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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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125,000 with the unemployment rate to climb. >> have a magnificent weekend. melissa: everyday america wakes up to the revelation of and is a spy and how deep is the dole and white does that mean whatever i have to wake up? >> could be a drone? they are being tried and tested in places you never even thought of. how can you make money? we'll tell you right now. melissa: the drones are coming it could be the next week to make money in the venture capitalists have
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invested more than $40 million of drone related start of more than double of the amount for all of last year. we are on top of the wave of the future here with an exclusive we have the ceo of a drone deployed making news with this new investor backing also we have james and jonathan hoenig. you have the big dollars behind you. early backer of hot meal and stipe has thrown money behind zero why did he take your company might? >> i think people are excited we are with a few companies with said drones software they have german hardware but the big thing of using of the drums is to use it simply and reliably.
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melissa: you are is the brain that tells them what to do what about the future? when we think of drones we think of weapons or spying but there is a lot of business uses. >> there is so much potential. the big thing that people talk about agriculture is to better manage their resources to apply fertilizer if but not where it is not. there is big use of might being with high voltage power lines. melissa: trim one dash tim draper said he kiddy adapted
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pizza delivery not even too far in the future. i take it would be called or it would lose its way or somebody would swipe my piece of. how could this happen? [laughter] >> you are right there to be a few problems but drones will not be in urban environments they are not that reliable right now but there will be used in other areas and talking about agriculture where you can have all hold their vantage point to see it from a bird's-eye view. melissa: i've was reading about this and she plays in the u.k. delivering sushi using drones say have the people in the kitchen watching. says the future come a bit faster than we think? >> absolutely i call it the
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drones economy. a they will get mashed up with a social media and advertising but now she is walking up fifth avenue it gets her facial recognition to goes to the database to danowski is up of this self don't the you have 20% off on those issues it is all new consumer driven world. melissa: i am now ready for that it sounds like spying. said they laughed at the idea of advertising of the internet. people were always scared but this is tremendous innovation in zero career
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right in front of our eyes. $100 million of 2013 it will undoubtedly be a major industry in the next couple of years. melissa: where is the industry you see this right now? >> right now in america is limited with regulations people with agriculture a lot of people wanting to use the drones and agriculture but especially using them for good that is something that the ngos have been talking about to protect the endangered species with the of marine areas those that take the ducks that are critical and even a third world countries.
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melissa: like the idea but we're to receive the application was commercial use? >> whether. weather prediction, clyde did management, michio in engineering. i want to take half clones controlled by other consumers and have clones tell the brand what is necessary we're looking at a very different world if they will live in the world of big dated and social media clones will talk to klongs who will talk to a network of close to end up with entertainment or trading i predict. melissa: wait. are we talking about clothes or drones. >> drones. melissa: calls are something else entirely. >> i am sorry. [laughter]
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it is drones played with drones. quality control, and entertainment. >> and there is some stocks and you can participate names like northrop grumman grumman, a bowling, lockheed martin aerospace manufacturers those are in and the defense base with emphasis on the drones that is where i put my money. >> what about the applications coming in the first place in the future? site think there is a delivery mechanism we will see happen. >> the one thing about innovation how it will work out with early investors future to build up their shoulders could knows
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where this will turn out but it is good for me and, -- mankind. >> you are a good sport for dealing with your audio problems. thank you so much. the highlights of the week hitting people fasting and hard more than 1 billion served is not enough now they've got you at the grocer's store. more money coming up. 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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melissa: it has been quite a week the health care problem is so awful it is funny. here is the highlight. >> just like one month old distills sitting there pooping its payments simic is easy with the obamacare web sites to make anybody try to sidestep? it is that a place you can play a great birds. >> it is too slow, too many people and got stuck. >> i told the president we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong.
