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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 19, 2013 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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charles: does the rally continue? >> yes. >> a little bit of a pullback next week. we have to come todadadadadadad. ♪ lou: washington may be trying to focus on the budget, but the nation's attention has turned to obamacare. obamacare now is unworkable, and affordable, and an almost unimaginable mess that appears to be getting worse. i am lou dobbs. the. ♪ good evening, everybody. capitol hill is silent for now, but next week republicans in congress will soldier on kamal the oversight hearings on why the obamacare exchange website three years in the making is such a stunning failure and
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embarrassment to the administration. technical experts have not been shy in expressing their views. some telling "usa today" that health care website was built using 10-year-old technology that may require a total overhaul. the health and human services department is simply dysfunctional and wasted three years of run-up time, hundreds of millions of dollars, and still has no one in the department's management who has any idea how to create the exchange that is at the very heart of obamacare. how clueless is the obama administration and the health and human services department? federal officials reportedly did not test the obamacare website until one week before its launch. as a result, most people still cannot access the site, cannot enroll in the program, and if they do the information is reportedly unusable by the insurers to support the exchange
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. insurers are complaining that they are not getting accurate data from the few people who do manage to apply for a obamacare plant in ipod key. the advisory board is a research firm that has been tracking enrollment. it says about 50,000 people have actually successfully and rolled out of 1,803,000 who managed to access the site. 50,000 people have enrolled in just under three weeks. 50,000. to put that number in context, 200,000 people, four times the number enrolled in obamacare have signed up on line to be among the first people to colonize mars once the technology becomes available. it is no wonder that health and human services secretary kathleen sibelius' refuses to testify before congress.
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fox news chief national correspondent reports on the peace train wreck that is obamacare. >> the new website is intended to sign of millions of uninsured, still moving at the speed of molasses with reports of insurers having to handle applications by hand because the website made some many mistakes, all of which analysts find absolutely astounding. >> i am standing here. it 50 companies that could deliver web technology for consumers just by being -- walking down the street. they did not use any of those because they cannot get through the government contract in. >> it used old technology and insisted on putting all the pieces together itself, which she compares to building our own house. >> you decided to do the contractor and an electrician and a plumber work for you, but you will be the person that put it all together and made it work and did not know what you were doing. >> reporter: former white
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house spokesman robert give states a similar view saying the administration better get it together. >> the onus is to get the oval loud for the website rights of that this works every get a plane full of silicon valley engineers. get them there to start build in the website tonight. let's start getting something that works. >> reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi brushing off concerns. she was asked if the web sites are now working better, should the plan be delayed. >> no. it has nothing to do. it is about technology. >> that, of course, is why it is not working. in maryland, once hailed as a model of how would would work, the government wants it will take more time saying my sense of it is probably for the next month or so, month and a half we will be working out glitches in the portal. while insurance companies can correct wrong or duplicates information now by calling up and manually checking it, that will be impossible if the administration ever gets the
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numbers it predicts. government should have tested more and earlier and from many different scenarios when problems were found out politicians pushed ahead. >> the politicians, when things started going wrong rather than getting out of the way and letting the technicians of the the have been calling them up saying, this is got to work. has to work now. fix it now. >> the administratiodid not want to miss is on deadline. there is a rule of thumb. have generals five worse, not politicians. politicians are no better at setting up websites and should have put the tech people in charge. lou: thank you. the disaster is the obamacare rollout validates the critics of the president's massive health care plan and their warnings about the mismanagement of what is an operational disaster and, perhaps, a political catastrophe in the making, total train wreck comes to mind. fox news senior white house correspondent has our report.
