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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 4, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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broker. stuart: october 18th, we will tell you when we find out. dagen mcdowell. the mac you get it from me, i am excited being on serious acts them. the credibility of the world and congress is on the line. that is what president obama said this morning when asked about a response to syria's chemical attack. give me any reason to talk about cars and pickups, auto sales are still hot. can keep on trucking even if interest rates rise? younger workers are seeking since for themselves but in absolutely the wrong way. jasey is selling his stake in the brooklyn net and the new minority owner definitely have the best interests of the team in his mind, all that and the lot more this hour of markets now. ♪ i think whoo-hoo is
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appropriate. we will be on satellite radio and i am wearing a cheerleader outfits today. first to the markets. 67 point a gene on the dow jones industrial average. investors waiting for more direction in terms of how we handled this crisis in syria. nicole petallides is at the stock exchange with what else we are looking at. nicole: we are watching a market that is the momentum after losing -- we were under pressure yesterday and but right now we are up 69 points, dow jones industrials 14,903. we have had four street weeks of losses, we were hovering around the unchanged line yesterday and today pulling out some gains so that is good news. as far as what we're seeing in sectors the drug index doing well, retail doing well, also we as seeing banks holding on nicely, commodities to the
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downside, gold is down $21. oil which we ought watching so closely in relation to syria having the headline and 107-55. dagen: thank you, on to the latest about syria. president obama speaking in a joint news conference in sweden continuing to push congress to adopt a resolution for military intervention and for more on that we go to rich edson standing by, he did make some headlines, i did not set the red line, the world did comment release stood out. >> it did. that wasn't much from the president did change the calculus on capitol hill other than the rhetoric but it is a difficult sell, one that continues on capitol hill and was made more complicated by senator john mccain who is a supporter of intervening in syria, john mccain says according to reuters and associated press that he is not supportive of a bipartisan compromise of a rising the president to attack syria with
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conditions. john mccain and others on the senate foreign relations committee will have the opportunity to change that compromise proposal at a committee session beginning in 30 minutes of perhaps trying to influence that proposal doesn't mean john mccain is a total no on this. he has in pushing for intervention on syria and there's a lot of process left to go and president obama continues to push congress to approve the use of military force in syria, he says failed to act will reflect poorly on the united states and congress. >> my credibility is not on the line. the international community's credibility is on the line and america and congress's credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important. >> the president refuses to say if he will attack of congress refuses to approve this resolution donnelly that congress will approve it.
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some automakers said the president should have acted more forcefully in syria years ago. others want a more detailed plan from the administration refused to allow the united states to intervene in the middle east again. with that, almost every top congressional leaders support granting the president this authority and there will be a better sense of the momentum the president has when congress returns in full next week. back to you. the sector if it were, thanks, rich edson in washington and let's bring in michael durant, a former the secretary of defense and former senior director of the national security council in joining us from washington d.c. think you for being here. it is not the president's credibility at risk, it is the world, it is congress. do you buy that? >> not exactly. i think what he meant to say it is not just his credibility that is on the line. his credibility is certainly on the line. he had a parade of allies that came through washington over the last two years asking for a more
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robust response and he said no, suddenly he has switched, he has to develop a much more robust policy, larger strategy like john mccain is calling for. the net dig into more detail. will that win over the american people? he can start with congress, win over who he can, the democrats in particular obviously and the american people? >> the trend in congress, looking good for him. look at the republican leadership, john boehner has come out in favor so i think the trends of looking good. he has a problem with public opinion. you have to sympathize with the american people. the last two years the president said it would be the height of folly to do anything in syria and all of a sudden he says we have to act. it is said to him and to speak directly and forcefully to the american people and explain to them what is at stake and what we've to do something. the contents of a more robust response was would you want to
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see coming out of washington? >> there has to be more than just a one and then attack on assad. you can down the one hand they there's a war going on and on the other hand say our intervention is just designed to affect the way you fight the war without reference to the actual war. we have to have a strategy to change the balance of power on the ground and that means building up the free cd and army. the check if we don't do anything what happens? what does your hand do? >> if we don't do anything we have a partition of syria and al qaeda safe-haven in one area growing more and more robust and an arena ian enclave, and there will be an ongoing conflagration which will suck another power is. will be extremely ugly. we have vital interests in the
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middle east and we have to shape syria to look after those interests. issaquah all said, thank you for being here, we will see you very soon. >> thank you. the net with syria front and center normally investors would be running for cover buying as much safety as they could but when treasuries do not look safe anymore with longer-term interest rates rising what do you do? answer that, bob reynolds, chief executive officer at putnam investment, that is what we see. what do you do. kind of amazing that we are facing this situation with syria and you have not seen a real surge in treasury buying. >> it is very interesting that this news has been out there for two week's end of the market really has not reacted to it. i think it shows to me the strength of the u.s. market especially in u.s. equities and treasurys with the rise of
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interest rates over the last couple months have made people skittish about bonds but i still think it lends itself to a diversified portfolio which is a combination of stocks and bonds and are ways to invest in bonds where you don't have interest rate risk and that is the way to go today. dagen: talk about -- failed interest-rate real quick, if interest rates, long-term interest rates keep rising you think stocks and still climb with that mr. head wind? >> i definitely do because where do people go? i think the u.s. equity market is the strongest market in the world right now even though you are starting to see global macro economies pick up around world especially europe, but i still think u.s. equities present great value and great upside opportunity so people have to go somewhere. that doesn't mean you get out of
