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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  July 31, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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i will go back on your facebook page and check it out later today. you made a terrific transition. tv style commercials on your facebook page. what do you think of that? it could be a big moneymaker for the company. america's most popular truck now coming with a natural gas option. that is an interesting story. investors buying into chemical companies. the latest example. here is liz claman. she talked with dow chemical ceo. that interview is coming up. jim rogers is here also. all that and more this hour on "markets now." ♪
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dagen: i am doing a show with you. connell: i do not know what that sounded like. it legitimately scared me. dagen: i need a pickup truck and i am seriously considering the f1 50 that will come out and run on natural gas. we got some positive news on the job market this morning. nicole petallides has more on this. nicole: good morning. i wanted to take a look at the major averages. all with of arrows. you are seeing a lot of of arrows. a lot of the names are doing
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well. again, as i noted, posting some games. 200,000 jobs added. this is ahead of our monthly payroll report. it did cost $38. they are into gaming now. dagen: thank you, nicole. connell: we will talk more about this. we did mention facebook is planning to step into this new round of advertising.
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dennis: is facebook going to be the tv killer? for the first time, bloomberg reports facebook is looking at putting in 152nd video ads into users feeds. think of some of the numbers here. 43% of our time. online, though, the internet get something like 26% of our time, but only 22%. now enter facebook. in prime time, in america,
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100 million people who are facebook members are on facebook daily exactly in prime time. that is an amazing figure. what a threat that could be two television channels showing those ads. dagen: dennis kneale. thank you so much. facebook may be shining, but gold is not. the once hot commodity is having a good month. where is the bottom? joining me now by phone is jim rogers. where is the bottom? >> how should i know? dagen: that is why we have you on fox business news.
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do you have a sense of how far it can fall at this point? >> i suspect over the next year or two gold will make a bottom. i know the anonymously was strength for 12 years. i do not know. i am not a very good trader. i am not selling it.
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dagen: why was gold, over the long run, if it follows inflation, why would it outperform inflation? >> first of all, the way they account for the treasury is a sham. if you get your advice, you will go broke. if you are going to look at those things, check very carefully how they work. dagen: why would it outperform the stock market based on inflation? >> it may not. it went up 12 years in a row. it had an astonishing run. i presume that it will not just be inflation. you are having governments around the world.
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it has always ended very badly. i presume that it will this time also. dagen: is there something that you like better than gold at this point? >> showgirl or rice or some other agriculture products . i am sure that all of your dealers can find something. i am not selling my gold. dagen: in terms of sellers and buyers, do you think that the average investor has made money on gold?
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it is off 30% from the high hit about 30 years ago. >> everyone is losing money now. i do not know who the average investor is. dagen: jim, it was good to see you. thank you so much. be well. thank you. connell: getting back to the market. the big political story today. president obama trying to round up the troops. dagen: rich ebsen has the very latest. rich: we are on capitol hill.
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they're talking about a number of issues. especially the fiscal issues. they will dominate congressional discussions when they get back from their august recess. republicans control things over here and john boehner has just offered his take. >> if i had poll numbers as low as his, i would probably be out doing the same thing if i were him. rich: we are still divided on capitol hill. it looks that way throughout the august recess. dagen: ford adding it as selling pickup. it makes natural gas versions. the truck will run, this is the 2014 model year, the f150 will run on compressed natural gas.
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the tank would be located in the pickup truck bed, in the front of the bed. you will have to pay about 315 extra dollars and then an extra ten grand to have a fuel tank installed along with these fuel lines. it would only take about two-three years based on your driving habits to cover the cost of this modification. connell: you said that you were personally considering it. dagen: i want a new truck. i need one. natural gas is really america's fuel. it is clean burning. connell: we have to follow this
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story. stocks are up today. a big interview coming up in a moment. liz claman with andrew weber. talking about big money investments. dagen: when you go to apply for a job, your employer could very well be checking in fbi database. the fbi databases are full of error. it is costing people jobs and the judge is fired up about it. connell: we will talk to our friend mike baker. all of those stories are coming up on markets now. ♪
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we are taking a look at shares. of course, there was talk about whether or not they would accept this in exchange. they are not doing that. the committee did reject the offer. in exchange for the sweeter bid. the sweeter bid would have pushed it up a dime. this is a blow. dagen: thank you, nicole. connell: we want to take a look at something. bill ackerman taking a $2.2 billion stake in air products and chemicals this morning. dagen: the second largest global company is opening a new research and development facility.
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our very own liz claman is there live. she has a fox business exclusive liz: how about that? perfect timing. the dow jones industrials just hitting a record high. we are looking at a brand-new facility in pennsylvania. this is then the delaware county. seconds ago, they had the ribbing cutting. they cut the ribbon on the facility. 800,000 square feet of innovation. the future looks bright. what is the real opportunity for shareholders?
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let's go ask the ceo of dow chemical in a fox business exclusive. first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. liz: this is a great day for dow chemical. a perfect day for pennsylvania. >> for the dow chemical company, we have had a vision to tap into the universities. lots of our customers are in this part of the country. we committed to this brand-new facility. this is about growth in science. liz: use that potential.
