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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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industrials, guys that has jumped up, down, up, down. [closing bell ringing] it was relatively flat until last couple minutes t was down 117, not 17. adam: the fact we came back is pretty remarkable too. we're looking forward. we'll talk about jobs numbers on friday. we're talking today about tesla. how can you avoid twiter? liz: we can't and we won't. s&p is something to watch because as you see at this level, 1762 you're still in very nice territory for the year. the nasdaq punching out a of gain of three points. we lost three in the minute 1/2 i said we were up six. russell 2,000 losing about half a percent. adam: talk about the front page headlines. a jump in service sector activity. institute of supply management index rose to 55.4 even though much of the federal government was shut down in the first 16 days of october. liz: billionaire steve cohen's
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sac capital expected to plead guilty in federal court friday to securities fraud following the firm's more than a billion dollars settlement with the feds yesterday. that was big news. cohen himself has not been accused of wrongdoing. adam: aaol's stock is surging after the company's earnings report. third-quarter revenues beat wall street forecast though earnings fell 90% on one-time charges. liz: number four u.s. mobile provider, scrappy, trying to become number un, t-mobile u.s., third quarter subscriber growth easily beating expectations. we had the chief financial officer on sounding a very strong results. they are turning up heat on verizon wireless and at&t. adam: not exactly 200 megabytes of free data. shares of michael kors company got a boost after the company announce ad stronger forecast, 40% jump in profit. liz: new call of duty ghosts went on sale for the first time today. the latest version of the
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billion dollar videogame franchise. one of most popular, not that exciting at least what the markets are looking for in sales. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: pretty choppy action in the markets today. there are more than 122-point swing for the dow jones industrials. let's take a look at action. jason pride, glenmede investment strategy. will tell us what investors should be watching in the international market. but art and should. larry shover live from the cme. larry start with you. go ahead. what was your thoughts today? >> the market was somewhat static there is nothing going on behind me but there are important exceptions at the margin. consider the ism non-manufacturing data came out pretty darn good today. that is on the heels of a good manufacturing report last week. combine that with the fact that
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expectations for central banks are starting to evolve just a little bit. but one thing that troubles traders right now is that bond are outperforming stocks. or maybe not outperforming but they're leading the stock market right now and except for vice versa. nobody really knows if that is temporary or something that is waiting to happen in more dramatic fashion. but the bond market is definitely leading the stock market and that does concern us. adam: jason, let me pick on what larry just said. i thought we saw tremendous outflow from bonds to equities. it wasn't great rotation but it was a slow rotation. what do you expect to continue to for equities to drive higher? >> we do, we expect equities to continue to grind higher, i don't know that i would say drive higher. the market is up a considerable amount this year but underlyingg that you have three primary factors underlying that. one, economic growth is pointing in the right direction. indicators today show that yet
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again. number two the starting valuation on equities are fairly reasonable at this point in time. nothing astronomical valuation that you would think we would come crashing back down. number three, the fed is still very accommodating whether -- liz: hold on a second, jason. sorry to interrupt. we have tesla numbers and we need to get right to those because the stock is indeed falling. who has got them? oh, i'm sorry. so, okay. i'm sorry, we're going to them right now, but if we could possibly put up the bid and the ask. the close of the session was $176.81. the bid is 162.90. the ask, 164. clearly these numbers at first blush, and this all could change as adam knows too well, first blush the expectation was 11 cents and revenue $534 million. adam: the question will be, what is going wrong with tesla? fact they didn't sell 5,000 cars?
