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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  July 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> exgoldman trader in court telling fox business he's feeling good about his case. in closing arguments today, the government couldn't disagree more urging jurors to ignore there was the quote, fantasy world that he created to make money off the backs of innocent investors. the ceo of 3-d printing player, 3-d systems, with us exclusively. the sector white hot as well as the stock up over 90% in the last year. fab or the future? see what he says in the wake of earnings. sources at sac say it's business as usual at the embattled hedge fund, so we take a ride out to sac to see for ourselves, and charlie has the inside scoop on what's going on inside the gates of sac capital as criminal
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charges swirl. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz clamman. the heat is turned up on sac capital, and just a few hours ago, yet another arrest in the investigation into insider trading at the fund run ceo steve cohen. a former analyst in the cross hairs now charged today with, yes, insider trading, like the rest of him. who is he? aggarwal is a guy who worked in an unidentified firm, passing information about a strategic deal between microsoft and yahoo. he was acuesed of passing that to sac capital and one other unnamed hedge fund. the heat is also on a unit of jpmorgan chase today. it would fine 410 million for
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allegeddedly manipulating markets related to california and mid western electric markets. the jpmorgan ventures energy corporation did not admit or deny any of the market violations. flipping over to the stock, jpmorgan moves lawyer by a percent of 55 cents. the stories about all kinds of issues and crime and punishment and waiting to hear, not ignore a good oh man for the strength of the recovery, jumping 12 #.2% in may compared to a y the biggest yearly increase since march of 2006. now, consumer confidence, that also came out. it's slipping slightly in july to 80.3 from a reading of 82.1 in june. we'll dig deeper into the numbers. it's still close to a five-year high, the second best number in five years. now, consumers, little less upbeat when you pull apart the consumer confidence issues. less upbeat about the job market
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short term, but more positive about the job market further out. okay. you saw the top of the show, the exgoldman sachs trader, the fabulous fab spoke to liz as he showed up in court this morning, well, the attorneys are presenting the closing arts in the securities fraud trial against the trader right now, and they are apparently focused on the word "circumstantial," and liz, you chased him outside the courthouse in downtown manhattan, right there getting superb details on the case. what do you see now? what's the latest? >> what's the latest is coffey, the attorney, is wrapping up their side of the case. they are drilling the fcc's witnesses in this case. they are going after lauren, liz, and saying lorn is not a credible witness at aca, helping to put the deal together. they are saying she actually knew about john's role in picking the assets for the deal that he then shorted.
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they are going after her, also going after goldman sachs executive, waivers back and forth on the knowledge of john's role in the deal. we did speak to a top attorney for tourre telling fox business when we asked, why did the fcc call parts of the evidence, quote, circumstantial? because it is. there's e-mails stitched together that the fcc is ramping up misunderstandings and e-mails and accuracies, and infercheses from e-mails into a federal case that no one in court, no investor in court, stood up and pointed their finger saying, you misled me by not disclosing the name to us, and that's why we invested. there's more information coming out. the jury, liz, can rule or decide, rather that tourre is guilty of lesser charges of negligence and wrecklessness. they did not focus on the strongest part of the case, and that is the actual deal documents that went out to investors that did not disclose
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john paulson's name nor his role in cherry picking assets. remember, goldman sachs paid, at the time, a record fine of $550 million, neither admitting or denying guilt in the role in the case, and so the fcc may have whiffed on that one that they didn't focus on deals and documents. this is about the preponderance of evidence. the jury could rule, essentially, that tourre was negligent and wreckless, but there may be a lesser fine and not banned for life. if they are drilling hard against the fcc's witnesses, we'll hear them come back after that and answer to coffey and the attorneys, and the attorneys, more breaking news to get the case tomorrow is what we are hearing. we'll be on top of the breaking news and developments here bringing them to you, liz, as they come. >> liz, i have every bit of faith you're the one right there, right there getting it. thank you very much. >> you know -- liz: go ahead. >> i forget to say we talked to
