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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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solution like raising the minimum wage to $10? in california, of course. we love you, california. that's it for lou dobbs tonight. thanks >> bring it on the age of innovation when everybody has access to a global market radius flourish. >> want to go to mars? is this a good idea? >> plastic guns to mking your own home. >> politicians are threatened by the money they cannot control. >> the first digil currency. >> zero things that could transform life as we know it. transformation nation. tonight.
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>> the iphone is now just six years old i already taken r granted that i can press a button on my keychains and start a car. and to find out to get ryan supposed to go my gps system talks to me. i don't even think about that being special and i take it for granted i conclude my food in minutes disabled people have better ways to get around. what innovation comes next? he makes his living as a future is starting the institute for global studies what is next? >> robots that senior house and also businesses in new
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customers are found for you also piggyback on the hyperlink to sellickets through e commerce. nanotechnology, computers, r obotics, theyre of limited the barriers are not even there for the entrepreneurs of the future. >> you talk about the hyper loop he has done good things ? >> absolutely. he has the dna of silicon valley, next generation, as steve jobs. he also buys test of the first commercially available electric car with the stocks climbing. >> break this down to talk about tesla the stock goes up the but you worked for steve jobs before you call
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him the news steve jobs against government handouts for a car that costs 60 years $70,000 subsidized by a tax credit from the not so rich people. >> keep in mind he did not need the $1 billion loan from the government he did pay that back also the first innovative breakthrough was the powellhe is part of those that disrupted the banking industry. he did not need that many but he borrowed a and paid back and people were lining up to invest because they sell more tesla and then they can make to keep up with manufacturing. it may be a rich man's toy today i can tell you that they are coming now with the new s model have the price
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and a lot of innovation with their computerr robots or the internet stars to be expensive in the massmarket takes over numerous trepreneurs end up in a fading in the price point comes down. >> to push back you say they sell all these carr but 21,000 is all they have sold toyotas sold million and i think this is a government subsidized scam for rich people. >> it may turn out to be that the for all intents and purposes he has pioneered new way for word the next car will be half the price i have seen models you are right let's see if he can deliver. >> the entrepreneurs spending their own money so
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explain hyperlink -- hyper loop. >> driven by electric and solar but think about more like cars people inside of a capsule it will move very quickly like a bullet train through theystem that may give u.s. accelerated spee that is a fan quite frankly deliver. the price tag is not small talk about six or $8 billion teeseven this stupid sam francisco trade is already about 100 billion. >> that is correct he could create a new category is testing the waters and let's see what he does. >> you like to think about our space people once assumed only government led or could build the rocket required to bring people
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into our space but that was more than 40 years ago and then they have not done much but several years ago an entrepreneur were offered $10 million to anyone who could launch in space twice within two weeks one company quickly succeeded in a span of less than nasa now a company called space access invented technology to make a launchi rockets much cheaper and it makes the money. >> continues the mission to resupply the international space station from u.s. soil >> why is this a breakthrough? >> i think the private space industry and space itself as a commercial opportunity represents tremendous new opportunity to -- opportunities for new services and products and jobs to be developed and
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deployed from the united states gives us a chance to have a new kind of industry even nasa being a customer for space x. >> that is how they make their money? >> they have other governments and private sector organizations that are recognizing we like to take a look how we can commercialize space other folks look at space tousm such as virgin galactic and others but but i think he hasemonstrated he can put a rocket into space, he has delivered to payloads moving to commercial payloads and i think you'll open a whole new category for commercial space people tell understand
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you could make pharmaceuticals or products in zero gravity you cannot make on earth. >> talk about computers do we war that makes me think of lots and that went on in jeopardy. >> said the computer beat the best human? >> again as the two most successful players in history. >> he cleaned their clocks. >> now you say we will have robots that act like doctors ? >> the best decisions made about my health when i go to the hospital. that is a lot to be a decision in support to help doctors and hospitals understand through big data analysis but also make better care decisions that
