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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  August 1, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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highs. lou: we will talk with one of the nation's largest companies, how the economy and ups are getting along. we are going to ask the chairman and ceo, scott davis and a fox exclusive, what does the economic outlook looks like for the u.s. and the globe? cheryl: maneuvering led the administration get ready for difficult rollout. dennis: if you thought you knew anything about this is the capital think again, charlie gasparino with new details. sac's indictment from the man who called it too two years ago. mark rossini is here but it is time to check stock as we do every 15 minutes and on the floor of the stock exchange's nicole petallides. new highs fresen be and dell. nicole: an exciting day on wall street. you are hoping for your 401(k) or your eye are a to go up, a band away and that is what everyone is seeing, record-setting day on wall
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street, all time record intraday highs in the dow jones industrial average. and fiesta be traded 1704. and since the year 2,000, and jobless claims came in at least for now. and exxon after the quarterly reports and procter and gamble fell 48% that they did expect 2014 earnings to share 5% and the company needs to get strong grip, here is a quick peek at exxon down 1.8% as operating costs on the rise and production similar. lori: crude oil up big, more than 2%, phil flynn of price future is in the trading pits of the cme and all this economic data pushing crude to 01 week high. >> it is unbelievable.
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if you look at oil knocking on the door of $108 a barrel w. t. i a few minutes ago, absolutely incredible and all of a sudden good news is good news for oil. if you look at the manufacturing data it was explosive in the u.s. and around the globe. we will be using more oil not only to produce goods but moved it around the globe. very bullish for oil and the fed yesterday gave the green light, capering is not going to happen until we see inflation. the oil may change your mind but right now it will open up the door to the upside. at the same time you have problems in libya cutting off supply on an explosive day. back to you. lori: phil flynn of price futures, thank you. adam: our next guest tracks every facet that affect global growth. as ceo and chairman of ups, scott davis has an inside look,
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not to mention the president's year as a member of the president's export committee and we appreciate your being here on fox business. let's start with the president and the economy. we will talk about oil prices and ubs but we are watching a bit of a slowdown but, certainly in asia but in the united states this is not an economy lot of people think is generating the jobs we need to go forward. what would you say to the president? >> what the president and congress need to do our make some decisions. we sat here for a couple years having no decisions to speak of. there are lots of energy policies, tax policies, the debt issue, we got to resolve these issues. you can't say it is all administration's fault or congress's fault that they have to compromise and make decisions. adam: we talked about trillions of dollars american business is right to invest that is doing nothing.
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what would you say to the president about the getting the money back to work? >> once you make the decisions whether it is like or not like regarding the debt issue and tax policy and energy policy you are going to see big business and small business started investing again. we may not like the decision but we want certainty and want to know what the rules of the road are five or ten years out. when we have that we will make the investment. adam: you are not getting that. gridlock is the order of the day and you are not getting the guidance you need from washington. the you have optimism whether from your discussions with the president or members of congress that will change anytime soon? >> i have optimism. is not moving fast enough but the speech the other day when the president talked about corporate tax rates and bringing them down from 35% to 28% i applaud the administration for recognizing 35% is not competitive u.s. companies. it is a good first step but a long way to go to figure out the
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policy and get congress to discuss it but it is a start in the right direction. adam: could be delivered before the end of the year? >> i wouldn't hold my breath to get it done. it could be excellent for business in this country and this economy which has grown 1% last three quarters would pick up to the 3% range if you make those decisions. adam: oil is going up, one of the world's largest airlines, a huge fleet of vehicles worldwide, you have to pay the price for fuel but is this going to be the kind of head wind that could further squeeze your margins? >> the head wind is not too bad in the way of a fuel surcharge. long term, short run could be a head wind, long-term a 0 sum game. the concern i have is the higher fuel prices could slow the economy down more.
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consumer obviously when paying higher fuel prices will go out and shop less than that is a big issue. adam: some of your clients are switching from premium shipping to three day shipping and that it's in the second quarter when it came to earnings. is that a trend that will be the new normal? >> i don't think it is the new normal. it is mostly technology products coming out of asia. we are in an innovation trough right now. we see not a lot of products introduced over the last two years. i don't think we will stay in an innovation trough for a long time. the same technology being developed, new launches and you'll see express products at a faster pace. adam: a headline that did not get a lot of attention is ups is testing something with 3d printers. two months ago, the future would be walking to the ups tour, 20 years from now downloaded
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blueprint and they print it out at the store. is that what this is about? testing 3d printing in san diego? >> understanding what customers small-business, home offices, we ask what do you need? a lot come back and say we would love a 3d printer because we don't have capital to invest in this ourselves. if you do that we can have models for our customers. it is as saying what the customers want and be a step ahead of the customers? adam: their stock is up today, partnering with ubs but as you go forward how do you continue to grow this company? are we at a point where perhaps shipping and freight is that maturation or do you see optimism forward? >> i have lots of optimism. look around world right now, we haven't tapped the merging markets. the population is going to grow a million people week the next 30 years and most of that growth
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will be in emerging markets. people in the emerging markets wanted the same services as people in the developed world. they need ups, health care demographics, fast-growing area, ubs invested heavily in health care and serve a marketplace. commerce is growing at a tremendous pace and you need ups to serve customers. dennis: the last quarter was for some people with ups, earnings miss, problem, volume was up and back to the president what would you say to the president would be best for upp and best for the united states? >> combination. we need to make decisions, set policy so we have a five year or rising at a minimum to make those decisions. second thing we need to pick up trade. 95% of consumers are outside the united states, small and medium business, export 1%, we got to make trade easier.