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>> i did not happy about it. >> the functionality did not work. >> the administration was warned it would not launch a and they launched it anyway. >> it has crashed more times a and nancy lohan. >> it has never crash. >> it has crashed the emperor and at least three times in mecca has been down the whole time you test -- testifies to make even this morning. >> are they simply incompetent or were they just lying to the american people? >> i can like. >> obama is pushing it and selling it telling america you can keep your point of cement nobody is losing your rights and americans are saying keep your plans. >> some people like to drink out of the red this solo cups. >> day you agree with this advertising? rebecca college student. >> dorothy at some point in
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the movie turns to her little dog toto we are not in kansas anymore. >> you are not in kansas anymore. people went to see the wizard. >> that is when you're using to defend your program? >> it is a charlotte who never gave anybody they never had. >> thousands of websites carry far more traffic that is a lame excuse. >> can you give me a ballpark of what you expect on the web site that does not work? >> we have spent about $180 million. >> you will need a bigger boat. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone. >> the system is improving daily for day. >> i take full responsibility to make sure it is fixed. >> you have to laugh the
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drama seems laughable but when it hits where it hurts it is not funny that is when you get the letter your plan has been cancelled. john roberts has spoke to those that have. are you surprised anymore? >> not really. you would laugh if it wasn't so tragic that we talk to a number of people. we go for the industry in the west that ted million people may have had a current health care coverage to sell because the plants are not necessarily complete with the minimum requirements under obamacare. the president said go out and shop around. that is what betsy has been doing as a dental assistant from illinois. she got notice her courage plan is canceled because it does not include the maternity coverage mandated
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by obamacare. she is 52 when her youngest child is 24 so she said she does not need it but to find a plan comparable the premiums would double so she went to the obamacare website exchange to find something she could afford. >> there is a policy of the website i could stretch my budget and afford it at $541 per month but the deductible is $12,700. i cannot afford a deductible of $12,007. >> she will have know chose to -- no choice but to let the coverage lapse in paid the fine then rolled the dice to hope that somebody does not get a bill. >> a small business owner in georgia got a notice is health care premiums will increase as a result of obamacare by about 70%.
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he owns a paper shredding business trying to make ends meet and told us health insurance is now in expense he cannot afford. >> it will be well over $400 per month as a single individual, a business to run with eight employees making payroll every we can pay for fuel and regis will not work at that high a price. >> this is what is significant about him dropping out, 34 years -- 34 years old gray health exactly to obama is counting on to sign up to support those who are getting older and sicker. something that both have in common they make too much money to qualify for subsidies but they don't make enough to afford health insurance on their own. melissa: those who had coverage before will now be without its. we're not hearing about the
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out of pocket expenses. >> it is a huge. most talked-about premiums but i looked at a couple of plans they were great plans the price tag was 11,000 but a $5,000 family deductible that is 16,000 and then out-of-pocket maximum 12,700 sealock get $25,000 if you are very sick that adds up quickly so the premium is just the beginning withhthe cost. melissa: a terrible plan. how about waking up to coffee in your cabinet? mcdonnell's hopes you will buy there brandon the kirsch restore. the final word what it is okay to wear to work after one ceo says they are brave
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and get a document shredder free. call the number on your screen or go to melissa: i like mcdonald's coffee but i am not sure i'd like giddy enough to prove my own at home. mcdonald's takes a gamble to stock the shelves with its own brand of coffee it is not the first to bring that inside that will make investors hungry for their stock? marketing genius are with me now. bruce, i would have started with the big muffin why start with coffee? >> id that lead has been great it would not even lose taste if you freeze it they're starting with coffee i don't think of
5:22 pm
mcdonald's i think kraft foods makes the coffee they bought marches -- space italy the else gets moved off so my guess is they weren't made the deal with mcdonald's. >> is coffee a huge seller? this does not make that much sense. >> the sales have been flat the last 12 months at mcdonald's. they are looking at the coffee industry that is percolating and coffee is that a three or four year low so why not put it on the shelf? >> this is a huge revenue driver so many companies have a brand. even the ceo of fat burger even talking about taking them to wal-mart this is a great way to make money.
