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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 30, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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connell: did they kill everyone off last night on "breaking bad"? stuart, good to see you. have a terrific day. we have the story about apple and the new operating system. supposedly, it is making people sick, literally. washington making just about everyone sick. why are drive through's. clocked at the slowest time? we will have more on the business side of all of that as we get started this hour on markets now. ♪
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connell: no spoilers. a lot of people have not watched it spew forth this is completely non-partisan comment. i would love to release walter white on washington. what is the market reaction to the shutdown? is it the potential shutdown or the debt ceiling fight that is coming up in the next few weeks? nicole: it is a 12 punch. you put it together and that just brings uncertainty to these
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markets. the dow is down close to 100 points right now. the selling is broad-based. it is not just one area. there is some nervousness. however, this is about a half of 1%. connell: thank you very much. people are running their iphones and ipods on the new ios seven. some of them are complaining about it giving them motion sickness. a cyber sickness expert is with us now. is it possible that this can
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happen? >> yes. in fact, there are two issues. when you tilt your iphone, you will see a background. it gives it like a 3d view. you could turn that off in the general settings. however, the other problem is with the apps, the way that open up and close. they used to open up from the center. now, they opened up where ever that app is. if the app is from the corner, it streams in from that corner. we open and close these apps all the time. connell: this depends on the person.
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some people would have no affect. >> i think everybody, you know, would experience some symptoms. these symptoms could include dizziness, headache, some people could have vomiting. connell: i will get sick just by thinking about it now. from a business standpoint, if i had to give an editorial comment, i am a fan of ios seven. does apple need to do something about this? >> apples typical practice is to ignore it and hope it goes away. we have had animations since the early part of last decade. we have had some complaints about people getting sick even back then. we rode through it. those animations are still in
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place. 2 clearly still loves these. connell: i assume they test for these things. >> remember, apple does not really beta test. it is very easy for something like this to not show up during testing. the person testing it is not really motivated. connell: that is kind of interesting. it is not the average person been tested.
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if you or i looked at it, we may be affected differently. >> we would probably also adapt to it. we will probably get used to it and things will be fine. there is a fine line between immersion and motion sick this. connell: will other companies face things like this? >> you start pouring performance into a phone. you have to show the performance so people want the new phone.
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throw in animations, thorough motion. i think we will see more, not less. connell: thank you to both of you. we appreciate it. >> thank you, pleasure before that was awesome analysis. spew forth the way that the apps, out, it makes total sense. connell: a countdown to this government shutdown. dagen: steve forbes is here to wait in.
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i want to pooh-pooh this. is this really the worst thing that can happen? >> short-term, no. after a while, it will become a problem. republicans have to realize they will not get a defunding of obamacare. those things are very popular with the american people. push things and they can win this thing. connell: to follow up on that point, it implies that there have been plenty of mistakes made here.
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do you see that turning around any time soon? it seems like pretty strong views. >> they have made their point. let's go score some victories. i think at a time like this, that would be immensely popular. go with the public and you will fax the president down. dagen: why did the president not take this approach from the get go? >> you will have to ask them. i do not know. i think they had a chance to arouse the base. it will implode.
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the republicans, i think, missed an opportunity to put pressure on democrats. i do not think that they have sought the things through. go for things where you can score touchdowns which are victories for the american people. medicare was flawed in the terms of financing. in terms of seniors, it is still very popular. same thing with social security.
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this one was a narrow partisan vote that has gotten more unpopular the longer it has been on the books. connell: steve forbes, thank you for your time. we always appreciate it. dagen: a bright spot for the thousands of workers who will be out of a paycheck if the government shuts down, a hamburger. connell: why our service times at a 15 year low? dagen: a hangover for the nation. the series finale for "breaking bad" take a look at oil prices. if there is an upside for this downmarket, it is that.
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dagen: american airlines says it is planning a big hiring spree over the next five years. the company still struggling with bankruptcy. nicole: let's talk about how many pilots they plan to hire. this is something news here. 1500 new pilot over the next five years being hired. they have offered to recall all of the pilots that are currently for load. they will move forward to working with the u.s. justice this apartment. here is a look at the airlines overall. back to you. connell: why do have to scare these people away?
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nicole: i do not know. i was trying to be nice. they are still here. they are here. they are still here. where are you visiting from? china. connell: have a good one. they like your report. let's br jacobson and charles payne to talk about the markets. brian is not worried. that will reassure everyone, i hope. >> if i am not worried, no one should be worried.
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it will really derail the economic recovery. i think it will be temporary and transitory. dagen: charles, what do you think? charles: a lot of people talk about how well the market did immediately afterwards. i am with brian on this. if the market pulls back substantially, i will just sit back and actually solve it. i think it is way over. connell: the thing that steve forbes brought up is a few weeks
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from now we have the debt ceiling fight. charles, you first on that. charles: the debt ceiling had a much more significant impact on the economy the last time. at some point, the dreaded word will have to come up in washington, d.c., compromise. you can argue whether this was the right battlefield for the gop, particularly. i think they draw the line in the sand. dagen: and then the debt ceiling fight. is there less volatility now? >> i think people really have become somewhat numb.
