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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 20, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ "imus in the morning" ♪ stuart: oh, yes, it is a train wreck. obamacare means chaos. the government will not be able to tell you how much you have to pay for healthcare. they have ten days to fix it.
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60% of the job gains for women pay $10 an hour or less. there is no disappointment for government workers who crowd around washington. welcome to the new america. you like it? varney and company is about to begin. we have a jampacked show for you today. ♪ rm agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. join us. [ male announcer ] at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up.
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stuart: look at this, please. apple's new iphone, the 5s and the 5c are now available. some delivery dates have already started to be pushed back to october. we have both phones with those in the studio coming up. to obamacare. major glitch in the computer system.
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people in 36 states will have a problem finding out how much they need to pay for health coverage. we are talking tens of thousands of people. home depot is sending 20,000 part-time workers to the government exchanges. much more on that story all the way through today's program. the cleveland clinic once endorsed obamacare. they are now cutting jobs because of it. we have news on it today. you will see it. it is showdown day on capitol hill. do the market even care. did you hear this? they are calling it a super typhoon. it is heading towards hong kong. it is the strongest storm of the
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stuart: that is a great way to lead in. the producer of the pirates of the caribbean, he is cutting his ties. the latest movie flopped at the box office. we are a minute from the bell. joining us from chicago, sandra smith. sandra: the second that we got the announcement from the fed this week, traders started to say now it will take over this market. the concern over the debt ceiling. we saw were locked in for buyers to step into the market at these all-time highs. that will be the biggest thing for these markets going forward.
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don: chicago. our people exposing themselves in the windy city and lining up for our iphones like they are in new york and every place else? sandra: they are. there are lines already outside the apple store. people are rushing to go buy that phone to get a different color. >> color is everything. the market is not likely to go that far. let's get right to the apple shares as the new iphones hit the shelves today. nicole: apple is looking great. today is the day you can go to the apple store. i went by there this morning.
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it is chaos. there are news trucks. there is video from this morning. there is a million people there. why do people not like the colors of the new 5c.hey do tese things? don: if you do not like the new operating system, you do not like it. i have a producer that really hates it, actually. stuart: my people got together with your people so we match today.
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after all that time, it would be one minute and 42 seconds that the dow has gone absolutely nowhere. nine teams again. two more big names. you know them. profits worse then expect it. parent company there is started. one of our i tell you producers says that all of guarded the traces cultural heritage. >> uphold the italian heritage. stuart: he is in my ear complaining. come on in, john.
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we hear a lot about a government shut down. we seem to be marching towards the possibility. markets do not care, do they? >> no. when you talk to investors out there, this is all about the fed. these guys absolutely hate each other. there is a chance he could have a government shutdown. this is all about the fed. you look at what the market has done the last few years. the labor force participation rate is the lowest since august of 1978. still, the market is going straight up. stuart: i want you to tell me about priceline.
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>> i think $1000 a share is a psychological barrier. it looked like it was golden. they have done some unbelievable things. they have $6 billion in cash right now. it really is a remarkable story. >> i cannot either. you see a few companies emerge. the one that crashed, they did
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not come back. stuart: go back to the beach there, young man. another big name you know in the news. home depot growing the ranks. i do not expect any reaction in the stock. tell me where it is at. nicole: they are being shifted to public exchanges. this is what they are doing. trader joe's has done something similar. walgreens has made some changes. a lot of these companies are making changes ahead of the affordable care act. happy birthday, nicole. happy birthday. elizabeth macdonald is with us.
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it is not her birthday. that glitch that we talked about at the top of the show. can you add anything to this list? >> if you cannot tell how much your insurance plan will cost, how will that affect the credit also? stuart: i have called this a glitch. i think it is more than that. train wreck comes to mind. you are supposed to sign up. you cannot get a price. it seems to me to be ridiculous.
