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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  September 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> it's hard to say. we still have it. they can't agree on pipelines or obamacare or anything. neil: happy weekend, everyone. i'm gerri willis perry's tonight on "the willis report" just a few days before the obamacare insurance exchanges open for business. we have the latest on whether they will be ready. also, the first-ever test for arw safety features on cars. gerri: about to find out. pandowdy you do that? picking the right real estate agent. watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: our top story tonight, glitches, delays to mike capps. no matter what you the
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problems run in the role of the obamacare exchanges, is causing anxiety for supporters and opponents. the big question, what kind of mess will october 1st during. with more on this, former policy adviser at the center for medicaid and medicare services. great to have you back and show. you say that the achilles heel of this bill is actually the implementation phase. is that the lindsay infrastructure. what is going on. >> a very hard time verifying eligibility for subsidies, figuring out how much people are entitled to. gerri: before you run on to something else. they cannot even tell you how much money the government is going to give you which makes it impossible to determine if you connect for the coverage. >> has right. it will be a very icon insurance come about that, sharing, they have not competed then. you will know how much you owe on your hospital bill. gerri: that's crazy. just as not work on seven levels
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the administration thinks in the first year there will sign on some 7 million adults. is that likely? frankly, what are you expecting come next tuesday? >> they backed away from the estimates. this will be a slow rollout. people will not rush to get involved. a lot of young people will not enroll because it is that a good economic deal. right now the numbers are closer to around 4 million. it is likely to be older beneficiaries, people with chronic diseases in the health care insurance and for a man is probably a good financial deal because it would be much costli for them to go to the individual market. gerri: the individual market is shaping a pretty good if elected head-to-head comparisons on cost >> for healthy individuals. gender families and certainly an individual's. gerri: you know, one of the big issues i think that people are already worried about his status security. and starting to hear that people don't want to sign up because they don't want to give the government personal data. i you familiar with that? >> we are consolidating the regulation of health care
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insurance and also consolidating the aggregation of affirmation that people need to use. gerri: consolidating the aggregation of effort. that means all the information is going into one big computer. goodness knows it will have their hands on that. people who could not get jobs anywhere. >> it magnifies the possibility for rest. the equivalent of census workers. a lot of fraud because the administration relied on those navigators. places where people go for those kinds of services. gerri: he said the government has set a lobar for themselves. let's see me? >> if they enroll one person in one state into one health care plan it will call at the success. i think this will not sell. i think it will crash. the backbone is a vulnerability. the amount of people kicked out of the system entirely, pushed over to data call centers, they have signed a contract just today for $380 million tell people basically litigate, arbitrate if they don't get the benefits that.
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gerri: they are expecting people to complain and complained mightily? >> they just today signed a contract for call center that will be somewhere you can appeal to. gerri: and no one thought of that. two and a half years since this law was passed. >> did not start testing the system for signing until a month ago. they should have been doing that in early spring. gerri: there is no way that they're going to get medicare and medicaid and these systems to talk to each other and the federal government and standing between them, the glue of all of this, the navigators. people who have had a half-hour session on what the law means. the first year of this. >> a lot of people who would have been eligible would be pushed out. the biggest problem will be looking at whether they're eligible for medicaid or obamacare which is a lot of low-income individuals might have been able to benefit you are not a point to be able to. gerri: one other thing, we were
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already starting to see this scam artists and from answers creating web pages helping people would go to the web pages to sign up. we have seen this with every major obama initiative. alcohol moment to of help for homeowners. what would you tell people who want to check it out? >> go to the places you're accustomed to getting information. they created these navigators which did not exist before. they relied answers the people tested and it would have some many of which is for brought they have created this opportunity for fraud. gerri: thank you for coming on. always good to see you. wow. it goeon and on. welcome made of nylon and of the show next week, all next week. bring your uses guide to obamacare where we will break down all of the big consumer questions surrounding a lot. who has to sign up, what kind of coverage is available, all the details dry everything you want
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to know. welcome on to another safety story, i guess. the insurance institute for highway safety releasing its first ratings for crash avoidance focusing on the crop front crash prevention and auto brake systems. are all of these features worth the money? joining me now, it's great to have you on the show. the report was fascinating. a lot of detail. tell us about the two major technologies that are work and you looked at in the study? >> this is an indication of a big change of how consumers will evaluate the safety of vehicles. this is the first-ever ratings, the vast technologies that are aimed at helping drivers avoid many kinds of crashes altogether . we elected to specific systems. forward collision warning systems which are intended to alert the driver to a hazard ahead and expect that the driver will then take action to avoid the crash.