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him inside the courthouse, he's on camera, of course; saying he feels good, feels confident, and i asked what he thought of the fcc's case, and he said, we'll see about that. that's what he had to say. back to you. liz: okay. it's that kind of color that matters to us, and you're getting it. thanks, liz, thanks very much. >> sure. liz: right outside the courthouse. even though the fate is to be determined, and we want to stress that, we'd look at the now notorious traders who gotten caught or charged behaving badly. you may remember some of these. the london wale. we also have, that was over at jpmorgan, ubs's 2011 rogue trader scandal. they all have names; right? generale, the guy sitting in the back room in france, and he lost more than $7 billion. he was making all kinds of trades and said, wait a minute, it's not working out, and he couldn't unwind the trades
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appropriately. there are traders here and there doing the wrong thing, but there's so many good traders, we want to stress that on wall street, and certainly, here the best in the business, we have them right here. the cme group. derek, the market's right now look to be waiting. waiting for, as we say, the fed because there's a fed meeting that's the outcome, who knows -- [snoring] liz: i know, i know, it gets exciting though as everybody waiting for a dangling participle that relates to what people think are a tapering announcement. >> we start off tomorrow morning with the gdp, and, of course, at one o'clock central, two o'clock eastern, we hear what the fed's planning on doing. i'm not participating much from that at all. i don't think there's any definition as far as time or the amount that they are going to slow down with. we got thursday's jobless claims and friday's employment numbers. the rest of the week, everybody's in waiting game. it remine me of a preseason
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football game. look at the sidelines, all the players are standing there, waiting to get into this, but there's no game going on yet. they are waiting and waiting and waiting, and, boy, it is testing at times. the volume levels, again, i hate to bring it up, but there's no volume trading now. we are waiting for tomorrow, two o'clock eastern, that should bring definition, hopefully. liz: okay. i know it's as exciting as a brown's preseason game. i can make fun of myself, yes, but beneath me, what do we have? green on the screen. pointing that out, and major indexes turning positive. i want to get to luke and look at the energy complex, most lower, but spinning it forward, we no longer have the nation gripped in a heat wave. what drives x middle eastern headlines in this market either higher or lower? >> well, i think as the earlier guest said, it's about gdp tomorrow. expectations are not good. that's why oil is moving down a
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little bit. the dollar's also moving up, giving it little bit f a floor, but it's about gdp tomorrow. it's going to be about what the fed says. remember, we had a good run, wti, unledded gasoline, they had a really good run in the last two or three weeks. this ought to move down. i think people are setting up to see what happens this week, and volumes have been low. it's not a real concerted move down. they are just waiting to see what's going to happen. liz: i get it. that's what people are doing again. there's gary, awake for the moment. gary, guess what? i'm going to give you rivetting news. forget -- fertilizer companies moving lower right now. they are. nicole is watching that. hi, nicole. >> rivetting news here, yes. coming off the lows of the day, but look what's going on here. the fertilizer company hitting 52-week lows, and this is as one pulls out in the cartel, basically, a consortium of the fertilizer companies, not only pulling out of the russian company, but also saying that going forward predicting that prices would drop 25%, you know
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what happens? when you look at potash and mosaic, names with down arrows, about 15 billion lost in fair market values so the speculation now, and this is similar to opec; right? they look forward and engage where the prices may be. now with this pullback that you are seeing, there is anticipation that the prices will be lower, there will be demand because the prices will be lower, but competition will be fierce so watch these names. they have come up off the lows in some cases, but still big moves. ipi, for example, down almost 30%. liz: exactly. i didn't mean to make a joke out of it, but who knew. everybody talks about an oil cartel, there is a pot jsh ash cartel, the main ingredients for the fertilizer companies, and, in essence, if a russian consortium leads, perhaps the cartel ends. thank you very much, nicole. closing bell ringing in 50 minutes. we're going to take you inside a place we talked about so much
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and figured, well, nobody else has, why don't we go there? sac capital. we went there today to take a look at what's going on by the company's headquarters. are people showing up to work? they keep tells us everything is business as usual. what kind of cars are in the parking lot? there's an exclusive look only seen here at fox business, and perhaps that tells us a little bit about the psychology going on at the company, and from jewelry to prosthetics to spaceships? is there anything a 3-d prints cannot make? coming up, we have, in a fox business exclusive, the ceo and president of the 3-d printing giant, 3-d systems, an exclusive, just speaking here, just came out with earnings yesterday. the 3-d printing revolution, is this a fad or a future? avi has the thoughts on it, running the company for more than ten years. here what he has to say, and wait until you hear what they are doing with metal powder. metal powder.