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some of the states had three insurers or five insurers. not enough. this is a rocky world right now. stuart: i also think that the democrats would like to see it a lathe for one year. i have to ask you about food stamps. cutting 4 billion a year from the program. the bill represents a shameful attempt to kick millions of families in need off food stamps. what do you make of that? >> the echo chamber is really going full blast. they are painting it like scrooge mcduck. it is about bringing it back to pre-2009.
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stuart: if it just takes you back to 2009, why did it only get a seven-point majority. >> it seems to be working. stuart: i never thought i would be the day where i would say where is bill clinton when you need him? who is picking up the enormous legal tab? we'll ask our favorite lawyer in the next hour. check out the board.
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♪ stuart: up one point for the dow. goodyear buying back stock.
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microsoft chief has been talking to analysts. two new iphones. they are out. they are on sale now. he has both models and they are right here. what is this about? the fingerprint thing. >> this is the 5c. this is the 5s. what apple has done, they bought a company a few years ago. ever wonder what they were going to do. i have set up a profile of my fingers already in the phone. i have my thumb. just put it right here.
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it works that fast. this is a breakthrough. there are stores that have fingerprint scanners. i was doneeby how well this is. you have to have a live warm-blooded fingerprint. stuart: i cannot go into my phone with my fingerprint and then go on to online banking? >> no. the phone knows that it is you. if you make a purchase, it is great for apple. there are a lot of people who take that moment who maybe do
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not want to buy that show anyway. >> i have been using it all summer. this is the first time doing software. the guy behind all of the devices. he wanted to get rid of all of that -- stuart: wait a minute. you can tell steve jobs is no longer with us. >> maybe we can make a banner with it. things that look like real
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objects. if you need the weather, you do not need a puffy cloud icon. stuart: please put up facebook stock. i believe it is up again. you have been talking to the facebook mobile salespeople. >> the reason you are saying that stock increase is because of what they were doing with mobile advertising. they are really trying to work with developers, bring people into the fold to drive sales, but also then back to facebook. i have only seen apps for sale that work on my iphone.
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facebook makes money. i am targeting users directly. if they are using an android device, facebook knows. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. it is time we gave you the gold report. it has been all over the place. the price of gold is down $18. we have three big news items today. i say they contradict president obama's biggest policies and his statements. my take on contradiction is next. ♪
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stuart: the irs officials at the center of the scandal. how much, who pays? that is due at 10:00 o'clock. what do i know about football? enough to go head to head picking this weeks winners. three news items today. they popped right out at me. development on the biggest issues of the day.
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all three directly contradict the president. here is my take. a glitch has appeared in the obamacare software. they have ten days to fix it. president obama puts all his faith in government. now we have chaos in the health care program. promises versus reality. item two, more confirmation that the jobs we are creating are simply not the jobs that put people into the middle class. 60% of the job gains for women were low-paid. under $10 an hour. another report, there has been very little increase in global
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temperatures. global emissions have risen. today, the president is passing his war on call. these are the president's policies. they are imposed on us. you have an administration that never ever shifts its position on anything. this president thinks he is right. always. he does not care. he will not deal. he will not compromise. we have another three years to go. ♪ now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double mes.