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will relate if you should have a certain drug or not. >> i hope we do show it is possible. we have seen rocket launching but what if you want to go further that will be possible in just 10 years >> you will be staying not just visiting planets. >> inhabit marshes and tenures? yes the man who started the foundation to land people on the mars by the year 20203. , one. >> it sounds very ambitious but when you realize the difference between sending
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humans there tuesday and then you realize that is what makes it possible we have all the technologies to get them all alive. >> people are signing up and pay actual money? >> yes. people have been waiting for this for so long. more than four years since humans have walked on the new and not much since then. >> all these people pay a fee. >> know when it is 65,000 paid the fee we see that as a first selection around do i feel confident enough. >> you go there to live see your aars inhabitant you
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between the seven years before you leave finisher job for the rest of your life spee mickey based on the economy of the country they're from? >> we make it so people have to think about it is enough to think about it but not so much that anyone cannot afford it. >> it is just $5 if you are from catarrh or $75 but without the fee is how you pay for it? >> the world has been waiting for this we are getting donations over the world and individuals. >> it is not government funded? >> we're not interested in that. >> good for you. >> we have nothing against it but then they want
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something back with a one government to involve the we are sending to mars. >> i hope you succeed. you can now print to a gun at home and special correspondent kennedy checks that out. dictators are overthrown with the help of social media how can the libertarians explain the ready? ready? next. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing.
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go national. go like a pro.
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john: in liberty, limited government works and brings out the best in people but people don't get that. how do we convince them? matt tries and they run facebook posts like this one alerting people to the fact that congress passes bills without reading them been exempt their own staffers that was seen by almost 2 million people that is not unusual for a freedom works post. jury leave -- julie post you
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to videos viewed by hundreds of thousands. why did you start? >> because i care about freedom and liberty. john: why do you care? >> i want to do what i want to do as long as i do harm another person and i found out through google's. >> you were a conservative. >> neo-conservative by m embarrassed about that. john: through the internet you read about libertarianism and i want to help spread the movement? >> so many are politically apathetic there are so many conservative people talk about bigovernment, the war, and morality have in taxes and spending i want young people to know that i am a libertarian. john: and use that i can do that? >> i started a channel in my bedroom by myself i did not
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know much about technology i just put up a you to channel john: a few people would watch and then a few more? >> has gone up pretty slow but now lot of people watching at. john: i will show you another sample of her works they're not angry of the nsa spying so here is part of a video that has more than 100,000 views. >> when did the government become the jealous girlfriend? i note need to know who you're talking to all times but they say privacy is for cheating boyfriends. we all have things you want to keep to ourselves when government is snooping you lose choice and control and freedom. john: then people can respond and there is
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conversation. >> i actually responded to you on twitter and we had a bit of the debate because i am not doing anything wrong i should not be treated like it criminal. >> i just the and had 100 things a hated more. you want to explain liberty but in the old days you may have paid a lot of money for an average try to lobby politicians but now you have options. >> the internet changes everything in decentralizes the way people get their information and lowers the barriers of entry if you think about what is going on with washington d.c. and insiders sneaking around now we know what is going on t share it at a moment's notice then all the sudden 1 million people are engaged in a conversation that used to happen with nobody
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knowing. john: you do a lot on twitter. how was that conversati? that is a couple words. >> there is a conversation people on our stuff don't know how to communicate beyo 140 characters but the old think tank is you would it right 40 page white papers and nobody read or saw so this is a way to engage people to start to have the conversation but then you start to dig deeper then maybe even read to the 40 page white paper. john: you had 21,000 twitter followers? but just by yourself 20,000? some of them are not fans did you get hate mail. >> definitely there is a lot of trolls but it is good because people better not
