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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thank you for joining us. i will see you tomorrow night. lou: a good evening everybody president obama is a coherent policy on egypt gets all the more confounding as one leading democrat in the senate completely contradiccontradic ts the white house claims on the status of the aid to egypt a country that is rapidly descending into violence. patrick leahy of vermont of the subcommittee is saying earlier today the obama administration has decided to cut military aid to egypt after two weeks of violence between the egyptian military, police and
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security forces and the muslim brotherhood in 1,000 people have been killed and david carle says the senator's understanding is the egyptian paula terry has been halted and said deputy press secretary disagrees dance the human of questions from the white house press corps before he finally declared fellow democrats patrick leahy is flat out wrong. >> it is important for you and your readers to understand providing foreign assistance you cannot turn it off fraud or up and down but it is provided so those staunches are under review it has not been cut off but is under review. >> it could describe the obama foreign policy itself
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and its defense firm on the senator's claim telling fox news that the state department subcommittee was told the transfer of military aid was stopped. it started by conspicuously announcing a previously unscheduled cabinet level meeting today to discuss cutting aid to egypt. the white house is engaged in a deliberate attempt to mislead the american public or the president and his white house staff so confused how to respond that the parties in the administration are willing to contradict. we will take this up tonight with retired air force general and one congressman has a plan to initiate reform if it begins with
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border security. the chairman of the house joins us in four people put on paid leave for the benghazi debacle that four americans were killed. today they return to work without punishment or without accountability. "the weekly standard" cast is here tonight and secretary of state carry inherited the big gauzy investigation of his predecessor hillary clinton and initiated his own review of the accountability review board but aid to the secretary of state makes it sound like it is nothing more than the effort from the white house and their responsibility for the death of four americans at the heel of the terrace.
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james rosen has our report. >> since the premeditated attack killed four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya not a single terrorist has been brought to justice but at the state department the accountability review board as for employs of administrative leave now john kerry has ordered all four reassigned to different jobs. >> it is obvious to all those who have followed this that we have to let the facts go with a bay and we cannot just take action that is not warranted to make us feel better. >> highest-ranking of the four assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security resigned his post in this senior ds official testified at a deposition six months ago the only court testimony to date that he did not know why he was
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singled out. >> i have not seen the classified version of the report and i have not seen any information pertaining to me. >> being his deputy with in contact on the ground he was the first in washington to know that there was no protest that benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> you make this statement i could follow what was happening almost in realtime. >> that's correct. >> and maxwell who worked for the bureau said he was a scapegoat by those loyal to secretary of state clinton. >> it is more accurate to call them every for president ford because of the year is i can tell they tried to insulate her from any criticism whatsoever there is no accountability.
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>> it was not a rebuke but in january then secretary clinton indicated on the existing law prevented her and she was not happy about it. >> under federal statutes and regulation unsatisfactory leadership is not grounds for finding a breach of duty we did not find that these four individuals breached their duties so i have submitted legislation to this committee to the senate committee to fix this problem. >> state department officials said that secretary of state carry gave weight to the fact they have all served for a long time that the department and honorably and often in hazardous postings. lou: my next guest says the secular government does meet our interest for stability in the region livermore in egypt concerning a the
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benghazi scandal in to shift the paradigm, we're joined by retired u.s. air force general may we begin with the contradiction if the president has cut it off? >> we don't know except i hope that we do not cut it off. the choices and not perfect but remember egypt is the linchpin of the middle east. we must keep that relationship with the military. we do not want to the muslim brotherhood that is a softer looking group of al qaeda so when people hear about the muslim brotherhood it is in our interest for the muslims
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to take control of the moderates and the military to get rid of the muslim brotherhood. we don't want boots on the ground they were outlawed over 30 years and frankly i hope the current military general gets rid of them. this is the fight the muslims must be doing i a am confident the whole middle east would be radical islamist. lou: with your clear view on the muslim brotherhood with the leader of the secular military, why are we listening to so many, it republican officials including senator john mccain and others that say cut off aid which is a
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reversal of the position up to recent days? >> i really don't know what they're thinking. maybe they don't understand the ideology of the muslim brotherhood. obvious the morsi demonstrated to take away the freedoms. the muslim brotherhood has taken over not the military that is one of the driving factors by the egyptian people rose up to throw out morsi in the military helped them the you have 80 million people in the streets with the to get rid of them that is not a coup d'etat it is that the civilian people populous rising up against the government and the military caved in to help.