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is there a timeframe where you think we will go? what does your business need to see to start hiring more? >> the global economy needs to be back where it was. what we want to do is use our signs here to validate the business cases you just talked about. smartersolutions. we get a bigger share of what the customer value is. the jobs will grow. the profits will grow. liz: when special chemicals are discussed, it means bigger margins. >> yes. our industry has gone through a lot of changes.
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what you see here is a creative materials science company. it helps customers get smarter foods, smarter housing, actually, there is more profit and not because you save money at the customer end. liz: the number one message you want investors to hear, i say that, of course, bill ackerman is taking a big stake in another chemical company, we read the headlines about a possible stake in dupont, is it something that you dread? >> the shareholder base of all of us, we have to pay incredible attention to. returns get defined over time frames. today, it gives you know option
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analogy. it is specifically like this. for some shareholders, it is not the end. what can you do to be the most sufficient profit producer in the short term? we have been very rigorous on return of capital. we want to go deep and not as wide. we talked about a proxy business. you know what, we need to shed
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those so we can go deeper. liz: you guys are at about 3.6%. will you increase your dividend? >> our focus for the entire company is to generate cash, bring our balance sheet down to the level that it needs to be. reward our shareholders. 3.6% is a good yield. as we look at our balance sheet, we can look at other ways. very driven. we have a great balance sheet. liz: what matters in the economy matters to you guys as well.
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we will air the rest of it at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. you've sat with the president on his manufacturing partnership group. this is promise. this is an opportunity. thank you so much and congratulations. >> thank you. liz: you cannot leave yet. we are going to continue talking. we are here all day. we will be testing all kinds of these brand-new products of solving problems in america and globally. like cleaning water. all kinds of other issues. i will be donning. all kinds of things. connell: we look forward to all of that. thank you very much.
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connell: we love those dollar signs. we have a lot coming up in just a few minutes. we'll make money right now with charles payne. that time of day. dagen: symantec posting better-than-expected results. what does charles make of it? >> got to tell you, guys, every now and then you look at company say, golly, that was a no-brainer. we do at least once a week on fox business a hacking story? corporate security individual security, the internet, wild wild west, nsa scandal. every day we do it. symantec. i should have done this a week ago. anyway they reported earnings. as you can see the street kind of likes it. stock at a new 52-week high. because of things i just said i think it is one of the case it is would be worth chasing it down here. symantec had its share of problems. the company is still actually in sort after transition mode. poor execution for a long time. they made acquisitions, overpaid for them. i think this new management team
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has their act together. connell: all right. you're in, compares pretty well to the rivals at this point. they fixed up some of the issues. >> they still have some issues according to management. they're quote, right-sizing it. call it symantec 4.0. focus on mobile. integrating all the different assets much better. numbers were pretty good, africa was up 6%. up across the board. global penetration. the story is living up to the hype that used to be around this stock defend years ago. finally living up to it. i think it gets north of maybe $30. connell: charles, always good to see you. dagen: i will show charles this. connell: dagen has something she wants to show you. >> oh, man! dagen: from charles's office every day. connell: now we know. in on your secret. stealing mints. the fbi issuing 17 million unemployment background checks
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dagen: breaking news. after weeks of speculation, fox business learning that george soros has taken a long position in herbalife, pushing the stock to a new high today. nicole, shares are indeed jumping. >> right. this is really big news. there was speculation over time whether or not george soros was interested into herbalife. fox business has learned in fact that is true. herbalife today is seeing a big pop. the stock itself is moving to new highs, up about 7% at the moment at 64.20.