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libertarians are paying attention and they may learn something. john: that is the goal. for people out there you have tips on social media? >> don't over post three times a day produces the highest level of engagement and think about the multiplier effected the people you touch all of their friends that are engaged in that convsation there is about 1 billion people on twitter soviets libertarians finally have the opportunity to potentially connect all the people that share these basic values and the way th lowers the cost and engages people. john: i tried how to use on social media on the bottom left of the screen there is the #this case it is innovation that means you watch the show that uses a
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#to talk to other viewers and anybody that can connect through that why is this a big deal? >> all of a sudden everybody in the world on twitter have a million people can connect following that phrase innovation if you have that conversation with people that did not believe the same things you didn't know we have the opportunity. john: twitter has links if you really want to read milton friedman. >> then you read human acheson cover to cover. john: i could never get through human action. [laughter] how innovation gives us new things to do like is keeping inflation even reviving your favorite tv show after it is cancelled krispy make if we
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john: i hate to it that my government steals per roll hall? with these guys in the bank vice saved every year but what does my government to? it presents more. so many that i fear i may have to pay for retirement with something like this. a billion dollar bill. kim in zimbabwe. it has not devalue this much but i am worried about my future so what about inflation and government nipulation? i bought.clean. >> digital glaves you can rade to the internet in every country your account
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cannot be frozen it is changing finances the way the web changes publishing. john: baby.fz how bit coin works it is hard to get your brain around >> you first have to understand bit coin is not only one dash owned by a company or controlled by anybody or protocol like the web digital currency that you can exchange money with anybody in the world without the use of a third party like mastercard. john: you are creating anonymous computers? >> everyone that is part of the network contributes their capacity to discover new bit coin in day reconciles those transactions that are transmitted over the network john: this for real recreates bit coin but the
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limit on te total number automatically? >> the total number is 21 million we will get there arod the year 2040 so that makes it a deflationary currency. john: have i know some clever kids will not make up 1 million? >> because of cryptography. many experts have tried to crack the code has been unable to do so. john: you mentioned a pal why not+%ñ that? >> at is the exciting part that for the first time we can transact without a third-party so if i want to send you would have to dollars to have to use paper towel they would deduct $100 from my account and added to your account but bit coin allows us to lew transact was nobody between us.
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these are central points of control thate may want to engage in a transaction that is prohibited or frowned upon or that we want privacy john: the government could still find out about it. >> ultimately they could punish but they cannot stop the act from taking place. >> but it is something shipped in the mail they could follow the mail. there is a web site where people buy illegal things like drugs called silk road. >> it is a dark website protected -- protected by encryption running over two years it is estimated the $20 million in sales per year you can buy just about anything using bit coin. >> they will not sell guns that harms anybody or child pornography or anything of that nature.
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john: we agreed drugs only harm the users out of personal choice but my wife says this is not a good one reason we have giv to protect people from this kind of stuff. >> great. law enforcement is looking at going after these companies and probably will be successful because bit coin is not completely anonymous but criminals can use cash to accomplish the same thing and actually silk road is a drop in the bucket of the total drug trade but there are things that are illegal or frowned upon that we do want people to engage upon like if you want to mental health screening but don't want your employer or spouse to know, you could use bit coin to do that if you want to contribute to
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wikileaks as an american you can do that because they tell comment bank of america did not allow you to make a transfer to them if you have bit coin nothing can be done john: the regulators now say we will regulate this bit coin would is interesting. >> they cannot regulate the network they can regulate the users and the businesses that facilitate the transfer but if we want to exchange dollars we can do that without any intermiaryf john: one government has made it clear it uses bit coin as a legal currency and that is germany spirit freewill view that as a former private many.