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i would say that the whole debt ceiling battle back around 2011 is actually misreading history. gdp data was significantly revised. there were also a lot of problems in europe. this debt ceiling fight will be very different from the last one. people will just kind of take it in stride. connell: do you want a last word there, charles? charles: it remains to be seen. judge them separately.
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dagen: charles payne. connell: with all of this going on government workers out because of the government shut down. spew forth the growing concerns over the health care law. the exchanges go with tomorrow. how will it impact you? ♪ my customers can shop around--
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>> 24 minutes past the hour. the longest-serving member of alabama's house delegation will finish his term, but will not seek reelection. he says he does not have any firm plans for the future. a plane crash yesterday at the santa mammoth airport. investigators do not know how many people were on board and do not expect to find survivors. and an italian court has begin the second appeal trial of amanda knox.
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italy's highest court ordered a new trial overturning her acquittal. she served four years of a 26 year sentence. those are your news have lines on the fox business network. dagen: thank you very much. a study did found that mcdonald's posted its slowest ever drive through time. the average ordering took three minutes and seven seconds. the blame is because of the more complicated items.
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connell: you are telling me it is taking longer because they are cooking the food? that is what you just said. dagen: i only get coffee at mcdonald's. connell: we have had a number of fast food stories. how about free food? maybe it will not be so bad after all for the federal workers. it is not only a hamburger, you can have anything you want. dagen: social security checks will still be in the mail if the government shuts down. we will look at how all of this
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can impact you. connell: see some of those numbers around the country. we will be right back with more markets now. ♪ ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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♪ ♪ connell: talking about shutting everyone down. stocks now. nicole: let's take a look. looking at some names. there are some names that hit some new annual highs. facebook would be one of those.
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tesla motors and chipolte. what did not do good is put thereof. back to you. connell: thank you. it is a congressional game of chicken. connell: peter barnes at the white house today. peter: right now we are just waiting on the senate. yesterday, the house sent the senate a continuing budget resolution that would keep the government open.
11:32 am
it would delay obamacare for a year. it would appeal the tax on medical devices. harry reid says that he will not accept those provisions as part of any cr to keep the department open. the house went in at 10:00 o'clock this morning. it is simply waiting and still fighting. take a listen. >> it would eliminate permanently the medical device stack that is costing us tens of thousands of jobs that are being pushed overseas. the senate decided not to work yesterday. >> instead of working with democrats to prevent a shutdown,
11:33 am
house republicans have passed two bills that have no chance of becoming law and are the 42nd and 43rd vote on undermining the affordable care act. if at first you do not succeed, try, try, try again. stop trying to shut down the government of the united states of america. peter: we may hear from the president today on all of this. he is meeting with benjamin that to the yahoo!. he is also meeting with his cabinet later on this afternoon. back to you. dagen: thank you very much, peter barnes.
11:34 am
connell: i wonder what someone of your experience, what are you thinking about today as he watches happen again? >> shutdowns are not the worst thing to happen. i think they are failing utterly to manage the fiscal issues of this country. the budget has become a doomsday machine. there are still tons of entitlements that were passed by people decades ago that are not even there. we get to the point where you have to use the tool available to try to force the congress to wake up and stop sleepwalking on this massive issue. that is the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling.
11:35 am
we will go bankrupt if we continue to kick the can down the road and eight nor the fiscal problem or a loud obamacare to go into affect. dagen: it has been passed into law. it is in the process of being implemented. >> i agree. no entitlement has ever been eliminated or even seriously rough form. a one-year delay gives a chance for a referendum. connell: they do not have the votes. >> i think they can force the white house to back down.
11:36 am
connell: it seems like you are betting on the fact that republicans will not take. >> if they have any courage, if they have any principles, they have to take the risk of being blamed. it is a unfortunate choice, but -- dagen: that may not be something felt by voters. the average person does not feel that in terms of how deeply indebted we are. >> you can blame the fed for that. i do not think that the american people are that naïve or dumb.
11:37 am
they know it is not a viable, sustainable long-term strategy. if we force this to back off, i think that is what the republicans in congress have got to do. obamacare was jammed through on a partisan vote. it is pretty evident to me that this program will be a disaster and therefore, you know, extreme measures need to be taken to try to at least delay it. the idea of a shutdown would be the end of the world. totally exaggerating.
11:38 am
of the 1 million employees the federal government, 80% will be going to work tomorrow morning and the next day. we are going to have law enforcement, national security, the border patrol, on and on. dagen: at david, thank you. it is always great to see you. thank you so much. we do have a lot more to come in this hour. these questions surrounding the exchanges. we will get into it in a minute. dagen: oil selling off and gasoline prices continue to fall. connell: last night's primetime extravaganza. dennis kneale is coming up to talk about "breaking bad."
