 am
to have good administration. you have to handle the flood when there's a flood and that sort of stuff. but actually, it's about leadership. and it's about imagination. it's about education. it's about memory. it's about remembering that when you have a debt crisis, what happens last time, what happened in africa. what happens over the last 2,000, 500 years? what you get too far in debt, the last thing do you is tie yourself to the desk. it will destroy you. just to take a single example. >> and faith, religion? >> well, you have to find the right role for it. i mean, this may not be a positive thing to say. everybody has some kind of faith. everybody does. even the ones who say they don't believe in god. but do you bring it right into the public place or do you use it to inform the way you come into a public place, where you have to sit down with people that don't believe the same things you do. how do we all live together, protestants, catholics,
10:56 am
nonbelievers. knowing we all have faith, how do we all live together? >> human is particularly, i suppose would be one answer and the second, living our faith. >> living our faith and human is particularly is right with all these different qualities. >> it's fascinating, the people that we have who are cfos who become ceos. it's one of the big problems that american -- a lot of people watching will be very upset. when we send chief financial lose a lot of that imagination, a lot of the creativity that defines american business. it is managing and sometimes brilliantly so, but it is not leading. it does not provide leadership at times we need it. >> you were saying before i came on, how do we get this economy going? well, you can't have growth that doesn't produce jobs. >> right. >> so you have to do it and i believe this whole thing of more
10:57 am
goods, cheaper goods just won't work for middle class democracy. >> john ralston saul, come back soon. the book is "voltaires bastard" and if you don't own it, do so soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if y can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the rcedes-benz you've been burning for at the mmer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offersnd july 31st.
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