9:33 pm
john: that is from a web site called source fees. >> that parliament -- the parliament passed to give a ruling and they say it is ivate money ended allows them to bypass the tax implications we have not seen that guidance from the irs yet but i think we will. john: they will say it is okay? >> because private monday it traditionally has been if you think of the brooklyn box you can exchange private mini it is just the capital gains. joh i hope so because i bought some i looked at the price of bit coinince they have been introduced i wish i had bought them last year where they have appreciated a great deal believe the they have been going up. who knows? [laughter] thank you. up next i asked kennedy to go to texas to check out the
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>> just print the note coms 18 carry gold ring and a replica of a multi-billion dollar stradivarius violin. john: you have heard about 3-d printing letting you create all kinds of things that homelike remarkable things. >> a team of engineers have developed a 3-d printer to dispense human skin toelp burn victims and one successfully build a car. john: wonderful except it upsets some people than you can print jay diamond and
9:39 pm
cody did just that he calls it the liberator special correspondent kennedy went to visit him. >> this is the functional liberator without a barrel and without a firing pin when you pull the trigger the hammer strikes. >> that is the 3-d printed, and. can i shoot it? is a safe? >> i will back off you pull the trigger when you feel like it. >> three, two, one. john: it did not work? >> did not. john: why you hold that in such a strange way? >> my brother would vomit if he was watching there is a nail in the back of the firing pin he said a whole that as far away from my body and face could go into
9:40 pm
my eye. >> he was backing off. >> but they have worked in t past they have nine shots off. >> that is the most he has ever had you don't get a lot of paying for your buck. john: is only $50 in materials in anybody can soon printed gun at home. >> with a simple printer and a small space he changed the debate. john: he gave youou another weapon partially printed with metal parts and that did work. >> i shot a gun with 3d parts. john: the magazine holds 30 bullets some politicians want to be in these but what does that mean when you can print one? to make it is cheap it is
9:41 pm
not with us forever some programs are prohibiting the of this anit is not effective. >> it shows that gun-control is an illusion. >> i in a full-service here here to read you feel better but this space is occupied. deal with it. >> he is a libertarian. >> he calls himself an anarchist who was really good with computers. >> he is not the only one. >> other people have banned from what i have seen the ar-15 parts that are banned that will be the popular application more people will print the parts they cannot get is the key is not suited to share his discovery he put the planes on the internet in the state department ordered him to ke it down and he did by than 100,000 people had down
9:42 pm
loaded. government can't stop this. >> this oht to be stopped. >> government will wher on the fine we will all self govern ourselves that we can move forward into a utopia whe everyone fins for themselves with the plastic guns the blowup after one shot is a political effort to do away with government. john: he does call himself an anarchist but he considers himself moving the dicussion for word and you cannot shovel the toothpaste back in the course. john: you're trying to -- back in the course? >> and try to keep it clean. >> just assume they're coming for you. >> we have cops sitting
9:43 pm
ouside my apartment i know that we are being surveiled. >> you will not be surprised if he goes to prison doing whatever he can to stay within the lot. john: why would he go to prison? >> guns are bad and they will make new laws to make sure whenever he is doing is illegal. john: how innovation and lets us even on their own little phone. find out right here have government
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john: my biggest fr for america they will spend as broke grabbing more than $3 trillion every year we can barely keep track of what they spend. can they help us here? says yes says adam that started a web site called open the it i our mission to post online every time tax and spend at the federal, state, and local level. >> in 2006 there was an act that said this stuff has to
9:48 pm
be up there. and we got together on this bid legislation that is the data that down loaded and reorganize stand up loaded into the commons. john: that was enough? >> we think we have reorganized and displayed the data to help regular people in their home town and zip code see the massive money flow come out of washington d.c. to see the massive>hamount of federal spending in in your locale the most common response is oh my gosh i am in the wrong business. john: you live in illinois and before this he took 26 separate freedom of information act request to find out what your city manager cost taxpayers? >> one city manager in illinois had 26 buckets of
9:49 pm
compensation and took 22 separate request. john: illinois alone you could find 3,000 eurocrats them make more messy than every governor in every state? >> the lucky 3,000 and collectively at total taxpayer cost they clean off $1 billion per year it is part district it is school district treasures it is 47 city and village managers that pales in comparison to the 400 school superintendents anduj;l-adminisg every governor of the 50 states. john: the general counsel of the waukegan system says 229,000, williams manages of mass transit, a 286,000 he
9:50 pm
said i deserve some money. >> public service in illinois is corrupted obviouslyb"he had at chapel of his pay this is why your audience is impacted this mass transit district of $60 million of federal grants so talk sexpot blood dash taxpayers across the country are subsidizing the $300,000 pension salary. john: maybe he deserves it that at least we know about it to have the argument. >> right. there has been a policy change resulted from our transparency of salaries in illinois be highlighted school district treasurer his pay with from 163,000 of the 297,000 in one year than citizens asked question i am proud to say last week he was just indicted for allegedly stealing 1.
