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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. you are looking at just some of the estimated 1300 victims of what syrian rebels claim or chemical weapon attacks by president assad forces. the united nations has taken up the issue with no word of any response as yet. the u.s. state department contradicted themselves today on whether syria has chemical weapons. general jack keene is here to assess the situation. also tonight the nasdaq halting trading for more than three hours today. it still remains silent on what stopped the second largest
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exchange in its tracks. the s&p chief equity strategist joins us. the department of justice by after the state of texas again. attorney general eric colder determined to allow voting nationwide without requiring identification. kansas secretary of state among our guests here tonight to say why the integrity of our electoral system must be preserved. and the end of the road is near for the self-proclaimed hugger. san diego mayor. and bradley manning wants to be called chelsea as it pursues taxpayer funded gender reassignment therapy from is leavenworth prison cell. the "a-team" takes up all that and a great deal more. we begin with another possible reason that the president's foreign policy is so incoherent and ineffective that members of
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his own administration seem uninformed. today state department news conference on syria and so-called red lines featured as a shocking contradiction from spokesperson jan psyche. take a lesson. >> the red line is the use of chemical weapons. that was crossed a couple of months ago. the president took action, which we talked at the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line and that the obama administration has responded until a few moments later when she offered up this blatant contradiction. >> we still believe that they don'tthave the capability to use chemical weapons. that has not changed. again, we're looking into the facts on the ground. there is no reason if there is nothing to hide for the regime not to let the investigative team and. lou: what is going on?
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the state department does not seem to know either way. thankfully president obama announced after that he has directed intelligence agencies to find out what is happened again. administration sources on the president's confirmed his directive to the intelligence community to investigate claims. the president making stops today at the state university of buffalo and in a high-school in syracuse. both and upstate new york. what his administration has billed as a fun and informative college bus tour, highlighting his new plan to tie federal student aid to federal assessments of college performance, trying to tie it all into yet another push for support for obamacare. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the report. >> as president obama's poll
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numbers sank he is getting back on the bus open-air recycling an effective tool from his reelection campaign would rekindle his political romance than saved his second term agenda. >> for too long we have seen an erosion of middle-class security so together we save the auto industry. together we took on a broken health care system. >> the latest episodes of this middle-class road show or focused on college affordability , that mention of health care is not an accident. in a sign of how the minister issue has gone into battle mode on health care, and released a photo of the president hosting a video conference with people implementing the law around the country. the meeting was held in the white house situation room, normally reserved for national security matters which we have not had the president speak publicly about this week. on health care the president knows getting 18 to 34 year olds into the new insurance exchanges by october 1st will be critical to bringing premiums down. yet there are signs the legions
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of young fans and not exactly fired up. a new gallup poll found younger americans are the age group least familiar with the new law. 10 percent of 18-34-year-old said they're very familiar. 18 percent of 35 to 54 year olds and 18 percent of 55 and up are very familiar. >> eocene a faction of republicans in congress suggest that maybe america should not pay its bills that have already been one of. we should shut down government if they can't shut down obamacare. >> talking college affordability does the young people excited. today in buffalo the president unveiled a plan to set up ranking system for universities that will tie federal financial aid to how well they are giving up tuition cost and other measures. the republican chairman of the house committee on education in the workforce praised the president for pushing competition. though he added, i remain
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concerned that opposing an arbitrary college ranking system could curtail the very innovation we hope to encourage and even lead to federal price controls. so with the chance of passing congress the president is likely to use executive power, a strategy he has deployed already on a range of other issues. lou: thank you. turning back to the obama administration foreign-policy, international outrage is growing over the latest reports of chemical weapons used by the syrian government. joining us now, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, also fox news military analyst. let's turn first if we may to this confusing series of remarks by the state department in which they have one moment having acknowledged that they believe that there is chemical weapons available to president assad, he has used them and within moments
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the spokesperson saying that they don't know whether he has them and doubt that he does. even as the president says he is a signing that question to our intelligence agencies. >> that is a stunning revelation the fact of the matter is that the international community has verified that he has chemical weapons and also that he has used them in the past in this conflict against the rebels. and it appears at least looking and videos and all the other empirical data it's out there that he probably has used them here in a place called gouda, a suburb of damascus. these were fired by rockets is what peoppe on a grounder saying an area where the rebels had just made some advances in to damascus and also and a place where the rebels had just received a new shipment of arms. so all of this ties together.
