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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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get you the three should you need. that is it for "the willis report." see you tomorrow. >> new evidence of polltical corruption in the obama the administration. the house oversight committee says the internal revenue service and the obama white house has exchanged confidential taxpayer information. the federal reserve easy money policies are assured that the president nominates vice chair jimmy allen to succeed ben bernanke as the second most powerful person in washington. i am lou dobbs. lou: and good evening.
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our the story the i.r.a. scandal is worsening for the obama white house the top officials today testified in front of the house oversight committee when asked if she discussed confidential tax payer information received your whitehouse officials represented at the same time the meals that contained language to precisely that he fact she could only say that she could not remember the reveal the mails from 2012 that shows they're in grump try to counsel the white house of lawsuits relating to the obamacare contraception mandate a and in those e-mail's confidential taxpayer information was revealed the and shared among top white house officials. jim a goal has the report. >> the hearing of obamacare
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put the agency under a microscope. >> 18 new taxes expected to raise $1 trillion of the next 10 years and a program that will cost many times that. >> sarah a. ingram the on the witness was once in charge of tax-exempt organizations although she left in 2010 there were questions asking about tax-exempt status because they were politically conservative. -> do you believe tea party groups were targeted? >> i do not think it is ever okay to use people's political viewpoints in the managing the bin for -- inventory is a tax agencies. >> although they will not reveal how many people have been rolled. >> how many inquiries have reprocessed? >> she emphasized it is not the same as enrollment but it does determine subsidies
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and while the administration emphasizes millions have logged on far fewer have not reached the irs. >> in total we have processed several hundred thousand requests from all over the country. >> with republicans criticizing the irs there often ridiculed asking if she was with the salem witch trial spinnaker you consorting with the double? are the reports that you comply accurate? >> great the gatt -- exaggerated. >> so done in a joking manner this is nothing really to joke about. >> they be counted as letters from constituents talk about premiums coming up hundreds of dollars per month span mckee saw his premiums rise for 388 about 650 and another although the
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policy did not change and increase of 42%. >> the individual mandate is largely not enforceable because the irs cannot take any legal action against those who do not pay they can't be tapped the penalty from your refund if you get one. lou: and the white house still has not said how many people have signed up for obamacare but did say it will give the number some time to all of us ended @%vember. fox news confirms the obama ministration is planning to suspend a substantial portion of the 1.$3 billion of military aid to egypt a key ally in the middle east. in response to the crackdown on the supporters of the ousted muslim brotherhood president morsi. %-disappointment and alarm
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they see it as a critical part of the priest treaty with egypt and critical to maintaining stability. it comes on the same day that the government announced it is forging ahead with the prosecution of morsi sightseeing protest against november for the most for months to the day he was toppled by the military. so for the government shut down day number nine elective officials are not speaking there are no negotiations set the president obama who insist he will not negotiate has invited all four caucuses to meet with him at the white house said henry has our report. >> as president obamacare
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reveals janet yellen he says in essence a signal of stability. >> but also to increase employment. >> even as the president's aides agree with the assessment by the jpmorgan chief economist of the nation goes into default there would be a recession. >> one of the consequences could be a recession. >> the speaker will continue to dig into changes of the health care law to the botched rollouts. >> how can we tax people for not buying a product on the web site that does not work? >> the latest polls suggest both men have week he and. 53% disapprove of the way the president is handling his job a 37 percent approve who holds most of the responsibility for the shutdown republicans are
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blamed but nobody is exempt. 62 percent say republicans almost all. 49% the president. 49% democrats. 40% boehner 40% tea party and 39% harry reid. >> open the government and negotiate. >> the white house was delivered a blow when joe manchin was the first democrat to not negotiate over potential default saying people may talk about negotiation bayou have got to negotiate and that is what we're here to do. the president scheduled a series about reach meetings with the caucus to be with the entire republican conference even as the press secretary continue to bash republicans. >> after they agreed to
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leave it that matches and the gasoline outside of the room. >> boehner blasted to bring them in at the 11th-hour bid now having passed 14 miniature spending bills to fund portions of the government and they've rejected the peace peace each time. >> grow up. >> moody's is downplaying thus high from lawmakers of both parties say they still could pay the debt although the white house sharply disagrees. lou: from the outset of the we have been expressing. the president's refusal to negotiate throughout the broadcast. stay with us. the president's approval rating has dropped at 37% in congress is up 5% it looks like the american public is
