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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  September 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> nob one i thing -- number one thing to watch next week september jobs respect released friday 8:30:00 p.m. >> potential government shut down, "money" with melissa. melissa: i am melissa francis, here is what is "money," is tesla about to get totalled? one of the auto industries experts says yes. >> and if chemical weapons are not bad enough, assad said he has worst, and not afraid to use them against israel, experts to tell us how worried we should be. >> who made money today? they are having no problems earning their keep after being called up to the big stage, stay tuned to find out who it is. it is about "money."
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melissa: tesla on a marathon hot streak, the stock is skyrocketing evon musk is the new steve jobs, but one auto expert said there are massive road blocks ahead, and tesla is racing toward implosion. lauren, great to see you, you see that institutional money has flooded? >> from what i'm reading. i am not a financial expert, but said all institutions have pulled away, what is left is tech laters and i did trader, right now they boosted price over $2 a share, if it were me, i'd be selling, but i am not a financial expert i can tell you about the carfaxes. melissa: it advertises it cost $
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600,000 a month to own a tes lark you say it costs more? >> it says 58-dollar a month, average person says that is -- i can afford 580 a month. most people pay arow around that price ar a car, what is going on, state of california, and dealership group, they are unhappy they are not allowed to, like it they are saying with all gas savings and maintenance savings, you get $7500 federal tax credit. you will get $1500 from state, you could get municipalities, you could bring the price down less. but only 20% of americans can get that discount, if you take your adjusted growth taxes, you see what the number is, if you owe $7500 or more you can take the full credit, also note that
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if you have a leasing company, the company does own that car. they get the tax credit. it is up to them to offer it to you. melissa: they own the car, true. another thing is difficult to reconcile with fact that stock is up 465 percent this year, you don't' to get in the way of something like, that you have to look at fact that tesla loses more than $11,000 on each car. >> they lose that on each car, and how do they make up? it is smart, i said that elon musk with a phenomenal marketer, a smart man, using california tax carbon credits and selling them to other manufacturers that need those to meet government regulation, right now honda is buying them, but the open market
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is always happening, and nissan sells a lot of leafs, they are creating a mar efficient their credit -- marketplace for these credits. when they all bridge in the ev cars everyone will sell theirisellexcess credits. the followers will follow him. you know that is always going to be the case with elon musk. melissa: you mentioned the leaf, that is one of the big issues that tesla is facing growing competition from other car companies now in the same space, do you think it is getting more fierce? >> absolutely, almost everyone manufacturer is coming up with a plug-in car, leaf had good sales, and ford, and bmw is bringing in an ev car, fiat with
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500 e they sold them out. they used their code -- cobrand of fiat. melissa: another problem they don't have enough service locations, but a lot of the problem you mentioned they have been out there in the ether, it sounds terrible for tesla but people get more and more excited, can you explain it? what would make it derail at this point? >> every state has their own franchising laws in states like texas, dealer groups say, if you are not going to play at same level we are, then you are not selling your vehicles in this state, you can can buy it on-line. you can buy it at a local mall,
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and drive it there however a lot of dealers are trying to stop it, because it not fair competition, dealership are trained as separate businesses like a mcdonald's to take care of their customers. melissa: thank you lauren. >> thank you melissa. melissa: next on "money," bashar al-assad does not need chemical weapons, he said he has weapons that are worse, he could use them who wipe israel off of map, we'll talk about how concerned we should be. >> and maybe we should stop worrying and love the idea of a government shut down, this could give us the huge jolt to the economic, the numbers to prove it it is going to be a good thing, i promise, don't go anywhere, more "money" coming up.
