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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  October 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

11:00 pm we're on the radio every weekday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we will have another great tv show next week on fox business. gerri: hello. welcome to a special edition of the willis report all the questions come from you. we have been asking you to submit your questions to obamacare on facebook and e-mail and we took to the streets to hear what you have to say and we have set up a special toll-free number to call us with your questions our panel of experts for policy experts to economist with the answer them how the white now this is a phone-number
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877-249-9626 to get started. right now for the wall street journal and a senior fellow at themanhattan institute's and the fox news a medical team. i talked to people what they thought what they were concerned about one said they were very concerned about the mandate. >> why does it have to be that? why eight to people who can afford it have been forced on them if they already cannot afford it? gerri: is a mandate. >> i have been asking myself the administration on one side of their mouth says how wonderful it is for those who don't have health insurance but another says people have to pay a big penalty if they don't sign up but the low income
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workers may be making 25,000 per year you offer them two choices health ca policy or $1 our her page than what the pay. gerri: i have more questions about that it was so controversial but in the end they still don't get it. but we have a lot of questions about the quality of care. what is the quality of care? if you get your health insurance from the government? >> it is a throwback because these are restrictive policies and people don't realize that. bronze and silver and platinum covering all kinds of preventive services but they restrict the doctors you can use some of the best
11:03 pm
hospitals are not signing up and really have a couple of insurance to visa participate tt practically guarantees your premiums will be high with no competition. he may have a restricted choice and the be the orthopedist is not on this policy? gerri: we have a caller from oregon. what is your question? >> it is a three part question. the hospital that i work for they are slf insured and pay part of the insurance and repaid the otherart. it is steered sissonne have a just for themselves or their spouse and their family.
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i don't have maternity or baby care will live blues that n.j. drake and have to buy the more expensive family insurance? if i don't take the insurance my employer offers a my penalized? if i take the insurance what year do i have to start paying taxes on the part of my employer pays. gerri: these of the questions. what we can ask is if i don't accept my employer's coverage is there up penalty? >> if you do get credible coverage from the and sorry from your employer you should not be able to get insurance off the stage with the for the first year they are not coveriig or if they are checking it they did turn it down and go to the obamacare in they will not check.
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gerri: they will not check anything in the first year. steve? she is worried about taxes that is a very good question. >> the issue of that medical benefits they will be taxed to her if she buys it on her own if she does not but drops out of the employer plan and does not buy anything now she has to pay the individual mandate tax is now starting at $95 per year but it goes up every year about $500 after a few years. gerri: $95 at 2014 but also a percentage and that brings me to the e-mail what is a
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fine of not getting obamacare? i have heard $95 or percentage of income. >> asserts with 1% of your income per year starting 2014 then it is 2.5%. gerri: can you imagine? >> people cannot afford dapper i want to add something some policies will not grandfather talking about employer based insurance if your policy was not in place before 2010 you get there from your employer you may be compelled to change it because it does not fit the obamacare regulations. gerri: we will get to that. thank you. readjust getting started. we will be back. , more questions from e-mail and twitter and facebook by calling with your questions would of the most asked questions how does it impact medicare? don't go way. my customers can shop around.
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gerri: obamacare is so big and complex rededicating the
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entire hour to answering your questions. call us right now at our toll-free number. let's get to our panel. and joining us now from health the next caller is from florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. my medication -- insurance bills to a company that is going bankrupt in know i have a pre-existing condition. if i go on to the exchange will i be considered having employer based insurance? gerri: great question. >> you should be able to find insurance in one of the changes taking place is there is no medical underwriting that the pre-existing condition will no longer lead to a denial
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of insurance or a higher rates of premium. gerri: now we have another caller from pennsylvania. caller: my question is if you have to sue somebody in a medical event would you have success to sue the u.s. government for your health care? gerri: that is a logical question. day you have any idea? >> by the way what they are asking i consider myself an expert but these are tough you may be able to do that to sue the exchanges if there is some problem with the health care you have been provided but if you have paid malpractice suit you would be against the
11:12 pm
doctor or the hospital that provided the care. >> but to that point they have figured out a way to get around it because the insurance company may restrict me to say you cannot order that test is something bad happens to the patient i am liabl. >> i am so glad this gentleman mentioned malpractice because it is to control costs but if you go through that 2,000 pages space see the word malpractice or insurance reform with the entire law. gerri: absolutely one of the questions we get over and over is medicare what is the impact? when i was on the street we talked about this in here is what they said. >> are you worried? >> yes i am. very.
