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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the show if you didn't catch us live, have a great night, okay thanks. lou: the federal government back on the job today but it doesn't appear we're any better off for their more than two week vacation, i am lou dobbs. good evening, federal employees are back to work, after 16 days off. but they appear to be the only real beneficiaries of the shut down, congress last night approved government funding through january 15, raised debt ceiling through february 7. that means we have about three months to go before we could be right back where we began. the national parks are reopen, and zoos beloved panda cam is
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streaming again. but so is the national debt, streaming toward 17 trillion-dollars and beyond, any day now. our members of congress, this president, and his administration will benefit from generous subsidies to buy health plans on the obama care echarges. that small tweak in last night's deal for a tougher verycasion process for the rest of america, could ac amoney to symbolism, te is one unforeseen legislative contry vance to result from this creation of a new budget conference committee, task with finds common ground between the house and the senate, centers patty murray and jeff sessions, congressman paul ryan, and chris van holland to work on returning a spending plan to both chambers
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by the 13 of december. there is snow appropriate comment on that. then the president, ed henry reports that mr. obama is still blaming republicans for just about everything, his prerogative because he did whip them. >> reporter: he called again for a new tone in washington, president obama started his remarks by suggests that republicans who opposed him who forced show down in first place, are irresponsible. >> because democrats, and responsible republicans came together. the first government shut down in 17 years is now over. >> reporter: president's effort to turn the page on the ugly budget battle included shots at media from conservative talk radio to unspecified bloggers. >> we need to stop focussing on on lobbyists, and bloggers, and talking heads to radio. and focus on what the majority
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of americans send us here to do. >> reporter: republicans noted it of president's own aides who have been calling their opponents hostage takers and terrorists. >> president spoke about the divisive language in american poll teaks, he is the leading cause, we've seen for three weeks they have out right demonized anyone that disagrees with their position. >> reporter: his top aides celebrate the reopening t government. high 5s, to vice president joe biden bringing muffins. serving up a brief lecture of his own. >> for a moment, putting our full faith and credit on the line, is just not responsible. >> reporter: white house officials know their criticism pails in comparison to handwringing within the g.o.p. >> i think that the scolding, if you call it, that was less severe than some republicans have received from members much their own party. >> reporter: potential damage done to republicans ahead of
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next year hid term elections is -- midterm elections is apparent, in july, rasmussen poll showed democrats ahead by a thin margin, as of midding on ding on october, democrats have gained 6 points, and president highlights three areas, a broader budget deal, immigration reform. >> you don't like a particular policy, or a particular president. argue for your position. go out and win an election. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders, note that house republicans did win their elects from 2012, and control that chamber. and are getting cover from the senate republicans, who voted against the think about deal, and say that fight over healthcare continues. >> this law is not ready to be implemented, something is wrong. >> reporter: president out theed
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that annuaedthat an -- touted tl budget deficit -- >> and when president complained about a previous debt ceiling fight that hurt the economy, but provided spending cuts that lowers the deficit. lou. lou: thank you, ed. >> ed heenery. >> wall street enjoying the brief reprieve from beltway drama, stocks recovered. following somewhat weaker than expected earnings reports but slightly better than expected economic reports. the dow down 2 points, s&p up 12, closing at new record high, enazdaq up 24 on the day. president is expected to nominate a new homeland security secretary tomorrow afternoon. at the white house. jehjohnson who reviewed and approved military operation before they are set on defense secretary for final decision, johnson served in college. and early supporter of mr. obama's first presidential
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campaign, how early? johnson was with him in 2006. homeland security has been without a confirmed leader since late august that is what janet napolitano left. >> we have details about why your commander in chief and department of defense were unprepared to explain the attacks in benghazi, james rosen with the report. >> reporter: investigators if republican majority on house arm services subcommittee tell fox news they have determined no military sponsors reeuplan could s reto renew their focus on this press release. said president obama met that
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day to discuss steps taken to process u.s. persons and facilities abroad on eve of 11 anniversary of september 11. congressional sources say that general dempsey and his classified testimony, cast those meeting as casual, and general carter, then commander of u.s. africa command that has jurisdiction. >> white house to take that position they did all they could, and invited people into to the discussion, i would hope in future they would know vita commander in theater, that has been most knowledge about is need. >> dismissing questions about press release, white house press secretary carney suggested someone other than commander in chief should be held to account. >> when it comes to how u.s. military, positions its assets, that is a question best answered by department of defense. and by commanders but.