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>> with the government back up and running and the threat of default at least temporarily postponed president obama was happy to get back to issues like naming a new secretary of homeland security. the obamacare rollout problem that had been obscured by the fiscal crisis now got more attention. >> nobody is more insistent that the work be done and the experience be improved and the president, as he has made clear, but there's no question that the work is not done and there are still problems. >> reporter: outside the tea party there was broad agreement that shutting down the government to force changes in the affordable care act was bad political strategy in part because it overshadowed problems and the role of the republicans might have used more effectively to make the case for the late. >> at the very least they were mistaken and confused, and really, it does not matter and should all be delayed as a result of these horrendous developments. >> reporter: given the president's former spokesman says people should lose their jobs for the poorly handled rollout. former domestic policy advisor
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still has her eyes on the price. >> the exchange rollout is highly problematic. health care itself, sitting on top of the fact that americans now know if they lose their job they can have health care. >> reporter: hours after signing the bill and restarting the government mr. obama's said no one wanted the standoff. publicans drew more of the blame, but people were upset with both sides. >> they are not working together or making any sense. >> reporter: still, the lawmaker who drew more criticism than any other was -- >> i will do anything and continue to stop the train wreck that is obamacare. >> reporter: democratic senator patty murray and paul ryan said it would immediately get to work crafting a budget to avoid another crisis. mr. obama's says he is willing to consider cuts as part of a balanced package. republicans object to the new tax revenue. meanwhile, with the nation's debt topping 17 trillion senate
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minority leader mitch mcconnell has rul out another government shut down in the budget fight. the tea party victory find it declared him a fake conservative former alaska governor sarah palin is calling for a congressional shake-up that begins in kentucky with the reelection bid next year. lou: thank you. obamacare and shut down politics spilling over into the race for the governorship of virginia. it traditionally rent state that has gone obama blue in the last two presidential elections. this weekend both candid it's raise the stakes with high-powered surrogates, joining them on the campaign trail with less than three weeks to go before the election day. fox news chief political correspondent paul cameron with our report. >> reporter: democrat leaves the race by more than seven points in an average of recent polls. outspent in a relentless exchange of attack ads.
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>> she tried to change the viejo divorce law to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage. >> he is just way too extreme. >> reporter: spent $20 million tens of thousands of fans, 71 percent have been attacks. he and his backers have spent $12 million, 49 percent attack. this one is named despicable. >> an insurance scam. >> reporter: both national parties are using viejo has a testing ground. democrats think since 2012 the gop has done little to reach out to minorities and women and are hammering hard. >> in trading on personal decisions, interferingaccess to. >> reporter: being used by left-wing special interest to supplant the american dream with an ever interested in any state. >> this is virginia, and we won't let you detroit us. you will not california virginia
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with regulations. >> reporter: leading every poll, hillary clinton campaign saturday. the top and most controversial fund-raiser during the clinton 90's. separate companies -- and this is the brother, now embroiled in a federal investigation into potential fraud. >> desperate to shift attention away from the news about this potential investigation. the chinese financing his business. you just can't trust him. >> reporter: voters are turned off and turnout is expected to be low which could help him come from behind. energized and angry. in a low turnout race is campaigns with passion on a side often pull it off. lou: thank you. much more on the politics of the government shut down and obamacare coming up with the "a-team." stay with us. we're coming right back. the shutdown is behind us. it is time for, yes, another super committee.
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congresswoman dianne black sets on the budget conference committee, and she joins us next. ♪
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lou: breaking news. the obama administration announced that it is resuming white house public tours next month. access to the people's house, however, will be limited to three days per week as opposed to the normal five. the taurus, as a result of the sequestered budget cuts. on wall street today, stocks finished the week higher, much higher. the dow gained 28 points, s&p up 11 closing and a new record high. the nasdaq up 51. it was a heck of a week. the dow up 1%, s&p up nearly two and a half%. the nasdaq posting gains of more
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than 3 percent on the week. the wilshire 5,000 measuring the week's gains of more than half a trillion dollars. surging nearly 14% above 1,000 per share for the first time ever. the market capping 335 billion making it the third largest american company behind exxon and apple. and late word tonight, a tentative deal, of $4 billion tentative agreement with federal housing regulators. the deal settles claims that it misled fannie and freddie about the quality of the mortgages that is sold in during the housing boom and the subsequent league bust. well, the government shut down is over, but the work is just beginning for a group of lawmakers now responsible for coming up with a long-term budget deal by the 13th of december. joining us, one of the 29 members of the budget conference committee, congressman dan black
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also serves on both the budget committee, the house ways and means committee. congressman, i have to say, another super committee. you all have to have had great luck with super committees. why another one? >> this is not a super committee. this is regular order, and i am glad that we are finally getting back to it. this is what our constitutional forefathers put out into what we should be doing. this is what their intent was. we would work together and do this by conference committee. that is what -- we are back to regular. lou: as to the proceedings. hearings and people may actually know what is going on in committee, which i think is a terrific idea and would hope that it will be followed throughout congress and the senate, of course. but you were also one of the 144 republicans to oppose opening the government backed out. how is all of this going to
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work? you and patty murray are of little distance apart here. >> that is what the conference committee is about, trying to find common ground where we can work together. obviously the senate budget is different in the house. but there will be things that we can find in common because i think we will both agree that what we need to do is move forward. we need to make sure that we are looking at what is best for this country, getting our economy rolling, getting people back to work and getting our deficit under control. and so we will set those common principles and move forward. lou: i hope that those are common principles that translate into real action. i thought the president the other day made a splendid speech after his victory over the republicans on the shut down and the debt ceiling deal. i thought it was the right thing. but i have heard him say the right things before. and for republicans say the right things. what do you think the odds are?