11:13 pm
i fear it will not cover it that it will not cover us. >> will you keep your doctor ? >> we don't know if he can afford to or if he will stay ggrri: there is a lot of concerns out there right now what medicare coverage will be like. what do you say? >> one thing that people understand is medicare is a separate program the affordable care act affects people who are buying coverage on their own or in a small group plan with respect to medicare the implications are on the budgetary level given to premium subsidies and eventually with the medicare budget but right now there should not be concerned. >> i kind of disagree because first of all, the
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reports that medicare creates will restrict our choices and i can only use it if i can work when i want these elderly people have medical problems now they tell me what i can order it is harder to run a practice. and then there is payroll taxes and steve can talk about that better but it is gutted to pay for obamacare -- obamacare. gerri: our next caller go ahead. caller: i work with big box stores and i am part-time i just found out i have to pay stuff i don't why did i don't need maternity care. [laughter]
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gerri: the question is what happens to veterans' benefits under obamacare? does that qualify for the individual mandate if you have one of the otr programs? >> that should be credible coverage bedsheet brings up a good point of the affordable care act is mandating that every qualified health the insurance plan have tenney central benefits he will lose a section of the market this skinnier benefits for the high deductibles. that also takes out the low end of the premium market for the consumers. gerri: steve, these are the concerns we hear all the time. there is a mandate. i have to do something the government requires me and i don't understand what qualifies or makes me 0k or
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street legal. how good of a job has the administration done to communicate the rolls around obamacare? >> that is a question? they did a horrible job. employers don't understand it everybody is in a mass stage of confusion and i would make the case that is why we may want to delay because it is not ready for prime time. gerri: will let happened? >> it should. the wheels are comingoff just the first couple days. >> she does not need maternity care but one of the key trademarks' people pay for other people young people are paying for the older people but a 26 sure all pays higher premiums to pay for someone with diabetes and they are sedentary and obies.
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gerri: welcome back to our special user's guide for obamacare we have been taking your questions all week and we have a panel of experts for questions facebook or twitter or call us 877-249-9626.
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dr. mark siegel and joining us a senior fellow at the manhattan institute, a friend of the show. we talk to people on the streets people our concerned about the young people and obamacare. >> this is the burden on the next generation what is the cost going to be to them. >> it is a double peony not only more entitlement spending but the way it the exchange works is a dramatically increase the cost to subsidize the cost for old people and two-thirds of the people uninsured are under the age of 40 so somehow we drive up the cost and that makes no sense. gerri: i know people say we will just won't buy insurance and that seems
11:22 pm
like a double whammy si issa to the programmer and people not only get it but they cannot afford it. we have a caller from arkansas. caller: how are you? my question is i am a self-employed i of been trying to find insurance companies but i have been declined numerous times because i do not fit the wait criteria i have over wait for their policy. kim obamacare help me out? i have perfect physical san work full time but i am overweight. >> yes. he can get a policy will not be restricted because of his weight but the kid he afford it will he have to have a
11:23 pm
subsidy? there is no real incentive in this program to lose weight and would like tax incentives for people losing weight that would be a way to save health care cst. nothing against this caller i want him to get insurance but i would like him to lose weight. gerri: good news for him. one good part that people like is you cannot be denied coverage. >> that drives up the cost who are healthy. gerri: that is the flip side. and answer this e-mail. from texas, if you do not pay the monthly rate under the exchange but paid the fine kid you still have health care? will they kick you out of the emergency room? people think obamacare will result in the ide i cannot get emgency care.