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you get no argument here. from the suggestion that there was not adequate security there. >> accordingly, investor get or say they want to hear from defense secretary at the time, leon panetta to see what he recalls about pre9/11 session on force fosture and readiness, fox news attempted to ask panetta about it, but moderator would not permit if and his office did not respond. at the white house carney waved off a question about september 10 release. >> available. as you did with susan rice talking point. >> james, i think we're done here, thanks. >> reporter:because jurisdiction is limited to u.s. -- they cannot subpoena white house documents but they told fox news they are working in tandem with other house committee. lou: thank you, james.
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>> new reports of a disturbing link between a deadly gun battle in mexico and an alleged arms trafficker who the obama administration officials allowed to operate freely, for years. documents obtained by cbs news, reveal a grenade used in drug cartel shootout last week, is linked to jean bauptiste kingery who u.s. officials watch allegedly smuggle grenades to mexico no are in 2009, and 10 but they did not arrest him, his case of overseen by same u.s. arizona attorney, and atf officer responsible for gunrunning operation "fast and furious," last week's firefight, partly captured on this video left three mex mebane polic mex4 cartel members dead. >> the debt ceiling standoff, and president spikes the
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football, and again, he should, it was a big win. joining us congressman kevin brady with a response from a leading house republican. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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lou: now that the government shut down ended, washington's focuses turns to another train week, specifically, obama care. a newly leaked memo shows the obama administration projected half a million people would sign up for obama care by the end of the month as of today. there are an estimated 49,000 people enrolled according to the advisory board company, just under 10% of the add -- administration's goal. the house republican
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congressional leadership, deputy whip, chairs the joint economic committee, a senior member of the ways and means committee saying as long as president obama takes serious action to cut spending and begin saving social security and medicare, we may face yet another government shut down three months from now. joining us, congressman kevin brady. congressman, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: do you think the newly created committee is serious action as you envisioned serious action? >> well, you know, of all the elements in the bill last night, which i don't support, it doesn't solve long term problem, but addresses the shut down and pay debts on time, but the budget conference may be the one productive part of it because it returns back to traditionally where the senate and the house sit down, the two issues they
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could help resolve, one, redesign the sequester savings to make sense, and, secondly, you know, we're doing the continuing resolutions, crs, but we're funding the priorities of the government from four years ago. there's a chance they could actually sit down and agree on how to fund the priorities of the coming year, realistically, though two could be helpful. lou: helpful? i'm watching, frankly, paul ryan standing there are senator murray, congressman van hollen, and senator sessions. senator sessions represents a strong conservative voice there. i have a hard time understanding and envisioning how this group of folks is going to work anymore effectively. everyone in the democratic party, it seemed, was trying to roll back the budget control act of 2011 and blow through the
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budget camps installed as a result of sequester. aren't you guys really just, you know, a real tough, tiff quare ri? >> it will be tough, but there is commonground in the sense that we're not going to change the sequester levels. those were modest savings, important, but very modest that need to stay in place. both parties agree they are not built to last, poorly designed, cuts way too much out of defense, has, i think, the numbers all wrong. both parties might be able to work that out, and then, also, the cr after cr, the temporary funding, i think that has run its course for both parties. it'll be tough, no question, for them to agree on what the numbers ought to be, but, yeah, there may be some commonground there. lou: any reason in the world right now, i mean, you republicans got your tails