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adam: appreciate you being with us and all the best to the folks at ubs. lori: other top stories making news today another good months, pretty good month for automakers, many seeing double digit gains, general motors up 16%, ford and chrysler each clocking up 11%. u.s. sales running near 2007 levels and that is thanks to a combination of low interest rates and rising consumer confidence, high-margin, higher revenue trucks held ford, chrysler and gm turnout strong sales balancing weakness in europe and mortgage rates still relatively low inched higher, the rate for a 30 year fixed is 4.39% compared with just over 3.5% a year ago. rates spiked after the federal reserve indicated it could slow its bond purchases later this year which kept long-term interest rates very low so this is the first increase in mortgage rates in three weeks. lori: direct your attention to
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such shares of yelp. nice pop thanks to better than expected second quarter results and stock upgrade sending short sellers carrying for coverage driving shares up $10 a share. jpmorgan rated at neutral since launching coverage in december. despite the stock's 122% year to date jumping is now overweight stated sees more room for revenue growth and margin expansion. adam: count down to obamacare. president obama's administration is required to open health exchanges where the uninsured can purchase health insurance. peter barnes joins us from inside the beltway with more on this. rich: peter: the clock is ticking in launching the health exchanges on making major provisions of obamacare effective january 1st like the individual mandate. the clock is also ticking in washington on the congressional schedule. congress plans to leave town by tomorrow for its august recess
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so there's a flurry of activity around the health-care law with republicans on the attack to delay or defund obamacare, attacking major provisions of it. the white house and democrats fighting back to try to keep it on track. republicans that the house ways and means committee grilling the acting director of the irs on enforcement provisions. >> will be irs enforce the mandate that businesses offer acceptable coverage next year? >> here is how that is going to work. what you are referring to is we in future years after the 15 filing season, and the employer report will not be provided in this first. and we're working on solutions to another alternatives reports and information to validate the employer offer and that is under development right now with the employer community and business
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community. >> house republicans are planning another vote on slowing down and killing obamacare by repealing vote funding and making sure the irs doesn't get funding for enforcing obamacare. lori: j.c. penney shares, credit problems not here, retailers denying the report that after that brutal sell-off. dennis: with vacations looming congress sets up and take bipartisan action. we will tell you how college students will benefit. lori: they say you can never be too rich but what if you had to choose one or the other? watching your waist line. americans take on the debt. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ rth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here yo wakup cl. [ le aounc ] gethe ark sinear fromapit one d ea unlitedewar. choo doue mis or 2cashack on ery pchaseverday. wh's iyouralle crow] nowhers thsnoo butn? lori: another record-setting day for the stock market. let's get an update what is driving action today with
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nicole on the floor of the stock exchange. you want to zero in on the story with jcpenney, nicole. >> absolutely. remember yesterday jcpenney dropped 10% at the closing bell right when we got news pertaining to cit. let's start with today's news. jcpenney said all we heard about cit yesterday, is false. that is not in fact the case. it was, people were speculating and they had heard from sources that cit group was no longer supporting vendors that provided to jcpenney. there were credit problems perhaps. cit met with jcpenney and basically said, listen, we're not supporting you anymore because we're not hot on their cash. what they have there at jcpenney. as a result they decided not to support those smaller vendors but jcpenney said it is all false. this is not true at all. small vendors are doing freight and sending new merchandise over. the question is where is the disconnect? the martha stewart issue
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continue and macy's and jcpenney are going on with that. back to you. lori: they have a handful. thank you, nicole. adam: time to make money with charles payne. this hour he is looking at shipping transportation services company diana shipping. >> i'm actually looking to dry bulk shipping space. i don't know if you guys remember a few years ago it was just unstopable. i'm trying to get ahead of the curve here guys. it is not sexy per se but i think these stocks overlook, the dry bulk thing i think is starting to turn around. the global economy obviously pulled back, but this industry got so giddy they started ordering these ships. these ships are not cheap. they have what they call new castle, 200,000 dry weight tons, cape sized which is 80,000 tons. these are gigantic ships. but i'm looking at rates for these guys what they call the panmex ships designed to go through the panama canal. in june they signed a contract, charging $8100 per
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day. in july, $8600 per day. today they had a contract announcement of $950 a day. the rate is going up. july they had one for $14,250 a day. we're starting a trend off a two year bottom here. why i really like this, i think downside is limited. so, you know, if you want to chase a stock at an all-time high up 200% this year, believe me, i endorse that as well, but for something that hasn't popped yet i feel like this could be it. lori: if your intuition, right? we talk about dry bulk shipping what is in demand that people are willing to pay top-notch rates? >> typically grain, coal, ore, cement. around the world people are buildings things and buying things. we're starting to pick up. talk about recession being over in europe. not that is necessarily a big destination for this but if china goes through let's say another stimulus plan or whatever, it feels like maybe, maybe something is
1:19 pm
going on. certainly indications are that this thing turned around. when these stocks get hot they become classic momentum names. even though i'm only one talking about it now, wait until it breaks out and everybody will jump on the bandwagon. adam: when you're right you make people money. >> that's what we're here for. see you guys. lori: high-end up for sale. a look at the multimillion-dollar retail gamble near chicago's o'hare airport. adam: speaking for getting a bang for your buck, let's take a look how the buck is faring today [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ]
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>> 23 minutes past the hour right now. hi, everybody i'm jamie colby. this is your fox news minute. officers to cleveland where ariel castro has been sentenced to essentially his natural life in prison without parole. at his sentencing hearing michelle knight, one of the three victims he kidnapped and held captive that she cried every night and her 11 years in captivity turned 937 criminal counts including capital murder and a deal to avoid the death penalty. in a statement, nsa leaker edward snowden
1:24 pm
thanked the russian federation for granting him one year of temporary asylum, criticizing the obama administration for showing, quote, no respect for the law. the white house says it is extremely disappointed in russia's decision. president obama will meet with lawmakers on the nsa surveillance program. they deny a report that it tracks all internet data. in a statement to fox news the nsa says the allegations that the analysts can scour any individual's e-mails, chats, web searches, are quote, simply not true. we'll have a lot more on that throughout the day. those are the headlines. i'm jamie colby. back to lori and adam. adam: thank you very much, jamie. we have breaking news for you. carl icahn commencing litigation in a court in delaware against dell and dell's board of directors. that lawsuit seeks to prevent dell from changing stockholder voting requirements in the merger agreement, changing the record date which would allow new purchasers of the
1:25 pm
stock to vote on the deal. icahn is seeking damages from dell and its directors for any losses caused by dell and its board. and just a reminder, fox business is going to be in austin tomorrow. we'll let you know the latest in this game of chess between michael dell, silver lake, carl icahn and all those shareholders caught in between. lori: hitting the road again. last time you were not even there 24 hours. the meeting was canceled. adam: it was postponed. it could happen again or may not. lori: we'll look forward to your coverage. meantime outlet malls are focusing on the high end side of retail. fashion outlet of chicago opens its doors and features big luxury names. jeff flock at the new maul in illinois. i understand it is close to the airport and that is strategic, right? >> you can actually check your bags in here and go to the airport. if you had any doubt about the health of the retail consumer in america, look at these lines. this is outside the prada
1:26 pm
outlet store. there are lines outside. tory burch. outside gucci. this place is packed. it is a vision of the man joining me right now. i'll tell you, did you expect it was going to be this big? >>idou? one n nev pect th joof th ment. s, we plaed tisente domite tsarkend it ses be welmed. ceainl s beetoda takaook atthetock of companies that are here. some of these for the first time in an outlet. >> many of them. >> the high-end retailers, this is a growth space for them? >> yeah. i think that the, i think the higher-end retailers understood that the outlying areas were not going to be capable of producing flagship numbers. and flagship numbers are what draws a company forward. they don't need as many branding positions but they need stronger positions. >> this is near chicago.