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your bond positions. that is what i would emphasize to people, there are strategies employed out there, we have a fund that has a negative duration where the market is close to 3% this year. our fund is up 5% year to date so you do have those opportunities out there so you don't abandon the asset clash, just look at how people are investing and you do not want to invest for instance in the barkley's act because 90% of the risk is interest-rate risk and you want to avoid that at all costs because chances of interest rates going up versus down is greater. dagen: do you expect, would you expect with the jobs report, you talk about we got a lot lackluster economy, one that is still growing. -pexpectations for friday and ao you don't want the economy to get too hot because then you would get into a situation with interest rates that could be a
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drag on stocks. >> i don't see much information coming on friday. i think it will be business as usual end as long as the economy is acting the way it is, it is good growth, not great growth, no one would save that but it is chugging along at a pretty good the sand when you look at the strength of the u.s. financial system, u.s. banks of the strongest in the world, the price of energy in america, the level of interest rates even though they have risen, they are still attractive to historical levels, make the case for a good economy for the u.s.. dagen: it was great to see you. please come back very soon in person, there, wherever, make it happen. >> i will do that. dagen: the c e l of an investment. russian president vladimir putin accusing secretary of state john kerry of lying to congress about's role in syria at's
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conflict. lou dobbs will weigh in on that and much more. bolognese selling his minority stake in the brooklyn net. we will tell you who the buyer is. why workers climbed ladder but not making many friends on the way to the top. they are not good workers, right? we will dig into that as well. take a look at the la market, reaction to the styria production, was down from where it was a couple years ago, it consumes all the oil it produces but worries about a broader conflict in the middle east still keeping prices elevated. $107.59. nascar is about excitement.
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dagen: young folks, millennial, whatever you call that generation may be good at using technology and social media but% are not well perceived in the workplace. 47% of employers surveyed say that generation why workers at a poor work ethic, 46% said should easily distracted and 50 one% set at unrealistic salary
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expectations. the generation is eager to learn, third of those they their bosses are willing to mentor them. this according to a survey by the research firm millennialbranding@american express listen up, keep your head out and stop worrying when you are getting paid. your boss is not your mother. not there to shower you with prius and tell you how wonderful you what, shut up, work and the to collect a paycheck. stoat j z has found a buyer for his small stake in the brooklyn that's. the new york post is reporting the brooklyn native is selling minority stake in the nba team to mets head coach and former nba player jason kidd. bolognese only on the fraction of 1% of the nets were at $500,000, he is selling his stake to e limited potential conflict of interest after he started that new sports management agency.
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jasey will have some cash to spend wherever he wants. dollar general has been selling their goods like hotcakes making investors a pretty penny today. nicole: we are watching dollar general moving to a new high trading as high as 5691 and surpassed in the latest quarter as far as sale of competitors at dollar tree and family dollar so it has been on the rise. one thing that helped them along in the latest quarter's they have been adding tobacco products to their lineup. turned out cigarettes certainly drive sales and many customers use tobacco more often than consumers overall. they have seen some sales growth going forward. that is moderating their concern. they keep their boarding in place and lower the top end of the forecast and are standing by that so the latest quarter has been a good one but going forward they certainly have a cautionary tone due to uncertainty in the economy.
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>> 21 minutes past the hour, ariel castro committed suicide. he was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for imprisoning and reading three women in his cleveland home for ed decade. castro was not under suicide watch and other thorough review the incident is under way. the evacuation orders have been lifted at yosemite. many residents forced out by the huge fire are now able to return home since advisories were lifted from several communities near the national park. 4300 firefighters continue to battle blazes which is the present contained.
11:22 am
and the considered by many to be the fastest sprinter ever will be slowing down in a few years, plans to retire after the 2016 olympics. the olympic champion from jamaica wants to set another world record in the 200 meter next year and is a link for more bowls that the real games. those are your headlines on the fox business network. back to dagen mcdowell. dagen: i love watching him run because he makes it look effortless. thank you again. them tobullal i.t. using this service, customized idea buying videos and articles around the internet. the company headquarters in manhattan, joline kent has more on what they're doing. >> you may never have heard of them but chances are you have clicked on them. they are one of the most effective website that far as directing you to content you may like on major publishers including huntington post, time,
11:23 am
the atlantic, we have a fox business exclusive with the ceo, adam singleetch a. before we get to the big announcement of one to ask you, break down for us. >> started the company six use ago with a vision to build support of a search engine in reverse. instead of tapping information with you and looking for, information you never knew existed. you could probably track s, the huffington post, boston globe and many others, setting three billion accommodations' every year to three hundred million people month and we are very excited about it. >> you really are everywhere. i clicked on the web and see content in a light, those tiny gray words but today you have a big announcement in the fox business exclusive. with the launching? >> we got to the point we realized we have to empower people working with us and most importantly people using our products, and power editors and publishers to choose what they
11:24 am
experience on their own site and for the first time allow everyone of us, me, you, all of us, recommended if we don't like and that affects my web experience and make it better as eyebrows the web. >> is will we see on the web and what women want to click on. let's see how it works. >> go to the site, one of our strategic partners, scroll down to the bottom of the article, servicing four recalls and videos from around one. of we hover on one of the recommended ones you see a tiny x here. i clicked on it, the editor of that is not interesting for me. i can also do that right click on the recommended or before but but user, will never see that content again on any other web site. browse the web and the editor will get real-time data that is really unique as to what people
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don't like. >> the first time an editor or publisher confined out from both ends what a user likes and doesn't like. >> that exists on facebook and pandora when you listen to songs you love and annoying son coming up and you just want to dislike that. exists in other great product out there, homepage, facebook, youtube but doesn't exist for the web and that is what we're trying to empower, basically change, a a great experiences when you go to a product like this, we want to bring that magic as you browse the web when you go to those great websites. >> you are carrying the web. but you have raised $40 million, what is the plan in terms of what is next? how do you make more money? >> what you want to do, what we are passionate about is a world that is concept driven.
