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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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neil: let it be known that this is the week that cruz controls. but who will have the last laugh? spoiler alert, cruz is not one of the main guys. and is the government trying to shake down jpmorgan chase? either way, a former whitewater prosecutor says that it is extortion and it is very scary. and it's scary wh kids come up with his excuse for not doing their homework. congress doesn't bother, why should die. tonight, meet the man
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grandmother who says it's wreaking havoc on our kids. neil cavuto starts right now. ♪ ♪ neil: welcome, i am neil cavuto, and if you did not know who ted cruz is last week, that you know who he is right now. >> dr. seuss' green eggs and ham. i do not like green eggs and ham come i do not like them, sam i am. >> you go with the book about a stubborn book guy who tries green eggs and ham. after tasting it, he realizes that he likes it.
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neil:one devoted crusader, or should i say one devoted ted-cruz-ator. talked for 21 hours and 19 minutes and did what many thought was impossible. make the senate even less productive. [laughter] >> in the land of washington dc in the senate of snooze, his name is ted cruz. >> i will not support this health care law obama. obama, obama. weird name, right? >> breaking bad had its first episode on sunday. but as you know, it's a story of a chemistry teacher that teaches chemistry in high school and he starts making matthew provide for his family.
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or as others call it, a legitimate alternative for obamacare. lou: neil: before the presidential candidate, brent bozell talks about shell obama and what is being made about this. >> on one hand things are funny and we should laugh at them. that some of them, it is an attempt to undermine ted cru. and then let me tell you what is really happening. in the republican party, there has been nothing but deadwood for about 15 years.
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and suddenly if you look at what the party is, there is a new leadership. the names are ted cruz and marco rubio and rand paul. and what is happening is the old, tired people who will not fight for anything, they are outraged by it. but the democrats are threatened by it and the media can' stand it and also i tell you who is taking over the republican party is ted cruz. neil: what you see here is the worry and an undercurrent saying that the sky amounts to something, much of an original attack that michele bachmann came apart. so just trying to generalize her and trivializing the sky. >> sure. >> the fact that they are all focused on him shows the effect
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that he has had and it's not going to stop. ted cruz will continue talking this way. isn't this interesting? there is no good news on obamacare. it is nothing but bad new on obamacare. do you think these conservatives are going to stop in their efforts to try to stop this train wreck? they are not going to stop. neil: one thing as well -- >> that leaves you with nothing but attacks on them. that is all the others i can do. neil: legitimately at times good laughs, but i will say this. there are a lot of people and friends i knew that don't pay enough attention to this tuff. and it's like, wha is he railing on about, oh, yeah, there are some problems with that and i'm getting anxious because my boss is thinking about dumpng me onto these chans anhe dsn'tnow ythi abo hem. iaw wheer y ge you wayr no its metis ju not tterig, u ke atemt asmuh as roal rean i.
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missing the nomination storming back years later. >> right. the people who object to this are of special interest in washington dc. it's like, we can't cover you, we have this,. neil: that's right, it's no laughing matter and so it's not going to connect when they attacked ted cruz. no one is going to feel like the attackers in their camp, they like what ted cruz is saying. neil: it is good to have you again. michele bachmann, she just kept going on and on and kept the fight going. congresswoman from i'm seeing it happen all over again. with whether you agree or disagree, there is nothing
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between the jokes in the personal attacks or to a little heavy-handed. where do you think is going on with this? >> i agree with ted cruz. i was actually with him in senator lee last night and we were talking about strategy and the way forward. the silver lining in what was taken for votes on the senate today, more than double that we thought we might get came in. they thought maybe originally they would get nine senators to go with them and they have 19 senators with them. and that's simply because a lot of reviewers picked up the phone and make a call and check also to republican senators and the dead. nineteen, that's an incredible number that day. so we are going to take this up in the house. to make this bill over to us, if you will come in the house already fully fund the government, now the senate has decided want to fully fund obamacare for the fight will return to the house and we will have a very strong contention of
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republicans -- for nothing less than fully funded, defending obamacare they don't want to take the blame for this bill they voted for. >> to that notion, and you fear this, any advice do you give senator cruz, the first inkling would be different elsewhere. they'reoing to be those moderates that say, go slow, don't go crazy, don't ignite the crazies. we can do that, we can winthis issue. just moderate the tone. what do you think? >> i say that sometimes the worst attacks can come from her
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or him him him him him him him m him him. >> because he will stay the course. but republans need to recognize is stop listening to these pundits.
