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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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as well. it will be watching that on this network all night long, believe me. thank you for joining us. that was tonight. have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. it took some of our greatest generation to break through and visit the world war ii memorial that had been closed by the obama administration. the veterans that uc air chose not to put up with the administration is nonsense, made it clear to all that they would be seeing the monument no matter what. a monument created to honor their service, sacrifice, and the national park service announcing moments ago that they had been instructed to reopen the world war ii memorial to veterans after those veterans demonstrated that the ban would not work anyway. the president, democrats insisting on closing a memorial
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to the public and furthered their persecution, if you would, of veterans by refusing to restore funding as well for veterans benefits. congressman of mississippi at the memorial yesterday. he helped veterans move barricades and into the monument in order to pay their respects. >> i am hearing this morning that there will have mounted police. we have another flight coming in today that will arrive from chicago with hundreds of more world war two veterans. we really don't know what will happen. are the park police going to be as fortunate as we were yesterday with the veterans from mississippi in iowa? will they be turned away? >> the congressman will be joining us to tell us what happened with those veterans and with reaction to the white house backing down on the unnecessary closure of the world war ii memorial.
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a massive tie fan has hit the south china sea. three fishing boats were sunk. as many as 58 fishermen are missing tonight. the latest on the recovery efforts there. and to washington for the director of national intelligence today making comments in front of the senate judiciary committee. apparently in an effort to persuade congress to consider the effects of the government shut down. we will have that for you. and former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez, the nfl first serial killer. witnesses put in at the scene of yet another murder. we will have that for you tonight, but we begin with up president abandoning the high ground and taking control of the moral swaps. the president ordered the closure yesterday of the world war two memorial among many others despite the memorials website confirming it was established and constructed with private funding, and it does not
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stop there. a veterans group from ohio was told by the national park service that they risk being arrested if they tried to go into the park. the park service confirming that it was the white house that ordered that access be blocks to the park. the national park service, those agents chose not to block the veterans entry into the park. the ac l.j. threatening the white house with a lawsuit for violations of the first amendment. the republican national committee offering to pay to keep the memorial opened. tonight the president has relented that he will allow veterans to access the site during the government shut down. so on the number two of the government shut down the president has blanks the fate with the veterans and then with congress. the president today reaching out to congressional leaders offering a meeting. but he was very quick to clarify that there will be no new -- no
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negotiation. you're looking now at minority leader nancy pelosi responding to of reporter questions and a few comments. less to see if she has something interesting to say very quickly. >> go to conference. all of that, i understand that they passed a bill. the republicans have insisted for six months. now they come up with their suggestion. lou: we are going to turn now to fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry hill has a report on the day's activities. >> i think this time is different. i think they should be concerned. and i had a chance to speak to some of the financial industry you came down for the typical
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trip. i told them that it is not unusual for democrats and republicans to disagree. that is the way the founders designed government, democracy is messy. but when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to defaults on u.s. government obligations, we are in trouble. >> reporter: those dramatic comments came after president obama called in titans of wall street tell pressure republicans by spreading the message that the next big deadline to october 17th, when the government reaches the debt ceiling, could do far more damage to the economy than the air tour for shut down. >> you really have not seen this before, and i'm not anxious to be a part of the process. >> reporter: after days of resisting direct talks, aides say the president is still not willing to give republicans anything and is basically just telling them to reopen the
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government with no strings attached. >> he is not willing to negotiate over republican demands to collapse the world economy if they don't do away with the form of insurance for the american people. >> republican and seagrams land the president for not getting his hands dirty air and noted that earlier this week former white house press secretary robert gives, his former boss to sit back and watch the congressional this function. >> that is the dust advice in the world if you believe that the government shut down is compromising our national security. where is our commander in chief at a time when we need them? >> reporter: pointing to comments by the director of national intelligence when he was asked if the nation is safe. >> i don't feel that i could make such a guarantee to the american people. it will be much more difficult to make such a guarantee as he stay of the shut down goes by. >> reporter: suggesting about 70 percent of intelligence analysts have been furloughed. >> is the country less safe now or is this james clapper trying
