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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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they do for being with us. that is it for tonight on "the willis report." have a great evening. ♪ lou: house speaker puts the deal on the table seeking to raise the debt ceiling for ix weeks, and wall street rejoices. a powerful triple digits gain for the dow jones industrials that erased nearly all of the losses since the partial government shutdown began ten days ago. mr. obama makes no determination . i am lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening. house republican leaders offered a temporary incrrase in the debt ceiling. in exchange for negotiations on
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what they are calling the longer term debt drivers. offering to build -- bring a bill to the floor that would raise the debt ceiling for approximately six weeks that would not end the shutdown. white house spokesman signaled earlier in the day that the president would accept this offer. but after meeting with the president himself, senate majority leader harry reid said no negotiations on the budget would take place before the house passed a clean government funding bill. wall street ignoring their rhetoric on the way to the biggest one day point gain. they presented the debt ceiling deal to the president just moments ago wrapping up their meeting. correspondent ed henry on the scene with the report. >> reporter: for the first time in this standoff, finally some glimmers of progress.
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senate democrats met for an hour-and-a-half the president obama and the marist to suggest they are inching closer to a deal with house republicans. >> we will again is clearly a closely as we can. >> reporter: a small group of house republican negotiators arrived with that's something for the president just hours after the sppaker of the house unveiled a proposaa to mixed reaction from conservatives. the plan would give the president this 6-week extension of the debt ceiling that would push potential default back until november 22nd read before thanksgiving. both parties would be appointed to try and work out a broader budget package of the president agrees to sit and talk about spending cuts and tax reform as part of a deal to get the government back open. >> it is time for these negotiations and is compensation to begin, and i would hope that the president would look at this as an opportunity and a good-faith effort i apart to move halfway. >> reporter: that means death speaker is giving the president
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to clean extension of the debt ceiling but is not opening the government without conditions. nonetheless the white house seems eager for at least a partial deal. white house spokesman offered sues the market.s designed ted the dow soared by over 300 points on speculation of a potential deal. >> the president is happy that cooler heads seem to be prevailing. there at least seems to be recognition that the fault is not an option. >> there are still huge road blocks starting with whether the speaker can get enough votes to raise the debt ceiling without any strings hamas which would be a cave. conservatives are willing text given to the debt ceiling by taking a hard line on health care changes as the condition for reopening the government. >> he can negotiate on the issues being put there. when it comes to the continuing resolution and the issues dealing with obamacare but will continue to all the round.
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lou: -- >> reporter: this seems to be a split. that would be a case for the president. signaling the president would sign a short term debt ceiling height and was cagey and what would come next. >> what he has said is that congress these to do both. it does one that is a good thing, but he will insist that they do the other. >> reporter: after the president's meeting he said he would not enter budget talks. >> not going to happen. >> reporter: of republicans open the government and increase the debt ceiling the democrats will negotiate on anything. the question is, if the justice of the debt ceiling but does not deal with reopening the government, does the president have enough political cover with the first to then say am entering into a conversation, not an actual negotiation with republicans about reopening the government? the bottom line is he left the
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meeting with the president without talking to reporters with suggests they still do not have a deal. meanwhile, senate republicans are coming over to me with the president tomorrow. lou: thank you, ed henry. the prospect of a deal no matter how unlikely was enough today to excite investors. the market rallied triple digits, up two percentage, news of a potential breakthrough. the dow soared 3203 points. the snb gained 36, the nasdaq up 83 points. gold fell more than $10. crude oil up nearly and a half%, settling at $103 per barrel. to obamacare. the obama administration still refuses to say how few people have signed up for new health care benefits. technical problems on the government website and the high-cost are opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs, free-market solution, a new industry is blossoming.