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melissa: turning to newest development on terrorist in middle east, u.s. and russia finally agreeing on the weapon program. bashar al-assad said they have
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wweapons worse than what we've seen, what can that mean? here is what he said, this is annal akbar. a newspaper a ahead bolsa outle -- hezbollah outlet, today we have weapons that are far more important and sophisticated than chemical weapons that can be blind side. >> this is coming from hezbollah element that supported assad regime, this could be a prtactic or a stair tactic to the u.s. to israel to the u.n. >> but there is a possibility. we were talking with walid phares. >> weapons they have beyond chemical weapons are cluster
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bombs they go out into an area of size of a football field they start shooting out shrapnel. awful, and biological weapons, we don't know whether or not that they would have the capability to deliver those biological weapons, but cluster bombs we know they have used them over a dozen times before. but this really goes continued toking the full picture -- goes to understanding the full picture, problem with obama administration, what they offered to u.s. public and media is such a small frame of what is going to in syria and middle east, and scenario of weapons getting into wrong hands and available beyond the scope we know our inspectors know have always been there. melissa: is there a chance they have nuclear weapons? >> absolutely, we know that iran
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has been providing military, and financial support if the bashar al-assad regime for years. melissa: it is possible they are willing to give up these chemical weapons, assuming they are willing to give some up is because they have biological weapons sitting on the sidelines, saying, you can have those, we will use these. >> there is a possibility they have a plan b or give uppin something to make concession to u.s., and not be targeted for strikes, then you know go ahead and have a other weapons to fall back on. or. telling them, don't worry we'll supply you with whatever you need, you just do minimum to get by with the inspectors that come. melissa: what about the pr, you started there. on one hand they are trying to -- it seems, act like to the rest of the world, through russia that they are com complyg and trying it seemed whether
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they were sincere or not they wanted to give the impression they were complying, then a statement like this, that flies in the face of all they said, and seems to indicate that i want to continue to be threatening, do you think that bashar al-assad really said this? or do you think that this is hezbollah? >> that is what we've seen for a while now, that you know we -- before we said that even if bashar al-assad is ready to step down, the irany regime, they would not allow bashar al-assad to step down, we're seeing that help is more swolou zealous thae leader. melissa: does this change things in your mind about what we should be doing? >> it open our eyes to reality, a respect came out last is the da -- report came out last saturday some chemical weapons is already in the hands of
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hezbollah elements, how long ago did we say that was possible? libya with weapons getting intos wrong hands, the pass off scenario that is happening and we've given them enough time to pass along assets and hide assets, this is just an eye-opener, it does not change what is going to in syria. melissa: it makes sense, lisa thank you. >> my pleasure. melissa: now to the very latest on vote for syria chemical weapon solution, fox news eric in the u.n. >> reporter: after hearing about that dealing with chemical weapons here, and that vote, it will occur later on tonight. president obama is praising the resolution that has been proposed and should be voted on and passed this evening saying it is legally binding but russ russia. assad still stays in power, there is no threat of military
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action. and there is no referral of war crimes or crimes against humanity, resolution names unnamed consequences if the assad regime does not comply with the requirements of the regular that is destroy its womennal weapons by mid -- its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. >> this resolution will require the destruction of a category of weapons that syrian government has used repeatedly against it's own people, made clear there are consequences for noncompliance. >> ambassador powell has been critical saying it has done nothing about this. russia vetoed three previous welcomes backing bashar al-assad in damascus.
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it will do nothing to stop the war that so far claimed more than 100,000 lives, left millions homeless, as well as displaced. and causing a huge humanitarian crisis right now with a thousand people a week killed. that continuing despite the vote that should occur about 3 hours from now. melissa: all right. thank you. >> from u.s. to every corner of the globe money has been flying around the world today first in sudan, mass protests, unrest began after the government removed subsidies on gas line. price of fuel has doubled as a result, more than 50 people have been killed in the clashes according to amnesty international. >> on stockholm, sweden, a 95% chance, humans are behind climate change. that is according to a new report by 869tivities working
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for -- 800 scientists working for the u.n., but also confirmed that earth stopped warming over the last 15 years. >> and finally to france, government is threatening to fine and take legal action against google. france has demanded it dispose how it processes and stores personal data, but google failed to meet a three-month data. >> and next on "money," why a government shut down may be what our economy needs to surge back to life. wait until you hear the facts, the numbers we dug to prove this. >> and franchise friday. and lynn, locked in her first location, finally. she gives us a tour, and the
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melissa: everyone is crying about damage that will be done by what is going on in washington, we took the time to look at the math. specifically the last time it happened. guess what? it was a huge stimulus, third quarter 1995 the economy of growing 3.5%, then shut down, it slipped, okay, we get it. that is what they say is happening, but look, it exploded in second quarter, of 1996 to a whopping 7.2%, can you imagine
5:22 pm
7.2%? i say bring it on. with me now is my favorite economy peter morici. i was shocked. people are saying everyone was so mad, i said let's look at that, everyone is throwing around a lot of numbers, and when they turn the tap back on, there was a huge explosion. what do you think? >> well, i think this time there is potential for better growth, if you look at some things that the republicans are angling for. but in the business about the debt ceiling, they are angling for releases keystone pipeline, more offshore drilling, they can generate a lot of growth, if they can angle for a few of those we could pick up a half percentage growth to a full growth of the gdp growth from a
5:23 pm
quarter to next 3/4. 3/4,. melissa: i said this to yesterday, said this of a different tile, what -- was it really a different time, was there something 92 fundamentally different. i remember 1995, i was great yates from college, but we were not in big boom yet of tech era was there something special about 96? >> we were in a big economic expansion, president clinton, he really believed in the private sector, he was deregulating, for obama, every time something goes wrong he says how can a hire another0 a hundred other
5:24 pm
regulators. >> you talked about tinkering with health care is there something bigger we could do, how -- setting bar too high, we would take 4 at this point, would seem like wow! >> i think we could, if we could get the president to move on some of the energy issues, this is alls go to get blurred. if we can get to offshore drilling against, keystone pipeline released. it would release a lot of growth, but a big one, if we could just raise the cap from 50 to 100 to enterprises that were covered by the healthcare, you know mandate, think of all of people that would get higher no -- hired now, because every restaurant that i know does not top hire everybody, because of what mr. obama is doing to sabotage their business plans.