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lou: today's secretary of state john kerry said the four people that because of their responsibility. and now reassigned as no loss of pay are no reprimand. this is more than 11 months after the tragedy of benghazi on september in the blast year. this is appalling this administration is insisting on no accountability whatsoever that the administration is now battling. >> it is amazing. it is like the movie see no evil, hear no evil then you
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see what is going down with for a college saying he is a radical islamist, he wanted to kill americans and the judges denying certain evidence because she felt it was too old and we're almost four years on that if four years on bigeyes cbs still not figured out the administration sends a signal that is confusing anybody who understands what is going on with a global war on terror. and i know where we ought to be going to. lou: is a possible the people that are really confused are the national security team when they support the muslim brotherhood that is counter to u.s. interest when it comes to the government and policies of egypt? this is a president who was acting as though he is
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supportive clearly of the muslim brotherhood and radical islamist and when you bring up for a good good, this man and -- is not a terrorist but had workplace violence, a general this is deeply troubling. >> and it is troubling to our soldiers, airmen in its marines. they don't know what kind of direction they're getting what they believe the policy in egypt has been a failure when we let mubarak go. we must understand after 12 years of boots of a ground that we will need to have an authoritarian government that is interested in what we want to do and in the u.s. interest we do not need a totalitarian islamic government but the
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authoritarian government that what the general tries to set up is extremely important. let democracy come at the appropriate time but let's get interested in stability in the region and we need the peace treaty with israel to continue we need passage through the suez canal those key factors are important to a solid middle east policy. lou: this president insisted on hosni mubarak's departure and the rest is the consequence of that decision more than two years ago. thank you for being with us. we will have much more on the president's contradictory policies next. >> president obama spent his summer vacation in golfing.
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home and security chairman shows other congressman y border security comes first. next. you make a great team.
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lou: my next guest recently led a border patrol guided tour of the texas mexico border highlighting what he described as inadequate resources and has introduced a border security bill that requires operational control with no less than 90 percent apprehension rate over the entire border over five years the entire house could vote after the summer recess in joining as is michael mccall chairman of homeland
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security. you took a number of congressmen with you what your thoughts and their reaction? >> we don't like this ad hoc approach the problem is a national strategy we went to san diego they have technology tucson has wonderful technology but it just presses to other points now the new point of entry is the rio grande valley in that national strategy in that plan to dictate where we put those resources we will continue to throw money at the problem without a solution. lou: is your proposal as it rolls back the legislation
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that authorized cooperation between the authorities of border patrol and local law-enforcement. this administration wants to take your bill to encourage that cooperation? what is the reaction? >> it is a force multiplier it has a valuable role to play and the share of some doors my bill because it gives them a voice as a stakeholder of the national strategy in the implementation and along with the coast guard and border patrol in national guard it brings everyone together to create the national strategy that we have never had before. we have never had a plan to implement or metrics to measure we have thrown
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$75 billion to the border with only a 44% success rate we can do better also as a 90 percent apprehension rate i think is achievable and he agrees we could get this done and we talked about this issue for quite some time now is the moment to get this done. lou: i have endorsed to whomever may care in incremental approach of which your committee of the rules of regular order those that have been denied in the senate and for crying out
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loud senator chuck schumer has even endorsed said collaborative and thoughtful approach that the members have chosen. are you stunned? >> this comprehensive idea to throw together a bill over three days that is a misguided approach to throw $50 billion without any rhyme or reason is a total waste of taxpayer dollars. what we want to do with the novel concept we go through the committee process then piece by piece developed legislation that i think will finally resolve to a very difficult and complex issue.