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entreereneurs offering an alternative to the expensive obamacare health plans. obamacare has a brand new problem. it is called free enterprise. fox news chief national correspondent with our report. >> the employers got a year's reprieve from the president before they had to comply with ut individuals did not, and some may look for ways to work around the laws new penalties. >> i no there are challenges of the affordable care act, and we think our products provide a solution. >> reporter: offering short-term insurance that could appeal to young peopll who might find the obamacare premiums and deductibles of several thousand dollars more than they're willing to spend. there would have to pay a penalty, of course, but he says his insurance is still a better deal. >> short-term medical, the benefits even with the penalty will be less than half of the cost. again, in many cases better benefits is only a $50 copay to get to the doctor, up to
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-2 million of coverage. any doctor or hospital. >> reporter: supporters argue young people will sign up in large numbers in part because they're likely to get taxpayer subsidies but also because they, too, have medical needs. >> the reason young adults will sign up is because they know when they're playing football or soccer, things happen that are unpredictable. >> reporter: gang people will decide to sign up rather than pay a penalty because without insurance they might fiid themselves in financial ttouble. >> remember, if you don't have insurance and you go to the emergency room, you are going to be in the enormous debt. most young adults don't want to be saddled with debt. >> reporter: he says that is %-sent by protecting anyone he can't afford obamacare against large medical bills, although he does not cover pre-existing conditions. he says his plan comes at a fraction of the cost. >> a family of fort about product is roughly $3,000.
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the bronze plan is 60 percent actuarial value. so -- >> reporter: affordable even after paying a penalty for not getting obamacare which has an extensive list of benefits that must be covered with strives up the cost. lou: thank you. a skating new report blasting the obama administrrtion's treatment of journalists. the 30-page report written by @%rmer washington post executive editor who says president obama came into office pledging an open and transparent government but has fallen short of that promise. the administration's war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive i have seen since the nixon administration when i was one of the editors involved in the washington post investigation of watergate. today the obama administration has prosecuted eight people for alleged leaks to the press
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compared to three such prosecutions under all previous presidents. we're coming right back. house republicans have an offer. does the president wants to negotiate now? chairman of the armed services committee joins us here next. ♪ bny llon combines investment management & investment servicing, giving us unique insights which help us attracthe instry's brightest minds who create powerful stragies for a country's investments which are used to build new schools to build more bright min. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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♪ lou: as we reported the possibility of a shift in the impasse in washington, a republican proposal to approve a short-term increase in the debt ceiling thrown into late today a senate democrat insisting be partial government shutdown be lifted before talks can proceed. the white house just released this statement saying the president had a good meeting with members of the house republican this evening after a
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discussion about potential paths for word. no specific determination was made. joining us now, one of the republican leaders in the room with the president, congressman buck mckeon, the chairman of the armed services committee. mr. chairman, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: it appears that the market was not wrong in its reaction. at least their is a prospect of some opening in this impasse. >> well, it seems to be. you know, we have been saying now for several days and weeks that we would like to have the presidents sit down and talk to us. very hard to work out a solution to anything if the parties -nvolved don't talk. so finally he agreed to talk to us today. he had the democratic caucus down at the white house yesterday. he has been meeting with senators from both sites, and he
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invited our caucus to come down. the speaker said we want this to be a productive meeting. and so i guess about 16 of last, the leaders and committee chairman went down. lou: and whaa is being proffered by the republicans seems to be a very simple deal. that is, a 6-week extension to the debt ceiling, but obviously senator reid, the senate majority leader is agitated with that prospect because it does not reinstate, if you will, a government thaa is still 90% functional. what do you think is going to unfold here? >> well, senator reid was not in the room, so i do not know what he is saying. i do know that the president seems to me to be very genuine in reaching out to try to come to some kind of an agreement.
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and the way we left it is he is going to talk some more with his people. we are talking now, angst ourselves. we have leaders and staff at the table right now working on things that we want to go back to the white house with. hey, i will be here as long as you want. our plan is to get back to him tonight. if there is some kind of -- it looks like we can come together. maybe we can move pretty prickly. attthat point there will be the president to bring harry reid and nancy pelosi and the senate democrats, senators, democrat members of the house to the table. hopefully there will follow there present. lou: as a speaker lays out, this is going to be approached this evening. his staff from the house working with the staff of the white
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house to come to some particular deal. is there any particular benchmark that has to be reached? is there any particular outstanding issue that you all discussed in that room they believe can be reconciled within the next, say, six hours? >> no, we got to the point where we did not have specific things that we were ready to present them. at that time we decided it was best that we break out and start working on some specifics. he was very amenable to that. we were very amenable to that. we are moving forward on that basis. the same time, you have a diverse caucus. is it your sense that there is foundation within the caucus to move forward? united? do you think that it is still
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too early, too vague, too and structured cops to make a speculation? >> we had representatives from all parts of the caucus. that does not mean that you unanimously speak for the caucus but other than that i do think it is too early. i think that we need to put together our ideas. we need to see if the white house is willing to accept them. we will be meeting pro wave by tonight. one to each and number of issues if. the administration with trying part of the aid to egypt. motivated apparently by a desire to have an egyptian government be inclusive with islamist
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>> we have to be very careful about telling another government how they should set up their governments. we have not been too successful at that. we have to be careful also with egypt. i met with leaders in the region , and they say that egypt is the crown prince of the middle east. we have been very -- they have been good allies of ours, military leaders have been trained by ours. we have a close relationship there. i think it is important that we norris the relationships and let them know that we are supportive of them and supportive of them coming up with a democratic, democratically elected president and administration, whenever with a structure it. but i think they are very important in the region.