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♪ liz: rolling the dice with the power mover of the hour, boyd gaming. shares of the casino and resorts company, up 18%, a great day for them.
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the company reported results in line with analysts' expectations, be #u what caught the attention is net income for the quarter surged on better margin at core operations in las vegas. gaming seeing bumps there, more and more people at least going back to game -- gambling. look at this. toys. prosthetic body parts. that's not a prosthetic body part, although i wouldn't mind having that in my brain, and then metal machinery and all kinds of models and sculptures. that metal machinery was made from metal powder. going no to a company owned by 3-d systems because there's printers that do all kind of things, and earnings were both expectations, and that sent the stock falling 150 #% initially, but as of this moment, the stock, looking now, ticker
3:17 pm
symbol ddd, clawed back six of the 10% lost earlier. avi, the 3-d systems ceo, joining me now in a fox business exclusive. avi, welcome. i usually don't care about the current quarter and what happened. i do care about the current quarter, but less interested in the numbers that were just reported, but i do want to talk about this one this time because you missed on the etf. you need to get it out of the way that what happened here and what will change in the current quarter? >> sure, liz, good to be with you, and what happened is management decided to make the stop in research and development and marketing expenditures for the end quarter looking at substantial increase demand, and we determine that we're hitting another inflection point, demand for the products and services is at the all time high, and we not only increase revenue for the quarter by 45%, but our baaklog went up sequentially 6%, and
3:18 pm
when we look at the advance manufacturing and consumer initiatives in the near term and midterms, we determined that now is the time to step up investment to take full advantage of the opportunity. it's discretionary. it's intentional, and the timing for us is the right timing to do it. liz: makes sense to me. here's why. you're a growth company, obviously. you take money you make and reinvest it, doubling research and development spending. okay, they punished intel, why not you too? the stock that fell, it's trimmed back the losses. we point that out. i want to get back to what you are doing. you made the acquisition,fection, p-h-i-n-ex. it doesn't seem like a lot, but i expect it will do a lot for the bottom line? it's a direct 3-d metal printing company. talk about the metal powder, how it works because it's fascinating, but why do i need it? we're looking at products right now, obviously, i assume, auto
3:19 pm
industry companies, aerospace, ect.. >> no, that's exactly right, liz. it's a company that developed proprietary direct method processes that can take very fine particle powders at the six to nine microns and field them together into chemically pure, fully dense mid parts with extreme accuracies that rival anything that you can get out of traditional investment castings. that is particularly interesting to aerospice companies as they look to make more fuel efficient parts, and devices like hip and knee replacement, and interesting for restore ration with a variety of other aerospace and defense applications, and they have proprietary technology that's faster, more capable, and more accurate than anything out there so it's a crown jewel. liz: you made a lot of other
3:20 pm
acquisitions, geomagic, coweb, and then rptg. avi, let me just say that for viewers who don't know, you're in personal, professional, and production printer. you have enterprise and regular folks who want to buy these things. sch area shows the most promise? some analysts are concerned you go more with the software or the individual sales, and that, of course, has lower margins, thinner margins. >> liz, we look at this as a platform play and equal systems play taking it all the way from design to manufacturing for professional companies and from creativity to actuul making for the hobbies, the consumer, the educator, and kids. we see two big opportunities in front of us. the first one is in eventacturig this technology into real factors, be it in early space, defense, automotive, seeing it going to completely reshape patients' specific medical
3:21 pm
device, and it's a big consumer opportunity. this morning, we announced stappers will have will in a few hundred stores next month, and expect additional retailers to take our consumer product which start at 1300 dollars today and extend them. we also believe that at the end of the day, we have the opportunity here to do what ethel did for music by way of creating the itunes and app store and the platforms we can do that for creating and making, and completely unleash creativity for kids and adults while at the same time, we can be an engine behind the relocallization of manufacturing here in the united states and in other major markets. liz: avi, let me know when you can print a real diamond, and i'll be happy. you're doing all kinds of things from medical, prosthetics, aerospace productses, and it's a fascinating, on the edge of development business.