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an automatic braking systems that can break the vehicle, the vehicle breaks itself if the driver does not take action and apply the brakes. and we know that in the real world both of these systems are using crashes. we have found that some perform better than others. gerri: 110 ask you this first. the systems are bundled into these expensive technology an ounce, packages that people can buy. i have to tell you, i am not sure i am thrilled about automatic braking. why are people paying more attention when they're driving? >> people driving distracted, not paying attention, always a problem since the days of henry ford. we have never had a way of dealing with that in a comprehensive way, but these high-tech crash avoidance
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features of the promise of dealing with some of the crashes that we have not been able to prevent or have a countermeasure for. and you're right. some of these systems right now cost 1,000, 2000, $3,000 because they're bundled with all this other stuff. what our tests are intended to do is show consumers which ones are worth the money. gerri: and which ones aren't. gerri: let's get to the vehicles rated superior. >> the best performers were to subaru models. the legacy and the ambac come equipped with an optional feature called eyesight. and these two cars, these two vehicles were able to stop completely in that two tests that we do and prevent the crash from happening. we also have the performance, superior performance from cadillac ags and the cadillac as our next, the mercedes c class, and to volvo's, that s60 and
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vsc60. they earn our superior rating which means it did a very good job of either preventing the crash were scrubbing up enough speed to really reduce the severity. gerri: did any of the vehicles -- were they just subpar? >> we know from of real-world data all of these systems are reducing crashes. afford collision warning systems are reducing some as a crashes by about 7%. the of the break about doubles that a fact, but we did have some vehicles with the auto break did not perform as well as the superior rated ones. for example, the infinite tjx that we tested advertises of break, but in our track test there was minimal breaking. and it did not avoid the crash or reduced much speed. gerri: both of these products or when you're driving more slowly. more likely to be a residential neighborhood in the people rather than other cars. makes sense to have some extra
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protection, i suppose. thank you for coming on. interesting stuff and we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. gerri: more, more and more to come including finding that special person in your life. no, not your spouse, your real estate agent. skewer and fewer couples are experiencing in to -- empty nest syndrome. we will help you with that coming up. ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles
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gerri: and nt nest is quickly becoming a thing of the past. a tough economy is causing more and more young people to go back to mom and dad's and stay there. there are ways to save a move that quickly. with more on this, financial planner in jennifer lane. thank you for coming in the show. we were thinking of this has advice for the kids the moment you have smart points to make the parents. it's go there first. >> i think if you have your kids already living with you, the horses out of the barn or maybe the horse is back in the barn. [laughter] >> there are some things that
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you can do. ideally parents are thinking about this well in advance and giving your kids the scales that they will need so that you can change the locks when you send them off for freshman year of college. gerri: a friend of mine treated me today that the day after she was out of the house are mom and dad put a piano in her room. it was over. there was no going back. that is when you're talking about, right? >> that is true. the child knows that there is not going back and you are giving a clear message, they will probably be one of the case that launches successfully. it might not be in their dream job, they will be any job. it is like when you note you have a safety net you're willing to fall back on it are subconsciously you allow yourself to fall back on it. gerri: it is interesting. among adults 18 to 3136 percent were living with their parents. it is critical for these people to say. how much they save? add a they do it? will would you tell them? >> if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity, your parents are allowing you back in
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the house, this is a chance to get our roth ira. they turn magical after five years. the money is available. so get that started. pay rent to your parents. parents should be billing their kids for the rent. it should be a market rent. $100 for the basement room does not work. if they're working. they're not working you can negotiate something give them a deadline. then it is market rate rent. this will help you say because you won't be used to having the money. parents, if you are well off and can afford to give the money back to the child, help them with their rent or help them with their retirement sings, great. you cannot afford it, which is where many are committed to paying onto it. gerri: i love your advice. tough love. everyone has to do something, even if you don't pay for job, do something around the house. i have see estimates said the exceptional amount of time to live at home is three to five years. five years for people in the age
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group. talk about. do you agree? >> i really don't. think that there are many people that were not able to get satisfactory jobs or a job and a graduate from college. and stan that is the economy ran, but you have to be out in a year, two of the most. many of my clients have kids that are at home. one of the frustrating things, wow, you know what, jr. is on, daughter is on. and i believe she is that every night. victor really great dinner but she still goes outdoors bins of missouri spends on that. there is not a lot of communication. dry there to try to save money, not to have a nice lifestyle. gerri: exactly. and its abuse of the time. i hope people will tweet us. it is a great topic. thank you for coming on tonight. great stuff. comebacks and. >> thanks. gerri: later in the show, the war of words seats up in washington. it was not today. nextel we answer the question
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how you do that. what to look for when picking a real-estate agent. don't go away. ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history.