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>> congress comes back on the night of september so we look forward to your return to watch those hearings take place a of legislation moves through the congress as was intended. homeland security committee but turning to wall street falling eight points the nasdaq is up 24 points and moody's upgraded the outlook for state governments it did cut the outlook more than five years ago. it took awhile but we are here. welcoming the only undefeated team it took
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lou: the white house is doing its best to divert our attention to the bright shiny objects as best they kayhan but yesterday they announced the first dog has a new little sister to play with a portuguese water dog named sonny but today president obama chose to honor the miami dolphins at the white house the only team to win the super bowl after going through the entire season undefeated and it was never celebrated by any president. but why now? it is not the anniversary of their accomplishment or even the regular football season may be our celebrity president wants to me does many celebrities as tiki and while he lives at that coveted address to the '96
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chicago bulls or the new york yankees? then there is josh ernest talking about and promoting the college bus tour. >> just three days away but i welcome your interest because i think it will be fun and informative. >> we are talking about president obama? the president is fine he enjoyed a nine day vacation where he played six rounds of golf on martha's vineyard but let's hope a few unattended matters don't ruin his mood egypt does appear to be falling apart
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so we don't know but we will learn more i am sure is syria he wanted to get out of their the death toll of more than 100,000 in no one has been held accountable of the benghazi scandal that four americans died more than 11 months ago. but everything is good for state department officials feared ministry of leave has been reassigned this would be my number-one unemployment those rates did rise last month. we need to get this great capitalist economy going
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mr. president you could provide strong and positive leadership if you care enough about those folks who have had to weather the horrible economic cycle. the cater institute informs us all state welfare programs pay more than minimum wage jobs in 35 of our states. imagine the scandals as the irs continues to stonewall investigators with the targeting of conservative groups that scandal you remember with attorney-general holders justice apartment never will represent once again we are
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a nation of laws. we wonder if the president of hours is in the informative mood to tell us when he was doing the night of the benghazi attacks in but equal to about the irs are justice department. we cannot wait to find out just how fun and informative mr. obamacare be. four americans dead in benghazi no one fired or disciplined or no arrests made in the administration stonewalls for 11 months. next. can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on.
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lou: a group of special forces veterans putting pressure on john peyser to
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investigate the benghazi scandal. special operation speaks to put up three bay billboards with that message in his home district with a caption if more members of congress were killed in benghazi would we have a watergate style today? a good question the director of the controversial comments here is what lee daniel said when he asks if america has become more racist since the first african-american president. >> i see people wearing green that he is president and they show their true colors. i think when danny strong wrote those words in the black man could be killed by
7:35 pm
a white man to get away with it, the trayvon martin has not happened. sadly i think so. lou: joining us now is the "a team". what is your reaction? >> i think the country is more divided and polarized but i don't think it has anything to do with race. people don't like -- dislike barack obama because it is raised by his policy, lack of transparency and accountability i'd like the irs is targeting different political groups, gauzy he came into office to say i will bring the country together i don't care about read of their color blue america but that is not what happened. to say that country doesn't like him because of his race i think it's a ridiculous
7:36 pm
statement to make. lou: is there any sense of self for any awareness when a black director in the country with a black president says the president brought with him greater racism when he assumed office? >> there was no irony in the clip i agree with what she said. going back at 2008 to the extent they make judgments based on race there was the inclination to give the president the benefit of the dow or to be excited about the prospect to re-elect the first black president i don't see what he talks about certainly the fact that would suggest racism is
7:37 pm
on the decline. >> but having that question of self awareness and irony but the caucasians is survey after survey that the majority of white folksy less racism it is remarkable. it is a shame we cannot have that wonderful conversation that eric holder once had but pretreats immediately of any discussion of any real issues. >> nobody says real racism does not exist. of course it does but it the means that if you call everything racist to continually say you don't like the president because of the color of his skin that has nothing to do with that it is cheap and not
7:38 pm
accurate. lou: it is a cop out. with this transparent open presidency but benghazi the secretary of state carry moving ahead to say basically we will dismiss what is clear and obvious that schools were in charge of this government when the president move forward that it had nothing to do with terrorism. will they get away with this ? >> it is interesting when congress looks at this issue it is clear that for people who have been reinstated from the paid temporary leave had not yet been subject to any real interrogation or questioning
7:39 pm
by the state department sought this point it is unclear we don't know why they have done this it is part of a broader pattern as stonewalling but in particular if you take a look at what secretary carry has done in the catalog about rage that is part of the benghazi story this does not craig that high because i don't think those people that were punished we're the decision makers. those who bear responsibility are hillary clinton in the senior the couple who chose as a matter of policy to take a low profile security posture in the weeks after there was a tax on other western interest. lou: talking with the
7:40 pm
homeland security committee who has introduced the bill the house is leading on immigration valiant support fully their approach with border security. day you seek they will prevail? >> i think they will stand a strong and that is because there is a lot of public backlash people felt that was not prioritized. lou: marco rubio said that. >> with a presidential bid but people also feel the loss need to be enforced it is incumbent on the house republicans to protect that ideal to have confidence they will. lou: thank you both. the market's eagerly await the minutes from the july meeting the next best --
7:41 pm
guest will be with us next find out what the market will do tomorrow in the days after. join us at
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lou: the dow iridescent teal and pays for the worst month since may of last year. marking it with the dow of five straight days. great to have you with us. with all the talk of the sell-off is that over now? >> there is a lot going on. it is by no means great and europe is hitting the bottom in stabilizing but there is tied in brazil so we think a
7:45 pm
lot of that is pricing in the market but we will find out more about right now the volatility has come down a little bit. lou: earnings have been reasonable bidders a and no earnings in the market has come a long way already. or where dree head from here? >> we fluttered the equity markets large cap stocks the russell 1,000. lou: the russell 1,000? >> also 2000 is up over 22 percent so with the market would stop right now this would be a very good year but with that globally
7:46 pm
a diversified portfolio but with some economic growth. >> we will get a peek at the minutes to agitate what will they reveal? >> very little. the federal reserve will stick with the previous language and with the future chair person of the federal reserve will guide policy. >> not ben bernanke but janet yellen is and the thing keeping the of her around the federal reserve and future policy would be more a center of the market. lou: what about larry summers? >> there are names of the last -- list.