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to scare people to put pressure on republicans? >> i would point you to the testimony of the head of the dien i. i am not the person in charge of making an assessment. i would refer you. there are bad impacts. >> reporter: he went on to say that as each day goes by the jeopardy of a terror attack increases, comments that lindsay gramm said scared the heck of them. couple that with what the president said about wall street. very clear that top officials are trying to grab attention and put more pressure on congress to end the shutdown. lou: thank you very much. if i may i would like to read just put in context some of what the president is saying. those who are saying that these shutdowns lead to such adverse consequences in the economy, the markets, for example, and the
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fourth quarter of 1994, the onset of the first of those shutdowns, the gdp in this country in the fourth quarter of 1995 was just under 3%. it ended slightly and then rose in the second quarter. right now there is not as ceo or economist in the country would not give anything to have that kind of economic growth right now. as i say, rising in the subsequent quarter after the shutdowns. as to unemployment, the fourth quarter, actually dropping in february of 1996. again not an economist, not many unemployed who would not trade quickly with those numbers right this second. well, the president's meeting with the top wall street executives today, just the latest example of the
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administration's heavy-handed optics and tactics. anyone who says that any one of the ceos or banks leading brokerages who were invited to express themselves were doing so as a matter of unfettered economic views is avoiding the obvious. the president's meeting concluded with the improved messaging and. i have to tell you, i was waiting for them to conduct a perp walk for these executives across the white house lawn. it is a clear case of intimidation to me. this president for rating the ceos of the very banks before the cameras. many of them fighting the government on various issues on the case of j.p. morgan chase facing a $11 billion in settlement with the obama justice department's doing
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criminal and civil charges related to the mortgage security debacle. this is -- well, it has the appearance of one of the president's favorite words of late, extortion. only the most essential government employees remaining on the job on the number two of the government shut down. those in critical roles, the idea of nonessential employees opening of the attack. for those interested in a more limited form of federal government, fox's chief washington correspondent james rose and with our report. >> there is no question that the essential functions, some of them continue. >> is a daily dose of jay carney essentials? he certainly thinks so. >> we believe it is important that the american people be advised of what is happening here at the white house. >> and the shutdowns of 95 and 96, workers who stayed on the job were deemed essential, those furloughed nonessential. today's language refers to those accepted and not excepted from the shutdown. >> each agency has to put together a plan that they submit
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to omb identifying which employees they have here they believe are essential for the safety of life and the protection of property. >> the barman of housing and urban development, for example, submitted his plan which retains about 4 percent of the work force of a 700. the central management office keeps nine of 68 employees, a retention rate of 13%, but the mortgage agency keeps 43 of its 100 new workers, a retention rate of 40%. the inspector general keeps nearly 10 percent of his staff, the agency cfo 8%. retaining the largest number of employees is the housing unit with 68 excepted workers. still only 2 percent of that office is 3,000 employees. >> the environmental protection agency. such decisions raise questions in the minds of many americans about whether a close and the manager of press to do so.
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>> is a growing sense. >> we should be thinking about moving national parks. >> and on nearly 150 agencies had to submit shutdown plans. so where are employees being kept on in a big way? the apartment of homeland security views workforce of 231,000 employees those a retention rate of 86%. lou: the rocky rollout continuing into day two of the new online health care insurance exchanges. more glitches, slow internet
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pages effecting enrollment as the government refuses to reveal how many people have enrolled. fox news chief national correspondent with the report. >> democrats said today that 04 half million people visited government with sides and made 190,000 phone calls. republicans reported numerous reports of people drive for hours to get on line are waiting on the phone. what they called obamacare is waiting room the future. >> is going to take a while. how popular this will be and whether they can work out the technological thanks which will last for some time. >> one person says he has been trying for two days to find out how much subsidy his family would get. and a court in a law means that many young people, even of moderate income may qualify for no subsidy and all.