11:24 pm
>> it is the myth from the beginning because there is a lawyer cannot be turned away from the emergency room if you have insurance or not. more people use it unnecessarily if they have insurance if you have the medicaid card you go straight to the e.r. and the people with a heart attack cannot get in because ultimately did not make money with a cheap insurance but here is another thing. so while you wait for jiri to rollaway around you could sign it today but if you get sick tomorrow if you don't have coverage you will get a bill. the law that requires hospitals to cover you is still on the books. gerri: how one earth should we afford health insurance when your income is $35,000 per year?
11:25 pm
we ao make too much but yet barely keep our nose above water. >> we ran the numbers on this all over the country in the basic bottom line you will not benefit from a obamacare subsidy but the underlying cost will go up so much more that you are a net loser. >> also the affordability glitch you could fall in the middle and not qualified. >> people are already hitting their heads i want to respond to this tweet what satisfies the individual mandate? employer coverage and what about individual catastrophic coverage? medicare or medicaid? >> one of the problems is the exchanges are not set up
11:26 pm
with a catastrophic plan. the health savings are being reduced but that could save plenty of money and they would have the incentive for using them if use of health savings account very little with catastrophic the bronze and up platinum and silver and gold not catastrophic. >> but they do offer a plan that they call catastrophic but they are so heavily regulated they don't end up being cheaper than their regular insurance. gerri: double whammy. they are not going anywhere yet. our our long question and answer session continues looking at privacy concerns we want to hear this. in today's markets, a lot can happen in a second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution,
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gerri: face it obamacare is confusing 13,000 pages of rules and regulations the a ministrations spend millions of dollars on advertising but they have done a terrible job of for you to navigate the details for our panel of experts is back taking your questions. from the manhattan institute and dr. marc siegel and we will take a caller from arkansas who is a veteran. caller: this is great to speak to this is the first of might have done this. i may disabled veteran what people don't realize is the united states military are noncommissioned there is
11:31 pm
socialized medicine and. question number one you cannot sue foralpractice with socialized medicine. that is the fact. obamacare is that government and never to taipei for medicare should be paying for medicare? it is $100 per month how does this affect non-u.s. citizens for medicaid and medicare? or do they just keep getting yet. gerri: we will start with your last question what about those who were not citizens? there is a difference people are here legally some are illegally out as the law treat them? >> legally like u.s.
11:32 pm
citizens they do pay taxes in their taxes go to support whatever benefits they are eligible for. illegal immigrants are not eligible for medicaid or obamacare nor medicare. however that is a downstream effect because there also exempt from the employer and individual mandates so companies can hire them if not cover health care because they are not penalized. gerri: unintended consequences. dr. siegel she asked can she sue her doctor? also how does she balance with medicare? >> she can sue her doct but she cannot sue the federal government because insurance companies they have found a way to put the blame on the doctor. but the virginia system, president obama
11:33 pm
loved to say this is like the cleveland clinic for a male clinic but you can say negative things about the virginia but it is a very streamlined system and organized compared to this mess with the millions of insurance companies poorly organized the bronze plan or the bold plan are you kidding me? there is no comparison to that v.a. system and obamacare. gerri: thank you for calling you did a great job. some questions we have had there are three good ones. david from wisconsin wants to know can you explain the pork in obamacare? [laughter] >> with a 2,000 page bill if you go into the intricacies you can find all sorts of
11:34 pm
special favors for this industry or that industry we uncover these over the last couple of years but this is why people are disgusted with the laws that nobody has read and its policies said we will find out what is it after we've read it now we are horrified. gerri: republican suggested a plan why don't we give people tax credits for buying an insurance policy in the marketplace instead of a huge system? >> here is the biggest problem with obamacare. with 90 percent of americans do have health insurance today and they like what they have. so why meddle with the system to provide health
11:35 pm
insurance for the other 10 percent that don't? why not prove tax credits for people to let them buy into the people and even though we don't pay for it there is no question we have the best health care system in the world. at least he took on the problem but republicans we had eight years to fix the problem and ey did not do it. >> is still isn't fixed. [laughter] >> at least they tried to do something. [laughter] one more question from twitter why would anybody buy insurance i of pre-exisng condition is covered? why not wait until you are sick but for some people if you're up dirt income the fine will be large enough you'll be incentivized but keep in mind the limited
11:36 pm
open enrollment period you're one is different but under subsequent years you have a six week period to sign up than the rest of the year you cannot. with you are hit by a bus in july you hav to wait until january to sign up that time lag is something to take into accnt. gerri: so many details that need 10 navigators' in your state but a personal navigator. i will be joinedby a man who knows something about the job former hhs secretary joins the panel as our obamacare queue and a continuous. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design...
