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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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system that promises to cost us taxpayers dearly. that is my two cents more. thank you for joining us, have a great night, we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, thank you for being with us. president obama astonished most republicans and many of those in his own party when he stated he did not set a red line on syria and chemical weapons. president obama said that the world instead had set a redline and asserted further that his credibility is not at stake now as many critics and supporters have suggested. many said his credibility is not an issue either but the credibility of congress itself. the white house issuing the redline ultimatum to syrian president assad at least seven
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times over the past year. we will be taking all of this up determining if the presiden pres trying to pass responsibility for his own ultimatums and threats to assad and his decision to authorize punishment with foreign affairs committee member who presbytery of states john kerry o on the president's plan in a hearing held today. the syrian resolution passes the senate foreign affairs committee after members capitulated to the demands of senator john mccain. the senator joins us to assess the strike plan and the market rally finished just shy of triple digits, but it is the second rally in two days in the largest one-day point in percentage gain for the dow in a month. offering her forecast for the rest of this year, but we begin
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tonight with the pitch against syria. another attempt to distance himself from his own decision. the president today actually put the responsibility on the international community. here is mr. oama earlier today in stockholm sweden. president obama: i didn't set a redline. the world set a redline. my credibility is not on th line. international community that ability is on the line. and america and congress credibility is on the line. do i hold out hope that he may change his position? on some of these issues? i am always helpful. lou: for his part president putin claimed russia does not exclude supporting a u.n. resolution on punitive strikes against syria did if they are provided with evidence that assad is
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guilty of using chemical weapons against his own people. all of this before calling secretary of state john kerry a liar for his denial of al qaeda involvement with the syrian opposition. saying this was very unpleasant and surprising for me. we talked to them, we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows he is lying. this is sad. today making the u.s. military sound like a mercenary during his testimony to the house foreign affairs committee. listen to this. >> with respect to arab countries offering to bear cost and assess interest profoundly yes, they have. that offer is on the table. lou: the secretary of state later clarified that arab nations have offered to pay for
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a full invasion of syria without mentioning any specific country by name. while the president and his cabinet press in the call to attack syria, the senate foreign relations committee responded, they pass a resolution that moves the next vote to the full senate. and then the house will vote on whether to give the president pt authority to strike syria. senator john mccain successfully lobbied to give the commandecommander-in-chief morem to act and to intensify the attacks against syria to such an extent as to alter the momentum on the battlefield to degrade weapons of mass destruction and further support the syrian opposition forces. the senate resoluon is long on politics but woefully short on details concerning our national interest in syria. fox news chief congressional correspondent has our report. >> the resolution authorizing force is in syria past 10-7 on
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the senate foreign relations committee after an amendment offered by john mccain was added saying a goal of u.s. military intervention should be to bolster the free syrian army. >> degrading his capabilities, support for the free syrian army and now changing the battlefield equation, which now gives us a package which is a policy which i think will send a message to assad. >> it would limit the duration of military action to 60 days with 1:30 day option requiring the menstruation to offer the report for opposition groups in syria and would strictly prohibit american boots on the ground. top obama administration officials returd to capitol hill to make the case for the use of force in syria even after closed-door sessions some lawmakers are still opposed. >> entered in the united states and a secretary and civil war in
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syria is extraordinarily perilous and could well have the unintended effect of advancing the interest of the al qaeda terrorist. >> 's interest is john kerry was taunted by protesters with symbolic blood on their hands. >> the world is wondering if united states of america is going to consent to silence. reporter: john kerry, the joint of chief were greeted by bipartisan skepticism includg being asked if they trust the opposition in syria. >> you're making decisions to going to war and put american lives at risk. so it is a simple concept. you either trust or do not trust. and if you do not trust, we don't call these people our allies or support. >> congressman, every nation, every individual, every group response to their own self-interest.