1:27 pm
the nearest outlet mall to a downtown urban area in the country. as i mentioned, lori, you're absolutely right, you can come here, you check your bags here and go to the airport. if you're at the airport you can come and shop at the mall. there is a tsa out here actually. very interesting. lori: and thursday afternoon, lunchtime, packed like that? that certainly says something about the luxury. jeff flock, thanks for bringing us the story. >> you said it. adam: jeff showed us one way to get some retail therapy on the road but some retailers are taking quite literally. ditching brick-and-mortar stores for a new set of wheels. lori: huge day on wall street. major indexes are climbing. new highs for the dow and s&p. also new concerns because not everyone is going along for the ride. we'll explain that. ♪
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adam: back to markets now. we'll check with your investments. we'll head to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is watching directv. >> let's look at two names we're all quite familiar with. directv came out with its numbers. you can see the stock is down 4.3% while time warner is gaining 3%. let's start off with directv and what happened there. they lost more customers than they expected in the u.s. in addition to that, they added fewer customers than they expected in latin america. so they're losing customers in one area. they're not adding enough in another area. ultimately a tough day here for directv then we take a look here at time warner cable which is a real
1:32 pm
winner. profits have been moving higher, hit a new high today for time warner. they reported some revenue that was below the analyst estimates and they did say that the chief executive will step down at the end of the year. back to you. lori: nicole, thank you for that. another day of record highs for the dow and s&p 500 but the number of individual stocks making up those indexes, hitting new 52-week highs. that number on the decline. according to my next fest, it could be a sign of caution ahead. jonathan krinski, chief market analyst at miller tabak. you put out a note saying momentum is at a risk of stalling here because the number of new 52-week highs is diminishing. >> if we look back at several new highs we made several weeks ago. you had x-number about of stocks making fifth highs. when we got up to the highs a few days ago youed hatch fewer stocks making new 52-week highs. lori: don't you have to look at balance and weighting in
1:33 pm
indexes even if it is a few or fewer names hitting 52-week highs they're still showing strength? >> sure. that is why divergence like this only come into play when you start breaking technical support levels. we never broke technical support levels. today you're breaking out to new highs. i imagine the number of 52-week highs is picking back up again today for sure. lori: the s&p hitting 1700 is getting lots of headlines and attention today. really tested that level the last couple sessions and now breaking through today. is that the new support level or where do you expect the s&p to go here? is there more momentum behind it even though you're concerned? >> there is a lot of symmetry in the market. look from the april lows to the may highs that is 9% or so for the s&p 500. if you apply that june lows to the current rally that gets up to 1712. the next projected move is the 1720 to 1730 range. we would be getting a little
1:34 pm
stretched. >> you're overought outlook for the current situation seems to me quite neutral. you're not looking for drastic selloff, with people racing to the exits to take their profits? >> not that but there are more cautionary tonls. to act on that you need to see evidence of selling pressure. we haven't seen that yet. lori: you're technical guy looking fundamentals and charts. data setting up what should be a strong jobs report tomorrow. fed sill sounding dovish, these aren't, i know you're a tech call analyst but you can't ignore that. >> and one of the most interesting things with actions today. bonds sell off and yields higher which was are past few weeks. there that is bullish cellment we'll watch as we go into tomorrow. lori: oil prices like everything is normalizing. 10-year yield, is, there it is, actually, 3.74%. up 10 basis points. so significant selling. oil is up. it was almost like the good news is bad news by way of the fed.
1:35 pm
so are markets now reacting normally would you say? >> i would say we're getting closer to that from what i've seem. you know, one of the interesting things about bonds as we head into the month of august, there's actually only been three years since 1990 where bonds have gone down in the month of august. those were in the mid-'90s. so, i think the streak is probably ready to break and i think we're likely to see yields head higher as we move through august. lori: that is interesting. what do you think on the 10-year, the resistance level? >> 2.75 was the july high on the 10-year. we're testing those levels now. if you break above that we'll see a three handle sooner than most people expect. lori: is that not a statement on the fed or people hoping for growth for the balance of the year? >> from my perspective looking at data how the market trades and looks to me like bonds have more to go on the downside. lori: okay. we shall see. jonathan, come back soon. thanks for your analysis. >> thank you. adam: it is something almost unheard of these days. the best congress money ban
1:36 pm
buy actually approved a major piece of public policy with an overwhelming show of bipartisan support. yesterday the house voted yes to approve a senate plan that would allow interest rates to move with the financial markets, setting new rates for federal student loans. failing to act on a compromise before the end of this week of course would have left student loans at a doubled rate while legislators headed home for a month-long recess. the bill now heads to president obama for his signature. lori: okay. the case against sac. charlie gasparino with explosive new details on sac's indictment with a man who called it two years ago. former fbi agent mark rossini is back [ male announcer ] the days, a small business can save by sharing.
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just be sure you're in the right car en it happens. the 2013 c-class sports sedan. power, performance, and style in total alignment. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. sprouts farmer's market opens trading with a bang, jumping more than 100% on its initial public offering. shares of the organic grocer doubled in the nasdaq debut, valuing the company at 5.2 billion dollars. sprout operates 160 stores in the u.s. can whole foods be far behind. starbucks teaming up with google to upgrade the in-store wi-fi network. starting this month the customers will get 10 times faster internet service with their caffeine fix. in the next 18 months, starbucks will convert 17,000 u.s. stores to the upgraded service.
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video use outpacing tv watching for first time. americans are averaging more than five hours a day using digital devices. that is compared to 4 1/2 hours of tv watching. that is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper
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lori: okay, just want to make sure we bring up to speed on the very latest of the trade at treasurys. big swings today for stocks and bonds. you can see a sharp selloff in treasurys. there is a look at 10-year, 2.69%. we had that mislabeled. we apologize for that in the last segment. selling across treasurys across the yield curve today. adam: not good for people trying to get mortgage. >> sorry. case against sac capital, mark rossini, joins fox business senior
1:41 pm
correspondent charlie gasparino, author of sirl of friends, that he predicted on our air back in 2011. charlie, take it away. >> is there any doubt in your mind as an observer, educates observer that the government is looking at sac capital as their primary target. >> i don't have any doubts about that at all, charlie. quite frankly it is very apparent what they're trying to do. again, they have got a hurdle to make sure, to see, that they can prove in a court of law mr. cohen knew what was going on. >> that was pretty good stuff. more than two years ago. >> thank you. >> should take a victory lap. let me ask you this. you're a former fbi agent. you do private security. you know the inside and out of the justice department it took two years to build this case. why did it take so long in your view? >> these are very, very complicated matters like a robbery -- >> let me stop you.