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, we have news for you, cavalcade of development. on obamacare a huge software glitch train wet, though vote to defund it today, who gets the blame if it goes to a government shutdown? a fiery debate on this, you can watch it right here right now. 60 isn't of jobs taken by women in the obama years low pay and written dollars an hour. monica crowley on that. irs agents wiring up but who pays and how much? mark lanier is here. the 20 sollars -- $20 glove that saves lives, you get instant info on your commission comment
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and dr. mark siegel is here with the glove. the new friday feature, i predict weekend for caution, do not put your money where my mouth is. ♪ today the house will vote on a plan that will potentially defund obamacare, replace it with tax breaks for those who buy their own insurance, under their proposal people who purchase their insurance through state run exchanges can claim $700 of induction families, $20,000. monica crowley is here. here is where i want to take this. this seems like an alternate republican plan. i don't know much about it. i want to know is monica crowley on the side that says the fund this thing and if you have to shut down the government or is she on the side that says delay
10:00 am
it for a year? that is the best way to go. >> i am on the side of trying to defund this thing. you won't be able to do that but what you may do is the second thing you lay out which has set up a delay, at least a year long delay so if you bring enough political pressure to bear, even if you do not get it through the senate the president has to veto any way, you may put enough on state democrats like fryer and land drew and hagen who don't want to vote on this because obamacare is unpopular, you may leverage it to delay. to buy enough time -- stuart: you are softening. a few weeks ago i distinctly remember you were willing to go to the barricade to get rid of it. you have to shut down the government you would do it. that was weeks ago. >> don't misunderstand. nobody on the republican side is talking about shutting down the
10:01 am
government. they put legislation that funds every part of the government except obamacare. the democrats have forced -- don: that is not the way the country will see it. >> are you willing to surrender the country to socialized medicine because republicans have a pr? >> i am not prepared to surrender the election of 2014 to your political suicide death wish now. >> republicans have to fight on this, they fought on this in 2010 and they run back to house, you don't win by giving up or surrender before the battle. stuart: you should see the battle in my house. she is watching right now. you want to say anything about this? charles: it is a tough one. it is tough. it is easy when you are not running for reelection to talk all the smack in the world and harder when you're fighting for your political life to do that and you do wonder if republicans are going to snatch defeat from
10:02 am
the jaws of victory because they are on the path to easily win a midterm elections. easily win it and they have the greatest risk for anything that hurts the economy. stuart: the voice of wisdom. let's bring in congressman mike turner, republican from ohio who is with us now. i don't know whether you heard that. you are nodding your head. if the government is shutdown, republicans get the blame so don't do it and you say? >> i agree it is a concern whether the blame falls on republicans but i do believe if there is a shutdown is going to be because of the president. what you heard in the debate you have is the issue of whether it is a battlefield or a train wreck but what is more important is this needs to be a debate. republicans can't have the house of representatives while we have labor leaders coming to vote -- problems with obama care, the
10:03 am
implementation of obamacare is not going to be accomplished, and what it is doing to the economy and not have this debate. the republicans have responsibly passed legislation in the senate beginning the debate, the president has to come to the table and negotiate and effectively be able to undertake this debate. stuart: wouldn't be labia much better option because you will get senate democrats to say we don't want this around our neck in 2013, a will go with the lay. delay is the more likely to succeed than flat out the fund, repeal and get rid of obamacare? where my wrong on this? >> i don't think you are. in order to have a debate you need several parties who were in discussion, the house by taking this action and sending to the senate their statement of the beginning of the debate look to the senate and the president but the president stuck his stick and a red ground and said he is a movable.
10:04 am
we have to see because the nation is seeing beyond perfect of obamacare where people are losing work hours and health-care benefits and labor unions are saying it will be disastrous for their members. this is something that needs to be addressed and the president needs to negotiate. stuart: i am with you all the way. i want to go through the motions peer. the house will probably pass this bill today. it goes to the senate. senator harry reid will almost certainly stir about anything to do with obamacare and leave the funding of government in place, the senate will pass that. it goes back to the house and you guys in the house have a choice. what are you going to do at that point? do you have the vote to push forward and shut down the government? it will be used that looks like you are shutting down the government? >> that is a debate that is going to have to happen and if harry reid does that it is the direction of a president who says i will not negotiate on obamacare. many pieces of legislation are important at the end of the