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or is the issue, they make some of their money, quite a bit on meeting those california regulations because other carmakers are not able to provide electric cars. they actually buy things from tesla to get numbers up in line. are they making money there. liz: looks like the revenue, mark, 603 million. 603 million. so the revenue is a beat here. the eps, look, this is a broking company. they take a lot of their money. they have got expenses as they try to increase the size of their assembly line out in fremont, california. so they spent a lot and eps, at the moment, do we have it? i see q3 gaap share loss of -- adam: 32 cents. liz: that is the gaap share. generally accepted accounting principles of 32 cents as we go through. the expectation was to see a gain of 11 cents, adam. adam: a big disappointment there. a lot of people are wondering as we get through the report where is the stumble or is this a stumble? elon musk will spin this some
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manner, looking, i'm changing the automobile industry. they will face more competition. mercedes coming out with an electric. bmw coming out with an electric. liz: could i say tesla wants to ramp up production to meet demand for 2014. they're saying demand is so good and we need to ramp up able to s many as we can. larry shover, the stock is falling right now, $160. it is not necessarily improving as minutes go by with these numbers. >> no, it's not really a big deal in the scheme of things. good grief the options market was implying 12 or 13% move that would be $22 move in the stock one way or the other. there was speculation to the upside. people are infat eighted with the stock. a lot of weak hands own it. we need investors who understand the stability of company. it's a technology company but good grief its gross profit margin might get 25% in the year 2013. that is stunning. any kind of a drawdown like this
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is a fantastic buy. the company is doing very well. it is blowing doors off production targets. can't miss right now. adam: it is actually a beat, adjusted earning per share on adjusted revenue of 602 million. what investors are not digest it. looks like tesla is delivering better than the street is expecting. >> maybe it is the outlook. q4 is expected to be about the same as non-gaap q3. can i also say to underscore what you just said, larry, they see total expected deliveries for 2013 to be 21,500. i believe, adam that is better than expected. adam: much better than expected. they intend to, they're saying they will ramp up production. tesla will never compete with gm with 20 million cars a year but they have a market, selling parts to her said and other manufacturers getting into the
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electric market. is that where their future is going to be? >> if you're asking me i think it will. what i'm concerned with is the weak hands that own the stock and that is great opportunity for investor. at cboe somebody bought a call option 230 strike, giving them right to buy 192,500 shares of stock. now that earnings didn't blow the doors off everybody they are selling the stock. they have a unique niche in the market. they're ahead of the game. really a good value stock right now as especially selling off 10 to $15 a share. liz: thank you new one, tesla x, crossover suv they are fast tracking that one. want to get that out there as quickly as possible. they are accelerating the work on that clearly because they see a lot of people who want that, right, larry? why not, to have the tesla and crossover suv for people with kid? >> yeah. people don't want sedans except for me. people don't want minivans
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except for me. they want something in the middle like crossover. i have people drive me. i don't like to drive my car. the fact this is the future and they're doing just a stunning job at it. it is not just a car company. it's a technology company. might end up being something boeing which will sit around for a while because boeing has some order they couldn't fill the order. tesla might be in the same boat. it might stagnate for a while. but again a long-term good buy. adam: adam: larry stagnate seems to be the key here. they fourth quarter non-gaap profitability to be consistent with the third quarter. looks like things are kind of leveling off for them. that might be what the investors are picking up on. >> exactly. liz: larry, stand by in just a moment. we're coming up in a few minutes, we have a bull and a bear, they will parse what they see in the numbers. they were in our last hour battling it out. we'll see what they think of the numbers. we need to get awe stock alert. in essence, jason pride, markets
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looked pretty resilient today having been down 117%, 17 points rather for the dow to come back. what does that say about the resilience here? jason? >> i'm sorry, i didn't realize you were talking to me. i think we have to recognize investors still have to be in this environment. they have to be constructive, not overly aggressive but constructive positioning their portfolios to buy equities when they buy the opportunity to do so. to take risks with their portfolio. perhaps not to overstretch themselves too far. there are going to be blips along the way. there are going to be downdrafts when something goes wrong but behind the scenes the underpinning here is one of support and one that will push the market higher. adam: jason, give me idea what you like. you advise people to buy dividend growth. looking at dividend yields. i always like intel. that is 4% yield there. i always loved ups, not quite as high but what do you like?
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what stocks are you seeing attractive right now? >> the goal here is to really provide dividend yield and dividend breath to the portfolio. not just to go to highest yielding stocks or fastest growing companies out there. you're looking for profitability, high margins, high free cash flow yields to the companies so they can buy back their stocks and pay it extra dividends. three companies that meet the mix in different industries and sectors across the board, microsoft within technology, 3m within industrials and johnson & johnson within health care. all these of those opportunity provide a reasonable valuation entry point. they provide nice solid dividend they're growing in the tune of five to 10 in some cases higher than that percentage growth rates and command profit margins that are at the top-notch compared to many of their peers. liz: jason, thanks for the suggestions. jason pride. larry shover see you in a few minutes for the s&p futures close. just a quick mention here, tesla stock continuing to fall, about
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$159 in the after-market session. adam: want to see what the experts say they will come up. earnings victory for tesla founder elon musk in the past few moments. will his new earnings report supercharge investors? not yet. we'll dig into the tesla numbers. their guidance, what really matters in just a moment. liz: the fact that he runs a rocket ship company on the side. we'll speak with the ceo of health care giant, supply giant, reporting rising sales for 17 consecutive quarters. affordable health care or not. henry schein, chairman and ceo tells us how he plans to keep up momentum. first on fox business interview. adam: otherour facebook question is about tesla. we we want are awe fan of tesla? would you buy the car if money wasn't an issue? log on to to let us know. ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man
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drink water. it's a long story. well, t having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. adam: so the s&p futures just closed. let's head back to larry shover in the pits of the cme. larry? >> well, adam, you know more than anything else traders are in protection mode.