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>> especially 18-34 year olds who expect to be going on. bromley going to be paying more than it would now. not only that, we are learning what the range of deductibles will be in addition to widespread reports of large increases in premiums. those buying even the least expensive plan under obamacare will have the large deductible to pay before getting any insurance coverage. >> you're going to pay a pretty substantial premium. even with all that the law won't come close to ensuring all the uninsured. it is a relatively small portion
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of the overall pie. 30 million people will remain an insured. even after it has been up and running. >> even though it leaves tens of millions of uninsured obamacare is forcing changes throughout the entire health care system as individuals and employers and even unions try to figure out how to navigate the new law. >> thank you. we reached out to health and human services to get the most updated enrollment information for you. we did not get a response. apparently no one else did either. much more on this messy obamacare rollout and the government shut down throughout tonight's broadcast. stay with us. we will come right back government shut down bin number two. %-his national security adviser
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and his treasury secretary. senator david fisher on what to expect next.
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lou: breaking news. the white house meeting with congressional leaders over the government shutting down just moments ago. the house speaker said the president still refuses to negotiate. house majority leader harry reid confirmed as much saying budget talks could resume only after the house does what it is told by the president's. of course, harry reid. the shutdown goes on. deadly clashes on the outskirts of damascus. twelve government troops killed by terrorists all coinciding with this week's arrival of international chemical weapons inspectors and embarked on a
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mission to clean up the presidents estimated 1,000 time arsenal of chemical weapons. joining us now, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst. this fighting has close to damascus and i obviously had a fee for government forces. what does this suggest to you? >> well, going on for months. actually, a chemical attack that he did was in the suburbs of damascus and the result of the fact that he could not push those people out of their using airplanes, rockets and artillery so there is still fierce fighting going on. he has been all and since our political debate over this in our country when he was moving things around. after that debate and he knew that we were not going to attack he has been charlie forcing his hand to get back out there and deal with the rebel forces. a level of conflict has gone up.
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lou: what about the results. hissy at this point in a stalemate or is the winning against all of these rebel forces? >> the psychological and physical momentum has clearly moved. and it is sad in a sense because the chemical process chemical weapons in terms of disarmament has legitimized of manpower. he has consolidated the power. i think is likely that he will probably stay in power because the losers in all of what has taken place with the syrian policy of the opposition forces. they are convinced now that they will not receive anything consequential from the united states or the west and it is actually breaking up the opposition forces much more so than what they were in the past. the moderates were in line with u.s. interest and have been weakened as a result of our
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association and disarmament policy. and the radicals have been stunted. what they're saying is you're not going to get any help. come work with us. lou: the united nations to the surprise of many pushed through resolution on syria. does not have teeth because it also does not provide for military enforcement of that resolution. has the administration made a mistake here, or what is your judgment about that resolution, its effectiveness, and what a post teeseven let's make an assumption that the united stations chemical weapons inspectors are successful, that these are heroic assumptions and that the regime is sincere and turning those weapons over to the united nations. >> it is absolutely true that it has no teeth, as you suggested because there is no true enforcement in terms of military option. but realistically i don't think the administration has the stomach for the military action
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anyway and that is probably why they did not fight as hard as they probably should have to get that option in there. that is the harsh reality of it. i don't see us intervening. the rebels know this, and that is what is causing some of the problems within their cohesion and why they're breaking apart because they don't believe there will get support. lou: looking at the further ascension in the middle east of the russian president and russia. >> absolutely. he has played his hand about as well as it can be played. he does not have the military of any consequence, a huge economic challenges, demographic problems that are absolutely atrocious in terms of what is happening. he wanted to climb back on the world stage in terms of prestige. hold on to syria. i think it's overstated how much influence is going ahead in the middle east. i do believe what he has done has helped him in terms of his own national interest.