5:23 pm
who produce the doing it in the future? >> there are lots of companies ice-cream common defense hotdogs, interesting to notice there are some course tree products like coffee they used to come from restaurants that don't exist anymore chock full of nuts you could buy in the garage restore now there is no restaurant. howard johnson's ice-cream there used to be thousands but now there is no a howard johnson's. melissa: who is not doing it that would be a smart bet? >> a lot of companies have products that we love mcdonald's should do it with their french fries imagine if you could make those at home for about would be off some. melissa: but i feel that would damage the brand i think it's fair french fries are the vast cast to do with how dirty and disgusting
5:24 pm
that oil is so if you make it out of your freezer that would ruin the brandt? >> a thing, if they put it in the store nobody goes to mcdonald's burger king for the burger and mcdonnell's for the french fries. a regular in the car without wanting to cook? >> i think they would sell well i think they can do better than the coffee which is so competitive their coffee is not strong it is dark so it is not that exciting. i understand why they do this except to put their toe in the water. >> i joke about liking their coffee, i like it there if i am there for something else but i would not just buy it on itself.
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>> dan said something that made sense he mentioned dunkin donuts they turned their business around on their coffee. they're known for that after putting bigger schuster's they could expand their branch especially when people were not eating doughnuts are thinking about it. if you go there for coffee then you have a donut with it but mcdonald's coffee is the opposite you like coffee began to like mcdonald's you drink the product. melissa: talking bout how mcdonald's is so stagnant what would you like to see? but the need to improve their menu. people are becoming healthier so some need to be more organic if they use the word organic people will go there more often. melissa: bruce? if they start using the word to organic i feel they are buying. it clashes with the brand
5:26 pm
that it is about fried fast-food with that bbv double? >> the only way they could sell organic is the way they sell salads now that exists solely when the kids bug you to go to mcdonald's you can say there is nothing for me to eat you to still order salad we both know you will reach over to eat the franchise anyway but it gives the excuse to get over your guilts to build an end. i don't think that will change what it sells are what the customer wants not every product has to be healthy they sell a very particular product they will not get those health that's to go in there now. >> but it does make sense i just need one thing to eat. >> now you can say i will have a solid. melissa: then i eat the french fries also.
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melissa: what:mile in her high heels your brain may fall out according to one seo start a peak treated well at a venture-capital as he bent it caused a ruckus he put up this photo of zero women and -- woman in stilettos saying brains not required for a really? i am not sure the anybody thinks they don't have have
5:31 pm
brains but it made us think of the bigger picture what people are wearing to work these days. you do not look like anything lis wiehl. then julie. spee what d.c. if you wear high heels? >> did you check? >> the only wear high heels when i am on tv. the last second i wear flags -- flat's people think i sound of the delaware high ideals on tv i a lot smarter in real-life. [laughter] >> it depends on the type of job that you try to climb the corporate ladder or slide down the paul. [laughter] >> as a female business
5:32 pm
owners and ought to procure we love our high heels we wear them proudly and the year of fabulous and smart business women. melissa: is a larger conversation about what is there is not appropriate to wear to work? >> absolutely. we don't agree with him but there are other things what is that no go? >> the very short shorts that is a no go for the office and not in my office setting but i have seen it also then miniskirts are very, very very short. i don't want to know what is going on underneath the it is not appropriate for office work. >> graphic t-shirts.
5:33 pm
>> utopian like older? it does it matter if you're in a casual atmosphere but you'd need to dress more appropriately. >> what if you work at a workplace that we are casual? >> i don't know the pc word but the undershirts that men wear? the white ones? [laughter] not because i don't think they are inappropriate that there ever appropriate to wear. >> my assistant fox is literally with holes in his shirt i said unicef?
