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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 19, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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money flowing. pulling back on all of this stimulus, and now his successor's problem. let the u.s. pay syria's embattled leader says the united states picks up the tab for the removal of chemical weapons will build a lot quicker. the city's most at risk for natural disaster, not good news for one of our nation's biggest. all that and more on this hour of markets now. connell: let's do this. they make it is so tight, it is like mrs. wiggins from the carol burnett show. connell: of to a great start. with that let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange before we get monica crowley in here. nicole: the dow jones industrials down 16 points, started in the green today on
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the heels of yesterday, the fed said no tapering right now and that is because the economy is not up to par. that being said means easy money, it means stay low and where will money go other than equities. we have seen it yesterday hitting record highs and not far off of the unchanged line for major averages overall. the fear index has come down. more than half of the names on the dow have down arrows. the big laggers are disney which is pushing back a few films. united healthcare, mcdonald's, pfizer and hewlett-packard among the laggards of the dow waiting. connell: we will talk syria in a moment but let's talk the federal reserve. peter barnes was at the news conference and asked ben bernanke whether fiscal issues in washington d.c. played a part in the decision to delay
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capering. turned out to be a key moment in the news conference. >> what will be the impact of a government shut down on the economy and what could the fed be prepared to respond to that and help the economy with additional accommodation, additional asset purchases? >> of factors that did concern us in our discussion was some upcoming fiscal policy decisions. i would include the possibility of government shutdown and the debt limit issue. connell: we will talk about those issues, former executive vice president, director of research at the atlanta fed, from cumberland advisers. turns out of the chairman was concerned about these big issues that will take up all of our time whether the government shutdown, what do you make of that and how it played into the decision not to do what people to do? >> he is right to have worried
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about the fiscal situation and that is not new. this has been going on for the better part of a year or more as we come up to these fiscal cliffs and stand on the edge of a diving board and don't seem to jump in but obviously the fiscal situation has been very important to the health of the economy and it poses a downside risk if we don't get our fiscal house in order. connell: the expectation yesterday was the apparel open market committee would pull back on its bond buying program. that did not happen so even though they had this knowledge going in that there wasn't much knew why do you think the decision was made and what do you make of it? >> good question. all the signs i was surprised like everyone else, a very modest capering simply because the market had already placed it
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in and now i think we are left with a bit of a confusion as to what actually were the tipping points in terms of making the decision that they did. clearly they did mark down their real gdp growth numbers for both 2013-2014 but interestingly the unemployment rate forecast actually improved in the forecast so it is a bit puzzling at this point, and what numbers would be critical, and we didn't get much clarification yesterday. connell: we talk about the open market committee, the focus is on the chairman, we mentioned ben bernanke but at this point, do you assume janet yellen will be the next chairman of the federal reserve? is it fair, what does it mean
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here for the next few months? >> that uncertainty could be resolved quickly if the president makes the decision to go ahead and appoint governor yellen as chairman. that provides some continuity between this fomc and next fomc. keep in mind there are several vacancies on the board, at least four and maybe even more for next year plus at least one of the rolling presidents will be replaced. not only don't we know who the fomc members are going to be but they haven't been involved in any of the decisionmaking. if jenna were appointed there would at least be some continuity because she has been involved in the decisionmaking so far. dennis: interesting to know how much speculation surrounds her, nice to have you on, thanks very much. the latest on the middle east, syria has agreed to turn over
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its chemical weapons but there is little talk about when or how that will actually happen. dagen: former congressman dennis kucinich that down exclusively with syria's president assad yesterday and asked if he would be prepared to turn over chemical weapons to the u.s. government. here is what assad said followed by reaction from fox news contributor charles crowderhammer. >> it is about 1 billion, detrimental to the environment. it pays money and a take responsibility of bringing toxic messages to the united states. >> he spoke for almost an hour. i don't think there was the true word in anything he said including word and and but. dagen: does not get better than charles crophammer, a syndicated
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radio host and fox news contributor joining us now but assad is driving the bus. where does that leave us in all of this? >> the breathtaking incompetents from the very beginning on the serious issue has us in this precarious situation where we have vladimir putin, soviets, the russians shut out in the middle east since 1973 and the russians are back with a dominant footprint and the dominant player in the region, assad staying in power running the board. what he said yesterday, you played that clip, dennis kucinich opened the door to take advantage of that not unlike the way john kerry open the door when he talked about we might be able to get an international inspection regime, dennis kucinich said if the u.s. government wanted to run this operation and brentwood be fun, to pay to afferent -- apprehend these and take control of them let's do it. what assad is doing, he knows he has won this game, he gets to
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stay in power, he will stay in power, he is free to kill more. as well as the iranians and russians. connell: talk about assad and vladimir putin, is that what they want out of this? is it stalling? i am sure the president would say no matter how we got here, it won't be war, we will avoid it doesn't matter how is that the end results stalling? >> we all understand the abhorrence of war. ten select this kind of outcome. the problem is every time we have seen an outcome, the un or some other entity, it always ends up in a bigger conflagration, you find a bigger conflict down the road because regimes of this nature always use this kind of thing to delay and build up. the same with saddam hussein. who played at the cat and mouse game and the iranian vessel
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under a u.n. inspections regime and they are playing the cat and mouse game. regimes of this nature always do this. assad will not be an exception. >> not just the regime, wall street journal has the story today talking about rebel on rebel violence, the syrian army fighting and al qaeda group and hezbollah and the assad government. is it best if they want to take charge of the situation vladimir putin and assad to back out and put your hands up and say how about it? >> let the fighting continue it play out as it will play out. you're dealing with a multi layered civil war. on one side brutal dictator, no one is making excuses for assad. brutal dictator on one side. on the other side you do have some authentic genuine reformers who want to overthrow assad and their representative government in there but they have been overrun by the jihadis. this is the muslim brotherhood, islamists in a position to cross
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the middle east in egypt, we saw the trouble there and tunisia and elsewhere they want to take control so you have all these factions fighting each other for control of one of the biggest prizes in the middle east which is syria. connell: more coming up on the fed and why ben bernanke may be leaving the cleanup to of the stimulus to his successor, possibly, quite possibly this woman, janet yellen. dagen: most dangerous cities to live in, the most vulnerable to natural disaster. one american city making the top ten on that. connell: one winter in the big power ball lottery drawing we will talk about, stay on top of all the markets including oil. take a look at that and see where it is trading, 107.79.