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neil: congressman cummings great to see you. this is awkward. the health care exchange is starting just as the government should be shutting down. so why is the president going back? stubborn o thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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him him him him him him him him with. >> he had seen her out to sea and that is good. and the tea party and radio talkshow host. and they said why not pull the whole thing off? it cemented our prospects, you say yes? >> i say that i think that
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republicans stand strong on that. they are simply responding to the wants and needs of the amecan people. >> no one hd even the time to read it before it was passed. it has been imposed on us and it's a radical way in businesses and people are saying know that we have a strong majority i think one of the most fat components here is that less than 3% of federal bureaucrats even want anything to do with obamacare. neil: when the chef is not eating the food, you don't go there. >> that's right. i have those opinions. neil: a lot of the republican mainstream, when i was down in washington this week, we are on the same page. i thought this is much as i could, we lost, and there are
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other ways we can do later pick it apart, the funding can't anything, it's not doable. what you say? >> it the backbone for once. >> we are rereading the rules of the senate. >> this is where republicans need to stay strong and fight to the death. why wifi once? mighhave won the battle and not go ahead? >> they argued, fight to the death means that we all die if you push this. >> i say fine, but the message needs to be delivered that we -- this is not about republicans causing a shutdown, this is about the elite in wahington dc and imposing its radical build. neil: you are right,.
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>> the mainstream media has said it's a great thing and a wonderful thing. we are all going to have little chocolate m&ms and a little bunnies. but that's not what has happened. republicans have said this is incumbent upon the party that wants to sell it to the american people. neil: those are the people that have this strong sentiment. do not return something that has not included the spirit we have a shutdown, are up against a debt limit and it will all close and you guys see that.
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>> that's right, they will call us names no matter what. when had they not called us names? we have had this pushed upon us, and the right thing is to choose the say let's take a step back and help, help the american people understand how to do it and then they the people, you know, we the government are going to listen to this. i don't think that is unreasonable. neil: when everyone else does the idea of this was killing the thing and in its debt and pushing for is unreasonable, the a side of the record. versus the b side of the record.
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>> the fact that it's not working out is not the republicans fall. besides this, i think they think that everything is the fault of fox news the. neil: reality has something to do with it as well. [laughter] >> and the framers because they forgot the right health care in the constitution. i do think that there is an easy and simple method and that is republicans need to save the democrats got it. neil: when we come back, a brand-new segment. in just a few minutes, we will show the world what you're thinking about. i know some of you can't control
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yourselves. but a couple of warnings. we are only going to use tweets without profanity and we are not going to use tweets if they are personal attacks on me or my weight. [laughter] meanwhile, did you hear the one about the four government guys in a fire? it turns out that the airfare was the least of the problem. a lot of folks forgot what ronald reagan said about governments ultimate cost. >> the nine most terrifying words in english language are i am i'm from the government and am i'm from the government and i'm here to so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovel.. you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees.
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neil: this simple question. once we heard the attorney general eric holder were flying out to detroit, they could picking up a tad more than just their plane tickets. just aew hundred million bucks, and a carry-on as well. that has a weird sounding situation. i think it shows two things, at our accounting department doesn't know where our dollars are, or that -- neil: where did we come up with this? >> pretty much. and the government basically wanted to look like they are the knight in shining armor and rescue the cities. and what we are doing is
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rescuing them. neil: they are not rescuing them with that kind of terminology, they are is no rescue being planned, but normally when you come to $300 million, you left a lot of folks thinking that's. >> the distinction and the thing is that detroit cannot pay their loans. it was federal money committed for a variety of reasons, redirected to the same thing that the federal government is doing and i would say what the federal government is doing in this instance when it comes to a, b, c, showing compassion for a city that needs some right now and doing something. doing something -- i stress that word because this isn't that much money considering how bad this is.