5:34 pm
the answer should have been no he said white you ask i said to have holes in your shirt. but what do you think? women are taught you get ahead by being attracted band you can see that work but people at home want somebody to say it if you are attractive wearing high heels you do get more attention. what does the boss think what you honestly believe? >> are you representing yourself appropriately? there are levels of attractiveness you don't have to have a low cut t-shirt to have a short that is too short to lift the part. >> let's be honest attracted people are paid more, promoted more and be
5:35 pm
honest but to have skimpy clothes to eppley where spee dance corps a blazer or a suit. we don't have options. melissa: what do you say? to lee says it sounds like he does it help get the message. >> is very interesting when a new employee comes to work for me with the expectation san wardrobe is one of them. but then what should i wear?
5:36 pm
they come to be in the ask me with the communication of. melissa: what we do think if it was inappropriate? >> i would pull them aside. and. melissa: would you get in trouble for harassment? if you say the skirt is too short could do you say what dash seat -- she city were harassing her? >> play your cards right. if you are addressing inappropriate then you need to address that with a jar that this needs to be pointed out. a representation of the company. melissa: rb a society we become much more lax what we were wearing? i remember people would dress up and now they are in jeans are even at this theater or even getting on
5:37 pm
an up plane that was a nice thing to do. >> now it is sweatpants. >>. >> it wearing to see across your but did any circumstance? >> what you tell the kids? dress for the job that you want not said job that you have. >>. >> they should feel good about what they are wearing but. >> fans bet these kids are out of control with what we pay for the close of almost goes into the opposite direction just like up at saks fifth avenue of the st. [laughter]
5:38 pm
but looking at these clothes in the children's department it is like barney's paid $2,000 for a five year-old. day you ever feel people expect you to tip them? what about on the plane now tip being self flight attendant is customary? have you heard this? it is all about your money. stick around.
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if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. melissa: money has been flying around the world first and stayed with the end is female european billionaire has the verge. 45 year-old is spain's richest woman after inheriting money from her mother the largest clothing retailer at 7.$3 billion. her dad is the third richest
5:42 pm
person on earth $69 billion. in mexico one of the most sophisticated drug tunnels along the border tea on a tuesday diego he quipped with ventilation, lightning in the electric rail system? it would zigzag though length of six stubblefield with warehouse as a law of the way. a half tons of marijuana and 327 pounds of cocaine were seized in connection with the discovery. in norway only the most boring television on the planet to nights. the public broadcasters is showing 12 continuous hours of inditing for the programming includes in bidding at cover for earthy harley-davidson then to
5:43 pm
share the sheep then make the socks hall much we pay to watch that? one of the most wonderful time of the year. , although a little too early yesterday and how we i was trying to buy how levine candy was christmas candy on halloween. major retailers are kicking off the deals. are we skipping over thanksgiving dozenth the day of things deserve some love? up next what is the deal? what happened? >> it is christmas already. because the retailers use the of marketing vehicle for holiday as a way to get the product out of the store. melissa: nothing for thanksgiving? day you hate thanksgiving? >> it is all wholly american
5:44 pm
universally wal-mart, toys r us, a target, all have deals today and they have been increasing their market share and they all need to get out because consumer confidence is low. melissa: to you risk fatigue coming out too early? you have blown off thanksgi up i was going to spend any thanksgiving dollars i don't do that. >> you don't risk 50 just because we are a nation that likes to consume it is assessed with a holiday and retailers know that it doesn't matter if you start in october or november 1st or july. the consumer will go out there to purchase but what are really only started the online deals today part of the reason why is they want the market share over target and j.c. penney's as well.
