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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we will continue to cover this, that is for sure. thank you for joining us. have a great night. lou: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. this evening snooze is better presented, absorbed and discussed with all of us seated. this day the obama administration foreign policy graduated at sometimes awkward, sometimes incompetent, i would urge you to sit down and join us as we report and dissect how president obama got us here. putting the united states in a position as he seeks congressional approval to strike unilaterally against syria and the assad regime despite the
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protests of our allies, united nations and overwhelming opposition of the american people. tonight we will take you through the bizarre exchanges between senator state john kerry and those of russia, syria, ultimately some members of congress and president obama himself. exchanges in several cases that were recanted but to which could lead actually to a handover of syrian chemical weapons stockpiles to the international community. a day of mixed contradictory confusing messages from the obama administration that may lead to a crisis created in part on mr. obama's unscripted ultimatum to the syrians to be resolved by an unscripted remark by his secretary of state today. we will be taking all of this up in tonight's broadcast. we will be joined by foreign affairs and judiciary committee
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member. he says he has never seen congress so united in its opposition to the president's call to strike another nation militarily. another pentagon official, kt mcfarland, says president obama's box in after his phrase of red lines on the campaign. and journalist says he has thrown mr. obama a lifeline. the way out of the mess that mr. obama created. they join us live. wall street seemingly ignoring the chaos and the incompetence of washington posting a triple digit rally. the dell regaining 15,000 again today. we begin tonight with a series of events today resembling the
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absurd. for more management of the foreign policy of the world's only superpower, president obama's victory of state john kerry made this seemingly offhand comment on how syria could avoid an attack to the united states. >> turn over every single chemical weapons to the national community in the next week, turn it over, all of it. without delay and allow a full and total accounting for that, but he isn't about to do that and can't be done, obviously. lou: and then tried to downplay the secretary's comments saying secretarsecretary kerry was maka rhetorical argument about the impossibility and the unlikelihood of assad turning over chemical weapons he has denied he used. but just moments later russian
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foreign minister made it clear that the russian government to the comment seriously and he proposed the deal to his syrian counterpart. syria's foreign minister signaled the assad regime could in fact be on board with the kerry proposal saying i state the syrian arab republic welcomes initiative and the wisdom of the russian leadership, which is attempting to prevent american aggression against our people. but the u.s. state department hours later after backing away from the remarks said the administration had reversed itself the classification of the statements and instead proper credence to the possibility of a potential deal. listen to this. >> we will have to take a hard look at the russian statement which is what happened since
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then and so we understand what the russians are proposing. that is what we have been clear about. lou: it did not end there. not by a long shot. secretary kerry then called to make clear that his comments were rhetorical and not in any way a serious proposal. but then president obama entered the picture further confused the situation moments ago. >> i welcome the possibility of the development and john kerry will be talking to russian counterparts. we should explore and exhaust all avenues of diplomatic resolution of this.
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lou: are you dizzy yet? that is where we stand right. it appears live near putin and john kerry may be up for nobel peace prize. started a two-day national media campaign originally aimed at the skeptical american public and congress the military strike in syria is in the national interest. president obama conducting interviews with national television networks tonight followed by his address to the nation at 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. this is, by any definition, a full press by the administration meant solely to portray dire consequences for the nation's safety if there i the assad regt held accountable. >> from the white house to the
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capital to the vice presiient's mansion at the observatory, president obama and his advisors lobbied lawmakers to punish syria for the august 21 chemical weapons attack warning a threatens to unravel 100 year ban on the use of such weapons. >> if we do not stand up and enforce the coalition, they will take the wrong lesson from it. >> in ministrations promising military action won't launch another war. they very limited, very targeted, very short term effo effort, unbelievably small kind of effort. >> critics warn that will not have much of an impact in the white house will offer more details to explain how it will. debbie national security advisor now says he spoke in artfully when he said the president would not act without congressional authorization but complicating
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matters is the new order to push syria to place chemical weapons under international supervision. syria has one of the largest stockpiles in the world and officials were skeptical of the offer but careful not to reject it. >> it will take time, resources and probably a peaceful environment. >> the president's critics say he squandered time he could have used to build domestic report for military action drawn redlines and denying syria across them. >> we did not get it then. probably should have done something sooner. >> the president had started to capitol hill tuesday for separate lunches with the democrat and republican caucuses in the senate. more than enough undecided votes in the house and senate to swing the outcome either way.