11:26 am
instead of banners and search and so forth when you have to promote your product by showing a picture of it you can tell a story so for the 1 time drive a community that never knew about your product, read about your stories, now about who you are and potentially over time by your product and what that means is every dollar spent in advertising or search engine, search engine market is better spent. >> we will talk about that 1:00. thanks for joining us. back to dagen mcdowell in the studio. dagen: russian president vladimir putin saying our congress has no right to approve military action against syria without a decision from the united nations security council. lou dobbs joins us on that and much more. we continue to watch the price of oil as the syrian conflict is front and center, oil is down $1 a barrel and when there is on
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they make big birthday on wall street. this is astonishing. google is only 15 years old. crazy. nicole: i remember the tenth birthday. pretty interesting when you watch, when you remember this was an $85 ipo and not long ago it got closer and closer to
11:31 am
$1,000, highest in july at 928. the founders thome just 16% of the company. and she was registered in september 15th years ago but it is the misspelling. was originally going to be go o goog googol. it has grown exponentially by what it does. dagen: only 15. that is what we are talking about. we are going to talk about some more stuff, google being 15 but how about russian president vladimir putin speaking against congress saying our congress has no right to approve the use of force in syria without a decision by the u.n. security council in doing so would be an
11:32 am
act of aggression. joining me now is lou dobbs, host of lou dobbs tonight. lou: he is half right, 50% on most thing, he is right that it will be an act of aggression. it has nothing to do with the united nations, it has everything to do with who we are as a superpower and a great nation. is this how the united states wants to be viewed by the world. we are talking about unilateralism, taking action alone with our closest allies, not germany, not friends, not the united kingdom and to do so without the imprimatur of the arab league. nato, the united nations, puts us really in the role of vigilante. not world, but vigilante, deciding unilaterally, independently and without international consensus and cohorts that we will take
11:33 am
action, strike a sovereign nation. that is not how we want to be viewed by the world. is not appropriate and it is time for the republican party in my judgment to be the party of loyal opposition and introduce these values and these facts to this president so we do not make a mistake that could be disastrous for this country and for the region for the next quarter century. we are talking about the middle east, we are now seven days from the anniversary of september and eleventh. what kind of mad and and women would insist upon kicking unilateral action against syria, no matter how corrupt and legal and appalling its regime in the midst of this moment in history? dagen: we passed the point of building that coalition in your mind? building support among allies?
11:34 am
lou: the president is in sweden, he will be continuing his efforts to do so. it should make an impression upon him. i don't know that it has, that he has not been able to win the support and cooperation of those who he says cherish the same values we do, for whom the use of chemical warfare is abhorrence and illegal, but it is not our role halfway around the world to insist upon our perspective, our view against a sovereign nation. that is up to the arab league, it is of tomato. it is arguably up to the united nations. for the united states to act alone to me is repulsive and a mistake particularly for a president and a congress who have agreed to cut our military by a half trillion dollars in budget over the course of the next decade, yet they have no hesitation, there is hesitation this time but usually no
11:35 am
hesitation in consigning our forces, our military's, overburdened, overstretched to take another -- the queue clearly disagree with senator john mccain. risk that credibility of you don't do anything. lou: this is -- for senator to talk about our credibility, what credibility at when you have been in a region fighting a war that seems to have no limit on its duration, at this .12 years. we were to have set out to destroy our enemies, al qaeda. who led the terrorist attack on this country on september 11th, 2001. they still, they still prosper. the fact is they have changed leadership but the prosper. the taliban were in negotiations with instead of destroying them. we are inseparable in our patience and in our hesitation, we are not beating as a superpower, we got the ring as
11:36 am
this region should and it is time for us, if we cannot come to an understanding about what our strategy should be, if we cannot clearly define our objectives and our mission, this administration has yet to say what is the purpose, what is the interest, the american interest here that supersedes that of all other nations in the region, and members of the arab league, no, why in the world are we taking on a roll of not world's top, that is against a leacock, we are acting as a vigilante year, a well armed, well-financed vigilante and that is inappropriate and the american people should say to their representatives and their senators stop the nonsense and think about our troops, our true interests, the purpose of this great nation. this does not conform to any one of those elements and values. the queue are expressing the
11:37 am
opinion of many americans, great to see you. google is 15. i said at his young. lou: i cannot believe they are already 15 years old. world domination took them a few years, nothing but glory. dagen: but we love it, great american business, great to see you and you can watch. tonight at 7:00 p.m. every weeknight, 10:00 p.m. is a repeat, lou dobbs, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. oil falling as political jockeying over syria continues, the latest in the trade from the pits of the cme. sandra: we are watching oil and gold. want to look at the character because we have a bit of action as we continue to see what the united states's next step will be, waiting on the house hearing on syria, gold prices down right now, gold and silver, biggest
11:38 am