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they phrased it when it comes to natural disasters which should make some sense, examined 600 cities around the world and assess their risk for major threats, hurricanes, eric quakes, tsunami, floods and nine of the cities in asia, l.a. los angeles, the only u.s. city to make the top ten, obviously an earthquake deal but those other cities are vulnerable out there. dagen: in the state's somebody in south carolina is waking up $400 million richer today, officials announcing the winning power ball ticket was sold at a highway gas station in lexington, south carolina. the winner has the option to take the lump-sum option of $233 million, the largest power ball winning ticket ever sold in south carolina and the fourth largest in the history of the lottery. the mystery ticketholder has 180 days to claim the jackpot and confused remain anonymous but it is hard to remain anonymous if you are driving around
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lexington, south carolina. connell: lottery will ruin your life if you were to win. i told you that yesterday. dagen: i did play but i didn't win. connell: nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange joins us with jpmorgan news. nicole: i would like to show up even if i won. to the downside, when we talk about the london whale, the big loss, jpmorgan incurred over $6 billion, but they have agreed to pay $920 million and this is in a civil probe, there are still criminal investigations going on but according to the fcc, jpmorgan failed to keep watch over its traders as they overvalued complex portfolio to hide massive losses. what is interesting is jpmorgan has been working closely with authorities and been commended for that. the criminal probe continues.
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and thousands of people just for risk control, financial regulation, financial stability, things to work closely with the regulators and keep on top of the financial reporting system in place. dagen: passing the buck for big bucks, ben bernanke might leave the cleanup for the federal reserve stimulus to his successor. janet yellen possibly, doesn't matter. not his problem many more. connell: john boehner is not out of here. he is coming up in the next few minutes to talk about the continuing resolution, the debate about a government shutdown and the white house funding obamacare and everything else. we will see what kind of questions coming up in a few minutes. here's a look at currencies today, euro and the one 35, 135:35, on markets now. let [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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>> 20 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. texas appeals court has just
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overturned the 2010 of tom delay. was convicted of funneling money to elect republicans to the texas legislature. the ruling overturned a five year prison sentence for money laundering. the washington navy yard reopened this morning three days after the mass shooting in which a gunman killed 12 people. it is the regular day except for building 197 where the shootings occurred. investigators are trying to determine why former reservist aaron alexis gunned down those people before being killed by police. the storm the devastated, regenerated inter hurricane man well with category 1 strength, expected to move slightly inland and dump rain on fishing villages. the death toll is at 80. fifty-eight still missing. those are your news headlines on
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the fox business network. dagen: not my problem. the message sent by ben bernanke, tightening the spigot on all this cheap and easy money will be his successor's problem. bob auwaerter is here to talk about that, managing 3 quarters of $1 trillion. great to see you as always. is that he essentially what happened yesterday? >> the timing of the fed meeting will come close to causing that. if you look at what happened, ben bernanke basically said based on current economic conditions they feel they could reduce the paper. if you look at the schedule of the next meetings you have one on october 29th and 30s, only one nonfarm payroll number between now and then sell not much evidence to change your
11:23 am
outlook, then you are looking into december or january. in january, a don't think he will be coming back. based on our outlook over the near-term for economic conditions we don't think they will be much different from today. i don't see how they can change course without looking like they are flip-floping. dagen: they you think the economy is weak enough to kick the book down the road. >> the economy, we have to get used to this type of growth are round 2% or so, on a longer-term basis on gdp and non-farm payrolls really about the 200,000. i don't think that will change anytime soon, you have a potential head wind coming down the line with obamacare. that will have a negative impact on job hiring going forward and
11:24 am
also going to cause people who are part-time to have their hours cut back so they're not eligible for a health-care under the new law. dagen: do you think we will see the highs in long-term interest rates? we did the morning before last month's job report came out is that as high as we will go for how long? >> you could be in that situation for potentially several months. they have to reduce paper sooner rather than later. the fed itself says really not having much impact on the economy so why do you want to keep pumping, bloating of your balance sheet at the fed. dagen: some stability in interest rates in the ten year comfortably below the 3% level on the yield have you seen the outflow from bond fund stabilize
11:25 am
a little bit? >> we are seeing some money move out of longer-term funds that our money market funds continue to get fairly good cash flow at this point. dagen: where is the best bargain, what you comfortable in buying in fixed-income? >> i know i sound like i'd beat a dead horse when i come on the air with you but really for individual investor munis are so cheap right now compared to any other asset class you are getting, pretax equivalence without really going down in credit quality very much. it will be a longer-term rise in at least for some of your cash makes a lot of sense. dagen: you never beating a dead horse. you always bring your a game and
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we appreciate it. connell: we waiting for john boehner, speaker of the house, the addressee is expected to take on the big issues we have been talking about particularly this continuing resolution, funding of the government, and how will he respond? that is coming up. dagen: here are today's winners on the s&p. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there?