5:25 pm
melissa: not just a individual mandate but also slip in 5200, but then we'll not have anyone in health care plan, we'll have sick people in it. peter, thank you so much, those are great ideas. >> take care. melissa: problem with government, tom sullivan has a few of his own. >> if you wonder why immigration laws need to be federal, california has passed new law that gives illegal immigrants a drivers been, they join 8 other states, in most cases beens have clear marker that shows it has been issued to a undocumented person, cannot be used for voting, federal benefits, es, but all these states create a patchwork of laws that create a nightmare for business owners. big and small, in california case, law says that an employer cannot refuse to hire an illegal simply because they are
5:26 pm
illegally here, if so they can be sued and subject to civil damages but on other side, i.c.e., said, if an employer knowingly hires an illegal, they will be subject to federal prosecution. see the problem, don't hire an illegal and you will sued, hire the person and you will be prosecuted. it is only going to get worse with many more states writing up their own rules. melissa: that is true, watch the tom sullivan show this weekend, you can catch it is the day, sunday on fbn . >> next on money, oyes, the best day of the week. a huge update on fran twice friday -- franchise friday, a look at the new location, one step closer to her dream. >> and forget walter's empire business it is about auction
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♪ melissa: id is that day again, franchise friday. i am more excited than usual because we have big news from our franchise family. finally, pre home, new jersey. a long awaited the event. naturally we made her give us our own private tour. sigalert. >> great news. we signed the lease, got the keys, so excited. come on inside. ♪ we picked this location tutto
5:31 pm
route nine, busy traffic, also burlington coat factory. hospital about a mile away. a huge business into behind us. this whole wall will be tables and chairs. this will counter area, where i have my hand right now will be a cut out. ballmer actually serving we go out this door. a customer comes up to the and places order. there will then head over. the condiments, and then there will be sitting down at the table and then we will bring the food to the customer. this is the kitchen area which you can see is a mess. we have a lot of work ahead of us. my husband will be quite busy for the next a blow weeks. we have to get the lights fixed. we don't know what is going on there. these guys are coming to take the pepsi machine now. i got the keys yesterday. i called up. we will of coca-cola in the store. the sum is to go.
5:32 pm
what just happened? >> ice spec. >> a key for coming 3d saw the inside. you have to go, we have a lot of work to do. see you soon. melissa: that soda machine. someone san got crushed. to step closer to living the dream. whispering in our franchise folks. we have john g. kobe, honor of to subways. of course, titled it jackson with two laps of his own. welcome. congratulations. i was starting to worry. you didn't even have a location yet. i was concerned. what you going to do about the kitchen? >> actually, right now we are just getting ready to work with the architect. like we were talking about, you can't really do anything without permits. we're going to start with the floor. i don't really care. the ceiling is coming out.