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we've had a huge rally. we have a lot of things coming up with ecb, labor report coming out. tapering. no one seems to know when we will taper, if we taper. full protection mode. a lot of people are saying year's over for me. i'm not taking anymore risks. i'm out of here. coming early, but that is how traders are reacting right now. liz: is that a mistake, larry to do that? >> yes, i think it's a huge mistake to do that. people are afraid. people want to take the profits and run, not realizing there is lot of potential between now and christmas. a lot could happen. adam: larry, is the fear over the u.s. economy tapering or is it ecb stress tests on banks? >> i think it is tapering. that is the thing. what people aren't talking about, there is still an outside chance, good grief, perhaps they will switch gears and flip-flop and say, our numbers aren't good enough. we'll have to continue to print money. that will take everybody by surprise. that is very, very low probability that will happen but nobody is talking about it. everybody is talking about when is it going to be?
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december, march, april, june. seems like consensus is march of 2014. adam: larry shover, thank you. >> you're welcome. liz: speaking of better than expected, not being good enough, just moments ago electric carmaker tesla beat on both the top and bottom line, reporting q3 numbers, but the stock, nicole is dropping, i guess you could say significantly, more than 20% here. >> is that beat not good enough beat? is that the question? is it outlook of production numbers may be shy of what analysts were looking at? take a look and break it down. the closing value is 176 and change for tesla. right now the bid/ask is at the 160-dollar range. you're looking at about a drop of $16. as you noted that is probably around 20%. earnings per share was a beat. came in 12 cents. analysts were looking for 11 cents. revenue for the third quarter also did better, 603 million versus estimates of 534.6 million. but it is outlook of the production of cars here.
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they are going to plan to deliver slightly under 6,000 mark. the street was looking for 5950. that is not bad, right? seems pretty much in line. but the stock is selling off here on this news. back to you. liz: at the moment about 10%. it moderated a bit. went below 160 at one point. not there at the moment as market digests the numbers. nicole. >> thanks. liz: this has been a super hot stock, up more than 400% over the past year. we've got more for you. adam: sounds like profit-taking. it is time. let's get to the numbers, craig irwin. point wealth management who were on with liz the past hour. i will go right to you, david. you said sell this stock and i think you're grinning right now. >> yeah, absolutely. this is a growth investors worst nightmare here because you actually saw numbers that beat the street, both on the top line and bottom line but the stock is selling off. why is that? because they didn't beat those
4:19 pm
whisper numbers. remember that concept, we herd back in 1999 -- liz: 1999. >> aspirational numbers way greater than the so-called con send thaws that didn't work out and now the stock is losing some air here. liz: craig, fight him. in the last hour you stuck to your guns. >> i'm going to again. i'm going to again. you know i think the stock is responding to is, their disclosure of non-gaap gross margins excluding eev credits. there were $10 million of credits in the quarter. that is -- liz: let me clarify something. department of energy tax credits is what you're talking about, go ahead. >> no, i'm caulk talking about the california zero emissions,. liz:, i thought you were saying dev. >> central florida. e investment pollution credits. if you include the $10 million the noon gaap gross margin is 23% in the quarter. what i think elon is saying, he
4:20 pm
will basically commit to 2% non-gaap margins excluding all cev credits. they are criticizing for significant reliance on cev earnings. you know what? they are putting up, gone from 16 to 17% ex-cev last quarttory this quarter. they're on track to make 25% by end. year. i think people are misinterpreting that. adam: craig, argument making in english for somebody like me is turning it into the legitimate car company. his critics say you rely on credits not only other carmakers sell or buy from you but taking advantage of the tax breaks. do you read into this the fact that they will increase research and development? i think they were talking about 25% in the next year? this has got to be big stuff as they get ready to launch the model x. >> realistically nobody owns this car company for the model s or the model x. they own it for the gen-3.