fall in a couple months and the opposition that fear premium is being taken out of some of these commodities right now, gold is down 16% so far this year, silver which is the best performing commodity and august is right now on pace for its biggest drop since july 5th, oil prices still continue to decline but one thing traders continue to remind me, we are still sitting at very elevated levels for oil, hundred seven dollars a barrel, down significantly on the day, looking at commodity that is pricing in but the market telling us right now with the sell-off that it is not imminent suppose that is something you can take away from the trading floor but a little more action, traders certainly highly anticipating what the move will be from the united states. dagen: thank-you, sandra smith. all those sales shining,
11:39 am
chrysler, ford and general motors seeing big gains in august and despite a few bombs, tinseltown is shining after a record box office over the summer. with the spark cash card
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monitor developments of possible u.s. military action against syria, checking on the dow, 93 point gains. link in planning to price the $1 billion secondary offering today, the move by the professional networking service follows a strong run-up in its share price. linkedin stock has quintupled after going public, $45 a share in 2011. analysts say linkedin is interested in a stock offering now on market enthusiasm for the stock. and yes, baby, losing the will was and to fox business network on serious acts them ready. the satellite radio company will carry fox business audio starting oct. 18, the channel number has not yet been announced. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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11:43 am
another blockbuster month for new car sales, jeff flock with us to break down the numbers. ford, gm and chrysler. >> and pull yoda and everybody by the time we're done, if you more selling days in august boosted it but take a look at the numbers. at the top is a toyota. we don't have a granular on pulte yet but if you take a look they were 22%, gm of 15%, ford and chrysler up, everybody up double-digit, let's look at the individual automakers one by one, gm first, got to put the glasses back on, small cars, big as well as trucks, chevy sparked a 72%, silverado did well. on the bad side corvette sales were down, the impala got positive reviews, not so good on sales, but the ford good and bad, small cars and trucks and the theme, fiesta up 61%, the f-series truck doing well, not a lot of bad news for ford as well, staying and the skate down
11:44 am
marginally but not bad news at all. chrysler on the good side, the grand cherokee up 40% and the ram truck about 30%, a caravan will celebrate its 30 food anniversary in october, those sales a little off, take a look at those stocks, everybody in the green, ford leading the way, gm up as well and the rest of them in the stock board up as well, next time i think we will do it in the 1:00 hour, the repeal of the stocks that performed best, auto industry stocks from all around world will have a wrap up of everybody that has performed best, one year to date. can you guess who it is? you can guess who the number one is, the electorate, as you love so much. the rest don't have. the you can also debate whether it is wildly overpriced. glasses, with or without, love
11:45 am
you. these auto sales, let's bring in an auto critic at the detroit free press. and these numbers keep going at this piece? month after month these car companies are not pressing. >> doesn't look like they will and we are on track for this to be a year with around sixteen million new vehicles sold. that would be the most since well before the financial crisis. this looks like a very solid year for just about everybody. dagen: how are these companies going to cope with rising interest rates? some of the rates on car loans with the lowest we for the mont. >> that is one of the factors fueling it and something they're keeping an eye on. so far the haven't had any problems, sales prices have been rising which might suggest they get some head room to deal with that if interest rates go up significantty but the interest policy has -- one of the things that is fueling this ongoing growth. dagen: one thing we talked about last time you were on, the
11:46 am
length of loans has been extended, as it not? eusebius car loans are longer and longer. is that a worrisome trend? >> is something to keep an eye on. it is the around six years for many and the outer limits of what people think is supportable but as car prices go up people are financing them over a longer periods so it is the and to keep an eye on but experts don't seem to think it is cross the border into troublesome territory yet. dagen: car companies make everything more attractive because the quality of the cars and a better pricing that you get you get a better deal on leasing i you seeing a trend away from buying of to lease and more of a trend toward leasing at this point? >> especially for ford and general motors that is a big trend. they will almost put out of the leasing business completely during the financial crisis and for most companies leasing runs
11:47 am
around 20% of total new vehicle sales, now they're getting back into it, the of higher-quality better vehicles and abetted the vehicle is when you sell the a better resale price at the end of the lease and that all works in to making leasing more attractive to people. the unlike the leases on the luxury cars on bmw or mercedes benz are surprisingly low given the price of a car, the value of a car. if it helps general motors and ford, that is awesome. you are always awesome. thanks for being here. i can talk about cars and trucks all day so we will do it again soon. take a look at the dollar as investors await more guidance on what we do in terms of syria. ben willis joins us with this is a market that at least has direction today. >> it does and follow through on
11:48 am
the auto stocks, what is driving this market, the serious situation seems to have taken a back burner since the opening on the release of the auto sales particularly ford, that is the mission motivation for the dow jones if you will, the industrial side of the equation, the nasdaq being driven by apple and the technology names. dagen: really quickly i know that it sounds a little right but it is important when these companies do well, just for the perception of the country and how americans feel about manufacturing in the u.s. is it not? >> it is fundamental, a building block of the economy. most people don't realize the united states of america is the largest manufacturer in the world. we are nowhere near will be used to be because most of it has gone outside but the fact that americans are buying cars, foreigners are buying american cars, that tells you the world economy is improving and there's a reason to own stocks.
