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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 29, 2013 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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benched his entire team for cyber bullying and being disrespectful. that's what we should do to washington, get them out. coming up next, neil cavuto. "cavuto on business." here's what happens in washington when you rock the boat. they try to throw you overboard. ted cruz just found out the hard way because it wasn't just democrats hoping he would shut up. it was a lot of republicans hoping that he would just about drown. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and i sait in washington for myself. ted cruz can certainly talk and talk and talk. now, i don't know whether the senator's yap-a-thon against the health care law proves he's presidential material, but i do know a guy who can talk for 21 hours straight without a potty break proves he is certainly tv anchor material. but that is not what cruz's critics were saying about his
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filibuster stunt, that it was just that, a stunt. and one that pushed back and already delayed congress from getting any budget deal done. now stop right there. leaving aside the silliness of anyone in congress now suddenly complaining about being late for anythi, think about what they're saying about cruz and his passion. that he should stuff it and that he should zip it, work within the system, and realize he's a distinguished u.s. senator and act like it. now, i'm not saying you have to agree with what cruz was saying or doing. i am saying you have to admire the energy with which he was saying it and doing it. and pounding it and demanding it and, yes, even going on and on about it. now, we could do worse than have a politician getting in some folks' faces and standing for something, actually standing for anything. take a good look around. we already are. this question. who's really crazy, cruz or the folks calling cruz crazy? now that is not a cast worthy
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to judge crazy, i would be hard pressed. charles -- >> here is the problem. you only got a one-hour pass. >> there you go. >> i watched a lot of ted cruz. he was articulate, passionate, witty, had great interactions with his democratic colleagues. he wasn't a raving lunatic nuts. and i think the idea of portraying him that way, you also are trying to dismiss other people. regular people out there, grassroots people, actually created the tea party. but that's been the agenda for the media for a long period of time. now this infighting of sorts, where even gop are going after them, i think it's the old guard afraid that these young upstarts are going to shake things up and they are going to lose their comfy spots they have been in washington too long for. the tea party would be disingenuous if it doesn't go after the whole system, republicans included, who have been there too long. >> sarah palin called it the
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making of a third party. what do you think? >> i don fingers at crazy, because -- >> please. >> i can, because i am crazy. but i do agree with other republicans who do not like obama care, who do not like the president's health care law, who say just let this collapse in on itself, that you don't need this kind of very up front talk and you don't need grandstanding, if you will. if you sit back and let these chips fall as we are already seeing them fall, then the american people will turn away from this law even more than they already have. and it might not take that long. >> ben stein, what do you make of that argument? because some have said that the treatment that cruz is getting is very analogous to what reagan went through in 1976, trying to take the republican party nomination away from gerald ford. he came within a whisker. is that comparison fair? >> i don't think the comparison is quite fair, because this is a far more complicated situation. it's really, really complicated situation.
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but i think that she put her lovely fingers on something, which is that if obama care -- let's just let obama care go through. let's not stop the government and weaken defense. let's let obama care go through. if it's a mess, if it's a disaster, it will bring down the whole democrat party. it will have a republican president and a republican congress. and then we can start again, start with some universal health care plan that makes sense. but i think at this point, the ship has sailed. the bill is law. the bill is going to be law. it's going to be funded. at the end of the day, we all know that. the supreme court has already passed on it. let's just let it go through. if it's a mess, then that's the end of obama and his legacy for a while. if it worksgreat. if it works, then great, it is really good and people will get health coverage. >> well, i'll respectfully disagree with that to the point that, you know, the more time you give this thing to gain traction, the more its tentacles are into our lives and disrupting them. and i think while the effort might not be parliamentary wise
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way to go about it, when so many people are calling into question all the delays and all the provisions and all the taxes and all of the add-ones, they are waking people up to the reality that, wait a minute, this guy yamerred on for 21 hours straight. he is reminding me of the exchanges of which i know little. my boss doesn't have any information. i don't know what i'm getting into it. so the politics of it notwithstanding, it reminded people we have a mess on our hands. and letting it go untethered is a problem. >> well, you know, politically, neil, i agree with your political analysis. i don't think cruz is crazy. i think he really -- >> yes, do you. you just don't want to say it because that's not cool to -- >> well, i'm not finished. >> aha. >> i completely disagree with him. and i think -- and i think while you've got the political analysis right, i think what he's doing is disgusting and shameful because what we should be doing is pulling together for