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one of the leaders of one of the neighboring nations told me, if egypt goes it is all gone. i think with the tensions that we have, it is important to keep a strong relationship with egypt lou: i want to touch on to other items. the budget itself. whenever deal is reached i know that you are most interested, focused the most intensely on the miiitary budget. is it your sense that any further spending would be in jeopardy as a result of whenever negotiations take place? >> no. i think the intent is that the military has been cut more than they should be. the 4,807,000,000,000, the 500 billion, sequestration, that is more than they can sustain and continue to carry out the mission. so i think any further cuts -- in fact, this sequestration we
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need to fix because that gets more than they arr able to withstand. so i am not looking for an increased cat in defense but just the opposite. lou: i want to on the touch upon the military death benefit. the senate approved the house measure today to restore benefits that were cut. there are a number of interpretations. the defense department's, you disagree, but they have been restored by the senate. how important and how much would you like to say thank-you saw all of the folks had fisher house for stepping in to solve a problem which should never have been? >> you are right. we thought it was covered in the legislation we passed to pay the military. we found that we need to do further legislation to satisfy the justice department. we did that. i'm glad this and picked it up. after the meeting tonight when
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the president came to shake hands, i tell them we need that fixed. he said, that is done, you know. he assured me that he will sign it and they will take care of that immediately. he talks to a couple of the families of those that were lost today. it should not have happened, but it should be fixed. going forward, that type of thing should never happen again. lou: we thank you for being with us. congressman buck mckeon. >> thank-you. lou: up nnxt, the white house will not say how many people have successfully signed up for obamacare. could it be if they don't know? surely not. some states by telling us. the numbers are outright ugly. we will take it up in the "chalk talk". much more straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ customer en swenson ordered shs om us online
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at least a decade away from a possible drug for human beings. and new study pinpointing two genes that significantly increase a person's risk for eating disorders. it could pave the way for the development of more targeted treatments for those disorders. in washington, house speaker hammered obamacare on the house yesterday. here he is. >> what a train wreck. how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that does not work? how can we get big business is a tax break and leave hard working families of nicole. lou: of the latest facts and figures show exactly that. take a look. an admitted supporter and programmer says this about health care, the government's obamacare site.
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i would be ashamed and embarrassed if my organization delivered something like that. quite a testimonial. he went on to say it was not designed well, was not implemented well and looks like no one tested it. how bad was the implementation? a new associated press poll finds glitch is prevented nine in ten people who tried to buy insurance on the site were prevented from doing so. nine in ten. failure. they just today by insurance? well, we can answer that here tonight. in hawaii no one, no one has enrolled for their exchange. zero. and in iowa, stepping out. five people have signed up for obamacare. this is incredible. and maryland's eight it out of
7:27 pm
the park in relative terms. 326 people signed up for obamacare in the entire state. the obama administration goal, 7 million people. good luck with that because obamacare is going to need it. and forth, so, what is this a glitch-ridden embarrassment3 costing all of the taxpayers?3 a new report out puts the figure at half a billion dollars. that is more money than it took to create initially facebook, the second most popular website. and it linkedin, the sixth most popular site command twitter, the eighth most popular. histogram, the 22nd most popular. facebook, linkedin, twitter, as to grant. and health care, this thing is the 400th most popular.
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i would point out one difference health care is government. these folks are all about free enterprise. with all of that it is no wonder the obama white house refuses to tell us how many people nationwide have signed up for obamacare. we will find out. it is just going to take a little while. we're coming right back. deal, no deal. president obama and house leaders meet at the white house. the "a-team" breaks down the state of play in the nation's capital. next. ♪ so can rch ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? wha's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your mules? i do... drink water. it's a long story.