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be honest. what to you think the odds are that this committee, whether you call it a separate committee or the budget conference committee that results from a deal, what are the odds you can actually get something done that will profoundly, significantly, meaningfully stop government spending levels at this height and actually curtailed deficits and subsequently debt? >> i am always an optimist on moving forward, and will tell you the one thing that encourages me is that we have been able to work together in the ways and means will. working together. taking a seller around the company talking about tax reform. it can be done. going to be hopeful that this can be done and looking forward to getting back into congress. guys out.
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lou: you have been among the forefront of warning about the train wreck that is obamacare. it is upon us now. 50,000 people basically have been rolled successfully in the program in almost three weeks. this is an unmitigated disaster. the administration refuses to acknowledge that even though it is one of the principal sponsors . the huge train wreck six months ago. still in the dead. what happens next? >> as you say, we have been talking about this four or five months. i was on your show at one point in time and talked about the government accountability office telling us that this was not ready. then missed all the markers of testing the system, and it was not going to be ready. i am concerned, obviously, i want people not being able to get on and do what they need to
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do, but i am concerned about the security measures. this is a train wreck. i cannot imagine what it is going to be like if we start fighting about people's personal information being stolen, stolen identity timesaver security. i am not confident at all that they are where they need to be in that arena. lou: this is not a programmatic problem but a technical problem. horrifying as it may be to the minority leader, is also a programmatic problem. people are absolutely stunned when they look not only at the premiums but also in the case where there are subsidies, people in the congress and white house will have subsidies. other folks as well. there is a huge deductible for millions of people that they simply never even envisioned. why isn't there some effort to be straightforward about what a mess this is on the part of the
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administration? they should have taken your offer of a one-year delay on the individual mandate. >> vote, they should have, but there is also another piece. my bill, h.r. 2775 is the vehicle that the use to put. and they corrupted my bill. they never. the tax side of the house where there would be income verification, the inspector general would verify that there was a system set up that would verify people. when the subsidies are given out coming year is another problem. there is not in the real truth verification. it has been said that it is still the honor system. now what they actually did was corrupted my bill. the house and secretary to say, she can certify that there is some sort of a program to verify the income. we know the system is not working and now we will adjust the secretary, we just have a train wreck as a result of what
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she has put forward. there will be terrible abuse and the program because of that. there's a reason why we continue to say delay this. i'm telling you that we will see worse things happening eventually it was just totally repealed. now it feels like deja vu because we're seeing at the national level. lou: we thank you for being with us. lou: we want to put that on the record. they do so much. >> thank you so much. lou: a big announcement tonight. starting today, fox business network, tune into channel 113 for your favorite shows including this one, i hope.
