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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  August 4, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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after the show show. >> thank you. >> thank for being with us. time for you to get worked up because while the jobless rate may be falling the types of jobs employers are adding are, well, alarming. the number of part-time workers surging. now a record high of 28million, making up more than 3/4 of the new jobs this year. it comes more companies say they're cutting more hours because of the health care law, so is the law turning mesh into a part-time nation? , everybody. this is "bulls & bears." here we are. welcome to everybody. larry, you say blame the health care law for the surge in part-time workers?
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brenda, this is another unrtunate example of how obama care will hurt real workers the real economy. it will lead to lower wage growth, lower economic growth, and more part-time jobs being created as we saw in the most recent job reports at the expense of full-timeobs. welcome to part-time jobs. this is a dismal result. susan, are you convinced? >> no, not at all. there are a couple ceos who have said they're going to shift to part-time workers but a repo that came out, 75% said it would have no impact on their hiring plan. when you see the data you always see a huge uptick in part-time workers. the real problem is we haven't had a real economic recovery like we need to. >> even the irs chief says he
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doesn't wantnt to change his insurance. a lot of employersust be looking at this and saying why do we need to. >> i'll tell you what, brenda. i'd agree with susan if it was just a couple ceos, but it's not. it's ceos and let's see just off the top of my head, subway, white castle, hardee's, local communications, long beach. the numbers are starting to add up. if y believe they're lying, making it all up, it's an anecdote. for every part-time job we hadded 3.4 and with every normal economy the ratio is always flipped. it's always five full-time jobs for one part-time job. you summed it upbest. we're becoming a natioion of fa food burg flippers. >> tracy, you always take a look
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at the business. they're the engine of economy for the job creation. do you think they're creating part-time workers? >> yes. we talked about it before. that's what we're seeing wh these small business guys brenda, in the numbers we saw this week we saw hourly hours worked and that's a bad sign as well. you're gettingours and the reason is costs are going up with regard to obama care. >> is obama care the result of this? >> they want a dynamic work force. they want everybody part-time. it's not just america and it's not bad thing. first of all in england where they have national health care, the governme pays for health caring they have a record number of part-time workers. that's not because of obama
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care. what's really going on is employers don't want to necessarily hire you. they don't want to give you 401(k) or heal benefits. yeah, that will discourage an pl to be a full-time. you guys are acting like the '50s model, the watch, the plan, health care. >> gary, take it on. >> i agree with jonas. we do want more flexibility but i'm sorry. he ee wrong about this being a trend for the last 40, 50 years. as i pointed out, in every economy, part-time jobs outnumr full-time jobs. fast food, movies, local government, you want to have part-time people there, they know the siness, all the reasons they hire full-time. they see it growing economy.
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instead we're slapped with this new cost, the tax, call it what you will with obamaare and mpanies want to be more flexible and they have to be by hiring part-time workers because they don't know where the economy or health care is going. >> if i could piggyback on gary's point, the part-time got eventually got a full-time offer. we're not seeing that. we've been waiting months and moose. that is just not happening. that has everything to do with the cost. i get what joe's saying. why not get a bunchof part-time jobs if people were off their butts getting multiple. but if you're only getting one, that doesn't put enough money back in the economy. >> they're stating they have a responsibility to their shareholders to control costs. they cannot say i have to share to part-time model to stay
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within that fiduciary cost. they're with holding from the workers. it's selfishworld and that's the way it's going to be unless we change the legislation. >> what's going to drive the change? it's going to be a stronger economy. the point in time we had the lowest was during the clinton administration, the boom yea.. that was the lowest point. when the economy starts to become more robust they're going to switch more to full time. you know you've seen these statistics that the overall trend in 2010 is the numbers are coming down for part-time workers. it's partly due to furloughs of government employees due to sequesters. >> susan, don't you think -- you're talking about robust recovery. i totally agree with you. don't you agree that weather by anecdote or raw numbers that obama care is slowing down this
