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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 28, 2013 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> it's hard to say. we still have it. they can't agree on pipelines or obamhave a great night. we will see you on monday. >> good evening everybody thank you for being with us. quite a broadcast it is quite thin newsday's senator harry reid taking ownership of the government shutdown when he issued the ultimatum to house republicans and the president has escalated his rhetoric on the prospect of a government shutdown the president holds the impromptu press conference to deliver the ultimatum trying to scare as many people as possible into doing his bidding and obamacare funding it appears
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the democratic leadership has decided to shut the government down senate majority leader confirms moments ago exactly that and that boehner will kraft a new funding bill calling it a counterproposal that the said it says they will summarily reject. here is a sampling now of the esident's scary phrases of the day. >> over the next three days house republicans will have to decide whether to join the us senate and keep the government open or shut it down. any republican in congress that is currently watching we encourage you to think about the you are hurting. their young people in your office right now who work for you without much pay because you are preparing to
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send them home without a paycheck. families with kids who serve their country in the federal government. now they will plan how they will get by if you shut the government down. lou: while the president of the sizes he will not talk to republicans but he did speak to the regime president hours after the state media claimed to the ayatollah queeney top adviser and col wing victory over the united states in the president for our willingness to negotiate with the rea. here is president obama with. >> who just know i spoke on the phone with the republic of the iran with the agreements over the nuclear program reiterated what i said in new york what will
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be an important obstacle to move forward it is not a guarantee i believe we could reach a comprehensive solution. lou: the conversation was the first contact between leaders in three decades also the unexpected development of the nairobi fall terrorist attack these are newly released images inside the attack showing the structural damage during the siege. three floors as many as 60 hostages in the rubble of top officials also acknowledged much of that damage was the result of the military's use of rocket-propelled grenades on opening a gaping hole in the approved taking down columns leading to the collapse.
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in boston a young man oblivious to his surroundings stumbles directly onto the train tracks at the train station. falling directly onto the tracks in front of dozens of other passengers. we have the story of what happens next. what would you have done? with a special perspective and to a government shutdown former house majority tom delay that helped to guide the party with a showdown with president bill clinton joins us with advice for both houses of congress. the prospect of the shutdown is the lead story. senator harry reid and the president chose to shut down the government rather than negotiate with the senate republicans. they to tell the language with the continuing resolution and said the bill
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back to the house with just three days before a deadline to fund the government preeident obama says they need to do what he says or us -- or else with 52 percent opposing of the six most recent surveys and senate majority leader himself making a critical mistake to deliver the point-blank ultimatum and declaring he is willing to shut down the government. >> in the meantime if speaker boehner wants to avoid a shutdown will pass the resolution otherwise it is a shutdown. lou: that is what they call blunt force, i believe. the president has manufactured a political conflict and their
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responsibility over the issue of obamacare, funding obamacare, funding, governme nt spending but it may have serious consequences for democrats and republicans. president obama is reserving to an ultimatum this time to use the speaker and house republicans the president of whom of late the ultimatums have been unproductive to be nice. my committee will has the report. >> by a party-line vote a stopgap funding bill that provides many to the president's health care law. >> i would ask my colleagues before they vote yes on this important amendment you really want to be responsible for killing more jobs? >> democrats succeeded to put obamacare back into the stopgap funding bill even before it began senator cruz looked ahead to the next confrontation. >> the process is not over
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it will go back to the house of representatives i salute the house to have the courage to stand up and fight. >> the majority leader took aim at cruz and his allies. >> he is putting on a show. >> mitch mcconnell said all republicans agree that health care law must go. >> it adds up to just one thing, a lot of trouble, that needs to be repealed. that is the goal of every member of the republican senate. >> the president drew map for the congress. >> unit is states senate acted responsibly by voting to keep our government opened with the services the american people expect now with the house we expect them to do the same. >> it will not come until speaker boehner of leadership meets with the
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g.o.p. members tomorrow it believes they will vote on a continuing resolution to delay obamacare one year or remove the congressional exemption but the calendar may start to become a factor yesterday the speaker would not show his cards. >> we will have a discussion until the senate finishes the bill. >> nancy policy accused the tea party loyalist to be at war with the government. >> this is silly maybe they did not get orientation on how serious the work is that we do here. >> marco, dash marco rubio said he is not want to shut down the government they try to protect real people. >> because of the harm to the middle class just to try to get ahead. >> the senate will not return until 2:00 p.m. on monday just hours before shutdown.