5:33 pm
a little bit more time. melissa: i like the way the use of it off on your husband. >> the fix allies that were working in the kitchen. melissa: he did. that is what makes it has been in my opinion. tweeted second. the layout is your first concern. >> actually, right now my first concern is making sure the permits defiled with the town said. i am waiting for the architect to get back to me. we had a preliminary meeting before i signed the lease. everything takes time. i have no patience. melissa: it looks like you're going to need some patients. what does she need? >> she needs an expediter is where she needs. ethier is anything like washington d.c., the permitting process can be a nightmare. will we do is turn to an expediting guy who took this thing from our hands and took it to the hands of the folks to put this stance on the document. melissa: is that someone you are
5:34 pm
bribing to grease the wheels of government to make it is hard for me to believe. >> that is a real thing. just think of the folks at the permit process. hundreds of documents on the desk. they have to get to them, but he's a human beings, like everything else. if you have someone who is a champion, your pompom person. they're ready to open up a new restaurant. ready to hire new people, maybe take a look your package a little bit quicker. melissa: today by the government officials? >> absolutely not. it really, this is what it is. when you're going to the process, it may be something that is missing, and i that is not donald carty that is not crossed. instead of them sending you a letter, yes single point of contact. expedite, good going very fast. make sure the process is going fast enough. melissa: have you used an
5:35 pm
expediter? is above board? are my suspicion is all wrong? >> it is legitimate. i suggested that there previously. also, you could make sure that your contractor, in this case, your husband as a proper license and insurance, or you can't get your permits. melissa: i don't know if you want to answer that question is on tv. okay. what else are you focused on? >> it will be the decor. back-and-forth. working with the owners, going with the colors. melissa: what colors? and what did we see on the wall? >> right there we will be taking part of it down. we will do like a 3-color thing. on the bottom line open to do yellow and then a black and red with black ceiling tile. i think it is going to pop. the only thing, you have to do certain colors. they will give us the towns, but other than that we can set up the store the way we like it. melissa: you say this is another one where you say hire an expert
5:36 pm
to really be in charge of this whole thing. >> the construction process, you can get a construction manager. in this case her husband is the general contractor, said she can be her own construction manager. let's get this done. but for most of us a general contractor is just another vendor that we have hired. so you normally hire a construction manager. docile little more money, but they will save you money in the long run is there will be there acting like a drill sergeant to make sure that everything is done exactly the way written on the documents, written on the drawings. make sure they also don't cut any corners. if you're paying them for marble, make sure it is marble and not some fell marble. melissa: i hear you, but i can imagine if someone has put their job and got out of 11 artists that the first franchise, this is what is considering all their time anyway. i can imagine that person thinking that they can be their own general contractor and sank a my can sit there and cracked a
5:37 pm
whip. it is my money anyway. will say that cost. do you recommend that? >> you have to use professionals . there are a lot of loopholes and things that you might not know about because it is your first i go into a process. melissa: as of steady this week. >> we agree on everything. melissa: i know. that is why i have him here. that is what i want to ask you. i saw steady this week and said that 30 percent of food franchise owners say that they would not do it again. 30 percent. what -- does that surprise you, that number? does that sound about right? >> it doesn't surprise me. people go into it with extra to have expectations that they will make a million dollars. i think what people need to understand is that we're small business folks. is because i have and i have signed, i am a small businessman with a family business counting pennies. that is all we're trying to get people to understand.
5:38 pm
we're small, independent people that happened have a sign that you recognize. people come into it and see that they signed, so way, i have, what have you, think there will be back. it is the stuff like that. melissa: wish to do expect to make? >> it depends on the franchise. it's a friend to buy depends on the actual segment of the restaurant industry. the point is, you need to be ready to put in a lot of time, late hours and companies, not dollars, especially initially, and yell into the process well-capitalized because you will have some rainy days at the beginning of this thing. >> the average earned was 82,000 of "money with melissa francis," 50 percent said they and less than $50,000. hard to get it up and running and scalable. it is the reason why the government has to let you guys get up and running and thriving. happy franchise friday and will see you next week.
5:39 pm
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♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ ♪ melissa: now this series finality of the huge hit tv show wants to buy millions this sunday. don't worry. if you're a sitting on a cash word you can buy a piece of the show and keep it forever.
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auctioning off iconic props online. here to break down, our residents. fox news contributor. he will tell us how much he thinks all of this is where it because i know he will go buy it. also, josh wines team. welcome to both of you. let me start with you. what do you think is the hottest item that you have? >> we have a lot of things. i think what you just mentioned, melissa: it would not want those things. >> 20,000 people have looked at each one on our website. melissa: that is -- people might have thought that they were going to see a barbecue, but that is not what it is. it is a mouthpiece. it is encased in lose sight, as you would know if you watch this show from the episode you did that. and why is it encased in lusaka? >> what is and?