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whipped by this president. >> yes, sir. lou: you all keep doing the the same thing it seems. we have a president who has not done much, but what he's done is disruptive, referring to obama care, that does in the have provision right now for a fix or refeel. you guys started with repeal, moved to defund, and then we're at last gasp, we won't talk about it anymore if you won't, mr. president, where are you all going from here? >> you know, there's no question, the president won this round. i'm not sure the american people won this round because we still have a health care law they strongly oppose, and now with this miserable rollout, lost less, or have less confidence in it. we have not solved the debt and deaf zit problems we have. the real key, lou, going forward, is this president has to decide what his legacy's
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going to be. the most devicive president in history or like reagan, bush, and clinton, sit down with the other party and work out big challenges including how we fix social security and medicare if he decides to stay the present course. i worry we'll see time after time this same fiasco roll out, and i just don't think that's healthy for the country or for either party. lou: you said if there was not serious action taken, we could go through this again in a few months, but by "this," you surely don't mean another shut down? >> no, i certainly hope not. i think everyone understands that the shut down is not for the the american people. for conservatives, didn't stop obamacare, the president had limited control over the government. that's not leverage for conservatives as that played
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out. i think on the debt ceiling, republicans are determined to pay debts on time and in full. we have to change the direction we're headed. we're going to need the president to actually engage, sit down, work now, or i think he may believe he won't take blame ever on the issues, but the american public knows there's one president, two parties, it's his responsibility to help lead. lou: you know, congressman, i point out to the audience, you say precisely leading up to the debacle over the course of 16 days, calling for reason in an intelligent approach to the debt ceiling, recognizing the need to pay debt and reduce long time. it's not as though this result was a conversion for chairman brady. he was there long before. we appreciate you being with us. appreciate it.
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congressman kevin bray kingery. >> thank you, lou. lou: they have not finished the coffee before the president demanded, that's right, immmgration reform. we bring you up to date on the president's favorite topic, seemingly, next. ♪ e ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon. always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal
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lou: the number of foreigners seeky asylum in this country is rising, the number of requests is rising dramatically acording to homeland security more than 27,000 immigrants made credible claims after seeking asylum after entering u.s. illegally over the last year, up from 11,000 company cases in 2012, and 3,000 in 2008. the data, shows that vast majority of those asylum requests come from those entering the united states through mexico. >> president obama placing comp monthsive immigration re-- comprehensive immigration reform on the top of his agenda today, he wants congress to acts on his
7:24 pm
time frame. >> we should finish the job of fixing a broken immigration system. there is already a broad coalition across america that is behind this effort of comprehensive immigration reform. from business leaders to faith leaders to law enforcement. the senate has passed a bill with strong bipartisan support. lou: joining us, steve cam rado director of research at center for immigration studies, geneve wood, vice president of the heritage foundation. president now is barking about his time frame. his time schedule. what is your reaction? >> well, i don't think we should be surprised to hear this president has always been for the "gang of 8" bill passed. lou: nobody is surprised. >> no. but i think what people better look out for, and would warn
7:25 pm
this of conservative on the house. is if you have seen how unwilling, president obama was in terms of negotiations, about government shut down, and spending, if they think she going to come to the table and accept anything, related to immigration that does not include amnesty, which is what this is all about, then they are kidding themselves, they have to look out for, that harry reid, president obama, if amnesity is not on the tape else they are not -- table. they are not interested. lou: no one should be surprised boedby amest in i, the real is,n this president move this amnesty legislation through the house, and senate successfully ? >> he might, there are a lot of republicans who are willing to embrace a amnesty, a lot who are rightly sceptical. that is not just about amnesty this doubles the amount of legal
7:26 pm
imgrapimmigrants let in and guet workers it takes legal immigration from one million a year t to 2 million, it is important to think about that aspect of the bill. that he will be pushing. lou: you know i'm watching the heritage foundation, and heritage act group. genevieve, you are caught in a vortex, the republican party has always been the party of business. business is going one direction. and on the issue just concluded. and much of the republican party was going the other. on illegal immigration and amnesty we're seeing a cross current. a conflict. this looks like it may rupture and create fizzures that are lasting and profound, perhaps leading to a third party, what do you think. >> look, what is good for big business is not always good for the individual taxpayer, whether