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nicole: a violent game indeed but this is what sells. everybody loves it, breaking records, the article talks about what makes the game grand theft auto cam outguns blasting with $800 million in global first-day sales so this is a record for grand theft auto. this is the fifth installment of this particular game. again costs roughly $60, certainly for mature audiences, but we know grand theft auto and other popular names such as call of duty and these types of fighting tight games are very popular, embedded in the culture of our teens and adults to play these games. it is explicit but it is selling and doing great, stock is up and year-to-date over 50%, big sales on first day of grand theft
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auto. point record for the company take 2, record for that franchise and the record for any video game launch in terms of dollar amount taken in. connell: big video game mayor herself and waiting for john boehner to come out on television and address the media in his weekly appearance which we will take live on the fox business network because of the times we are in and the debate we are about to have again about the possibility of a government shutdown. rich edson and charles payne are here and not their. what do we expect when the speaker gets in it. >> question folks want to ask if the house passes their version to fund the government what to do when the senate returned it to them without the funding obamacare? what the house will pass this week for tomorrow is a bill that funds the government through mid december. that bill defund the president's health-care law. what probably happens is the senate removed the obamacare
11:32 am
defunding, sending it to the house where the an option, shut down the government or pass a bill that funds the government through december and doesn't plan the president's health-care law. it is of to john bushka because he can pass a bill that just funds the government but he will need democrats to do that and that is not popular in the party. the account do you think this plays out in the markets as an answer to put peter barnes clear the federal reserve didn't take away this money. >> we have got to get peter barnes a shout out. best question of the day. ben bernanke leaped on it and begging for someone to ask him that because in part he kept tinkering because he does think washington d.c. is going to somehow shutdown the government for at least a certain period of time and it will be all xrt out there. the markets won't like it. no doubt about that. the debt ceiling debate was an
11:33 am
unmitigated disaster. by the same token does john boehner have to worry about short-term movements in the stock market even a short-term blip in the economy over long-term ramifications over obamacare and pulling the party back together because i think you lost control long time ago. connell: people taking it more seriously this time even though we have been through this dog and pony show a number of times the last few years because i found myself looking articles about this and saying they will figure out, they might have some time and that always seems to happen at least in recent years. and you taking it more seriously this time? charles: it can have an impact. it can have an impact on the market and an impact on the rica and. connell: they might shut down. charles: near-term do you go through something like this nearterm to achieve something with more positive long-term ramifications? i would like to see it defunded
11:34 am
or delayed. connell: john boehner about to address the media, breaking news from washington. >> up and running. when it comes to the health-care law the debate in the house has been settled. the position is very clear. the law is a train wreck and is going to raise costs, is destroying the american jobs and it must go. we will deliver a big victory in the house tomorrow and move to the senate where it belongs. i expect my senate colleagues to be up for the battle. while that fight plays out we engage in another set of challenges, the debt limit and more importantly the debt itself. let me be very clear. republicans have no interest in default on the deck, none. we want to find a way to pay it off. that is why the house like the plan that will reduce the deficit and includes pro-growth economic reforms it including a delay of the president's
11:35 am
health-care law. there is a common-sense principle, if you are going to raise the debt ceiling you should work to reduce the deficit and grow the economy at the same time. the president's remarks, the white house may not get it but the american people get it. every major deficit reduction plan over the last 30 years has been tied to the debt limit. 1985 president reagan signed the deficit reduction bill which included an increase in the debt limit. when president bush reached a budget deal with democrats in the congress in 1990, it included an increase in the debt limit. president clinton reached two similar agreements both tied to the debt limit. and i would remind president obama himself that in the summer of 2011 there was a major deficit-reduction bill enacted with an increase in the debt
11:36 am
limit. this time should be no different. i think it is more important than ever. a report this week from the congressional budget office makes it clear that the debt is such tagore rapidly in the coming years if we take no action. that is why it is so troubling that the president has decided to sit out this debate. he says he won't engage. most presidents refer to their bipartisan efforts to reduce the deficit as the achievements. the president sees this, quote, as extortion. the president is happy to negotiate with vladimir putin, he won't engage with the congress on a plan that deals with the deficits that threaten our economy. let me be clear here. our debt limit increase without any reforms to lower our deficit just isn't going to cut it. not when under this president the united states has racked up
11:37 am
$6 trillion worth of additional debt and you can see it right here. when the president took office, over the years, look what happens in to the future. if we don't do something about our spending problem. of bill that does nothing to deal with the deficit is really telling the world we are not willing to deal with our spending problem. the president needs to recognize that we have got a shared responsibility. he can try to stay on the sidelines but here in the house we are going to lead. >> yesterday's someone in the senate, many conservatives over here about what might happen over the next week, you say you expect senate colleagues to be up to the battle. are you convinced that we are up to the battle? >> i won't speculate on what the percentage is going to do or not do, but the fight here has been