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lou: thank you very much. for more now on if the russians may be offering president obama a way out of the mess he created, we welcome former pentagon official national security analyst kt mcfarland. pulitzer award-winning columnist judith miller. let's start with this bizarre series of statements and remarks, comments. it looks like tonight i have a possibility becoming a framework for a leader. >> it may be an odd form of diplomacy, but they have stumbled into something that may give president obama the out he has been looking for when he looks to see the way the hell is stacking up at 80% of the american people, more now than when he started talking about military strike opposed to this, he needed an lifeline and it looks like he has been thrown
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one by vladimir putin. lou: the narrative, it cannot convey the massive surprise and the absurdity and offhand remark about as buttoned-down as you can get. it could lead to a real resolution, couldn't it? >> yet almost wonder how long he has been planning this. he looked at obama and said this guy is about to start a third war in the middle east because america bombs, through a response, start to escalate, or he's going to do something that is going to topple assad. we don't like either one of those options. i will outsmart this guy and offer him a lifetime. let's just pray he takes it. the russians are going to end up with this.
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they have had a very tenuous situation at the end of the october war. they shot at negotiations. with this move there back in the driver's seat, now the major player not just in the middle east but in the world and i think the next question is what will happen with iran and what will putin pull out for that one? lou: look look at the political side of it, former secretary of state hillary clinton today stepping forward and saying that she supports president obama's call for strike against syria. how big of a problem or all of these late developments today? >> there had to be an adult in the room and it was hillary clinton who said okay, one hand i support the president, on the other hand we really must explore this russian
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support, perhaps we can do a deal. she is bringing both sides together. i'm talking about secretary kerry and president obama operating on very different pages. that is very clear now. lou: she is not the only adult in the room, i suspect a lot of people tonight. it is not ideal that is even shape, form, under discussion as one might think it would be rationally, but john kerry was like one of those fellows, maybe some people who think he may not have been bad presidential tender. this spontaneous, intuitive in his reply to a question that was perfectly reasonable and ultimately the issue, how to stop this congress.
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>> i think you are probably right, sure looks a lot better than the president we have, but that is a low bar. within 24 hours of another conflict in the middle east that could have gotten into a bigger regional war. lou: you assume the reasonable prevail is all parties will seize upon kerry's proverb, if you will. >> there is great enthusiasm on the hill for the proposal. i think everybody wants to climb down at this point. there is another problem. >> with the president needs to be hearing from is the military. uniformed not wanting to do this strike. have already moved any target into school playgrounds and
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hospitals. i know it was a disaster. lou: this president's national security team has resisted the consulate vice all but directly spoken word of general dempsey. which is basically are you people out of your minds? don't go near there. they have insisted and played it out. susan rice is now giving guidance on syria. she said today in action in syria will embolden north korea and iran. this anyway we can keep such trite out of the mouth of u.s. officials forevermore? >> i think there's a credibility problem they have created themselves and i think susan rice was doing her best to address it.
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i feel when you look around and remember they are the two key people pushing and pushing on doing something about libya. hasn't turned out so well. now she is a different position, she will be much more careful about what she is saying. she didn't have a choice today. >> i do think what this shows is lame-duck status of president obama begins today and the coronation of the secretary clinton begins tomorrow. lou: who will have much more on the lame-duck status as we will ask her to stick around. we would like her to stick around. thank you. presence push for the strike
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against syria will take up with the congressman was among the very first to demand this vote that approaches on capitol hill. >> a triple digit rally on wall street can think president obama. it appears it will be no attack on syria. next. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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lou: on wall street today stocks both the largest gains in more than a month. up 141 points. the s&p gained, the nasdaq up 46 points. shares.5% today after it was announced delta rejoins the s&
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s&p 500 after the close tomorrow. carla combated me his efforts to block the plan to take dell private. said it was difficult given a lack of progress with the board which he likened to a dictatorship. quarterly profit by $70 million on his six-month investment to see if the buyout passes thursday. later in the broadcast will be talking with s&p capital iq about today's market rally and does it mean president obama won't be going to war in syria? colorado voters gearing up to head to the polls tomorrow and what is expected to be a close recall election. second amendment supporters launching the recall after the democratic lawmakers helped push through a series of gun control laws last spring including 15 round limit on ammunition
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magazines, new universal background check requirements. since then means of dollars of outside money has ported the state, not all that money went to michael bloomberg. in new york now down to the final hours of campaigning for a couple disgraced politicians who are looking for redemption on the scandals. a final poll reporting tomorrow's election shows anthony weiner about to suffer a leading defeat the democratic mayoral primary. in true form, is apparently in denial still think his chances of winning are good, or at least he says so. looking grim for eliot spitzer. he is running seven points behind the challenger in the race for city controller.