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lou: three federal government agencies calling back furloughed employees do is stop this mnlf help break that has sickened 300 people in 18 states the cdc called back 30 workers and the outbreak has been leaked to the foster farms while chicken and a recall has been put into effect but the ag department is readying to shelter three of the processing facilities and no explanation as why a recall would not be appropriate. half a million federal workers may be furloughed but the administration still
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run the help-wanted ads near the 500 have been advertised since the shutdown began in the even those working for the patented trademark office. it is simply impossible to miss interest payments of a government dash. do the math the country takes 18% of gdp in taxes reid payout 2% of that of coverage joining me now is a member of the committee on small business as well as science based technology. the president not only continues that failing to lift the debt ceiling = to fall in net = recession and. what is your reaction to the rhetoric? >> i am stunned this
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president has been trying to do talk down the market. with u.s. president you should be the promoter in chief of the country but instead he basically talks to the world to say there should be a brisk premium. when moody's today put out saying it is impossible the matt is implausible. lou: that comes just after a friend of the president and the icon for the movies was trying to scare people the is to shed comes out and slaps him down as well as the administration as they should have. we give them credit spigot but take a step back. realize how shrill the political theater has become with the president will lay to scare the world equity and debt markets for
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political gain i am sorry. that crosses the line to be unpatriotic. the basic math is very simple. we will take and a little over 3 trillion of revenue to the fiscal year 2014 and spent 3.six. we have a $600 billion shortfall that is 60 percent of our budget we have a massive cash flow to cover the bond payment and the vast majority of government. you'd think someone in the white house would be honest to hold the cat can cater to tell the truth. lou: even in gdp terms it is even more simple. 3 trillion of revenue we talk about $30 billion per month of interest it is an
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absurdity as people sit around the briefing room not to understand elemental math to challenge j. carty the president and the treasury secretary and president every time they make that absolutely obnoxious intellectually dishonest and factually incorrect statement spicule nailed it by realizing the difference between math majors or finance or journalism majors lou: don't go too far. [laughter] >> but i sat down with some reporters today and walked them through the debt service through 2014 projecting $237 billion. divide that by 12 months. lou: you should have done the math for them. it is about $35 billion of interest payments it even
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they can understand when you have 300 million coming in about it 10 / one ratio of revenue for interest expense >> this is deadly serious. lou: but there really is not i will challenge you. this is not serious in this sample is perverted will and twisted political objectives on the part of washington d.c. that does not even include within its specterr3 the well-being of the taxpaying citizen. >> is deadly serious when you have any administration and political party that for political gain is willing to talk down the economy and
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credit rating when pulling out a simple calculator gives you the honest answer. lou: did we should replace 435 members of congress with a calculator. but one did every station in. at some point when they work for the fourth stage. to get a 5% approval rating that is because you have heard that right now the national media gives this is ministration at pass on every foolish statement that they make. >> is studying the duplicity of the national press to walk out the door to the talking point in when we point out it is wrong coming
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in incorrect they stare at you can say that is not my script so i cannot write about it. i am embarrassed parker tried to give the for the state some intellectual credit but they have walked away from in the intellectual honesty. lou: now i give the republican party but today's speaker boehner how was that? i am asking my producer. by the way there is not even a single question about it yesterday from the reporters bahau kid you tax under obamacare a citizen that does not buy health insurance that they cannot buy on the government's web site? it is the first time your party has put for dave
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message that reverberates with people paying your salary. >> we have spent trying if they think we have done the okay job. lou: that is not a good standard. >> we're trying to be intellectually honest. lou: i will not canonize you or your party you have been talking about debt ceiling breakthroughs equaled the fault just as the democrats. don't be sorry. you'd only be if you try to correct me because it is factually correct in you have got to deliver a message if you think it is right that al least as a party or caucus to come up with a message that is intelligible. >> you have had this on the air we just try to make a
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fairness argument if the president use the exemption for big business why not to the average american? lou: i am with you. >> i find these see that this is reverberate. lou: day you want to see that message? you put away defunding. let go of the language of defaults in show everybody the president's approval rating. put that up please. take a look at this. here is. there is the effect of doing a good job and the intelligence job avoid you say is a life-and-death issue he is now at the all-time low of 37 percent of the associated press. >> maybe it starts to sink in the absurdity of the argument.