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i hope we can verify it quickly. i would hope that the president finally is decisive. lou: we are showing some very graphic video, and i would like to encourage our producers to gize.e that from the screen. some of that certainly not suitable for viewing. we will bring other representative video up on the broadcast. again, i just want to apologize. apologize for the interruption. >> no problem. lou: the president is faced with a clear choice and creating great ambiguity round angeles. he can either a knowledge what of the nation's leaders have acknowledged which is the chemical weapons of been used in syria and and formulate a policy, or he can continue as he has to talk about red lines and seek further investigation.
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what would be your counsel? >> well, clearly now given the average at the international community, use this as a catalyst to bring together some reluctant members of our community, to bring together the arab coalition and finally the take the steps that i necessary to topple the assad regime. that would mean a significant warming of the rebels. it is a misnomer that the rebels are intertwined. the fact is the radicals are consolidating their efforts in the north. they have not been involved in the recent major efforts. the cia has recommended the moderates that we can on without fear of such significant adverse consequences of these weapons falling into the wrong hands. you have to conduct at least a minimum airstrike against a
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significant air force of assad, their fields and airplanes and the infrastructure surrounding the. we can do that with standoff weapons with no risk. that would all be a step in the right direction. we bring the coalition to support our efforts. start turning the momentum around once and for all. if we don't do that assad will do what he has done with artillery, attacked helicopters. gradually increase and increase until it's devastating. this is what he's doing. now this is a significant introduction. he will go even further if pushed. lou: let's turn to egypt, if we may quickly. of course today. mubarak, the former president of egypt deposed two years ago by the muslim brotherhood amongst
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other elements. now he's back in the hospital. been released from prison. what is your judgment about the appropriate course for u.s. policy toward egypt, whether it should support the general, the secular military that is now leaving this government. >> of course that's a tough question. my judgment is simply this. there's a huge power struggle taking place in egypt between the military and the muslim brotherhood. the fact of the matter is that power struggle is not about democracy. it's about the future stability of egypt and who is going to run that country. overwhelming majority of the people have rejected the muslim brotherhood government that was in place because it was moving toward an alarmist state and their rebel against that. it's not -- they are of diverse society. they certainly do not have that
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kind of tolerance. i believe the suitable course of action for ross command these are tough courses to be made, your national interests are attention with your values. and in my mind hear the national interest trump's because your dealing with the security of israel. that's a harsh reality in terms of the camp david accord. the move through the suez canal and support for terrorism. the only hope that egypt as is that the military generals bring this to an end quickly, stand up the civilian interim government and strengthen that government price support from civil society we should help in that endeavor. that, in my view, is the appropriate course of action. anything that strengthens the muslim go up to five muslim brotherhood will lead to further chaos and instability in asia. lou: that tension, as you put it so eloquently between our values
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and the national interest can be through a great deal of mitigated and perhaps conjoin because as you say, the egyptian people are a diverse society. they are not -- the word used was doctrinaire. they also represent one of the best opportunities for the united states to pursue our values in that relationship and to exhibit them prominently without trying to intrude or intervene in their political affairs. general, as always, instructed to talk with you. thank you for being here. >> great talking the. lou: attorney general eric holder announcing that the justice department will sue the state of texas over its new variety law. the justice department alleged the law violates section two of the voting rights act which bans discriminatory voting practices and procedures. section two among the elements
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of the voting rights act that remained in effect following a supreme court decision in june that struck down much of the wall. the justice department will also it says intervene in a separate lawsuit in texas over the state's redistricting, arguing that it should still be forced to submit to a pre clearance by the justice department. trading on the nasdaq halted for nearly three hours, and no answer on what went wrong in the nation's second-largest exchange. s&p capitol iq strategist joins us next and tells us what happened, why, and what it means for tomorrow. ♪
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♪ lou: on wall street today stocks closed higher despite a trading halt on the nasdaq. the dow of 66 points on the day. s&p up 14, nasdaq rose 39. trading on the nasdaq halted for more than three hours after a technical glitch lead to a price quotes not being disseminated by the securities industry process the details. the exchange operators closed down nearly three and a half% on the day. nasdaq giving an additional update to today's trading halt that we have just received. nasdaq saying there was a connectivity issue between and exchange participant and the securities information process which led to a degradation in the ability of the sip to disseminate consolidated quotes and trades.