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♪ gerri: don't get caught up in the stress of buying or selling your next column. need to know adv
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♪ gerri: well, the stakes are heating up in today's housing market. new home sales are rebounding. you are a buyer or seller, you need a real estate agent that is up to snuff on today's challenges. how do you choose the best agent that will save you time and money? joining me now, personal finance expert. welcome. you know, the payer is the person who is selling. that is the person has to be careful.
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you have been through this ally yourself and had some bad apples. >> it took me three brokers to sell my apartment. the second of was taking pictures that were not relevant. she was not capturing my beautiful river views. it is important. marketing is a big part of it. gerri: a huge part of it. the other problem was with real-estate agents. i love a lot of them, but some of them are doing is part time. how you find somebody who is dedicad? >> in new york city there is something like over 20,000 registered real estate agents. part-timers, cousins, relatives. those guys you don't want. you want someone who would go to bat for you. ask around. recommendations, referrals, someone who is familiar with the building, go online, let's get ratings and reviews. 365,000 reviews of real-estate
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brokers, people weighing in. good, bad, negotiation, going to get back to you and a timely manner, four-star, five-star. gerri: i like that. a lot of people selling there house. the stakes are high because they have had to holon to this f a long time. maybe a couple of years. now they really have time of it. they want to do it fast. can you ask for an idea of what that marketing plan should look like have to have had time? >> how the pictures are important, have good pictures. high-resolution. the buyers will make a snap judgment decision when they see the pictures. gerri: people don't even like the houses that don't look good to them. gerri: and the of the thing, on the mobile device is so much activity is going on right now. people are looking at homes on as my phone. if it does not look good it is going to the next. on to the next. gerri: you need a plane dual agency in that you can get hurt.
9:23 pm
>> this is not good car representing both the buyer and seller. gerri: one agent representing both. >> the problem is there's a conflict of interest because the seller was highest price. buyers coming and was the lowest price. the agent brumbies the seller into entertaining offers that not necessarily best for the seller and then on the flip side -- the opposite things for the buyer bury them in the present all the offers an equal manner. if they have the buyer interest at heart. there is a conflict of interest that you want to avoid. you want some it will work with you and will really go to bat for you. gerri: you have to ask that question. >> they are supposed to be telling you. some states it is not even legal. the obama administration says it has found no lanes of dollars in grant money to help the try hire more police and firefighters as
9:24 pm
it lingers in bankruptcy. we can soon be seeing other major u.s. cities setting down this same path. number five, houston, the pension problem is more than 312 percent of the revenue. number four, los angeles, tax revenues for the city of angels' left on a triple to come close to breaking even. number three, jacksonville. as if this is is that have enough trouble with this ball team, the pension that is nearly 300 december said that this tax revenue. denver, thanks to the city school districts, the mile high city is totally within some debt. number one city with the worst person dead, chicago. the windy city is is so much trouble as its obligations if by nearly seven times greater than revenue. that does not work. other cities on the list include dallas and phoenix. wow. that is awful. coming up next, the answer to
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stop the government shut down. the fight is far from over. if you got the belt was over, think again. nearly 2 billion every taxpayer dollars go into the fha. you will tell you all about it next. ♪ with fidelity's options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don'drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. thirty-seven october 1st not all the d-day for the exchanges also the government shuts down. the present uses the bully pulpit to tell republicans to use stops grandstanding and pass a budget a and richard edson has the details symmachus of the past a bill funding the government until the bubble 15 then they skip town until monday vague -- the house is working over the weekend so they can pass the senate bill or change the proposal and send it back the
9:29 pm
republicans just passed the bill and it is solidly for a few weeks but they say will likely change inepublicans better not attach any health care provisions to the next bill. >> if republicans have specific ideas how to genuinely improve the law rather than cut it or delay it or repeal it, i am happy to work with them on that. through the normal democratic process. but that will that happen under the threat of a shutdown. >> to reaction from republicans? no way. the speaker respects -- spokesperson says the fundamental facts the government toward a showdown ended don't want the train wreck that is obamacare. grandstanding from the president refuses to be a part of the process will not bring congress closer to resolution. the problem is republicans dot know what to attach
9:30 pm
they could pass the house but they will meet tomorrow to figure that out even the senate may act sept federal they could take it beyond the deadline. so the government will shut -- shut down and tuesday it also how to predict how with evans? asked me on monday night. [laughter] gerri: you will be busy all weekend. good to see you. another government bailout. announcing today we the $1.7 billion of taxpayer money to cover defaulted mortgages. this spring in our professor from georgetown. here we go again. how did the fha get itself into this position?