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♪ adam: i am adam shapiro with your fox business brief. apple knocked off coca-cola which held the top spot alone since the survey started in 2000. google also beaded coke. ibm and microsoft round out the
11:41 am
top five. hsbc survey found manufacturing up slightly in september. macy's will increase its holiday hiring this season. they will hire 83,000 seasonal associates. jobs will be at macy's and bloomingdale's stores, call centers and distribution centers nationwide. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ dagen: welcome back, everybody. a government shutdown is looming. that will not stop the affordable care act from going into effect. connell: no it will not. jeff flock has this story. jeff: i have stephen tucker with
11:43 am
me. he is an insurance broker. >> i am hearing and lot of them say they cannot wait until january 1. they will save a fortune and health insurance premiums. jeff: even if we get a government shutdown, take a look at how this breaks out. it continues tomorrow. it is mandatory spending. the shutdown does not postpone the start. i have to ask you, what is the big deal here? most people are not even affected by obamacare in the short term. what is the problem? >> the incentive for employers is tremendous.
11:44 am
the cost of health insurance right now is rising. all of the small business owners have to say, well, let me see, do i want to retain a policy? i do not even pay an excise tax. jeff: thank you. we will break down the numbers. that will be very interesting. i think you will want to stay tuned for that during the 1:00 o'clock hour. dagen: thank you so much. yes, those healthcare exchanges go live tomorrow. there have been reports of technical glitches.
11:45 am
it is great to see you. let's focus on these exchanges. software, pricing issues, if people want to go out and join these health exchanges starting tomorrow, what should they be on the lookout for? >> good to be with you. i would stop listening to all the hype on both sides. see for yourself. go to the website. i think most people will be very surprised at how good the options are on that website. most people will not want to enroll on the first day.
11:46 am
they will want to shop a little bit. they will not want to pay a premium in early october that for coverage that does not take effect until early january. dagen: the "wall street journal" has been reporting on glitches and problems in the pricing. they said as of now i think it was, friday, two thirds of the determination of who would get subsidies was accurate. in terms of between now and december, do you worry that people, if they have a bad experience that they get turned
11:47 am
off? that will present enrollment from being better in the coming months. >> i think that it will be good. it will be gradual. it will go over though whole six month timeframe. it does not happen all at once. it happens gradually. i think the average viewer has been listening to a lot of fact free kind of claims. a lot of the opponents are trying to stop it right now. once they see what there is for them here, it will become very popular.
11:48 am
dagen: everyone needs to sign up. you agree that you have had a fact filled conversation on this program, i hope. >> absolutely. i appreciate the time to be here. dagen: you are welcome back anytime. be well. connell: nice to see you. we had some news breaking this morning about hillary clinton. the director of the film says pressure from the clinton camp
11:49 am
made it just too difficult to make the documentary. juan williams joins us now. what do you make of the decision from the director and from cnn to not hear this? >> it is interesting to me that the director of the film is blaming the clinton camp. i did not anticipate this. it makes me think that they thought there would be a lot of potential negativity attached to
11:50 am
it. they got worried, i think. connell: originally, he wrote a huffington post piece. nobody, and i've been nobody was interested in making this film. i wonder what they were afraid of. >> i think what they'll were afraid of is pretty obvious. she ran back in 2008 and was the favorite. there is a lot of negative stuff out there.
11:51 am
why cooperate with a major project that could in fact end up being widely critical of hillary clinton. the other part of this is nbc is out there with a deal. they have not canceled. they have said that advertisers have not shown up in the way that they anticipated. apparently, the advertising community is not collectible. connell: it is really interesting from the media side of it. thank you for helping out this morning. juan williams. dagen: breaking bad wraps up an incredible five seasons. dennis kneale is up next to discuss. ♪ [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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piii the dark journey of walter white came to an end last night. dagen: i am sad. dennis: it may look like a takeover target. bringing it up to $400,000 for a 32nd commercial. binge viewing, the rise of netflix, twitter and facebook can really build a show. 1.3 billion users on average. it ended up being more than tripled by season five.
11:56 am
that is that same buzz who builds on buzz. connell: did you watch it? dennis: i watched it. i did not watch the entire season. dagen: i bought the first couple seasons. it was that kind of binge viewing that made the show live on. dennis: netflix giveth, netflix taketh away. connell: we have dennis and tracy coming up. what about this monday headline power panel, you ask. a hot debate on the government
11:57 am
shutdown. it is kind of a. face and not picture. markets now continues in just a minute. ♪
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♪ tracy: good afternoon. dennis: coming up a hot debate involving monday's power panel on these headlines. tracy: fed government shutdown in 12 hours. so who will take the fall, democrats or republicans? dennis: ready, set, here comes obamacare. do people know how it will affect them? tracy: and is nasdaq doomed? dennis: from "breaking bad" to "homeland," what did you watch on tv last night? we want to hear from you. tweet us your take.