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in the car, on the go. 113. coming up, more than 70 percent of americans who don't have health care are still unfamiliar with the obamacare exchanges. what does that say about the disastrous role of? with all of the answers coming up here next. stay with us. ♪
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lou: our national debt soaring to a 1-day record, more than 300 billion. the first day the federal government officially allowed to borrow money in amen the most of it. that officially puts our debt, by the way, over the $17 trillion mark, as you can see, for the first time ever. it would be stunning if it was the second 1/3. joining us now, national review columnist and "wall street journal" opinion page editor. director for the tea party news network. thank you all for being here. this administration has a hard time, it seems, managing anything. this is really -- do you think that this is such a disaster
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that we may actually see the repeal of obamacare? >> i think obamacare will bankrupt itself. we sit here and you filibusters' , the reality is there is no way these numbers can sustain themselves in the economy that we are in today. resting on the backs of 27 year old there is no way will be a success. it is just time. lou: are you of the mind that the republicans could have just let obamacare role and not gotten into the contretemps is over the debt ceiling and simply let what happens happen. >> is certainly looks that way. the fundamental mistake that the republicans make, ted crews said people will like obamacare. it will be much harder to get rid of. that assumption was wrong. a lot of proponents agree. i have to say, they were not even able to get a websiterunni. obamacare, you know, the analogy
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to a train wreck is a little unfair to train wrecks because trains are at least designed in such a way that they're capable of working. obamacare was going to fall apart anyway because the economics of a completely destroyed. they cannot even get the website to work, and then the ways in which the website does not work actually probably accelerate the decline of obamacare, the so-called death spiral. lou: is seems to have afflicted the program itself rather than the consumers of the program. john, this is a administration that is not managing anything well. a seemingly cannot imagine -- manage anything well other than its campaign organization. that it does brilliantly. >> president obama's commissioner of social security until last february. he once even when this website does work it will be an identity
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theft bonanza because so much information will be able to be abstracted and misused. the four states that have functioning exchanges because they set them up themselves. washington state is one of them. eventually if you spend enough money you will get a website. washington state has signed up, the last number was 12 or 13,000 enrollees, but over 80 percent signup for medicaid. they are not getting new people why they did not have private insurance or young people who will, of course, helps sustain. if those numbers are replicated the debt spiral will take place because the economics don't work. lou: program medically they have to have -- it is to map people between the ages of 18 and 35. they need 7 million enrollees overall. at this point it looks like at this rate they are talking about half a million toland raleigh's
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by the deadline if the 50,000 number correct and the corrected data estimations continue. what are the republicans going to do? this looks like a political bonanza just as much as it is a political catastrophe in the making for the obama administration. >> first we have to realize that the chilly only one-quarter of people that have been able to get on this web sites did anywhere. once they lose that it is more than likely they will not come back and visit. the filibuster literally brought the american people to focus on the issues where there might have just gone about their everyday lives. now the republicans double b to make sure we keep this on the front of the news and have it be the story. >> this is important. we just learned today taxes are due april 15th next year. you have to be signed at. you have until march 301st to get signed up. because of the irs administrative paper work you have to prove that you were
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signed of or you get fined up to 1 percent of your income. when that happens revolution in the streets. lou: i am among those who hope there is enough energy and vitality and vigor in the american people remaining to actually resist a monstrosity and an affront. like this program using up hundreds of millions of dollars. to what end? it is embarrassing to the administration. it is a humiliation for american technology, and this government's. >> i think the big question is, at what point does the obama administration admit that this is not working. so far you have obama and sibila is using the same kind of shifty language saying things like that will be the first to admit that things and not going completely as planned. that is what everyone knew one day number-one. lou: she was here talking about
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it six months ago. >> some of us were talking about a four years ago. when did they get to the point of saying that this is not working. we need to go to congress and ask for a delay. lou: this concludes our conversation. when does public integrity descend upon the administration? thank you for being here. we're coming right back. stay with us. house speaker tells president obama his caucus gave him a standing ovation. what will they give him next? former house majority leader tom delay on his future and that of the republican
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lou: newly released surveillance video shows that chilling ruthlessness of the terrorists who attacked a shopping mall in kenya last month. the video shows the gunmen who
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were armed with assault rifles and grenades, callously hunting down more than 60 people in that for date cease to murder them. at one point they took a break from the incessant gunfire to talk on their cell phones, to take turns about down in prayer. the video release comes on the same day that the u.s. embassy in neighboring uganda one americans living in that country to be on the alert with the possibility of a terrorist attack that could resemble the kenya mall massacre. my next guest says conservatives need to start getting a game plan together for the next big contest, and they have to, he says, go on the offense. joining us now, member of the republican, former house majority leader tom delay. good to have you with us. >> good evening. lou: i have to ask you. i talked to a number of folks
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here on this broadcast tonight, conservatives, republicans. and i get the feeling that there is not a sense that they need to change the way they're doing business. to you find that surprising, or do you concur? >> they being who? >> the republicans, the leader should, they being the speaker of the house to every member of the super committee and was formed. i just don't hear people. they're saying the same things about the budget. much the same things about obamacare that led to nothing. >> i am not sure i understand what you're talking about. what they need to do is change of there doing because it is not working. lou: you understood very well. that is the issue. >> it is the issue. and it is really unfortunate
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that it turned out the way it did. i personally believe that it was the right strategy. it is the strategy that we use in 1995 when we won. not only did we win, we got -- not only did we win, will be no welfare reform, balance the budget, had a surplus compared $650 billion. it was all because we stood strong on principle and did not give and. lou: you didn't, but bob dole did. >> yes, but we were into it for 21 days. he opened the government. by then bill clinton knew that we were serious. we brought him to the table. we gave him a few face-saving issues, but we still cut the budget cuts that the fire was all about it really got welfare reform and other things. he veto welfare reform twice, but we kept sending it to him. lou: so what did the republicans get this time?