3:22 pm
avi, 3-d systems ceo and president, please, come back again. thank you. >> thank you, liz. >> any time. the stock up 90% year over year. breaking news now. a story that captivated the entire nation, not just the legions of penn state fans, but the child sex abuse charges against the former penn state assistant coach tried and convicted of 45 child sex abuse charges, a judge has just ruled that there is enough evidence to try three former penn state officials for coverup in the sex scandal. three former penn state officials. this is not over for penn state. they no longer are at the university, but they apparently can be tried according to the judge right now. we'll watch any details on this as it becomes available. we have about 38 minutes before the closing bell rings. samsung, which has been doing so well, has lost $25 billion of the value since the launch of the flag ship s4 smart phone.
3:23 pm
what's going on there? the latest acquisition the light at the end of the tunnel? going inside sac capital as well. we are into the parking lot, at least, is it really business as usual for the embattled hedge fund? we let you see for yourself right after the break. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ liz: samsung could soon be putting its screens in a new light. samsung is reportedly set to acquire this its entirety german lighting specialist novaled. this is a company that specializes in energy-saving orr to begannic light-emitting -- organic light-emitting technology. the global market for organic light-admitting diode displays is forecast to surge in 2018 from just about $5 billion back in 2012. we showed you the technology
3:28 pm
back at the consumer electronics show a year ago, so we've been on this story, but this according to transparency market research. sam summing's been pick -- samsung's been picking up its pace of acquisitions lately. now let's get to criminal charges, they were filed, of course, last week against sac capital, but is it really business as usual inside the embattled hedge fund in greenwich, connecticut, as the company says it is? we went to connecticut for an inside look -- >> stanford, connecticut? liz: oh, stanford? >> that's where it is. liz: oh, sorry. >> he lives in again -- greenwich, his office is in stanford. let's see those cars. how boring. you know what this looks like? oh, there we go, a beemer. liz: a bmw. are those fat cat cars? i think i saw a station wagon. liz: well, there's another one. i like the paint job on it.
3:29 pm
okay, there are two parking lots, we should let people know. they were full. it is fair to say that there's a lot of activity going on there. >> i've been talking with people that deal with sac, they're a huge commission generator for wall street, and they're still talking to them. liz: no one is saying we're not going to clear trades for is sac. >> they're still doing business with them. we don't know the exact -- we don't know exactly how the u.s. attorney's office and the sec is going to handle the impounding of assets because, remember, the u.s. attorney's office is going to seek damages, how much they're going to seek and how they're going to do it, you know, you really just can't have steve cohen putting his money in a swiss bank -- i'm not saying he's going to do that, i don't want a call about that, but the sort of thing you worry about is him taking the money out and putting it -- liz: because the firm is accused of insider trading. >> right. they indicted the firm. the theory is they're going to try to get substantial monetary penalty out of the firm --
3:30 pm
liz: but yet another guy has been fingered for this today. >> today. yeah, i mean, listen, here's the thing when it comes down to it. there's a lot of talk whether this is u.s. attorney having, you know, this vendetta existence steve cohen -- liz: overreach. >> and i as someone who, as you know, i'm pretty fair about this. i've been critical of cohen, and i've within saying that, you know, they should either put up or shut up and charge him or not. i would say that these charges, if you belief insider trading's a bad deal, these charges are completely warranted. there was, i mean, think about it. all the instances of insider trading at sac capital over the last five years and, you know, if that goes unabated and it just keeps going and keeps building up, the government is going to take remedial action. liz: and they worked with the fbi, let's remind people of this, because liz macdonald was interviewing them right after the -- >> right. what does that have to do with it? liz: well, they too were saying
3:31 pm
this is widespread. >> we should point out that there's, you know, listen, in my book i get into the sort of circle of friends. i have to keep saying that. there we go. i get into there is an interoffice rivalry, but fbi agents are agents of the justice department. they do certain parts of the investigation, they perform wiretaps, they do arrests, but they work on behalf of the justice department which does the -- liz: no wiretap b in this case so far, right? >> we do know that they wiretapped steve cohen's phone, they didn't find -- well, they got, you know, not enough to bring a charge, that's for sure. we don't know exactly what they got, but one of the things ted wells -- steve cohen's attorney -- asked for, very good attorney, i think he was scooter libby's attorney, but he's done and won many big cases, is he asked point-blank for all the wiretap evidence against the clients, so there's evidence out there -- liz: but the guy today, he is an