1:42 pm
the case is against sac capital indicted nor creating an environment of insider trading. they have not brought charges against steve cohen personally. >> issue, mr. cohen in my opinion is the target of the government's ultimate goal or they would seek to indictment him. >> right. >> the strategy, i'm not on the inside, per se i'm not sitting with mr. baharaj and people at u.s. attorneys office. >> right. >> they're bringing down the firm by indicting the company, not mr. cohen. my feeling they lack a live witness defense mr. cohen. circumstantially you could build a against against mr. cohen. circumstantially you can build a case against a lot of people. however what you don't have, is a person who can attest, i did do this furtherance along with -- >> based on this indictment, are they still trying to do that? >> in my opinion they're still trying to do that. >> okay. >> and my opinion, what i'm looking at the only people that actually can do that,
1:43 pm
are mart toma, even more and steinberg. >> more than march toma? >> more than march toma. steinberg. we know commune kated with a daily base list by phone or in person with cohen. >> right. >> what the government needs in any case. has all the, can have e-mail and phone call and minute later you have a trade. >> right. >> but they need a human being to add life to that >> you're the federal government. sec hit cohen with fail ture to supervise, which could ban him from securities industry. if they win it will put him out of business and probably going to get a huge chunk of change out of it, a big chunk of the 9 billion
1:44 pm
dollars that is still in there. we should point out that comes right out of steve cohen's pocket. why don't they say enough's enough? we've been doing this since 2010. excuse me, 2007. that is about six years. why don't they just walk away? >> well, i think, charlie, it's a matter of it's the right thing to do. they're not just going to walk away. they have invested so much time into this it would be foolish and also would not look right, it would be, i don't want to say it is a personal matter because law enforcement does not get personal. >> you don't think this is vendetta in any way? >> there is no vendetta. in the government's opinion mr. cohen committed a crime and complicit in committing crimes and needs to be brought to justice but they want to do it the right way. going back to the raj rajaratnam trial, they had a live witness to give substance to the charges. that is what the government lacked in this case all along. >> maybe there is no case? >> well, no, i believe there is a case. and, if, my free dick shun or my belief what is going
1:45 pm
to happen is steinberg will most probably be convicted at trial. there are live witnesses to go against him. before trial he would plead guilty. you use steinberg as a conditions against cohen at trial. steinberg has two things to do. he gets found guilty and cooperates. >> right. >> or pleads guilty beforehand and cooperates. he also may choose to get convicted and not cooperate and in that instance what the government can do, it's a brilliant tactic. >> right. >> they would make him a hostile witness. >> that's interesting. >> when you put him on the stand as a hostile witness -- >> against cohen. >> against cohen. you indict cohen after martoma or steinberg is found guilty. >> he says he is innocent as well. >> innoncent before proven guilty. you arrest, finally, arrest cohen. >> right. >> after you just had enough evidence so overwhelming. >> we, what you're saying to me, what is fascinating about this, listen you've been right on so that is why i really wanted to bring it here, you were right on from
1:46 pm
the beginning. what you're saying they ain't giving up ever on this, based on your knowledge and experience they're never going to give up? >> no. >> until they put steve cohen in jail. that's what you're saying? >> they will not give up until they go to trial, just like john gotti, jr., three times. >> they ultimately lost. >> but they will keep going and feel in their heart because he guilty of the crime. >> they went after him three times. >> understandable. >> they really want steve cohen in jail? >> in my belief they do. they want to send a message, putting him in jail, bringing down the firm, they send a clear message to the rest of the people out there, this behavior will not be tolerated. again it will be interesting to see if steinberg becomes the hostile witness. that will be fascinating to watch. >> quick answer. >> please. >> we'll be covering this for the next three years. >> probably so. >> guys, back to you. lori: okay, that is just compelling. fascinating stuff. thanks, charlie, as we do every 15 minutes we'll check markets one more time for
1:47 pm
you. teddy weisberg on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're up 116 points on the dow. are we overbought, teddy? >> i think so, you know the lines of least resistance continue to be up. every selloff has been, has been a buying opportunity. and the bears just can't get a break. i mean i think, they're way ahead of themselves. it is hard, it is hard to justify where they are but they are where they are and you can't fight the tape. adam: but i heard analyst after analyst since january say we have to a four, eight, some say 10% pullback and it would hold. we're eight months into the year and they're wrong. >> and are they ever. and the luckily for the bulls because the rising tide is floating a lot of ships. you know, at some point trees don't grow to the sky. there is something out there that will reverse them. but as i just said, every, every selloff as deep or as shallow as it has been and short lived as it has been has clearly been a buying opportunity. the trend is your friend and
1:48 pm
you simply can not fight the tape. adam: don't fight the tape but i'm clear just if you had a friend who said i got to get in, i got to get in, where would you direct them? >> that's tough. that is call i don't want to get right now because i don't think, think this is tough environment to start to put money to to work in. adam: teddy wisering about, appreciate you being with us. rising tide lifts all ships. when that tide goes out we see who doesn't have any bathing trunks. it won't be pretty. lori: why go to the mall, why do anything for entertainment when you can sit next to adam shapiro all afternoon, when the mall can come to you, retail on wheels. adam: which would you least like to have? latest poll on the priorities of our fellow citizens coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you get your boue?
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1:52 pm
lori: break being news. president barack obama nominating a retired corporate restructuring expert by the name of john costinin as irs commissioner. john is an expert at turning around institutions in need of reform. that is understatement for the irs. he quote, knows how to lead in difficult times. he previously served as nonexecutive chairman of freddie mac and deputy mayor of the district of columbia. adam: shoppers take note, food trucks are not just for food anymore, the new trend, fashion trucks that trend is popping up in cities around the country. fox news reporter alicia acuna is in denver, colorado. she has a look for us. alicia? >> hi, adam. we thought we would show you
1:53 pm
lunch in downtown denver today. like these food trucks that you see here, the boutiques are similar, they're not hitched to a storefront or a lot of debt. that is key. folks are getting into the fashion industry who wouldn't otherwise. they don't have to sit on the sideline. >> the new co-owner of ken very -- denver fashion truck found retail spaces to pricey. she started business with severance money after laid off for long time newspaper job. >> the costs were a lot. we were looking for alternative situation and we decided to go mobile with it. >> it's a growing tend in number of cities. regularly on the move they highlight local designers and goods. >> we really focused on creating an experience inside. and making it not just that we're selling goods out of a truck but it that it is actually a boutique. >> amy who runs horeshoe market, a crafty showcase for types of small businesses, says variety is
1:54 pm
a draw. >> they're curated like little, almost like little museums. >> allison shaw has a day job as a social media specialist but the mobile boutique feeds her passion. >> it is really something we've been able to really control ourselves, which has been, really freeing as business owners. >> and the fashion trucks are also very collaborative. a lot like what you see with the food trucks. they get together more in the evening. you will see them all grouped together so they partnership. so they're not really competing for the foot traffic like you see with big stores, adam. they work together, so people can go from boutique and boutique and all move on together. adam. adam: can be outside to have a good time. alicia acuna thank you very much. lori: would you rather be stuck in debt or extra weight on you? 72% of americans would prefer to have debt than gain an extra 25 pounds. according to an online poll conducted by harris interactive. however, if they were given a more extreme choice between obesity and bankruptcy, more americans
1:55 pm
chose financial security. 2,000 adults were polled in the study and 3/4 of them had some form of debt with credit card debt being the most common among them. what do you think? adam: if you didn't have the debt, right, one would assume you would have money to hire personal trainer. if you add the extra 25 to 30 pound could take off the weight. lori: been in both situations, extra pound and extra debt. it is a wash. adam: where were the pounds. lori: we have breaking news. adam: italy's top court confirmed that former prime minister silvio berlusconi's tax conviction is is upheld. breaking news on that. >> coming up very latest there. truly yo shares hitting a record high. solid results for the company. ceo joins tracy byrnes and ashley webster on this rally thursday on fox business network. stay with us.