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what did they win in this shut down? >> nothing. lou: okay. that is the point. the point being rather than 9596, you say this strategy was right, but the strategy was deleterious in the extreme to the agenda that they had expressed. >> no. this strategy was right. strategy was not carried out. remember. the republicans, over 30 republicans in the senate caved in and voted for this deal. eighty-seven republicans in the house voted for the deal. if they would have stuck by their guns, like obama did, obama did this same strategy, but he stuck to it and one. obama's said months ago that he was not going to negotiate and that he wanted a clean continuing resolution and the debt ceiling, and that was it and he was not going to talk to the republicans that is exactly
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what he did, and he got what he wanted. lou: to you think that the republicans right now know how to formulate a message? after tell you, i cannot for the life of me figure out why they cannot tell the american people what they're talking about. they send out -- i will say it this way with all respect to paul ryan. they keep sending out the same message on the budget, the deficit, the debt, and will not go to the next level in articulating a strategy and messages that connects to working men and women, are middle-class, and they are being subsumed by the chamber of commerce in the business roundtable. in doing so lately which is not a very appealing thing to most americans. >> well, we republicans have always had a hard time on message. it is easy for the democrats to be on message because they are collected is by nature. you give them a bunch of talking
4:41 am
points and ages regurgitated. republicans are individualists and can always say it better than the next guy. as always been difficult to get the message out, but i thought it was great. to be honest with you, obamacare , you come out and you pass a continuing resolution. it is all about defunding obamacare, knowing that you will not get the defunding of obamacare, but that is your line in the sand, and then you compromise to get whatever you can. that was the strategy. lou: it looks to me like they fumbled their way into a position. they started with repeal obamacare. and they got to defund obamacare then they stumbled into, there is an equity issue year. let's make certain the individual mandate is put on the same basis as the business mandate. deferred for one year. they then moved to the issue of subsidies or the white house staff and the president and the senators and congressmen and
4:42 am
their staff. that was a winning issue. it evaporated with their treatment and decision. >> that was because particularly in the sate, some senators spend all of their time trashing the idea and trashing the senator rather than getting on message and moving as a united army to fight this fire. and then when it started, when the fire started they shifted the message away from obamacare to budget issues. it is unfortunate that they did that. hopefully they have learned their lesson and the next fight coming in january, the first thing in need to do is rebuild their army. you have a list of those republicans that need to be contacted over the next two or three months by their constituents. this is up to the american people.
4:43 am
if they wanted to change it, they can change it. lou: they will have to change something they read it think it is more up to the republican party. after being adapted and resourceful and figure it out. we will have to continue that. good to see it. tom delay. take a second to go to our social sites. find links to our facebook page. e-mail me follow me on twitter. check out for more on the run to a share price of a thousand dollars. actually, a little more than that making it the trd most voluble company in the world. up next liberals doing what they do, calling names. this time it focused on the capital's pro football team, the redskins controversy. the subject of tonight's "chalk talk" next. ♪
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♪ lou: if you're a democrat,
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progressive, or liberal, you must be of rage about the washington redskins with president obama suggesting that they should change their name. the name created many years ago to honor the teams then head coach. you can't have that. he thought he sanctimoniously would weigh in. and now it is the new york daily news. publishing this political cartoon showing a nazi swastika, a confederate flag, and the redskins love no caption the arcade symbols of pride and heritage. some would argue that they give a couple of those symbols a little too much credit. aren't they cute? regardless of whether you are for or against the name change, there are some names we think would be somewhat more representative of washington. our plea would be to sort of update the deal. getting into all of the stuff around it.