12:01 pm
all i had on "markets now." nicole petallides. nicole, thank you, congress, for a triple digit decline in the dow. nicole: we are down about 95 points). we were down over 100 points at one time today, 163 points. tech heavy nasdaq faring a little better down one-tenth of 1%. on the dow jones industrial average you have most of the names in the green. a couple are squeezing out games such as intel and costco, but the most part bowling, nike, coca-cola, exxon all lower. jcpenney lowest level since 1929, facebook new high, tesla new high. the big story is about the potential government shutdown for today. tracy: we will see you in a bit. a ton of news over the weekend.
12:02 pm
we're going to get to our monday headlines. joining us to weigh in, liz macdonald, david asman. first up on the brink 12 hours away from a government shutdown. the government is expected to meet for more than two hours. if the clock runs out with no deal to get the government funded, who take the fall? dennis: the republicans will. the obamacare was already past so for republicans to say we're not going to fund the government unless you derail some that already passed and already approved, republicans will look bad here. liz: i think they both do. they took a five and half week vacation this summer and put the country back again into a shutdown debate. this is not the way to do government policy. extraordinary is now becoming ordinary because they think full throttle fed, it will come to the rescue of the market has a hiccup.
12:03 pm
tracy: the market is down right now. the david: the bottom line of who is to blame the matter who is to blame the media will blame it on republicans. listening to npr. previous shutdowns, the 95 gingrich shutdown. it was actually clinton who shut down the government in '95 because of a veto to a house bill. they call it the gingrich shutdown. the point is how it resolves. the interesting thing is how the market takes all this. when the u.s. credit rating downgrade, initially the market went down 5%. a week later back to normal. >> bank of america, jpmorgan chase, they say it will be temporary. how do we get the government jobs before the september report? we are hearing the 60 three-page memo saying they're going to go to a skeleton crew. we don't know if they will put it on the internet.
12:04 pm
that is a big deal. tracy: how does this play out in the polls? will we see that? >> it could be. if both sides are the fall. i do think the market will overreact. you can see coming out, big economist cutting one and a half points from gdp of government closes down for four weeks. the $800 billion to miss package should have basically lifted. no matter what government will not stay closed and the government will be okay. charles: the polls show right now fixing & the g.o.p. g.o.p. is acting like spoiled kids. we are partly responsible for this. if i'm the white house, will tell you why. 90% of the furlough, 99% of the cftc furloughed, imagine we go a few weeks into this.
12:05 pm
just like sequestration we realize we are surviving without 95%. we talk about cutting government, we know where to start. this is the template for this. david: they tell us the sec is going to be open. of all bureaucracies. tracy: we have to move on because we're talking about the president. obamacare. the government could shut down but obamacare could be open for business. online health care exchanges are on track to launch tomorrow. millions will have access to health care, but the rest of the country actually know how obamacare is going to affect them? dennis, you first. dennis: nobody has any idea, but we are beginning to lose the illusion it will not change at all. more change than people realize. liz: i think we will know in a
12:06 pm
year how the landscape looks. they are not one of the exchanges right now, taking a wait and see. we know there will be not that much great state managed competition. dennis: there are lot of freelances were kind of concerned because they're working less than 30 hours per week and have not been paying health insurance because they are healthy 20-year-olds. obama may lose his twentysomething vote because of this. >tracy: are you afraid to go no? charles: i have spent a lot of time at doctors offices. we were mandated to send out memos to employees today and it did not tell them a whole lot. another piece of propaganda, you may save on this, you may be eligible for that. forcing businesses to do this asking employees to go to health and explore all of this.
12:07 pm
this is a big problem. number one we expect young people, the poorest part of the population leaving the job market in droves to support the richest part of the population, older people. tracy: you are talking about our crew. liz: this is so telling, workers at trader joe's were upset they were losing their health insurance and possibly being put on the exchanges. we have to hear from the workers themselves they are upset losing insurance coverage being pushed. dennis: the fact there have been hundreds of waivers for union chaptechapters who don't have to follow and delaying penalties on individuals and delaying the advent of the exchanges. if this were happening in a republican administration, there would be a crisis. david: if we can delay it for businesses, why can't we delay it for individuals which mark liz: they are not a special interest, clearly.