7:47 pm
lou: i discussed with my two favorites. thank you for being here. we're starting to see the security premium in the u.s. market compared to all markets around the world people are starting to remember the united states markets are a big deal. >> i agree. there is a safe haven and deservedly so. lou: up next obama continues to defy reason refusing to call egypt a coup on, and that the scandals are phony. does he really believe that? we will analyze the obama white house. next.
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lou: if you ever wondered what the people are thinking in the new report of the wall street journal goes a ways to a answering it that north period ed deals with this serious academic researchers say 40 or 50 percent of adults in northern areas of the communist country are addicted. north korea breaking that. and then with a number of scandals with the 1972 miami dolphins joining us to take a look to take responsibility joined by psychologist and psychotherapist, thank you for being with us.
7:52 pm
what is this president thinking? what is going on? a contradiction of a major issue of one of the leading democratic senators and being called out in each seems to be completely out of touch. >> it is the lame-duck syndrome almost home free in peking get through this presidency without a major scandal and many people have been reporting there will be a scandal and something will happen between other members of the white house they just say let me take care of the business. >> but we know they are really trying to get through unscathed to protect the legacy that is what every lame-duck president tries to
7:53 pm
do. lou: you cannot argue that. is anything motivating him? he is not exactly gaining a reputation to be the hardest working president in history >> for sure. it is a human nature to avoid responsibility for difficult situations. that is human nature but not responsible. >> that the essence of eliot spitzer anthony wiener, it gives us some insight they care about us deeply. >> people go where they're
7:54 pm
comfortable in spite of the? scandal. >> may be more comfortable alone. >> they're comfortable in the public eye in the political scene so it is not surprising they go back where they are comfortable to get the attention and praise and if they get reelected doesn't that mean a scandal is behind them? >> i a degree because clinically with these individuals with spitzer in greener that they get a chance for the do over. now they have the opportunity to save the reputation and then still not able to do that because of impulse control issues.
7:55 pm
>> but three new york papers coming up to say this weekend to denounce eliot spitzer to be at cheat and a liar. in the dismal performance as governor. and unsuccessful as an attorney general when none of the prosecution's only feeding the insatiable ego. are you amazed that this read newspapers that "the new york daily news" every step of the way, what is happening? >> i have to think a part of
7:56 pm
us wants redemption to rise above the mediocrity or there pork choices. i understand why they're still in the public eye but i wonder what does that say about us? lou: what get what we are reading and watching in who we have become as a people to go to the lowest common denominator we don't have the aspirational set of leaders. >> people are disgusted by the fact to look at it as a shrink he has severe emotional issues that he has begun to work on trying to become a better person i have talked to him about it but the important saying is people to get spitzer then
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neil: some say he started a revolution now scott brown is determined to finish it. welcome glad to have you i am neil cavuto, from the man who stunned political world when he landed in 10 kennedy's old senate seat this time focus on a higher seat. scott brown, is joining what seems like a conga line of would-be presidential candidates heading for cornfields of iowa. here is what brown makes his case, a compelling case. gets on other republican's case, he


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