11:49 am
dagen: cars to be proud of again, thank god. good to see you. thank you for being here, ben willis at the stock exchange. record-breaking summer for hollywood. despite the major flops, lone ranger is a big one, the we have been talking about let's talk about the winners, dennis kneale has numbers coming up, and talk about some winners on the nasdaq. ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights
11:50 am
that help nascar win th our fans.
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11:52 am
dagen: we are going to show you
11:53 am
the big board because we have a triple digit-john hart hands great auto sales numbers for last month, ford driving the blue chips higher, we would love to see these car companies do well and is pushing the market higher. and talk about guinea up, even though there were gigantic flops at the box office namely the lone ranger this summer hollywood still pulled off record in terms of the box office, dennis kneale joins us with more. there were a lot of smaller budget movies that did exceptionally well. >> late summer surge in august by a couple films helped the box office hit a new all-time high record for summer. the number came in, lost my notes here, 1 forty-seven.five billion -- four$.75 billion, $5 billion for the summer, but as of 8% record set in 2011 and
11:54 am
that remarkably is despite the biggest flop, almost $200 million loss disney is going to take on the lone ranger which cost $300 million to make and market and this summer what happened is hollywood jammed it up with 19 different blockbuster films that had nine figure budgets, over $100 million apiece, from the over $200 billion a too much, you had big hits but also big misses but for the end of august in a couple comedies, whether miller's came in and did well, triumph at the box office and the other thing about summer, going into the summer, the box office in the u.s. was down since january, down 14% but along came summer when we thought was going to be a summer of the flock and because of those few successes, lyon van 3 broad and 1 pointed billion dollars came out and when he may or so and man of steel came out and did very well, they offset the incredible down and year to
11:55 am
date through the summer we are above last year's record-setting pace of the summer helped offset a 14% decline. the agenda for anniston in her underwear, that is all you need to know. dennis will be on set in a matter of minutes with cheryl casone coming up and they will answer this question. is apple losing its shine? samsung and the least are watching apple to the punch, analyst will say apple needs to get into the wearable computer game and fast. verizon shelled out billions about its partner in verizon wireless. should it spin off the old phone business? markets now.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
dennis: i am dennis kneale. cheryl: hello, everyone. i am cheryl casone.
11:59 am
senator john mccain may have just thrown a monkey wrench into congressional approval for the president plan. i am talking with former army vice chief of staff. dennis: also, is apple losing its shine? samsung will unveil a smart watch. we have an analyst who says they need to get into a wearable computer game quickly. cheryl: the work ethic of generation y called into question. top of the hour. stocks now every 15 minutes. the goal -- nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: we have had four weeks of selling.
12:00 pm
we will continue to follow the story about syria and whether or not that will come to fruition over the next couple of days. commodities are pulling back. we are seeing names like netflix, yelp, apple, jcpenney all doing so well. there are a lot of winners on wall street. cheryl: thank you very much. dennis: president obama tried to build support for a strike against syria. right now committees in the house and senate are considering the president request. for the latest, we go to rich edson. rich: the credibility are on the line. if they fail to respond to what the administration says is a chemical weapon attack in syria,
12:01 pm
much of the community is on the sidelines. it is just about underway, a meeting on this. senator john mccain is reportedly opposed to the proposal. >> it was a new resolution by the foreign relations committee that came out at 9:30 p.m. last night. i discussed it with senator mccain this morning and there are additional concerns. the top democrats and republicans in the house and senate are supporting intervention in syria. back to you. dennis: thank you very much.
12:02 pm
cheryl: if tensions run high on syria, will fix income meet the benefits? use a high yield is a way to go right now. is this the safety play that we have been moving toward? >> i think it is high yield and leverage loans providing investors very high income. an outstanding spot to be. i know that oil and energy is a place where you put a lot of your investment. what do you make of what we are seeing. really, the distribution has changed world wide. i think that the big thing, cheryl, that we have worked on
12:03 pm
for some period of time is the notion of energy independence in the u.s. being a big push. i would not call it a revolution, i would call it a skirmish. what they are pulling out of the ground is not just oil. the notion of us being energy independent at any time of the future is just silly. we will probably produce six or 7 billion barrels of oil. as we all know, serial produces enough oil for you and i to pave our driveways. cheryl: there is also the suez canal that could be disrupted. point well taken. this is going back to the fixed income that, if you will.