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it is the senate bill or else. lou: mike emmanuel. joining me to discuss the building budget battle we have a member of the house judiciary and arred services committee. good to have you with us. what is the prospect of a government shutdown as we stand right now? >> if you listen to the president his team's most are prepared to shut the government down unless they get their way i don't think americans like the police so i think it is a grand probability if they're not prepared to sit down to negotiate. lou: what is negotiable? is a prospect to simply defer for one year the implementation of the individual mandate?
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so try to deal with the many feelings -- failings. >> is a possibility but looking at what the leadership has done with their with the debt ceiling i would do it differently. right off of the house floor i put the leadership names from every leader in the senate and house on the other side and i would invite them into five wedges and speaker boehner if they were not there i would tell the press we will bback at noon so the american people can see they're not there to negotiate. if they did show what cover we have 12 appropriations bills i would do this cr for all of them except one and withhold funding of the irs until they removed that from the health care bill
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providing the american people would support that and understand that to see that this administration is willing to shut down the government to protect the irs. if we would win on the path that provision that would crumble the health care bill that is the fight i would make. lou: without funding the irs the effect would be what? >> obamacare cannot function unless they have the internal revenue service actually running, monitoring all of the premiums to oversee much of the health care what. if you pull out the ira's portion the bill will crumble under its own weight that is a fight worth having and that would love to hear the debate why they want to shut the government down and protect the irs to give them a broad power with all the additional agents to monitor our health care system in the united states.
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lou: you hardly need my reaction i would say it is nice to hear original thinking about and a port -- an important issue with the leadership that the leaders would listen with the idea is an idea worth a try almost anything is better than just continue the collision. >> i plan to present that to the conference tomorrow at noon. the wonderful thing is the american people can see the facts it is not filtered through talking heads, every tv camera in america would be focused on the conference and on the debate that took place in they can see for themselves who was being
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reasonable and who was not. lou: are you surprised senator reid stepped-up it is either his way with the senate legislation or shut down the government? and know any republicans have called for that's with the senate majority leader harry reid. >> i have not heard any republican that wants to shut the government down and then have said it has to be there way or the highway but one of the big concerns you have heard echoed but if you have a president that calls a press conference and brags about the fact he is prepared to negotiate with iran and the good she was syria and negotiate with syria but not those that hold the of maturity of those districts i don't
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think the american people like that bullying and i think it will backfire on the senator and the president. lou: thank you for being here. >> we will have much more of the move throughout the broadcast we will be right back. lou: secretary of state kerry agrees with russia on the plan to eliminate serious chemical weapons. the middle eastern terrorism expert tells us. next.
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lou: the united states and russia demand that syria gives up one of resolution set to vote that resolution won't work because united states has no way to enforce it under the terms of the resolution and obama will not fight for a tougher agreement. joining is now is are middle eastern terrorism expert, while lead various. first the president shows it is a accomplishment in and of itself with a contact between the president that has now been given the green light by russia and china by the security council to move ahead dirt you happy with that progress? >> this is a version that we
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deployed the ships we threaten to the regime the russians came in to cut a deal this is an issue between the rival of the inner-city than the irradiance came after at to say we can negotiate that is not reality but because we did not carry out a threat and executed in syria we were out of options the russians came to say we will have an agreement for you we will get a resolution that what we have seen has no teeth i don't like what the rebels are doing. what would happen? according to the resolution we go back to the security council who is waiting? >> the contact between the president and president
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rouhani himself is that a positive new tone constructed between the two nations? >> yes. if it is a newalent i have not heard that a long time but in washington they say the iranians want to negotiate over the strategic weapons but over the middle east in damascus it is totally different they said the united states is out of options. and for them they say the united states comes for what? with the talk about is completely different. i would say there is a measurement to see iran is changing. president rouhani says it is
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not a safe haven if he does. lou: but moving aside the issue of rhetoric again their efforts to secure there are reports if you know, the ayatollah khamenei has issued against nuclear weapons. >> that is simple we have seen that before with their ideology if you wish to the fall-off to accomplish the goal that in this case it is not just the bomb but the missile. once it is accomplished then there will be another fatwah that another then another we will not build relations unfortunately that is not the case in washington.