3:32 pm
analyst at an unnamed -- >> sandeep. liz: he has been accused of insider trading for passing information from the microsoft-yahoo! deal a few years ago. so he's now whipped into this as well. >> yeah, i mean -- liz: that makes it nine people? >> that makes it ten, diewld. [laughter] it keeps going. think about that that. you made a good point. if you are sitting there saying this is a vendetta against steve cohen and sac capital, think about it. we have another guy today. this is a firm -- you see, here's the problem i think steve cohen had. in 998 he seemed to change the direction of the firm, and i did an interview with him back in '98 where he was known as a guy that worked kind of as a day trader where he'd trade and make money over small increments of stocks. liz: teeny is short for what charlie and i remember as a 16th -- >> now it's fractions of that. and they would do that with lots
3:33 pm
of rapidity, and they would do it with high leverage. then they went from that to a research-oriented firm, what's known as information arbitrage s. that's where he got in trouble. liz: i saw the richard gere movie called arbitrage. >> information arbitrage. how to make money and ark tragedy your edge in information, and that's where a lot of people say the firm stepped oh the line and became not just a mecca for getting proprietary information, but people fighting to basically get that edge, that extra edge and stepping over the line. and that's what -- when all is said and done, that might be what we have here. when he changed the business model of the firm, and it was right around 1998. liz: and let's just keep up the count. how many have pleaded guilty here, six? >> this guy didn't plead guilty. liz: not yet. >> i think six have. liz: six, yeah. >> now i have to think back now, you're getting me on a number. liz: okay. call me, e-mail me. >> something like ten all
3:34 pm
wrapped -- liz: it's very serious. >> you know, it might be 11 now. there was nine, now -- there's richard lee, but before this other richard lee which was nine on my count, and now -- so that's ten with richard lee and now this is 11. liz: charlie, thank you very much. oh, and we forgot to mention the maybach. they're going to kill me. >> that's his car. liz: the maybach. >> bo dietl said that he came to dinner, arrived at dinner, he was dressed in khakis, a polo shirt, sneakers, but he came out of a maybach. liz: okay, all right. a beemer? that's nothing. we'll be right back with much more x be the dow's concern and the dow's still up 8 points. stay tuned. if you're serious about taking your trading to a higher level, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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♪ finish. ♪ ♪ >> i'm dennis neil with your fox business brief. a judge just ruling that three former penn state administrators must stand trial in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. prosecutors allege the men failed to tell police about sexual abuse allegations involving sandusky and then tried to cover up what they knew. william frank's investment firm end go in talks to buy an airline, last week it had entered an exclusive nonbinding contract to sell frontier. spirit's board meeting next week. there are and the agriculture department has paid $36 billion billion -- $36 million to farmers who were dead. a report from the government accountability office shows more than a year after these people bought the farm the checks still went out and got cashed by
3:40 pm
someone. and now we continue our "countdown to the closing bell" with the very much alive liz claman. ♪ ♪ liz: yeah, i got the pulse. i'm there, deb us in. -- dennis. so does facebook. it's hitting new highs today, inching closer and closer toward its ipo price of $38. remember, nicole? now $37.77. >> i mean, really. this is an unbelievable stock that we've been watching. we watched it go down to 17.50, basically, shortly thereafter the ceo, mark zuckerberg, said his value, said you're getting it at a bargain, and that held true at least for now because we're getting closer and closer to the ipo price. moments ago it was at 37.89, and one of reasons, so many reasons jpmorgan came out and said they liked the new platform that they were seeing for facebook, mobile ad revenue, good news. talked about the fact they're
3:41 pm
going to get into the publishing of games, right? so they used to have exclusive deals with zynga, not so anymore, and now they are partnering with ten companies and even saying send us any new games you might have hoping these will go viral. this is a new revenue stream, obviously, for facebook coupled with the fact that they're doing well with mobile ads. so good news. 89 is the high today. back to you. liz: and we just showed zynga, now a two dollar and change stock, it's important to note. is that death knell? god knows, but listen, we're watching all of it. thank you, nicole, very much. we're also watching the fight over fees between cbs and time warner cable. that fight raging on with an asterisk. again the companies are extending the deadline on talks. they now have until friday, it was supposed to expire yesterday at 5 p.m. eastern, but now they're saying friday at 5 p.m. eastern, maybe we can reach a deal by then, but if they don't, that's it. a 30-minute blackout of cbs