12:04 pm
how has this been performing? from a credit perspective, we are obviously biased. we are generally skeptical. cheryl: skeptical in the stock market, obviously. >> i think that it is very healthy. i think that the reality is, there are always opportunities in the equity space. indexing very difficult because i think what you are dealing with is very limited growth around the world. in our marketplace, investors are getting paid a tangible yield. cheryl: on the fixed income
12:05 pm
side. >> people's biggest concern today is they will outlive their money. there is not any yield available for investors -- there is. what you will want to do is be actively managed. our conversation about oil is one of those examples. i do not think any viewers understand the bond market as well as they will need to. cheryl: we all understand treasury, certainly. it can be tricky. >> i think that is exactly right. at the end of the day, what we are concerned about is, you know, again, rising rates. whether syria will be a issue on a go forward basis. inflation fears, etc. the one great thing about our portfolio is somewhere around
12:06 pm
three years, very interesting. cheryl: it can be needed if you are an older investor. >> we were having a conversation earlier. 2008 versus 2013. we are not having selective amnesia. today, people are very concerned. cheryl: we will be talking about that on fox business. really quick, i do want to ask you. i want to bring up quiksilver to our viewers. >> here is a very tangible example. at the end of the day, what we are looking at is a company that has engaged in the national gas space. cheryl: you are talking about buying the bonds.
12:07 pm
>> yes. the bond, obviously, sits on top of the stock. specifically, they have properties that will benefit going forward. a very attractive proposition. cheryl: you will have to come back. especially as we go through all of this tension in the middle east. thank you. it was nice to see you. dennis: apple getting lots of media hype with this invitation. samsung tried to upstage apple with its new product announcement today. a new watch. let's talk to the senior tech analyst. thank you for being with us today. what do you think?
12:08 pm
>> for people who are investing in apple, it is pretty widely expected that we will get a new series of iphones. the average selling price for smart phones continue drop. in fact, that is one of the problems that apple is facing. more and more competitors are producing fold. instead of just doing iterations of exist during products, open up new products. wearable computing is coming.
12:09 pm
i am not sure i want my smart phone in my watch. dennis: will ferrell on saturday night live decided the cufflink. i heard from another analyst type guy today. they say all have tried this in the past. >> there are advances of technology. what is nice to see is there are
12:10 pm
plenty of devices out there already. dennis: i think you have this entirely wrong. you are drinking the kool-aid of the industry. is it a way that the maker themselves to monitor more about what we are doing? less about what we need and more about what they want to do to track us and sell us. >> they do not have our vital signs yet. that is coming next. [laughter] dennis: pioneers always get
12:11 pm
arrows in their back. if it is, do they get credit or do they get bashed for blowing it? >> it is the first innovation. dennis: it looks really clunky. i will not be wearing one of those. i do not think cheryl will be wearing one any time soon. >> once we get the curved screens, it will be more broad. dennis: maybe they should have just called it the nerd. cheryl: i cannot see myself wearing something like that. dennis: no. no way. why should you put some big old billboard on there.
12:12 pm
dennis: speaking of technology, charles payne will be coming up. one of the u.s. chipmaker survivors. verizon shelling out billions to buy out its partner. maybe now it should spit out of the good old phone business. let's look at energy. ♪
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
cheryl: right now we are pushing session highs on the dell. i want to start with intel. of about $0.62. take a look at the other stocks. jpmorgan chase, dupont, microsoft is a loser today. i hope that stuart varney is
12:16 pm
okay right now. we should check on him. nicole: we know he has been hot on it for some time. he is a long-term investor. the stock right now is approaching the $500 mark. waiting eagerly for the big event on september 10. the invitations are out. it is an invitation only event. competition from samsung with wearable devices. back to you. cheryl: thank you so much. ♪
12:17 pm
dennis: time to make a little money with charles payne. the company is mike rohde. charlie: i have been following this company way back. here is an interesting thing. one of their major competitors, one of their plants caught fire. it looked like this thing was going to really be destroyed. word came out that the fire may not be that bad. all of that stuff for me is neither here or there. cheryl: why do you like it? charles: the last time they reported they had pricing power. it is trading significantly cheaper. technically, it is on the cusp
12:18 pm
of a major breakout. i think they finally put it together. they have the consensus by 100%. cheryl: i like it. we are talking wearable devices. we have apple. thank you very much. college enrollment taking a deep dive. dennis: i just do not understand that given all the money we have given federal loans. ♪ you know throughout history,
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
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12:22 pm
♪ >> 22 minutes past the hour. japan is in touch with experts in the united states to try to find ways to control the spread of the radioactive water at a nuclear plant. ariel castro apparently has committed suicide. last month he was sentenced to life in prison plus 1000 years.
12:23 pm
officials say castro was not under suicide watch and now a thorough review of that incident is underway. college enrollment dropping for the first time in six years. the census bureau's report shows enrollment by hispanic students hitting an all-time high as that part of the population increased overall. dennis: thank you very much, heather. verizon is shelling out $130 billion to five vodafone's stake. take a look at this. the total value for verizon is $133 billion. verizon stake is worth
12:24 pm
$158 billion with the new deal. the value of its units, two minus $25 billion. it is utterly worthless. why don't they get rid of the other stuff and stick to wireless? these are some really astounding numbers. >> i think i have seen this movie about ten years ago. i think, there are a couple things you are missing without. yes, wireless is where all of the action is. part of it is with a connected home. that is a big target right now. a wireless network cannot handle it on its own. it becomes much more of a component.