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on wall street stocks finished lower following a weak report a private-sector job growth. the only on employment report we will have this week thanks to the shutdown. the dow down 59 points, s&p lost one, nasdaq down three. principal shareholders calling for bill gates to step down as chairman. these investors to own 5% of the companies say his role is preventing innovation, blocking the influence of a new ceo. possibly. high of $34 for gold closing at 1320 announced. crude oil rather gaining $2, selling about 100 for all as per barrel. the yield falling. up next, the white house delivered actions making the government shut down unnecessarily painful for many americans. we will show you how and why. that is next.
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you're not linda. i'm filling in for officeowens. she used double miles from her capal one venture card to take an early vacation. buckle up. let's go do cop stuff. [ siren chirps ] license and venture card, ma'am. was i going too fast? oh, you'd be going twicas fast if you had double miles. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one nture card. freeze! don't touch the face! can i drive? absolutely not. what's in your wallet? >> well back in march, internal government e-mail showed obama administration was trying to make the sequester as painful as
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possible. guess what? that is what they are doing now. why? because president sold it a disaster, if it was not it would undermine his bargaining position with congress. here is goes again. world war ii memorial in washington d.c. blockade, they elected a fence -- elected a fence to keep the veterans out, but those i have thees, part of the greatest generation, showed why they are called such, they went right through that barricade. one conclusion is to why they did block the wide open space, administration wanted to. then there is the troubles question of why the obama administration furloughed 400,000 defense department civilians, and they are keeping them on furlough, house arms
7:29 pm
services chairman, buck mckee hand wrote alet yesterday urging him to bring them back why? as congressman pointed out, president obama himself signed a law late monday, that authorized paychecks for all of those folks, servicemembers, the furloughs are all on the white house folks. all of them. and secretary hagel has refused to act, and will only comment to say he is looking into it. you cannot make this up. believe it or not, a senior defense official tells fox news there is no way to actually respond to the chairman's letter, because most of the staff who draft congressional correspondents are furloughed. excuse me? you can't make this up, does it occur to anyone at pentagon, all they have do is pick up a phone. they don't need a staffer to
7:30 pm
write a letter for them, consider crying out loud. then the government web site blackout, 20 statistical web sites are out of commission, shut down. science like the, and institute for education sciences, library of congress, we understand why you wouldn't update them, maybe a sign said they are not update the, but this is after all, a virtual digital world, those web sites are in tact, and fully functional, why has the government blocked them? again, because the administration wants to, white house appears intent on being as disruptive in the management of this shut down as possible, no one should make a mistake about it, that is what they're doing, will they gain political advantage as a result? maybe. our guess is, it will be however the opposite.
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up next, house republican still trying to open government. the white house and senate democrats say, not your way. that is how we go the here, your way, my way, their way, they have not gotten in the los angeles their way, the a team coming up, next. nches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪
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72 breaking news, white house meeting with congressional leaders over government shut down ended, harry reid, and nancy pelosi doing their best to blame somehow speaker boehner in this. you got do love these folks, despite the fact that harry reid and president refuse to negotiate. by the way, speaker boehner pointed out that president, again, had that meeting to see there is no going to be a negotiation. it is fascinating to watch this -- well, it is not fascinating,
7:35 pm
i don't top over sell it, but this is getting to be quite a piece of theater of the absurd. president obama reopening world war ii memorial to veterans, free speech returned to the nation's capitol for some. not for everyone. my next guest, helped push aside the bearish cades after his request to allow a group of veterans to visit was denied by the administration. joining us now, congressman steven palazzo. member of house arm service, and homeland security committee. >> lou good to be on thank you. lou: i want to say, good for you. and representing your constituents, good for you, in standing up to what is just you know pure politics. which would have been at the expense of those veterans. what are your thoughts tonight? are you satisfied with the