7:27 pm
it is obamacare, i don't think that obamacare is good for big be either or illegal immigration and amnesty. we're looking out for the individual american citizen. and heritage foundation will keep doing, that but i, this is battle of obamacare, you will see it with immigration, the american people have a lot, rightfully so, questions about this kind of legislation. being put before them, another perfect example a lot of things in this we don't know it is there until it is passed just like obamacare, now you see is the american citizenry of both political parties, rising up saying, wait a minute, this not what we bargained for, we have to watch it 92 le. lou: let me ask you, all of that is well and good. but, i don't detect anywhere, first of you steve, then jen
7:28 pm
geneve, where is the intensity on the issue, a lot of talk and blust beamnestblusterabout amest in ie any great incontinuety on this issue, compared to the period of 2,006, and 2007. >> well, there has been a lot of other issues that people have had to think about. one thing that the pro amnesty people is they have co-opted a few key leaders, people who don't know were about the issue like a paul ryan and marco rubio, they are using them to bludgeon the party, they are tricking them, telling them these things, and they are going along. >> you saya that rubio and ryan are dupes of the pro amnesty crowd? >> i am saying they have been co-opted by tax of american at
7:29 pm
that pointaxpayer, andthe rule . lou: are we going to see a rise of intensity here. >> i think so. yeah, when people realize what they are pushing, doubling legal immigration amest inest amest i. >> we put out a report saying over 40 states that premiums are going up, as people get that and also seeing, that something like illegal immigration and amnesty will hurt the job market for many of those same people, i think you will see people rise up. i think once they are focused on the issue and president obama wants to make this an issue, let's go for it. lou: he has done so. today. thank you very much genevieve, and steve thank you. >> we're coming right back. stay with us. >> president obama said there are not any, but we respectfully disagree. political strategist brad
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lou: newark nai mayor cory book. won 55% of vote. that 11 point win is a lot closer than most people had expected. it fell short of expectations however that the election was a referendum on republicans in the tea party that expectation was by the way, a pushed out by some i think left-leans folks at washington, d.c. mainstream liberal media behaving like obama lap dogs, a new study, broke down government shut down coverage of the big three networks, abc, seeks cbs d
7:34 pm
nbc, performance. they found the networks aired front stories, blame -- front stories blaming the republicans for stalemate, 17 blamed both side, none. not one story that blamed democrats, there you are. president taunting republicans today telling them to go win elections if i want to change policies. i have to tell you, at the outset seemed reasonable to me, joining us former clinton advisory doug schoan. >> former member of george w bush senior staff, brad blakeman. you g.o.p.ars go out and win elections, i think he spoke truth. >> i think he did. i agree with president obama. you have to govern the hand that is dealt you. you cannot play the hand you
7:35 pm
wish you had. in this crisis, the republicans were playing a pair of deuces like they had a royal flush. at best the president had a pair of 5s, still does not win the game, republicans better regroup, we have another fight coming in less than 90 days, we can move through this, and deal with big issues that is entitlement. lou: is there a fight coming? if this were about, call them light weight division, this tight, in this division, president obama is cleaning their clock. >> brad is on to smog. -- smog, on each issue facing the country. the economy is job creation. and tax reform, the republicans were ahead. probably still are ahead of the president. right now. but they are not fighting on
7:36 pm
those issues, that is where the republicans need to go. lou: it is stunning to me, to see the republicans, and i have to say talking with congressman kevin brady, he made great sense. trying to talk reasonably and intelligently about the issues, and the tactics they were about to employee. and i just don't see them adapting, i don't see the focus who had their tails kicked adapting, why not? >> well, we can't let inmates run the asylum. the party has to be united. boehner gave them enough rope. we're far enough from 2014 to get our act together. the president wants success. if it was not for bad news, he would not make news. he needs success badly. the only way we'll change is to win elections and have good policies and good candidates.