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lou: congressional staff are working with the white house staff on a proposal of a short-term increase of the debt ceiling. this appears to be a significant move of the
7:32 pm
impasse of washington as the president needs with senate republicans tomorrow senior washington and correspondent this looks good. >> may be. they met at 90 minutes tonight they did not agree or for how long or how much or to reopen the government but to keep talking. >> we had a very you useful meeting as to where we are and the take away was the teams will be talking further tonight. we will have more discussions to consult with the it ministration and hopefully we can see a way forward after that. >> but the white house is
7:33 pm
downplaying any type of deal but a least they're talking and perhaps circling around the deal. lou: no negotiation from circling around? that sounds pretty good. joining us now from the "a team." doug shoen, judith miller, mark simone. to death this is a significant break but the president would not negotiate but the staff is? >> in i would just keep one thing in mind the republicans popularity was at 28 percent that was the 10-point drop i think the
7:34 pm
party is in terrible trouble >> hughes said the congressional staff and white house staff by did not feel great relief. with the government shut down we could default the meeting was 90 minutes to use the gifts they had a crisis it would only be 90 minutes? they will nottleave the room >> we're not talking about a solution that maybe six or seven or eight week extension to negotiate again. we all agree with democrats or republicans. originally it was obamacare but it is one big the enormous problem. lou: they have moved from defunding obamacare to the
7:35 pm
issue of the debt ceiling increase in the issue of default that is now considered absurd as the presidency just without a debt ceiling increase will result in default to send us into a recession is utter nonsense. >> i thought nonessential government workers? there are a bunch of them. and it's good to the armed services committee with the latest form policy decision what are your thoughts? >> i am worried about egypt. absolutely the entire ball game it is the most enduring part to say we will flip the
7:36 pm
baby we will give you a little bit of aid but not yet there have for some on hold and the egyptians reacted with fury and i lou: theory and the government? >> at the administration because they are making these decisions. lou: it even americans don't take that time. [laughter] it is a life-and-death issue for egypt and thee3 administration seems to be faltering. is that considerable reason the approval rating has dropped 37%? >> with the debt crisis to pay $50 billion per year in foreign aid you have to make a cut. >> come on.
7:37 pm
>> much of that is labeled for economic assistance. we need that. >> almost everything going to egypt is military, a counterterrorism assistance. >> is the only choice to support them. we have to push to take a pass to democratic rule and stand behind secular is some lou: the last time somebody talked about the regime in egypt was president obama that mubarak has to go and they messed up really. how about we say this is your country do better? >> but for our stability as a nation. >> those are big words. >> why should we tell any government what to do? >> it can facilitate the unrest throughout the region.
7:38 pm
we need our allies and egypt is a critical ally in we should have stood with mubarak and we didn't. i agree the policy has been bad but we have to stand for something. lou: this is a reprisal to work going hrough the misjudgments of the middle east. >> that's true. >> perhaps maybe we should pull in our horns and how about a little modesty? we need to start backing up because the 50 billion by the way i disagree but the fact is that is what we are borrowing from china to send to egypt to send it to other allies. >> look at what they're doing around the world they are spending more we have to stand up because we are unique and exceptional and unless we assert ourselves
7:39 pm
we put the world at risk. >> 30 years ago we got rid of the russians now we're almost inviting them back and. but we're not sure now. lou: but we have not acknowledged that vladimir putin is the leader a arguably of the most powerful country on the planet. i think there is room to start thinking deeper and better and broader and you are here and i appreciate it. go to our social sites lou or e-mail me at or follow me on twitter. riddled with corruption the city of detroit receives some justice as one of the
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men responsible for the debacle is held accountable. significantly. in court. justice meets up. next. stay with us. 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. aratoga in982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and bause usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin yuregacy. getn auto insurance quo. usaa. weknow what it means serve.