7:36 pm
resolution? >> well, absolutely. first of all, i'm satisfied that the administration reversed their decision to keee the world war ii mem more kwr58, which by memorial, which was elected to honor the greatest generation. these monuments should be open to all, especially the open air, 24/7 this is unnecessary from the beginning, they actually had to add additional measures to erect barricades. lou: did they tell you why they bothered to put up barricades to an open memorial? >> we reached out to the park service, in advance of the trip, we were concerned they may be
7:37 pm
closing you know, the parks, the national park and certain memorials, and the department of interior, all they said was, the government will be shut down. the barricades will be put up, it will be closed that is when we wrote a letter to the president, he still have not gotten clear and written response from him. lou: maybe a phone call? a text or something? >? imkidding. >> there are charges by some on the left, i'm talking about far left away over there robert zimmerman left, that are saying that this a tea party inspired stunt by you guys, not just an imprompttimpromptu moment. >> this is my fifth honor flight, the second to last for mississippi honor flight program, not because we don't' to continue bringing veterans up
7:38 pm
here, but it is because we're losing our veterans at an alarming rate, i meet our veterans the memorial as you does senator wicker. >>. >> we're out of time, i need you to kind of focus on the question, if you don't mind. >> this was a political stunt by the administration. it was petty politics, at its worst. american people spoke up in outrage. lou: congressman palazzo come back soon, and again good for you. >> thank you, lou. i feel like i did what every other american would have done. >> thank you. lou: take a second to go to our social sites, find links to our facebook page, and e-mail me. or follow me on twitter. go to fox as well for insight analysis on
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president's meeting with the ceos of the country's biggest banks, i bet they felt free and unat the timerred with jamie dimon faces fines, and criminal charges. president finding another strange way to advertise his unpopular health care law. the a-team will take that up next, judy miller, robert zimmerman -- yep, robert is here. welcome back. >> michael goodwin, next. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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7:43 pm
at least 4 people are dead, three fishes vessels sank. a disturbing twist in aaron hernandez story, a boston man has come toward, told a fox affiliate he saw former patriot tighten pull the trigger in a 2012 double homicide, this eyewitness claims he was in the backseat of the car carrying the victims when the drive by shooting took place, hernandez, faces a first-degree murder charge in the death offe oden lloyd in june. joining me now, democratic strategist robert zimmerman. and judy miller. and fox news contributor michael goodwin. good to have all these pulitzer prize winners with us. >> and me! [ laughter ] lou: let's turn to syria today.
7:44 pm
we heard general jack king earlier, layout what seemed to be a pragmatic view of what is happening in the administration. what will be result of the administration's decision not to intervene militarily. do you concur with what he said in. >> i think that general cain is one of the great experts on syria in particular, he has watched so closely, i think what is happened and happening on the ground, since we have no good options, the least worst option we could have, i think keeping bashar al-assad there until chemical weapons are cleared out is not a bad option. lou: you aplayed the administration? >> i do. lou: and michael? >> no, i do not applaud the administration for handling this i think we've become partners with a man we called adolf hitler just two weeks before
7:45 pm
that idea that bashar al-assad will ever reform, will stop slaughtering his own citizens and russia will be our friend, this is a fiction that will explode. lou: looking like a candy rock mountain out there? >> you know, i agree with -- israeli ambassador of u.s., made point if not for president obama's threat of force, putin would never have come to the table to deal with this issue, i don't think we look weak. lou: you applaud? >> he made a mistake by going to congress. lou: i applaud him for going to congress, i believe that day the age of the emperrial, in in case imperious presidency flieds to end, we have a congress, all but over course of decades abdicated
7:46 pm
much of its constitutional power, to presidents who act unilaterally. let's turn if i play to this shut down -- if i may to this shut down, two parties trying to blame one another, but the law, by any measure, absolutely is devastating to the health care sector, it devastating to millions of americans, 30 million people, it is fully demonstrated will not be covered by insurance. after it is implemented. we'll spend $ 1.8 trillion and not even solve more than 40% of the problem. this is madness. why can't both parties come together and say, let's fix it? >> i'm not sure it is broken. let it take effect before we decide it is broken. lou: let me if i may, judy miller's comments, late it take