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gerr from the manhattan institute and joining us now former hhs secretary thank you for coming. we have a question from michigan. caller: thank you very much we were dropped from our plan in michigan denied with equal coverage was very mediocre we were promised to keep our own plan and that is not true.
11:41 pm
gerri: date you for calling. let's get your question answered she once a plan not obamacare but a quality plan. what did she do? >> you can still shop outside the exchange you will not get a subsidy but you may find a better price that that might be cheaper. gerri: we have a question about the death panel. caller: with him taking the money out of medicare how long will we have medicare advantage?
11:42 pm
also the desk and all i heard -- the death panel doesn't sake you cannot have it but they push that to the provider will is too expensive to afford and the. >> i with the medicare a bid to a question to be inserted is highly controversial pending the cost curve recently for the first time people love this program is privatized successfully what do you say about the future of medicare advantage? >> so many people like medicare advantage it will be difficult for that program to be dislodged programs like that have integrated care will become a bigger part of the market.
11:43 pm
gerri: is seems obamacare will reduce its or cut it back? you think the demand will keep it afloat? >> i absolutely do but that was a big part of the strategy during the previous administration to drive and enough people to have an opportunity to do that it would be difficult to change a. also the market finds people like integrated care that is not necessarily run by the federal government. while there will be pushed back from the government i think people like the plan and are here to stay. gerri:. gerri: our caller said she thinks the best panel will be the health providers themselves because they will be told what to do.
11:44 pm
what do you see happening? >> i don't know if i call them a death panel but the kind of decision you make today with the doctor and hospital with the trement that you get the government will intervene to be a third-party to decide what is affordable and what is not. to tell a personal story i have a mother who is 88 years old with a hip problem and the brothers and sisters we have a family gathering to make a decision a she should have that hip surgery or not and by the way it has work fantastic but i am very worried as are your watchers if you have obamacare that decision is not made by my family but a bureaucrat. >> inside obamacare there is the advisory board that is supposed to cut the rate of
11:45 pm
growth with identifying sector is growing too fast. that is the most innovative diagnostics and if that device is not getting paid for it is not paid for them in their health suffers. gerri: from twitter what controls are in place for individual privacy of medical records? michael? this is a scary part we get many questions what do you say? >> there is a difference between personal information such as our name and address and our medical information that premier li will be held by our medical providers and the insurance compans the acronym is hipaa i is privileged information there are serious sanctions for a
11:46 pm
breach of that information. gerri: but they're still worried a and concerned but great inrmation the secretary will stick around to take your questions. a recap of what we have learnednd the next it continues with a look how this space impacts your taxes. stay with us so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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gerri: the obamacare exchanges started this week and many have questions we bring you the top experts to help you answer we're back with former hhs secretary
11:50 pm
levitt and joining us now that director of health. director, secretary what do you see as a major stumbling block for obamacare? >> the big stumbling block or obstacle is getting the systems to work over the course of the last three days we have seen very few people actually able to get into the system to create an accounting and interact with the system. just getting them to work will be a big problem and a challenge. second, education we spend one our word today. your listeners have the benefit of good device. not everyone has that part of the administration will use navigators, people who are attempting to help people navigate the system but they are not people who have a lot of experience so
11:51 pm