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>> if we have to migrate from defund obamacare to the fairness argument out as we have heard one of the things i am very proud of you for doing in to give you great accommodation is 2.0 the debt ceiling does not equal default does not equal a recession. every elected official in congress democrat or president, i don't care who makes up nonsense the talking points deserves to be rejected by the american people. >> even today with ddbt that print media. we had a bit of a breakthrough because two years ago there is only a couple of us to get in front of the camera to walk america through it. lou: don't walk america
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through anything. do the job to take the message comprehensible and connect with the people. i am so tired at all have the inttllectual firepower to talk down to the american people. inspire us, lead us and cut it. >> stop. lou: don't talk over the congressman, i will give you the last word but i would like you to be sustained and make the message cogent. >>. lou: i am sorry i will not let you say to me look, we are piers and i respect you for your office i'd like you as a person. just tell us. >> was about to complement you but the fact of the matter is making it clear anyone the uses the word default is been duplicitous
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and not telling you ditchers that simple understanding will go along way in the lou: i think we have our message across. as always. good guy. on wall street does stocks finished mixed after a falling tyler trading session. the dow up 26 points as sandy of one nasdaq down 17 her coppola expected to unveil the new was cycad according to to all things is the it will have a lighter design a faster processor and updates to the committee. microsoft will start shipping its tablets on the very same day. men's wear house rejecting the unsolicited bid from smaller rival joseph a. saying s
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intoowerful investment strategies. >> this is a it funds a marinbiologist. test invested in the world. bny mellon. >> this is a test lou: breaking news, another relaunch against a democratic state senator that voted to support gun control this last month. colorado voters our two other democrats who had supported tighter gun laws in the state, this time the stakes are higher.
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this successful recall, is if it is successful, will give republicans control of the colorado state senate. nine days into this government shutdown. eight days away from the debt ceiling and as you may have noticed, as it ends, no one knows. but one thing is increasingly clear. president obama and congress are playing a big political game and paying a big political price for the lack of forthrightness. i personally believe it is the president of failing to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to negotiate with congress. this is not an authoritarian government no matter how authoritarian as presidents mindset may be. it is simply not his prerogative it is his responsibility to negotiate and the american people are mad as heck because of his attitude and they are
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getting matter. a new associated press poll finds just 37% approved of the job that our president is doing. that is the record low for president obama. 53% disapprove. other polls reflect much of the same disapproval levels. we reported to yesterday that congresses approval had fallen to 11%. and now we have an update for you. the new associated press put the approval at 5%. that is probably comprised of members of congress and families in stackers at 5%. and there is a glimmer of hope that the american people have had a belly full and are awakening not only to this president who refuses to negotiate, but a congress that only recently started making
7:31 pm
this. and 33% of americans, 33% of americans think that the number one issue facing america is dysfunctional government. 33%. the number one problem. the highest percentage ever. it means that our president and members of congress are considered to be bigger problems than the economy and unemployment and the deficit and health care. this president and his administration are simply refusing to listen to the american people. they're not just refusing to negotiate but they will not listen. this includes listening to 62% of voters who want congress to raise the debt ceiling only after agreeing government spending and they aren't listening to the 51% oppose
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obamacare. and that is part of the politics that they propagate. please don't worry, mr. president. names like extortion. it has a ring, doesn't it? and how is that name-calling working for you so far? the grand canyon is closed from the workout room at the capitol is still open we will have our guests next i am.