11:33 am
herbalife has had a a nice run particularly since the latest earnings call which showed a great quarter and a rosy outlook for the year ahead in 2013. you talk about nutritional supplements and weight loss and they're seeing stellar demand. this stock has bucked the trend. you know very well bill ackman and pershing is shorting this one, not hot on this one. on the other hand you had people hot on this one like soros and giving herbalife a new boost and new high. back to you. connell: thanks, nicole, very much for that. the jobs number today, july adp report, it revealed u.s. businesses created some 200,000 jobs this month as companies hired since the fastest pace since december. look ahead to friday will the government report give us the same good news? we have the senior vice president at monster worldwide and bob bauer, principal global
11:34 am
investors. you think odds are on a good report on friday? >> i think we could have a good report on friday. the adp was better than expected. they revised up the last month. we had really good growth in small and medium-sized and large businesses all the way along and i think adp is a pretty good representative of the country. so i think what it shows is that the u.s. businesses as a whole is kind of understaffed. we expect even a pickup in job pace from here. connell: joan, what you always do for us is give us kind of an inside look where we're seeing the hiring or where there are areas of concern. what did you pick out from this report? >> i think, you know, a lot of good news in this report across the board. so we got to see that the small businesses, especially at one to 19 range added over 50,000 jobs. so very positive there. my concern in this report continues to be around manufacturing. we talked about that before. connell: yep. >> adp reported that they saw a negative job growth in
11:35 am
manufacturing and that continues to be a big, you know, challenge for the u.s. we've continued to lose aboutthousand jobs a month in manufacturing. so the jobs are coming back. it's positive but most of the positions are more in the professional services or retail sales. connell: big-time in services. the manufacturing story, bob, that joanie brings up is a longer term, she's right, we talked about it in the past because it is kind of just woven into all these other stories that we do. whether it is related to china or whether it is detroit that has come up recently and everything else. as we recover, and jobs come back and looking at other sectors and in the green there, except for manufacturing which is down by 5,000, can we have a strong job market on a relative basis without some strength in manufacturing? >> well i think we can but if you look overall at the payroll report, we have increased manufacturing jobs fairly significantly since the bottom of the recession. now you have to remember that part of what's going on in
11:36 am
manufacturing is tremendous growth in productivity. if you look over the last 40 or 50 years as we have lost jobs in manufacturing, the output of manufacturing in the u.s. has been tremendous. we are still essentially tied with china as the two largest manufacturing countries in the world. so our manufacturing output is very large but the productivity growth has been the real story. as china's competitiveness declines, this wage growth increases and its currency has strengthened over the last couple of years, it is losing its competitiveness and we're seeing some of those manufacturing jobs come back to the u.s. connell: coming back onshore, right. joanie, let me try to end this way to try to say to look at hiring that we are concerned about manufacturing. if you're somebody, going into senior year in college now and getting out of school next may, what industries would you point them towards? >> of course health care continues to be very, very
11:37 am
strong. we're seeing a lot of growth in the health care sector. connell: right. >> as well as information technology. connell: or areas where the two are combined. >> absolutely. and then of course engineering, you know, the engineering field, if they're a senior, depends what their degree is already in. but i tell, you know, college students all the time when they're trying to figure out which degree and where to focus, engineering. it's a great degree to get. a lot of opportunities coming out of school for engineers. there ace a shortage of engineers certainly in the u.s. connell: so many stories there. that's an immigration in story in part. they talk about whether people stay here and talk about companies which we talked about before. joanie, thanks as always good luck at monster. >> thank you. connell: bob bauer, thank you. we hope bob's right and we get a good report. dagen? dagen: thank you, connell. about the nsa surveillance
11:38 am
program, things revealed by edward snowedden about to go public. mike baker has his thoughts about where this puts the national security effort. the fb the i, employers far and wide use the fbi database for background checks but it is so flawed and mismanaged it is costing people jobs. judge andrew napolitano is not happy about it one iota. took more than a year but shares of facebook crossing the ipo price in intraday trading. the company looks to increase its advertising. more at the top of the hour. now a look at treasurys. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here.
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>> i'm jo ling kent with your fox business brief. stocks are modestly higher today following a better than expected jobs report. investors alsoing ahead to the federal reserve's much anticipated statement at 2:00 eastern on the stimulus program. kodak is providing a clearer picture of its post-reorganization management plans the company announcing ceo antonio perez will stay on up to a year after it emerges from bankruptcy or until a successor is named, whichever comes first. kodak sold off several businesses and plans to close others so it can concentrate on commercial and packaging printing. software-maker intuit is trying to help boost the marketing power of one small business with a 3030-second tv spot during next year's super
11:41 am
bowl. november 11th the public will get to choose which of the final four will get the big gameday ad. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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dagen: the u.s. government is planning to declassify some documents related to the n is. a surveillance program brought to lightly whistle-blower edward snowden. >> mike baker joins us. former cia covert operations officer and cofounder of the firm, diligence. what do you make about this, mike? >> i don't know how you call it, public outreach program, public relations effort. it is designed to try to clear up some of the misinformation and history ontics and wild eyed craziness going on exactly what it is that nsa does. it's a smart move in a way. hopefully they don't go overboard and try to make nsa a completely transparent organization because it is actually handling secrets.
11:43 am
dagen: to that point, how much can they say or should they say about what is actually going on? the phone records collection i think would be a little easier to explain than the e-mail records collection of people, overseas. >> collection is collection in a sense. people have to understand, collection is completely different from investigation. investigation requires a slew of court approvals and continuing monitoring of those investigations to make sure they're still relevant, et cetera. but your point is a good one. they have to be very careful how much they release. because it all deals with sources and methods. snowden has done a tremendous amount of damage already with all the information that is out there. connell: i want to ask you about because that is kind of get together point maybe why they're doing this to clear up some misinformation that might be out there. >> right. connell: you say he has done a tremendous amount of damage. what specifically are you talking about? what are some long-lasting effects we might see from this? >> anytime we advise, even our allies but countries such as russia or china or any terrorist element including al qaeda,
11:44 am
anybody who, doesn't have our interests at heart, anytime we tell them what our capabilities are, within our own intel community, what our structure looks like, how nsa functions and operates and what it can and can't do, that is, despite what people who think he's a hero may want to believe, that is incredibly damaging to our nation, to americans. now it is interesting because, snowden, is trying to say, this isn't damaging to americans. this is the damaging to the u.s. government. the u.s. government's primary function in a way is to protect our national security so this is damaging to that. dagen: don't you think though the americans at least have the right to know they were collecting phone records for some people? not investigating them but basically collecting them and running algorithms on them to look for suspicious activity. >> i'm actually surprised and maybe because i've spent a lot of time in this business i'm surprised that people are surprised that they're doing that. at what point do they think -- phone records are held by third parties anyway.