5:44 pm
>> why is it? you don't know? melissa: and taking your not going to bet on this side of. >> and will go lego upon value because of the way it michele has taken over society. you cannot talk to people. i've watched it more as a business show. i'm fascinated. it is an economic show. i think when it came out, that's why it's so popular. i think a lot of the population, when it came out. it's because people feel stuck in a job that has no future, like walter. this show is like, you are basically living as if you were him. i can't live the legal and make all of this money. i think that is really --
5:45 pm
melissa: when started he was a beaten down guy working in a car wash part-time, and teaching school, you know, can't pay his bills. it was a scenario. and he looked very pathetic. it was a scenario that a lot of people could relate to perry ellis and he becomes a drug kingpin. and you know, it is this fantasy of suddenly making a lot of money. then he encounters these characters. the creepy old guy. wrong is bell at specific times. there is. $3,500 is the opener. how much do you think it goes far? what is your bad? >> i bet is hard thing to make. again, you're right. we did start at 3500. before i say anything, want to say this. skynyrd me? [laughter] melissa: yes. >> right here, chard, exploded
5:46 pm
wheelchair. melissa: yes. >> and since you were talking a moment ago, if i may. melissa: there is. >> the reason that this is an acrylic is because it was given to hank it is a dea agent as a gift. and that they both of these things are going to go for quite a few dollars. what a few dollars is piece the academy. people who love breaking bad really love it. melissa: i don't want to burst your bubble a ruined sales, but having martin television for a time, when something is important to show there is never one, there are many, many, many copies just in case it gets lost or the need to bring it back in an episode later. which of the bells is this and which of the grilles is it? >> i believe there were eight girls made. you might remember that they threw it into a lake. four of those went into a lake in have not come back out. i'm pretty sure that the norris
5:47 pm
plays hank got one. the actor who played she go about one. i think that events killing in get the other. we have the last one. melissa: there are a lot of great things. tell us where we can go online to look at it. >> screen mate. melissa: he will check it out. the "money" is going back to the studio. it is smart, but i feel like the studio has made enough money. i you going to bed? >> i know. the forgery. aviano. it's not like it is that hard. >> that is the beautiful thing. we work directly with the studio. everything comes directly from sony. you know what you're getting. melissa: inky so much. coming upon "money", caffeine addicts rejoice. national coffee day is coming this weekend. free cups of chair will be handed out everywhere. can you taste the difference
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♪ melissa: it is time for a little friday fun with "spare change". joined by coffee fanatics. i you guys ready? >> i am ready. melissa: i am so fired up. coffee happy hour. in case he did not know it, sunday's national coffee date. of course we had to have our own coffee taste test. for all of you out there who think you have to spend $5 a starbucks are more, you are about to find out some -- where
5:52 pm
not is worth the money. is this a copy. plus starbucks which i think is expensive, and i've been down as commander of very young green room here. on a daily basis i say is this is. let's go ahead and start with a and see what you think. a lethal dose of coffee is 100 cops. >> lethal in terms of what? melissa: dying and think is what that means. but did he think? >> the fox coffee. >> it is a little dark. melissa: it is terrible. >> it tastes like a tent and doughnuts. melissa: that would make sense. think this is fantastic. >> starbucks is seat. melissa: the most expensive
5:53 pm
drink is $203.50 an f-16 sense of espresso. >> i think that would be lethal to the average person. melissa: that does not sound so good. >> very flavorful. >> detail / starbucks. >> very bitter. melissa: i hope not sponsor. i thought there were terrible. let's let. the green room. the very a expensive one. melissa: the palate. magnificent palace. even have a gun at. national data days in june. >> and did not like it. melissa: i thought it was terrible because i always say that my death row meal is either mcdonald's. i sure do not have expensive taste. what was your favorite? >> mine was be as well, and i believe that was stuck in dunce.
5:54 pm
>> mine was deep. >> starbucks. >> uprising. melissa: sell done in bats. okay. as elected. i think that someone screwed with it and put extra pressure in there. hit i think okay. this is interesting. you have a real find him makes his a taste. almost no crime in the aha and think this is a little red. but if you are a troop coffee drinker, i think he was drinking one of these cups if you get it for free, as you will be elton johnson in the places. melissa: in ancient arab culture there was only one way that element to the legally divorce and it was if the asman did not provide enough coffee. if he does not bring you enough
5:55 pm
coffee, tell him he's done. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: allowed a share. and less sugar. up next, who made "money" today. they can kiss their lucky running shoes after sprinting through record they had never seen before. the answer right after this hell. you can never have too much "money" in leges starbucks. ♪ [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased.
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an all-time high. meanwhile, raising badly needed money to my j.c. penney began selling 84 million new shares to try to raise a the $932 million to fund its turnaround effort. it also cut its tax reserve estimate for the end of the year all of that hammered the stock today 13 percent. a fresh 13 year love. a really rough day. winning a major settlement. former college athletes, he a sports and the collegiate licensing company will pay $40 million for a group of players that have sued the a over college football video games but claims their likenesses have been used without compensation. the n.c.a.a. is now the only defendant remaining in a lawsuit. that is all we have for you. have you made "money" today. be sure to tune in when i interview my most favorite professor from margaret, the economic genius to marty
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