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lou: breaking news, the pentagon announcing that the pentagon will cut off soldiers payments among the government shutdown. defense secretary chuck hagel
7:36 pm
blew the cover after jay carney refused to answer a question as to exactly when the president became aware of the problem. in the days before the shutdown, we want congress and the american people that the dod would not have the legal authority to make these problems during the appropriations. with this is the fisher house foundation and they will keep the payments flowing to those families and they do immensely and terrific and wonderful work for the wounded were yours and the families of the wounded warriors. i wouldn't mind if everyone was in favor of that. everyone might want to do about that. joining us now is michael goodwin and former clinton adviser, cofounder of defined
7:37 pm
american and from washington dc, georgetown university professor bradley graham. thank you all for being here. let me ask you something. does this offend you profoundly if this president keeps talking about creating a default and going through a recession? is that offend your sense of honesty? >> no these are the real people being impacted by the shutdown of consequences on if we fail to raise the debt ceiling. to say that the administration knew about this and didn't make it clear congress, i knew about it. and republicans look us in the face and they are trying to talk both sides out of their mouth.
7:38 pm
at first it was -- lou: this is a conversation it is now my turn. that was the department of defense. the secretary of the department of defense. a democrat nominated a secretary of defense and it was not republican. was it? >> he was a republican nominated for a democrat. not that they were quite aware of the consequences. lou: you are not offended? you just contradicted yourself? let me turn if i may to brad. are you tired of the nonsense whether republicans move, where they are going to defund obamacare and this is one of the silliest things i've ever heard and they have now stumbled into a policy position that is rational and making sense.
7:39 pm
and now a president who wants to say that he wants to negotiate. >> they got got themselves into a mask on the republicans come in the president is helping them out a victory of the street to let me speak for a minute. the president of the united states is supposed to be the adult in the room using his own language to bring people together. who did he meet with? the titans on wall street. and saying how disappointed he was that the markets weren't reacting more violently than they were and giving them the heads up that they should have. >> you remember this president was using the word extortion? cement absolutely. and then they talked about jpmorgan chase with an @%1 billion settlement. is that extortion? is that the definition?
7:40 pm
>> let's turn to the idea of the government default taken by republicrepublic ans or democrats and most recently by this president who is now doubling down as a poker and a washington expression. but the debt ceiling equals default and recession. >> it is a credibility in frustration sequestration. that we lost 1 penny in the government the sky would fall. and we thought with the shutdown. so there are things that continue that they seem to be arbitrary. >> you're talking about the
7:41 pm
illegal advocacy? >> and this includes -- lou: i reject this arbitrary and this is a campaign ordered by the president. >> it is not good that he is not up for reelection ever. guess who has come and that is what this is going to come down to in 2014. president obama is no longer ever on a ballot. this is not the way the constitution and majority rule has served our country well for 200 years spew on my goodness, there is something ironic about you saying that. >> what about all of the minority special interest
7:42 pm
groups? lou: are you talking minority or actual minority? >> i'm talking about the fact that john boehner has the votes right now. >> i'm talking about how john boehner could open the government right now. lou: the president has the power to constrain spending and meet with him. %-continuing resolution.this they have already negotiated this. lou: he knows it's a filibuster. get those benefits paid by the government's. lou: i'm sorry, are you criticizing the president? >> i said that he has some responsibility in this. >> they have come forward,
7:43 pm
straight honesty. with akamai have to say thank you michael and brad, thank you all. take a second to our social sites and go to and find links to our facebook page and e-mail me at and follow me and check out fox, today's important story on jpmorgan chase, and what is under enormous government pressure. some would call it extortion. up next on the broadcast, the president's government shutdown producing horror stories of americans all across the country and shannon bream on those decisions on who is suffering the pain and how those decisions are made next reluctant to try n.