10:05 am
year, this bill that funds the government for a temporary period, will be legislation that fully fund the government and the debt ceiling vote. number of vehicles by which the debate will continue but the president has to come to the table and recognize he is out of step with the american public, obamacare is a problem that needs to be fixed only a starting us all votes today, the senate needs to do is work and the president needs to do his homework. stuart: i'm in full agreement with you but afraid the establishment media will come right down and say you did this. the president is indeed saying i will not negotiate, and i am not budging from this position. the establishment media won't put that out. >> there's always that danger but you don't want to share your response ability. we are responsible to be the voice of the american public that says obamacare is a problem and we are starting today to come to the table. stuart: thank you for joining us, a big day, very important appreciate you taking time for
10:06 am
us. anybody wants to add anything? charles: when he mentions the senate john boehner at a press conference they kept needling him to attack his republicans in the senate, this schism, two sides of the republican party. i wonder if he was not just talking about the democrats in the senate and fellow republicans in the senate. >> and versus establishment republicans, and there is a huge split among democrats, labor unions asked people all kinds of waivers and exemptions, and the reelection -- stuart: they have to put their votes on the line, get the democrats -- >> and pursue this the way they ought to. said gross unpopular legislation or kill their signature
10:07 am
legislation. that is the political calculation but we have to make some do it. stuart: we are down to 15607. that a loss of 29 points this friday morning, 46 minutes into the session. i want to check apple stock too. the new i phones hit the stores today, stock is up $2 for 74. nicole petallides, i want to know about tesla. another new high today. >> looking at it 185 and change as analysts continue to love it. this is the week, people want to fix money off of the table. this is the week when general motors talk about their more affordable electric cars. tesla is unstoppable. on in, thank you. you wouldn't add to your
10:08 am
position. charles: we are flat and hoping for a debt. deutsche bank came out and put a $200 target on it. you see the quality of firms following the stock's a it is syllabi. stuart: the actual profitability of this electric car company, does that justify $200 a share? charles: this is like amazon if you think about it. how many quarters of amazon had no profit for very little profits? if you look at their stock price and market cap there is no correlation, wall street has given them the benefit that at some point they will dominate this space. stuart: 60% of jobs gained by women between 2009, and 2012, president obama's first term, at ten dollars an hour. on top of that the jobs they did get were largely part-time. >> this is a particularly horrifying aspect of the obama economy.
10:09 am
so many horrifying parts of this economy, just talked about obamacare. women came out in droves to support president obama twice. this is a huge part of his constituency. what they did last year during the campaign targeting women they talk about birth control, abortion, so called women's issues but i will talk to the women of our waiting tables, part of this obama economy making $10 and less brower in this economy. are you satisfied with your free birth control? is it worth this crappy job, the scrappy eeonomy? because they targeted you on a social issue? should not be standing for this. stuart: they think the economic position of women in the obama years justifies men switching their votes for republican candidates? will say? >> they have to work for that. they can't take the vote for granted. they have to talk to women and talk about economic freedom and tax cuts and how their lives
10:10 am
will improve when they have more freedom and government is limited and the tax burden is less on them. it is african-americans and latinos. charles: is a huge problem. >> suffered under this president immensely. if republicans don't have their act together to direct a positive economic message. stuart: sounds like that debater in my kitchen last night which got more heated than this. coal stocks hitting on the president's new clean coal rules. look at that. look at that. going to put in place rules that restrict emissions from new power plants. charles: it is 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of hours so right now the average is 1800 so you can do in your
10:11 am
head going 1800 to 1100 gigantic percentage move and the notion that could be done overnight is tough or can it be done profitably? stuart: it is new in the future, not existing. charles: they have to retrofit a lot of the mend clothes a bunch down. this is the idea that you kill the coal plant, this is it. >> president obama spoke about this, a war on cold, bankrupting the industry. here it is. stuart: the president is at afford f 150 plant in kansas city, they make the ford f 150 truck, you will trumpet that the auto industry has recovered and swam republicans for ruining the economy, the republicans do you think they are s too easy a target? >> there in easy target because you have a corrupt media that protect the democrats and goes
10:12 am