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>> why aren't allies offering a military response? >> you said the world is watching what we are doing. but i have yet to hear some concrete things of what the world is doing. >> what if the u.s. is being dragged into a bigger war in the middle east. >> had to make contingency plans for us being in escalated military operation in the region? >> in the spirit of your compliment on my conciseness, ye >> he is not willing to predict lawmakers will authorize force. >> it will be one of the toughest votes in congress. reporter: recent polls show prompting calls here on capitol hill for the president to make the case from the oval office. lou: thank you very much. our next guest hasn't been persuaded by the president nor to the argument irrespective of the concession. here to discuss the hearing
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today, his reaction to the senate vote, member of the house affairs committee. great to have you with us. it was interesting, listening to him be concise, i would rather he be more expensive and the others perhaps before the committee be less so. your reaction to today's hearing. >> my reaction today, it did not change my opinion. i see no need to get involved in a civil war in another country. especially a muslim to muslim civil war. what happens when you have influence on that, changes the whole dynamics. this is a civil war that has gone on for three and half years. for us to intervene now when a chemical weapons have been reported to being used over 11 times in the last year and a half, my problem is why now and why us. where is the rest of the world and this all goes back to the
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agreement that had been signed and ratified or revamped approximately three or four times since 1924. any country that produces, transports, stores or sells chemical weapons were weapons of mass destruction are in violation, so that has been going on if you go back to the iraq war, 20 times since then and i question the motive of right now in america acting out on this. u: in the frame of mind to say wait a minute to all of these folks, you're talking about the arabs paying for an american invasion of syria, talking about no allies whatsoever in this, no authority from any one of the institutional organizations, nato, h netted nations, the arab league that would give at least
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at least some sort of authority to carry this out. does it not eem to you for all the world woul we look like we e mercenaries here. we look like we are vigilante nation because we don't have color of law. >> i agree 100% with you. that was one of m questions. we're talking about attacking a sovereign nation that did not attack america. we are talking but it would be a surgical strike if we dropped bombs here or there. people will die from that. if another country did that to us, would we not view that as a military or active aggression, act of war? resoundingly we would and we don't have the constitutional authority to attack another country for that reason. if it was a national security threat, which i don't feel this is, a tremendously horrible thing that is happening over
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there, i would love for it to be brought to a diplomatic resolve. this is where our foreign-policy i think has been a sku, has been off track. i see him or the last five years, followed the middle east, and what i he seen in the last five years, there is a state of confusion and many members said they were confused and ending the world is confused, our allies are confused and the american people are confused why we're going into that. lou: you describe all that confusion, only one nation being asked to commit hostilities to conflict and that is the united states. >> i agree. lou: you describe it will be most nation on the planet. >> look where that comes from. the president drawing a redline in august. lou: he flat-out denied it. >> john kerry said there was a
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redline drawn the president said if they crossed it will change the dynamics. today and yesterday we heard there was a redline drawn. in additioto that, this is not about the gym change. the confusion keeps coming and people wonder why the world is confused and what america is going to do. we need to lead by example, there are 189 countries that assigned the cwc resolution or agreement. i want snow or the other 188r. we need to demand that they come to the table and that we sit there on one side and we get president assad on the other side and have a peaceful resolution. russia said if the results were conclusive, they would ask for a u.n. resolution and sit down. if we can do that whether it is no reason to rush into this, diplomatic solutions are a
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better way for america to lead on foreign policy and redirection of our foreign-policy especially in the middle east, it can be done with us diplomacy, not with bombs and guns. lou: we are delighted you are amongst those being cautious on the issues because this is not a time for people to rush to conflict. it is unseemly for the world's big superpower it seems to me to ask because this is a nation, a small nation that we could attack and inflict damage with impunity just because we have the power and the technology to do so certainly does not warrant a smug response on our part and a disdain for the damage and the pain and the death that would result. >> i think back to what my dad said as kids growing up. anybody can fight.
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it takes a man to deal with diplomacy and talk and work through a conflict like that. i think this is time for us to man up and do what is right. lou: however we want to describe it. we have had a five-year opportunity under this president to have built a solid and certainly a more cordial relationship with a great nation. which would be very helpful in this particular chance and this particular moment, the chance for that of course is waning rapidly. congressman, thank you for being here, we appreciate it. much more on the president's press for military strikes against syria, we will be taking that up with author and columnist, weekly standard senior wrir joining us next. a strong rally on wall street powered by ford, general motors
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lou: on wall street a good day, stocks writing for the second straight session. the dow up 97 points. the nasdaq up 36 points. volume on the big board up. auto sales boosting investor enthusiasm. major carmakers and in double-digit gains. the highest level since october of 2007. pretty good. a new study ranking the world's most competitive economies, united states in fifth place. actually that is an improvement.