11:38 am
won. the fight over there is just beginning. >> they already said the fight is over here and house republicans a strong but what is your reaction to this? >> my senate colleagues will do everything they can to defund this law like the house is going to do. >> if they don't do that if they send it back to you. >> all that nonsense -- >> numbers will allow you to go through with that or will you need the cooperation of nancy pelosi and the incumbent -- >> what the senate will or will not do. >> do you expect to have a vote next week? what are the mosts? >> we will have a conversation with our colleagues tomorrow morning how we would proceed on the debt limit and after that conversation we will have more
11:39 am
to say. >> the chamber of commerce is saying house republicans don't do this, senate republicans are saying almost university don't do this, this is a losing strategy for republicans. any chance you will change your mind? >> to do what? >> to defund obamacare? >> obamacare is driving up the cost of health care, destroying millions of american jobs, it is the train wreck and it has to go. we have done everything humanly possible over the last 2-1/2 years to make our point and we will continue to make our point. >> they don't think this vehicle, republicans will get blamed -- >> we are having the fight over here and we will win the fight over here, time for them to pick up the mantle and get the job done. >> in a recent interview with nbc news the president of iran said they would not use other nuclear programs for nuclear weapons ever, struck a more moderate tone as well as
11:40 am
deflected the question of the holocaust denial thing, a politician, not a historian. any comments about the recent words of the president of iran? >> actions speak louder than words. i think it is time for the iranians to take actions to show the world that they are not interested in producing nuclear weapons. >> on the debt limit how do you expect these negotiations your calling for, told to your colleagues earlier in the year you don't want to go back to the -- >> i am not doing that. >> is that high you want it perceives? >> the house will pass a bill to the senate to pass a bill and i would guess the president would engage with the majority leader over there if he so desires. >> you said yesterday the java leader -- yesterday, did you listen over the last few days, were you listening to, who do you think is running the
11:41 am
republican conference? >> the democrats have a very diverse caucus. republicans by their very nature are a bit more independent of narcotics across the aisle. i have seen that from the day i got here. whenever we are trying to put together a plan, we have got 233 members of all of whom have their own plan. tough to get them on the same track. we got there. >> get around to doing the conflict? >> as soon as we can. >> can you be more specific? and the nutrition title, put him on the side? >> i love those editorial comments that come along with the questions. after we passed the nutrition bill today we will send it over to the senate and as i understand it the senate will
11:42 am
have to reappoint conferees when they ask for a conference, we will appoint our conferees' as well and the sooner the better. >> will you expand a conference to include people? >> we will see. >> thank you, mr. speaker. are you willing to violate the house rules to pass the act? >> we expect to have the votes tomorrow to pass this and we will take it from there. >> what the senate is going to do or not do and where the votes are. too early for that. we will have plenty of time next weekend to discuss that. >> mr. speaker, are you there saturday? speaker of the house. connell: john boehner wrapping up his weekly press appearance. rich edson still on capitol hill, charles payne in the city of. give us a headline. rich: one of the headlines, what they're going to do with the debt ceiling, plan on attending a delay of the president's health-care law to the debt ceiling, something that is going
11:43 am
to happen next week, speaker aid confirms other policies and that will get worked out. when you talk about government funding bill that they will vote on tomorrow in the costs the speaker was asked if he would violate the after rule, would the speaker eventually bring a bill to the floor that funds the government that doesn't have the majority of republicans on board. they think they can pass a bill in the house that does fund the government but may not have the support of the majority of the republican conference. that is the question. we all have an idea what will happen, the house will pass the bill, fund the government, defund obamacare, the senate will strip out the obamacare provisions and send it to the house and what does john boehner do? his response to them, we will wait and see. dagen: he did get a shot in that senate republicans. charles: they needled him over and over again, he finally said we won and the ball is in their court more or less. the president does this a lot.
11:44 am
really, there is a real fall line within the republican party, the tea party and john boehner's inability to rope them in and feels like they wrote him in and a lot of people are happy about this, at least they are making a stand. who is going to win the public relations battle? last time more or less acknowledged the republicans lost the pr battle and they will lose again this time unless they can truly articulate why it is up bad deal. that is the challenge. connell: nothing crazy but the s&p down by a point as well. we will come back to this. interesting comments about senate republicans. he also used history going back to reagan and the first george bush and once with obama to say the deficit reduction has always been paired with raising the debt ceiling in the past. dagen: thank you. charles and rich edson in
11:45 am
washington. home sales hitting the 6.5 year high last month. what to make of that when the biggest realtors in the country. connell: we will get to that coming up and warren buffett's tom mann of the industry talking about a continued recovery in housing. it is straight ahead on markets now. don't go away. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities.