after the republicans every moment of every day. secondly they are an easy target because they don't fight back, what we were just talking about obamacare, messaging stings, they don't have their acts together, strong positive men stood to punch through the core of the media. and a plant producing the ford f 150 trucks, ford was the only american automaker not to take any bailout money. stuart: the union did. stuart: charles: missouri will be voting next year whether or not to become a right to work state and i think he is trying to get in now to lay the political groundwork that you had success in not being a right to work state. stuart: i've lived in america for years but i know kansas city is in missouri. charles: is it? >> don't doubt yourself. stuart: the kansas city airport is in kansas the kansas city
10:13 am
airport -- we got to go i am told. fda wants to crack down on ecigarettes. in regulation hurt the industry? the ceo is going to join us next. ♪
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stuart: there is a kansas city in kansas. quick look at the garden, the parent of olive garden in trouble with our producer. 5% lower. club holdings starts trading, private golf and country clubs in america and stock at 1457. charles, i you back to that? charles: don't hate to play. and they go after natural gas. and going to continue to go. last four quarters. stuart: when you went to cash in on subsidies? charles: where cash is to be
10:17 am
made. the last four orders they beat the street, 67 and in the last quarter 3's 36%. and make a lot of money than wall street thinks. stuart: you are slippery. and you will take them. charles: and the government freebie. stuart: great subject. ecigarettes growing in popularity. the fed states, cities, scrambling to regulate them. get them out of the airplanes, joining us is brent willis, chairman and ceo of victory electronic cigarettes. you told me you are on a mission, the mission of your e cigarettes, a way of getting on
10:18 am
the wave of traditional tobacco and that is what you do? >> that is our own mission. and peer into 4, the alternative that gives them the experience they need and the nicotine they need and the announced behavior that is equally habit forming. stuart: if you want to get people off of regular tobacco, up here is no objection to regulation. >> we support intelligent regulation based on fact. stuart: you support that? they support getting out of airplanes? >> i don't know why they're not allowed on airplanes, we don't create smoke or flames or tar or second-hand smoke. and -- stuart: higher taxes?
10:19 am
>> not at all. there is a reason for taxing cigarettes. and six million deaths that happened around the world every year for tobacco related diseasess. of 4,000 -- stuart: deregulation you go for. >> regulation we supported this is an adult product and we don't believe any team should be smoking these product for cigarettes altogether. the whole truth is teen smoking is a problem, 20% of teens smoking united states, everybody graduate from high school six of ten jeans soaked so we support any way to stop teens getting access to cigarettes for these products. stuart: you are talking about your book and regulation, the only regulation you go for is keeping these cigarettes out of the hands of minors. >> that is what we think.
10:20 am
stuart: what about the amount of nicotine? >> we think there should be some standards for safety of these products and there are responsible and good competitors. stuart: hold on a second. you are offering a nicotine delivery system. nicotine is an addictive drug, how do you make an addictive drug save? that is what you're doing. >> the point they are trying to make his they're not providing this product for every day use, providing this product for 1.3 billion smokers around world that gives them alternative. stuart: you won't refused to sell it to an everyday use. >> i don't control who buys the product or who sells the product, but they should be sold and our purpose in our communication is directed toward smokers, gives them healthy alternatives.
10:21 am
stuart: sales gains of your product in the last year. >> we are up 200% versus prior year and it is truly a global phenomenon because it is forcing, giving smokers for the first time healthier alternative. stuart: interesting stuff. stuart: wait for it. brian killmeet, he is going to join us. we will do what simulcast and he and i are going to be head to head against the point spread. whose picks are you going to go with? his? a guy who knows nothing about football, or me? ever watch soccer. do you like it? what is wrong with it? >> i like soccer, and i would
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stuart: i am going head to head with brian killedmeade picking the nfl games will start with your three pick, go. >> all right, i just got that
10:26 am
toss watching you. this is the first i've seen you to let's talk about how much more football, know more about american football venue. might pick of the game you love me to the three games, giants and and is. giants on the road, that is what it looks like with the bad helmet on, we go on a road, the giants will win the game. control tim newton, great secondary and get the running game. stuart: next pick. >> and next game ice elected, seattle and the jaguars. how much better team, and 19 point favorites, and the jags have nothing going on, and the
10:27 am
seattle lost with 2,117 hasselbeck then. russell wilson, and he hasn't played as good as he can. he will come up big time, and tim tebow in jacksonville and excitement in your franchise. stuart: when you have taken all the time. give me your third real fast. >> let me go on the third game, the last one, redskins in favorable against detroit, and 0-2. and the r g 3, and college style offense, and britain against the u.s.. and withdraw the war of 1812. stuart: are you ready for some real football?