4:21 pm
are we going to have 4 or 500,000 units of gen-3 sold? are they increasing r and d for that? investors will be rewarded. >> watch the tesla x, crossover suv, i'm pushing david. he is such a bear and pretty intransigent. what if the numbers come out, they say they have to fast track them. we were on the fremont floor of the assembly line of moddell s, elon tell me and our viewers just about year-and-a-half ago, you know what? it is going to be hot and the numbers are going to surprise. what about that x? will that then add the juice needed to keep this stock going? >> well there is no question about it, that x is going to, leverage this brand into a product all sorts of other people, families and all sorts of crossover version will be very interested. the problem is the price here. it is already discounted that plus the next version, the gen-3. they're on a fast track to keep
4:22 pm
up with the stock price with more and more new products is very reminiscent what happel's going through coming out with the latest iphone rendition but gets harder and harder to please the street when you're trading at close to 300 times current earnings. liz: love it. it faces nating to watch these two. we'll have you back every quarter i swear. craig, david, good to have your perspectives and letting our viewers decide. >> thank you. liz: do you think there will be fingerpointing, adam, where he is distracted about the hyperloop discussion and high speed? >> i don't think elon musk is paying attention to wall street. he actually, i don't want to say arrogant, you guys, i'm going to create a car company, a rocket ship company and i will do what needs to be done. liz: to be fair elon musk had come out and said just several months ago maybe he is not sure the valuation is correct at this point for tesla. he was one. adam: said the stock was ahead of the company. liz: indeed. he has been very honest about that. remember this is a guy who took on banks when he created, cocreated paypal. in essence saying i'm growing to
4:23 pm
bypass the gigantic banks and people laughed at him and look at paypal. adam: research and development is key here. keep in mind that the car companies sell parts to each other. could you have a bmw transmission in american-made car, german-made car, english car. he will do that with the batteries. it is election day, remember that? some of the races could have huge impact on wall street and corporate america and your portfolio. we have the very latest details from the hottest races later in the hour. liz: first on fox business interview. we'll talk to the chairman and ceo of henry schein, the largest medical device player getting big into pet supplies as well. it has seen some remarkable growth, not just one quarter, over 17 quarters. we'll find out how the company plans to keep it up. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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adam: time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines, five stories, one minute. first up, htc said it plans to cut costs 25% and sell cheaper devices in order to create more profit next quarter. the company warned fourth quarter revenue will fall up to 15%. also forecasting weaker data in the fourth quarter is german luxury automaker bmw the company expects ower earnings as it spends 675 million on new car and suv designs. american airlines says customers can use the portable electronic devices gate to gate from now on. in-flight cell phone conversations however still banned. kmart and sears will offer customers 41 hours of black friday shopping this year. the stores will open six a.m. on thanksgiving and remain open overnight. 8% of americans get news on twitter and 30% on facebook, that is according to a study by the pew research center the study shows witter news consume remembers younger an more educated than the general population. that is today's "speed read."
4:28 pm
liz: voters hit the polls nationwide to cast votes on this election day. some of the most closely watched races are in huge states. new york, new jersey, virginia as well. adam: rich edson joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest on the country's closest races. what have you got, rich. >> analysts say this will provide preview of congressional midterms, the 2016 congressional race or future of the republican party or maybe not. turnout is expected to be low in virginia compared to last year's presidential race. governor chris christie supporters that a big victory in democratic state that they can attract. has support of women and state democratic politicians. this is contest for governor and control of the republican party as democrats painted the republican candidate as out of touch tea party conservative. >> tea party used government shutdown as a bargaining chip.