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an updated story we have been covering from the outset. scientists have identified a new drug cocktail that can be used to fight the deadly virus which is spreading at an alarming rate in the middle east. the combination of well known antiviral drugs was successful in treating the virus on recent tests done on monkeys that could be used to save humans, that possibility exists a car in world health organization. i have been 108 known cases since it emerged last year. 50 of those cases resulted in death. now the weekly box office within this was proving a big draw after his third wedding weekend of the year. science fiction thriller took the top spot earning almost $19 million for universal on a slow weekend.
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third-place going to instructions not included. we made the case a number of times, president obama has become a lame-duck president. tonight we show you how the national liberal media is emerging in agreement. coming up in moments, the shocking story of how one influential american industry work hand-in-hand with nazi germany in the 1930s. the book, the collaboration. the author is here tonight. no two people have the same financial goals.
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we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: the president tonight may be in trouble but he may have a way out as we have reported, but we do know this, he has been unsuccessful trading jobs and create new businesses. this foreign policy is in shambles and he is set to go on national television tomorrow night to persuade congress to allow him to unilaterally attack a sovereign nation.
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it is plainly speaking wrongheaded policy at the wrong time, the wrong way. mr. obama's gone before the american people as a lame-duck president who is quickly losing significant measures of his credibility, respect and relevance around the world, and all that he is lost cannot be reclaimed with any more speeches. terry can be reclaimed at all, frankly and we have been warning the new status for several months. we have to put libya here. the indication he is a lame-duck. egypt as well, syria, immigration without question he is a lame-duck. two issues for the president is relevant. he is without question a lame-duck. that was a month and a half ago
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were laid out how irrelevant and ineffective the president has become. the liberal media has now been forced to acknowledge the president's second term may be a lost cause. this from an nbc news article today. obama legacy on the line as the syria vote looms. and a piece entitled president obama last best hope the poor in barack obama now depends on the outcome of the syria voting congress. how does that folks look? wwho will take a look at that. the president has almost no chance of winning congressional approval to carry out military strike against syria. in fact president obama's proposed strike proposed now by better than a 61 margin in the house of representatives. it appears tonight syria will move on a long list of foreign-policy embarrassment of
7:29 pm
a growing list of second term defeat. some of those failures include his campaign. the new gun restrictions, ever to avoid the suppressor he himself has been proposed, his climate change proposal. do you remember those? economic plan that didn't gain any traction at all nor did it find jobs for millions of americans? the so-called weak relationships with lawmakers in both parties, that was charming, wasn't it? the unraveling of the reset with russia with the addition in syria this president's missteps and feelings mr. obama has threatened his ambitions. it is an open question whether he has the political apple to get anything i his political agenda done.
7:30 pm
so-called comprehensive immigration legislation. it looks now as though the house of representatives will be the leader on immigration and it will be there plan that determines the future and immigration reform. the debt ceiling, raising the debt ceiling it appears there will be a deal but it is going to the end of the year, the resolution still unclear. and implementing obamacare still the critical issue and one which has john boehner himself has said it looks like a train wreck. very critical inflection point with politics. president obama's legacy is now certainly not the issue. the national interest certainly is. the obama presidency in a time of turbulence of the president's own making. one of the very first to demand
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a congressional vote on syria, he joins us next. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life.