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the cause of this issue has been identified and addressed. are we glad? joining us now, chief equity strategist for as in the capital. even more glad about that. did have you with us. >> thanks. lou: three hours. they're down. this still have not said what caused it. >> well, if i were a trader think there would be outraged, and nothing most of us feel that the beginning hours of the trading day are really the retail investor. it is the final hours that are geared more toward the institution. i think a lot of institutions are up in arms about it. at the same time i have hard time being the first one to throw a very big stones at them because my first job out of college was as a programmer in the service bureau division. lou: a lot of people say that sounds familiar. >> to think they you could develop programs that never crash, never have problems or
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whenever is just unheard of. obviously we create redundancies can have backups. every once in awhile they fail as well. lou: the outrage that is in selling. for me personally the outrageous the way in which the nasdaq communiques to the public in the street in the listed companies. that's just pretty lofty stuff her little exchange. your fonts? >> i think you will certainly hear an awful lot from the clients about that. that's one thing that there will be addressing. such communication is the most important thing. it's like waiting for your flight and not knowing whether will take off. this scrub and altogether. i think communication is the most important thing because these exchange companies communicate to their clients as much as they know. lou: this has to aggravate a
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bunch of investors. the retail trade. there's not a lot of it. you see something like this. people of and sitting on the sidelines waiting, thinking maybe -- i'm not playing here. this is a flash freeze. a style that i remember the flash crash. january. remember goldman. >> well, i don't really feel the same way. to have any trades in today. it didn't really affect me. the more of a buy, hold, and close your eyes. as a result more for the longer term. it doesn't really have that much of an impact on you unless you have specific trades the you needed to accomplish that date. lou: what about people who have been thinking. our retail trade. the street has to figure out a way to build. this doesn't help.
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>> a variety of things. its problem. the flash crash was three years ago. as we mentioned, some of us remember. the exchange is closed. that was august through october and november of 1914. most of us still remember that. lou: it seems vaguely familiar. what is your outlook for the market? >> i think the market will work its way up. about half of what it lost. maybe go up to about the 1675. before we stumble once again. these are the words out of our chief technicians mouth. so right in the near term we will go through more volatility. our belief is we end up hire on the year. lou: all right. soothing words. thank you for being here. facebook co announcing he is
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heading a coalition of technology companies with the noble aim of giving internet access to the 5 billion people on this planet who have yet to go online. he said the web is in the simple part of life. everyone deserves to be connected with it and live in norway, nicaragua, or bolivia. philanthropy or a bid to create more facebook users. could be both. one not. up next republicans and democrats at odds over much more than policy. in the "chalk talk" we will show you differences, every day preferences on display differences between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals. it's for real. were coming right back. ♪
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lou: i don't know about you, but i get tired of people saying we ought to watch the two parties work together. there is not any real difference between democrats and republicans, they ought to be able to move ahead. well, not so easy. especially after looking at in new studies out, talking about
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the differences between republicans and democrats, one group loves to tax and spend, the other, for lower taxes and fewer regulations, smaller government. beyond those policy differences the cultural differences and fund differences as well. one of the studies found that republicans and democrats cannot agree on which is their idea of the very best decade. now, democrats, they want to go back to the 1990 the. slick willie in his prime. and republicans love 1950s, eisenhower of president. marilyn mont monroe was also inr prime. weaker men, physically weaker are inclined to be more liberal, and physically strong men more likely to slow the conservative. -- vote conservative, for
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example schwarzenegger, willis, and stallone republicans. and affects cars we buy, beers we drink. imagine democrats go for economy. compact cars like. little tiny hatch backs and republicans, more likely to drive suvs, and pickups. i said pickups, and democrats beers of choice, fancy. a little fancy corona, budweiser, heineken, stella, republicans go for sam adams and yingling, miller litrexte, and coor's light. a lot of people, partial to cartoons like family guy and american dad. they ary cartoons, and republicans reality shows.
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there are politics involved in sports, democrats prefer to watch, both republicans and democrats like basketball. but democrats like the neighbors 4 neighbors. while republicans like college basketball. also golf, of course,. and nascar. of course, again. and parent ship influ-- baby names, like jasmine. julian orally am, republicans they go for traditional names, like john, richard, or ca katherine. we report, you decide.
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>> he said he is a hugger not a harasser but given the heave-ho. a-team on filthy filner, and the democrats history of sex and scandal. next. ♪
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(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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lou: san diego is losing long-running nightmare. the mayor rit cooled at filthy filner. reports that filner will resign tomorrow as part of a deal to settle a sexual harass could lawsuit, or as he refers to it size "hugging." 18 woman have come forward. university of virginia joining ups in announcing they are dropping spous spousal health ce coverage because of obamacare, saying that changes are
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necessary, the law projected to add more thanes there are certain million to the university's health care plan in 2014, ups said it is dropping spousal coverage, affecting 15,000 employees spouses. tough stuff. former vice president val gore yesterday compared climate change deniers to racists, homophobes, alcoholics, in an interview in washington post, joining us now, the a team, judith miller, jamesse toronto. filner is leaving that leaves anthony weiner and else yet spitze--eliot spitzer. >> we have bill clinton and the blue dress.