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
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tracy: welcome back. i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: i'm ashley webster. new milestones for the dow, s&p and nasdaq, thanks in part to a five-year low for jobless claims. is there anymore we can squeeze out of this record market? top strategist rob morg began is here with his opinion. tracy: yeah. he seems to think so. the american pickup truck dominating auto sales. ford, gm, chrysler say truck sales are outpacing cars more than two to one. how long can this last? fox news has the story. ashley: housing prices surging 25%, a heck of a day for them after beating expectations for its own. ceo pete flint will join in a first on fox interview. that is straight ahead. tracy: looking at home prices. i'm fascinated i. i was on it earlier. top of the our hour now. time for stocks. we go down to nicole
2:00 pm
petallides on the floor of the exchanges. we have a record day here today. >> we got you covered. cars, real estate, the stock market. you're right, tracy and ashley. we have a record day on wall street today. the dow and s&p hitting record intraday highs we have never seen before. all-time, lifetime highs. the nasdaq composite also doing well, hitting levels we haven't seen since the year 2000. you remember when the nasdaq was above 5000. so far so good here today. the nasdaq is up about 1%. most of the names on wall street have up arrows, with the up volume, certainly outpacing down volume. we gotten weekly jobless claims which were better than expected. tomorrow will be the monthly jobs report. so everybody will certainly be focusing on that. manufacturing activity here in the u.s., it did expand, at the fastest pace in two years last month that was above the analyst expectations. quickly take a look at exxon in the energy realm. it has been a laggard on the dow jones industrials. came out with their numbers
2:01 pm
and missing analyst expectations as far as earnings per share. oil and gas production fell. also the fact they're cutting back on the buyback program as well for the second time. so, and so you can see the stock right now is down 1 1/2%. back to you. tracy: thanks, nicole. we'll see you in 15 minutes. ashley: as nicole was talking about exxon, its rival, royal dutch/shell shocking many with a 2 billion dollar wright down tied to north american shale. the massive charge is a rarity among the america's fast growing shale industry. shell did not say where the write-down came from. it has shale assets all over the place, california, texas, wyoming, kansas, ohio, pennsylvania, and british columbia. let's look at oil prices. they're soaring well above $107 a barrel, almost touching 108 bucks. fox business's phil flynn from the price futures group is on in the pits of cme. china data giving crude a big boost? >> i bet you shell looflt money on the cheap -- lost
2:02 pm
money on china natural gas prices as will. it is manufacturing numbers begins the job numbers. we saw a big surge of manufacturing jobs. that helped the unemployment number. that means people will drive more. u.s. gasoline demand, the main driving force right now in the world for oil, especially with china slowing down. the other interesting thing, we're still continuing to see spotty exports out of libya. that is really playing havoc with the brent wti spread. that spread of course, come into gone back out to over $2. it is also driven up u.s. gasoline prices. u.s. gasoline prices were starting to really fall but they have been driving back up. we're up again as the exports for u.s. gasoline will probably surge in the light of this libyan situation. on top of that of course, diesel fuel is up as well. you put it all together a very bullish day for oil. the fed is helping out with their comments yesterday. a very bullish day.
2:03 pm
back to you. ashley: very much indeed. almost at the $108 level level. phil, thank you. >> thanks very much, ashley. tracy: since the market lows back in 2009 the s&p 500 rally has been led by cyclical groups like consumer discretionaries and financials. consumer staples has been kind of a relative underperformer. but our next guest says that is about to change. rob morgan, chief investment strategist at fulcrum securities joins us. talk about the fed. money will keep coming. jobs numbers getting better although we're waiting for friday's big number tomorrow. how are you feeling about everything right now? >> i got to tell you, i still feel pretty good, tracy. i'm sure some viewers are probably saying my gosh, 1700 on the s&p 500. we've never been there before. are stocks getting expense sieve. but if you look at it on a p-e basis, this is about in line with historic averages. earnings estimates are continuing to expand. technically the s&p 500
2:04 pm
looks good and probably most importantly, you know the retail investor is just really getting started rowing back into stocks. we saw some heavy flows at the beginning of the year but lately, that is trickled off. so the retail investor is still skeptical about this rally. tracy: yeah. >> well more than four years into it. so i feel that's probably the thing i feel best about, tracy. tracy: but you're right, it has taken them so long. you feel terrible. people have missed out on this run. i have to ask you about the small cap market because i know you're a big fan. russell 2000 has been on fire! does it still have more room to go? >> i think so. you know, tracy, these shifts last for a long time. i've really been on the big cap growth train coming into this year but i shifted over to small caps at the beginning of the year for a couple of reasons. number one, i thought the dollar was going to nudge up which it has done and continue to do and that takes some wind out of sails of big cap multinationals.
2:05 pm
that hurts their earnings. that's number one. number two we had dividend tax increase earlier in the year which also hurts the large dividend cap players. as the bull market broadens out it goes into riskier spaces. small cap is perceived to be up with of those. so that is just history tells us that. so i do think it has some room to run, yes. tracy: let's talk a little about these big caps though. exxon, big disappointment in the numbers. refinerry profits down 94%. i know that is a big margin story. how do you feel about ex-on? >> we're underweight the energy group in general, tracy because we think p-e multiples are pretty high in relation to the visible earnings growth. not only for exxon reporting today but chevron as well. one of the reason the visible earnings stream is week because it is getting harder to get the oil out of the ground. they're having to use these more expensive methods that we hear so much about and so as you said, this is, this
2:06 pm
causes refining margin contraction today. tracy: right. >> but this isn't new for today. i mean this has been a problem that has gone on for eight quarters and i think it is going to continue. so i think this is going to be a tough, this part of the energy space anyway, it will be continue to be tough. tracy: yeah. you get someone like chesapeake energy that totally blew it out of the park because of nat-gas prices. let's talk about consumer staples though. you think the sector will turn around, right? proctor & gamble actually had great numbers today. no matter what raise the prices on tide and crest. people are still buying. i know i am. >> the volumes, tracy, continue to be really good there. revenue growth was really good on the other side of the equation for p&g, they did see some sluggish margins themselves. tracy: yeah, they did. >> but as you say, people are buying and yeah, i do, even though the space has underperformed i continue to like consumer staples. tracy: talk about kraft going into earnings tonight. what are you looking for?
2:07 pm
i presume it has got to be some kind of sales growth, right? >> yeah. say so. we're neutral on the stock. so, so i don't really, as they say, i don't necessarily have a dog in that hunt one way or the other. they're looking at 66 cents a share and i would presume that unless there's a company-specific problem they will see probably similar report to p and g. good sales growth and as a minimum. i would suspect. tracy: based on the amount of kraft macaroni and cheese we purchase around my house, i say numbers will be off to the races. rob morgan, fulcrum securities, thank you very much. >> thanks, tracy. ashley: give the classic. >> just telling you, all-time favorite snack. >> we'll find out how much you contributed after the bell tonight. breaking news on the irs. president obama maiming a new chief for the scandal-plagued agency. we'll have those details next. tracy: jcpenney fighting back against new questions about its credit. first that time of day. we have to check oil. the dow is up 138 points.