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>> now you're telling government officials -- neil: not that you're not telling them not, but i'm wondering what it leads to what other cities. chicago is in a world of hurt, and they did 300 million for them. >> nobody wants to sit here and cut the teachers pay or make the hard cuts with salaries. especially if you are at the elected office looking at election time. let's not make the hard cuts because the government is going to back us up. i think we have taken a safety step. neil: 300 million doesn't even
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come close. i agree with that. and now the city is fighting themselves in this debt. but it could be a signal if you renegotiate it. the bailouts and rescues, you can go ahead and do risky things because the government has your back. is this what they think? >> a couple of thoughts. we do have a political system that runs our country, but if we are going to go that route, we have people whose timing we can question and whose motives we can question. i prefer that to some sort of dictatorship. i think most everyone else if
6:27 pm
you are running us, it could be one thing or another. neil: this is ingrained in ou culture. and on and on. there have been expectations -- and they may not make me pull some, but they will help me out. >> i think this is directly tied to why washington hits the debt ceiling to be raised. and nobody ever goes and says i'm not going to do that. this is why the administration is pushing the debt limit so they can cover all these other bailouts. >> i don't share that, i don't think it will lead to a bunch of bailouts. i do think it will lead to more money to get them over the hump.
6:28 pm
>> the end result is all honesty. are you going to sit there and do detroit not birmgham? >> we have a long-standing tradition in this country of the federal government helping out all kinds of crisis. i don't think we should change that. that is what is going on right now. neil: 18 cities are in crisis. >> in the media, we are doing the right thing in picking taking it apart, criticizing, saying it is this where the money should be spent, should we avert the crisis. we do the best that we can. >> media is not covering it.
6:29 pm
this has been predictable. >> a crisis is when a city doesn't have firefighters put out fires. >> but we knew that was coming from an original responsibility of planning. >> will the dog ate my homework be the excuse they use? neil: it is so yesterday to say the dog has eaten my homework. congress never get stuff done, why should i? that's a new one. when kids learn the darndest when kids learn the darndest th [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs.
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breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ >> is it possible that the democrats can negotiate with house republicans? >> i will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states. >> the president says that i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. >> there is no need for conversations. >> for too long, president obama and his democratic colleagues in the senate have chosen to ignore a booming debt crisis. >> they focus on politics and
6:33 pm
trying to mess with me. neil: a big old washington dc class. at issue? the congress and the president on every issue up against yet another deadline to provide a good example that will also be part of it. that is when we decided not to talk about politicians ripping each other. neil: it is a sad excuse when they say that they are late, i'm going to be late. >> it certainly affects example that we are setting for our
6:34 pm
children. no, mom, let me do that come it's not about this. we have to be doing this and we have to be taken care of what gets done. the covers is not taking things seriously and thingsre not getting done in a timely manner. neil: all they hear is arguing back and forth, some could say. mad at each other, asking each other stuff, but if they see an adult do it, not only adults, and almost influential adults, they say what the heck. >> i also think that we are not setting a good example for children all the time because we are not setting a good example. enough is enough, let's come to a compromise and something. we are going back and forth with the nonsense, we have to set a goodxamp for our children and not everything is going to be perfect. this will lead up to the last
6:35 pm
minute. neil: the same stories like tip o'neill, a few cocktails along the way. but each sort of realize is that if i give the other guy something, you know, we are both kind of winners here. but still, things got done. >> compromise. we have to ensure that we can compromise and we will come to a solution, but in a timely matter and not leaving things up to the last minute. neil: do think the kids look at this and say, it is a weird country and that depends on the age. that we are so dysfunctional.
6:36 pm
>> the more they are going to think is that let's go with and make a decision. >> let's come to some type of agreement here. neil: you are going in your room and not coming out and not going to the restaurant were in the restaurant at all. >> i agree thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history.