3:42 pm
overnight in some markets, maybe neither could take the pain? we thought we'd figure out how much that approximately half hour of darkness cost cbs. one analyst we spoke with says he was doing back of the envelope math and by his estimates -- okay, so if you divide the number of subscribers and rough calculation of the advertising the cost, 30 minutes, less than $50,000 for that half hour? but this analyst did warn $100,000 an hour could add up very quickly. so that gives you a sense of what a a blackout of just 30 minutes actually means. closing bell, we're about 18 minutes away. in the midst of a bull market run. is the russell 2000 which, of course, is the small and mid cap index, if it's beating the s&p, who's beating the russell? we bring in the fund manager who's beating the russell by a long shot. and sony in the hot seat as daniel loeb keeps the pressure on one part of sony's business
3:43 pm
he's calling bloated. we have the story next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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liz: let's take a look at shares of . they are trading higher today after daniel loeb's third point hedge fund released a letter -- the second that we know of -- criticizing the company's entertainment division, this time way more pointed than his first general relatively-friendly letter. this one saying the entertainment remains poorly managed with a famously bloated corporate structure, generous perk packages, high salaries and underperforming senior executives. okay, this is agitator investor
3:48 pm
seek for get ready, i'm coming in. now, sony gave fox business the following statement in response. quote: liz: daniel loeb began urging sony tn off what he feels is that bloated entertainment division back in may. his fund is one of sony's largest shareholders, fox business reached otto third point who -- out to third point who had no additional comment. shares of sony are up more than 90% so far this year, but that spike you see mid may, that was after the letter from daniel loeb. s&p has had quite a run so far this year, yet a recent survey by bank rate shows that americans are still playing it really very safely with their investments. many of them sitting on the sideline with nearly a third choosing cash over stocks. it's no yield in cash,
3:49 pm
everybody. but one fund manager with more than $3.5 billion in under management says dive right in, take on some risk with the small and mid caps. he's roy hench, breaking down the fundamentals of small cap investing. not only have you dived right in, but it's really important to note that year to date you're up 25%. year-over-year you're up 46%, far outpacing your benchmark of 31%. but, again, if the russell's up 22%, you're already doing better than that. your expertise is in picking individual names. what is the one characterrist that is an absolute -- characteristic that is an absolute must? >> oh, it's price. if you're patient be, chances are you're going to be able to make your money. liz: but you're not buying a dog. >> no, you have to have other good reasons to like it, but that's the same starting point. you want a nice price, this way if you're wrong, you don't really suffer as much as if you're buying something that's
3:50 pm
expensive. liz: your fund is the royce investment fund, lumber liquidator which, by the way, charles payne just an hour and a half ago mentioned this name. he has been on this stock for a long time, but what do you like about names like zumiez, mueller water, these are names you've had in the fund and have other characteristics. >> lumber we sold out of, something like zumiez or mueller water, at the beginning it's always the same. we're looking for good statistics, value for a valid fund which means it's cheap because something's wrong. liz: to be clear, you're out of lumber liquidators now. >> right. we have a bet going the other way. liz: what made you sell? >> we begin selling when things approach a value that is no longer representative of what we call a value stock. so it's sort of reached a normalized earnings level and the market is discounting the good news, we're going to tend to start to walk out of that and
3:51 pm
go find the next zumiez or mueller water. liz: we do have some of the next and the next, cheap price to sales valuation and, of course, the third element, and you guys have to hear this because it's very interesting. turn around plays. >> yes. liz: how do you spot a turn around play? >> a lot of them have the same characteristics. the biggest one is a new management team that comes in and gets a nice clean look at everything that's happened, good and bad, and they have no emotional ties to things that maybe bought that maybe shouldn't have been bought and they have no problem making changes. and that's where you really tend to get the most bang for the buck. liz: i want to go for your first three names that you mentioned, mdc holdings. you also have quicksilver and atm inc.. but mdc's down about 2%. i get the cheap part. what do you like about the company? >> it's a wonderfully-run company out of colorado. it's a home builder.