12:08 pm
charles: they wanted the medicare tax off. cap you don't want to compromise athletes and it turns it down, at least give individuals a one-year break. tracy: have to move on. twitter getting closer to going public. maybe as early as this week. where oh where is the bluebird going to go? is the nasdaq doomed? elizabeth macdonald. liz: really embarrassing nasdaq lost oracle. it ditched the nasdaq for the nyse. the nasdaq has intel, cisco, apple, microsoft, adobe. but coming up with really strong tech names like linkedin, pandora and yelp. but for twitte twitter this coue the new home. tracy: davis, would you be nervous going public? david: you have to be careful
12:09 pm
what you wish for. twitter might turn out to be as much of a disaster as facebook. they may go through that whole problem again about pricing. >> one disaster is all my gosh, ipo stock down, not up. the other disaster what i wanted to trade the stocks, i was unable to trade it at all. that figure is why they will not get twitter. charles: the new york stock exchange gets twitter, they will be happy like somebody hitting the lottery. you were able to other convocations later. mastectomy is a change in leadership. no doubt about it. somebody needs to sit down and say we might need a new guy. at the very top. this will be the final straw in my mind because nasdaq was synonymous with one thing, the hottest technology stocks always listed there. the new trend is disastrous for nasdaq. dennis: yet the technology of the ipo.
12:10 pm
charles: it is the ceos fault. tracy: we were talking about how you want to be in the nasdaq 100. liz: i thought was telling oracle ditched nasdaq in july. i thought that was a wake-up call to nasdaq. they have to get their act together. david: i think so. if charles is saying they need to change at the top, that is it. charles: it used to be synonymous to all the hot names are not doing that. i would be worried. tracy: how about this, "breaking bad," "homeland" or the patriots versus the falcons. add for tv junkies last night. what did you watch and how did you choose? i watched the patriots. dennis: i watched "breaking
12:11 pm
bad." it was work but it is an event. people still want to get together and do it collectively. liz: more appealing ending to "breaking bad" then "sopranos." liz: i will probably throw my backup watching all all of the episodes. i watched some geeky murder movies. david: i spent the weekend in washington, d.c., i came back and said what a perfect time to watch ""the hunger games"" where 90% of the people put their money into the capital. that is what is happening. he spent a couple of days in the nation's capital. they are not worried about anything here. too much money in that. charles: i had the football game on in the background.
12:12 pm
i was working. the falcons almost came back. tracy: they did. i have tw to say that is a painl thanksgiving dinner between peyton and eli. liz: most hav caps on passes and most interceptions. dennis: meanwhile the giants are 0-4. tracy: liz macdonald. charles: in america it was huge. david: somebody died, that is all i know. tracy: stop it. thank you for being here.
12:13 pm
dennis: president obama meeting at the white house with israel prime minister, but probably .-middle-dot somebody not in the room. still ahead. tracy: and we're going to tell you why federal workers will not go hungry if the government shuts down. dennis: and let's look at energy prices.
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
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dennis: time for stocks now. let's go to nicole. big news for apple? nicole: big news for apple indeed. we talk about rand recognition, such a big point. apple has toppled the other day guys such as google and coca-cola. according to the interbrand survey it is an annual survey that recognizes the most valuable brands. it turns out apple when it debuted in the survey years ago was number 49.
12:17 pm
has now taken the number one top spot. followed by google and coca-cola. what we see is google's number two, coca-cola's number three. the big story here is as you continue to watch which one will do more of this at 1:30 as well, but just watching how we have seen exponential growth of apple and how now it has taken the top spot. dennis: thank you very much, nicole. tracy: the looming government shutdown taking a toll. phil flynn has the latest. phil: not going to have to worry about the government shu shutdo, but weakening demand in china at a time we see oil production coming back online. you name it, very, very heavy for oil.
12:18 pm
a bit of a boost after the chicago pmi stronger-than-expected and the market has been oversold because we are a 12 week low. gasoline getting hammered today down $0.04 today. aaa says we can fall $0.30 by christmas. the same lesson $3 gasoline was gone the way of the eight track tape. gold today down 8.90 now. the dollar turning up a little bit. back down on the gold. last time we had the budget debate gold hit an all-time high. not so today. tracy: i remember those eight track tapes. i tell you. dennis: so what took so long? tv ratings with people on the tablet and smart phones. a special "neil on media" is ahead. tracy: and the ipo. should you get in? that story straight ahead. don't go anywhere.
12:19 pm
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>> 22 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. the second appeal trial for american student amanda knox in the murder of her british roommate.
12:23 pm
italy's highest court ordered a new trial overturning her acquittal. she served for years with 20 year sentence. she did not return to italy for a trial in isn't required by law to do so. a plane crash yesterday at the santa monica, california, airport. the private jet crashed into a hangar after landing and caught fire. investigators don't know how may people were on board and don't expect to find survivors. a crane will be used to pick through the wreckage. cnn has canceled a documentary on hillary rodham clinton after the director said pressure from the clinton camp as well as republican leaders made it too difficult to complete the film. charles ferguson said pressure from clinton aides began s&s he joined the project and found it difficult to have anybody speak about clinton. those are your news headlines on the fox news network. back to tracy and dennis. tracy: thank you. twitter about to make the details of the ipo filing public
12:24 pm
as early as this week. dennis: joining us now. you have twitter, chrysler ipo, candy crush saga, all filing to go public recently and both say the big names will bring the individual investor backed the market, what do you say? >> we already had a pretty robust market, that is why the companies taking advantage of the market. we have had 150 ipos surpassing each of the last two years. total year numbers performance has been terrific. average ipo up 36% this year, which is better than the overall market. i think there is already interest in the ipo market and these names will make it more. tracy: it is interesting to me that companies want to even go public these days. money is still so cheap. if they're looking to expand, you can go get it so cheaply. why do it?