10:28 am
minnesota, the vikings. and the vikings beat the cleveland browns, cleveland traded their best player, richardson the second pick, the ravens will beat houston. and ravens are so wrong and the jets are going to beat buffalo and geo smith, here he comes, case closed. my three are right, yours have polk all over them. >> the only one i have a problem with is -- stuart: i will talk some sense. the redskins are going to beat detroit? i think detroit will win, and still not 100%. the delete people have high-powered offense and you are wrong and don't laugh, stop laughing at my picks. if you have the last 20 seconds.
10:29 am
>> did mike ditka right you're talking points? you sound very confident and street smart football savvy. and stuart varney the look of the living room over the weekend, and some type of football jersey, we know you are wearing flannel, and cutting down trees. stuart: right on both counts. we will check through monday morning and see who was right and who was wrong. see you monday, thanks a lot. don't say anything. the detroit team has a fantastic offense, high-powered offense, detroit. what is the name of the team? lions. kansas city and missouri.
10:30 am
the house debating the bill to defund obamacare. they are at it right now. that is the debate, the vote could coming little later on. we are watching this one for you. some major players in the irs scandal lawyering up and hiring some of d.c.'s best and brightest and most expensive attorneys. who is picking up the tab? we will ask the lawyer you hate to love, mark lanier. [ male announcer ] how do you get your boce?
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i'm, like, totally not down with change. but i had to change to bounce dryer bars. one bar freshens more loads than these two bottles. i am so gonna tell everyone. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] time for change! stuart: i have a major glitch in the system, 36 states people will not know how much they have to pay for coverage of the problem with the software. this is chaos. can they fix this in ten days? >> this is the government, fixing anything in ten days, highly unlikely. the problem with this and we heard so many horrifying stories out of obamacare from people
10:35 am
losing work and hours and health insurance, premiums going up, taxes going up but this is one of the core elements of obamacare. if you go to the exchanges you need to know how much money to put out and insurance is sanctioned by the government and improved, these are basic elements. doesn't even get that. stuart: a 1-year delay in their interests. >> i am all for going forward on the defunding and if you can't get that bring political pressure to bear on a delay which is in obama's interests. this is not a repeal. obamacare will be law the land and taking money away. stuart: you are relentless. >> you are with me. stuart: home depot joining a long list of the big-name companies shifting their employees off health care and on to the exchanges, that is a big trend. charles: here is the thing. part-time workers, we are talking a real phenomenon here,
10:36 am
why unions hated and a lot of other people hate it. changing the dynamics of the workplace. people watching this show working 40 hour weeks and not long from now they will work 29 hours a week and they won't have the same doctor and if they do have a doctor they will be lucky and attention to this trick when they start to talk about health care and the stuff is cheaper, watch deductibless. a lot of these plans on the surface will be cheaper but the deductible will be so extraordinarily exorbitant that people will stay at home with helmets rather than go to the hospital. stuart: you are right. the irs can leaseback, never really left but was overshadowed by other issues. now irs big shots are hiring big shot lawyers. a couple questions on that. who pays and how much? let's ask our favorite lawyer, mark lanier, joins us from sunny miami. what kind of money are we talking about for these top of
10:37 am
the line lawyers? is it $1,000 an hour? >> william taylor was hired by mr. lerner and william is charging at least $1,000 an hour. stuart: you are a top of line will year. >> for you i am always free, but -- stuart: echoes all the way $1,000 an hour and more. >> if you're getting the topside legal help absolutely. it is called supply and demand, very little supply of legal help especially navigating these intricacies. lerner, what was that dave can send out the latest set of e-mails where she called the tea party dangerous and this was in her work capacity. team needs legal help. stuart: i want to know who pays this tab. seems to me irs agents work for
10:38 am
the government, working on government projects and facing a legal challenge. i would have fought the logic dictates the taxpayer, the government picks up the tab for the lawyers. i don't know that for a fact but where are you coming from on this issue? who pays? >> it is a little murky. if you have been sued in your capacity as a government worker your entitled to a defense for an employer. can the government away with paying that much? that is iffy and it is a murky thing. google if you won't find a ready answer to it and to some degree it is possible the lawyers discounted their fees that you require but they get some pr out of this and william taylor's name twice might be worth some money and it is an issue. stuart: the public is incensed at the government using machinery of government to intimidate conservatives and the taxpayer, we have to foot the bill for the people who are charged with doing this.