11:45 am
they already had cases in the past are they protected, no they're not protected by fourth amendment. dagen: i know it is not the government. credit card companies is exactly what they do look for suspicious credit card activity. >> it is surprising. it's a good dialogue to have but part of it is, it is up to the public to be engaged on a constant basis and not get distracted by the next weiner incident that comes along. so they have got to be, they have constantly to be engaged. we have to depend on congress to be vim lent, those people were briefed on these programs. when it looks politically like this could cause us problems in re-election and then come out and express outrage over all this. this is kind after phony game that gets played in washington. they know the programs that are going on. they should be a little more clear about that. connell: you don't think this anthony weiner story is legitimate news? >> no, i didn't say that believe me. it's legitimate. dagen: we appreciate the weiner distraction. connell: oh, my god. daggn: we're talking about a
11:46 am
weiner. anthony weiner. connell: let's go. a weiner. dagen: i didn't name him weiner. connell: look at the climb. quarter of the hour. dagen: treasurys jumping as investors worry about positive economic news. what it could mean for the federal reserve. it won't impact, jonathan corpina, meridian equity partners. it will not impact what we hear from the fed this afternoon at 2:00, will it? >> i don't think so. i think we'll get the normal statement we've got enetf in the past. economic data earnings season helped the markets. we're seeing a jump in the treasury yield, due to fact the they are waiting for ease of monetary policy will occur. talk about coming towards sent. it will be out a little later, on better note i want to welcome friends from pwc, learning for the future. we have a group of kids, 40 kids here from inner-city schools, multiyear, multibillion-dollar project to help financial literacy. touched 400,000 kids so far. 10,000 teachers. over 91,000 hours of voluntary time so far. so -- dagen: tell them to wait, hey,
11:47 am
jonathan, all to wave. >> everybody needs to wave. connell: hey, guys. how are you? dagen: hey, guys. connell: great topic too. >> that is awesome. appreciate it. take care. dagen: jonathan corpina. connell: that is cute. fbi faillng to update files, costing jobs. bad background checks. judge napolitano will tell us about it in a moment. dagen: and some winners today on the nasdaq. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness.
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connell: markets now with the judge here. we had strong private sector job growth which we talked about earlier but millions of people
11:51 am
still struggling to find work. the fbi may be partly to blame. take a look at this. we have this statistic for you. out of 17 million employment background checks processed last year, 600,000 contained inaccurate or incomplete information. this all from the national employment law project. dagen: that 17 million number, that is six times higher than it was 10 years ago. judge andrew napolitano is here. why is the fbi responsible for doing these background checks? >> that is a great question, dagen and it shouldn't be and it is not a federal function under the constitution. in this orwellian world which we live congress written a statute that authorizes the fbi to sell its services to non-federal government entities. so the state of new jersey wants to hire someone for a job, they get the fbi to do the background check. a private corporation wants to hire someone for an executive job or a mid-level executive job, they get the fbi toodo the background check. why are companies and states willing to use the fbi?
11:52 am
because it can't be sued when it make as mistake. because the federal government has given immunity to the fbi. so it is engaged in a function not authorized by the constitution. it is doing something it ordinarily would be done by private enterprise. when somebody loses his job because they make a mistake they can't be sued. i have friends that are fbi agents. i'm not criticizing them this don't like to do this they're not investigating the background of the president's nominee to become a life tenured federal judge. they're going through a routine background, enormous numbers of these. the vast majority are done by computer. it is very easy for them to stumble on, oh, mr. mcshane, we see you were joined with x, y, z in 2010 and we don't see the crime has been resolved therefore weill mark it as a open criminal complaint against you. so the employer will not hire you. connell: or they're missing some details they would -- doesn't necessarily in your view then speak to the reliability of fbi
11:53 am
background checks for as you say -- >> speaks to the reliability of the process, the impropriety and unconstitutional nature of the fbi doing private work for pay and the fact that when there's a mistake, there can be no redress. dagen: what is the recourse if you're an individual who doesn't get a job because there is inaccurate information in the fbi database about you -- >> none. dagen: you literally have to hire a lawyer. >> the lawyer won't get anywhere because the fbi can't be sued for making a mistake, this is hypothetical. seeing a criminal complaint and not the dismissal of it. dagen: to rectify and contact the fbi to say you need to fix this. >> fbi is normally not not custodian of record. you have to go to the charging authority, police, to continue my silly hypothetical the police filed hypothetical complaint against connell, you have to go there, don't you guys remember you with drew the complain. you were looking for somebody looks like me but it wasn't me. connell: then what? >> then the it is controlled by
11:54 am
somebody else. this is a catch 22. the fbi doesn't want to do this. it doesn't belong in there. congress thought they were doing the public a favor by involving the fbi. look, the fbi is the best law enforcement investigative agency on the planet for whatever human flaws it has. but this is not something that's equipped to do. dagen: that's a huge number of errors. >> yes it is! yes it is. those errors represent human beings not getting jobs for which they were qualified because somebody somewhere dropped the ball and nobody can be sued for it. i'm not in favor of all these lawsuits but when an innocent person is harmed by somebody's negligence there should be cause for redress. connell: good story by the judge. makes my example when he does these things. dagen is here. our stage manager josh. >> are you used to that with the clips from imus? connell: i don't even care.