9:31 pm
>> fannie mae and freddie mac web back into conservatorship in 2008 was 1/3 this serious delinquency rate slid has been a ticking time bomb but they put reverse mortgages on the government insurance goal. i testified at that hearing douglas it will blow up in here we are with $5 billion for reverse mortgage losses. gerri: one of the confounding things as the government cannot even predict how much money they have to backstop the fha. >> right. they're very reticent about producing books for the fha so it was like a trade secret. we do know they have staggering delinquency rates
9:32 pm
right there with seven the shallow end with the low down payment borrowers so there has to be a high credit risk. >> why is the main or freddie mac not as bad? >> fha is a sub provender. ones that went away it shows up as fha. >> so naturally it is in the worst position. don't blame senior citizens. >> it is the factory try to bail everybody out but also the fha commissioner said this is just the accounting glitchwe really didn't want that they make us take it.
9:33 pm
as of august there are 47 billion net capital position. they are in deep, deep, deep trouble is not just the seniors. levi. gerri: she was referencing the reverse mortgages that is not the whole cuttlefish. any way to say no thanks? we're done? >>. >> bill put reverse -- don't put refers programs but everybody said help out the seniors. they make this over and over gerri: it is unbelievable we cannot get a right. figure for coming. we appreciate your help.
9:34 pm
what do you think? is it time to base and the bailout? we will show the results at the end of the show. when we come back wait until you see what we cooked up. the food was so good also and heir who thought she was swindled out of her millions. you will want to hear that. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below...
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9:38 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars in shares of the world's biggest pharmaceutical company but a large chunk turned sour after she turned to a friend for a vice is the bad advice illegal? to a degree now former prosecutor lisa wheel. i will start with you. >> it will -- it is not illegal sure to the professor she looked at the company. gerri: and energy technology >> they sold regrate new technology the new einstein but has not panned out so far. >> the technology we will take into properties of matter. are you einstein? >> and space stein. who are we to say it could not happen? she invested but it is and
9:39 pm
broad. she took bad advice, she rolled the dice. gerri: you say the opposite? >> guess it depends on whether or not she was given misrepresentation. >> did they lie to her? >> if they intentionally lied and misrepresented he can be fraudulently induced. >> in this country some people have to meet the fiduciary duty if you buy somebody:investments you have to do the right thing you cannot say let's invest to change a matter for goodness sake. >> but then to be a fiduciary he do have that duty of care.
9:40 pm
>> but it is still up to the person making the investment as long as they have said what, she was probably trying to make a lot of money and she failed to. >> but throwing in the harvard professor and the credibility and now investing this is a great product for those who have invested a lot of money grossly misrepresented that. >> misrepresented. >> called on. the harvard jacket. [laughter] he is a harvard professor thought they have great eas and sometimes not great ideas you cannot just by in. [laughter] but if you talk to somebody
9:41 pm
about their product and company this if you would reasonably relied what they tell you. if they prove it is false that could be the problem. >> if you have the harvard and m.i.t. professor. gerri: this is what we have not mentioned if she left her money in the new cordis shares her trust fund would have went up in $80 million. just let it go. trading holdings in weinstock is not smart. >> sometimes leaving it alone is a problem. >> now that she sees where her fortune could have been worth now she gambled and she lost it could have been worth it but she was stuck
9:42 pm
with what she had she gambled and she lost. >> nobody was doing their job. but she was given false information i have to stick with that. >> and let's go with the professor to. >> that is what she has to show. >> they give. as a good conversation when people do that every day then get burned. very interesting. now time to look at the stories you are clicking on. now for the sixth time in seven days the budget battle of congress and also digesting the reports in consumer spending. meanwhile passing
9:43 pm
legislation to avert the government shut down with the fight is far from over and house republican leaders said they will not send the bill of the city funds obamacare in t fiscal year ends on monday. the drama consumer confidence declines university of michigan consumer sentiment index dropped 3.five points after reaching a six year high in july. the offering of 84 million shares and at under $10 per share closes on tuesday. those are some of the hot stories right now on fox we still have more. we too were a local one farmer's market with todd english. we cut in the kitchen and then we. that was the best part. ♪
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>> i your at the union square dream market with todd english celebrity chef and an entrepreneur showing me the best way to shop for farmers market. >> what of the great fortunes i have had this is an amazing market.