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quote/unquote recovery? >> no. we're havg the same economic trends we've been seeing for two years. that's about lower demand. you cannot blame all ofthis on obama care. >> we're only blaming a part of it on obama care, trust me. >> but, tracy, if we hve more part-time workers, they have less to spend and the economy's not going to get going. and that's the problem. and so we're in this like purgatory forever where we're not getting any jump start. i would love it if people went out a bought 50 burgers today for dinner soe could hire 50 burger flippers and that's not going to happen unfortunately because we're in this unknown territory. what's going to happen with my taxes, what's going t happen with my health care. no one knows. everyone is sitting on their hands. that's where we're sitting wh the economy right now. as long as uncle ben keeps pumping money into the economy your 401(k) will go up b you
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can't say that about the companies. >> if this is all true, then if the president got rid of al the regulations on full-time work, pension, 401(k)s, orissa. why would they have to do it at all. would that be a better situation? would everybody be full-time with no benefits? >> our recovery right here is bad ani'm blaming obama care. >> all right, guys. last words. >> two weeks and counting. the white house continuing claim scandals like the ones involving the irs are fame and phony but are brand-new revelations proving to be really uncomfortablfor the revelation. getting to the heart of it at the bottom of the hour. but up next here, you get to
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bears." more headlines, 30 minutes away. a teach 'eers union pet peeve getting slammed by a court. the judgrules that teacher evaluation scores in l.a. should be available to the public. unions are fighting to keep them secret, but tracy says the judge has it right.
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you've got kids, ie got kids. they see our grasd. what about the teachers? >> the tchers should be judged the same way. do i think it's fair for my children, no, but i should have a right to know what my teachers are doing with the kid this the classroom. tenure should be abolished. you'll see your property taxes fall precipitously becaus you wouldn't have to pay the burden of the tenured teachers that have been on the books all these years. if th have good scores, p them more. corporate america judges you and you take tests in corporate america. you should be doing it in public schools. >> jonas, do you see a downside? >> if you make it more, more kids are going go to privatized school. >> stop it. >> i'm for rating and ranking and using teachers and promoting
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them and not treating them as a giveaway. however, me knowing some teachers' grades isn't going to do anythi. i can't fire a teacher so it's important for the administration to use it. i don't see what the tell-all in the paper is going to do as far as teachers' pay. >> gary, they say this could bring on stigma. they're just afraid they'rall going to be bad grades. >> and they should be quite honestly. here's the difference and i think that jonas is missing on this. when i go into a burger king or a mcdonald's, i don't care about the rating of an employee because if they give me lousy service, i can go to wendy's down the street. thproblem is public schools are a mon ply. whether the teachers are good or bad, i still have to buy their crappy product.
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if i know what they're doioing there, at least i have input. i can band with other parents. i could go to the superintendent. i guess i could move out of my neighborhood if i so choose. i can do something but i need that information. without it, i don't have a free market. there should be vouchers in the school. but we need that information and the public is deserving of it. >> what's wrong about making that public, making that information public? >> i'm for disclosure and t thik they should have it. i kind of glie with gary on that. the problem here is the information they want to disclose is they're trying to isolate the impact that a particular individual teacher has had on students' standardized test scores and all i think that does is puts more emphasis on standaized test scores which doesn't improve education, just standardized test scores.
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increases the amount of information on test scores which i think is in the wrong place. larry, do you age? >> i disagree. i think as parents we have a right to know as much as we can who's teaching our children. the restaurants, the hotels, small businesses, they want to rate them, see them, evaluate. they demand the same thing from them. we want to know who's in their teaching our kids. >> it's never going to be an apple store. you're not paying to go. >> your taxes. we pay so many taxes. >> let the private sector evaluate -- >> if there was a per student tax go to school, yeah. but the guy with the giant house is paying for your kids to go to school. >> don't reward mediocrity. that's better information. >> i think it's unfair,
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extremely unfair that these kids live, sweat, and die and get their grades placed on it. maybe if they took it they would get it and we'd get rid of it once and for all. all right, jonas, the one who ha no kid >> thanks, guys. who says you can't go home? a record number of adults are ba living with mom and dad and someone here says that's a great news.