11:55 am
dagen: i'm? -house pervert in the morning. now you're the center of malfeasance. connell: i'm not going to add to the comment what you called yourself. >> i do not use that phrase. i heard it used. connell: thank you very much. good night. look at this, almost to the end of our hour. what do you know. dagen: keeping it real. keep it real. connell: yes we are. dagen: shares of facebook finally up to the ipo price. cheryl will talk to mark mahaney whether he still likes it. connell: wow, facebook. president obama's latest plan to cut corporate taxes. the national federation of independent businesses and ceo, dan danker coming up to make the case. "markets now" continues. dennis kneale and cheryl casone coming up. s ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data.
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11:59 am
dennis: i am dennis wiehl. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. maybe they were wrong. shares of facebook topping the ipo price. the stock continues to move higher. we will be talking about the change of heart on facebook. dennis: small businesses not liking president obama's latest plan. cheryl: the dow higher less than two hours ahead of the fomc. two hours away, we will hear what bernanke and the committee have to say. dennis: let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: a record-setting day on wall s today up about 62 points at the
12:00 pm
moment. it cleared new levels that we have never seen before on the dow jones industrial. we were seeing some weakness today with or arising. there were plenty of names in the grain. we also watched facebook crossed above its ipo price. that was exciting. people have been spending more in the latest quarter. that is a name that has moved to a new high. dennis: thank you very much, nicole petallides. cheryl: tithing will be the fate? my next guest says no matter what they do, the bernanke foot is already in place. not lloyd is here.
12:01 pm
i think you have a great joke that you always share with people. >> the world revolves around him and he just holds it. cheryl: we know what the fed chairman is going to do. how do we move forward as investors? >> the tapering is what kind of shocked the markets back in june. that is kind of a rude awakening. even with 1.17% today, we are seeing revisions several months down the road. the last quarter was 2.4.
12:02 pm
now it is revised to 1.1. cheryl: do you base that on gdp or more on inflation? even employment levels are not where bernanke wants them to be. none of us want them to be. >> they are well below the targets. historical. when the unemployment rate is 5.8%, that is when they moved to be hawkish. right now, if you ask 100 people, 99% of them would probably say it is higher. we are well below those mandates cheryl: one of the things about the statement this afternoon, you wonder what it will say about fiscal policy in washington.
12:03 pm
obviously, federal spending and the deficit and the debt ceiling debate is back. do you think that he will get a little more hawkish, if you will, a little more critical of congress today? >> i think he is absolutely right. monetary policies have kind of diminishing rates to return to its effectiveness. the sequestration has had a significant impact when you look at the federal budget deficit. i think that is why you are seeing this from the executive branch about where they are going with the tax cuts. cheryl: we have seen the data, and every single week. every single month. mortgage rates are going up. if you look forward over the next six months, we see mortgage
12:04 pm
rates start to pick up. that is one of his favorite things to talk about. do you think they'll address housing today, by any chance? >> i think they will talk about how it will show strength and so forth. little nuances, like the tapering in the last statement. we have yet to really see the macro multiplier. i think you look at that, i think he is right to justifiably present that as a fact. cheryl: i hope you are right. i really do. really quick, though, i do want to go over some of the sectors that you are watching. i know you are taking a special look at financials. huge, huge gain your over year.
12:05 pm
are you still favoring financials? >> we definitely favor the financials continued rise. i think that technology is another area. expectations have come down. there is really kind of a multi- dimension. emerging markets. those are three areas that are being severely underweight it. we see some great opportunities in the intermediate term. cheryl: at least with materials and energy, you have a little bit of a build. not lloyd, thank you very much. thank you for the bernanke joke. i am going to steal that.
12:06 pm
>> appreciated. dennis: rich edson is on capitol hill with more. rich: president obama hitting both sides of the capital. only talking with one party. he said that his discussion focused on jobs and middle-class growth. house democrats say the republicans want to give tax breaks to the wealthy. >> he reiterated some of the meesage that is going around the country about jobs, jobs, jobs.
12:07 pm
it was a really masterful presentation that he made. >> that the president is willing to get off the campaign trail and show some leadership with his party. the need to actually stick to them. i am confident we can create a better economy today and leave a better future for our children tomorrow. it is up to him. his visit today offers a great chance to convey this message. >> they go into recess. they hit a bit of the campaign trail. also, today, a discussion of larry summers. one of the congress members brought up larry summers possibly being a chair of the federal reserve pick for president obama as he comes to nomination. the president said he has not quite made a decision.