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lou: a week of loss for the dow gained the s&p the sdaq has a three week winning streak and former house majority leader who helps lead the republicans in the 1995 van 96 negotiations of a government shutdown with advice for speaker boehner. stay with us. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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lou: lower on the week the dow jones industrial weeks down the nasdaq losers six on the big board with 3 billion shares it is a low week for volume with a three week when streak the nasdaq did post a gain of two tenths of a percent the obama administration announced an aid package for urge each right for belly of the traits the biggest city trevor file for bankruptcy in this country most coming from the federal government
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but as i said most of it from our fellow citizens the aid goes to develop blanket properties to bolster the police force to hire as many as 150 firefighters this is the first of many efforts the administration will engage with the city of detroit there will be more bailouts. joining us now with his outlook for city private bank we are delighted to have you with us. you have to be impressed they will throw lifeline to detroit unrealistic to wall street. if but this market be caves in a peculiar way? >> it is a market trying to
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get back to normalcy with the business fundamentals can really operate to guide the outcome. that is what we try to do that we were welcoming that general moderation of the role of monetary policy with what goes on in washington the fundamentals are suppressed. lou: we will have little suppression on monday most likely the president of the democratic party leaders of their views what makes a smart and social government policy is that in the market right now?
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>> they a anticipating the possibility of a shutdown. with the low to moderate probability event so i do think there is some pricing to expected it shuts down. lou: looking at the market for the parallels that we have grown accustomed to. it is not happening. your thoughts? >> i think people believe that people want to move to tapering so the increase that you see of the basis points over the 10 year they beat it will get back to that after the period of uncertainty. lou: but this is why they did not taper. i love that general consensus that there would be tapering in september
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without one lack of relationship to the empirical evidence on this economy. i hate to the word tapering but i hate it. is there any sense we could see any side of that as people pay attention to job growth or disinflation, price levels? forget the nonsense. >> that is why some of the headlines are obscuring that kind of focus to g the decision makers back to what they did be doing so if you do look under the policy headlines you do see encouraging signs with the decline was record operating earnings we would like to see those policy headlines.
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>> that would be positive for the markets? >> don't forget to chalk one dash check out the blockbuster the top of the best schiller turds selling over 8 million copies with the most recent one only 170 weeks on "the new york times" best seller west but that would mean you'd be one of the original owners of the book in the first week of the best seller status. and sure it will be 200 weeks next time. i always wonder how he will top himself. we will be right back. one prominent republican porterhouse majority leader
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tom delay says shut the government down the republicans will not be blamed by voters for doing so and it will not affect the economy either.ó@kt>úyúyúy
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lou: turning back to the budget battle, next guest says republicans need to be constant in their positions, since -- stand strong, and he was a member of the republican and in 1995 and 1996 the government shut down. joining me now, former house majority leader tom delay. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: i have a feeling that the speaker of the house is getting a lot of counsel about how to walk very gingerly through this and get out without having to stand strong or too tall for fear of the backlash, if there were to be a government shut down.