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legislation that's been enacted and help it be good. i respect what you're saying -- >> i love you dearly, adam, but what's disgusting is that people won't have to pay through the nose for something, and that's a lie. jettisoning hundreds of thousands of americans into part-time jobs without health care. that is what's disgusting and shameful. not a guy yamerring on for 21 hours, and quoting "green eggs and ham," although he did do so very eloquently. >> so what we're doing now, neil, is having a discussion about policy matters rather than saying, let's gut this thing, let's kill it. we don't like it. let's set aside all this hard work. no. we should be discussing these things and making it better. not getting rid of it. that's my point. >> well, you're talking about coming together -- >> you need to have that conversation, neil. >> you're talking about coming together and making it work. it's already been passed. >> yes, yes, yes. >> but that's not what we're
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hearing from the white house. the white house says this thing is genius. the reason tt the american people don't like it is because the conservative media has been lying to the american people about the failings of it. and that's the reason people don't like it. that is the biggest steaming pile of garbage that i've ever seen. and i've been to a lot of landfills in my time. >> let me address that. listen to what ben said a few minutes ago, and charles and others have said. well, we should just let this thing fail so that the democrats lose so that obama is shown to be the phony that he is. that's what the white house is up against. >> and if it works, great. he said both. in the same breath. >> you know that's not -- you know that's not the prevailing wisdom. that's not the way the parties are behaving. >> i just like the wise mr. stein. that was very good. >> thank you. >> it sounded like it came from
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a faulkner novel. >> exactly. >> the idea that an elected representative would go down there and do his or her job, to have the sort of passion they present to us, particularly in primaries, we're tired of people going to washington, d.c., and rubber stamping things or saying, we've done a political calculation so i doesn't make sense to fight. >> they treat the tea party like they are neanderthals and idiots. say what you will of them, but they made john boehner the speaker. >> and they gave the republicans the house. now, here is the thing. so the supreme court rud on it. they ruled on plesy versus ferguson. i'm happy that republicans back in the day didn't stand for that to be the law. all of that stuff throughout history, people fought against it, against huge popular opinion. >> what cruz is saying is that the supreme court ruled that this is really back in the legislative branch's lap. that's what it ruled. so if the legislative branch,
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however sloppily goes about it -- >> because they control taxes. absolutely. they can control taxes and hence -- the bottom line is, i think we need people like ted cruz out there to keep this in the forefront. and it's not a matter of defunding or whatever. it's the fact that we need people who are passionate about an idea and who force it, who keep that passion going. >> i say read the newspaper every day, and you can read about myriad failings in this plan day-by-day about layoffs, problems with the health exchanges. those are the facts, and that's why people don't like the health care law as it stands now. >> well, then let's have the republicans win control of the white house and change it. >> where are you, ben? are you in a -- >> i'm in south carolina, where we elect republicans. [ laughter ] >> no, it looks like we shoved you in a closet. but, i mean, i'm sure it's working out just fine. >> it's in a studio actually. >> that's fine. i can hear you fine. anyway, well, the president admitting his health care bill
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raised taxes on some things, it's actually a whole lot of things. and the bulk of it is about to kick in. but up next, the white house is calling it an investment. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from theest experiences below...
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back to "cavuto on business." have a great day. well, money for motown. white house officials in detroit with a $300 million plan to help build up the bankrupt city. but i thought we were out of cash. i guess you can just look under the couch cushions and come up
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with something. $300 million they found. but i imagine it doesn't stop there. >> well, they probably don't want it to stop there. i'm not sure how many seat cushions are left in washington, d.c., where you can find $3, let alone $300 million. but detroit is the ultimate poster child for progressive politics. it's not even just about the economic meltdown there. it's about the people meltdown. i have read and i interviewed a professor from detroit who said that 47% of the adults are functionally illiterate. are the people in a position to even pull themselves up anymore after 30, 40 years of this sort of, you know, policies that they embrace? that's the bigger question in my mind. you can throw all the money at it you want. does it fix the fundamental problems? i don't think so. >> no, it doesn't. but it's no shock that the federal government andhe white house are at least putting some money into this city. that would completely be expected. what is shocking are some of the payments made to retirees that weren't disclosed by the city
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pension. again, it's a bigger morass in that city than we thought at first. >> i have, by the way, figured out, ben, that the backdrop to me at least looks like you're doing a hostage tape. but i'm glad to hear that you're fine. but speaking of hostages, i think -- >> we son lives in greenville. i'm a hostage to him. >> well, get out of that room. i'm worried for you. but what i'm worred about is that we are hostage to another early bailout so that we can avoid other cities from rolling out with the same sort of problems, and this will ease people's fears that that's going to happen. what say you? >> may i go back to something that my good friend charles said? this is nota i progressive politics problem. this is a racial problem. this is the collapse of black urban underclass america. this is not to do with the unions or the companies. >> can i say something, ben? >> well, i'll just finish, and you can say whatever you want. this is the collapse of black