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what had been four years of decline. rounding out the top five, germany, finland, singapore and switzerland. now we can walk around going we are number five. maybe not. join with her outlook on the economy, charles schwab chief investment strategist. great to have you here. the market, we were watching this summer, it has been a disaster the month of august, now we're tiptoeing into what looks like a better mood on wall street in september. what are your thoughts? >> i love you tv people. i would not call for% correction a disaster. it was a pickup in volatility. lou: y regulated me the tv people? you wall stet people are so i don't know, you stand against
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the current that submerges the correction. such a valiant. >> i think the panic over 4% drop in the market is very natural. i think a four to 5% correction even approaching 10% probably in the cards. sentiment had gotten little bit frothy into august hitting the all-time highs. technicals had gotten a little bit overbought, so we were due for a bit of a pullback. by the way, i am unapologetic. some of what you have been talking about with what is going on in syria with the fed meeting coming up, uncertainty with the next chair of the fed, sequtration, imitation of affordable care act. you stack all of these things up. if you are short-term oriented you may want to keep the card
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close to the vest but i'm a big believer improved global competitiveness by the united states, we as a nation and an economy are in the seat. lou: one of the things i tire of his his business of running down this economy, running down the market. the market deserves a premium because theyre our market. those walking around with their multinational firms banks or brokerages have very secondary market at having to be in some large capitals around the world, that is just there farce. the fact is these markets are still the wron strongest in thed and i get tired of the parochial aspect they bring from a global perspective. let's turn to our federal
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reserve, to be strong and sturdy and stalwart. they have not ascended to the level of sixth graders gossiping the hallways as they talk about tapering. is it time for them to stop the nonsense, and what is your outlook and you are suspected outlook on what would be the result. >> i think, do believe it is time to rip the band-aid off. it is the right time to start to move toward normal monetary policy. it is nowhere near a point of tightening. what i hope the federaleserve does announcement tapering in a couple of weeks is to put it into context of the amount of treasuries being issued by treasury rates now, which has declined because the deficit has been falling. the deficit has plunged by more than half, now less than 4.5% of
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gdp and that means of the fed were to continue purchasing at the same pace, they would be buying an even larger amount. they can have a basic discussion about this that might calm the fears that are not justified. enough growth and strengthf they that we can do this to monetary policy perspective. i think the economy has enough underlining strength to get through this. for equities again i think we might have a little bit of volatility for all of the a for mentioned forces, but i think the market from evaluation perspective still seems very reasonable. whether it is individual investors or institutions on the pension side, the hedge fund does that are hogwild about this.
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we still have this wall of worry. although it is not roaming is not necessarily a bad thing. accelerating a bit. i think it is a pretty good environment. lou: up next, broken promises a big part of the presidents five years in office. i will show you how libya may provide more broken promises and those consequences will not remain within the borders of syria. syria. next. the pursuit of a better tomorrow is something we all share. but who can help you find your own path? who can build you a plan, not just a pie chart? who can help keep your investments on course, whatever lies ahead?
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let me emphasis that we an sis pay the this transition to take place in a matter of days, and not in a matter of weeks. lou: president obama 2 1/2 years ago selling united states intervention in libya, it turned out to be an empty prom promis. it lasted days but more than 180 of those days, it cost
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1.7 billion. since the start of the arab spring in late 2010 we've seen protests and violence in more than a dozen countries, until now the united states has intervened in only one, libya, syria is not libya. that is the point of the chalk talk. all of the sudden hawks in congress, are having difficult time it seems comprehending th that. libya almost 680,000 square miles, 10 times bigger than syria 75,500 square miles, population is a different story that adds complexity. libya ha 6 million spread over
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about two and a half states of texas could compared to more than syria 22 million people. a third have been misplaced. before the u.s. intervention, lib why was africa's -- libya was africa's largest oil pro producer, syria's economy has already collapsed. after years of civil iar war. there are drastic religious conflicts and tensions. libyans are almost all sunni. syria consists of majority of sunni arabs but the government is run by shia islam. also kurds and arabs and
10:30 pm