9:48 pm
with a plethora of things here. >> go kinds of stuff. >> has grown i have been here almost 15 years you can tell you're in the big apple with all the apples from new york state and green apples and how great are they? this is apple season. apple cider. everything is locally grown i come here with $20 a minute. [laughter] so. gerri: is localizes the key to good farmer's market comes from hear. >> really within 50 or 100 miles of your city there is a lot of greens and the tomatoes are still coming out. when food is this good and delicious and local you
9:49 pm
don't have to do much to get gerri: i think it is super fresh so in this fall what should i be shopping for? still coming by like squash. carnival, bettered yet, sugar pumpkin, i will make something today with us we will make sugar plums skin was. gerri: let's go. >> what i will do is i will use this pumpkin as a presentation piece. i want to save this i will let you do this to take up the debts -- that's.
9:50 pm
then you can cut these down and appeal its. then be roasted and tell it is nice and soft. then the puree. gerri: look at that. >> was a little bit of honey and a touch of butter. >> this was pre-roasted now .7 that and he was beautiful fresh pastas you can use dry but some nice sheets like this then dropping into the water.
9:51 pm
♪ then a layer of presentees mom -- per john cheese. >> then just keep flaring this. this will serve about four people. and then some more cheese than bake about 35 minutes. now we're done now we have one that is ready to go. >> locale at bat. is gorgeous. >> put some maple and butter over the top.
9:52 pm
when you present it. gerri: that is so good. thank you i am sorrell. >> you're always welcome. gerri: that was fun. we'll be back with my $0.2 is it time to ban the bailout's? thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
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and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. [ male announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪
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gerri: we told you this before the faa says it needs 1.$7 billion bailout from the treasury to cover the projected losses. is it time to ban the federal bailout? 91 percent said yes. possibly a big percentage because we pay for its. 9 percent said no. nsa spying on significant others? don't deny you have not thought of doing it and apparently members of the nsa are just as guilty the federal watchdog discloses today's embarrassing miss use among employees 12 cases of tennessee workers searching for names, e-mail addresses and voice mail messages and girlfriends, boyfriends, for mer lovers and spouses. of believable.
9:57 pm
most instances they resigned or retired but it just adds fuel to the fire and we will follow that story for sure. here is up ahead some reaction to to the last users guide on education.
9:58 pm
gerri: and url above. keep watching. we love to hear from you have sent a e-mail at more than half of americans have no idea how obamacare will affect them or their family. ahead according to a survey
9:59 pm
from the kaiser family foundation and the new health insurance exchange open next tuesday, people. the first or individuals can find out both insurance offered under obamacare while opening the exchanges is t starting gun for the implementation which is the largest overhaul since medicare in 1966. the devil is in the details and there are a lot. it and it is more controversial than the mandate. penalties for failing to comply if you'll have a minimum level of coverage and did you must pay a penalty to the irs. we have talked about these events will have more information on monday so check it out. with a few days to go nobody knows this will work that is not acceptable. coming up on monday but we
10:00 pm
will bring you the user's guide to obamacare starting with the individual mandate. that is it for the willis report. have a great night. we will see you on monday. >> good evening everybody thank you for being with us. quite a broadcast it is quite thin newsday's senator harry reid taking ownership of the government shutdown when he issued the ultimatum to house republicans and the president has escalated his rhetoric on the prospect of a government shutdown the president holds the impromptu press conference to deliver the ultimatum trying to scare as many people as possible into doing his bidding and obamacare funding


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