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lou: our next guest just introduced a resolution today which says no money can go toward military operations in syria without congressional approval of the use of force. joining us is the number of foreign affairs committee as well as the judiciary committee. first, let's turn to the secretary who may have been engaging in some lucky diplomacy when he at the responses for how to stop an attack by the united states against syria. what are your thoughts? >> maybe there will be a delay enough that there can be some negotiations at the u.n. would come in and supervise the
7:35 pm
structure if you will of the chemical weapons. although it appears those chemical weapons were scattered throughout the region, not just in one place. lou: at this point the latest survey we have which shows, as you know, significant opposition in the house of representatives and by significant were talking better than 621 margin by most of the presidents attack to syria. is that the end of the case, do you think members so be persuaded by president who takes them to lunch, to dinner or addresses the american people as he is scheduled to tomorrow evening? >> the president is campaigning for war. now campaigning we have war with syria. i don't think it will have that much effect. members of the house are not in favor of us starting a war
7:36 pm
against syria. one reason is the consequences how this plays out and all the consequences are bad for the united states. it will not be good for the u. u.s., not ignore national security interest to do this. the situation where looks at the president is trying to save fa face. that is why i filed this resolution to make sure no money, no taxpayer money is used. lou: video was playing of syria, the damage from the civil war more than two years now, that is without sophisticated weaponry and ordnance and technology being brought to bear as would h the case of a u.s. strike.
7:37 pm
is there some way in which you can reconcile the immense damage that results from a strike and secretary kerry saying military action in syria would be unbelievably small. how does one campaign for war and then say is unbelievably small? >> i'm not sure what unbelievably small means. but we send missiles in there and not do any damage? the president does not want to remove assad. i am not sure what building he is after, but we should expect and rightfully so syria would retaliate against us, against israel, maybe turkey, use this as an excuse to spread the war. i am not sure what that really means. this is a complex civil war now you have on the side of the government a terrorist group,
7:38 pm
al qaeda a group that we're supposed to be at war with and on the rebel side to groups fighting each other. the united states getting involved in this, not in our national security interest to get involved in this mess. lou: vladimir putin has seized upon the offer and taken it to the syrian government and now have set in motion a response as if it were sincere and significant offer on the part of the united states government. do you think if this does ultimately end in resolution rather than conflict that vladimir putin is john kerry deserve a nobel peace prize? >> that is an interesting thought. here they should take president obama's nobel peace prize if you want to be the war president, maybe they should take his and split it up amongst
7:39 pm
the two of them, who knows. lou: we thank you, always good to talk to come appreciate it. take a second to go to our website for round-the-clock updates on the potential u.s. response to syria. an inside look at the reasons behind today's major market rally. some say pure and simple, the market no longer believes president obama will strike syria. up next the dial back to 15,000 after a triple digit monday rally. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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7:43 pm
to have you here. the market set to rally now sugarcoated everything. right? >> i think they got above a very important threshold. in the high 1660s on the s&p s&p 500 and there certainly was reason people felt maybe there is an opportunity for the administration to save face, let's embrace that, what we hear tomorrow will not be called to action but rather beginning of a victory lap. >> make a lot of sense to john kerry and vladimir putin. what i like about this, i've always said president obama is luckiest guy in politics ever. it may be it is a stroke of his flock he brought in century
7:44 pm
estate that could be so intelligently intuitive and respond to straightforwardly the question of how to end the possibility the market has to cheer that. >> a lot of leaders who had been loyal over the ages are first to admit they have very smart people to help them out. searching the market is looking upon it quite favorably. seeing global economic data coming in better-than-expected in terms of china's exports data. maybe they will be tiptoeing through the tapering program, maybe even delaying it all together, but the trajectory is still upward for the u.s. economy and corporate earnings. lou: corporate earnings to go higher, but a disappointing slow rate. how much of this market advance can be 17% on the s&p year to
7:45 pm
date. >> we are still at a discount to the average price to earnings ratio on the s&p 500 over the past quarter century so it is not like we're looking at march of 2000 trading 30 times projected earnings still thinking this was attractively valued. i don't think valuations are compelling. lou: you don't see the market of a treacherous place to invest your money right now? >> the market is always treacherous. they have seen a decline of five to 10% every third year we have had a decline five to 20%. landmines are out there, judgment or how quickly takes a market to get back. lou: good to have you with us. cap next a brand-new book "the
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lou: hollywood excites the imagination and also has a very complex place and always has been. hollywood ties with nazi germany and hitler revealed explosive new book by my next guest. i am joined by a junior fellow at harvard university, author of a brand-new book "the collaboration." hollywood's pack with hitler. talk about an explosive title and book and congratulations on the book.