3:52 pm
their margins are going to be -- in a market where we're going to build a lot less homes than we used to, they're going to make a lot more money per home. their costs are down, and they're getting good landed lant good prices. demand is much better than spry right now, and i think you're going to see over the next three or four quarters increasing profitability on the home builders. liz: quicksilver is a total opposite move, it's up 115% over the past year. there's more room to run? >> they haven't really begun to raise the profits i think they can. three divisions, they have a new management team and just as importantly, they have a management team that's incentivized with the stock options that don't kick in for, i think for another $3 or $4. so heavily incentivized. liz: is they are incentivized -- >> exactly. roxie, dc. liz: yeah, every tween and teen has to have roxie. your third big, atm.
3:53 pm
>> we like to go for asset plays, and there this is three different businesses. they've got two much more interesting businesses, one in be iraq where they make -- where they make very, very clean materials, bags to put devices in or other things, and also they have an environmental business where they clean the guts of your computer out before they're thrown out. liz: that's a good thing. >> a good business. liz: and finally, the number one moneymaker, wait for it, it is -- >> we like a company called issi, they make most of their hundred not from the tech side but on the industrial side. so if you look, ge's a big customer, the auto companies are big customers. they make memory chips that have a long life cycle, and they have a wonderful management team as well. liz well, you have been managing your fund beautifully. again, up 46% year-over-year. congratulations. >> thank you. liz: see you next time. and by the way, we'll put bill's
3:54 pm
stock picks up on claman. the closing bell ringing in about six minutes. tomorrow all day you have to join me, i'm going to be live for the opening, the grand opening, dow chemical's newest r&d facility in collegeville, pennsylvania. why is that interesting? well, fox business' american icon series will show you an exclusive interview with chairman and ceo and president andrew live rest in the 11 a.m. hour, we're speaking with him about attracting this kind of r&d business and wait until you see the products we are going to show you. i'm going to tease you with bendable ink. stay tuned, we're coming right back with the closing bell. [ indistinct shouting ]
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liz: with the markets higher, let's take a look at -- [laughter] sorry, nasdaq leaders here. western digital, look at this one. this is the one that jim said i'm shorting. well, he's shorting, of course, as you know, some f the hardies k drive makers. look at expedia jumping about 3%, and then fastenal. s&p moving higher, can't wait to see what happens in the next couple minutes. david asman's here. david: you know, i don't mean to start on a down note, but everybody's looking at herbalife. it is trading down just by a couple of cents, but when you think it started the day at 64.60, it's now at $64.10, you can see how fast fortunes change. let's go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. talk about changing fortunes, let's start with facebook. this is the good news. facebook is actually now very
3:59 pm
close to its ipo price. >> reporter: and there's so many people who just wanted to get to $38, to pass that because they were so frustrated with facebook over the last year. but, obviously, a new platform, mobile ad revenue and now publishing of games is going to help facebook along. $37th -- $37.96 is the high. liz: coach is a name that scares a lot of people because one day it is hot and today plunging more than 8%. >> reporter: not hot today, down 8%. women's handbags, that's their bread and butter, and they just didn't cut it with that group. david: what was hot today, not only facebook, rockwell automation. they had great numbers. that stock is booming. >> reporter: right, and that's a great stock. factories work more smoothly with their systems. up 5.7%. liz: okay, and the potash company, saying they expect to see prices tumble.
4:00 pm
>> reporter: right. a russian company pulling out and forecasting 45% loss in pricing, all those names moved lower. david: well, talk about a wild market, today we had some big swings, and we ended up in the positive territory. it could have gone either way for most of the day, but it looks like we're going to edge out ever so slightly with a win on all of the indices as we look up and down for the dow jones down to the russell 2000. biggest winner today, nasdaq, but that's still up just less than half a percentage point. but, still, it could have been a lot worse. there were moments when it looked like the market was going to swoon, didn't happen. liz: after touching a five-year high, consumer confidencc fell just slightly in july. the index dip l to 80.3 from an upwardly revised 8 be.1 -- 83.1 in june. david: jpmorgan is setting accusations that traders at the bank manipulated


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