12:08 pm
we probably will not have one until the fall. dennis: thank you very much, rich at said. >> i am willing to simplify our tax code, close the loopholes, and incentives to ship jobs overseas, lower the rates for businesses creating jobs right here in america, provide tax incentives for manufacturers that bring jobs hold to the united states. let's simplify taxes for small business owners so they can spend less time filling out complicated forms and more time hiring. dennis: joining me now from washington is dan danner. i thought all business, basically loves the idea of lower tax rates.
12:09 pm
what is not to like here? >> the president is talking about keeping small business taxes high or maybe even raising them to pay the lower tax rates for america's largest. dennis: i do not see any word of raising tax rates on small business. >> most small businesses today pay pretty close to the top rate. 39.5 rate. most small businesses are by and large passed through entities. they pay as individuals. the president is talking about keeping their rates high and maybe even taking away some deductions that would increase them to lower their rates for the largest corporations in america. dennis: what are you thinking of the overall goal?
12:10 pm
do you like that idea? >> not at all. more government spending is not the answer. in fact, we need less government spending. we need to lower all of the taxes across the board. dennis: which is a bigger obstacle for small businesses? isn't tax rates or burdensome legislation? >> i think we probably hear more today about the increassng regulatory burden. there is 4000, give or take. all of the studies, say that regulation disproportionately hit small businesses compared to large. dennis: we are kind of missing
12:11 pm
the wrong picture. we should look more at regulation. are we looking at a war between small business and big business? >> certainly, not all corporations are at the same place. we have a coalition that we recently helped found begin that talks about effective tax rates. there are corporations that pay pretty close to the tax rate. there are some that have money in the cayman islands. we believe all of that ought to be closer. what we ought to look at is effective tax rates. at the end of the day, what you pay is what really matters. dennis: i hope you are not criticizing companies for using all means possible to lower their tax bill.
12:12 pm
>> we agreed that it needs to be changed. we need comprehensive, across the board tax reform that includes individuals and small businesses that address all of those kinds of loopholes. dennis: so far you are not getting it. dan danner, keep up the fight. >> thank you very much. cheryl: love for facebook. if you listen to mark mahaney, you would have made a profit. he is coming up. dennis: many people think it is dying media. i have always had a face for radio. as we do every day at this time, metals. ♪ you know throughout history,
12:13 pm
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folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. butetting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning 24 hours. zero heartburn. dennis: breaking news. goldman sachs is offering immediate metal delivery. it comes in response of
12:16 pm
complaints. this is interesting. goldman is said it is not happening. take a look at where aluminum prices are right now. they are up. twenty-three dollars. nice. cheryl: it is interesting. we were talking about the financials at the top of the show with matt lloyd. the stocks are moving higher. that is one of the things happening with bank of america today. one touch does not like me lately. i do not know. american express, and other financial name dragging the dow down. let's bring in nicole
12:17 pm
petallides. let talk about credit card stocks. usually big winners for us. nicole: right. we saw mastercard hitting a new high this morning. today, at the moment, a complete reversal. you can see mastercard is in the negative territory. the sat down 5.6%. the federal court, we are looking at the fees that were decided back in 2011. now, they will side with the retailers instead. the question was whether or not the fed was too lenient on the banks when they capped the fees. this is not good news for the credit card company.
12:18 pm
back to you. cheryl: i guess i spoke too soon when i said big winners forank . ♪ dennis: let's make a little money with charles payne. charles: i have been looking for a new dennis. my last dentist did a terrible job. cheryl: it is a she and she is awesome. charles: this company, quality systems, they have been around for a long time. they do a lot of things that really helped. we know how these doctors offices lose a lot of money. that is just because of improper billing. they are really doing some great
12:19 pm
things. last year they were bring number 19 by forbes. i like it a lot. it does not fit some of the criteria that i normally use. the thing is, the stock is breaking out. i think this stock will move too far ahead for me to get the confirmation. they serve the whole medical field. they branch out to hospitals. they branch out to doctors as well. cheryl: there are a lot of companies that are in the same business. charles: athena health is at all-time highs. this stock was as high as $49 in september 2011. i am trying to pick one that has not made a bid move yet.
12:20 pm
dennis: more upside. cheryl: tell me tomorrow. charles: okay. [laughter] dennis: thank you very much, charles payne. cheryl: there are rumors that anthony winners wife is about to take an extended vacation from her work. >> i am in chicago. you know what starbucks did for the coffee experience, i will introduce you to the people who are trying to do the same thing for the key experience. that is coming up. ♪ ♪
12:21 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if y can't snd the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized merces-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st.
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12:24 pm
>> 24 minutes past the hour. new information in the benghazi terror attacks could come from a closed house armed services hearing. george bristol said to testify one day before he were attires.