10:39 am
it is an issue. >> it is an absolute issue and it is not fair but look at the other side. there is no way on government money they can afford to hire lawyers of that quality. bottom-line is people need to be careful and doing jobs right, these people are in serious trouble, and needs serious legal help. stuart: have you gotten the call? >> i have not. if you of those things but don't navigate those political shark waters of washington d.c. and frankly i am not on their side. stuart: you have been with us three minutes. mark lanier, thanks very much, always good. president james bullet says small taper, possible in october. down goes the price of gold. sandra in chicago, way down, $30 an ounce because one fed governor says maybe we will
10:40 am
print less next month. >> this market is so sensitive to any bit of news, we had the huge knee-jerk reaction, gold up $60 on the lack of announcements, and the fed president that mentions the t word and down it goes $31. stuart: hold on a second, another one. in texas the kids are unruly, the sheriff's the duties gave them a criminal warning, the kids were 1-3. you are a new mom, a little harsh, what say you? >> all little harsh and appleby is has apologized, calling it a mismanagement decision by the restaurant chain. the kids, one in 3 of very young. this happened at 9:15 at night. go home and go to bed.
10:41 am
i don't know if kids were in the restaurant to begin with. no wonder they were acting out. stuart: thank you very much, sandra smith. a toddler, get this, wastes 72 pounds, undergoes gastric bypass surgery. obvious question, how young is too young for weight-loss surgery? there is a new weapon in the fight against heart attacks, a new tool. we will show you the $20 glove that could save lives. ♪
10:42 am
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10:44 am
be generating waves 60 feet high. this is cool video of a controlled explosion, the final 600 foot section of the 84-year-old madison elson bridge that connects indiana and kentucky, the bridge is over the ohio river reinforced and widen the before the project is put glove, we have got one and we will show you what it says. from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors,
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10:46 am
stock? nicole: try to hold on with up arrows, $3.65, 47595, a humongous amount of people at the store, and the question is will all of this translate retail sales and dollars? and a lack of innovation from apple over the last year or so. stuart: clayton liked the fingerprint deal, not doing much for the stock, it is up $4.75. clallam holdings, trading today. it was the largest donor of private golf and country clubs up $0.77, started in on the market today. charles will make some money. i thought was an industry, not a company. charles: f 5 networks been around for a long time coming on nicely.
10:47 am
in some ways reinventing themselves and acquire a lot of companies including the security side. was a favorite of mine for a long time, love the way was acting, networking in general making a huge come back. we don't talk about that as much as internet stocks but they were bubble too. get back to $111 a share, relatively soon and next three months. stuart: f 5, the glove, $20, supposed to save more lives for those having heart attacks, set to make it quicker and easier for doctors to treat and assess patients when they are having on heart attack. dr. siegel has it with him and he joins us now. and open up the package. >> e cageys are cumbersome. you can't get them to people at home. stuart: is that what this does? >> stick it on your chest and it takes the place of the e electrodes. you have it at home and the computer software, you can beam
10:48 am
it to your doctor and another place. you can add the cit which is literally on the growth. stuart: hold on. stricken with a heart attack. >> short of breath, your wife is bothering you. stuart: having trouble with the old ticker, grab the glove, slide it on, slap on the chest and it reads out how badly i am off. >> water resistance, polyester, here is what you do with that. put it on your chest. and hook it up to a regular eat cagy machine, computer chip for this that would be self-contained. with a smart phone you will beam an e cagy which it looks at the entire heart from different dimensions and tell you if there's any damage going on. i will be sitting in my office and you'll be home and beam and ecb ag. stuart: you are killing me. every home should have one.