4:48 am
how about the washington elites. what do you think? that sort of captures the spirit the washington partisans. how about the washington puppets. does that feel right? or just kept right to the chase. the washington pinocchio's. they did so many of those. they could wear them as a team bottle. there we are. it goes with washington white cherry blossoms. cherry blossoms would be an acceptable alternative. a washington blinders, d like the sound of that? how about this. the washington then scans. maybe we just kind of fit it in there. the last one is actually our favorite. tell us what you think. e-mail me. your suggestions. we will share them with the entire sporting world as we are consumed by this issue, of
4:49 am
course. next, the shutdown has ended. the average american even notice? two of our favorite radio talk-show guys join us. here next.
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♪ lou: radio talk-show host and new york wny ian, radio talk-show hosts, katie arce and the prh. i want to go straight to this debacle that is obamacare. people are talking about this, 50,000 people enrolled in less than three weeks, and there are talking about it like it is another walk in the park. this is a mammoth disaster.
4:53 am
>> a never thought i would welcome going to a department, department of motor vehicles station somewhere in america. new york, new jersey. it's bad. more efficient. i would say take this by messes away from the nsa looking into our privacy. attachment to obamacare where they can use the technological ability to do something other than spinous. lou: why is it more of an outrage that this has occurred? they have been -- it would be a disaster. >> you're covering it. fox is covering it. i'm covering it. the mainstream media is not talking about it. they're going to have to. and that -- curtis is exactly right. i don't believe this was designed to succeed. i don't think it was never supposed to succeed. obamacare does not exist. you can't sign up for it. technology is 10-years old. it is a complete debacle, and it
4:54 am
will remain so until the american people rise up and fight against it. this was never designed to work. >> the republicans coming out of the shutdown. the pain seems to have ended rather quickly. i they capable of adapting and learning from this experience? actually engaging this a ministration? >> they are as stunned as anyone, including the tea party activists who led the charge at how and at the obama administration has been in implementing obamacare because he was considered at the forefront of social networking. you know, marshaling his forces through facebook, all kinds of wireless technology. you would have thought that the technocrats of all presidents would be literally at the level of bangladesh in providing services in a third world country. i don't think anyone could have predicted this. your monday morning quarterback and a short. enable them to rally the troops
4:55 am
quickly. lou: i'm sorry. what is the reaction in the home town? >> you know, we love ted crews. i mean, i love what he did. now, listen to all of the republicans that are now jumping off the bandwagon, i am glad i am not with you in a foxhole. you have a guy that is willing to fight for. when you like people that are all the sudden telling you that you don't know what we are doing. is that the kind of person you want in a fight? i want someone is willing to fight. yes, the republicans are still strong. yes, that the party is still strong. people are going to see how we are going to fight back, and that is exactly what he was doing. it is the alamo. lou: i don't like the sound of that. >> we lost the alamo. >> but we were willing to stand and fight. texans were willing to stand and fight, and we went on to win at the battle of census until the
4:56 am
treaty had to have the alamo first. lou: to paraphrase general patton, the purpose of war is to kill the other so be, not yourself. >> the problem, you have peter king who has put the mark of the beast -- lou: what happened to him? >> we have created in as a modern day out the time. as if it is his order, his rule. he is basically. -- lou: the congressman from new york. >> the vanguard. he is testing the waters. he is clearing out, making the arguments for the chris christie run in 2016. lou: the last word. >> the did exactly what we sent in to washington to do, not trying to win friends. he is fighting the fight. we are proud of him, and he will continue to fight kind we are behind him.
4:57 am
that is exactly what we want to see and do believe it will be nice if our other senator would do the same thing. lou: thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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