12:25 pm
he was on the job on september september 11, 2012 when four americans including our ambassador to that country were killed. the trial of rv bradley manning begins today. he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, but found guilty on 20 other counts including espionage and faces up to 136 years in prison. anthony weiner's wife is taking a long vacation from her job. her husband is vowing to stay in the race for new york city mayor despite his latest sexting scandal. those are your headlines. dennis: thank you.
12:26 pm
cheryl: let's move on from that story. dennis: coffee culture is everywhere. could the next buzz be in tease? >> where is the growth? they bought tijuana. they will build out 1000 new to locations throughout the country. you bought into this. you think that it is the future. >> it is the new water. we see a great future for it.
12:27 pm
>> put up the coffee stocks. you are trying to do what starbucks did. they do not just serve coffee in there. these are some examples that we are seeing right now. you come over and you get your own t. when you pick it out and you walk over, you can literally walk over and put it right into one of the bands. you just pour it in. you threw it right on the spot. we can pre-brew a number of the most commonly brewed teas to make it very fast for the consumer. we are be introducing this to america. americans are excited about this new opportunity.
12:28 pm
>> bringing old technology to america as well. we will see how it goes. dennis and cheryl. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: it is the fox business summertime showdown. we are down to six players. this friday matt mccormick and robert luna returned with their results. this is the performance chosen by matt or robert. not telling you who picked it. this guy has one other stock that he can rely on for a win. we will match them later. it is all revealed on friday. it took more than a year, but shares of facebook topped their
12:29 pm
ipo price. finally, back in a top spot. dennis: rbc capital mark mahaney on whether he likes that stop. cheryl: there is an app for that. it will cut down your weight. dennis: the whole app things -- let's take a look at some of today's s&p winners and losers. ♪ the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools,
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12:33 pm
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. i wanted to take a look at facebook. facebook crossed its ipo price. thirty-eight dollars back in may of last year. today, shareholders were happy to see it hit $38. it hit $38 people decided to sell. one thing that certainly has had facebook running up in the last four sessions, we have talked about mobile ad revenues. tv like commercials. tv like ads. coupled with publishing games. they are getting involved in that. they are looking at at least ten
12:34 pm
partners. that is different than their exclusive contract they have with zynga. people sold off when it hit $38. cheryl: exactly. that is a great point to point out. it has doubled over the last ten months or so. this is a company that really is turning around. great take from you. thank you very much. let's bring in one of the only analyst that had a bye rating. mark mahaney. you hung in. you did not sell. now you are saying that it is time to buy. where was the turning point for you in facebook story? >> that is a great question.
12:35 pm
i initiated with a hold rating. i upgraded the stock last september. when we saw what i thought was a positive reflection in the company's mobile revenue, remember the big overhang from the ipo is this company really got caught flat-footed. when we started to see that companies start to recover from that and generate mobile ad revenue, we thought it made much more sense down at 1920 than it did the ipo price. we are seeing a continuation of dow point. we are seeing overall ad revenue for this company accelerate dramatically. that is what is causing this pop in the stock. mark zuckerberg is 29 years old. there was a lot of animosity.
12:36 pm
he marketed the time. maybe you were there, he held fast to his growth strategy at facebook. is that paying off now or was there another shift? >> well, i think that they had some execution problems and some vision problems. they had four or five quarters to correct. i think he realized shortly after the ipo, leaving aside the dynamics, i think he realized that they underestimated this mobile transition. he quickly pivoted people within the company to focus on a mobile app products. they have a very good mobile ad product. advertisers appeared to believe that they get reasonable roi off of those ads. he made some mistakes, the company made some mistakes. they have recovered.
12:37 pm
cheryl: truth is, people like zynga, people like groupon. >> you have a lot of competition. you mentioned some of the apps that are out there. they have hedged themselves a little bit there.
12:38 pm
we think it is a small five. there are some other names that we like. cheryl: linkedin is $200 a share right now. there are a lot of names out there that could maybe be attractive purchases for the rest of us out there. thank you very much. dennis: each ad could cost $2.5 million for a one day run. facebook not yet commenting. it started allowing video clips to play on instagram. television networks should be afraid. be very afraid.
12:39 pm
online is where the people are. facebook is where they hang. it may be only a matter of time before the net catches up with tv ads. the internet now gets 26% of our time and only 22% of the ad dollars. cheryl: what do you make about his comment about twitter? facebook has to worry about twitter. >> i think they really do. twitter is valued at $10 million. i would invest in twitter. cheryl: i bet twitter has no interest in going public.
12:40 pm
gas futures are trading lower. while they -- will they bring gas prices down at the pump? dennis: a new business model. will it work. ♪ if you're seous about taking your trading to a higher level, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then schwab is the place to trade. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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12:42 pm
>> i am tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. he is accused of misleading investors and a deal that cost $1 billion. he could face a possible lifetime ban from the securities industry. air products and chemicals hitting an all-time high today. a nearly 10% stake in the industrial provider. college graduates with technology degrees are finding it harder to find jobs. the unemployment rate for graduates is 14.7%. that is more than double the rate of the drama and theater majors. that is the latest from the foxr business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ sticking in your foot.