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this guy in san diego is sick, it's time to resign, 18 women? he has a problem. lou: judy, your thoughts? >> i think he should have done it long ago could i'm glad to see someone in california has come to his or her senses. lou: james, speaking of coming to senses, al gore, has decided, i guess he is giving the nazis a break. these are bizarre comparisons, to people who disagree with him about you know global warming. >> i read there interview, i wrote about it today. does the name tommy flanagan ring a bell? that is a character to saturday night live, the pac path logical liar. the well no, you watch the clip
7:36 pm
of -- he did not say there would be a storm surge causing a flood in lower manhattan, he said large parts of lower manhattan would be indated by rising sea levels with huge highly populated swaths of florida, california, china, india, and the netherlands, he is misrepresenting the content of his own move. lou: i have to say, shocked. i am shocked. >> he says there is plans afoot to expand hurricane warning levels. strongest hurricane is a category 5, he said they are adding a category 6, washington post cleaned up. called national weather service reported this was, washington post reporting, quote, pa pateny false, he did not ask a single
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tough question on al gore, he has to be the most gullible guy in journalism. lou: or perhaps compatible. and matters of the pinnochios i have throw around. i don't know if it has been done before with a mountain of pinnochios. >> their fact checker is on vacation,. lou: let's turn to what is happening in syria, you have been talking about this, analyzing and assessing it for over two years now. we're looking at horrible video now of what appears to be a chemical weapons attack by the aside government. the president of the united states, who talked about red lines for over a year, who has
7:38 pm
said they have used chemical weapons is now saying that -- cia must investigate, after saying that united nations must investigate to determine whether or not assad has chemicals weapons and used them. his own state department spokesperson contradicted herself today before the assembled reporters, and said they still doubt they have them. what in the world are these -- this administration is going places that are unthinkable. >> we could say if is august, they are all on vacation, the one thing we don't know is some -- clearly somebody used something that made people drool, twitch, their eyeballs die lat -- dilate. but we don't know for sure who used it. the president appropriately has called upon -- >> the president has already
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called upon cia, united nations. and to investigate. they are not just being made aware of this circumstance. outside damascus. the fact is that this administration has a responsibility to have deployed itself intelligence agencies to know what is going on. >> there is a team now, a u.n. team in syria that is actually trying to determine that. if -- if that red line -- >> i was talking about our intelligence agencies. >> they may have already rendered a verdict, but we know this must be responded to, if his red line has been crossed by the assad government or anyone. lou: i don't know that i want this president making a decision if his administration is this confused, this incohe rent. >> but lou he is still leader of the free world, international
7:40 pm
community told usius manage that been used but this president has been passive, and going back to clinton days, when clinton oversaw genocide in rwanda, we need to do something, especially in france steps up and says if it is proven we should to something, he is still leader of the free world, and our commander in chief, he needs too step up to the plate. lou: jamess? >> i think what is going on. is administration is reluctant to get involved in syria for understandable reasons, but saying that there red lines when you are not prepared to carry out your threats, or threat that is implicit in this is a way of showing weakness to the world. >> that is the problem we've all identified that, the draws of a red line about which you are prepared to do nothing. lou: thank you very much all. go to fox for all latest on the day's news, the
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halt in nazdaq, echarge. possible reasons and explored there at fox business. and reasonses why nazdaq management remains at this hour silent on the causes. up next, fate of admitted murder nadal hasan in the hands of the jury. will he get what he really wants death, that story is next. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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lou: a jury of 13 military officer deliberating today, decline to give a closing argumenty. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, 32 counts of premeditated attempted
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murder, and faces death penalty if convicted. joining us now steve raiser, former defense attorney. this is, quite a case, almost a forfor fore gene conclusion he should be put to death. >> major hasan, has made it clear he wants to be convicted. he made it clear that he wants the death penalty. we're just proceeding, this is a long plea of guilty. lou: started out poorly, i think. in this respect, that is, it is considered work place violence rather than act of terrorism. this has to infurate everyone, almost everyone, i would think serving in uniform and. >> it does. and this is unfortunate designation to be sure, looking at this particular case and the fact, there is a trial ongoing,
7:46 pm
if government makes a statement that it was an acts of terrorism their argument is this can pollute the jury, it give them emphasis before convicted he is guilty, they are right to withhold that judgment. however, once there is a conviction, the government needs to step up, and declare that to be what it is. a terrorist act. lou: it would be nice to have this government, and our military, always say what they mean, and mean what they say. irrespective of the nicety in law or regulation. >> absolutely or just be silent on the issue until the trial is revolved. that would have been the better course of action for administration, wait until the trial is over then make a declaration. lou: silence is not come either easily or by nature to this administration. >> unfortunately. lou: let's turn to bradley
7:47 pm
manning. this is one of the saddest on cases i've seen, the guy, now wants to have a -- what is it? a gender? >> hormone treatment. lou: he wants to change sexes and be called chelsea as he goes to prison, he is a traitor by any definition i would understand. he betrayed hid country, your thoughts on what has proceeded and what happened now. >> this is a bizarre turn of events in a serious case for him to be now pushing forward what he wants to have happen, have taxpayers pay for the treatment. this is never happened, military will not provide this treatment. unless they are forced to. now there is some precedent, if bradley manning of transferred to a federal pen there is that
7:48 pm
they would provide him for this treatment. lou: you also had a i want to ask you, going back to the hasan trial. if he were to be given a death penalty, what what happens in the military, what is the appeal process? what is the likelihood? >> the appeals are automatic. once you are death penalty you have two levels of appeal one for the army, court of appeals, that is automatic, that is an extensive appeal they look at facts and the law, from there another automatic appeal to military court of appeals. lou: what is last time that military executed. >> 1961. >> 1 1961. >> yes, he has an uphill battle.