2:08 pm
oil is surging up almost $3. $107.90 a barrel. we'll be right back
2:09 pm
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ashley: breaking news on the irs. senior washington correspondent peter barnes has the details. peter? >> hey, ashley. president obama announcing that he intends to nominate john kosikinen. to the commissioner of the internal revenue service. he is well-known turn around artist from the private sector who has worked in government on a bipartisan basis. he most recently served as the nonexecutive chairman of freddie mac, bailed out of course in the bush administration, from 2008 to 2011, through the obama administration. he is also a former director director for the office of management and budget in the clinton administration from 1994 to 1997. held other posts in public service. most prominently known for his work at the palmieri company which is a big
2:12 pm
corporate turn around company that among other things helped to fix penn central after the railroad company that went bankrupt many years ago. so president obama announcing that john koskinen will be the nominee to take over the irs. ashley. ashley: quite a job to take over as well, peter. it comes the same time it has its hands full with the countdown to obamacare. how is that process going? >> we want to talk about a controversial provision of obamacare that is coming home to roost for some members of congress and their staffs. three years ago when this law was being debated senate republicans introduced a amendment to require many house and senate members and their staffs to drop their federal health insurance and purchase their coverage through health insurance exchanges that start up next year. starting next year. it was a political gambit that republicans thought would force democrats to vote to opt out, to force them to vote to opt congress out of obamacare. but democrats called their
2:13 pm
bluff and the amendment passed. so now some lawmakers and staffers in both parties are panicking because the amendment also did not guaranty that they would keep getting any subsidy to pay for their coverage. the subsidy most workers including us, get in their group plans provided by their employers. it is about 70% right now for congressional staff and members. without it, buying coverage in those exchanges will get very expensive for them. >> the employer contribution that is made by the u.s. confess for 11,000 employees could go away. and the concern is that this impact on capitol hill will create a brain drain. >> there are some people i've been told that are going to retire in december. they're eligible to retire just so they can keep the insurance they had and not get thrown under the bus with obamacare this coming january. >> congressman gohmert says the way to fix this problem is just repeal bamacare but congressional leaders from both parties are reportedly
2:14 pm
working with the administration to come up with an alternative the white house would support. one possibility is a ruling from the office of personnel management that says hill people will continue to get a subsidy from their employer. the u.s. taxpayer. under obamacare. ashley. ashley: yeah, funny how that works. peter, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> that makes you hate them even more, i'm sorry. time to make some money. charles payne is here this hour. he has a stock pick that has been beating expectations. you're taking a little victory lap. go ahead. >> i will take a victory lap on craig cray computer. no one was picking cray computer t was around 17 bucks. look at it now. 57% in 2 1/2 months. i ove it. no one liked it. it was written off. they make big mainframes. but there is a big need for them, for governments, universities. you can't do spying things, nsa stuff with a regular laptop. you need super computers,
2:15 pm
guise. ashley: the size of a football field. tracy: i don't know what that says. >> tap my phone calls i might as well make money on the stock. talk about winners and losers in january the market is being arings it is earn, season and every day i talk to you guys about lessons from earnings. one of the lessons are there are winners and losers. look at the table. i was a little lose with the sectors, okay, if you will the industries. online travel, winner. trip advisors. the stock is threw the roof. loser expedia. missed street by i guess a mile. 15 cents. the stock getting hammered. social media, facebook, whole lot of others. zynga, imaginary are farm animals are not doing so well. restaurants, most of them up. mcdonald's missed by a couple of pennies. chipolte is on the list but you could have put other. where rich people spend money. i don't know how to call this industry, like tracy, go to starbucks. tracy: i make my own coffee at home in my k cup thing. >> starbucks one of the best
2:16 pm
quarters they ever had. whole foods wasn't a bad quarter. people have high expectations. online guides. this messed me up. i was long yelp, subscribers going into the close. we were up, 20, 30%. i said let's take it. i said another 25% today on the table, angie's list when angie's missed. what the heck. can't win for losing on this one. tracy: you got some of them you. >> got some of em. you have winners and losers. tracy: you're right. good stuff. ashley: thank you. a little after quarter past the hour, time to go back to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, gosh is near session highs again? >> that's right. that was a great screen there. look at the markets. session highs. we're not too far off. 15,650 was the high on the dow jones industrials. s&p 500 sitting above that crucial 1700 mark. all the bulls out there so happy today as we hit some record highs today. tech-heavy nasdaq up 1.1%.
2:17 pm
i wanted to also take a look here at a name that has been in the news of late. jcpenney yesterday, we saw it tank about 10%. today coming back some and giving back some of the gains that we saw earlier today because now it is up just .8% but the point of the story here is that they are giving a rebuttal, refuting the idea that they are not stable because cit was supposedly not supporting the small vendors who were working with jcpenney because cit was not happy with jcpenney and thought there may be a credit crisis many looking or whatever. but jcpenney says that is all false. back to you. ashley: you haw. nicole, thank you so much. tracy: little engine that could, god bless them. on deck, pickup sales rising, nearly three times faster than the rest of the industry but would drivers go for a truck that runs on natural gas? fox news's is here with the details. ashley:. look how the u.s. dollar is moving today.
2:18 pm
this tells what you is going on. dollar stronger. all the currencies down, euro, u.k. pound and yes, japanese yen. we'll be right back. clients are always learning more to make their money do me. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-brah seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies."
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>> at 21 minutes past the
2:22 pm
hour, hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby. this is your fox news minute. in cleveland ariel castro has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. the judge says castro will never be released. michelle knight, one. three victims he held captive, read a statement, saying her 11 years in captivity turned into eternity.% castro had needed gilt toy -- pleaded guilty to 937 criminal counts in a deal to avoid the death penalty. the white house says it is extremely disappointed in russia's decision to grant nsa leaker edward snowden one year of temporary asylum. he had been at the moscow's airport since arriving from hong kong on june 23rd. the u.s. still wants snowden extradited to face espionage charges. those are the latest headlines. i'm jamie colby, sending it back to ashley and tracy. buys? ashley: jamie colby. thank you very much. appreciate that. bigger seems to mean better for auto sales in july led by pickups and suvs.
2:23 pm
joining me to talk about the latest numbers and ford's new natural gas-powered pick up truck option, gary guess letter, fox news auto dot-com. suite get into the nat-gas in a minute. your first blush at the numbers they see pretty good. u.s. automakers are doing fine, aren't they? >> across the board. trucks are driving it. numbers this month were incredible. ford's pickup was up 22%. 49% for the gmc sierra. incredible growth in the seg amendment right now. ashley: i was asking you is this individual or big fleet sales? or combination of everything? >> some nation of everything. businesses starting to reinvest that the economy is getting better for them. more people going into pups when they had to move out a couple years ago for financial reasons. escape crossover up 4%.