12:25 pm
dennis: once i have the connected home, what is to say if i am a great provider of that that i need some wireless play. isn't the future of all communication utterly wireless? >> disputes are pretty close to being similar. it is a long way off. you see where we are with call quality. we are still not really there. they are all still working on this. yes, eventually, i think we can get there. we are talking a long way out. this is an area, it does help.
12:26 pm
i still think it is important to have it integral and be able to compete. dennis: i want you to consider some other numbers that we have pulled together. operating income almost 22 billion. that is almost 30%. operating income, operating only, $60 million. why should i tie up two thirds of my capital in a business that has less than 1% profit margins. >> you want to spin it off and make the wireless business
12:27 pm
looked out much better. the backbone, supporting supporting all the data. you just cannot do it. you hear about all of these capacity issues. if you want to do something like the soft drink providers did, you can do it, but i think they have also gone away from that model as well. the essential part is to really have a substantial wireless product. you do kind of need that back bone and you need the ability to offer it all. dennis: i have to tell you, as our statement went on, i think your arguments against the split off got less and less passionate.
12:28 pm
i think we are converting you. thank you for being with us today. cheryl: we are up 108 points. we are moving higher. frankly on senator john mccain. he is not ready to support the president's tax plan. what does that mean going forward? dennis: even as bernanke and company continue to print new dollars, the u.s. dollar is on a tear. even higher highs for the greenback. ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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12:31 pm
dennis: breaking news, we have more hands on the feds loosing
12:32 pm
money stuff? is it good or bad? rich: the economy is getting closer. he says the time is approaching when the time will not need the feds stimulus. the fed watchers have been suggesting that fomc would begin tapering its meeting in two weeks. later this year seems further off than later this month. unemployment will stay above six and 20%. back to you. dennis: thank you, rich. we end up pouring over every word.
12:33 pm
time for stocks now. we have no cool petallides at the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: it may be one of the reasons we are running up. they know it is not today. not too far off the highs of the day. we are watching gold. the commodities are pulling back. back to you. dennis: that is nice, but i want my down 15,000 back. nicole: right away.
12:34 pm
cheryl: they could vote as early as today on a draft resolution. president obama echoing his call for action. >> the world said a red line when governments representing 98% said the use of chemical weapons are aborted and passed a treaty forbidding the use even when countries are engaged in war. congress set a red line when it ratified that treaty. cheryl: joining me now -- it is on congress' shoulders now. senator john mccain came out and said he would not approve this initial draft. he wants a tougher line of defense. what is he thinking?
12:35 pm
>> given what took place with this horrific use of chemical weapons, if we are going to do something momentarily, it should not just be to do to her the use of, go weapons. it has to do with how much military use you want to do great. dennis: this line has surprised many. he was supporting this before the president even did, to be honest with you. >> in speaking with the president earlier this week, he was led to believe that the strike appear to be more robust than most people expected it to be. cheryl: the president has more
12:36 pm
of a plan then maybe he is sharing. at the same time, what is the plan? what is the plan after the strike? we cannot go in without a backup plan. we are still stung from iraq. >> assad has opportunities to do some things. most of them, he would not do. he will not attack israel having lost every war. assad will not do anything with any other countries surrounding him. what he would do, i think, is find some strong rubble to go after after the strike to make a difference. cheryl: you served in vietnam. you served in coastal go. many are having many memories of
12:37 pm
that. is this the same situation, in your opinion? >> no. i think it is a very different position. the fact of the matter is, syria, in terms of national interests, is pretty significant bite comparison. we have national interest because of the middle east and also because of a buffer against the i r's. cheryl: that is the concern. what they are concerned about is you do not just have some kind of easy, strategic, short term strike. that just is not a possibility
12:38 pm
from a military perspective. >> i can certainly understand those concerns. i do not know much about volatility as it pertains to the markets. i can certainly understand that. i think what people want is some assurances. they can see the end. what they can do now is see the beginning. they would like to see what the end will look like. remove some of the uncertainty. cheryl: thank you so much for coming in. general, thank you very much. >> good talking to you. dennis: august car sales war. all reporting double-digit sales growth versus a year ago. cheryl: the commute to work in san francisco is getting a little bit better. details coming up in a minute.
12:39 pm
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12:41 pm
from last month. gm reporting and increase. by the way, you will soon be able to listen to the fox business network on your xm radio. the satellite radio company will carry fbn audio starting october 18. the channel number not yet announced. that is the very latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to per. ♪
12:42 pm
dennis: citigroup is upgrading its investment rating on the uk and europe. they are downgrading its u.s. equity market based on lower earnings forecasts and challenges in washington. despite these threats, the u.s. dollar has been climbing. of almost 1.5% from last year.