4:29 pm
it should never be used in bargaining chip. >> people want to send them a message in washington on obamacare. their vote today is one way to do it. >> polls close at 7:00 p.m. in virginia, 8:00 p.m. in virginia. vote totals are not as important as voc breakdown which group and voting blocs each candidate wins. adam: rich edson, don't miss any action. join fox business for extended coverage of the elections with neil cavuto starting 8:00 p.m. eastern time. liz: with a distinctly business angle. that is it what is important here. your money, your politics, your choices. it all matters. medical supply giant, henry schein on a tear. but that is kind of repetitive? they have been doing this over and over again, beating earnings estimates, beating sales. the stock is up nearly 50% over just the last year. we have the company's chairman and ceo, first on fox business. what's he saying in his latest earnings report about future growth with the affordable care
4:30 pm
act as a backdrop, first on fox business. adam: and it is twitter versus facebook. we'll be speaking with a ceo that says one of these companies irrelevant. guess which one? when it comes to the world of e-commerce. so which one is it. how will they make some money? stay tuned. ♪
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liz: time for a look at today's market drivers. the markets are mixed today ahead of thursday's big gross domestic product and friday's jobs number. we have the final tally. 68 times. ended in the red. looks like, red, black, who knows. didn't quite happen. eight out of 10 s&p sectors ended the day red with consumer staples and consumer discretionary being the top performers. tesla, this just happened in the last half hour, falling in after-hours trading following its third quarter earnings report. the company finished the quarter with just over 5500 model s deliveries. plans on-ramping up production to meet demand in 2014. the stock is moving lower right now. october ism non-manufacturing index, services part of that index rose to 55.4. that stopped one full point from september while the street was expecting a decline. october's reading marks the 46th consecutive month of growth. adam: investors eagerly
4:34 pm
anticipating twitter's ipo later this week. twitter is not just a news source but drives social sales. how competitive is twitter compared to other social media sites. liz: especially when it comes to e-commerce? joining us is guy named alan grant, he is a ceo and founder of pure bit, which is technology company that drives sales for online retailers. and alan, you do the refer a friend drivers which is huge for social media, correct? >> exactly. we've seen that for companies like binobo, one of our customers, represented 25% of the new customers they got this year. especially as we move into the future i think it will get bigger and bigger. >> even if you haven't heard of cure bit you need to listen to alan. he has stocks specifically which companies really matter when it pertains to driving e-commerce which is huge part of social media. is it facebook or is it twitter? >> exactly. i'm a big fan of both companies. from what we've seen, actually facebook had a much bigger impact partly because where are
4:35 pm
you friends with your friends? you're friends with your friends on facebook and following your influencers on twitter. what we've seen is facebook is much more responsible for new sales than twitter. so compared to twitter, facebook is 10 times more responsible for shares. so if i were to ask a friend, hey, you look my product, recommend it to your friend. they will get 25-dollars on the first purchase and $25 if they buy, you're 10 times more likely to share the message on twitter. you're 20 times more likely actually to have the traffic coming from twitter versus facebook and there is 30 times new customers being acquired from facebook than from twitter. adam: so how is that going to play out when we get to the ipo? the big question how will twitter make money? if you're getting, advertisers want actual return for what they're doing, seems to me facebook is where you going to go. twitter will not be able to do the key, monetize this. they're behind facebook. >> right. i believe that it is relevant
4:36 pm
but certainly not the entire story. so, on the one hand, we do believe that the type of activity we see happening on the social networks is representative to how customers will respond to ads as well. so for example, when we run a social referral campaign on facebook, and when we see it works well, we know that promoting it through like facebook sponsored stories will have a good return whereas a bad one will have bad returns. in other words actual organic social sharing does predict how apps will perform. that means most likely ad that is result in commerce on facebook will perform better than ads resulting in commerce on twitter. however the story why facebook and twitter exist are slightly different. so i follow my influencers on twitter and follow what they say and i don't do the same thing on facebook. if twitter's model is around that i think it can be quite compelling. >> ii it is possible, let me play a devil's advocate. twitter is a dark horse and
4:37 pm
unflew owners figure out a way to promote products. somebody says i'm loving such and such a product right now, whether they're paid a la kim kardashian, we saw that, isn't there a possibility then twitter becomes a cooler factor and a dark horse that takes the lead. >> right. i think it is certainly possible. i wouldn't even go as far to call twitter as a dark horse in this situation because from what, curebit has seen, while facebook performed better, twitter is a lot twitter embodied, tweak twitter personality will push their promotions towards and those will perform fan tags i cannily well. influencers do well on twitter. adam: location is key. if i'm nearby a store and influencers i follow or connected to, there is some kind of connection to it, advertiser will have a program with twitter, send and ad to adam shapiro's cell phone so he might take a look at that store, correct? >> certainly location could be
4:38 pm
an aspect. i'm not sure from what i've learned in terms of, you know, looking at the data, curebit, location has impact whether somebody buys or not. what is really valuable about the networks they are global and the reach is really far. i think location-based advertising could be potentially interesting. i wouldn't go so far to say that is where the money is today. liz: alan, great to see you. thank you. alan grant of curebit. new businesses sprout up from those businesses and following social trend and hireing a friend business. adam: i have to take issue in the tech world are they're saying location, location, location. john mali on at 1:00 p.m. venture capitalist of paypal and saying all location. liz: many different mountains here to success. first on fox business interview with the chairman and ceo of what could be considered, not a hot name. oh, boy is the stock hot. henry schein's chairman and ceo.