7:49 pm
>> interestingly they both have an uphill battle. >> stave thank you, sorts it out for us. lou: "don't mess with texas," attorney general eric holder does not getet message, he has lost nearly all of the cases he brought against texass his -- or obama department of justice going after texas voter i.d. laws again. they are 4 for ten in their suits against the state of texas, go greg adams, that is next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock?
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oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you neve miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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lou: a fascinates interesting legal develop, cans cap kansas e
7:53 pm
of arizona filing a lawsuit against arizona filing against the government, joining us now, kansas secretary of state, chris kobach, good to have you with us, attorney general making it clear he hates voter i.d. laws, your thoughts about prevailing? >> it is interesting, holder justice department has gone on a war against the states, not just texas but any say the they can find a way to bring legal act against a state with photo i.d. like we do, they take action in this lawsuit we filed. we're suing the federal agency known as elect assistance commission, and this lawsuit was actually invited by justice
7:54 pm
capitallia -- scalia saying that states do have the right. to do this is to sue the agency, and make the agent change the federal registration form. and that is what we're doing, we're following the path. blueprint that justice scalia laid out for the state who want to assert their rights. lou: the aclu already threatened with you legal action, saying that documentary proof of citizenship law prevents thousands from registering to vote, how will you defend if you must? >> well their arguments have very little merit, they can't show that people are being prevented from registering to vote. the so-called thousands are just individuals who started the process are registering but not provided proof of citizenship, they have not shown anybody who is unable to show proof, our law was drafted even if you lost your passport, we have birth
7:55 pm
certificate in kansas for the purpose by the way, we still have way to submit affidavits, their argument does not have merit. that usually does not stop the aclu, they go to court anyway, trying to threaten the state and city. lou: you are not backing down, and neither is the state of texas or other states that passed voter i.d. laws, are you coming together as a group in court? >> this case in texas we're ready to assist in anyway. the argument that holder is trying to make is ridiculous, he claims that photo i.d., somehow hurts people of one skin color more than others, evidence and does not support that we had photo i.d. in kansas, in georgia, and the evidence coming out shows it affects all of us
7:56 pm
equally, and surprise we can all get a free state i.d. for purpose of votes. lou: attorney general greg abbott pointed out. studies show that the election rates have risen, and participation rates are higher of that in white citizens. which invalidated anything that obama justice department is saying, when will we have a resolution? >> we're hopeful to get at least some act out of the different risk court. vick -- district court quickly, we would like the change made to are our proof of citizenship law pulling in effect without loopholes before the 2014 election, now how quickly the lawsuit against texas will move. but i am pretty confident that one in kansas and arizona should move within 6 months. lou: and again, the issue is whether or not states can move
7:57 pm
the ac to change the federal form thank you so much chris. that is it for us, have a great one, see you tomorrow, good night. my doctor and i went with axiron, thonly underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects cld include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prosta symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarg or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied,
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increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increa in psa. ask your doctor abt e only underarm low t treatment, axir.
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neil: welcome i am neil cavuto, they still have no idea what really brought trading in thousands of stocks to a hal today, hours after, no one has a clue, and statement that leaves more questions than answers, more in a second. that is all scary. one of the largest stock exchange in the world stopped, just stopped. we're supposed to be relieved it happpned when it did at lunchtime on a slow august day in new york. well, all right i guess. but i know this, it is weird, and unsettling. what you can't trade some of the biggest technology stocks on the planet, they are just sitting there, prices frozen in tim


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