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lou: the obama administration's campaign of pain continues, thousands of national parks and even private businesses on federal lands remain closed. for a look at how these shutdowns are advanced, here is shannon bream with a report. >> across the country, that is exactly what is happening. from the world war ii memorial in washington. >> my goodness, they spend more money closing it and we spend keep it open. >> to the grand canyon outlast where visitors have been issued a citation where they are likely to be fined $50 for entering property during the shutdown. >> it is not up to my discretion >> at the yellowstone national park, they say that their hotel was barricaded with guns that
7:48 pm
were stationed at the door. >> any park rangers i thought were carrying a gun cormack based on federal laws and administrative guidance. like this september 17 memo from the director of management and budget and each agency must lack contingency plans and some of them to the white house. alice rivlin was head of it through two government shutdowns during the clinton administration. >> when the national government shutdown, it is a judgment call, i think come out of the park level. >> the washington times reportedly said they have been told to make life as difficult for people as possible.
7:49 pm
>> exclusive gems for lawmakers on capitol hill, which are funded in part, but not openly stack. in 1870 law called the anti-deficiency law makes it a felony to spend tax payer law if there isn't an appropriation from congress to cover it. there are expenditures like benefits for seniors and food stamps. >> the house oversight committee said that looking for answers as well and announced it will hold a hearing next wednesday called as difficult as possible. the national park service's implementation of a government shutdown. lou: thank you. shannon bream. a maximum others telling the story of how actions a half-century ago face today. stay with us.
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lou: do need now is the former "new york times" correspondent stephen kinzer who is the author of the new book, the brothers. we greet me with this and congratulations on the book. >> is a terrific read. we recommend it to our audience. please read it and i love the idea that you can go back a half-century to look at these very powerful man and it was the most powerful government on earth.
7:54 pm
>> these two brothers had the power to shape the world and make and break government. but now it has been almost completely forgotten. this book is a biography. but i'm also using the framework of biography and i think that they were exemplars of. so hopefully with all answer the larger question. >> this is stuff, this is i have not really seen any historian touched before. the idea that eisenhower was simplistic in the insidious covert action that took place
7:55 pm
the. >> he never explained why he explained covert action. and he certainly would've come out of world war ii and he might have seen it as a peace project because it avoids going to war. that would never understood was the concept of what we now call blowback. these operations do not and the next day. they can have terrible effects on american security years and generations later. lou: blowback, okay. the idea of this, the two brothers that have so much power, when suddenly they are caught looking at this disaster, what changed them is that we still have the same background and he's still the same person.
7:56 pm
>> including the advice that they were getting from so-called experts. we don't know how that would've played out. but it certainly would've been the end of history because the bay of pigs was the first great project and look at how that came out. lou: the. lou: today when we look at the middle east, and impacted a, you still believe is significant. >> we overthrew the government and that was the first project of the dulles brothers in 1953 and he thought i would not have an effect and we had 25 years of this rule, and absolutely we are in the 60th anniversary. lou: that's right, a civil war, guatemala, saqqara, all of this can be traced back some
7:57 pm
fascinating figures back in the 50s. >> and it is traced brilliantly. stephen kent, good to have you with us. thank you for being with us. we want have a great night and we will see you tomorrow my mantra?
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speaking of senator tom coburn and letting her read. welcome, i am no computer. he says instead of dealing with actually have to deal with actually have to deal with us, out-of-control debt and no plan to get it under control anytime soon. the senator here is with me now. seto


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