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favorite things. things are taking heat. robert ray saves in 10 said that he been watching this whole jpmorgan jamie dimon ri. he has concluded that maybe this isn't about a government, but a government and its chairman. i recently know jamie dimon, and you can explain from having one of these vast tracts, is there a connection? >> it's really hard to tell. you don't know what is on the other side. he is negotiating on behalf of the banks. he met with the attorney general for an hour. but the numbers are astronomically high. >> they could be over 10 million. neil: the multibillion on the
6:40 pm
whale trade, that really didn't hurt anyone. and they have reserves of over $600 million for legal fees. we are talking about a settlement of over $10 million. neil: this has to do with bringing people up to speed -- you know, they add more, but isn't that a little bit much? >> there may be a willing victim on the other side because of jpmorgan and the other big banks. bank of america and other banks are wrapped up with multiple different potential in losses and liabilities. and they have a way to negotiate to buy some type of global peace and. neil: do think whatever deal with jpmorgan will set the stage? because they are arguably the most successful in the best
6:41 pm
shape. >> and you will get similar eye-popping deals. >> i think you will see the similar eye-popping deals we start talking about billions. you are using the levels to extract settlements and that raises, i think, legitimate questions about whether or not that is appropriate. it's one thing to hold individuals accountable, we all understand the proper function of law enforcement or come it's another thing to start talking about using the threat of law enforcement action soon i have to talk about this, with the meltdown, a lot of these guys are still pushing over the edge from a pilot these types of
6:42 pm
signs. >> i got to determine not the one absolutely. but i'm wondering wheether it oe or another, you see it in other areas of the government. two money is one thing. if you're really talking about law enforcement, you should be talking about holding individuals to account is not always easy to prove in any case. at. neil: but this is very effective. is that psychologically true? that someone will pay anything? as long as they can avoid this?
6:43 pm
>> what conclusion do you think that this draws? i'm concerned about the fact that looks like justice for sale. that has two aspects to it. they are not particularly positive in the public image two. neil: when did it become looking at the are utterly disgusting. a billion here, billion there, it adds up to real money and you have to say to yourself, okay, they are buying peace, at what price? low-price for justice. neil: thank you so much for being here. all right, we have been telling you all this wee that we hear you. we are sick of experts bs.
6:44 pm
so you wanted them to know the other side of the mainstream story. the mainstream media. but nothing caps in to your anger and frustration more than letting events. weekend
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>> our new segment tonight, melissa francis is here >> our new segment tonight, melissa francis is here to react to what we are >> our new segment tonight, melissa francis is here to react to what we are seeing on twitter. anyway, first out, you guys are
6:48 pm
just that fed up. with this entire health care law. my commentary about the president laming funds, fox getting companies to drop their workers, the company said. when all else fails, blame fox news. another blame game is the president's only game. and it kicked off viewers to obama. we are all of the problem and we should just shut up and give the king what he wants. >> i say when watching the president, what an endorsement. really, isn't like the president to take a shot directly at fox news? at. neil: picture us to do that. to be that low. melissa: that is kind of our
6:49 pm
job. the people that are out there doing that. that is what journalists do. neil: that's a lot more painful. but it does seem like to engage on that level, really don't have a lot to stand on. but it's good product placement. the on-the-fly coming up with something like that. neil: what ever happened to no budget, no pay from the last continuing resolution. they lost it and then still another. explain why congress will get paid if the government shuts down. melissa: i don't know, it's like the debt ceiling. if i max out my visa, the first thing i do is call vsat and
6:50 pm
demand that they increase my limit. no, that is outrageous. you're talking about the budget. they can't get together and get organized about a budget to live on. i like the idea of the government going home for a little while. the one technically the president said that he can raise the debt limit. not increasing the debt, but as you point this out, you're you are setting the stage. >> you are not tackling real problem. that would be tackling the problem that is leading to that with the debt limit. it is all intertwined in my mind. it's about getting spending under control. so it does seem fair, that's how i would handle that. neil: absolutely. that was then, this is honestly not now, and one of our viewers quotes, reminding us just why
6:51 pm
standard & poor's downgraded its in the first place a couple of years ago. we lowered long-term rating because of the long-term controversy of the debt ceiling. but it is essentially still going on. >> it is the same nonsense. you saw that he was punished later for doing the downgraded. neil: do you think the other agencies will risk a downgrade? >> i don't think so. it's just giant government out of control and your viewers actually see that. neil: they are very smart viewers. and our tweet of the day now. how can you not love this. i mean, alyssa, and how can you not love this? >> i definitely have to say when i came in interview here, that i said when i grow up i want to be neil cavuto.