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lou: a federal judge sentenced k.t. mcfarland to bear the former mayor patrick -- kilpatrick 28 years in prison for corruption charges including extortion, racketeering, bri bery and tax fraud. the 43 year-old democrat created when a system now in the bay and corrupt city of detroit the city became up for grabs for the right price and he was setting the price. , a federal shutdown crating of potential for fraud for workers applying for unemployment benefits and double dipping is the issue
7:44 pm
now how the states will collect the benefits when the federal workers are paid retroactive back pay. we have the report. >> date number 10 of the federal shutdown. not unemployed but furloughed. but they are starting to collect state unemployment checks. >> we do have responsibilities. >> there may be at chad coming that i can pay my rent. >> they will process roughly 4 billion of claims and maryland will he about 6 million representing less than 10 percent of those eligible for benefits. >> perhaps 400,000 or less than that federal employees have been furloughed that could receive the unemployment benefit. >> with spending money congress says federal workers will eventually get
7:45 pm
paid for time off so they will be paid twice back pay and unemployment. >> that will create a situation that there will be over payments to the federal employees that the states will be expected to collect back. >> but it is not clear if they can force them to pay the money. >> they are milking the system. >> they plan to write letters collecting that they return the money. critics say it will not work >> they need to tell federal employees anybody who does not repay state employment benefits will be immediately terminated. >> i'd like the private sector workers agencies are exempt it comes at of the general fund that is broke
7:46 pm
so it is up to the state to collect the overage. lou: thank you. despite the failed rollout with the house of representatives to take up immigration movies gutierrez it talks about his brand new book still dreaming is comprehensive immigration reform likely to be a reality? we will take it up with the congressman. next. bny mellon turns insights like these for a university endowment. strategies. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bnmellon.
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lou: and actor james woods says he doesn't ever expect to work again after criticizing the president saying that this president
7:50 pm
is a true abomination to barricaded world war two debts but allow illegal aliens privilege he is just the small man he refuses to appear on the cable news show so he does appear to want to work in hollywood again. thousands of protesters at the national mall tuesday despite a partial shutdown rallying for immigration reform. my next guest one of those arrested says there is hope for immigration reform and amnesty. joining us now is3 congressman movies could tear as also the author of the new book still dreaming from the bar rio to capitol hill. great to have you. >> i just thought of this i
7:51 pm
think about the book and how many authors get arrested on the national mall with the new book? >> if the ada to be there on the mall. >> how do you react to those who complained about illegal immigrants and our veterans their children in families on the mall? it is a partisan exercise. >> this is what i think. they have a right they were recognized the same day as the caribbean that's coming from p.r. and many died in korea.
7:52 pm
there congressman charlie rangel of he was serving. >> be exercised the first amendment rights they were elected. brought about. i am so happy i was born here in ttis country in the united states of america hundreds of us. lou: we know that from reading your book. lou: that is what i like. about you we can argue about the agreement it is a great country. let's fight to. [laughter] >> what is the book about? a kid whose mom and dad come
7:53 pm
there was something and do not understand the language not even a coach but a grade school education and they work hard but the kids can go into the oval office to sit across of the president of the united states to be on lou dobbs on cable network that is a good story of what people our able to do. that is so we like to talk about. lou: that is why you were here. your inspiration story and we have argued a few times. >> i liked it best when you came to chicago. [laughter] >> we had a few hits. [laughter] lou: the idea as the american dream leave the one
7:54 pm
thing the one reason that you got the break you became who you are was a public-school? always the great equalizer? >> i have to say my dad and my mom my first examples. she would wake up very early to take two buses to work and my dad drove a cab. i had to drive one for about three years of my life. my dad said after so much effort and money after doing so much you are in the same place i said it is thh beginning. i want to provide for my wife and my daughter is all that i can do. i want to always have self-respect so of driving a cab is what i have to do i
7:55 pm
will. they really showed me the value of hard-working and tenacity and moving ahead as might father passed away he said the best they i ever did for you to take you to p.r. my a parents were devout catholics saw robert kennedy and j.f. kennedy assassinated facing turmoil and gain this and you want to know something? it is pretty good far away from the big city of chicago but i think we've made the right step we are a reflection of our parents although we think we're different. lou: you are fortunate to have parents that support
7:56 pm
and their although so many ignore how important they are. >> it is absolutely critical. but we live in a flat in chicago. the devil got let my grandson live on the second floor to drive me crazy so they live on the first floor so we have four of us to grandparents and a mom and dad in that is equivalent of today's society so we surround him and nurture him that he will grow up to be strong. lou: we wish you the best. we recommend the book too highly of mine everywhere.
7:57 pm
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neil: the government health care fights our up but the cost keeps going up. i am charles paid id for rabil cavuto to across 360 million facebook spent 300 million over six years but the cost at least $634 billion before it the one signed up. the foyer the news get involved the health care exchanges


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