12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
cheryl: what a big story. oil is gushing right now. you have middle east tensions that are continuing with regards to egypt. the life of phil flynn from the cme. the inventory data comes out. it really was not that shocking. >> it was bearish. we were down initially. everything reversed. it was a headline coming out of libya, of all places. libya has been having a problem with their dockworkers for some time. there is a strike right now. it has impacted libyan exports. what does that mean to us? right now, because the european refiners really covet that high-quality group coming out of
12:45 pm
libya, they will be looking to the u.s. for products. the export window has just got a lot better. we will be sending a lot of gas to europe. cheryl: how are you feeling about cattle today? >> all the cattle guys were excited. i tell you what, the cattle, it is an amazing story. cattle are even fatter. we are getting more meat out of less cattle than ever before. everything has been very bearish. that means cheaper hamburger in the future. cheryl: phil flynn, thank you very much. appreciate it. quarter till. stocks now. nicole petallides, what are you
12:46 pm
looking at? nicole: let's take a look at herbalife. up from 60. it was an overweight rating. fox business has learned that george soros, after weeks of speculation, he has taken a long division in herbalife. that has pushed the stock to new highs. now on the same side as karl icahn and dan loeb. he had a billion-dollar bet to the downside that herbalife was a pyramid scheme and not a buyer of the nutritional scheme. it would be tanking and, in fact, it has not done so. it has come out with earnings. it is hitting new highs today. cheryl: thank you very much.
12:47 pm
we are getting more breaking news. the state of nevada has granted o.j. simpson progrowth. he was jailed on charges of kidnapping, robbery and burglary. this have to do several years ago this is a new trial for o.j. simpson. he will be granted parole. it will be very interesting to see what happens to o.j. simpson when he is, of course, led out of that jail. who will he be speaking to and where will he go? dennis: the first people he will
12:48 pm
be talking to will be reality television producers. let's talk newspaper and radio. in boston, the two are teaming up to create what they are hoping will be a new business model. joining us is the ceo. walter. thank you for being with us. what do you think of the boston experiment? >> it is an industry that has the client 50% in readership and revenue in the last five years. the radio industry has suffered a decline in revenue. virtually, no audience loss in the past five years. demographically, radio can deliver to newspapers a younger, vibrant audience.
12:49 pm
live radio brings all of those stories to life instantly. that has always been their biggest challenge. dennis: why would these guys go to radio instead of going to video on the web? >> they absolutely will go to video, but it is a good stab. many newspapers have aggressively gone online with video components to do live streaming videos. at this moment, it is mostly a cost issue. it will be a labor issue. there may be union issues. that is where it will go. book are those of the revenue, regardless of the readership levels, they have credibility and may have news gathering
12:50 pm
capabilities that is second to none. dennis: if those guys did not have newspapers, they would not have anything original to come out and say. who says they know how to do radio? >> well, they did a very smart thing. they said they knew they needed to have an audio presence. we are praying people. we are going to hire the best radio people that we can find and let them create radio. dennis: that is good for radio employment. >> terrestrial radio has a challenge. there are no newsrooms at any music radio station.
12:51 pm
the number of people working in news or journalism, radio, that number is very small. they know they need to serve that community. dennis: we benefit greatly from our partnership with the "wall street journal." thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. cheryl: a shorter wait for the restrooms. that is at the new 49ers stadium. that is coming up in your west coast minute. ♪
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
cheryl: time for your west coast minute. updating a story from yesterday.
12:55 pm
the las vegas sands corporation has lost its bid. a hong kong businessman who claims he was not compensated should keep his $101 million verdict. las vegas sands expected to appeal again. take a look at the stock right now. it is down. seattle home prices continued to head upward. prices in seattle are of almost 12% year over year. that is on par with the national average. home prices are tracking inflation over the long term. the difference is really not sustainable. it is going to be a new game and a new age. just in time for the 2014 season. levi stadium will be one of the most technologically advanced of its kind with an app that will
12:56 pm
monitor beer and bathroom lines. that is your west coast minute. dennis: stocks are slipping ahead of the fed's policy statement this afternoon. cantor fitzgerald ceo shares his picks for a diamond in the rough with adam and lori. that is in minutes. cheryl: one california city trying to save underwater homeowners. the man behind not coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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[ male announcer ] see your authorized dealer for an incredible offer on the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. but hurry, offers end july 31st. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle >> a busy day on wall street. good afternoon, everybody. adam: are we getting closer? we have you covered with just
1:00 pm
one hour to go until we hear from the fed. chairman and ceo joining us exclusively in just a few minutes. we will talk finding some diamonds in the rough. lori: later this hour, treasury official under president george w. bush with what he is watching from the fed today. adam: desperate times call for desperate measures. five years after the housing crisis, one city is planning to use eminent domain to rescue underwater borrowers. the man behind the plan joins us to explain the controversial move the it lori: let's get you updated on the market. the calm before the storm. after we had a data deluge to start off the session. the jobs report topping expectations, 200,000 jobs created in july, revising up numbers for june. second-quarter gdp beating the street. the economy ex


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