2:24 pm
explorer up 14%. good numbers especially for ford. >> we're seeing solid numbers cars as well. everyone is worried that they rely on trucks moving forward. can't help selling a lot of trucks. they're strong in the car segments all three brands. ashley: talk about the popularity of leases coming on strong. providing really good business for the auto makers. >> a lot easier to get a lease than it was couple years ago. they're definitely moving back into that area. one interesting thing we're seeing longer leases. leases as much as seven years to get the payments down and --. ashley: long time to not own a car. >> it is a very long car. with the average car owned 10 or 11 years maybe it doesn't seem as long when --. ashley: that's true. you used to see a lot of leases in luxury cars. now you get them on all the mid-sized sedans and more average cars if you like. >> with the cars changing so much, with new technology, a 3-year-old car seems kind of old. maybe you want to lease it so you have something fresh in a couple of years. ashley: talk about other companies, general motors.
2:25 pm
they talk a lot about their leasing and how much their leasing at highest pace in over decade they say. that kind of brings that up. they continue to say the impala, doing very well for them. >> yes. sales are good on that. brand new. it is a fantastic car. spent a week with one. put it to the ultimate test. fir vacation. road trip. ashley: oh, my gosh. they led you do that, huh? >> it is perfect. big, old-fashioned american car. new car but, that old idea of the big american cruiser. you know, that's the smallest segment right now. large car segment is kind of only one that has been shrinking recently. if you, if there is going to be a car to revive it i think impala will be it. definitely on the money as far as you're looking for in that type of vehicle. ashley: couple more questions. talk about the japanese automakers, to it yo the, honda, nissan, obviously the camry continues to be number one car but seems the other companies are starting to narrow the gap. >> yeah a lot more
2:26 pm
competition. accord is always strong. altima continues to be strong. new altima on the road. subaru, incredible numbers. they have exceptional growth. they have the mid-sized legacy and outback which are popular as well as their other crossovers. across the board everyone doing pretty well in the automotive industry. ashley: we mentioned natural gas at the top of the show. ford saying they will put out a hybrid f-150. do you think the fact that the f-150 is getting into this could be a turning point for the technology? >> they think it is. they already sell. they're expecting to sell 15,000 vehicles that can be converted to natural gas. prep kit. you have to take it and get it converted by somebody else. and those are all heavy-duty trucks, commercial trucks, vans. now they're getting into the f-150. talking about the best-selling car in america. ashley: yeah. >> they think there is potential for a lot of crossovers. certainly fleets will pick up more of these because of lower cost and a lot more flexible as far as what they need in a vehicle. whether or not it goes to the consumer though it is
2:27 pm
hard to tell. the big problem with this --. ashley: when do you fill it up? >> that is the problem. there are only 600 public natural gas stations in the united states. what theefleets do, put their own pump at the garage. that makes a lot of sense. can get something at home but kind of expensive and difficult. bottom line, if you're driving 10, 15000 miles a year probably not worth it. ashley: you will not got the savings. >> once you get up to the 25,000, 30,000, a lot of commercial truck users use, that point you could get a payback. it will cost you 10,000 more than a regular f-150 with the same engine but that will pay for itself in two or three years. ashley: we'll see whether they're ahead of game or not. gary, great information. tracy: i love to see the impalas back. my girl friend had one in high school. we called it rosemary's baby. had a mind of its own. ashley: like christine. tracy: fraud case of former goldman sachs vp, fabulous
2:28 pm
fab tuorre. liz mack is here with the latest details. ashley: truly yo one of the big winners on impressive growth. ceo pete flint will be here on a first on fox business interview. first let's look at winners and losers on a big day for gains in the market. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce?
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wall street hoping the market goes higher and that is where we will see the dow identity is sitting at levels we have seen since 2000. we are waiting on numbers this afternoon from linked in. stock is up 4% hitting new highs, record all time highs for linkedin worth noting ahead of this. the other thing is since it went public in 2011, up we get a chart with facebook and it really has surge but the numbers that have come out, never meant earnings tiexiera estimates, only one in line every other quarter, actually a fee for earnings per share and revenue always topped analysts' expectations so no fresh air for linkedin, everyone has high expectations. >> keep it here for full
2:33 pm
earnings coverage starting at 4:00 on "after the bell". >> i will be waiting for those results. tracy: let me know how much macaroni and cheese is. the jury deliberating the fate of the breeze for, they might be leaning one way. liz macdonald is here. which will add a going? liz: breaking news, the jury foreman asked a question of the judge in this case. this is a big case, basically a very important case from the fallout of the financial crisis. three questions. what about the salary he earned at goldman sachs? can we consider his salary obtained in terms of personal and you're meant enduring be the setting and the fraud and the judge did advise the only if he received the compensation because of the deal because of the deal then you could say yes that leads to intent to materially defraud investors. the second question came up, the
2:34 pm
jury foreman asked what about the fact that the scented e-mail, appellates greenie was that the fund, basically is an architect of the debt against housing. remember what is key in this case is he hid from investors that john paulson's fund was going short, negatively bidding begins the housing market that sold this deal as being too equity investors going negative against it. get this, asking him whether or not he did quiz, has he quit, one of the jobs at paulson's hedge fund, the jury is building a case in their heads that he had intent to deceive for private personal gain and also to get a job at the paulson
2:35 pm
hedge funds. and can you find them liable for one piece of the deal and not three parts of it. it is a derivative and the jury forewoman said yes. this could still swing either way but it is not looking good. we broke the news on the noon show and give more details and development tracking and breaking news on this story all throughout the day, possibly into the evening. we will see, the verdict could be coming in a high-profile case against former vice president for breeze for --febrice toures. ashley: oil building on yesterday's gains and closing up $2.86 closing out at $107.80 a barrel, today's close 2%, the highest price for crude in two
2:36 pm
weeks, close to $103 in the other direction. twitter feeling the heat as governments around world put more demand on the social media company to release private information about its users. gerri willis loves to tweet away joining us with more. >> that is what is going on, 40% increase in the first six months, government requests for private information out there, three quarters from our government. typically what they are asking for is the e-mail address and ip address of the person making the tweets but in brazil what they want increasingly they score the highest on this is they want these tweets to be brought down because they don't like them. all over the country people trying to get a handle on a variety of different issues. where does it go from here?
2:37 pm
you basically have to presume it is all out there. >> yes you do but you do anyway. when you tweet you think i am reaching out to the public. >> you don't think someone will investigate my background. >> no, what is interesting here is the west coast companies do not like his policy of the government to investigate their businesses and their users. many of them are libertarians but they don't feel they have another option because the government is demanding this information. and usually -- ashley: pretty much walked in and pick up a phone and get what they want. >> there are not a lot of standards. this is a brand new situation here. areas not much you can do about twitter and what is going on but tonight on our show we will be talking about something you can't get a handle on and that is your medical costs. pharmaceutical costs. we will show you how to cut your drug costs, over-the-counter drugs that can supplement or
2:38 pm
replace drugs that are given to you by your doctor. we will be talking about prescription drugs at walmart, costco cheaper than you might get from a pharmacy. no details tonight at 6:00, join us for the billups report diminished the willis report. ashley: they not miss the willis report at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business. bring down the cost of prescription drugs. tracy: they get expensive. coming up special report small-business, big ideas, website billed as the anti yelp for restaurant reviews. the ceo tells us different, tell us about that next. ashley: time to check the 10 and 30 year treasury after a big day yesterday of 11 basis points at 2.69%. yesterday the 30 year yield also moving hire. check the book today a ten basis points at 3.74%. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] these days, a smalbusiness can save by sharing.