7:50 pm
terrific stuff. you say the idea for the book came from a comment talking about louis b mayer. >> i heard in which said they used to meet routinely with them and would screen certain films and would allow the nazis to dictate to preserve in germany. lou: as a journalist i love the fact you took that colonel and turned it into a smashup book on a relationship that most people have never imagined between hollywood and the nazis. >> very good reason for that. the fact is there so enshrined in american culture, when we
7:51 pm
think of them, they came from the 1940s it we don't think about what happened in the 1930s. the fact is the studio did business in germany, the disc and business and they went to extreme lengths to collaborate with the nazis. lou: collaboration. you're using the word obviously advisedly. why don't most people realize what impertinen important mark d over so many other markets internationally that hollywood and the judgment just could not ignore them. >> it is true, before world war i they predicted the market. and started dwindling and i would say germany was a significant market.
7:52 pm
for a long time i puzzled over why you would go to such extremes when it wasn't such a big market by 1936, 1937. now the loss of $530. why would they go to such extreme length? it started to dwell on me the studios had been in germany for decades, they have an investment there. they were not losing much and they started to think hitler might win the war and conquer the european nations which is what he did and they may not be able to do business in the other nations. lou: a business opposition, yet these are some of the smartest and most sophisticated businesspeople in the world and hollywood. they were routinely aware of what was happening in nazi germany at least at the end then some parts of the political
7:53 pm
establishment. >> in the 32 months the studio heads were so aware of what is going on, half of the jewish salesman by request of the nazis. have had been let go. lou: as he point out the jewish talent which made up the film industry itself was as a result of hitler's policy pushed out of germany squarely to hollywood. >> they benefited by the fact the screen writers, directors and is up moving to hollywood and the problems was a tough being able to produce the films they had made in the past and needed more movies in american movies were immensely popular in germany. >lou: you are getting a little bit of flak. he sees it as something else.
7:54 pm
how do you respond? >> collaboration is the word the studio executives used at the time, the word that the nazi officials used at the time and the word they used to describe the relationship with each other. they say we believe in family collaboration with germany and are so impressed with some of the things he has done and declarant is openly in the german press. lou: we should point out then writes extensively on what it meant that only in a commercial context, but often the germans, the nazis something they would not typically do any business deal giving them the right to cut a film, that is out of a movie. that is insane to even contemplate. >> one hugely important film in
7:55 pm
1933 the great movie citizen came up with a screenplay about hitler's persecution leading to the killing of jews. he went around hollywood trying to make this film with independent producer and realized this film actually had a public. lou: how would you square this up? calling it slanderous and ahistorical. the establishment of the era. your response to him. >> the fact is i spent 10 years, went through dozens of archives, i looked at everything and a sense of responsibility. i discovered things that shocks me and felt they had to be put out. lou: i think you're going to be shocked by much of what you read
7:56 pm
in the book. "the collaboration," we are recommending it highly to you, check it out in bookstores everywhere. how about those who say in the case of china is just business. we can it mor ignore them, we d. much of it has been wartime not part of every major project and hollywood is changing. your thoughts on the modern-day history. >> the connection is fascinating. in the last year reports about china. i found it interesting but the fact is the studios not only collaborated, but they made newsreels.
7:57 pm
lou: thanks. the book is the collaboration on sale everywhere. thank you for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copdaintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. neil: three days, 72 hours, by thursday at this time we will know not just whether this president has a future, but whether this president has a future. welcome, everybody. i am neil caputo. if it even approached that crisis with anywhere near the speed which it is taking on the syrian crisis, we would not have a debt crisis. alas we do, less it is not. chemical weapons are the reason. right now the president is putttng out all the stops to put a stop to it even telling fox news to state his case


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