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from an empty nest back the a full nest, one in three are back living home with their parents. you might think this is a terrible indicator for the economy but jonas, you say it's good news. >> it sounds worse than it is. it boils down to what they're doing. is that such a great use? maybe they're working and saving to buy a house. maybe a lot of them today know you're betting off starting a business. that's risky. you won't have income coming in the beginning. so it depends what they're doing with their time. if they're playing video games,
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yeah. i think a lot of them have a plan and it's a little better than plans of people from five, ten years ago. >> gary, being a voice of experience, what do you say? >> it happened with me and my kids. i won't pick on my kids. i pick oi myself. i lived with my parents a year after graduate school for about a year. here's all the things i missed. i didn't know about how to pay utilities. i barely knew how to write a check. i didn't know how to balance my finances or cook a meal for crying out loud. i wasn't, as jonas said, responsible. i wasn't saving money for a house. my god, i spent all the money i did. my mother cooked. it was finally when i got kicked out of the house, i kicked myself out of the house, thank god, i learned how to be an adult. that's the problem with this. the kids living there, as well meaning as they may be, have not yet moved into adulthood and that's what we really need to
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power this economy forward for the next generation. >> tracy, what does th say about the next generation? >> i don't know. you're talking to a sicilian. i want my kids to live with me forever and evy. i don't think any kid wants to ve with their parents forever. the truth is i worry more about the parents because now they're in this little sand wimp generation where they're taking care of their kids and their aging adults. i worry more about them. i think the kids for the most part want to get the heck out on their own and god willing they have a plan. >> maybe we can get them out in the teenaged years. >> that's genius. >> i agree with tracy. i think one of the challenges that we're seeing here and it doesn't show up in the data as much is so much is driven by the debtoad that students incur in college or before while working internships and so people are coming out with a huge debt burden and part of it is the
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economics when we were all coming out and didn't come out with debt -- i was fortunate not to -- i could go out andet a job and support myself and pay rent. but if i had to pay $15,000, $20,000 in college loans, i could not have done that. >> if you don't have to borrow money, that's a good thing, right? >> yes, absolutely. >> lawyrry, what does that say about the economy? >>hrough no fault of their own, these kids try to go into the job market from lemons, you make lemonade. move in with mom and dad. save, pay down the massive loans, then you can move out. it's not good tr the parents because they have to work a whole lot longer and it won't make room for others. >> to your point, brenda, so many first-time jobs are not pay. there's so many intern ships.
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everyone wants you to come work. they don't want to pay you. there's that angle as well. >> these people all have to try to get jobs. >> stronger family. all right. >> it's all about the family unit. >> and thanks to susan for joining us. >> tha you. appreciate it. what's got theseguys so heated and the name that could be on fire because of it. ♪
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predictions and jonas is up. >> they could be a lot higher. this is good for the taiwan stock market. >> this is like "bulls & bears." ry, are you a bull or bear? i'm a bear. >> what about you? >> i like staples. i think it's up. >> bull or bear. >> bear. >> gary, what's your prediction? >> up 50% in the year. >> gary, always on vacation. what do you say who's always on vacation? >> i don't lik that one, brenda, sorry. >> and tracy. >> they say plus sizes are not in their corporate plan. i think they're doing a huge disservi missing out on a big market and it's being did krimm
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discriminatory. >> no lemons in next segment. nea neil, take it away. >> if the irs is a phony scandal, then why is it s messy? hi, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. >> we've seen political posturing and phony scandals. >> well, how aboutan endless parade of new revelations involving the very same scandal like this one at the irs. e-mails were released this week suggesting that lois


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