4:39 pm
the company delivered 17 consecutive quarters of rising sales. the company has risen 50% over the past year. he is with us. adam: one week after a executive said, theater owners are stifling innovation at every turn. the online streaming company netflix buys its first original movie. could this mean mo are award gold for the company? coming up we'll bring you details. ♪ you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. liz: how high can shares go? that is a question when it comes to any stock but for many investors when it comes to medical products services and distributors they wonder because there is a lot on the when it comes to the affordable care act, costs, et cetera. look at henry schein. this is a company that in the past five years the stock is up about 150% due in large part to its expansion into the animal health business and just
4:43 pm
executing very well. today the company reports its 17th consecutive quarter of sales growth. joining us first on fox business, stan bergman, henry schein chairman and ceo. so far what kind of effect have you felt for the company from the affordable care act, good or bad? >> the affordable care act is good in general for henry schein. the whole notion that we need more prevention. prevention of diseases. prevention of illness occurs in the doctor's office. we service the physician. at same time physicians are moving from the hospital to the doctor's office. from a bottom line point of view, more procedures will being placed with the doctor's office and that is good for henry schein. liz: that is a positive. that's what you anticipate. i imagine that will translate to the bottom line. >> that is our anticipation. liz: talk about some of your more popular products just to let people know that is not a familiar name the things you do. you provide antibacterial wipes,
4:44 pm
syringes, flu shots, to, as well as a lost dental equipment. >> correct. we're the largest provider of products to office space dentists, veterinarians and physicians. over 1.1 million practitioners who are operating out of the small practices in general in the communities as well as the large practices that are part of hospitals. liz: what is the number one trend you've seen develop? start with dental. that is a real change. >> the biggest change in dentistty liz digitization of dentistty. the concept of replacing manual impression material with digitized impressions so that you can get a crown or a bridge molded chairside in less than an hour. liz: that's fascinating. they photograph it, when you say digitize, how is that done? >> a scan is made of the mouth of the area where the crown or bridge has to be molded or
4:45 pm
impression is sent, chairside for the crown and bridge to be molded chairside or sent digitally to the lab. liz: is that more expensive or less than that paste that clogs your throat and we all start gagging on it, right? >> machine is a little more, but overall the cost to the dentist is more economical and much more convenient to the consumer. >> get to the pet business. has it outperformed your expectations? >> a little bit. i have to say that. liz: how so? >> more people are interested in pets than they were three, four, five years, ago, the pet, veterinary business has done better than the economy in general. liz: how did you know that that would be the case when, what is it three years ago you -- >> almost five years. liz: you bought the pet business for quite a pretty penny. that is commiting a lot of capital, a lot of cash on the books. >> we have a fair price for the u.s. one. paid a fair price for u.s. one and collected businesses in europe. we're the largest provider ever
4:46 pm
products through veterinarians as distributor in the world, australia and europe, even in us. liz: you're global, talked about this many times. china, they're just now waking up to dental care. >> yes. liz: how bad are their teeth? as bad as british. sorry about that. >> i will not go on tv to talk about the british teeth. liz: he is south african. >> bottom line demand for dental care in china will be significant. there are 20,000 dentists graduateing a year in china. so the demand will be significant as the middle class grows in china and the dollars are spent on health care prevention. liz: going into dental care. finally, there is so much vitriol about the rollout of the affordable care website. do you think that eventually passes? i mean from a business person's standpoint, i don't want to hear from politicians. >> right. liz: i want to hear from people in the trenchs. >> we're going through teething problems as we do anytime you implement a major system.