7:47 pm
effect before we decide if it is broken to nancy pelosi who said, let's pass it so we can tell you what is in it. this is a preposterous way to conduct public policy. >> it is the way we do it, houses vote, the president signs it. lou: the house did not vote. let me take you back deemed to pass was the device the parliamentary maneuver. >> excuse me. >> this is the fact deemed to pass, it was a rules commit to voted. and congressmen and women who sought to avoid responsibility never had to have their name attached to it, is how unpopular it was, and it remains so today. >> lou, if i could, rather. one party vote, we never had a major piece of legislation like
7:48 pm
this go through congress on a one party vote with the same party in the white house. you fast forward, in 2009, 2010 surge of accept accept because of obama -- tea party because of obamacare, here we are in 2013 because of a shut down. >> you skipped over 2012. lou: here is what i would like to understand. we're not addressing what i raised. that is, empireicaly this law is a mess, a mess, we're taxing -- taxing medical devices for god's sake. we're -- >> on revenue not profit. lou: yes. >> let me clear up some con fusion. lou: we're so excited to hear that. we'll prepare, robert zimmerman will hav have -- just a moment e
7:49 pm
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lou: we want to share with you, cosmomagazine, pushing obamacare, more than 18 young women, current issue features a title, top 8 ways that young women benefit from obamacare, conan o'brien poking fun at that. >> a new article that explains obamacare to women, yeah.
7:53 pm
article is called 10 preexisting conditions to drive your man crazy. >> back with the a-team. compelling reading, what do you think? i love that just objective stance of cosmo. >> i don't think that cosmois going to be yield up, one way or another, as kind of beginning and end of what people should know about obamacare. but -- >> that is not the issue, issue is why is cosmo, pushing a political agenda? >> they are educating women. >> the law of the land. lou: excuse me. the one that president overturned on employer mandates? >> excuse me. lou: i'm asking you. >> i'm telling thank you, this is a law held up by court approved -- lou: how did the president -- how did the president -- >> failed over 4-3 votes. >> excuse me. >> trying -- >> how did you permit your president to simply overturn by
7:54 pm
executive order the employer mandate? >> he did not overturn anything. lou: oh, my gosh, he did. >> you want to go back to. lou: he did. >> the good old days lou, one out of every 5 americans denied healthcare. lou: excuse me. i will asked one question. where is your reference for the law, president has overturned for a year, the law of the land. excuse me, the law said it has to start on january 1st. >> it took social security 6 years. >> i did not ask how long it took, i asked -- why did you lose your precious sense of the law when the president is being an outlaw. >> you are playing word games. lou: i do. so i can stay barely even with you. >> i think that this is another form of crony capitalism, i
7:55 pm
don't know what the corporate ties are of "cosmo" parent company to the white house. lou: do you top mention nbc? >> there is a quid pro quo here. the bankers going in today investigated by justice deputy, called to help the president. i mean, a contract does not need in be stated. >> what is wrong with educating the american people about a program -- >> it may be the problem. the right wing is afraid, tea party is afraid it may be popular. the same way they are wrap on medicare, and sober -- they were wrong on social security. lou: it is education for propaganda. >> let the public make their decision. >> 4.7 million people have turned on web site to check obamacare. lou: last number we had on the air was just over -- >> 2.8. >> it was incorrect, it was
7:56 pm
updated according to the white house. lou: who? >> the white house. lou: how many of -- -- you want to play numbers game. tell me, i want to broadcast the great success. how many people enrolled out of 30 million people. how many people enrolled in obamacare? i want to tout the success. >> not going to be done on first day. lou: oh, not to the first day! oh. why didn't you it will me, that we won't bother with it. >> let me give you hope. lou: you got thought about how many people are enrolled in. >> i think that first day people are looking. come on, this is not fair. lou: just a second. >> by the way, lou. remember, ted cruz and tea party have done something that president obama nas not didn't he has democrats and republican united in senate, and came to a vote in floor of house, you have government reopened, if tea party, and speaker bainer who
7:57 pm
closed world -- >> speaker oh, boehner? >> closed world war ii memorial. lou: every politician has a name that begins with an o .
7:58 pm
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