12:25 pm
>> one thing that has is the jobs. we did not see the effect of the jobs act last year because we had the facebook ipo and that took the wind out of the sails of the ipo market. this year you are seeing the effect of that. easier for companies to get in the pipeline, can file confidentially, it reduces the cost of going public, so we have seen a lot of activity because of the jobs act. dennis: you point out the 150 or so ipo you are up 30% and you have done 33 ipo. is the quality of the company going better than it has in years past? if you look at twitter, has losses, not profits. facebook went public with profit. >> the overall quality of companies so far has been very good and we have taken a number of companies public this year.
12:26 pm
these are all names that have done incredibly well in the market. these companies are generally more mature when they go public because we have not had a good ipo market. they have waited longer. generally profitable companies but even companies like twitter people can see a path to profitability with so much demand and name recognition. i think twitter can go public. tracy: do you think nasdaq has to worry about companies com cog public on its exchange? >> nasdaq still gets a fair amount of companies. it is a tough battle between the exchanges. i don't know how it will go with twittetwitter but nasdaq has a f reputation in the technology market. they battle pretty fiercely for any listings. the earlier segment talking about the new york stock exchange winning significant ipos. the new york stock exchange has made and rose into the growth companies.
12:27 pm
dennis: individual investors have missed out from the dow 6800 march '09 and even today many coming out of bonds. it did not go into stocks, went into money market funds so all of these ipos this year versus last year, they know individual investors are coming back or are they going public without regard to that and they can make individual investors pay attention? >> the individual investor is not the driver behind the demand for ipos. most ipos are predominantly institutional investors investing. for good or bad the individual is not the driver behind ipos. you see really good performance generating more ipo volume and a lot of these companies are going public because of that. tracy: thank you very much. securities president and founder. we shall see.
12:28 pm
dennis: animal spirits are coming back. less than 12 hours away from the deadline for a government shutdown, will john boehner blank? tracy: does he ever? iran president believes to be at the center of talks going on right now. the white house with israel prime minister. a look at the pitfalls of that when we come back. don't go anywhere. when does your work end? does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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12:31 pm
dennis: all right, stocks now. that's go to nicole petallides at the stoc stock exchange withe fraidy cats on the move. nicole: summer doing well, some are not doing well. look at some other names we have not hit lately talking about pinero bread. morgan stanley raised chipotle mexican grill.
12:32 pm
talk about pricing and being a little out of base overall. the nara to huge favor seymour on forward. groupon under pressure. american eagle outfitters talking about a teen retailers hitting a new 52 week low. how about amc doing so well with "breaking bad" and so much more. we see an up arrow. talk about potential for the upsides 20% or thereabouts. and a potential takeover target for some big media conglomerate. amc has not only "breaking bad," but they also have "mad men," so watch that one. netflix of course amc "breaking bad," but the founder saying things to netflix they gained more momentum. netflix under some pressure, down nearly 2% on the day, but we are on the move still down,
12:33 pm
down about 120 points. i cannot say session lows, still triple digit losses as we await more from washington getting closer and closer to that midnight hour. dennis: thank you, nicole. will the g.o.p. blank? 11 and half hours until the government shutdown deadline. joining us from inside the beltway, senior vp brian gardner. first, do you think the shutdown will happen, and will it cause a collapse of our world? >> the answer to the first question is yes, it will happen. i think at least temporarily there will be a shutdown of the government. the whole government does not shut down. the burden will keep on spinning on its access and the world will not collapse. most of the people will wake up tomorrow morning and will not notice that there is some kind
12:34 pm
of a government shutdown as the word goes. most of the world will operate as normal. dennis: government might be the closest thing we have to a motion machine at the mechanics have dreamed about for thousands of years. who do you think gets the blame in the shutdown, republicans or democrats? >> i think the republicans will. they will let the shutdown go on for a day or two and retest the waters to see where they are. an interesting poll out this morning, there has been a shift, previous polling showing they were not going to get a lot of blame and a shutdown was favored by people to get spending under control. yoyet seen a shift away from tht and fewer people supporting the concept of a shutdown. i think the narrative is the republicans are the party against government. that is the narrative. so when the government shuts down, who takes the blame?