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connell: one of the big economic data points, home sales, 6.5 year high, the new number that came out, august number jumping 2%, look at it month over month, the housing market by that measure shows signs of recovery. the chairman and ceo of home services of america, a division of berkshire hathaway. is this a sign of the we're pulling out in the context of the conversations that the federal reserve yesterday and
11:49 am
everything else saying the economy is improving and housing getting better? >> it clearly is. we are seeing a recovery. we have a long way to go but very encouraging signs and the recovery started last year, is continuing and sales and prices are up in double digits. connell: what is going on with the fed? reuse surprised to see the move or lack thereof or they didn't take rat all or see it the same way or more worries about the future? >> absolutely. based on everything we read and saw that we expected the fed to cut back on the purchases, there was some hope that they would cut back on the purchase of treasurys over and above mortgage-backed securities. when we look at the housing industry there are good signs. recovery is about 50% but it is disturbing that credit standards are very tough and first home buyers set a percentage of
11:50 am
purchases in the high 20s, 27%, 28%, historically their 40%. it suggests they are being kept out of the housing market opportunity by various forces out of their control. connell: talk about the credit standards being cut because even in these numbers it does reflect, before we saw rates go up by have got to get this mortgage before interest rates go up but easier said and done for a lot of people. >> absolutely. people who have good credit the interest rates are beyond compelling and we all know that but the down payment and the typical flaco score of 740 to 750 just blocks out an awful lot of would-be buyers that are very creditworthy and we are seeing investors soaking up inventory at the pace of about 30% of the
11:51 am
purchases for investors paying cash and they see housing as a great value at these prices. connell: the foreign influence in everything we talked about for the last however long if you look now at mortgage rates around the country and how it breaks down. they have gone up, historical you have good rates. give us the near-term outlook? we may have hit more housing experiencing a, quote, temple repeat as these numbers were coming out. do you disagree in the near term? >> the numbers released today are closings but there were contracts written 30 to 90 days prior. a lot of people did anticipate rising rates and got in and got the purchase of a great value and what we see in the last 30 days, maybe 40 days with rising rates is a slowdown. however, that temporary pause in
11:52 am
the recovery will not be a straight line north and we will end the year up 10% in sales and prices north of that over the previous year, next year we will likely if we have a functioning mortgage market and a reasonable economy i think we will see the same thing. connell: good enough, always good having you on. dagen: one other thing, ben bernanke, have to look at, you had mortgage refinancing activity complete the draw it up starting in may when the fed started pulling back on the stimulus and in turn all the mortgage originators started laying people off. liz macdonald reporting 22,000 layoffs announced. they have to look at that and say that is direct impact on the job market of our policies. they were reticent to do anything. connell: it is interesting and a lot of people were surprised. all these things you think about in hindsight it makes some sense. dagen: speaking of home sales
11:53 am
numbers showing unexpected strength. the housing recovery is not felt everywhere. dennis: jeff flock is in rockford, ill.. talking about a place of our highest percentage of underwater homes in the nation, look at metro areas. jeff: i just talked to the mayor, if the fed was here, if it was the rockford said no one would be thinking about coming off of the stimulus. the mayor, a beautiful street here, this is what they call harlem boulevard, one of the classic st and beautiful homes, you are under water too. >> i had property under water, refinanced through the heart program. i am man accidental landlord. don't want to be but it took a long time to work through. it is a good tool for the right cases. it doesn't deal with the broad depth of the problem we have. jeff: look at the lagging markets. in terms of larger metros if we look at it you are in a market that is probably worse than
11:54 am
anybody in terms of unemployment, high unemployment and high under water. what do you need from washington? >> it would be helpful that if we had a market place that could just based on the idiosyncrasies of communities like ours where we should be looking at lower rates, not higher rates. jeff: look inside this house for example. the classic streets, a beautiful home, vacant for a long time paula vacant properties and its number of underwater homes. you said i wish i had a bank that was in town because you feel sometimes this is such an impersonal thing in terms of getting yourself refinanced. >> even with local lenders they look to sell mortgage into the secondary marketplace, essentials looking at the rules of fannie and freddie which creates a national market place that doesn't adjust for the needs of our community. we probably need to create our own fund of money to keep local to make sure we are adjusting to
11:55 am
the needs of this market place. jeff: over there, a number of real-estate agents spending the day in rockford talking to some of them. how much is the house right now? >> $130,000. this is how many bedrooms? many baths, beautiful home. every market is different. we see an uptick in existing home sales. doesn't mean it is up taking everywhere. markets like this is a tough one. >> 130. connell: thank you very much, jeff flock. dagen: stock reaction to the federal reserve decision made on today's rating is now -- not worried that the economy isn't in good shape. that is what it is saying. we will take you to chicago. connell: cheryl casone and dennis r. coming. protecting the 401(k). that is coming the. apple new fingerprint scanner
11:56 am
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11:59 am
dennis: now, the hangover. i am dennis kneale. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. we are not hung over, but the markets are. is wall street worried that the fed did not taper because the economy is actually much worse than we thought. dennis: also, giving the finger to the iphone. we go behind apple's new fingerprint technology. whether you should buy in or worry about privacy.