9:51 pm
$5 million. john: they always one more. you also check out subsidies and found a lamborghini dealership that about 1.$5 million federal loanz >> i would feel better if i was driving one. >> a rolex dealer about 3. $5 million. >> spreading the wealth for the wealthy the kind of legal the stupid spending that needs to be reined in. john: only because of technology we know the farm subsidies go to rich people like ted turner and michelle kaufman and her family. >> here in new york city half a million goes to the rockefeller family from farm subsidies. >> you show the people within 5 miles of this studio no farms but they get farm subsidies. >> 5-mile radius around the white house, the headquarters in manhattan manhattan, not about the
9:52 pm
family farm but wealthy investors who have made the farm subsidies part of their investment planned. john: your latest is on the phone. >> asking citizens to put their zip code into the app to see where the federal government is spending your tax dollars. john: think you for you to do. we will see what happens. some theory new technology by a more fearful of something that stops it. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind...
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john: the novel 1984 scared people innovation and technology could lead to government spying on us everywhere of bedrooms and big brother could watch now we learn in real life the nsa mike to already be listening. >> the phone is in your pocket to be a government spying device. >> new technologies can be abused but the fear of iovation is ridiculous the media that the internet will make a stupid and kill serious journalism and kill
9:57 pm
creativity. >> fidel side of the internet the only news delivery system we have ever had was no editor. >> that's true but stop whining overwhelmingly innovation brings good things today i can put this piece of plastic into a wall and money comes out. i take for granted but it is amazing in the count is always accurate and government did not do that. instead government gets in car toy of new technology i work because deregulation will not allow it regulators delayed the driverlessars a and stifled the wonderful web sites that allow people to make money by sharing your house or car.
9:58 pm
regulators began wonderful things like prediction in markets in shut down in trading and by contrast private innovatio but we don't think about ebay and craig's listed facebook wem8]- take three encyclopedia is for granted we don't think twice of the miracle the most everyone has access to all the world's knowledge on a little phone. wants if you want to find a product was good you would have to ask a friend or wait for a newspaper to review or gas now there is proud sourcing just go to web sites like urban spoon and he will know instanly much more would to be a hollywood producer crowd funding which you get around the once all-powerful movie studios when veronica mars was canceled she went to the internet. 91,000 people donated enough
9:59 pm
to make a veronica mars movie now spike lee and adam will crowd fund their next move three. innovations change the way to change people it used to be expensive to call someone faraway. >> a telephone call will bring them closer there waiting to hear from you. >> and nowtduw we can do video chat to the other side of the world for free. the internet even helps people fnd love. >> if you want to find someone uniquely right for you. >> 35 percent of marriages start online into the free market a symphony of desires come togeth then met by people who rack their brains to invent solutions and this is just wonderful i rarely
10:00 pm
fewer new technology or fear government getting its way that is ever show. see you next week. good night. here comes "the wlis report." >> hello everybody i and gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report." glitches hit obamacare right before the deadline how impact you? >> is a time to fire your financial advisor? we would give you the right way to give them the boot you had your degree now how do land the gene -- the dream job? we are watching out for you tonight. the "willis report." of. gerri: we have a


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