10:49 am
>> $20 disposable. every home should have one, use it on a boat. stuart: represent the company? >> no association. stuart: out here is one for you. a 2-year-old boy was 72 pounds, is the youngest person in the world to undergo is it called bariatric surgery? shrunk the young man's stomach. a lot of people want to know why doesn't he gonna die? is there a problem for this youngster? >> this is a tough case. you should have the judge talk about this. when you are two years old i don't want to see surgery period. you would think the point you made would be true that parents would restrict the diet of this child. to do it mechanically is problematic and the only reason they're doing it is the kid has sleep apnea and stopped breathing and any time and is related to is weak but he could stop breathing altogether.
10:50 am
is a big ethical dilemma. i don't want surgery on a kid like this. why can't you restrict the food that is going, literally putting a band around this. the food can't get in. stuart: some people who are just going to be fat because they are genetically structured that way or as charles says have a glandular problem, are there people like that? >> yes but that can be tested. this child probably doesn't have that problem. if there were another one, governments will take children like this away from their parents and i know you don't wake that. a life-saving situation, i would vote for it. i don't like it in a 2-year-old. stuart: thank you, flat out of time. the fda paying big bucks to analyze twitter and facebook feed to see if there online campaigns are being well received. why not hire one of the best guests instead?
10:51 am
details next. home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalized home security and automation... [ lock clicks ] ...that lets you loser to home. that's so cool. [ male announcer ] get $100 in instant savings when you order digital life smart security. limited availability in select markets. ♪
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lou: coming up on lou dobbs tonight video games overtaking movies as this country's favorite entertainment. legendary producer of rain man, batman 9 and the color purple on
10:55 am
how grand theft auto's $800 million opening day take is sending shock waves through hollywood. tonight 7:00 eastern. stuart: the food and drug administration reported the paying $180,000 to have its twitter and facebook pages analyzed to see if online campaigns are being well-received or falling flat. charles, $180,000. they could have hired peripheral vision. on the program, that is what he does, analyzes twitter feeds and figures out what is going on. charles: did and he worked for the obama campaign? stuart: probably not. charles: more of an example of government waste, government cronyism because the guy who runs this company, part of the obama campaign. stuart: that is the detail i did not know. charles: the new media at age to president obama, first campaign
10:56 am
for the white house. charles: all kinds of ways of getting money. stuart: attaches themselves to washington d.c.. people say why would you want to do that? so much money at the end of the road for people who get in with the right group. stuart: we need several more hours on this program. huge news, lot of it. more varney next. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history.
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he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. stuart: it is always interesting when i talk football on this program. you were paying attention. volumes of response. here is what you had to say about my football picks. i figured the football picks would have been different. very funny. i hope he is right on my vikings people. not very funny. i have been to refer to the detroit people.
10:59 am
scott says, hey, stuart, just turned over at the show to charles because espn is calling. i say that the fight's in the vikings will beat the browns. i say that the ravens, they will beat houston. >> i have to go against you on this one. don: the jets will beat buffalo. charles: i am with you. throw the ball. stuart: genome being the quarter back? charles: yes.
11:00 am
stuart: enough of this. connell, get on with it. connell: have a great weekend. enjoy the games. apparently, it is all about the gold. the president of iran has been trying to lay the groundwork. he is on his way over here next week to new york. southwest is in the top five, but it is not number one. hold onto your wallet. tj max is allowing customers to shop online now. all of that and a lot more coming up. ♪ connell: all right. dagen: at that whole varney


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