12:00 pm
cheryl: elizabeth macdonald is coming up. dennis: and it is what is bugging me, tesla stocks. my opinion on had. cheryl: top of the hour. we have stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides. what a day yesterday. nicole: it really has been an exciting 24 hours. we saw the markets moved to record all time intraday highs. they have since pulled back. the nasdaq is trading at levels we have not seen in 13 years. the truth of the matter is, we have a really tough economy. when we talk about housing, we
12:01 pm
got into housing numbers. i wanted to show you some construction stocks. you start to see some of these names all on the move to the upside. you can also see beacon roofing and james hardie. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. breaking news for you. president obama just wrapping up a meeting. joining us now from the white house in a fox business exclusive, council member and founder ceo. robert, it is good to have you back on fox business. >> thank you.
12:02 pm
good to be here. cheryl: there was more weakness in the dollar yesterday. this makes the work just a little bit more challenging. did you bring that up with the president today? >> today we talked about some of the things that we want to continue. the eu treaty, transatlantic, the pacific treaty, making sure that the last treaties that went through continue to proliferate and work on exports. the president has had exports increased by 40%. that is on target. obviously, yesterday's news, with respect to the fed, was likely surprised by many.
12:03 pm
certainly a concern that they must think that the economy is slowing. cheryl: he has this budget standoff. >> it certainly came up amongst the ceos. it is clear that no one wants a government shutdown. currently, the government is not going fast enough. the last thing you need is a pause with the government. secondly, i think all business, and the chamber of commerce today made a statement, no one thinks that the debt ceiling should be a tool of negotiation.
12:04 pm
cheryl: i am sure that this is something that was spoken about this morning. you have some new members. you have new members now from ibm, marriott, one of the things that the president and you guys have to be focus on is job growth in this country. how do you advise the president to create more manufacturing jobs? >> it is clear that we are improving, but not fast enough. right now, exports is about 13%. you have germany near 15%. people want to buy, build, and invest in america.
12:05 pm
i think, listen, it is very unfortunate. we need that to improve. cheryl: i am curious what you think as an advisor and consultant. accountability, do you think that we are at a point now in our history where accountability is something that we can move past and that the banking sector itself can move forward? >> certainly, one of the most
12:06 pm
surreal ones for me. the baking system. we have delivered as an industry. i think our risk management tools are getting better and better by the day. it is clear that we need reform. i liked it a lot better when i was here a few years ago. we do need reform. i think you have people like jamie dimon certainly leaving the packed. from that perspective, i think, you have a good group of managers.
12:07 pm
cheryl: think you very much for your time. we appreciate it. please come back. dennis: heating up over the debt ceiling. john boehner reiterating this stance while the white house is ordering government agencies prepare for a shut down. cheryl: bernanke on the hot seat. >> what do you think will be the impact on a government shutdown on that economy? would they need to respond to that and help the economy? >> a factor that did concern us, i would include both the possibility of a government shutdown, but also the debt limit issue. dennis: joining us now we have chad morgan lander --
12:08 pm
>> market just loved it yesterday. cheryl: the economy is in that bad of shape? >> the economy is not in that bad of shape. i think that is what the fed knows here. until the market stop, i think they will continue on and upward. cheryl: you are predicting 160-170,000 jobs. that is something that obviously bernanke did not like yesterday with their statements. >> the economy is at a modest growth path.
12:09 pm
even though better growth is coming in 2014, i think we have felt that tapering would send the yield to 3.1%. dennis: at what point should the fed started to pull back on the bond purchases? >> they should have done it yesterday. they will pull back by about ten-15-$20 billion. the economy does not have to get up and go. the real issue that they have, the financial system is working. it is very vibrant. the economy has sort of grown at
12:10 pm
a 2% rate. they are really worried about scratching the overall market. cheryl: they are deflating the u.s. dollar. next year, that is a healthy economy? really? >> i have been saying for four years that they are insane. all they have done is made the bankers richer. we are four years down the road and they are still printing the 85 billion. my big worry is the distortion of the markets. our interest rate market is completely distorted.
12:11 pm
markets are now distorted across the globe. you have a race to the bottom. other countries will have to continue to ease. i think there is potential and not. dennis: why is it on one hand that people say it has done nothing to help the economy? if it has done nothing to help, then pulling back will not hurt. >> think about where we would be if we had only objected the minimum amount since 2009. i think we would have had bouts of deflation. i think it would have been harmful. imagine what would happen where
12:12 pm
are we on the continue on? i think 2.7 is a very healthy level considering where the economy is. >> it is not a real 2.7. the fact is we are in this big gigantic depression. that is what they have been doing.
12:13 pm
they should slowly get themselves out of this. they should perhaps pay her back risk. cheryl: they have stock plays. >> i would pay her back my exposure to long-term treasuries and get my duration. be a little more conservative. dennis: woodstock speedo far better place? >> yes. my issue is, will there be a day that we will wake up?
12:14 pm
the market starts fighting back. so far, so good. the action shows me the institutional big-money crowd is in there buying. i think we are okay here. it has not happened yet. forward-looking multiples. the market is up 20-25% year over year. this is a fed induced rally. dennis: they are coming. they are coming. cheryl: what do donuts and pirates have to do with each other? dennis: tesla stocks soaring. my opinion ahead. we want to hear from you.