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>> well, some, and i don't want to compare myself. they have a really hard job to do right now. and know what they're going through, this is very difficult. particularly when you are hurting these cats in the house of representatives, it is a very tough job. you know, it really bothers me that some members, particularly republican members think that a shutdown is just the end of the world. it is not. we won the shut down in 1995. the speaker's office, 24 hours a day, i think it is 28 days. unfortunately bob dole on a sunday afternoon when down and opened up the government. clinton said in his book that if we had waited one more day he would have caved in, but the point is that. lou: we should point of, if i may, tom, the senate leader of
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the publicans', he was the guy who, frankly, was a tagalong in those negotiations, the one who broke not bid gingrich as is commonly considered, as you pointed out in your book, fell in line very quickly with senator dole, unfortunately for the republicans. >> well, that is true. the point is that we were fighting over cutting spending. we have eliminated over 100 programs, agencies demand offices. we still did that. all we did was face a little bit to save face for clinton. least of that the spending cuts. not only that, but we sent a message to bill clinton that we were crazy enough. he will take you over the cliff. from the next six years of his administration he did not get to sign one major bell that he initiated. he signed welfare reform, balancing the budget and all these other things. of course now he takes credit
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for it. in the next election, we gained two seats in the senate and only lost two seats in the house intelligence the majority. i don't know whether losing cause from. lou: it comes from a national liberal media that has its own destruction of events and some folks who don't do a lot of reading of the fine print. i am wondering, do you believe that this in the house, they have the guts to stay harry reid is the one he just declared ultimatum, the president is just to tell tomato and yet they will stand on principle. the thing that they have the capacity? >> well, i really don't want to comment. that is not the point. the point right now is the republicans in the house, there are some republicans that just want the government shut down. it think it is horrible. the vast majority of republicans in the house would want to stand
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on principles, one to five, they're more than willing to fight which is all they need to do. the second thing, i would give a little advice. they won't take it, but the need to. >> this big box stuff from the senate to the house back to the senate. they just need to get into a conference committee where the house and the scent can work out their differences. then the whole focus is on funding obamacare. and the pressure builds to such an extent that you might get some compromises if you want to. you get older ground, that is what they need to be doing. lou: as you avoided a comment that might be taken as critical of the leaders in the house, i was thinking to myself, the normal frustration when a guest is not answer your first -- question. i was thinking, how wise the republicans would be to follow the example of that moment and
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quit criticizing one another, quit running one another down and someone take control of the republican party on capitol hill. by that, i mean, a group of wise men and women who could guide republican policy legislatively in the congress and the senate and in some of this nonsense because the results is disparaging, but we getting of the republican position which, frankly, is about a bad law that is empirically and demonstrably disastrous. >> you are so right. i am so upset with those that have these fights out in the public. they're just playing into the hands of the left and the leftist media. if you want to fight, fight behind closed doors. it is like a family. and fight it out and work it out , but don't fight out there
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in the public arena. that does not help anybody, and it certainly does not help the republicans. i have to tell you, right now ted crews is pretty much running the republican party in the house in the senate. where every says the american people gathered behind in an hour with him. so i hope he can lay out a strategy that both the house and the senate can unite behind. because i really believe that they can win this in the end. i just think that obama is so weak, weak president. he is weak in the polls. he does not know what he's doing . if the republicans but a united fronup in front of them and all the ground the pressure gets so great, as is done so many times, he will fall like a napkin. lou: as i listen to you get to the polls, the position, his record, do you find any
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parallels with the president back in 1995? >> most definitely. remember, we had hillary care and bill clinton for two years at a democratic congress. he got to do whatever you wanted to. well, the polls, into the toilet. his popularity and approval ratings were just really, really low. that allowed that a wave of republicans to come in '94 and, you know, we let him know in no uncertain terms that we would stand on pnciple. we had a pretty good six years as republicans command said the nation, by the way. >> with some council for just about all of us. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. lou: you bet. sick is second to get to our website.
4:42 am the two-story on the federal housing stories plan to use a mere $2 billion of your tax dollars to cover its bad choices. but the story is bigger. i am talking beer by the tens of billions of dollars. we will be talking on [applause] the president and democrats dismissing the majority of americans to oppose obamacare. in t "chalk talk" we will reveal some of the polling numbers. stay with us. we're coming right
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lou: a lot of negative news this week about obamacare as the obama administration is ready to roll out the new exchanges next tuesday. employers are u in arms over the health care law because of its 10,000 pages of regulations. according to one count more than 300 businesses have had to cut worker hours or staffing levels which means fewer than 50 jobs,
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less than -- fewer than 30 hours to avoid the impact of the laws expensive provisions. and people of the ones that are realizing right now and will realize to a greater extent that obamacare is an awful deal for them. according to the urban institute , they could see their premiums double when this law takes effect. certain instances it will be more than that. imagine, even those with employer health coverage are on the edge because according to the congressional budget office obamacare will push for as we call it here, obama scare will push 7 million people out of their job base insurance coverage. remember, if you like your current coverage you can keep it? the president said thatnd no bunch of other things that are now inoperative when it comes to obama's care. it seems the only people actually excited about the law are democrats. so that got us to thiing, why
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would this president and these democrats so quickly dismiss the 52 percent of americans, 52% who oppose obamacare? part of the reason. anyone signing up for health insurance under the not affordable for all care act also has a chance to register to vote let me repeat that. signing up for obamacare, a gives the upper to the design of the vote. if the "washington post" kaiser family foundation found an interesting fact. i insured americans supporting extraordinarily president obama over government romney by more than two to one ratio, 624 obama, 27 percent for romney. pretty powerful. and when asked about the political affiliation, 40 percent of them and then five of cells is independent and 39 percent democratic.