5:45 pm
>> the target has already went out there apple does that and i don't think there is a lot of chance for fatigue this is wal-mart talking but actually now it is a little more compressed they are losing one week. retailers have lost one week because the calendar has shrunk so from a business point of view i can see why they would be more aggressive. melissa: is that why you would be the worst thanksgiving or is that because nobody has many in the above data obamacare? >> it has to do with consumer confidence. it is a lot because of obamacare and with the government and the numbers were not out but if you look
5:46 pm
at goldman sachs indicators you can see consumer confidence is at the lowest and that is carried over and retailers are looking at that. >> the christmas tree at rockefeller center reduce city music hall is out already it was lit up yesterday's radio city music hall? on halloween? come on and. >> some of that is to expand to get people into the spirit it is early but to maximize people just try to find ways to make more money >> i would buy thanksgiving candy. >> i would love the turkey people with. >> i did not think of the flavor of adjustment the design. [laughter] >> you don't the there is any point too much christmas
5:47 pm
shopping easy to many deals are you say there is no reason for me to jump because there's always a deal i don't feel they need to jump on. >>. >> wal-mart's is interesting because so much of the public uses wal-mart gaucheries common everyday goods the consumer index did a study of man's and wal-mart was the number one store that those people we're going to second was target. looking at those data points they say we have to maintain market share that is why they cannot earn a and they know there is a lot of competition they were killing it with the sales numbers. melissa: i guess it will just go back to june.
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melissa: it is time for fun with "spare change" what better way to end the week and find out all the extra people to expect you to give them your "spare change"? the money etiquette question that plagues us every day when we found out people are now even to begin their flight attendant we knew it
5:52 pm
was going into all the right place is. this was airfare watchdog 900 frequent fliers do you tip your flight attendant? 27 percent said yes? isn't that crazy? >> i have not i would not have thought about that maybe it could be insulting. they have done a lot for me i travel with my dog so they build premium ice cubes they do extra things for people with kids but i thought it was like a waitress. >> i am all for it did i am guilty as charged. service has gone downhill as we agree but if you want service of the plane. melissa: give me the scenario. was a quietly? i feel it is insulting here
5:53 pm
you go. >> five on the plate a cross-country i get a pre- dash want service i want them to drink limit. [laughter] i'm not drinking but they don't take cash but a $10 bill or a $20 bills just like the bartender don't forget about me when i need you later sinecure like a real traitor. [laughter] another set her fiance tips on a flight attendant. who gets forgotten about the most? >> we were just talking gas station attendants. i don't know if it is a full-service am i supposed to tip? it is something i easily could have done myself or if they checked my real?
5:54 pm
or by a windshield wiper fluid? >> i think the bartenders we do have a reservation in to move from the bar to the table they always get the ice. [laughter] melissa: hotel a cause years ? if you tip your tour guide what about the person at the hotel? the of made? >> yes. you have to does get confusing because sometimes somebody takes the luggage out of the car but they don't bring give to the task is not the same person up to your rooms and there is three different people involved. do they split? i was a scene in waitress in college. yes. that is another segment. [laughter] melissa: i know somebody a travel consultant least
5:55 pm
20 percent of your hotel bill for your made. that is the dumbest thing. >> i degree. we have to grow. who made money today? you could have made a pretty penny. you can never have too much you can never have too much money. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp.
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♪ melissa: whether it is on wall street on main street, her -- here is a made "money" today, everyone who owns time warner cable. despite that contentious fight with cbs going back for a month and losing more than 300,000 video subscribers because of it, the giant cable providers still came out on top posting a profit in the third quarter. beating the street closing up almost 3%. the company ceo owns about 168,000 shares of time warner cable, so he made $563,000
5:59 pm
today. not bad. i'd take it. the l.a. lakers, kobe bryant, unlike most that get paid throughout the year, his contract gives him a balloon payment of 80 percent of his salary in advance. that payment came today, and it was $24 million. he will be paid the remaining 6 million of the course of the season, still no firm timetable on when he will return to the court with his achilles' heel tendon. and laughing all the way to the bank, tina fey. recording 13 episodes of a single-camera, the. the show is set to debut next fall. did for her. that is all we have for you. up teammate "money" today. be sure to tune in on monday for our fun and inspiring money show.
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don't miss it. i will see you on monday. have a great weekend. "the willis report" is up next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" damage control mode over obamacare as a new report shows six people signed up on day one. >> we do not have a reliable enrollment figure yet. gerri: also, the irs, what you need to know. and how do you do that? where parents need to draw the line with sharon. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪


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