4:47 pm
talking to a manufacture you are today implementing a computer software civil and had issues with computer software system in the office. it is quite normal anytime you implement new systems we're going to have challenges but in the end it is going to work. liz: stan bergman, chairman and ceo of henry schein, not disappointing investors with the stock up 50% over the past year. does that continue. i have no comment on the stock price but i can tell you henry schein's a great company. we're in great fields and there's a lot more preventative health care they'll will be taking place and a lot more pets will be bought over the next years. liz: people as we say earlier care more about the pets sometimes than humans they know. >> i think that could be true. liz: stan, thank you. adam, to you. adam: english are calling, they want to talk to you about teeth. netflix raises stakes in the streaming video wars getting into the film business with a potential academy award nominee. we'll bring you the details next. ♪ so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
4:48 pm
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4:51 pm
adam: netflix is getting into the original movie business, just one week after a senior executive there managed to rankle theater owners by awe accusing them of quote, stifling innovation at every turn.
4:52 pm
liz: dennis, they were already in television programing, original and hit that out of the ballpark. can they do it here? >> now they're getting cocky, thinking, smelling academy award. they just bought exclusive rights to a movie called, "the square." a documentary about egyptian up rising that began in tahrir square. could end up putting netflix in the running for academy awards just after it won the emmy for best tv drama direct or for "house of cards." now the gets awkward. last week netflix's chief content officer complained in a speech you see right here that theater owners stifle innovation. they haven't changed way they role out a movie in 50 years. even topflight films ought to premier on netflix the same day they opened in theaters. theaterses were outraged and jealously regard with their and he is trying to make nice with theater chains. he is backing off the comments
4:53 pm
and saying that is not what he meant at all. yeah, sure he did. adam. adam: hollywood just sick the agents and actors on him. that is what happened. dennis, you also have, an interesting angle on football versus zombies? i'm afraid to ask. >> zombies beat the colts and texans. the am cnet work perversely popular series, walking dead with all the necrotic flesh beat one of highest rated shows, nbc's sunday night football. t beat football in target most coveted by advertisers. adult under age 50. the walking dead threw 13 upon 3 million viewers. that is 22% fewer than the colts texans game got but adults under age 50, the demo, brings in "the walking dead" landed 7.4% viewers more than football. adam: football teams are essentially the walking dead.
4:54 pm
you talk about jacksonville. liz: we have a new name for the redskins, obviously the zombies. ice cream may never be the same again. if you missed it on the 1:00 p.m. on adam's show, we'll show awe breakthrough invention. this cookie scientist gotten a secret ingredient that could light up your taste buds. glow in the dark ice cream. the price it a little heady so we'll try to fix that as we go "off the desk." adam: on facebook or twitter, we asked if money were no object would you buy a tesla? we'll bring you the answers as soon as we come back. ♪ life's an adventure when you're with her.
4:55 pm
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liz: let's go off the desk. at 1:00 p.m., look at this. we showed you in adam's show. a british ice cream maker turn ad nighttime party accessory to edible dessert. a company called, lick me, i'm delicious, enlist ad chinese scientist to churn out glow in the dark ice cream. made from synthesizing loom necessary end protein in jellyfish. luminescent in jellyfish. this is$25 per scoop, right? horrible. owner of the glow in the dark treat was on fox business earlier. a cool "cat in the hat" and had this to say about the production and bringing the glow in the dark ice cream to the u.s.
4:59 pm
>> we've got about another year into the regular tests and stuff like that to get it through and get the costs down crucially. maybe year, year-and-a-half we'll have it on the streets. liz: on the streets for $225. we here at fox business thought, you know what? we can do this for less. we know we can. we to the a tight shot? $3.50. we put a glow stick, adam, yes, it does glow. adam: i don't know if that would be quite as delicious as $225 scoop. liz: $3.50. >> don't hawk this onth avenue. we asked you on twitter and facebook if you're a fan much tesla would you buy the car if money were no object. xavier on twitter said tesla is pretty good-looking car. i would not buy one. aston martin is what i want. >> i like that. liz: tesla is number two thing to watch.
5:00 pm
electric car-maker shares down 10% in after-hours trading following its third quarter earnings report. investors were hoping for a bigger beat. adam: all right, melissa francis is standing by and you're going to watch her with "money." melissa: we'll get everything you know about smartphones. what if you could have a cool phone with a screen that folded up just like this? how cool would that be? well you can. we'll show you right now. melissa: the incredible bendable phone and could be in your hands sooner than we think. we've seen smartphone makers release curb phones over past few weeks. that is nothing compared to the completely flexible technology. how long until you're folding up your smartphone, and putting it in your pocket? here now are tech


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