6:52 pm
[laughter] in maturity and mental capacity. when i grow up, i want to be neil cavuto. neil: anyway, melissa francis, you would never know. a childhood star and everything. a harvard graduate. melissa: "money with melissa francis." watch it on fox business. neil: thank you. [laughter] meanwhile, microsoft is looking at ford ceo to shake things up.
6:53 pm
thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buz test test test test test instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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neil: it is time for our business blades. here is what has the business world buzzing. and they could do this to reignite fans. outside the chip. many have drifted away. some wonder what he really knows about the software. they said the same about a cookie guy. john layfield is here to talk to us about what he thinks. >> i definitely think that alan mullally has done a wonderful job at ford. steve has been criticized, but you can hardly criticize him
6:56 pm
they just bought tokyo for about $7 million per that they have not been able to grow organically. what they need is a visionary like alan mullally. a visionary. i think it could be the perfect guy. neil: i always think that the best company ceo is like a market that you have the ford that. that raises the question whether lawley is that guy. >> i have to wonder that. if microsoft is part of that. there is a bigger twist. whatever comes in and whoever comes in to microsoft, they will not only get this magic untrained baggage but look at the implementation of innovation. they want people to be excited about the microsoft name again.
6:57 pm
neil: what you think, keith? >> i would like to agree on that. at. neil: okay, onto mcdonald's side salads. they are doubling down on healthy. >> i think it's a great pr move. i think it is brilliant. they had a bad pr data about a month ago. at minimum wage. this is brilliant. the worst thing that mcdonald's has done lately was to get a 99-cent burger war with burger king. you are losing some margin here on french fries and soda but the pr benefits outweigh all of that
6:58 pm
stuff. >> i like eating a mcdonald's myself. especially when i come running, off an airplane or something, always good value there, especially when looking for a healthy alternative. neil: and what is that i hear? it's time. it's time for the nightcap. [laughter] hoping that washington comes out with a way to avert disaster. >> washington is so irresponsible, it is just beyond arrogant. and i wish that they would actually sit down and shut up and do the job and we need government. neil: we need someone like layfield busting heads.
6:59 pm
layfield is going to rip you a new one. but short of that, john, what do you think of that? >> i think that he is spot on. look at the language that has come out of both sides. comparing each other to slaveowners and not to germany. this is a disgrace that this is happening to our country. probably better than a 5050 chance that we do have a government all right. we get one. then your next word, how long it lasts, right, keith? >> well, yeah, because, you know, if we get a couple weeks, we're talking about one-third of the budget, $106 billion or something we're short. the critical problem here is that medicaid gets funded, congress gets cut, multiple health plans, they need to be locked in a library somewhere or sent to dinner without bed. or sent to bed without dinner as melissa said. this is a disgrace and an embarrassment. >> do you think it's going to last longer than a week, john? >> it's hard to say.
7:00 pm
nobody thought the sequester would last longer than a month and we still have it. so, you know, it's just hard to say. these guys can't get along on anything. they can't agree on pipelines, they can't agree on obamacare. >> this is it. they've got to move fast. all over. we are now just days away from the threat of a government shutdown. and his 21-hour speech, senator cruz excoriated senators for not listening to the people. polls show that americans don't like obamacare, but they also don't want a government shutdown. we're talking. who will blink in this battle of washington, right here, right now. from the fox business network headquarters in new york city, it's "the tom sullivan show." here's your host, tom sullivan. and thanks for joining us here. the top of the stack, there is clearly some bad blood between republicans, especially in the senate. ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio, the young bucks versus the old guard. and then there is the disagreement over defunding or not of ob


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