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
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12:18 pm
this is due to you ask. it is actually about a .5 points right now. overall, you have a market that really is not volatile today. even i that 5 billion. let's bring in nicole petallides. it is a sweet deal from krispy kreme. you are wearing a pirate outfit. this is how you get a free donut. it is all about pirate day. it is a pr stunt. if you are to wear an eye patch, pirate cat, bandanna on your shoulder, that makes you
12:19 pm
eligible for a full box of donuts. we should note, it is a real winner year to date. they certainly have been paying for shareholders. >> it is perfect. >> you have to say pirate things. cheryl: i will practice. you know that a donut is my favorite food. you look great, by the way. thank you very much. dennis: what is bugging me? tesla. the stock up fivefold in the last year. it paid back its loans early. that sounds just peachy.
12:20 pm
the company makes three times as much profit selling government energy credits to other carmakers. i am not even talking about the government rebate of up to $10,000. in california, the state imposes stiff restrictions on carbon emissions. last quarter, its earnings were only $26 million. elon musk is a hero of capitalism. i want to see tesla drive without all of that government in the mix. canon may thrive without tax government critics. cheryl: charles payne has come on this show many times.
12:21 pm
i am curious what you think about dennis is opinion today. charles: do not invest based on your principles. a lot of people would not buy a guns company. a lot of people would not buy alcohol stocks. there is an amazing run. to be quite honest, i grapple with that. i have been involved, i have been buying the stock going back a couple of years, to be honest, going back and forth. dennis: they will not revolutionize anything. we have 300 million cars on the road. look at what the company said, charles.
12:22 pm
i love the opening line of the shareholder letter. the profits of the company are not the point. this company has had $1.3 billion in revenue. i think that this is not even a car company. i think it is a seller of government credit. >> secondly, a lot like another hero capitalist. they rarely make money. rewarding them for building the framework. we took profits on tesla. there is a point. no matter how great. [laughter] deutsche bank.
12:23 pm
target to hundred. cheryl: charles payne, thank you. the london whale sinking jpmorgan somewhat. elizabeth mcdonald's bottom line coming up. dennis: calling for u.s. aid to get rid of chemical weapons. are you kidding me? he wants us to pay to get rid of them? that is coming up. ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> 27 minutes past the hour. in a fox news exclusive, bush are of saud said he is fully committed to the plan to turn over, pull weapons. it could cost a billion dollars to do so and it will not happen overnight. >> it takes about one year. >> a texas appeals court has overturned the money laundering conviction. a two-one ruling. his three-year sentence was on hold while his case made its way through the appellate process. $400 million winning ticket in the powerball drawing ticket.
12:28 pm
those are your news headlines on the fox business network. time to get you to cheryl and her donut. cheryl: you cannot win if you do not play. i am reminded of that today. thank you. power to prosper. making money with fox business. if you watch this show, at about this time yesterday, we were told about a portfolio to invest in if the said did not taper. of course the fed chose not to
12:29 pm
taper. just yesterday, he was making a call on precious metals. dennis: that was good stuff. losing $6.2 billion on those london will trade. what exactly did the government safe? we have elizabeth mcdonald's here with her bottom line. >> basically, they really blasted jamie dimon for misleading and misinforming, not just investors, but regulators. let's take a look at the breakdown in fines.
12:30 pm
the british regulator, this is the second largest fine. let's also take a look at what the sec says. they agreed to admit to wrongdoing saying they committed egregious breakdowns and controls. they also said that senior management broke a corporate rule. this is a big deal. it does not and. there may be allegations of what is called painting the tape. they could have been traded amongst themselves. dennis: here is a bank that was over $6 billion on trade. hey, shareholders, give us
12:31 pm
another almost $1 billion in fines. >> there may be more fines. it lost feels the billion dollars in market value. we have john mccain also weighing in. or was deception here. dennis: i just wonder the real damage here. thank you very much, elizabeth mcdonald's. cheryl: apple iphone's new fingerprint scanner. should you buy in or is privacy a worry?
12:32 pm
dennis: can tesla drive without the that government tax credit. tweet us your opinion. ♪ ♪
12:33 pm
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12:35 pm
nicole: i am nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what i am taking a look at here is halliburton. basically, the department of justice moving forward and closing the investigation. you may remember this one. now pleading guilty on this one and accepting a single misdemeanor. there is three years probation
12:36 pm
involved. a fine of $200,000. this is the last portion. the last 15 minutes of this stock. that last pic just went higher once again. it is never good to be guilty. what is interesting is now, this gets off the plate. this is the type of uncertainty that weighs on stocks. now, investors can move forward with the company. now, it is really gaining some momentum. it is trying to challenge the highs of the day. dennis: that took a while. thank you very much, nicole.
12:37 pm
for more, let's bring in cyber security expert, bill connor. he joins us from dallas. >> you and i have talked before. it was something that you had. now, it is something on you. it will take a leaf on security. i think it also opens up a whole new consumerization of the enterprise. i can't have iphones in there with higher levels. with all the other announcements they made, it is a game changer.
12:38 pm
how much hacking is traceable to the fact that i left my phone in the cab? >> that is a really good question. it has been a really big issue. it is more a changer in terms of protecting your phone, your applications and your identity. that phone is having to measure my fingerprint against some record. it will hurt the privacy folks.
12:39 pm
it is a copy of the fingerprint that is stored. we have yet to see any jailbreaks. that is even deeper where that fingerprint is. it is encrypted where it is stored. >> overall, the security, is it true that most of the security breaches, it is not that some hacker is stealing my phone and cracking open the case.