12:35 pm
the party that likes government or the party that doesn't? dennis: he said my gosh, a four-week government shutdown, we could lose 1.4 points off of gdp growth. about 2.5. 1.4 is more than half of the entire gdp growth in the country that occurs in just four weeks of government shutdown. does this have any resemblance to reality at all for you? >> i have not seen the analysis. it does not sound right to me. a lot of this is timing of spending. any spending that does not happen over the next couple of days because of the passport office closed or the museum is closed, a lot of that spending will occur afterwards. just a delay in spending. you're going to push spending out from early october into late october or early november. that has implications for the fed, which is data dependent.
12:36 pm
closer to the october and the december meeting is going to be weak. this pushes out the idea of qe tapering until next year. this is more timing, not the actual spending itself whether it happens or not. dennis: in terms of obamacare, is a chance the democrats will get in on that 3% of revenue tax on equipment makers, might they give in and say get rid of that tax which is a bad idea anyway. >> i think it is a low probability. harry reid has made clear he does not support repealing that. he seems to be defending it pretty hard. maybe if the dynamics somehow change later in the week they could come back into the conversation and be part of negotiation but right now i think it is a low probability. dennis: thank you. >> thank you, dennis. tracy: don't be fooled by this
12:37 pm
week's talk. the words from benjamin netanyahu regarding the diplomats see between states and iran. dennis: this hour that yahoo's s meeting with obama at the white house suggesting the ministration might relax economic sanctions against iran opening up the nuclear facilities to inspectors. >> if it is a peaceful program and we can all see that, the whole world sees that, relationship with iran can change dramatically for the better and faster. dennis: was bring in former pentagon advisor and institute resident scholar michael rubin. the first thing i am thinking on the agenda between president obama and nex next ya, commack netanyahu can be saying what are
12:38 pm
you thinking. dennis: may have lost the mike. i think we lost. we will see if we can get that back. we will take a quick break and we will be right back. five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with theobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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12:40 pm
he retired last year as chairman of strength and resources. yale says the money will go toward building two new residential colleges. macy's lane crazy holiday hiring the season. they will hire a 3000 seasonal workers up from 80,000 last year. jobs at call centers and distant vision centers worldwide. and siemens says they will eliminate jobs by the end of the year. planning to restructure and cut 5000 jobs in germany and 10,000 from overseas operations. siemens profits are being affected by delay in power and train projects. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. um... where's mrs. davis?
12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
sold to huge exchanges coming to the nielsen ratings system. a virtual death grip monopoly for decades. now you have twitter tv ratings starting today and next fall for the first time real nielsen ratings applied. what does it entail? >> basically what that is is a measure of the reach of the tweet about a tv program. if you write about a program the number of people who actually see that message. the measure of engagement around any given program. dennis: i am hoping people more engaged, they have research that shows more engaged, they're likely to to buy more products advertised on the show? >> people are watching and here's how they're interacting with the program. helpful to the ad sales executives and others because they have the sense for people engaged, what they think about the program, how do they care about it.
12:43 pm
dennis: you have been testing it and one of the early metrics says for every tweet that comes out about a television show, 50 people see that tweet. i happen to have 8000 followers on twitter. are you counting a tweet from me as being seen by 8000 or can you gauge how many of the 8000 actually saw the tweet? >> it is about the people who see the tweet, not the followers. even though you might have a thousand followers, 4000 of them may retweet something. dennis: the network cannot yet charge about twitter tv ratings, do you think they will try? >> the network will use this as a way to show engagement and how engaged the consumer is. that will be helpful for the ad sales effort and the program. dennis: let's cut to the small screen ratings coming out in the fall where for the first time we will know what they're doing on smartphones and tablets.
12:44 pm
according to nielsen's own numbers, 112 million people shows 146 million watching on the video, 30 million watch video on their cell phone, yet all this time you guys have not been counting anything with that. aren't you kind of late to this party? speak out for media companies had to put the content up on these screens first. i had to be put on the smaller screens. there were business issue questions. that is now starting to happen. the second thing is we provide the metric for which $80 billion of that is traded. we cannot change that in a laterally. we cannot say we will change the definition and include some things and exclude other things. it is a very collaborative process. dennis: we were talking to the disney ceo last week about this and said espn incredible uptake on tablets and smartphones but
12:45 pm
so far we don't have a way to charge advertisers for that. how soon after you starts that will be networks be able to charge extra for that, and do you think they should get every bit amount of price as they get for a flatscreen at home? >> we will put metrics in the marketplace the next couple of quarters and hope to have small screen audience included in the ratings in full by next fall tv season. as for the price, that is up to the market. the buyers and sellers of advertising will determine the right price. dennis: i seems like it should t be worth quite as much as an ad i see when i am at home watching on a big flatscreen tv. >> some people would argue real estate is smaller and therefore less a that can be concentratedn their screen and the consumer is more engaged. dennis: so it may even be a higher price for the small screen viewer. i wonder how this will play out. you guys being the monopoly on
12:46 pm
ratings, i think you guys are going to be okay, right? >> we are integrating at a pretty fast rate. we are going to cross platform and going into the twitter ratings. dennis: for the network end up regretting this push they have been asking to show us these numbers. once they guarantee small screens, they have to pay refunds when they fall below those promises, right? >> consumers love great content and follow it no matter where it goes so the audience will actually go up in their entirety. dennis: lastl leslie just for fox business on ratings you should measure viewers at work outside of the home. >> we will get onto that. we have the measure of radio frequencies. they have a reader, so our aspirations are to bring that together out of home ratings. dennis: thank you. nicely done.