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family struructure, the legacy racism, legacy of slavery, legacy of drug addiction. this is a racial matter. it has got to be addressed as such. >> i disagree with half of what you said, because blacks -- >> by the way, i think ben knows a little bit more about black america than you do. >> well, i'll just toss out my theory. blacks actually escape all of those things that ben talked about from the south as they pligrepl migrated to detroit and got jobs that only white people had. they had houses, summer homes, and put their kids through college. but they embraced the policies that said, corporations are bad. they were overpaid. they became comfortable. i disagree with you on half of what you said. the progressive policies behind this is what now fuels high drug addiction, crime rates. and all the big cities that particularly black youth are killing each other in part because they embrace progressivism. >> you think that the crips and
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bloods are killing each other because of progressive politics? are you kidding me? >> absolutely. progressive politic says it's not your fault, it's the gun's fault. >> well, there you're right. >> all right, adam? >> well, we should make one thing clear, neil. we're flashing the word "bailout" on the screen, and this isn't a bailout because i think the administration, by the way, would like to do a bailout of detroit. and detroit would like a bailout. >> what do you call that $300 million? >> well, it's redirecting federal money that's already committed to doing some needed things, by the way, like putting some firefighters on the streets. and getting rid of blighted buildings. the federal government is helping out a city that needs its help. it's not -- >> where do you draw the line? >> i honestly don't know. and i know people who go on television aren't supposed to say they don't know. >> i never say i don't know
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♪ ♪ >> neil: all right, well, here is a money lesson for kids, for students in general. a new report out that says four out of ten, four out of ten s.a.t. takers in 2013 scored high enough to indicate they will succeed they will go
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to college. the other six out of tens are idiots or heading to congress. no surprise, the little joke -- obviously register. anyway, the companies are designing and funding online courses. that teach the job skills they are looking for, but at a much lower cost that going to a four-year college. daigen? >> there is something genius in this. i hope our educational system goes in this direction. a lot of the online courses now are used by people who have college degrees and have jobs who want to improve their skill, math, science, computer technology. why not make it a broader statemt in terms of deciding what you want to do? if you can figure out what you want to do and do the cost benefit analysis before you commit to going to a four-year university and finish, and you are drunk for four years i am all in favor of this. >> neil: then you couldn't see the laptop anyway regardless. what do you think of this? >> it's ingenious.
8:53 am
we have become a country that does not appreciate owledge. even people who have gone to college and graduate, they don't pick up newspapers, they don't read. they're not interested in learning. we don't share intellect. we cherish someone who can catch a football or in a dumb reality tv show but we don't cherish learning something new every day for the rest of your life. if we do that, we'll turn it around. >> neil: does fox do reality tv shows? >> yeah. >> we will chat after this. >> neil: ben, what do you think? >> i love online learning. incredibly great ideas. fabulous innovation in education. if you have a kid who is willing to study and learn and grow himself in to it you have a rare kid. such a kid can benefit greatly from a liberal arts university or engineering college. but for the rest of them who are there getting high all the time it's a colossal waste of money and drain on the
8:54 am
taxpayers who have to eat the loss in the student loan program. online education for profit, online education is the wave of the future. >> neil: i don't mind the online thing. the alternative. one thing i look at is the basic skills. electricians and plumbers. as far as i know, mine have people. my plumber comes and he has people. i'm thinking this is something we're missing in this discussion. that's just me. what do you think? >> i agree with everything that everyone said. >> neil: you are like switzerland. you are trying to get along with people. go ahead. >> on the one hand, all sors of students are wasting their time on college. on the other hand, the studies are clear that people with college education get ahead. we have a conundrum there. imagine being a parent watching this and saying maybe my kid should expect to college because o'or she will drink too much beer.
8:55 am
but do you advise them not to? >> make them pay. decide before they go to college am i going to pay off these loans. based on what i do when i get out? am i going to make the best of it? >> neil: good point. >> very few people in this country make that decision before they start freshman year, period. >> neil: ben hit on something. work hard. you might not be the brightest person in room but if you work hard at it you can outdo do the bright kids. look at me, i'm a tv anchor. >> or push them down the stairs. >> neil: thank you. exactly. push them down the stairs. up next, stocks thiseek. up and down. stocks this year up, up, and away. the best performance so far. in 16 years. think they can't keep it
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we're making it. >> neil: all right. stocks ready to rock for the final three month of the year. charles? >> las vegas sand is breaking out festivals in china, macao and will have a huge fourth quarter. >> neil: wow! adam, what do you like? >> air gas. this is tied to the economy. in a nice recovery and it's up a little bit. >> neil: i thought you were talk about the show. ben, what do you got? >> i like the thailand etf. low-cost supplier. even competing with this successfully. >> neil: thank you, ben.
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we'll let you out of the hostage taking room. you are watching the place for fox news. the cost of freedom continues on the for business. the only place. fox. ♪ ♪ >> david: with a controversial healthcare exchanges about to kick in. the president admitting the law did kick up taxes. >> it's paid for by a combination of things. we did raise taxes on some things. >> david: some things? well, some here say try a lot of things. they're not things. they're people. it's just the beginning. so are they right or wrong? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." focus with steve forbes, john tandy, rich unger, rich karlgaard, sabrina. some things? >> you get more taxes. the government is running so it you get less supply and less


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