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30 million americans will remain uninsured after we extend just under $2 trillion over a decade. up next door republicans fighting republicans. president still on the campaign trail, government shut down approaches leading mental health experts, we are in need. what are these people thinking? we will find out next. ♪
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lou: this is security video that
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uc and your screen showing a man walking across the platform before you falls directly on to the train tracks. what n the world's -- we will tell you. three good samaritans jammed down there and lifted them andd3 ultimately to safety before the trains came into the station. the gentleman who was rescued telling police after the incident that he had only two drinks was celebrating his passage of the medical boards. your members nothing afterward and that is for his benefit, the video. we have at least that's offer him. and good for those three samaritans. american's pressing for changes to the doctor's insurance of care coverage. the obama's care package starts going into effect next week with the insurance exchanges. joining me now to discuss the psychology of it all, the doctors. good to have you both here.
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>> good to be here. lou: let's start with your business. do you get affected by obamacare? >> absolutely. >> is certainly do. lou: positive or negative? >> more of a negative because the reimbursement rate, first of all, as americans did not understand what obamacare means. lou: needed to the people who wrote the law. >> maybe that is why no one seems to understand it. i think ireally like medicaid for the masses. and so basically you think you're getting care, but you're really not. because the physicians who want to have a business going to say, not going to accept it. lou: you don't like it. >> i probably won't accept it. lou: will you? >> the needs of the many l.a. the needs of the few. it is about getting insurance for a lot of people who don't
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have it which is why a lot of people don't go into therapy. lou: you will honor it. >> i will be honest, i don't even like the insurance rates the way they are right now. make it even tougher. lou: you are not going to excepted. >> i will accept it where i worked at an inner-city clinic. i will not do it in my private practice. lou: to concerned professionals like you. looking at a cost. these are projections. they have doubled since the original. why is there even and a logical discussion? these people should say, let's put on hold on this thing. i just want to see if there is some rationale. >> okay. >> as psychological term. u: it depresses me. >> i can understand what the benefits are. >> the benefits are insurance, just as you said, to the masses
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for the people who are getting very good care now that may not get that same quality care anymore. >> they're not the will to use their doctors. overcrowding. lou: the doctors, a shortage of immense proportions as a result of obamacare. health care costs are rising, not going down. premiums are rising. extraordinarily so in many instances. this is a punitive law. it is not close to doing what they promised. certainly not numerically. it would still be 30 million people uninsured by just under 2 trillion. >> this idea of forcing people to get insurance, i don't understand. >> also, there are many people ying, i will take the penalty. i don't have the money to pay for this. lou: pushing people out. >> right now the way health care
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is set up, it is a privilege. and now with obamacare it will become so and they're right in the think it is on that a lot of people need. there are a lot of people who are not insured. a lot of people who are not getting the medical care they need. and psychologically it is going -- a lot of people will feel much better about it. lou: 90,000, 90,000 doctors sure by the end of this decade. 130,000 doctors short by 2025. how in the world is this -- provide care. >> not france or medical school is paid for. this is america where doctors basically are coming out with a huge amount of debt. they need some way to pay it back. he wants to be a doctor. >> chair just going to have to have more doctors, osteopathic physicians are going to have to have more mass produced. lou: the people could just recognize this is a bad law. >> after this segment everyone
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is going to think that. lou: always a delight to see you. and you, too. thank you for being with us. that is a thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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they said i couldn't dream. called me a piece of trash and swore that's all i'd ever be. said a bottle couldn't see the ocean. "give up." "go back to the dumpster." but i didn't listen. i made my way. and now...
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i'm what i've always wanted to be. [waves crashing on beach] gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis perry's tonight on "the willis report" just a few days before the obamacare insurance exchanges open for business. we have the latest on whether they will be ready. also, the first-ever test for new safety features on cars. are they worth it? we are about to find out. pandowdy you do that? picking the right real estate agent. watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: our top story tonight, glitches, delays to mike capps.


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