12:43 pm
the greenback will actually keep on climbing. thank you for being with us. i talk to you about this before. a piece of paper could represent the dollar in the country. when you have more shares issued into a country, each share goes down in price. $1 trillion fed balance sheet to 3.5 trillion. the dollar is actually worth 15% more now than it was in 2008. this seems to defy logic and economics. >> it is always a relative play. the dollar is stronger for a couple of reasons. today, in the u.s., we are actually talking about tightening. everywhere else, we are talking about easing. you go back a year, the german
12:44 pm
rates, the difference between german and u.s. rates were 20 basis points. dennis: they were a safer bet. >> the u.s. is higher. the differential is higher. dennis: they say the u.s. is a better credit risk. >> right. japan is another example. dennis: okay. now, the most extraordinary point you make is even as strong as the dollar has been, here is why it will even get stronger still. tell us your reasons. >> there are a couple of reasons. at the bottom of this, the dollar is the reserve of the
12:45 pm
world. we know that. it is just very knee-jerk in my mind. where is the growth? you look at the auto sector. you look at the purchasing managers index. you have a lot of economic numbers in the u.s. doing much better. we talk about your up coming out of recession. we are out of recession. the dollar is strong because people want to invest in the u.s. money is going into the u.s. dennis: i thought you said that the dollar is stronger because everyone is so weak. which is the bigger factor? >> i think it is because the u.s. is getting stronger. we should see that reflected in this friday's nonfarm payrolls,
12:46 pm
in my view. many of the bond market traders will talk about this being bad for the stock market. my view is in the long run, a strong payroll is good for the economy. dennis: writes. if you get a good number on job growth in the fed starts tapering -- it means the economy is getting healthier. why can't we be happy. >> if the fed tapers, which i think they will, nothing will happen. that is a sign that the economy is improving. the market has not grasped yet the difference between tapering and tightening. dennis: i have always thought that a weaker u.s. dollar is good for stocks because we take that and assets will grow.
12:47 pm
is a stronger u.s. dollar bad for stock prices? >> absolutely not. it is a very long-term process. what economies called the j curve. dennis: i love the bullish take on the u.s. dollar and what it may mean for a more bullish take on the u.s. economy. thank you for being with us today. we appreciate your time. cheryl: staying right here in the u.s. time for stocks now. the markets are reacting to senator mccain's comments. what are you watching right now? >> syria is no longer an imminent threat. the industrials are being let by
12:48 pm
the automobiles. the nasdaq is being led by the technology stocks. technologies are the new industrials, if you will. the money will be put to work there first. cheryl: we are seeing or comments crossing from senator mccain. once again voicing that we do need to act in syria. he wants a tougher stance on syria than the president does. as this unfolds in washington, do you take it more seriously or less seriously, as far as how you trade when you get these headlines crossing from the president and from congress? >> you have to take the big picture very seriously. we are seeing a very unfortunate event. the white oil and gold is trading, this is not an imminent danger.
12:49 pm
were were coming out of russia about kerry not going to st. petersburg for the g20. it will move in the algorithms and act appropriately, but the broad picture of the market right now is syria and all of its politicizing of the will read into it. it is there, but it is not the most important at this second in time. cheryl: the algorithms are looking for keywords. thank you very much. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. thank you. dennis: let's dig deeper into this gold thing. let's head to the trading pits of the cme and phil flynn.
12:50 pm
i would have thought it would have gone up on a sphere. >> the debate about syria seems to suggest it will not happen anytime soon. traders can focus on other fundamentals. what we are hearing right now is that the workers are starting to give in a little bit. yesterday they were asking for a 60% raise. today they have lowered that down to a 15% rate. the mining companies are offering six-6.5%. the copper force is moving down after the big run-up yesterday. dennis: thank you very much, phil flynn. >> thank you. cheryl: time for your west coast minute. a $6 billion section of the paper urge and san francisco is open today.
12:51 pm
280,000 commuters cross that bridge daily. it is not the biggest bridge in the world. hawaii continues to see bankruptcy filings trend downward. for the month of august, filing still 19%. remember, this is all businesses that are using those filings. voter registration is on the rise for the month of august. according to figures from the state secretary of august, they signed up 300 dirty one new voters. still they pulled the majority of registered voters overall. dennis: record-breaking summer at the box office.
12:52 pm
details ahead in my media minute. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪
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12:55 pm
♪ dennis: the summer movie box office, sales hitting an all-time high. $4.75 billion. of papers that from the all-time record. year to date, now up to 7.67 billion. ahead of last year. new contestants just announced.
12:56 pm
they include this pair. snooki of jersey shore and elizabeth berkley lauren. one of the worst movies of all time. at least she can dance. [laughter] cheryl: all right. we are moments away from samsung's announcement. dennis: john malloy joins adam and lori on why he thinks wearable technology is the wave of the future. ♪
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
times spend on syria is time not spent on the debt ceiling debate and potential october government shut down. wall street journal washington bureau chief will tell us what he thinks of this. lori: get your motor running. auto sales on track for the best month in 6 years. the call it automaker helped by suvs and trucks. we will break down what could be a record-breaking month. adam: is the season to raise a glass as we head into the fourth quarter, can spiritmaker -- i don't speak french well -- global c e l p. ayres joins us in studio. lori: the will correct us. webmac you conseco after police. radar cocktail. let's get you updated on the market as we do every 15 minutes was head to the exchange with nicole petallides. nicole: we are sitting around session highs, haven't done much over the


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