7:37 pm
lou: they are not doing to do this until next year, if they were to prevail, they would not have a majority in senate. until the year after. this is a very long prospect for us to wait for good government through republican victory. >> it is. and having lost 5 of the last 6 popular votes in national elections, this most recent fight is brad, you were suggestions, does not auger well for when you are calling good government happening any time soon. bottom line, brad is right, the president is not caring a spate flush -- spate flush straight e best a pair of 5. lou: we're a land that seems to be deserves better than what we're getting. >> for sure. lou: from both political parties. >> absolutely. lou: from congress and senate. john boehner does he lose power,
7:38 pm
influence and perhaps position here? >> no, i think he learned a lesson as has the tea party caucus. you can't go into battle unless you plan to win, you have to proper votes necessary. this is a town that runs to math. really simple math. going and subtraction. either you have 219 votes or you don't. in senate you have to have in some cases 60 votes, if you don't have the votes, you request not advance the policy, do you think that president, assuming it passed house and senate, do you think he would have signed it? please. come on. crazy stuff. lou: you said town runs on mag, much is devoted to counting currencies of all kind. are we going to see any difference in outcome here over the course of next 100 days ? >> i don't see it, there is no reason to believe we'll have a successful budget commission now
7:39 pm
where we have failed so many times in the past. bottom line, i don't see as i think, brad, you don't, any real hope in the short-term for the republicans, to have any renaissance. they are more divided now than before. lou: how tired might many be to see one of the -- paul ryan stand up next to patty murray, as the if you will "avatar" for new ideas and invigorated republican party. >> i think house and senate need to come to reality, president said he wants immigration reform advanced immediately, guess what. republicans should say, no, no immigration reform. we're going to take care of the budget. we're going to take care of debt ceiling first. if you account appropriately and stay true to your word on negotiation then we'll talkigras senseless giving the president the ability to take on
7:40 pm
additional issue without solving the ones before him. >> the republicans need a pro growth agenda, beyond saying no to everything, and offering hope to the american people, i have no reason to believe they will. lou: thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: take a second to go to our social sites,, and find links to our facebook page, and twitter. check out, a new report on why the dollar is and will remain the world safe haven currency, despite the madness that is washington. up next, the president demands congress put u the shut down behind them, and get to work on his agenda. we're coming right back. (vo) you are a business pro.
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lou: the cato institute issuing
7:44 pm
a new study on food stamps, they say that america's fastest growing social welfare program is food stamps. amopping most troubling finding 48 million of us, receive food stamp benefits as a cost more than $78 billion a year. up from jus 17 million in 2000, program then cost taxpayers $18 billion. still, federal government and states continue to pour money into food stamp advertising, recruiting food stamp recipients in florida recruiters, have a quota to fill 150 new resi recis each month. president obama today added three new items to his 2013 agenda. >> passing a budget. immigration reform. farm bill.
7:45 pm
thee specific things that would make a huge difference in our economy right now, we can get them done by the end of the year. lou: let's do that count again, budget, immigration reform and a farm bill. remember his wish list from his february state of the union? he laid out his quote, new jobs plan. right here. how did that go? it went nowhere. then he said he wanted new infrastructure investments. that meaning spending that also went nowhere. he called for increase to federal minimum wage to $9 an hour, a slow day, she decided to throw that in, no movement. on that as well. he called for funding of universal preschool programs. do you get sense he is thinking about a socialist utopia in this? that has not occurred either. he called for new background checks for gun purchases, new
7:46 pm
gun restricts, a ban on assault weapons. the answer? no, no, no, no, no. it is just amazing. he called for an end to budgeting brinkmanship, we saw that did not work either. maybe some day. me called for negotiations on tax reform and medicare, and entitlement spending. but again, nothing has been done. yes, back in february, he called for immigration reform. it is october 17. 2 1/2 months remaining to the end of the year, what is the likelihood that we'll see anything happen? the president today demanding it as is his sort of his style. the house will be in session for
7:47 pm
23, 23 workdays to the end of the year. it means likely they will be in session for 26 days. now, you should not think about how many days you will are working between now and the end of the year. but this is president obama's schedule. and we have a funny feeling that president obama is not only now a lame duck, but he has put himself on the clock. up next. president obama grounding our space program long before the shut down. the last man to walk on the mo moon. captain gene sernan joining me next.