they will have difficulty to work through the process. there are many challenges but those are to of them. gerri: hhs us -- aged just said they will take the system down over the weekend for maintenance. they cannot answer them this week not to try to fix the problem does that not surprise you? >> no. it doesn't. obviously it is a new system that delayed the regulations that were necessary for those who built the system to know what they were building and they have very little opportunity to test the system. so it should have been an opportunity to be essentially become a dress
11:52 pm
rehearsal and i am not at all surprised they are tang it down. gerri: i tell people if you want to see what is on the system the best thing to do is wait a few weeks and told the exchanges our ready for prime time some of this offer is not even taking out the right number questioning if your information is accurate. do you agree? >> i do. a few years ago when i was secretary i was responsible to implement medicare part d program that was 43 million americans to choose a prescription drug program. there are some similarities. not surprisingly during the first six or eight weeks we had systems challenges and it took time to get them functioning in for people to understand and over timit got smoother a and people
11:53 pm
have learned to deal with that and i suspect business. >> one of the big questions that has not been responded is what are the taxe talking about the exchange's what about the people that foot the bill? >> we will all pay for the subsidies for the people that go on to the exchanges but there are so many new taxes that are part of the affordable care act with the medicare tax is the unearned income tax with the royalties and 0.9% with an increase up at 2.3 and principal spending accounts so is important to put that money away and we have a
11:54 pm
high tax bracket, and now the highest 35 up at 39.six. gerri: so it is laboring on for the high a in, bracket. they paid more for obamacare with the level of understanding here is something that shows how deep the concern in e-mail says from illinois i ha been wondering about the government subsidies for obamacare how long does a person get a subsidy? one year? five years? gerri: i don't think they thought about this. >> the correct answer is you get the subsidy for as long as your income qualifies. one of the issues is everyone will talk about the exchange's they forget their our health insurance plans that are off exchange. some of the largest health insurers like united health care are not offering health insurance and most of the
11:55 pm
exchange's. you need to compare both plants particularly if you don't qualify for a subsidy but if you were younger that is 300% of the federal poverty level this would make a lot of sense economically to look both on and off the exchange. also very important at the end of the day health insurance is only good as doctors and hospitals there is the narrow networks so before you know you need to validate your specialist primary-care physician it is included because out of nowhere q can have a higher cost with the annual limits. >> the devil is in the details. thank you.
11:56 pm
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gerri: welcome back to our special obamacare q&a session. this a question with a net here. we have not gone to it. people know there are subsidies to it -- subsidies, the dow another sort. >> the subsidy is somewhat of a black box. it depends on your age, how much income you have and how many people are in your family. went into that information, the black box will tellou what your subsidy is. the insurance coswill be greater for older people than younger people. so the subsidy would be larger for the older and younger. the thing here though is that the subsidies, as we have talked about, are based on up to 400% of the poverty level. $60,000 for a couple is 400% of the poverty level. you make a thousand dollars more easily have no subsidy all.
12:00 am
it is important to do some fast planning to make sure. gerri: rear-ended time. thank you for coming on. as for 2012. thank you for your more sad. >> republicans want to party like it is 1995. but it is a crisis. >> the hundred thousand government workers furloughed. >> government shut down. >> how will america survive? >> it will slash the operation. >> is bathetic. it is not responsible. >> nancy pelosi says it has been cut to the bone in the budget already. >> the coverage is bare? no. it is filled with stuff fed cup overflows and i will show you


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