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>> mortgage rates climbed this week. and historical standards according to freddie mac the -p30-year alone is 4.39% and fo percentage points higher than in
2:41 pm
early may. after delaying it wants twice joining the battle for the american online shopper. retail experts say the budget fashion retailer may struggle to make the kind of profits of its reliable in the ecommerce market. it is the world's biggest online market. coming up at 5:00 eastern, camera drought talking about student loans. four times the load. what is to be done about that? latest on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:42 pm
tracy: the small business and big ideas, a 1-stop shop for restaurant menus reviews, reservations, you name it but setting yourself apart from others like yelp.
2:43 pm
she is cringing as i say it. the founder and ceo of taste some bond, you don't want to be compared to yelp which has a bad rap for posting reviews that are not real. >> sometimes you read the reviews and say i know the owner's mother wrote that. how do you get past that? >> we provide a careful approach to restaurant discoveries all of our reviews are from trusted sources. we are talking restaurant critics, chef, blunder are connected to. yelp which is slightly different they take a broader approach to restaurant discovery, millions of reviews from people you don't know, tens of thousands of restaurants so we provide reviews from trusted sources for the best restaurants. tracy: instead of going there you are compiling it all for me and it is all there under what restaurant? how do you define what makes your site? >> in new york city we have 1,000 restaurants, the best
2:44 pm
restaurants from highest to your $5 shop. in the restaurant did meet power play. it created a 1-stop shop for the restaurant. you can view a menu, and delivery to one place. >> you are policeing everybody in the right direction. there is no real original content. >> we are 100% objective. tracy: tell us where you are? >> we have a third city plan for later this year. we will be released shortly as well and next year cities including international possibilities. tracy: how are you making money? >> we are 100% focus on a product and building something our users want to keep coming back to.
2:45 pm
revenue has already been, we have partnerships which provide revenue to our business and other opportunities. tracy: what made you decide to do that? >> in charge of finding a date night and it took an hour near where we are going to wheat and the reason i was cross referencing information, many different sources and i thought to myself there has got to be a better way to provide a curated place for content and make a decision quickly. tracy: tell us about the concierge service? >> if you don't have time to peruse the site, and we will easily help you determine where to eat. tracy: thank you for being here, good luck with it. ashley: time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's go to the stock exchange,
2:46 pm
teddy, analysts on the shows saying they have a 1700 level prediction for the s&p by year's end. we have grown through that, where could we go? >> that is a great question, i would like to meet the person, i can't give you the answer. the momentum continues to be dramatically positive. almost borders of little bit on the scary but you wonder how high is up, not sure it is justified but the tape doesn't lie and there's something that is a mistake to fight even though logic would dictate we are a little overbosh if not way overbought. ashley: this is the day jobless claims to the five year low, oo manufacturing on the way up. what exactly is behind this?
2:47 pm
>> that is on the positive side of the equations and listen to what the fed chairman said yesterday, and you have to understand fed speak to understand what they are telling us all the time. it was sort of negative. it was pretty neutral, not very encouraging to justify not doing anything about quantitative easing so clearly we got a lot of crosscurrents, a matter of who is on first. it is tough right here. ashley: thank you for joining us. tracy: shares hitting a record high on quarterly results. pete flint will tell us how the housing site continues and plan to keep growing. ashley: look at today's winners and losers on the nasdaq. we will be right back.
2:48 pm
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ashley: shares of trivia hitting a new time high after quarterly results that beat wall street estimates and even its own. the only real estate listing service post record revenues, subscribers and consumer traffic. not bad. joining us in a press on fox interview is ceo and co-founder pete flynn. thank you for joining us. how are you continuing to create this growth in pretty competitive field? >> great to be here. great execution by the team. a couple highlights, a consumer
2:52 pm
growth growing 50% thirty five million users and as you say we had a record number of new subscribers and real-estate professionals and a couple things going on to grow the business so clearly we are at the beginning of the housing recovery which is an enormous industry and we are tiny relative to the market opportunities. now it is time to spend more money on online services where consumers are shopping for homes. in particular, mobil is driving a huge part of that, mobile audiences driving 100% year over year, great for consumers on mobile devices but that is one of the key benefits, and it is even higher than the desktops, creating great consumer experience and monetize the
2:53 pm
consumer audience with mobile prescriptions at high rates. ashley: what would you say to some analysts who have observed i guess you could say the revenue growth, not directly in proportion to spending to grow the revenue and what that means is getting lower margins. it is not organic, spend to create the growth. how would you respond to that. >> we are in investment mode, clearly in investment mode. this is an opportunity to invest accordingly. as we went public ten months ago back in september of 2012, in every single quarter we showed gradual improvements in the adjusted ebitda, 11%, investing appropriately, a top wine business and we also see employment large and profitable
2:54 pm
business. ashley: how you set yourself apart from your competitors? you are constantly trying to provide customers with more insight? you can get the numbers down but what sets you apart? >> exactly right. the key thing for us is on the consumer side providing consumers data, surrounded by data providing personal things. helping consumers not just understand the property but how do i choose the right neighborhood? how do i choose the right agent? what we do is provide which information, just added earthquake and flood information so earthquake in the bay area, flood on the east coast is important and on the asian side we have seen over the last five years the consumer real-estate experience has been transformed and we have these apps on our
2:55 pm
mobile devices but we see the next phase transforming the rahway real-estate professionals run their businesses and we announced the acquisition a few months back of a company called market leader whichhis the leading provider of software for real-estate professionals and the goal is to combine marketing services with software tools to help real-estate professionals improve the way they run their business and that is a better consumer experience, truly an enormous opportunity. ashley: you are doing something right. congratulations on these latest results and continued success for the future. thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. dennis: no one is -- tracy: no one is talking about it, in the park going for her fourth major championship this year, the first professional golfer man or woman to accomplish that feat. the south korean phenom opened
2:56 pm
the lpga british open at st. andrews, scotland, three under par. calls for grand slam quest, quote, pretty incredible. ashley: no one is talking about it. tracy: you go girl. ashley: all four majors in the same year is unheard of. we will keep a close eye on that. coming up but to know how the economy is doing, you want to know further, hotels, especially those that cater to business travelers. we sit down with the ceo and president of marriott international and we will ask what marriott is doing right and why you should stay in one of his hotel. that is coming up next.
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
during this hour yesterday after the new york post reported the retailer was having credit problems. today j.c. penney is pushing back and so is the stock. should you try it on for size? talk about the bad for stay on the job. a rough start. he never made it today number two. why then did s ac hired a guy who has now pled guilty to insider-trading? and no summer slowdown. i caffeine charged starbucks deal, ask streaming video and just seconds for now you will see the brand new smart found that it unveils. will the ceo in charge convince to ditch our phones? will try live on air. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now.


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