12:40 pm
>> what they have put in this phone is still a quantum leap ahead of what they had and what the competitors had. what most people do not realize is the easiest thing for people to have today is your laptop and desktop. it is kind of a protection against that asymmetric. >> we will rapid air. thank you for being with us today. >> always a pleasure. cheryl: we are just one day away from learning new moves on to the championship round of the fox business championship all-star showdown. this is all happening tomorrow.
12:41 pm
the winner will face off against robert luna next week. dennis: dish network. at least one is fighting back. cheryl: they are. the jet service to the united states. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪
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[ woman ] time for change! ♪ >> i am tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. home resales increased 1.7% in august over july to 5.48 million. the highest level since february february 27. 318,000 minivans in the u.s.
12:44 pm
fifty-nine new jets putting the order between boeing and airbus. the deal will update part of the long-haul fleet and make it more efficient. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
12:45 pm
cheryl: after seeing revenue rise 25%, private jet operator, vista jet, is looking to expand its business. joining me now from london is thomas, the founder and ceo. it is great to have you back. how big of a play while the u.s. before the company?
12:46 pm
>> good morning. how are you? we will initially place six global express. the weight this will work as we teamed up with wheels up. founded by kenny. he was the founder. we will have a significant portion of our revenue coming from the united states. the operator will be a china data company. we will have a great team. we will have a major presence in the united states. cheryl: at the same time, it seems like to me it is really a global story for you. there is a lot of competition here in the united states.
12:47 pm
why compete in the u.s. when you could be in china, india, other parts of the globe. >> the attractiveness is that there is a lot of u.s. companies that do need a global solution. there is a true and only global solution available. in our offerings, it is light. we do not ask people to put money down. we own all of the aircraft. with that business model, it is really revolutionary for the united states. you only pay an hourly fee. when the united states came out of the recession, companies shot
12:48 pm
away from an investment and into an aircraft. you only pay for that hour on the aircraft. i think the other element is we only fly new aircraft. lori: would you consider an ipo? >> at this point in time, it is not in the cards. we can act fast. we can act swiftly. at this point in time, no. cheryl: thomas, thank you. it is good to see you again. >> good to see you. dennis: time for stocks now. let's send it to the floor of the new york stock exchange. markets missed. where are we going from here? a bunch of fraidy cats?
12:49 pm
>> we have had a pretty big move here over the last couple weeks. we are up 5% now in a month that is typically down. we are in a seasonably bearish. we did stall and pull back. the fed may have a problem communicating its message. the markets are not really sure what to take of this non-tapering still. i think that these are a little over bob. we will probably still pull back. for right now, we are stalling a little bit. no real deterioration as of today. dennis: thank you very much, mark newton. >> my pleasure. dennis: dish network wins a round in federal court.
12:50 pm
federal judge denying a request by disney's abc to shut down ad skipping features. the networks say they are a violation of their copyright. dish says they have now won three court decisions. abc says it is just a preliminary round. these are some of the same guys that sued all the way to the supreme court. it will be hard to hamper the hopper. and google as the cookie monster. google is looking at killing cookies. google wants to have it own anonymous one for each user. is it a plot by google to kill cookies and gain control of all that user data and then be the sole seller of it to advertisers? i am betting on the latter.
12:51 pm
cheryl: we have the west coast minute coming up. dennis: it is what is bugging me. tesla. can they survive at all without government support. tweet me your opinions. ♪ (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrft. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge.
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12:54 pm
cheryl: time for your west coast minute. the university of california has voted to spend up to $6 million to repair the president's mansion despite being cash strapped. they are counting on napolitano's expertise to rehabilitate the university. a national force is facing a veto from the white house. it would holdover control to be used to be use for wildlife
12:55 pm
habitats. finally, interactive entertainment and british company is launching an online poker venture in nevada. that is your west coast minute. ♪ dennis: time for what is bugging you. i asked whether tesla can thrive without tax credits. in my opinion, tesla is a pump and dump. another obama favorite like solyndra. short them. most have gone bankrupt. dennis, he says "they only have to drive it until the founders can cash in." cheryl: exactly. a day of reckoning for jpmorgan and jamie dimon. the latest on the fiasco.
12:56 pm
why the company is admitting wrongdoing. dennis: because they told them to. the notepaper rally. stocks are heading down. cheryl: brian was buried joining adam and lori coming up next. where he thinks the taper may actually happen. ♪ my customers can shop around--
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
tracy makes leaving thing the same changes everything. adam: doing some taping of its own, stocks kicking lower as the fed stands back but try telling that to the gold bugs. first trust advisers chief economist brian westbury on why he thinks the caper won't come until december at the earliest.
1:00 pm
lori: washington's inability to get things done a major factor in the fomc decision not to tip which is 11 days until the government shutdown. we are live in washington with the latest on budget boondoggle. adam: the keystone pipeline off the stove. american petroleum institute's ceo with the decisions for the obama administration. what is now five year delay. lori: jpmorgan whales case, the cost of banking giant big, nearly $1 billion in fines. adam: we will head to the floor of the new york stock exchange to check in with nicole petallides and the s&p in uncharted territory. nicole: the s&p and the dow moving to record highs, into the red. not far off of the unchanged line and the


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