christians and drews, in libya, u.s. recognized one rebel group, in syria this is right now as president seeks authority to strike syria it is unclear how many rebel groups there are in syria. listen to this. some expert say that there are dozens. others say that those rebel groups number almost a thousand, imagine, ou our experts don't he a firm, firm understanding of the number of people involved in the operation. what is clear, is that some of them are linked to al qaeda. there is the matter of international support for an attack on syria. i keep saying that. it is an attack on syria, this is note a strike, not a fly over. the gadhafi regime had absolutely no friends, none, u.s. acted in libya to be very specific president insisted on
10:31 pm
attacking libya with support from nato and backing from the airarab league. russia and china did not block the no fly zone over libya, russia is now moving trooping to mediterranean, sending assad more weapons and blocking u.s. action on syria. the syrian regime sorr refor its backing of iran, hezbollah and even china, that is in place against the world's only super power. the u.s., whe a coalition? a sit of allies? does it not seem strange to every senator, every representative in the house of representatives that this president has not been able to find a single leader who the stand shoulder to shoulder with the united states, germany said no, britain said no, france is
10:32 pm
waitining to see what congress does. then the matter in the president's goal in striking syria. in libya, united states had a clear mission. president obama struck, purpose was on thtake out moammar gadhae change, they were that, at least in this scope. our goals in syria, not regime change but punishment. president obama said any action will be limited and proportional as he put it, we do not know if those words have any means for president obama. >> president obama said that the red line is not his, he wants a limited proportion al-milh stare strike against -- military strike against syria? is there such a military strange, we ask expert, former commander of first infantry
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lou: breaking news, senate just announced it will be returning earliy from the august recess so that it could get a jump-start on dealing with the syrian authorize for military action, it was scheduled to return monday, but they plan to be friday, that could allow them to push up a full vote on joint syria resolution this weekend, joining me new is general david grange, retired u.s. army brigadier general, former command first infantry division along with many great distinguished commands, general, thank you. let me start with your thoughts on a limited pro proggal strike -- proportnal strike? is that what military leaders
10:37 pm
like to hear on which an act will be taken? >> no, it is not what commanders like to hear. if you can't define the results you want, the effects to be gained properly and apply what it ticks to do that, it does not do much. the strike, needs to be the right mix of force and capability at the time and place of our choosing it is now too late, and stand by and strike only if necessary depending on the conditions. lou: your reaction to the mccain amendment, in part, the policy of united states t change the momentum on the battlefield in syria so as to create tap favorable conditionst -- that leads to a democratic government in syria. general your reaction? >> well, i -- who is assad going to negotiation with?
10:38 pm
which rebel force? and so, you know, either point do you go with assad or a rebel group? unless one that supports your principles you lose either way, i would not get involved in that whatsoever. assistance in jordan and turkey and take measures to protect jordan, israel and turkey from the spillover in that region, the country syria is between. jordan for example, between syria and egypt, both bat casey anthonies. lou: -- basket cases. lou: further complicating it. general jack king pointed out in gegeographical terms the east, west, and northwest of the country is controlled by extremists as is much of the
10:39 pm
eastern part of syria, and in between our so-called quote, unquote, moderate elements of the opposition. all sitting well above damascus. this is a maddening feature for military that has to carry out strikes, this is going to be very difficult by any measure circumstance it not? >> it is. , again it has to be the to find targets with objectives that have affects that support our strategy, support the united states and its allies, humanitarian assistance, while positions forces tied to jordan, israel, and turkey are what is key. not just striking for revenge, or because of a statement made preof previously, it is too late to enforce. so it is not limited strikes are not going to to anything now for
10:40 pm
our benefit. lou: our commanders will follow the orders of their commander in chief. but to put our military in the position of going into a unilateral operation like this, with a -- this administration talking about arabs unnamed states offering to pay for a full on invasion much syria. and at the same time, acting without consensus and international authority that puts u.s. this administration this commander in chief in a position of behalf job iteems to -- behaving like a vigilante. your reactions your thoughts ? >> well, i don't think united states should do this alone, we do need a coalition, there is some type of agreement between china, russia, and syria maybe to spe some etents iran, iran sd
10:41 pm
use what happened in syria as a springboard for acts that we do not want. oven if is a secret coalition. but just by supporting again, jordan, israel and turkey, we've established some type of a corporation, and help of the population that will suffer from a strike, i don't think that there is a problem with that type of response that type of boots on the gund or air support if necessary. >> general thank youave you wit. >> my pleasure. lou: up next president obama claims today that republicans are responsible for fixing one of the president's most unpopular and unproductive laws, the a-team takes that up and more. next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother!