12:47 pm
>> thank you, dennis. tracy: what is it with that accent, you can just listen to him all day, dennis. time for stocks on the floor of the new york stock exchange. keith, you have a fabulous accent as well. in the tri-state area. we got some volatility looming because of this shutdown. do you buy it, do you care? >> the volatilities about getting around 18, 1810, the vix is overbought at that time so expect a pullback around the 14 level. you saw a spike with the imminent government shutdown. you don't and they will get any kind of a res. keep an eye on that level, 1800, 1810. a good time to short volatilities. tracy: this market is coming down. we are down 100 points, i am
12:48 pm
sure we will see more volatility in the coming weeks. >> expec expected volatility tok up, seasonal factors going in, we knew the budget and the debt ceiling debate were going to move into that, plus again, they need to pull back and volatility will pick up. that will increase volatility. a bit of a strangulation that will kick up volatility. i will sit on the sidelines for a moment and let the market come in a little bit. get the s&p down 2% or 3%. tracy: thank you very much, sir. >> my pleasure. dennis: ikea getting into the solar panel business. why did ikea choose britain to test this project? that story next. tracy: and why fast food is being slow down at the drive-thru. a lame excuse if you ask me. take a look at some of the
12:49 pm
winners on nasdaq as we head out to break. tesla motors up. the dow down 103 points. we will be right back. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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12:52 pm
dennis: here comes the sun. ikea getting into the solar panel business. planning to start selling universal solar panels in britain. hoping to bring renewable energy to the mainstream market. the standard solar system will run $9000 upfront including installation and maintenance.
12:53 pm
ikea says it will evaluate how britain does is a test market before launching a product in other countries. tracy: but as pointed out earlier, there is no sun in great britain. how do you do that? the lines are getting longer the drive-thru windows but it is not a sign business is better. a study conducted for the fast food industry trade vocation shows mcdonald's posted its slowest ever drive-thru times in the 15 years history of the survey. average ordering taking three minutes nine seconds. turns out the blame goes to the more complicated menu items taking longer to prepare. and get this, major fast food chains to 60 to 70% of their business at the drive-thru, so every second counts. need to speed it up. dennis: speaking of fast food, how about free food? i not be so bad after all for federal workers if the government shuts down.
12:54 pm
washed in chain offering free hamburgers if they are furloughed. it is not a publicity stunt although it got us to do something here. just wants to be a good neighbor. tracy: i don't know. publicity stunt? dennis: you know what, i don't care. lou dobbs will be joining to talk about it next hour. what it really reveals about the true cost of obamacare. tracy: are investors underestimating jpmorgan fight with the government? i wouldn't underestimate jamie dimon. that is next. tracy: john mcafee made headlines escaping authorities in belize. now want to help you outsmart the nsa. my customers can shop around--
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>> welcome back to "markets now." i am adam shapiro. lori: 11 hours to go. first u.s. shutdown in 17 years looking more and more possible. the house back in session and the senate reconvene next hour as majority leader harry reid vows reject the spending bill over the weekend. lou dobbs on which side will blink first and break the impasse over funding. adam: it looks like the government shutdown is going to test the resistance.
12:59 pm
just how much damage the shutdown would actually cost. lori: it is not just washington that investors may be underestimating. dick dove joins charlie gasparino and why they may be in for a costly fight with regulators. adam: the new competition from google, joining us from who tops the list right now. lori: posse no surprise with washington this week. nicole, stocks still down but pulling back from much earlier losses on the last trading day of the quarter. nicole: we were down about 163 points at that time he had you still see that market action is a negative one with down volume
1:00 pm
clearly outpacing up volume today. from center to center whether it is angst or energy, et cetera. down arrows with worries about partial government shutdown and the midnight hour the key deadline point. president obama will be speaking the congressional leaders today, tomorrow, and also talking about the u.s. currency as the reserve and don't want to mess with that. the fact we're talking about all of this, that is the kind of rhetoric that makes everybody nervous. that brings us to volatility index which is a barometer of what we may see for volatility going forward on the s&p 500. while the market action doesn't seem too crazy or nervous, talking three quarters of 1%, that is not a huge move.


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