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7:51 pm
lou: a federal appellate court in san francisco is considered to resurvive a lawsuit by 3 high school students who were ordered to remove their three american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo, the parents said that school violated their children's rights to free speech, and equal protect, a ruling is not expected for months, we'll stay on the case, and let you know of developments as they occur. >> nasa workers heading back to work today following the government shut down. my next guest said that president-elect obampresident oe program long before that. joining us tonight, last man to walk on the moon cas astronaut
7:52 pm
captain eugene cernan. it is good to you have here gene. >> lou, god to be with you, you can watch me walk on the moon but we can't see each other from new york to houston. you said something, that caught my attention, if you know who is going to happen to country in next 4 could look at what happened to space program in last 4. you know. a half century going we were walking on the moon, 12 12 americans walking on the moon, and here we are, we can't even put a american in space on a made in usa piece of hardware to get to our own space station station. we don't have a space program, lou. and i'm not sure we will for some time in the future.
7:53 pm
lou: because the investment is massive. as you know commitment is so large brings so many entities, public and pr private together o move us into space, and move a man or a woman into space beyond the earth's you know immediate range. 300-miles. the idea that the people have ignored what happened to nasa. what is it about 600 people were in nasa during this shut down. i mean, this is monumentally -- >> it is a crime. it is short of a crime. we have you know we have three branches of government, but unfortunately we have a one-man rule, he is doing what he told us he was going to do, fundamentally transform america, from what i see, he started with the space program, it is
7:54 pm
incredible to read where we are today, the chinese-made a decision at this point in time, let's deamericannize the world. you know if we down wake up, if america does not wake up, and look and find out not where we've been, but where we're going, they will not like it in a few years to come. lou: i want to put up, i'd like to put up a graphic of the budget for nasa. back to no farther back than 2009. when president was inaugurated. $19.1 billion, it had by the way had been avis rated. but the president has gone beyond this president with trillion dollar deficits for 4 consecutive years. and a rounding error is the nasa budget, gene.
7:55 pm
it is just appalling. >> lou, you know, you know, what? 4 or 5 years ago we had a program called conis tha consten getting us to the balloon o -- o the moon by 2020. on a permanent basis, we had the shuttle program. today we have a private sector, it is not really, they are entrepreneurs but they are using our tax money to do what they do, god bless them, i wish them all of the success in the world, so far all we've been able to do is take clean laundry on the space station, let's get america back in space. you know it was not 12 guys who walked on the moon. it was you know half million to million americans backed by 250 other million who got us there. you know what happened to that
7:56 pm
part of -- my life, and of life of so many other people, who work with the space program. lou: and our best and our brightest, i mean, as i have said many time, the astronauts for me, my childhood, they were migrate heroes from the -- great mereos from the beginning, my stomach churns when i look at that budget, we have to do a catch ride with russia to get to the international space station. we may one day need, you know, i don't know what it will fak take maybe dollars 100 million with chinese to get there, it is incredible where we are today. >> you can correct plea on a me on a number, but roughly $60 million we pay the russians for every
7:57 pm
ride we get, and we pay europeans and japanese, we committed to take on the shuttle. lou: gene cernan great to talk to you geen, goo gene, good nigw york. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. ppy happy. i love logistics.
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