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lou: joinings now columnist jedediah bila. 3 republicans joining with the democrats to move this out of committee full senate, syrian resolution your react? >> i'm not surprised. i it is horrific we're gettic involved with syria at all, we have no allies that are willing to assist us, it is interesting that president obama all of a sudden has a real interest in congressional approval what all other matters he could do via executive order, but because there is public backlash he wants to shift the responsibility to congress. lou: it you believe this president, said he -- this is not his red line. he never articulated a red line, this is a world's red line, congress' red line, what is your react? >> take some muster, not just as
10:46 pm
president said, administration reaffirmed that position a couple months ago in june, u.s. intelligence community first confirmed use of chemical weapons. van roads, one of president's top national security advisor said that president of united states made clear to bashar assad that this use of chemical weapons would be a red line, he would be enforcing the international community norm. not just that president said it back then but administration has been acknowledging that he has said it all along. lou: britain, u.k., france and germany say no right now. france is holding to see what congress does. but these are strongest allies. >> they are saying no because it does not make sense to be involved. they did not have a commander in chief as we do who made the
10:47 pm
mistake of talking about this red line to begin with and now wants to maintain his own credibility at the expense of the country if we get involved and create a bigger disaster. lou: president said, it is not his crediblity at stake but of that congress and america. this is our president's position suddenly, why is anyone taking this seriously? this is so to me manifestly farce of the conduct of this administration this somebody should hold it to account. >> aircraft agree with what jedediah -- i agree with what jedediah said. despite his rhetoric over past 2 years trying to bring them in at last minute after he was the explicit about his willingness to work around congress, ignore congress, disregard anything that congress does, he sudden he found this renewed interest in the contusion. -- constitution, just a couple
10:48 pm
months ago in a speech at georgetown university. president said he would go around congress to do work on climate change, because he thought climate change was such an urgent threat. is this really the case that president wants to act on syria that environment environment at change is -- climate change is a more urgent threat? it is farcic el. the case that president said, he he lost allies he might have had among republicans. lou: president is clinging to the constitution, and cruise missiles, in this moment of need. let's turn to former president, bill clinton, saying it is up to the republican now to fix obamacare, talk about slick willie and more obama. >> you got to give him points for guts, bill clinton always was gutsy.
10:49 pm
suddenly the responsibility of republicans to make it legislation it is cat prove traffic and -- ca catastrophic d mix it. >> there. >> thank you very much. steven thank you. >> up next, a grand newa brand-new book, emily gets her gun, we'll talk with emily about the gun, what it took to get it, author, emily mill yor ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights
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that help nascar win with our fans.
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lou: turning to a new subject, high next guest said greatest assault in history on second
10:53 pm
amendmen rights is being waged right now, numbers us, author emily miller. author of "emily getting her gun, obama wants to take yours." >> thank you. lou: all right, a terrific gun. >> i think it will looks pretty cool. lou: you look bad, there. >> a good shot. lou: i understand you got the idea to -- decide that maybe you better be pr be with one of thee after your home was invaded. >> i found a drug addict in my house stealing my wallet, thank god he did not hurt me. i chased him down the street to get aicture, i learned from police not a smart idea, i do not recommend, 15 of his buddies
10:54 pm
standing around in a pickup truck, i called police, got away, i decided -- >> emily? >> i know. lou: how good are you at shooting? >> i have gotten better, that opened my eyes up for nd for second amendment, in the cities where the crime is rising it took me to get a gun in dc 4 months, 17 steps, here is what happened, after that we had aurora and newtown and obama won a second term, he was going to exploit that horrible tragedy in newtown everything he could to pass gun control. now they are trying to overturn "stand your ground," now they are trying to pass executive successions. it took me 17 step its will tak
10:55 pm
people of new york that many times, colorado now all new laws in the states, this is spreadi spreading. spreading. this just affects the law abidining not the criminals. lou: the people, with licenses, are good honest citizens who exercise their constitutional rights, i say this to mike boom bloomberg, and vice president biden and the president, what is it that bothers you, gun sales at an all-time high, and crime all-time low, there is a correlation. >> a parallel, opposite, gun crime i down 40% since 1991. what do they want to do? increase more gun laws? we need to do, what would be
10:56 pm
helpful, start putting mental health records in to the sim. lou: important to point out, that half of those deaths are by gun are suicide. >> right, of the 30,000, 11,000 are homicide, and of those about a quarter are criminal, in criminalct the. it is down to about 7,000, not that every love does not matter, but -- not that every life does not matter, but it is not the epidemic they would like you to believe. >> the fact is that a crime declining in large measure because people are defending themselves and refuse doing victims. we're out of time, but i have time to say buy the book, emily gets her gun, emily miller. >> you are a good friend thank you. lou: on sale everywhere, we can get you to a link on
10:57 pm, that is it for us, tomorrow house judiciary member tomorrow house judiciary member congressman ron the pursuit of a better tomorrow is something we all share. but who can help you find your own path? who can build you a plan, not just a pie chart? who can help keep your investments on course, whatever lies ahead? that someone is a morgan stanley financial advisor. and we're ready to work for you.
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to the finest coorts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. neil: forget syria, focus on s&p, you know it is a matter of time before we're at war with that country, but i want to focus on a very real war going on with a rating agency. they are working to downgrade this country, political weapons that are far, far more financially devastating. welcome i am neil cavuto, does this script sound familiar, i could be talking about texas voter i.d. law that triggered a justice deputy lawsuit or arizona crackdown on illegal that triggered a justice department lawsuit, but not a state.


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